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2.9.23 - JR SportBrief Hour 4

JR Sport Brief / JR
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February 10, 2023 1:58 am

2.9.23 - JR SportBrief Hour 4

JR Sport Brief / JR

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February 10, 2023 1:58 am

Damar Hamlin brings down the house at the NFL Honors Awards Ceremony


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It's the JR Sport Brief show on CBS Sports Radio. I'm coming to you live from Phoenix, Arizona. I'm waiting for the Super Bowl. It's taking forever to get here. I'm being joined by super producer and host Dave Sheppard. He's holding it down in New York City and we're going to be here for one more hour. This is a four-hour show. We get started every single weeknight at 10 p.m. eastern time, 7 p.m. pacific. Thank you for listening.

I don't know what your occupation is. I don't know what you're doing but I'm glad that you're here tonight. And a big shout out to all the first responders out there. We actually uh the NFL let me say took some time to show all the first responders some love. I'll explain momentarily. You can listen to the show all the time on the free Odyssey app.

A-U-D-A-C-Y. If you miss a minute an hour of the show you can always go ahead and hit rewind. You can tune in on your local CBS Sports Radio affiliate.

You can lock in on Sirius XM Channel 158 and if you have a smart speaker you can go ahead and listen on that too. It has just been so damn busy. LeBron broke the scoring record two nights ago. The NBA trade deadline was Thursday afternoon. Thursday night the NFL has its award ceremony NFL honors. Patrick Mahomes walks away with his second MVP. The Super Bowl will be on Sunday. I learned that that Texas and Oklahoma we're gonna blink and at the end of the 2023-24 season they're gonna leave the Big 12 early.

They're gonna be in the SEC. It has just been ridiculous and then as I told you I'm out here in Arizona and you can go ahead and check some of my photos and videos. I have more coming at JR Sport Brief. If you actually wondered whether or not I work you can actually see a video of me fake working or photo I should say and it's it's it's a madhouse out here. I've been in Phoenix all week long. All of the fan activities opened up this afternoon so if you happen to be watching in Arizona go to the convention center and and get a ticket to the NFL experience.

I don't know how much it costs. Don't ask me. I just kind of walk around and so people say don't go there and they got Super Bowl rings. The Vince Lombardi trophy.

They have legends making appearances all week. You want to take your kids. It's fun. For me it sucks.

There's traffic outside. Too many people. Too many people.

It's just busy as hell. NFL had its awards ceremony. I went from the awards ceremony and I came to do this show and then I was at media row and I'm running into friends and then I saw Ryan Bader and thank God he didn't punch me and I spoke to Tim Brown. I saw my friend former chief and oh he's not former chief he's a chief's legend.

My main man Tony Richardson and Nick Lowry. It's just it's so busy and I'm here hanging out with you. This is so much fun. What else am I going to do? More importantly Patrick Mahomes is MVP. He wasn't in attendance to accept his award because he's busy. Hey Shep what do you think Patrick Mahomes is doing right now in Phoenix? What time is it in Phoenix?

I don't know. It's 11 o'clock. Is he awake? He's awake right?

Not a chance. He's probably in some hyperbaric chamber sleeping doing something that is in the mode of revitalizing recuperating. We know he's dealing with the high ankle. There is no way he's up right now. He's not he's not clicking through twitter? No. No. Instagram? No and he's not trying to date Miss Piggy either.

Sorry that was a bad joke. Because of the Kermit voice. No but in all seriousness he is resting. He is sleeping.

He is making sure his body is ready for Sunday at 6 30. He's not he's not looking at film? No. Not this late. No.

Not necessary. He doesn't need film no more. Well you said it yourself. I mean you've been waiting for god knows how long for the Super Bowl. You know he's been waiting for the same amount of time. He's watched all the film he possibly can. Now it's just a matter of making sure his body's rested.

Yeah this is some crap man. What are we supposed to do between now and Sunday? You tell me you're you're the one in Phoenix right now. I don't I don't know. Looking like the show is tomorrow what are we gonna do preview the game like like what are we gonna do? Well you know what we can do we can because we didn't get to you didn't get to dive into this maybe as much as you would have liked because LeBron broke the scoring record and you're sick of talking about him and I understand that.

Who is it? Uh you know Mr. K Mr. uh four-man isolation retreat. Oh Aaron what is there to say about him?

Nothing. Okay well there you go we don't need to talk about that Friday then. Yeah let's talk about someone who is much more tolerable like Patrick Mahomes. Oh yeah. Take a listen to his uh acceptance speech as he has now won his second NFL MVP award.

This is from the NFL network. Thank god for giving me this platform and putting so many amazing people around me to help support this dream I've had since I was a little kid. Without him none of this would even be possible. To my wife Brittany, my baby girl Sterling and my son Bronze. This crazy life that we are living means nothing without y'all keeping me balanced and making me appreciate every single day. No matter how I feel coming home y'all bring me joy and make me appreciate the time I get to spend with y'all. Thank you for always being there for me through my good times and my bad. Love y'all. To my family, my mom, my dad, my brother and sister. Thank you for supporting me every day and telling me since I was a little kid to follow my dreams. To the Chiefs organization Clark Hunt, Brett Veach, Andy Reed, the staff and most of all my teammates. I would never be standing here today without y'all. Every day giving everything that we have together to go for the ultimate goal, the Super Bowl. Let's continue to go for that dream this weekend. Well good for Patrick Mahomes. Good for him. Yeah go try to win the Super Bowl.

Have fun. Anyway, yes Shep you're correct. When he speaks he now sounds less like Kermit the Frog than years past. And then in listening to him his kids that bronze and sterling I remember reading that or hearing about it and he gave an explanation. I don't recall what it is. If he has a third kid what would the third platinum? No right? Can't do that.

Platinum, sterling, bronze, silver, me? I don't know. Whatever happened to like John or Sarah?

Not that I'm an expert on kids but. Well John is, John well I thought you said I mistook John for Joe. He can't call anyone Joe now.

Right. Remember that guy threw a fit the other day because of Karen? Well he wouldn't want to call anyone Joe because many people believe that this is a bad joke but Joe is his daddy.

He was 3-0 at the time now he's 3-1. Oh Joe Burrow. And it's his greatest rival.

It's like LeBron naming a kid Giannis or Kevin. You can't do that. The part I remember watching Patrick Mahomes Sr. Right. Like this is not even, this is Patrick Mahomes Jr.

Right. I remember watching his dad. His dad was a middling pitcher.

He had a good career but his dad was an average pitcher in the majors. And if you would have asked me and if you would have asked me 20 years ago when I was watching his dad play. Like oh my god guess what 20 years later his son is going to be one of the greatest quarterbacks ever.

I'd be like well damn. Well I guess his dad knows how to throw a ball and Patrick Mahomes is a supreme athlete. I've seen video of Patrick Mahomes. This one. The son.

The Chiefs. I've seen this guy dunk a basketball. I've seen him swing a bat. Like Patrick Mahomes is a freak athlete. And he's out there just running around on the football field just. He's like Magic Johnson with a football. And it's just crazy to me that this is Patrick Mahomes the average pitcher. His son is one of the greatest QBs ever. Shep you mentioned LeBron James.

Tonight he was not in action. We talked about the NBA trade deadline. It's like half the NBA has moved. The Lakers have a completely new roster it seems in a week.

Rui Hachimura. Patrick Beverly is gone. They were able to bring in Mo Bamba from the Orlando Magic. Thomas Bryant is gone. Who am I missing? DeAngelo Russell. Malik Beasley. This is a new team.

And so everyone is not available. Obviously not tonight. And so the Milwaukee Bucks were in Los Angeles. They beat the Lakers 115 to 106.

Giannis said this is child's play against these bums holding it down. These 38 points. 10 rebounds. 6 assists. Anthony Davis was out there 23 and 16.

Dennis Schroeder 25. But no LeBron James. LeBron James was just. He was out. You know I think they said he had a sore ankle or knee.

And this man was out there resting. But LeBron James did take some time to address the crowd. I guess this was a consolation for people who showed up to potentially see him break the record. And he took some time to you know give thanks to those in attendance and more importantly his family. Take a listen to what he had to say about the real all-time leading scorer.

Giving so much to my family. My beautiful wife has been I mean she's the real MVP if you want to be completely honest. She's actually the all-time leading scorer if you want to be completely honest. Shep did you notice how many women applauded that? There was more women than there was guys. Did you hear that? Yeah it didn't quite draw the attention that maybe he hoped he would have liked. That Savannah hoped it would have. But you know she was trending the next morning because they had gone out and they went to a club. I saw that. And you never hear.

She gave him credit. You never hear one thing about her. You never hear anything negative. You never hear anything positive. She just stays.

I don't want to say stays in a role because the role is not to be quiet. But she just she no no no no there's nothing bad about it. Like Ayesha Curry gets out every single time on social media and she always has something to say about everybody.

Savannah. She does. Savannah James is an individual that literally you don't know what she sounds like. You don't know what she believes.

You don't know what she thinks. But she's so classy. She always she always dabs up her husband. She's there at every game. She's a great mom for every account that we see. She's incredible.

And so and so LeBron. What's wrong with Ayesha? What's wrong with Ayesha wasn't she was involved in media. She was forward and front facing wasn't she an actress or something or another. I couldn't even tell you what I do know is she was what I do know is she is she doesn't know what I've seen from her. Choose your words carefully buddy. I'm taking a back seat.

That's okay. No I Jaira what I have seen from her is she doesn't always stay in her lane. And what I mean by that is she talks out of both sides of her mouth. She's an individual that goes after big names because she understands that she has the platform of being Steph's wife. She no one would pay attention to her if she wasn't. That's just the truth.

Yeah. I'm not saying I'm not saying she doesn't have good things to offer and bring to the table. What I am saying is she uses her platform oftentimes to be critical of bigger names particularly those people that are critical of her husband for the right reasons for the truth. And the reality is Steph Curry for a long time in his career he didn't play defense. The reality is he choked in big games. The reality is he took a backseat to Klay Thompson in the game sixes in the game sevens when it was Klay coming through not Steph.

And when media members would make that case very clear and use that example Ayesha would always defend her husband but go over the top in doing so. That's all I'm saying. You know more than me. I don't pay attention.

I don't know. Well you have more important things to do than than than that. I get it.

But what I'm saying is Savannah people are so critical of LeBron James. And from 2001 when he was 16 years old and on the cover of Sports Illustrated my understanding is they were they were together even at that point. Yeah.

High school. Yeah. And she never ever went after all the negative bag of bonds and all the people that tried to attach their name to LeBron and tried to make a career. We know the guy on the west coast who does it and I give her all the credit in the world for always staying classy. She was doing Ron Burgundy before that saying was even famous. Shout out Will Ferrell. Well thanks Shaq.

You're welcome sir. What else did LeBron say? Didn't he say something about uh he showed love to old guys right? He did sir. Yeah let's hear that. You know I had dreams of being able one day to be able to throw no-look passes like Magic Johnson um to be able to to be able to shoot fadeaways like Michael Jordan to be able to you know have a crossover like Allen Iverson to be able to have a afro and jump you know in a dunk contest like Kobe Bryant.

You know I looked up to so many athletes and so many people along my journey. Oh maybe LeBron will gift us with a dunk contest appearance as he retires. Is that what he's gonna do Shaq? No. You know what?

Never. He has nothing to lose if he does it in year 20. Everyone wants to knock Dwight Howard for you know a lackluster career and underachieving but you know what when Dwight came out representing that superman darn in that jersey the way he did when he won back in the late 2000 before 2010. LeBron James has nothing to lose if he were to enter the dunk contest in year 20 and lose. Who who's in it this year?

Who who a bunch of Jericho Sims? Couldn't even tell you. I'll tell you this much it's not 88 when you had Michael and Dominique it's not 99 or excuse me it was 2000 when you had Vince Carter it's it's not um you know even guys when Steve Francis would do it and you know and Baron Davis and I'm talking not even the ultimate superstars I'm just talking stars we don't we don't even have decent players doing it anymore we don't even have rotational players doing it anymore. We had a guy the people who shaded and sharp withdrew himself from the slam dunk contest.

Right. Right that says all you need to know and he's got potential but the reality is when you say the name Sharp you think of a guy who's been retired in the NFL for more than 20 years now. Mac Mac McClung I know him he he go to Georgetown right for a little while.

Yeah I've heard that I've heard that I've heard the name I can I don't. Kenyon yeah Kenyon Martin Jr. Well he's living off his dad's reputation right. These are the slam dunk people. Terrible.

Absolutely terrible. People have been asking me all week hey JR are you going to NBA All-Star JR are you gonna you gonna go to Utah JR you gonna go to Salt Lake City I'm like no I'm not going to All-Star break for nothing to do what watch that crap. Our last slam dunk contest I remember I was in Toronto and it was I guess I don't remember it that good it was Aaron Gordon and Zach Lavine these two dudes were flying around they went to overtime I didn't know what was going on they're just flying around I think that was the last last dunk contest that was worth anything and it was negative 20 outside 8 5 5 2 1 2 for CBS that's 8 5 5 2 1 2 for CBS AP's calling from North Carolina you're on CBS Sports Radio JR Shep how you guys doing okay I appreciate you guys man I appreciate you guys man thanks yeah look I really just want the payback on the guy I think was on the break before last he was calling about his alcohol addiction and you guys bringing therapy to him and I remember about three weeks ago I called I told you guys like you and Shep you guys are just like free therapy for guys that just listen to you guys like you guys do amazing work and you know I just really think you guys like help people out mentally and you know that's really all I got man because when I called the first time I think about three weeks ago I told you guys you know you're like free therapist and I really appreciate you guys for doing what you guys are doing man and I'm praying for that guy I don't know his name but I'm bro if you're listening I'm praying for you I hope you make it out your addiction and thanks JR and Shep I really appreciate you guys man and that's really all I got man I just love you guys I'm gonna call every time I feel like saying something saying something to you guys man because I really appreciate you guys well thank you AP we appreciate you for listening from North Carolina yes thank you so much well Shep is here to provide balance because I'm just nothing but a wolf in sheep's clothing it's the JR sport brief show on CBS sports radio 855-2124 CBS that's 855-2124 CBS we're going to talk more about the NFL honors I know there are quite a few people who have many thoughts about Kevin Durant Monty Williams was able to talk about what Kevin Durant on the Suns will look like so we'll share that with you on the other side of the break and get some more of your calls here on CBS sports radio you're listening to the JR sport brief on CBS sports radio you're listening to the JR sport brief on CBS sports radio hey you make my drive so much more enjoyable coming home from work late at night every day call in now at 855-2124 CBS Patrick Mahomes is the NFL MVP Lebron James is the all-time leading scorer in the NBA Darrell Rivas, Joe Thomas, Demarcus Ware, Rhonda Barber, just a few of the guys Joe Cleco going into the NFL hall of fame Don Coryell as well Kevin Durant gets traded to the Phoenix Suns Shep is there anything else I've missed over the past 48 hours? No I mean you've hit on everything I mean I know you teased um a trim you know and we played Dec Prescott maybe the most inspirational journey we've seen in a long time there might be someone even more inspirational I have Damar Hamlin yes sir and I know and I know you pointed that out yeah you know what let's take a few phone calls and then next break before we roll let's let's share Damar Hamlin let's end on a high note Damar Hamlin he was on the red carpet for NFL honors he was honored at the event as well in addition to all of the first responders so let's let's get to Damar Hamlin before we do that let's take a listen to Monty Williams the head coach of the Phoenix Suns this man now has Devin Booker, Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, DeAndre Ayton and God knows who on the bench but Monty Williams talked about Kevin Durant we know he's one of the greatest scorers who's ever lived take a listen I think it's more than a lift um I think it's a jolt if that makes sense just because of not just who he is as a player but his love for the game I think the guys are going to see something that they may not have seen before as far as his approach and how much he just loves to play basketball I think if he could hoop every day 24 7 he would do that and I think that's who we are and so to be able to have someone like that in your gym but who's also ultra talented and one of the best to ever do it I think it's gonna not just complement what we do it's gonna uplift and and give us a bit of a jolt it doesn't matter if ain't none of them healthy Charles Barkley basically made that point this is what Charles Barkley had to say on TNT here listen to it it's Charles Barkley he's a funny guy the west is so good now you're gonna need a good bench you can't go to war with just KD Booker and Aiden because the west is so loaded if they play the Clippers the Lakers now haven't even mentioned Memphis your bench is going to be really really important so the buyout market like Chris says they gonna have and they gonna have to get some big bodies you just mentioned campaign he's a little guy TJ Warren's a smaller guy he's about six six six seven there but I'm talking about after that they gave up a lot so I think the buyout market I'm gonna be watching that for my sons our starting unit we're good to go but to win three series just to get to the finals your bench is going to be huge yeah I don't know who the hell these guys are on their bench Bismack Biambo I know Bismack what's he doing Fallon they don't have no bench Damien Lee he's the most accomplished dude Tory Craig I don't know they better hope when they get to the playoffs that everybody plays I guess 35 minutes and then they'll break down anyway hey good luck to the Suns it looks nice it looks great they're not done yet let's let's be clear they're gonna have to add some depth eight five five two one two four CBS it's eight five five two one two four c b s mr mr g any weatherman mr g scholar from Vegas what's up mr g how you doing man I I got stuck in traffic trying to go home but I got to say this about the kd trade draymond green was right okay kevin durant doesn't want to be the man he wants to go somewhere where he can come in and get credit for doing something what he tweeted about okc is the same as phoenix you can't win with those guys that team choked the last two post-seasons they're on the they're on the downslide I don't know why the nets were suckered into trading a player they had control over after they traded away irving and got players that were going to work because I mean they got some nice young players but you traded one of the best players of his generation for a bunch of draft picks and you didn't have to that's why I say they're suckers they could have just said no we're not trading you kd we got rid of the pain you're gonna you're gonna play this out but that's what they get they would be they would be in pain they would be in pain themselves like why why punish yourself well if I made a deal for you that I think made my team better and gave you complementary players no don't work that way and I have the control over your contract why am I giving in to you no because there was no way in hell that they were going to build a team a championship contending team around him in a time frame where a he would be healthy and be at his peak and then b where you wouldn't have to deal with with the linger that's not easy do you how this is a simple question do you want to be trapped in a room with a miserable ass person that doesn't want to be with you no but I also don't want to get screwed by bending over and giving away my team it was done it was done they got what they deserved when they picked him up in the first place like they did but it was done it was done right it don't matter who was right I'm telling you well get suds won't get out of the second round they're not getting to the conference finals well that's not the goal of the brooklyn nets right now they understand they are they have to blow this to smithereens they understand that the brooklyn nets are not playing basketball to compete for a championship right now they understood they made a mistake and they moved on and the brooklyn that's ain't playing for no title what are we talking about sun's just gotta hope they stay healthy and move forward but the brooklyn that's ain't competing for no title well I gave the ran a contract so I'm gonna tell him man play out your contract and and I'm gonna you do what we want and we'll get you some pieces and and then you know uh-uh we're not just gonna let you go what for what they're not stupid who are the brooklyn that's gonna bring that I was gonna bring them closer to a title they got the soul of Michael Jordan from the bull somewhere like what was gonna make a difference for them sometimes you gotta know when you screwed up and just move on why hold on to the pain I use the relationship analogy but maybe he has no bearing on that I think most of us do there comes a point in time where you go hey I tried hey I tried okay I tried I tried but now it's time to move on like come on I think we've all been there Shep have you been there before have you been there before we've all been there hey Marco Belletti have you ever been there before oh yeah yeah sometimes you try you try you try it and you go there ain't no more trying I'm moving on come on if the brooklyn nets tried and then they tried and then they said they tried again and then they tried and now they're cooked and I went in nothing well they're not even gonna go to the playoff who cares what the brooklyn nets do between now and forever and basketball purgatory it's the jr sport brief show here on cps sports radio there's no purgatory here only heaven only paradise when we come back we're going to deliver you some good news and on a high note damar hamlin was on stage he was here in person nfl honors and he was shown love the first responders were shown love and we'll hear that on the other side of the break you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio thank you for taking my call of course i discover you one night that i work late since then i've been making sure i work till after two before i leave the here i really appreciate you man oh you're gonna make me cry and i'm a heartless uh i'm a heartless guy you're gonna make me cry call in now at eight five five two one two four cbs yeah don't don't call me and make me cry it's terrible that man said he he works until after two driving just to listen to me damn nfl honors was tonight here in phoenix you might have had a reason to cry this is still rather unbelievable damar hamlin was shown so much love tonight damar hamlin was honored at nfl honors you you remember that i i spoke to somebody this week there's a million people i spoke to on the ground here and we had a conversation about damar and just just how time went by and you know the the night being on air when that took place it's just that was a rough night and then the next day like i i didn't want to sit here and talk about no damn football did not care didn't care it's tough to do that and so damar was honored and he was on stage he was surrounded by first responders he was surrounded by the first responders who helped save his life and i want you to hear from damar hamlin let's go ahead and play that from the nfl let's go ahead and play that from the nfl network first i would like to just thank god for even being here every day i am amazed that my experiences could encourage so many others across the country and even across the world encouraged to pray encouraged to spread love and encouraged to keep fighting no matter the circumstances sudden cardiac arrest was nothing i would have ever chosen to be a part of my story but that's because sometimes our own visions are too small even when we think we are seeing the bigger picture my vision was about playing in the nfl and being the best player that i could be but god's plan was to have a purpose greater than any game in this world my entire life i felt like god was using me to give others hope and now with a new set of circumstances i can only say he's doing what he's always done i have a long journey ahead a journey full of unknowns and a journey full of milestones but it's a lot easier to face your fears when you know your purpose my third night awake in the hospital i met an icu doctor his name was usa he told me he had a similar experience he showed me he was okay and that meant so much to me but so there was so much uncertainty at the time and just him coming to me showing that i could live a normal life again it meant so much to me in the moment so i want to give a big thank you to him and a special thank you to everyone on this stage for everything they did for me and thank you everyone around the country and around the world who prayed for me and hoped for me the journey will continue yeah that that speech that you just heard was much longer because of all of the the claps the pauses and the well-received love that he was on the end of and yeah kudos to everyone who who participated in helping to to save his life um you know we talked about this a few weeks ago it's a it's a shame that this occurs to people all over the country and families and students and kids and they don't necessarily have the same means to to get a literal second lease at life and so it's amazing that damar hamlin is is using this opportunity to help just encourage others to to learn cpr and to get proper equipment in schools there's there's no cost to potentially saving someone's life none none none at all uh there was also some cool news that that occurred this week dr tom meyer or mayor excuse me he's the medical director for the nfl players association and he was on serious xm earlier this week and he was talking about damar hamlin and he said he has no doubts that eventually he will lace up his cleats and that he'll be back on the field and that will be one hell of an experience if that takes place if damar hamlin wants it to take place that'll be nuts to see crazy you thought alex smith comeback player of the year 18 surgeries on a leg damar hamlin on the field oh my god eight five five two one two four cbs it's eight five five two one two four cbs ralph is calling from miami ralph how are you what's on your mind hey there how you doing i'm good please go ahead again i'd like to see from the more hamlin is really sincere and also to think about a similar experience from him where one doing from the past i did get shot and basically where doctor did save my life he drained a lot of blood out of my lungs to think about it that's kind of scary experience to be honest which is think about it i'm sure well ralph i'm i'm happy that that you're here with us too but to think about it is also i want to say thanks to those doctors too on myself but to think about what happened i want to talk about the nfc the nba recently right now hold on ralph you sound kind of blurry or fuzzy i don't know how you're holding your phone you sound kind of blurry can you hear me now you sound a little better go ahead all right so i was saying so far to speak about the the nba the nba i know you don't watch movies like you mentioned a lot of time in your past if you ever have watched the maze it's like saying right now the maze change direction shit may know what i'm talking about but it's like saying if you think about the pieces that change around the nba around like just sprays that's where it's given during i think to me if nobody had realized the brooklyn nets were already done since last year it's just like it was just a glimpse of hopes going on to this year because since the trace to harden people did not realize that was already done the vision was already gone it was a trio vision that trio was already cut down for two yeah it was it was a it was a sinking ship without a shadow of a doubt and you you uh are comparing this to what's the movie the maze yes but shep do you do you know what the maze is you know what that is ralph i i do not are you referring to the matrix or the maze no it's a movie basically where the kid was stuck in the maze it's basically where they're actually studying about a virus got always like saying they go in the maze and it's like the maze will be in a certain direction during the day and during the night they change pieces around so there's going to be a different location this is a horror movie it's a horror movie not really hard not really hard sci-fi like saying a survival movie was there aliens is this like crop circles what is this like the end of the earth the end of the world were a virus and they were looking for a cure and they were using the kids to produce a cure okay it's a book basically also too i'm gonna i'm gonna google this and i'm gonna watch it before i go to sleep to give myself nightmares okay ralph thank you not gonna get nightmares oh i will thank you ralph enjoy no doubt there was a movie it has a chef you remember that movie with mel gibson there was a movie it was an m knight shamalan movie i think mel gibson has a lethal weapon no it was mel gibson and it was with aliens and they were in crops signs yes okay it was like 20 years ago right whoa whoa 15 15 okay we'll go with that you know who was in that movie by the way if i remember correctly but he and he's he's even better actor than mel gibson who uh the joker the joker yeah who bucky phoenix oh that's right he was in that movie yes he was his he was mel gibson's younger brother right yes i believe so you see i see movies i saw signs no one doubts that you don't see movies yeah well i don't i don't watch them frequently let's talk to rick from toronto you're on cbs sports radio what's up rick okay thank you for taking my call again oh crap hold on i surprised myself chef i did i did why didn't you why didn't you warn me okay rick go ahead i mean rick is a frequent caller at 140 that's when that's what time he usually calls you know it was him right hey rick rick you have uh 30 seconds for real it's gonna go ahead you want cbs sports radio go ahead okay thank you very much for talking about alicia curry and thank you for talking about the 2016 NBA all-star game okay so tell us what you want to talk about her name is aisha but tell us what you guys 25 seconds okay i basically uh i'm glad that uh mr um kevin duran didn't come to toronto our media in july complained about he not coming to toronto and i this is proof that happened because uh kwai letter didn't come the new players jock yahkola per tell and um he's coming back to toronto so it proves the point that nba players are coming to toronto they never will never come i i don't have to say with our media you know roger had an outage in july but a nationwide outage and they caused a lot of problems and i don't think kevin duran would come here so thank you very much for your time and have a good night okay thanks what do i say after that that's nothing right that's the quickest phone call in the history of rick from toronto phone calls and jr sportproof history that's what that's what i know yeah i he left me speechless it's my job to talk for a living and he left me speechless well i mean rick has to understand that unfortunately unless it's basically a proverbial gun being held to someone's head and saying you have to play somewhere it's not going to no longer be where you want to play which was kawaii leonard for demardo rosen no one else wants to go to toronto as great of a sizzy as it is oh i love toronto i'd go if i was a professional basketball player i'd be up in toronto man i'd go so why does no one play there because kyle Lowry wasn't kyle Lowry before he went to toronto and tomorrow players want to go to toronto i don't know i can't say because it's far i mean i can't say because it's cold nba players don't want to go play for for minnesota man yeah they got three places that they want to go los angeles miami it's fair that's it too yeah and they have the best gm in the league jr you and i both know that who masayu jiri is the best general manager in the nba yeah well thank god he's at a place where nobody wants to go that's that's unfortunate he can bring the talent in himself all right folks we're done the jr sport brie show on cbs sports radio it's a wrap we'll be back tomorrow 10 p.m eastern time 7 p.m pacific man we're going to hear from tim brown mr raider himself and we got a few other good friends that'll be joining us it's the jr sport brie show cbs sports radio come back tomorrow come back tomorrow thank you chef amy launch she's up next officially one hour until your favorite show premieres time to get some snacks delivered through insta cart okay let's get some popcorn seltzer chocolate covered almonds and wait did they release the whole season better cut 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