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JR SportBrief Hour 2

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February 17, 2023 12:59 am

JR SportBrief Hour 2

JR Sport Brief / JR

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February 17, 2023 12:59 am

JR is happy for Kevin Durant moving on with the Suns and he did it in a classy way!


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It's just, you just learn to deal with it. You know what I mean? It's the Kick Rocks Wrestling Podcast with Evan T. Mack. Subscribe now on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio.

It's the JR Sport Brief show on CBS Sports Radio. Congratulations. You are here. Me, I'm going to be here for the next three hours. I hope you hang out. I'm being joined by super producer and host, Dave Shepherd. I'm being joined by you. Everybody listening all over North America.

I get started at 10 PM Eastern time, 7 PM Pacific. If you missed the first hour of the show, you missed a lot. Trust me. Trust me.

Trust me, if you missed it, you can hit rewind on the free Odyssey app. Thank you to everybody locked in on your local CBS Sports Radio affiliate. The show broadcasts to hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of stations all over North America. From my friends in Phoenix, Arizona, to everybody here with me in Atlanta, Georgia, everybody up in the Northeast, what's up Boston and Vermont, people on the West Coast, the Midwest down South Texas, Canada, Hawaii, Alaska. And I got friends who listen overseas in Europe as well.

So thank you very much. The first hour of the show, let's just say it was, it was jam packed. We talked about the grass at the Super Bowl. A lot of conspiracy theories going on about the grass of all things. Maybe the Kansas City Chiefs, they sabotaged the grass and that's why it was slippery. We talked about the return of the XFL.

You didn't know? The XFL returns this upcoming weekend. If the Super Bowl wasn't enough for you, watch Vic Beasley attempt to get a sack. Something he couldn't do in the NFL.

Maybe he'll find success in the lower league. We talked about the return of Tiger Woods. Very serious. Tiger Woods back on the course today. He's pretty much getting warmed up for the masters in a few months.

He's at the Genesis Invitational out in California. And Tiger Woods, he means business. Listen to this. He's serious about his play. If I'm playing, I'm playing to win. Okay. I know that players have played and they are ambassadors of the game and try to grow the game. I can't have my mind, I can't wrap my mind around that as a competitor. If I'm playing in the event, I'm going to try and beat you.

I'm there to get a W. He's there to get a W. He's also there to have fun. I am not joking. Tiger Woods handed one of his teammates Justin Thomas a tampon on the course after he uh proceeded or to to out drive him.

It was a joke. You know how you slip somebody just maybe some gum or some candy. Maybe maybe your grandparents remember they used to slip you some money in your hand. They didn't open up their hand and hand it to you. They just kind of gave you a fist and kind of rolled something into your hand. Maybe you're used to other things being passed to you by hand but that's your own personal business. Tiger Woods handed this man on the golf course in view of the whole public.

It's supposed to be private. He handed him a tampon. You may be asking yourself where did Tiger Woods get it from? Why was Tiger Woods in possession of this?

He's just having fun. No big deal but Shep you you were 100% correct. If LeBron James handed let's say Russell Westbrook one of these on the court after a game uh the world would explode. Yes it would.

It would. You're right. So what what's the difference here? Well there there shouldn't be.

Right. To me golf is the ultimate gentleman's game and and let's let's let's be honest there has been nobody uh in at least in the history of golf that has been seen as so demonstrative towards women. You can you can you can but no sir JR you can but you listen anyone has a right to believe whether or not being a sex addict is a real thing. I'll leave that up to other people's interpretation of whether that was you didn't hand him a condom he hands him a tampon. No but my but my point is there's a negative uh sexist insinuation when you that he's a you-know-what right yeah and and and to be honest with you if we're being real if we're being real about this uh women are the strongest uh human beings on earth uh Tiger Woods you were you were given birth to by a woman you were put in this world by a woman.

Get some points yeah. So so so the point is who are you to to take something that is so sensitive and delicate for for women that they have to endure you know if they're a certain age I think that is wildly inappropriate especially being the father of a daughter by the way if you're Tiger Woods. You you gonna get some dates off of this shot. JR um let me well listen I don't want to go down that rabbit hole because I'm trying not to date these days but the point but the point is JR I I'm not trying to I'm not trying to capitulate to women out there listening right now the point is that is very highly insensitive for Tiger Woods to do and he under and JR you and I both know this this man understands where he goes he's going to be documented like no other person of his lifetime in our lifetime he is Tiger bleeping Woods and he doesn't yeah he doesn't care he's on the way out yeah I mean if you've been kicked as many times as this man has for his uh choices and decisions can it be any worse the man almost died I don't think he's worried about it I mean I yeah there's a double standard I agree with you a hundred percent there I'm not all that I'm not all that I'm not all that concerned I'm not not eight five five two one two four CBS that's eight five five two one two four CBS oh man I'm not even gonna make the correlation here we're gonna get into Kevin Durant he was introduced to his new team or at least the public with the Phoenix Suns we are going to talk about Robert Sarver we'll get into Bally Sports there's this there's a lot to do right now we got Mark he's calling from Washington you're on CBS Sports Radio the chair of sport brief show good evening uh JR first of all I enjoy your show um I'm with your partner there I'm an old school guy you know I'm retired military 23 years service but the world that we're living in today I believe he's gonna get a lot criticized for this it is exactly what uh again your your partner mentioned that it's just too sensitive in my opinion and again I'm almost 60 years old so I have no issue with that but I know the feminists the left wing and all that kind of people that's the left wings lots of people use that uh feminine hygiene product I don't I don't think it'll be a big deal at all I don't think people I hope not myself because I'm a big I play golf and I'm a big golfer so um follow golf a lot I'm hopefully right but I believe any of those in your bag we know we want partners we do but that's between ourselves so I like you know he's in a public view and I I don't watch any of those uh shows or whatever but I won't be surprised at one of those shows tomorrow morning he's gonna be criticized for that I will not be well yeah but yeah he will be somebody will criticize him people get criticized for everything everything somebody might criticize Tiger Woods for you know going at the reporter hey it's a legitimate question whether or not you're just here to have fun or whether you're here to win like people get people get bothered by everything people get bothered by things that I say I don't lose sleep at night Ryan is here from Alaska you're on CBS Sports Radio Hi JR how you doing? I'm good. You're good um I just had a different thought in my mind when I was uh hearing you guys talk about Dead Tiger Woods with the tampon in his pocket and I was thinking what the reaction would have been if he had you know putted the ball in would have been a nice putt and whatnot and reached down to pick up the ball and it just happened to fall out of his pocket when he wasn't expecting to use it what you a comedy writer oh no no I was just thinking of what what would people say after that if it just fell out of his pocket before he got to say the joke well I mean you can you can start writing the headlines I mean you know what would happen you know what would happen I don't I don't watch too much golf but yeah I guess I do know what the news would do is twist things up just I just thought it would have been hilarious if that fell out and oh no no word about it get into comedy writing Ryan that was creative and it would have been it would have been interesting Doug is calling from San Diego you're on the JR Sportbree show what's up Doug? How you doing JR?

Good go ahead. Hey man easy on Tiger I mean come on guys it you know they're having you know they're they're playing in the golf tournament Tiger's messing around with them not a big deal it's going to be made a big deal which is ridiculous you know we do it all the time playing golf it's you know a joke it's an old man hitting against a young man he out drives them great job here's your tampon nothing is meant by it nothing meant towards women or nothing you know easy guys man he's been through a lot he's playing he's trying to play I don't even know that he's trying to tune up for the Masters I doubt that he might be just trying to make money for the PGA Tour because he draws one heck of a crowd everywhere he shows up there's a lot of people yeah I doubt that the the man hasn't played since July I'm sure that he wants to show up and warm up I think that would be advantageous for him prior to the Masters I'd be a little surprised if there was any type of quote-unquote big deal made out of this tomorrow I don't think people will jump and scream too much no big deal I hope not yeah we'll see thank you Doug Dwayne is calling from DC you're on the JR Sportbree show yeah man I'm down with the school of Tate and I'm down with Tyler you're down with the say again that the school of who Tate who what Andrew Tate oh my god that well that's uh that's that's that's pretty terrible man wow oh my god hey shop what that is that guy that guy's on the grass too isn't he he's he's on something I mean you know the the issue is they're gonna get people who are calling right now that feel very strongly about what Tiger did and I just I just don't understand as a father like you whipping that out I mean JR I mean you you said it what is the point of having that in your I get the golfers at pockets and all that I get it but why why it why it can't what makes you think like is this like a TO Sharpie situation where he not at all right lately he know like he knows the exact circumstance of which he's playing with two guys who theoretically should be in their prime Justin Thomas still isn't his prime I think Rory has seen better days but what makes you think it's gonna be appropriate and even funny to bring this out and you remember Joe Horn got killed with the cell phone thank they were laughing the two of them were laughing you see I have no issue with with them doing that but knowing that the public response of what it might be should probably lead you to not do that and that apparently is the memo that Tiger Woods missed or he doesn't care about because he's Tiger Woods but JR explain but I'm not I'm not trying to put you on the spot but explain to me like what what is so funny about this like what is so funny about using a tampon to describe a certain you know move that you have after doing something on the golf course to a fellow golfer well I can't I can't use the word on air I cannot use that word but he's basically calling him a you know what like get it together like do better and how do you think and it's a yeah it isn't it isn't insulted there there's some women who will be insulted by it there's some women who will not care me personally I do not give a damn I don't care but I can certainly understand someone who wants to be offended and anyone who wants to be offended that's well within their right I don't think it'll be a big deal tomorrow do you think when we come back tomorrow evening will this be plastered all over the place with as a big deal or do you think people will just kind of whatever listen if you want to if you want to say if you want to bring out like rubber gloves if you want to bring out like a kid toy you know something to say like hey like the adults are now on the golf course like you know it's I'm back kind of thing that that's if you want it but to do something so gender strongly oriented here I don't know why more people to be honest you don't have an issue with this like well I'm asking you I'm not I wasn't asking you right rhetorically right do you think when we are back here tomorrow night will this be on I don't know good morning america tmz no it won't fox this is gonna be on fox or will we get here tomorrow and it's just like it's like story number 20 if tiger woods was not tied for 27 and he was actually competing this would be a big deal but the problem is what most people know what tigers doesn't seem to know is that he is no longer relevant in terms of being in cahoots to win he's relevant because he's a legend right but that's it yeah he can't compete anymore I think the only reason that he's doing it also thinks that he can do it is because he's a legend and he's at the end you heard it out of his own mouth he's closer towards the end obviously than the beginning he's running out of time he's just trying to play he's happy that he can still play the man almost died in a car accident the man's life has been in shambles and there comes a point in time where you just go who cares and he's right you just said it as well like you I don't think this will be a number one story I mean tiger woods is just he's just out here living life at this point maybe eight five five two one two four cbs that's eight five five two one two four cbs people get in trouble for all types of things robert sarver we know he's no longer the owner of the sons this man had a 20-year history of being misogynistic of being insensitive to race to being a bully and he had to sell the team and we've seen this before with guys like jerry richardson formerly of the panthers do I dare bring up the name of donald sterling of the clippers and this is sometimes you got to be careful what you do in public that's that's just the name of the game eight five five two one two four cbs that's eight five five two one two four cbs a matter of fact the sons were in the news today robert sarver was in the news and he sold the team he actually did a good deed and then kevin durant was introduced as well we'll talk more about this it's the jr sport brief show on cbs sports radio you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio so you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio they are every time i get into an uber i always turn the uber drivers onto your show we talk about sports tell them how awesome you are call in now at eight five five two one two four cbs it's the jr sport brief show on cbs sports radio yeah tiger woods let's let's see what happens with tiger woods tomorrow handing out a feminine hygiene products on the golf course as a joke i don't think it'll get blown up tomorrow but maybe maybe i'll be wrong and if it is blown up then tiger woods i assume will have learned a lesson that he still needs to relax someone who learned a lesson of relaxing used to own the phoenix sons his name is robert sarver this man was basically pushed out of owning this team the phoenix sons matt ishbia now owns the team he was announced at a press conference during super bowl week and he purchased the team for four billion dollars that is four billion dollars when robert sarver bought the team in 2004 he only paid yes only only paid 400 million dollars and so that's a nice return he had about i believe 37 to 40 percent of the squad and so he walked away with a good chunk of change even though he was disgraced after an investigation proved that he was a bully in the organization that he was crass in the organization that he utilized language that was not becoming of an owner of an mba franchise he was a complete jerk and so you can go ahead and check the boxes when it comes down to misogyny sexism racism bullying if there is a box to check that you don't want your boss to do robert sarver checked it and he was forced to sell the team he's not the first dude in professional sports to be pushed towards a sale uh jerry richardson carolina panthers issues of uh you know sexual aggression in the workplace sold the team you think about donald sterling do i even need to go into donald sterling and the beautiful bodies of his nba players whoa he's sending them out to auction but those guys well one is not here and the other one is just might as well not be here and then robert sarver is still here thought that he could hold on to the team and we learned today that robert sarver actually left a parting gift he left a parting gift to the phoenix sons on the way out it's been reported that he gave five million dollars to the team charity it's nice okay it's nice five million dollars nice but the employees who were on and working for the team i'm not talking about basketball staff i actually know a few employees for the sons i need to hit them up if you were employed on or before february 15th of last year robert sarver gave you a twenty thousand dollar bonus you got 20k from robert sarver i don't know if this is a mea culpa i don't know if this is an apology i don't know if he's trying to clear his name for future business i'm sure he is he is but damn i have never heard of that hey shub did donald sterling give anybody money on the way out the door no not that i'm not that i'm aware of uh jerry richardson i know he ain't giving no money oh but like you said this is almost it almost seems like hush money even if i'm being honest jr he's like here take twenty thousand dollars and just act like i'm a nice guy after 20 years of being a jerk it's not like he's losing anything he's taxed right off it five million dollar donation a charity a twenty thousand dollar bonus this money is gonna be in every employee's next check wow people aren't gonna complain who's complaining though right if i just dropped twenty thousand dollars in your salary is anybody gonna complain the answer is no people gonna take this money it doesn't change anything that that took place but i mean damn the phoenix sons uh congratulations to their employees just take the money and and keep on moving good for them eight five five two one two four cbs that's eight five five two one two four c b s let's go ahead and talk to aaron aaron is calling up from charlotte you're on the jr sport brief show hey man how you doing today i'm excellent how are you i'm great man i just don't think it's fair for you to carry uh shut up how confused he was confused how many beers did he have five six times ten yeah well to to be clear here what was his name his name was aaron aaron from charlotte north carolina yes aaron here let me tell you something it's not a matter of of comparing the last time i looked and the last time i checked jerry richardson in his own space was accused of utilizing just uh improper language sexual language in the workplace it's been reported that jerry richardson would utilize some disparaging words and then he decided to just sell the team what a big shock what a what a big surprise there why did they take up his statue out the front of bank of america stadium and so i mean i'm not i'm not necessarily you know drawing direct lines but but but how much more of a line do i need to draw you have an owner who behaved badly and sold the squad what's the big difference it doesn't need to be exactly the same he took up the man's statue why and by the way this isn't the only thing that took place tonight with the phoenix sons they're actually playing basketball at this very moment with kevin durant on the bench everybody is basically all set and ready for the all-star game but the phoenix sons are closing out the season at home not home last week with the super bowl going on the clippers currently lead the sons 54 to 52 they're just getting ready to get started here in the third quarter chris paul is running around like he can actually play he has two points devin booker has five points and josh akogi is leading the way for the sons with 15 and so if you have to watch that crap you're probably also waiting for kevin durant speaking of kevin durant i told you he was introduced today to the phoenix sons fans in public and uh kevin durant he didn't waste any time and saying yes i'm very excited to play with the sun's big three that's if the sun's big three is actually healthy enough to play we got somebody like devin chris chris paul and diondre aiden guys that work and i wanted to be a part of that so i'm excited i'm here i'm looking forward to trying to add as much as i can to the group already like i said they built you know themselves up and built the structure and the infrastructure for themselves already and i'm looking forward to adding to it kevin durant looks forward to playing with chris paul and devin booker because those are guys that work hey shep is that is that an indirect shot at i don't know some guy named kyrie irving no i think i think he understands the comments that kyrie made so he's going to keep it classy as well i don't know you know what that's that's not the only thing that's going to happen i don't know you know what that's that's not the only thing that he said kevin durant was asked incessantly about his time in brooklyn even so much that the the crowd this was open to the public the fans in phoenix one of the reporters kept asking about brooklyn and you could hear the fans going oh come on this is phoenix this is not brooklyn and kevin durant was pretty honest about his time there so what we're going to do is take a break and when we come back i want to share with you some comments by kevin durant that were just like oh wow yeah he's appreciative of his time in brooklyn but there were certain things that he said he wasn't aware of i'll allow you to hear that from kevin durant himself you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio first time caller i had to pull over to the side of the road just to make sure i didn't miss my opportunity i want you to know that i appreciate your candor call in now at 855 212 for cbs it's the jr sport brief show on cbs sports radio the phoenix suns are hosting the los angeles clippers right now kevin durant is on the bench the clippers currently lead 69 to 68 and everybody's just getting ready for all-star weekend people are ready for the dunk contest that no one knows who's in it people are waiting for the three-point contest people are waiting for the all-star game people are buying time and if you're kevin durant and you're still recovering from a a sprained mcl in your knee you're hoping that you can return after the all-star break but kevin durant was introduced to the public in phoenix they had a press conference it was open for all of the suns fans to show up and and kevin durant took questions from the media and he seemed to be a little bit more at ease and more open now that he's just out of brooklyn and he was asked about brooklyn specifically he was asked to sum up his time in brooklyn and this is what kevin durant had to say it was a lot of ups and downs but i love the grind so and everybody in brooklyn loved the grind too so i built the family over there as they're gonna always be a part of my journey so we didn't accomplish what we wanted to accomplish as far as winning the championship just like i told him but i enjoyed the grind and everybody there we tried our hardest every day regardless of what was going on in the media what was going on with our teammates everybody who's in that gym we grinded so i love those guys i get emotional to talk about them because that was a special four years of my career coming off of achilles and they helped me through a lot so i don't have anything um so yeah it was terrible how some stuff went down but at the end of the day i love the grind and we all love to grind there in brooklyn and i wish them the best going forward they got a bright future wow he took a little bit more of a high road than uh james harton a couple of nights ago he's like well i don't look like the crazy one now everybody wanted to leave kyrie irving certainly uh pretty much said there was a lot of disrespect going on in brooklyn and uh kevin durant didn't have a negative word to say even more of an extension kevin durant was asked hey why did it not work in brooklyn we just didn't get on the court enough i think when you seen james kyrie and myself it was it was amazing basketball for 17 games though but you need in order for you to win a championship and be a great team you just need more time on the floor we could it's another story about why we didn't get on the floor together but we just didn't get enough time on the floor and um those are hall of fame players that i learned a lot from every day and i'm wishing them the best as well uh it just didn't work out yeah kevin durant took it a step further he was asked specifically uh about why it didn't work and why he decided to move on and and kevin durant was just like yeah well i i didn't know what was going on with kyrie irving i didn't know that these issues were were taking place we didn't talk about it what his issues were and and what he negotiated was was his business so whether you believe that or not i i see no reason for kevin durant to have to lie i don't know why at this point he would want to protect kyrie irvin they they're not on the same team that that chapter is pretty much closed you know kevin durant was asked about the sons and what makes it the right fit for him this is what he said i experienced a lot the last couple years um you see the growth in this team when monnie took over when james came here i see the culture started to change the way they played on the floor the energy they play with started to change and i always loved playing here in phoenix the fans always showed love to you know just good good basketball in general they always cheer their fans on but they show love to the opposing team as well so uh i knew this would be a a great place to play and a great place to continue to get better as a player okay eight five five two one two four cbs it's eight five five two one two four cbs ralph is calling from miami good afternoon jr how you doing i'm good go ahead so i i had a comment when when what he said recently because i also listened to what kyrie said last time i really wanted to call you on the show regarding for that but like i said you're a busy man so it's hard to get in sometimes but if you could hear when kevin garnett is coming up kevin garnett kevin's written speaking he's actually he's actually not trying to basically completely throw another team under the brush he actually want to bring more positive so is that scene compared to kyrie just throwing all the negative so where's that semen saying like oh they were not good like making people feel like they're never going to go to to play for the brooklyn mess anymore compared to him leaving he's giving everybody opportunity so if you guys will go play for the brooklyn that's a good goal that seems a great team it's just that it didn't work out for me but compared to kyrie compared kyrie was like that thing that worked out for me because they treated me wrong and plus i guess was that everybody will be thinking i don't want to go to that team because they're going to treat me wrong yeah but i think it's a it's a shame it's a it's a shame that i really feel bad the most for the brooklyn nets fans like the fans who were sold this idea from 2019 of well we're not going to have kevin durant for a year as he comes back from his injury and then kyrie is back and then kyrie is hurt and then we go through covid and now kyrie doesn't want to get the shot and that's his business but how he went about it and explaining himself was just it was all over the damn place and then the brooklyn nets say yeah well we don't want to have part-time player and then they change their minds and then they get james hart and then he's like i'm not dealing with this crap and then you get ben simmons and ben simmons is afraid to play basketball the brooklyn nets are a disaster sorry at least mchale bridges decided to drop 45 points last night that's that has to be some type of small consolation right yeah hardly a matter of fact you heard what kevin durant had to say just trying to keep it light keep it cordial be thankful to the brooklyn nets and uh this is what kyrie it's what kyrie on kevin durant going to the suns and kyrie wasn't so nice to brooklyn listen to this it's not the first time we'll be a competition as brothers um you know i'm just praying for his happiness and praying for his well-being we had a lot of conversations throughout the year of you know what our futures were going to look like there was still a level of uncertainty but we just cared about seeing each other be places that we can thrive and whether that be together or whether that be a part there's never been one moment where i felt like he's been angry at me for decisions i've made or i've been angry at him we've just tried to understand each other a lot better and grow as human beings grow as brothers you know this business changes so much changes so quickly um he's getting a little bit older i'm getting a little bit older i just love the competition now that we can be in the same conference and i welcome all that you know get to see him a little bit more probably playing against phoenix a lot more and that's what i'm looking forward to everything else in between i just am glad that uh he got out of there oh glad that he got out okay but tell me how you really feel kyrie irving isn't doing a damn thing with the dallas mavericks this year i'm waiting for luca dodges to just want to choke the guy out and then at least the phoenix sons they don't they don't have the most depth they're going to be competitive if they're healthy that's a big if but there should be no reason if they are healthy they're not one of the best teams competing for the finals to come out of the west that goes without saying and so kevin durant he said oh hell yeah the opportunity to win a title with chris paul and devin booker signed me up i know how significant a championship is to a franchise and to a city and um i've been a part of two of those and i'm looking forward to you know getting back on that road to try to do it again but i know how tough it is how hard it is and this fan base is looking forward to cheering for a winner so um i'm looking i want to go out there i want to go out there and prove uh every night that we got a chance to win and you know that starts with the work we put in every day in practice yeah kevin durant wasn't shy talking about his standing and expectations and it actually came out of his own mouth kevin durant said and there's always going to be pressure there i'm one of the best players to ever pick up a basketball in the nba nothing wrong with it kevin durant is appreciative he's trying to move on kerry irving is glad that everybody is out of the situation in brooklyn they all deserve better and james hardin just thought that um well you saw what happened so i'm not crazy it's got to be the organization that's what hardin said last week about the nets there's a lot of dysfunction clearly you know i mean there was a lot of internal things that i'm not for me i'm not going to ever just say or put in the media or do anything and that was one of the reasons why you know i mean i chose to make my decision but now fast forward to date i don't look like the crazy you know i mean i don't look like the guy that or the quitter or whatever you know i mean the the uh mediator wouldn't want to call me like i knew what was going on and i just decided to hey i'm not i'm not built for this like i don't want to deal with it you know i want to play basketball and have fun and enjoy doing it um and fast forward to today you know they got a whole new roster i don't look like the crazy one well i remember how he forced his way out of houston where he basically trashed all of his teammates he trashed everybody in the locker room and they had no choice but to move him like you may not quote unquote look like the nuttiest guy here uh in exiting the brooklyn nets but the reputation that you've built for yourself over the past several years of which james hardin gave a half-hearted apology for how he exited houston let's not act like uh james hardin in his background has been all sterling and pretty stop eight five five two one two four cbs anthony's caller from los angeles anthony go ahead please what's on your mind hey jr thanks for taking the call man enjoy your show uh i'm an er nurse i turn it on to decompress every day after a long day of work i appreciate it um you know man i grew up an mba fan love the mba i grew up playing basketball on venice beach i've been lucky enough to play with coby bryant you know shacks to come down a bunch of mba players when they would get drafted you know and they come through the summer pro leagues in la back in the day and you know i grew up an mba fan because in the mba back then it seemed like it was more about the game not the drama now it just seems more about the soap opera and the drama surrounding it more so than the game you know if you ask anybody that grew up an mba fan in the 80s or 90s and you said oh man when the celtics played the bulls what did you what comes to your mind well you know larry bird versus michael jordan or when the pistons the bad boys played the bulls it was you know isaiah thomas and bill lambier against you know cartwright and all the guys but now when you think of a game you don't think about like oh man i can't wait to see kevin garrett's face so and so there is no david to the goliath there is no you know heated competition as much as lebron and i love watching the cat play you know and you're right you know i think we need to and you're right you know i think we need to really appreciate the greatness but who's his david who do you wait for him to go against yeah i think that well i think you're saying two things and part of it and thank you anthony for calling from la much love to you and everything that you're doing to help out those folks uh in the er the nba has changed if we have to go back and look at a former era we're now at the full maturation of free agency okay we're talking about something that wasn't implemented until the the late 80s with tom chambers being one of the first dudes to have an opportunity to go elsewhere that's one aspect of it the second thing i believe isn't so much the nba it's societal you just scroll through social media and when you have all the movement when you have everybody having a voice the good the bad the in between you think about everybody trying to just put out content and and monetize it you just get a you just get a giant bowl of crap and that's where we are and so with so much player movement you're right we don't have the development of rivalries you asked me about a rivalry right now in the nba i'm gonna go huh maybe uh maybe memphis and and and the warriors is that a rivalry like what what does memphis won the nixon heat don't have a rivalry the bulls at this the lakers and celtics is is that a rivalry we gotta wait another 20 years for them to face off in the finals like what what are we doing there's just so much storytelling around basketball but the fact is is it makes money the game has grown internationally look at some of its top stars the storylines are nuts some of these players are softer too it's the jr sport reshow on cbs sports radio i'll get some more of your calls and i want to tell you about an nfl player he might be soft so attention please passengers fasten your seat belts we are about to experience a blizzard of free money that's right deposit a couple hundred bucks into your bet us account and get into the action with 450 dollars that's 250 more dollars than you started with i know crazy right sign up today at or call 1-800-79-betus be like me bet for free
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