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JR SportBrief Hour 3

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February 16, 2023 1:57 am

JR SportBrief Hour 3

JR Sport Brief / JR

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February 16, 2023 1:57 am


6- John Elway

5- Johnny Unitas

4- Patrick Mahomes

3 - Peyton Manning

2- Joe Montana

1- Tom Brady


You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio.

It's the JR Sport Brief show on CBS Sports Radio after our last call who said that the world might end any minute now. I'm glad that I'm back. I'm going to be hanging out here with you for the next two hours. I'm being joined by super producer and host Dave Shepherd and everybody listening all over North America.

Thank you very much. Whether you're locked in on the free Odyssey app or you're listening on your local CBS Sports Radio affiliate, you could be on the road on Sirius XM channel 158 or you could be listening on a smart speaker. I'm glad that you're here.

The show gets started every single weeknight at 10 p.m. Eastern Time, 7 p.m. Pacific. And it's been a fun night. I was able to share with you my brand new podcast with Special Olympics and Odyssey. It's called Agents of Inclusion. Whoever the hell you listen to your podcast, make sure you go ahead and check it out. Every single Wednesday with the first episode dropping today, this past Wednesday, we talked to a different Special Olympics athlete, letting everybody know the possibilities that exist in the world.

If you just give someone else a chance, it's eye opening for everybody. Make sure you go ahead and look it up. Agents of Inclusion. Obviously, we took some time to look at the Kansas City Chiefs parade because it was an absolute madhouse in downtown Kansas City. Patrick Mahomes was throwing back bruise.

Tommy Townsend was using the Vince Lombardi trophy to drink beer. Yes, you heard that correctly. Listen to this description on television. KMBC.

Oh, looks pretty good, but the I'm playing Johnny Roland's here. Traffic reports. You're a traffic reporter, but that northbound, right? Am I looking at that, Laura?

Looks like that's 35. And I see people walking on the highway there. Some cars are parked over there.

The whole city is working its way to Union Station. Yeah, everybody's just sitting around being drunk. Hey, Shep, when do we get the stats about the people and kids? Like, don't the numbers of pregnancies go up in these cities after Super Bowls? Yeah, it's a very telling point on your NJR. They do and it continues through the parade as you're very well aware.

Yeah, that's what happens. People start to drink and other things happen. You know, we have some callers here on the line. I'm going to take your calls and then we'll get into a new top six list inspired by someone who was slightly intoxicated today. His name is Patrick Mahomes.

I'm going to give you a top six list of the greatest quarterbacks. I'll give that to you momentarily. 855-2124 CBS. Will is calling from Kentucky. You're on CBS Sports Radio. Hey, they are. He's a fan of the show.

I just wanted to know why Eric B to me has not been given any head coaching opportunities, but somehow the two Eagles coordinators were. That's all we got to say. Thank you.

Well, thank you. Well, we addressed this last night. Talked about it for about an hour.

Nobody knows. In in the case of LaShawn McCoy, he says Eric B enemy is he treats some of his players like jerks. Andy Reid basically said he's just very direct. Maybe LaShawn McCoy was cooked and had nothing left to give. Patrick Mahomes has been very complimentary of Eric B enemy and so nobody knows why this guy isn't getting a job. There has to be something there outside of him just being black. Where people don't want to give him a shot. Shep brought up the point yesterday that it's quite possible Eric B enemy is.

It's in a good position. Because Andy Reid is not going to coach forever. He's not going to coach the back end of Patrick Mahomes career. He may not even coach the next four or five years of this guy's career. And so Eric B enemy might be in a prime position, although why wouldn't he want the money now? There's a difference between being an offensive coordinator and making, I don't know.

6789 million dollars as a as a coach right out of the gate. 855-212-4CBS. That's 855-212-4CBS. Reggie is here from South Carolina. What's up, Reggie? What's up, JR? Man, you doing alright? I'm excellent, man.

What's up? Excellent. I want to know the back story on why you got jumped out there in the Bronx, man.

Elaborate. Boy, you going to get in a time machine and go whoop these people's ass for me? Man, I just want to know, man, you know, you went from, you know, from from doing the podcast on the Special Olympics, you know, saying to all the way back to little mischief back in the day. I just, I was just wondering, you know, mischief. It has to be mischief for me to get jumped. Who knows?

That's why I want you to elaborate so nobody else can get the same idea. It was it was a it was a Friday night and I was walking home and I happened to be walking by a group. It was a large group of individuals leaving a pool and they were, you know, the younger folks, they were teenagers and they were having themselves a Friday night and stupid me instead of saying, oh, there's you know, ten to fifteen rambunctious individuals, teenagers walking from a pool. Let me mind my business on the other side of the street. I didn't give a damn and I walked right through them and then one of them bumped me and I'm just, I'm not stupid. I ain't going to try to fight fifteen people and the next thing I know, I got sucker punched and so they didn't beat me up. I just got sucker punched. Okay.

And then they ran away. All right. All right. Well, I'm sorry. It wasn't a more interesting story, Reggie.

No problem, man. They love the show, man. Keep on doing your thing. Well, are you going to go find them and beat them up for me?

Man, ain't no telling what they're doing right now, man. They might be pastors and, you know, upstanding citizens now. No need to, you know, go beating people up for, you know. We could beat up a pastor. Some of them deserve it. Just bop, bop right outside the head, huh?

Yeah, why not? Some of the things I hear about pastors, I mean, never mind. Hey, Reggie, thank you for calling from South Carolina. All right, man. Take it easy. No doubt about it.

Yeah, what do you think? He thought I was starting trouble out here. I don't get into no type of mischief.

I mind my business. Speaking of mischief, in a few minutes, well, not actually right now, I'm going to get ready to share with you a top six list of some of the greatest quarterbacks that the NFL has ever seen. And this is inspired by, yes, Patrick Mahomes. Ryan Clark was on ESPN the other day and he's saying that Patrick Mahomes is the third greatest quarterback that we have ever seen.

And I'm like, whoa, can we see the rest of his career? And so without wasting any time, it's time for a new top six list. The greatest quarterbacks the NFL has seen. Let's go. It's time to get JR's latest top six list only on the JR sport brief.

It is the JR sport re-show on CBS sports radio. A new top six list here for you. A new top six list here for you.

I don't think any of these individuals were jumped. We're going to take a look at some of the best quarterbacks the NFL has ever seen. There's always an exaggeration. There's always hyperbole.

And by the way, there is no way in hell that you could fit the greatest, all of them into a list of six. And so of course, yeah, there's going to be some guys left off. Too bad.

Get over it. Let's see how many people get there. You know what in a bunch, but let's not waste any time. Some of the greatest quarterbacks we've ever seen. It's a countdown.

What number are we starting off with? Number six. This man is one of the greatest QBs of all time, but beware if he is running your football team.

Not doing it anymore at least. But then he did walk away with a Super Bowl, but then he did get another quote. Anyway, at number six, I got John Elway.

Six AFC championship games. Unfortunately, the two Super Bowl wins came at the end of his career when he was basically on his way to being cooked. He wasn't cooked yet. He could thank his defense. He could thank Terrell Davis.

He could thank himself. John Elway was never afraid to go out there and start rushing and running himself. The only player in league history to pass for more than 3,000 yards and rush for more than 200 yards in seven consecutive seasons. And who can forget old man John Elway being a helicopter on his way into the end zone.

MVP, two-time champion, nine-time Pro Bowler. Kyle Shanahan's daddy, Mike, he coached him. And he was talking about what it was like to be with John Elway. He was on the herd.

Listen. To be honest with you, with a guy like John, it was really easy because he wanted to be good. He wanted to be great.

So if you emphasize the little things and you did it to the whole team, not just him, you held people accountable. He loved it because he only cared about one thing and that was winning. He was winning a Super Bowl. Everything else didn't matter to him. All the Super Bowls he went to, he lost.

I mean, he was just devastated, miserable, miserable. Yeah, there were some losses, Super Bowl losses in there too. Giants, Washington, Niners. But then at least he picked up the two at the end. This is why John Elway is one of the greatest. I got him at number six.

One of the greatest QBs the NFL has ever seen. Let's move on, I should say, from number six. What do we got next?

Number five. We got to go back further than the 80s and 90s. We got to go back almost 20 and 30 years before that. We have to look at someone who predates the Super Bowl, but was also able to win one of those too. I'm talking about Johnny Unitas.

This man played for 18 years. You can forget about that last throwaway year with San Diego. He went to 10 Pro Bowls. He won three NFL championships before we had a Super Bowl. I think you might know about that Super Bowl against that Joe Namath guy.

That didn't work out in his favor, but then he was still able to win a Super Bowl two years after that against the Cowboys. This man beat the New York Giants in one of the most widely watched football games during the advent and expansion of television. He threw a touchdown and 47 consecutive games. This man spanned the merger in the creation of the Super Bowl. He is pre-Super Bowl. He is creation of the Super Bowl.

He won an NFL championship, three of them, and then still won a Super Bowl. Johnny Unitas is like glue. At the same time, Johnny Unitas, for the era that he played in, it was a long time ago. He talked about this with Fox Sports Net just a bunch of years ago.

God rest his soul, he's been gone for the better part of 20 years now. But Johnny Unitas, he's like, back in my day when I played and what they have now, this is what he had to tell Fox Sports Net. Everything improves with age.

Normally, you know, because of new conditioning, the way they condition equipment, the way they build it and everything else. Now they have flak jackets for quarterbacks, almost like having a bulletproof vest. And we never possessed it. You had a pair of shoulder pads and maybe rib pads, hip pads and thigh pads and that was it. And the helmets were, you know, good helmets, but you never had the face mask on them, so you played without that.

But everything improves, hopefully. Well, getting sacked though back in those days. Now there is some protection. Back then, I got it, you were a sitting target, weren't you? Yeah, it was a lot different ball game than it is now. Quarterback's protected a lot more and you're not really allowed to get a shot at the quarterback, you know, so you can't take so many steps or something. And then the rule changes have helped the game as far as protecting the quarterback.

They've widened the game, let the game become more wide open with the passing game. Johnny Unitas said that more than 20 years ago. What the heck would he be saying about the game today?

He'd be calling these guys punks probably. One of the greatest quarterbacks the NFL has ever seen. I got Johnny Unitas at number five. What's the next number?

Number four. Hey, it's this dude. It's the man who was drinking Coors Light and pounding beers and losing his absolute mind today. It's Patrick Mahomes. Do I need to tell you about everything he's done?

Not everything, but I might as well. He's only 27 years old. He just won his second career Super Bowl, going four damn times. It's his second career MVP. He just picked up another Super Bowl MVP. He's a six guy to win the league MVP and the Super Bowl MVP in the same season.

The guy burst onto the scene in his first full rookie year and said, let me just go out here and give you 50 touchdowns. And during the parade today, Patrick Mahomes said, listen, folks, we ain't done. I'm trying to come back here and have another party next year. I just want to let y'all know that this is just the beginning. We ain't done yet. So I'll make sure to hit y'all back next year and I hope the crowd's the same. Appreciate y'all.

Let's go, baby. That was intoxicated Patrick Mahomes. Let's listen to humble Patrick Mahomes on ESPN, just on comparisons to Tom Brady.

Listen to this humble. I mean, it's still early for the LeBron and Michael Jordan stuff, but for me, if you're in this league, you're trying to win. You're trying to be the best player on that football field every single day.

And Tom's done it for a long time. And he's won a lot of Super Bowls. And so when you're coming up and you're watching football, you want to go out there and win championships like he's done.

And so I'm going to try to do whatever I can to every single year, put us in position that we can win a lot of championships, hopefully. Oh, yeah. It's amazing what a few beers will do to you, right? Well, I'm sure Patrick Mahomes has been drinking beers Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. He's been drinking beer for four days.

That man is probably impervious at this point in time. I got Patrick Mahomes right now. Number four, greatest quarterbacks the NFL has seen. Let's move on to the next number. Number three.

And number three. It's impossible. It's impossible to have a head this big and not be a great quarterback. This man stores so much information in his brain. This is like he might as well write out the plays, the offensive plays, he might as well write out the defensive plays and all of the permutations before he even snaps the ball. I'm talking about Peyton Manning. This guy was just like a genius out there.

On the football field. It's like Peyton Manning just knew everything going on. Taking number one overall in 1998 and he's throwing a million interceptions.

He comes back and he's just like, oh, yeah, now I'm already one of the greatest ever. He won two Super Bowls. He won that one with the Bears with the Colts. He had that other one where the Broncos smacked around Cam Newton in 2016. This man threw at one point for 5,400 yards, 55 touchdowns.

These were records at one point in time. Peyton Manning is just like he's like football Egbert. And now he has a sense of humor. He gets to run around and talk crap with his brother. Peyton Manning was just a football genius.

He can store a lot of information in that brain. Tony Dungy. He talked about this on NBC with Chris Sims, just about Peyton Manning being special and when he knew he was. Well, the first day I got there, he came in after the press conference, just said hello, said, hey, I want to be coached. I want to win whatever we need to do to make me the best I can be and make our team the best it can be.

I'm all for it. And then about two weeks later, he came in with a yellow legal pad about seven pages of things that he put it on my desk. He said, these are the things I want to get better at. This is what I plan to work on this all season.

And you need to help me with these. And that's when I said, wow, we've got something special here. He had the nickname, the Sheriff, for a reason. Was he like that where he came over and kind of like was a semi a coach on the field in that manner? He was Chris, but he was always into the game plans. And he always, you know, he was doing that based on what he had read, what he was saying.

So it wasn't ever, you know, I want to do this. It was, hey, here's where we are. This is what we're talking about. And what we're talking about. And he was just totally prepared. Peyton Manning was running around. I get it. It's 20 years ago.

He was running around with a legal pad with seven pages of notes on things to improve. Damn. Can you be shocked? There was never a game that I watched Peyton Manning play where I didn't feel that he was capable of winning that game. It didn't matter who was on the opposing side. We're talking about the top six quarterbacks the NFL has ever seen the most accomplished, the best. Peyton Manning is at number three. You know what? Let's go ahead and take a break here.

And then on the other side, I'm going to share with you number two and then number one. Don't move. It's the JR sport reef show here on CBS sports radio. You're listening to the JR sport brief on CBS sports radio.

Hey, JR. Such a fan of yours, man. Thanks for taking my call. And you know, you don't always get the most sane of callers, but you always handle it with such professionalism.

And I really appreciate your content. You put out man. Call in now at eight five five two one two four CBS. It's the JR sport brief show on CBS sports radio.

We're talking about the time show on CBS sports radio. We're talking about the top six greatest quarterbacks that the NFL has ever seen. I'm not just talking about talent. I'm talking about talent, accomplishments, who are the most accomplished, who's done the most with what they got. And I'm about to give you the top two. And obviously with the top two, we will share with you number one and number six, I gave you John Elway and number five. I gave you Johnny Unitas able to tie together the NFL championships and ultimately a super bowl as well.

And number four on the list. It's the man who just won a super bowl this past Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles. His name is Patrick Mahomes and number three, Peyton Manning.

He is a walking or was a walking computer. And why he understood and knew everything about the game didn't miss a beat. And two super bowl titles, not too shabby either. And so if Peyton Manning is at number three, what's next? Number two. At number two, this is someone who represents the Bay. At number two, this is someone who actually put the uniform on representing the Bay area. He played for San Francisco. His name is Joe Montana. This guy was selected in the third round in 1979.

Four times super bowl champion. They didn't ever seem to be a game that Joe Montana was not in. I was a kid when this guy was playing.

And as I got older, he was still playing, but then he was pretty much washed up, but then also not washed up with Kansas city. It was the drive against the bangles in 89 and super bowl 23. I remember talking to Chris Collinsworth about this game and Chris Collinsworth looked at me like I was an alien because like I, like I ripped his soul out. Even before that, it's Joe Montana helping to orchestrate the catch. It's like the 49ers were just physically abusing the bangles at every chance and opportunity. And Joe Montana never seemed to be out of a game.

Ever. Joe Montana playing in the eighties, moving on into the nineties, he talked about how tough the NFL is and he also shows his appreciation for everybody who came before him. Listen up.

There's been an evolution over time anywhere. Even if you look at the game from 20 years before I played, you know, and before there were super bowls, you know, there's a guy that won 11 championships in the NFL. And, um, it's just that, you know, the game's going to do that. And obviously so many injuries to, and the head injury things are, and there's enough injury in the game without, so they're trying to take out the big ones, the big hits, the big stuff where like for a quarterback getting that pile drive into the ground, you know, you're the only, you're the only guy getting hit standing still by a guy who outweighs you by 150 pounds.

That's right. No, actually saw Joe Montana last week. It'd be interesting to know what he feels about the game as it is today. Quarterbacks are still sitting ducks except for their more, their mobile.

I don't want to say more mobile, but they're moving around. The rules have changed. It doesn't seem like you can breathe on the quarterback even more so than 20 or 30 years ago. And Joe Montana made the most of it, whether he was running around, scrambling, whether he was orchestrating drives and ultimately winning super bowl championships.

There wasn't a game that this dude was out of. And so if Joe Montana is number two, we know that was a mark that he pretty much held for just about 30 years until this guy came along and he retired two weeks ago. And he retired two weeks ago. If we're talking about the greatest quarterbacks the NFL has ever seen, if we're talking about talent and accomplishments, this guy is this number.

Number one. It's, it's Tom Brady. We knew that already. It was either Joe Montana at one or Tom Brady at one. It's, it's Tom Brady. Seven championships, 10 tries, 20 year career, basically moving on 20 plus. Now he finally quit.

Yeah. Listen to Bill Belichick. Tell him about how great he is on his own Let's Go podcast. Tom's had just a tremendous career. It was funny. You know, I was out at the East West game last weekend. And of course, you know, Tom's picture is up there everywhere.

He's a player in the game. And, you know, along with a lot of other hall of famers, I think I had like 70 hall of famers played in that game or something like that. But anyway, so, you know, that's kind of where it all started, you know, Michigan, the Orange Bowl, the East West game, and, and, and, you know, just the greatest player, the greatest career, the great, great person. Such an opportunity and an honor for me to, you know, to coach Tom. And I guess, I guess it's got in at some point, you know, but it, it's the greatest one ever. So, congratulations, Tom.

Yeah. And now Tom Brady is just an underwear model. Maybe his next few career steps will follow Joe Namath. There are tons of excellent and amazing quarterbacks that the NFL has seen. Accomplished, numbers-wise, some accomplished with a championship, some not having one.

There was no way in hell that I was going to fit everybody into six spots. Somebody is screaming Dan Marino's name right now. Sorry, the championship success and the hardware is unfortunately not there, not to the fault of his own. Somebody is screaming Drew Brees.

Legitimate. But I think there were dudes here who all the way throughout their career had and did better, accomplished more. So we can go up and down the list. I'm not talking about quarterbacks who you loved. I'm not talking about quarterbacks who you feel had the greatest season or had the most talent. Well, this guy won an MVP. Someone is screaming out Otto Graham. I thought Johnny Unitas was a better bridge and played long, almost played 20 years. He was cooked towards the end, but, man, he was killing it for the Baltimore Colts. A lot of QBs. But this is a list who I feel pretty much ties together, the most talented and the most accomplished.

And using that as criteria, it's very easy to put Mr. Tom Brady, the current underwear model, at number one. The phone lines are open. That's 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. I just gave you a list. The top six QBs the NFL has seen.

What are your thoughts? Who do you think the top QB is? Where would you put that beer drink in Patrick Mahomes? I'm going to get to your phone calls on the other side. It's the JR Sportbree show on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sportbree show on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sportbree show on CBS Sports Radio.

You're listening to the JR Sportbree show on CBS Sports Radio. Hey, how you doing, man? I listen to you every night on the way home from work. I appreciate what you're doing, man. You're a bad mamma jamma.

Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. It's the JR Sportbree show on CBS Sports Radio. I just gave you a new top six list. We looked at the greatest quarterbacks that the NFL has ever seen. I'm looking at their accomplishments. I'm looking at their victories. I'm looking at their longevity. But it's boiling down to their talent. And what did they walk away with? You know, what are the wins? That's it.

What does the trophy case look like? How does it balance out with the talent? And that's how we came down with tonight's list. If you missed a minute, if you missed a second, you can always go ahead and hit rewind on the free Odyssey app and get the full explanation for all of these gentlemen.

You can listen to the guys who I did not mention or maybe I mentioned them after the fact. And number six, I gave you Elway. Number five, I gave you Unitas. And number four, I gave you Holmes. And number three, I gave you Peyton Manning. And number two, I gave you Joe Montana. And at number one, I gave you the man who retired two weeks ago. His name is his name is Tom Brady. It's not a list of who you think has talent. It's not a list of who you believe to be accomplished.

We're talking about the best of the best, the greatest of the great. 855-212-4CBS. That's 855-212-4CBS. Let's go to Houston, Texas. Let's talk to Ahmed.

You're on the JR Sport Brief Show. All right. Greetings.

Greetings. Yeah. Well, first I want to say the United States need to be careful about shooting at flying objects. You know, they might shoot down Santa Claus and I guess Rudolph and his friends, you know, but. I only thought they come out like for two days around Christmas.

Well, you know, it might be around that time when they start shooting again. I don't know, you know. Okay. Well, tell me about some quarterbacks. Tell me about some quarterbacks. Some quarterbacks?

Okay. No, tell me about a quarterback. A quarterback? You've already taken up, you've already taken up about 35 seconds of time. My number one is Doug Williams.

Okay. My number one be Doug Williams. You know, if he had really, we don't understand that he played under a lot of pressure, you know. Afro-descender quarterbacks playing under pressure right now today, really. Still playing under pressure.

So just think about what he played under at the time he did and think about, okay, it was Elway that he beat, he defeated in that Super Bowl. Yes. Okay.

And I heard your top six on Brady that you did about a month ago and he would have had a loss if Wilson would have played to win it. Akhmed. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I'm not doing a list on what could have, would have, or should have happened.

I could think about championships that Brady wouldn't have had. I'm living in what the world is. Isn't that where we should be right now? Okay, but we've got to use it.

No, no, no, no, no, but we should, no, no, no, no, we should not do this. I'm living in a world of what actually took place and what actually happened. Not what could have, would have, or should have. I could think about a lot of things just on planet earth. Things would be very different all over the place. If that guy did this, or this woman did that. What happened happened.

Let's stick to reality. 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS. That's 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS. Ellis is calling from Louisville, Kentucky. You're on the JR sport brief show. Yeah. Hello? Yes.

You would happen to be live. My list is Marino and number six. And number five, I got. Well, Alice, give me, give me number one, not the whole list. Give me number one. Number one. Okay.

One more. And you're done there, huh? Yeah. You said this one, right?

Yeah. Thank you, Alice. Hey, Shep, am I, is it me? Am I confused? No, you're not. I might be confused. I might.

I might. Let's go ahead and talk to Sean Collin from Connecticut. You're on CBS sports radio.

Hey, JR. What's going on, Sean? Hey, so I agree with you at number one with Tom Brady, looking at all of his accomplishments, especially looking at one thing, and that's him being one out of a few quarterbacks to beat all 32 teams in the NFL. Well, I agree with you at number one with Tom Brady in the NFL. Yeah. Well, that, that is certainly due to, to his longevity. You stick around long enough and then you switch over to the NFC on the back end of your career and you have a chance to whoop up on everybody. That's, that's 100% correct. And not even that, but everything he came through from being at the bottom of the list in quarterbacks being drafted all the way to where he is now at number one is one of the best accolades and stories that there is in the NFL. Sure. And that, that had to have driven him.

We know it drove him throughout his entire career. Thank you, Sean, for calling up from Connecticut. Tyler, or excuse me, Bruce is calling from Tyler, Texas. You're on the JR sport brief show. What's up, Bruce?

Yeah. JR love your show. Uh, Tyler's about 10 miles from where, uh, Pat Holmes, uh, did, uh, did his, uh, high school football and it's been fun to watch him. I also wanted to thank you very much for highlighting the special Olympics kids. I worked with them for years and years as a coach and official for track meets and basketball games and everything. And I think that's great. If there's anything that anybody can ever do for special Olympics, it's great.

Nothing better than being a hugger at the end of, uh, at the end of the under yard dash. Oh, absolutely Bruce. Well, make sure you tell your friends about the agents of inclusion podcast. Okay. I got you.

Yeah. And thank you again. Thank you, Bruce. I appreciate you for calling from Texas.

He had a chance to watch Mr. Mahomes from the get-go. Not too shabby. Not too bad. JJ calling from Alabama. You're on CBS sports radio. Hey man, how you doing brother? I'm good.

Go ahead. I'm thinking, uh, I like your list cause you know, you got to put Brady on top. That's where it belongs. And I think maybe Elway belongs as a spot up a little bit higher, you know, right under maybe Aikman just to get, you know, he did go to five super bowls. He won three of them on his own back because he had a poor offensive line the first three times he went and then he retired out with back-to-back super bowls. And you know, not, not just that, but the most starts in super bowls as a quarterback when he retired, you know, in his second and passing yards.

Yeah. Unfortunately, as you said, he got his ass swept along the way and they were able to pick things up at the end of his career. You mentioned, uh, Troy Aikman. You're saying that you had Troy Aikman, correct me if I'm wrong, you put him on the outside or you put him on the top six. Oh no, I got to put him in the top six, man. He took Dallas to the super bowl four times. Uh, yeah, but I think, I think when you, when you counter in his talent and yeah, he's a hall of fame QB. I can't take away from his accomplishments, but I think when you stack it all up with the guys that I put here, when it comes down to career longevity, maybe things would be different if he didn't get knocked up the head so many times, but I'm pretty confident in the dudes that I have here on this list. He's one of the greatest quarterbacks that we've seen.

I don't know if I'd put him in the top six, JJ. No, that's your opinion. You're entitled to that. Sure. Absolutely. Appreciate you for calling from Alabama, man. All right. Have a good night.

No doubt about it. Wow. Whoa. Who's this guy? Allen is calling from Florida again.

Allen from Toronto calling from Florida. You're on CBS sports radio. Yes, sir. I am.

And I'm having a great time down here soaking up the sun and everything else. You got a tan? Yes, I do. Yes. Quite a bit.

I'm in the pool every day for about 10, about four or five hours every day, so it's great. Okay. You're a prune. Go ahead.

Quickly. Aaron Rodgers, because he followed in another all-time great, Brett Favre, and he set the standard for Packers Hall of Fame, and he extends plays with his legs, and he is an innovator, and he's a three-time MVP. You don't like him, but you have to give credit where credit is due. He's an all-time great, and he more than set the standard for all-time greats, for the one reason alone, just replacing Brett Favre, another all-time great too. I love Aaron Rodgers, the football player.

I love him. I just think Aaron Rodgers, who opens up his mouth over the past few years, has just been a grade-A jerk who loves to listen to himself speak. He is one of the greatest quarterbacks we've ever seen. I just wouldn't put him in the top six. Well, look at his numbers. I mean, very few interceptions.

Yeah. I know what his numbers look like. I've talked about all of his numbers quite a bit here on the radio, frequently. I think all things considered, when you look at what he has done and accomplished, a lot of it has to do with individual accolades and awards, you think about the guys that I have here on the list. We're talking about multiple Super Bowls, and I think over the past several years, Aaron Rodgers hasn't necessarily helped himself out in the leadership perspective. It's just a fact. It's the Gerald Sportbreeze Show here on CBS Sports Radio.
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