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2.7.23 - JR SportBrief Hour 3

JR Sport Brief / JR
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February 8, 2023 1:44 am

2.7.23 - JR SportBrief Hour 3

JR Sport Brief / JR

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February 8, 2023 1:44 am

JR salutes LeBron James as he becomes the NBA's ALL-TIME leading scorer passing Kareem's once unprecedented points total of 38,387


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It is the J.R. Sportbrief show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. LeBron James, it is official. LeBron James, it is official. After 39 years, someone has finally broken the record of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. It is LeBron James.

38,389 points. LeBron James right now. He has scored 36 points tonight against the Oklahoma City Thunder. The game has come to a pause. About 11 seconds left in the third quarter. LeBron James, a little bit of an elbow J, knocks it down, passes Kareem.

His immediately game is stopped. He is greeted by his family, hugs his mom. His boys step out onto the court. His daughter approaches. He gives his mom a hug.

He gives his wife a kiss. Right now at Arena, LeBron James has a video package that is currently rolling in the arena. His entire time in the league, his accomplishments. We know that LeBron isn't, quote unquote, the favorite son of Los Angeles, but he was showered with chants of MVP, MVP. He's now here at center court. As things have just about stopped, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar standing half court right now alongside Adam Silver.

As the ceremony continues, they're instructing Kareem as to what will take place. He's going to present LeBron James with his ball. LeBron James, upon scoring the basket immediately, lifting his hands and his arms in the air.

And this is absolutely crazy. I remember like yesterday the hype surrounding LeBron James, the hype surrounding LeBron. And he embraces and shakes the hand of Kareem to get a hug. LeBron James shakes the hand of Adam Silver. Standing here for a ceremony is tons of media. Adam Silver getting ready to make some statements here on the court. And so what we'll have to do here on the show, we can't broadcast this live because it belongs to TNT. When the game concludes, we will most certainly share with you the audio from LeBron James, Kareem, Adam Silver. As it is official, LeBron James has now scored more points than anyone else in NBA history. And he embraces with Kareem again a thank you. Kareem hands him over the game ball.

They stop for a photo op. And for a lot of us, this might be the only time you see such a thing. You know, we got a lot of scoring in the NBA. A whole hell of a lot more. Kareem only had three, three pointers in his entire career.

We know the game has changed. But LeBron James is not stopping here. This is quite possibly the reality that after tonight, LeBron James might finish his career with 44,000 points, 45,000 points.

Damn it, he might push it to 45 and a little bit more than that. As he is kind of wiping his eyes and soaking in the moment, he's crying. LeBron James is standing at half court and he tried to hold it in. LeBron James is crying.

Wow. He's now addressing the crowd, tears in his eyes and we got more basketball to go. The Oklahoma City Thunder currently lead 104 to 99 with 10 seconds left in the third quarter.

The game is delayed. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar standing by courtside. Magic Johnson standing courtside. Kareem has a big old smile on his face right now. LeBron showing him some love.

LeBron showing love to everybody. You know, last hour we took a lot of calls about LeBron and who he is as a teammate and who he is as a person. And anybody could look at him and things that he said on and off the court and what he says and what he believes in. I think you'd be hard pressed to believe that LeBron James isn't a good person or isn't a good human.

And I think good, bad and in between agree or disagree. We have seen enough body of work over the last 20 years from when this this man was a teenager. We've seen enough body of work to see who he is. And outside of who he is, when it comes down to being a basketball player, without a shadow of a doubt. He's one of the best that you'll ever see in your lifetime.

You might not see this record broken in your lifetime. LeBron James is continuing on here, embracing his family, taking photos with his sons. The crazy thing is little fall away jumper at the top of the key at the elbow. LeBron James is the NBA's all time leading scorer.

And the crazy thing is. He's not done. He's not washed up. What what is left for him to play with one son? He's been very clear about that. What's left for him to play with both sons?

He said he would love to do that, too. Are we stupid enough to believe? And yeah, it doesn't look good for this season. Not at all. As LeBron James embraces Jay-Z, someone who's been a mentor to him, especially business wise since he was a kid. And now LeBron James kind of, you know, wrapping it up, twirling his finger, letting everybody know, let's just let's just please get on with the game. He embraces Magic Johnson.

This is one. Major record. More points than anybody. Longevity at this level higher than anybody. You'd be silly to think he might not win another championship before he leaves. His career has been.

Ridiculous. Thirty eight thousand three hundred eighty eight points here for LeBron. He's one ahead of Kareem. And now they're. LeBron's taking some deep breaths.

Kareem is back in his seat, sipping on his. Well, I would assume it's some healthy juice. And they're getting ready to pick things up here in the third quarter. It's the J.R. sport brief show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. It's been a busy day. It's been a busy night.

It's been a busy week. And now in Los Angeles at crypto dot com arena, they're getting back the basketball. They're getting ready to inbounds the ball about a 10 minute break. Give or so from LeBron James breaking the record in the ceremony that the NBA has had take place. And now it's up to the Los Angeles Lakers to try to come away with a victory here.

Third quarter is over. Oklahoma City leads 104 to 99. Thank you so much to everybody listening all over North America on the free Odyssey app. Everybody tuned in on your local CBS Sports Radio affiliate. Everybody locked in on Sirius XM Channel 158 and everybody listening to this show on a smart speaker. It is the J.R. sport brief show on CBS Sports Radio. I'm being joined here by super producer and host Dave Shepherd holding it down in New York City.

I'm here a busy week in Phoenix, Arizona, where all eyes are obviously on the Super Bowl. And as of right now, this minute with a fadeaway, LeBron James is the all time leading scorer. Absolutely amazing. We talked about Kyrie earlier in the show. We have talked about, you know, Aaron Rodgers. We might have to get to more of Aaron Rodgers tomorrow. Just just amazing. Shep, you saw the shot. We're going to see that shot for a long time.

Over and over and over again. Yeah. J.R., credit to you. You were too humble to say this, but, you know, right before we got on air, I said, J.R., is he getting this tonight? And you said unequivocally, yes. This is this is his night.

You called it from the beginning. I don't know if anyone saw him doing this in three quarters, but it's amazing. J.R., you remember this back in 2003, the knock against LeBron was he was the specimen of an athlete. You know, there were no high school player who could jump out of the building the way he could. That could explode the way he could. That had the vision that he could. But the weakness was the jump shot. My God, did he disprove all those people throughout his career, especially going on to year 20 and what ultimately might be, J.R., year 24. Yeah. And I think, of course, Nike comes through with an amazing commercial, a little ode to his entrance into the league, which is where All-Witness is.

This is nuts. It's hard to look at any story of any athlete. And we've had amazing athletes with amazing stories here in the United States of America. If I have to think about and we can go to North America, you want to include everybody in Canada in regards to hockey. If we want to think about 100 years, if we want to think about a century of sports, a century.

If we want to think about baseball, if we want to go ahead and look at at boxing, if we want to look at basketball, the NFL, which just celebrated its centennial a couple of years ago, basketball, just the NBA, just went past 75 years. You can think of legends and names. Babe Ruth. You can think about a Michael Jordan.

You can you can pull any name. I don't care who it is. Like LeBron's story as a professional athlete in America is absolutely ridiculous. For other reasons, you can look at someone like Muhammad Ali for a million reasons, just in his own category of a story, own category.

LeBron James is in his own space as well. For the expect, he's a prodigy, a prodigy. Who the hell is this guy? Who is this kid? I used to read about LeBron James in the newspaper, the newspaper. I used to read about him physically in the paper.

I used to close it up, small article about this dude in Akron who is amazing. And then the next thing you know, he's on ESPN and you had to watch him. St. Vincent St. Mary's had to cover up his tattoos because he was in a Catholic school.

Not as tattooed as he is now, obviously. But who is this guy? He's going right into the league. He's getting drafted number one overall by the hometown team. He's coming into the league with more hype and he's the next big thing.

And it's like the king. We've seen a lot of dudes get anointed. We've had a lot of professional athletes come down the pipe and they're supposed to be the next big thing. And they fall. They can't carry the expectations. They don't have the work ethic. They can't muster it.

They can't stand it. And then they fall apart. This man has exceeded everything. Which makes it even more unbelievable what he's done. And he's not finished. When it comes down to accomplishments. When it comes down to checking boxes.

When it comes down to most this and most that. He will hold that. And he's not done. Enjoy it while it's here.

Pay attention to it while it's here. We'll have somebody else come down the pipe and be absolutely amazing. We'll have someone else who will break this record, that record.

We'll have someone else, Steph Curry is amazing in his own right. You'll probably never see another one of him. You will never see another LeBron James.

You will not see someone else come from where he came from. Be hyped up the way he was hyped and elevated. Live up to those expectations. And then exceed them.

And then also pass it on to multiple generations. LeBron is a once in a lifetime. And now he's the NBA's all-time leading scorer. Just passing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. 36 points tonight. Oklahoma City Thunder, they lead the Los Angeles Lakers 104-99. The fourth quarter is underway. LeBron James. 38,388 points.

One more point, then Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. And he ain't done. It's the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. 855-212 for CBS.

It's 855-212 for CBS. When the game concludes, we'll share with you the audio from LeBron. We'll share with you the audio from Kareem, Adam Silver. But when we come back from break, I want to talk to you.

What are your thoughts on what we have just learned and been witness to? LeBron James, now the NBA's all-time leading scorer. It's the JR Sport Brief Show, CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. Hey, JR, such a fan of yours, man. Thanks for taking my call. You know, you don't always get the most sane of callers, but you always handle it with such professionalism.

I really appreciate your content you put out, man. Call in now at 855-212 for CBS. It's the JR Sport Brief Show here on CBS Sports Radio. LeBron James, now the NBA's all-time leading scorer.

It's 855-212 for CBS. The NBA's all-time leading scorer, 36 points tonight to pass Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. LeBron James notching the record, about 10 seconds left in the third quarter. As of right now, LeBron James is taking a breather. He is on the bench as the Los Angeles Lakers try to get back into this game. No doubt LeBron will be back onto the court shortly. About 8 minutes left, OKC leads 113 to 106. Let's get to some of your phone calls as we will obviously keep you updated on this game.

LeBron did his part, becoming the NBA's all-time leading scorer. It's not all said and done. Who knows?

We might get another magical moment. Let's pick up the phone lines and let's talk to Clarence calling from Mississippi. You're on CBS Sports Radio. Hey, Jaden. Jaden. Jaden. How you doing, man? I'm excellent, Clarence.

What's on your mind? What about LeBron James, man? What about LeBron James III? Well, we see everything about LeBron James.

He's now the leading scorer. I'm so tired, I can't... I can't... I don't see anything like this. OK. You haven't seen anything like this, Clarence? No, I haven't. I don't think you will ever again either, OK? I'll be right there.

I don't see anything like this. All I think you know. OK. Thank you, Clarence. Appreciate you, man. OK?

All right. Thank you, Clarence, for calling from... He said he ain't never seen nothing like this. He's never seen anything like this. He could barely share with us, and it's true. He's right.

A lot of people feel that way tonight, JR. Yeah, we won't see anything like this. 855-212-4CBS. Chuck is calling from Miami. What they do, man?

Good show. All I'm saying is this. LeBron more like Magic than Jordan.

He's a passer. But you know what the biggest thing is? I remember Koozie and Jerry West, just like the NFL right now. We got two black quarterbacks in the NFL, but nobody talking about that. And now we got a black man leading this, because a white man was leading before. So when y'all going to talk about that, we're taking over everything. Hockey, we're taking over everything, man. Keep it real, JR. Don't be a sugarcoat or nothing. We're taking over everything, bruh.

And I know when you hang up, you're going to talk some floor stuff, because I keep it real from Miami. LeBron took over, over Koozie, over West. Black people done took over, partner. Everything in the world is what it is, bruh.

We dominant right now, man. Oh, wow. That was absolutely terrible. I wanted that idiot to keep talking until he dropped a curse word. I didn't know that the black people are taking over.

I see black people doing a lot of absolutely amazing things in the world. I wish he was smart enough to articulate himself in a different way, but unfortunately he's not. 855-212-4CBS. MJ's calling from New Orleans. You're on CBS Sports Radio.

What's going on, JR? First time me checking you out, man. Good show so far, man. Well, I've been here for a while. I think the shows are pretty good.

What's on your mind? Yeah, just not really impressed with LeBron breaking this record from Kareem. Kareem was the first player to have a 20-year career. LeBron being a one-time leading scorer in the NBA, one time. Him being the leading scorer now is just a longevity award, man.

We have seen this one person who played for Chicago. That was kind of a once-in-a-lifetime box office type player. LeBron, similar. Probably going to round out to be top 10. LeBron James is going to round out to be a top 10 what? Top 10 player. And I think the thing as far as his play, people just won't admit he is a point guard.

My number one point guard is Magic, so I can't really make him the number one point guard. Even the media, even sports shows have been saying that, which I listen to all day, they're just not really this hyped over of LeBron getting this record. Well, MJ, LeBron James, to his own credit, historically has said he is not a scorer by nature. MJ, MJ, stop. Listen, I let you speak uninterrupted.

Please take a listen. LeBron James, out of his own mouth, has said he is not a natural scorer. So anyone who you have listened to for the most part, I would say their opinion on what or how LeBron James is as a scorer is pretty much a moot point.

It doesn't matter. I think anyone who has watched him will pretty much say that. One of the ultimate criticisms of LeBron James is that he is not someone who's out there just hunting or destroying points.

I'll tell you this. It is one hell of a stretch to look at someone like LeBron James and what he's done and what he's accomplished and to not believe or think he is not already a quote unquote top 10 player. I find that to be an outrageous statement. I don't know.

I say he is a top 10 player. Oh, yeah. Well, the world. OK, then the world has known that for a long time.

This I don't even think that's a point that anyone doesn't understand or realize. Right. But to be considered the GOAT like we hear on TV day in and day out, that's a different conversation. Well, he is one.

And you mentioned this at the top of what you said. He is one of the greatest players of all time when LeBron James calls it a career in, I don't know, two, three, four years, give or take. He might be and is already on his way. He is arguably the most accomplished basketball player that the NBA has ever seen. If you want to boil that down to championships, then the answer is no.

If you want to boil that down to just being a pure assassin for an hour, the answer is no. But if you look at the awards, if you look at the longevity, if you look at the accomplishments, if you look at the expectations, you would be hard pressed to find someone who's had his career. Which is why I always believe we can compare anybody until we're all blue in the face. Greatness comes in different ways. It's like a fingerprint. Out of all the damn people on planet Earth, 8 billion, 9 billion, everybody's fingerprints are unique.

Unless you're running around and you're some type of clone or you're a freak of nature, everybody is unique. The greatness that we saw with Bill Russell is not the same greatness we saw with LeBron. The greatness that we've seen with LeBron is not the same greatness that we've seen with Jordan.

You can throw Steph Curry in there if you want to. We can look at different sports. I can look at the greatness of, I don't know, Derek Jeter.

It's not going to be the same greatness of Babe Ruth. We can go on and on and on. And that's the beautiful thing about sports.

You know, I have somebody call me and tell me about Autogram. OK, well, that's not Tom Brady. Brady's not him. Brady's not Montana.

Montana's not. We can go down the list. And that's the beauty of it. Watching the story unfurl.

And sometimes I think people go overboard. We got somebody playing right now. His name is Patrick Mahomes. I have no idea what this man is going to do for the next 10 years. I don't know if we'll see him for 15. I have no idea what this will look like.

He might not go to another Super Bowl. Sometimes you got to look at what's in front of your face and appreciate it. It's cool to compare it. Things change. The sports change.

Somebody is listening to me right now and will say. Kareem may take no damn threes. Look at the threes LeBron took.

Well, if Kareem played at this time, then Kareem would be this. Well, man, that's not where we're at. We're not in a place of stasis. We're not standing still. We're not stuck in the mud. Things change. And that's a beautiful thing, ain't it?

Things would suck if they stayed the same. Terribly. 855-212-4CBS. That's 855-212-4CBS. I'll get some more of your calls here on LeBron James, the NBA's all time leading scorer. You are listening to the J.R.

Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. When you put me on, a lot of times you blend the commonalities of sports and business and drive together. So first of all, you know, thank you for what you do. You have the ultimate drive.

A lot of people know you and a lot of people don't know you and they will. Here's J.R. It's the J.R.

Sport Brief show on CBS Sports Radio. The Los Angeles Lakers are still trying to mount a difficult comeback here. They're down 129 to 123 against the Oklahoma City Thunder. LeBron James now with 38 total points.

We know he's the NBA's all time leading scorer. 26 seconds left in the game. LeBron is on the bench right now while we move into the foul game. The who knocked the ball out of bounds game just to see whether or not the Lakers can get two quick three pointers, a couple of fouls and hope that the Thunder don't put up any more points.

And so this one is getting dragged out. LeBron James currently on the bench, but tonight he became the NBA's all time leading scorer. 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS. Once the game does conclude, we'll share with you some of the audio from the game, some of the presentations that were made or the presentation that was made between Kareem and LeBron. But let's get to your calls first. Right now we have on the line Mike from Miami. You're on CBS Sports Radio. Hey, JR. How you doing tonight, man? I'm very good, Mike.

What's up? Man, I gotta give the king his props, man. I, you know, I was blessed enough to see him play in Miami and let him bring home two of those championships down here. I was very blessed and fortunate to watch him in person and also on TV and, you know, watching that third quarter tonight, he's been doing this for 18, what, close to, I'm sorry, 20 years, probably. I think it's 40 years, 20, just 21.

Thank you. I just both just bone brushing people like he's a human tank. And it's amazing how he gets able to keep his conditioning to keep doing this to get to his today.

I got to give him his promise, man. You know, a lot of people don't like him because of his attitude on the court and all that. But you got to put that aside, man. This guy is the greatest of all time. Just like you mentioned before, you know, we're watching greatness and greatness comes in so many different levels. And, you know, I have to tell you, man, I really appreciate your show, what you do on the radio, man. I'm a big fan of yours. So, you know, keep doing what you're doing and, you know, God bless you and everything. And LeBron's the GOAT, man.

What can I say? Greatest of all time. Thank you, Mike, for calling from Miami. Kelly's here from Houston.

You're on CBS Sports Radio. Hey, JR, I will not try to insult your intelligence, but you do understand the difference between like and respect, of course. So when LeBron, when King James came into the league, I'm like going, what, really? Why are you calling this kid King, right? And let's see what he does. And you know what he did? He kept doing it. He kept doing it.

He kept doing it. Now I respect him. Maybe I don't like him. Maybe I don't agree with everything he says or does. But you know what?

I respect him for the accomplishments that he has achieved and he should be applauded for that. And, you know, I'm sitting out here, I was driving home, I'm sitting going, oh, I got to get home. I got to get home.

I got to pay a credit card bill before 1230 Eastern Time. But you know what? When I heard that guy from Miami call and he turned it into a race thing, it's like, uh-uh. And I appreciate your follow up comments about that because it's just like, it don't have nothing to do with that. So anyway, you know what?

LeBron James, come on, man. You did great. You deserve it. You deserve all the respect from everyone across the world, even though we may have not liked you in the beginning or even now. But you deserve the respect.

No doubt about it. Thank you, Kelly, for calling from Houston. Appreciate you. Let's go to San Diego and talk to Lee. You're on the JR Sport Brief Show.

Hey, JR. You have a great show, man. And I realize I'm on the West Coast and we don't get a lot of cred on the East Coast. And when it comes to sports, I mean, I love LeBron James and I think it'd be much more sweeter if they were in contention while he got that record.

Yeah, absolutely. I mean, I'm still a San Diego fan. I love my Padres. I still root for the Clippers and I still root for the Chargers.

But this is not a great sports town and I realize that. And I just love your show. OK. Well, thank you, Lee. I wonder what you think about about that. Thank you.

Oh, no problem. Shep, he wants to know what I think about what now. Huh?

I was having a tough time understanding myself. But yes, San Diego, unfortunately, has. Yeah, you're stuck with the Padres.

What can I say? San Diego is a beautiful place. I love it.

I love going to San Diego and driving up to Dana Point and and I love driving to L.A. And I love going the other way as well. Eight five five two one two four CBS. Let's go to the home of LeBron James. The birthplace. Let's go to Akron.

Talk to Geray. You on CBS Sports Radio. Yeah, honestly, I just want to say thank you, LeBron. You showed everyone who should be watching how to like a man as a young black entertainer, it's easy to slander someone.

You did was witness from a young age and maintain that. Thank you for giving me something good to watch TV so fake. I watch you build, man. I love you. Thank you, LeBron. Thank you, Geray, for calling from Akron. The game is.

It's in the words of Kenny the Jetsmith. Over. The Lakers were able to get up one meaningless three. The final score tonight.

One thirty three to one thirty. LeBron James finishes with thirty eight points. The Lakers.

What else is new? They lose. But LeBron James walked away with another accomplishment. He is the all time leading scorer in the NBA.

Thirty eight thousand three hundred ninety points. The Oklahoma City Thunder are dapping him up as this game is concluded. LeBron James walking over. To the stands, walking over to the fans, walking over. Putting on a headset as he is mobbed and surrounded.

By media eight five five two one two four CBS. Sean is here from Chicago. You're on the chair of sport brief show. Yeah.

What's happening here? I'm good. Let's see all the time. I like LeBron James as a person, but I definitely think he's overrated as a basketball player. He's top ten. But Scottie Pippen is my third forward if I got five on the floor.

And I think LeBron James kind of padded his stats and he's had too many losses for me to give his props. OK. I think that's I think that's ridiculous. But I think you've heard my opinion on that, Sean.

Yes. And then also this guy Pat Mahomes. I know a lot of people getting excited saying this. They had a lot of people use racist photos to call two black quarterbacks. But there are blacks like myself. We don't consider Pat Mahomes being black. And I just want to put that out there also. OK. Well, I don't think it matters what you think about Patrick Mahomes as long as he knows what he is.

Wouldn't you say that matters more? I mean, that's cool. But everybody. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Wait, wait, stop. Stop.

Thank you for stopping. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. You and other media people. Wait. No, no, no, no, no, no.

Not all the media for a minute. No, you have. I'm trying to have an intelligent conversation with you. And you interrupted me. And I asked you a very simple question. So there's two things we can do here. As I try to reason with you, you can either stop and listen and respond or I can let you go. Does that make sense?

It makes sense. OK, so thank you for stopping. I asked you a very simple question.

You did not answer it. I said that should not matter. As long as Patrick Mahomes understands and knows who he is. That's all that matters. And I ask I add. No, no, no. You don't listen.

This is my last chance with you. I asked you. That's all that matters. Yes or no? To me.

No, no. To the guy next door. We have to get into what or someone what they identify as. If Patrick Mahomes says he's black or he's black, he is his dad's black.

If you don't feel he is, then that's your business or your problem. Who cares? Who cares? Patrick Mahomes dad looks like me.

His mom doesn't look like my mother. Who cares? Who cares? Call up Patrick Mahomes and ask him, but why does it matter?

Who cares? Yeah, we got a lot of we got a lot. We did. There are plenty of issues that are rooted in race here in the United States of America.

Yes. I happen to be black. I think most people who are open minded and understanding of history have an understanding of that. People have different perspectives on it. What people should do is be more open to listening to other people.

But one of the dumbest, useless things that I've ever heard in my life is what this man just said. There are a lot of black people like myself who don't consider Patrick Mahomes to be black like me. Why? Because his mom is not black.

His dad is black. Who cares? There are complexities.

Unfortunately, there with mixed race individuals. Who cares? This is what really matters. Treat people like people.

Who cares? I'm black. I don't always get treated right. Some of it sometimes is because I'm black. Sometimes it's not. But when it comes to whether or not Patrick Mahomes is black enough for you or anybody else. Who cares? Please. Get a life.

Do something to better yourself. The people in your employ, the people in your community do that. Care about other people, not whether or not people in the media consider Patrick Mahomes to be black. Oh, my God. We do have a lot of issues rooted in race. We do have a lot of things that people want to ignore. There are more important issues than worrying about Patrick Mahomes racial identity.

My God. Who cares? I'm sorry. At media row yesterday, I forgot to approach Patrick Mahomes and ask him if he was black. My apologies.

The next time I see him, I'll ask him that dumb ass question. Oh, no, I won't because it doesn't matter. It's the JR Sport Brief Show here on CBS Sports Radio. There are a lot of things that I care about, like LeBron James passing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. I want you to listen to that.

I want you to hear that message. That moment right now here on CBS Sports Radio, courtesy of the Lakers Radio Network. Westbrook with it. Give it to LeBron at the right elbow.

LeBron, one on one against Kenrick Williams. Backing him in. Turns, shoots, scores!

There he is! All hail the new king in town. Young and old gather round from one iconic Laker to another. The king, LeBron James, has passed the captain, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. And LeBron now stands alone as the NBA's all time leading scorer. It's the JR Sport Brief Show here on CBS Sports Radio.

We're going to get ready to take a break. LeBron James just spoke to the folks at TNT. He's talking to plenty of media on the court. And what we're going to do when we come back, you'll hear from LeBron James himself. You'll hear from those who have decided to congratulate him. We'll get to more of your calls. LeBron James, the NBA's all time leading scorer.

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