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JR SportBrief Hour 1

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January 28, 2023 1:08 am

JR SportBrief Hour 1

JR Sport Brief / JR

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January 28, 2023 1:08 am

JR explains why he's so EXCITED about these two NFL title games this weekend. James Dolan makes a fool of himself yet again

JR Sport Brief
JR Sport Brief

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That's right, it's the J.R. Sportbrief show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. Happy Friday night to you. I'm going to be hanging out here with you for the next four hours. This is what I do every single weeknight, 10 p.m. Eastern Time, 7 p.m. Pacific. I'm hanging out here with super producer and host Dave Shepherd, and I'm here to get you all ready for the weekend. Of course, by the time I come back on Monday, we're going to know who's going to play in the Super Bowl. And so tonight we got a lot to do.

AFC Championship game, NFC Championship game. It looks like we have a few more spots filled in the coaching world of the NFL. And then along the way, of course, I'm going to fill you guys in on quite a few other stories. You follow me on social media at J.R. Sportbrief, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. You'll already know everything that we're going to discuss tonight. If you want to talk to me here on CBS Sports Radio, it's 855-212-4CBS. It's 855-212-4CBS. Much love to everybody listening all over North America, on the free Odyssey app, on your local CBS Sports Radio affiliate, on Sirius XM Channel 158, on a smart speaker. I mean, you can put the app on a television box.

I've seen people do that. So however you're listening, thank you. And let's go ahead and get the weekend started off right. Shep, how was your day, man? You doing good? I'm doing well, J.R. We had a good practice.

I appreciate you asking, man, and I'm excited for these games on Sunday. Well, forget the games. I don't care about them. I'm asking about you. I'm doing well, J.R.

Thank you for asking, sir. You said the basketball game. You had another one, right, today?

Oh, no, no. We had a practice today. A practice? Game next Friday, though. So we all play one game a week? Yes.

That's J.V. for you. Okay. I was waiting to see when there was going to be some retribution or a little get-back from this week.

Same. So a good practice? Really, really good practice. They're dialed in.

We can work on our skills a little bit more, but I'm proud of what we've done and what we've accomplished so far and how far we've come. Did they learn how to box out yet? Yes, yes. I mean, you got to get a bow into the person's chest.

It's a person because we're in 2023 now. And, you know, it's just a matter of J.R. has the right footwork. It's a matter of communicating on the court. And what I try to emphasize with these young players these days, J.R. What? Is that you have to be consistently talking every single second you are out on the basketball court. This is as much communication as is a marriage. Oh.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. They don't want to talk to each other at all, do they, right? No, because they're a generation of iPhones. Oh.

I didn't grow up in that generation, thank God. Make some loser-ass basketball players. They don't want to talk to each other on the court.

That's why LeBron looks like he's, you know, 25 and you're 20. Why? Because he's communicating?

He knew how to communicate at a young age, yes. Right. That's true.

It's true. Well, good luck. When do they play next week? So I know when to ask.

I appreciate you, man. They play next Friday. It's against Trinity. Next Friday.

At their place, and hopefully we got one more game after that. Okay. And in the meantime, teach them how to slide an elbow in there from time to time, okay? Okay, your word's not mine, but that's a deal. Yeah, yeah, yeah. If I need to come to the practice and show them where to slip it in the ribcage, by all means, I'll do it. Sounds, it was good to have a celebrity on hand, so come on down. Yeah, it's just, too late.

I told the public, but I'll tell them privately. But as you mentioned, Shep, yes, this is probably the best weekend for the NFL. The last best weekend, if I can't even say that, that we're going to have. Until later this year when we get a full slate of regular season games. Because as I mentioned, we got the NFC, we got the AFC Championship game. We get things kicked off on the NFC side first.

That's the first game. It'll take place at 12 noon Pacific, 3 o'clock on the East Coast. The 49ers will be in Philadelphia taking on the Eagles. And then at 3.30 Pacific, 6.30 Eastern time, we're going to have the Bengals and the Chiefs. That'll be the late matchup. And we know whoever leaves or goes ahead from these games, they're going to be Super Bowl contenders.

They're going to the Super Bowl in Glendale, Arizona. And I can't remember the last time that we had matchups that were this close. I'm not someone who's typically all in on betting. For the most part, I could really care less. But the betting lines are ridiculously close.

And there are a lot of reasons as to why. We know the 49ers have been riding the Purdy wave. Shep, does that sound appropriate? I should never say that again, the Purdy wave?

Oh, it sounds plenty appropriate to me. The Purdy wave, the wave of Purdy. The 49ers got a guy that no one has ever heard of. And here the 49ers are, unless you went to Iowa State. Here they are, one step away from going back to another Super Bowl.

It's pretty hilarious. If you think about the beginning of the season, if you think about the offseason for the 49ers, all of the talk revolved around Trey Lance. They couldn't get rid of Jimmy Garoppolo because he had his offseason shoulder surgery. And so they keep Jimmy Garoppolo on the roster. Didn't want him.

They were ready to move on. They were ready to anoint Trey Lance as the next guy. And then in two games, a man breaks his ankle. Jimmy Garoppolo is thrown out there to play again.

That's some nice insurance. And then of course, Jimmy Garoppolo gets hurt as per usual. And then Brock Purdy takes over. And Brock Purdy continues to throw 13 touchdowns to finish out the season.

Helps take the 49ers on a win streak to finish out the season. And nobody knows who the hell Brock Purdy was. His name wasn't even mentioned at the beginning of the season. Brock Purdy on a Sunday afternoon took on Tom Brady and outplayed him. We know who Brock Purdy is now. Ride the Purdy Wave. Yeah, I said it.

I'll say it as much as I feel like it. The Purdy Wave. So the 49ers here with another chance to go to the Super Bowl. And they got the Eagles in front of them. They got another young quarterback.

They got a 25-year-old out here. These are the two youngest QBs to start an NFC championship game ever. Hertz has had to do nothing but prove himself his entire NFL career, albeit short. He had to prove himself in college after Tua snatched his job and help him win a championship.

And now I told you this a couple of nights ago. I look at Jalen Hertz and all I see is MVP. He's been dealing with a sprained shoulder. We have two teams here that are ridiculously, I believe, even matched when it comes to the defensive side of the ball. This is going to be a fun matchup. It boils down to the quarterbacks.

It may also boil down to the crowd. How is Purdy going to perform in Philadelphia? How is Purdy going to stand up to all of those defenders who will be coming for his head? How does Jalen Hertz stand up against the 49ers defense? Nick Bosa will be back there.

They got a million linebackers. We know if Purdy can just get rid of the ball, he has skilled position guys more than anybody else just about outside of Patrick Mahomes. It's going to be a great game. We're going to get even more detailed about this game later in the show.

I'm going to give you my prediction later on in the show. And that's the game that is going to get us started on Sunday afternoon. And then I told you we got the Bengals and the Chiefs. Bengals on a win streak by themselves. They went to the Super Bowl last year. They came back in the second half. They beat the Chiefs. The Chiefs took their foot off the gas and the Bengals shoved their foot up theirs. Who would have expected this again? Back to back? AFC title games for the Cincinnati Bengals?

Well, that combination of borough to chase, man, we've seen this since college. Not a joke. It's not a game. They looked at the Buffalo Bills and said, all right, sit down. Ain't no storybooks over here. We got this. Damar Hammond upstairs couldn't inspire the Bills to do anything.

Magic carpet ride. Over. Their offensive line is kind of shoddied up.

But Joe Burrow is not an idiot. He's going to get rid of that rock. He finds Chase and there's a good chance, man. Chase is going to take it to the house.

They weren't even supposed to be here. The NFL was preparing for the Bills and the Chiefs in the AFC championship game. Right here in Atlanta, Georgia. We were hoping and preparing for an AFC championship game here in Atlanta, Georgia.

Not going to happen. They came through. The Bengals did and they spoiled it for us all. And Joe Burrow after beating the Bills up in Buffalo, after his teammates got on the ground and did snow angels and made a mess and let everybody know, y'all don't think we ain't winning, y'all don't respect us, Joe Burrow made that same exact point on CBS. After the game, moving on to the AFC championship game, Joe Burrow was asked about everybody that didn't believe in them and he's just like, yeah, if you bought tickets, I hope you get your money back. We talked about it yesterday, just that chip on your shoulder, that chip on talking about a neutral AFC championship game, not even thinking about you guys.

How much did that motivate you coming into this? You better send those refunds. Better send those refunds. It was reported, and I don't know if these were real human beings or whether or not computer bots snatched up these tickets. It was reported 50,000 tickets were sold, 50,000 tickets were sold for a Buffalo Bills, Kansas City Chiefs matchup right here in Atlanta for an AFC championship game. Well, unless we have another disastrous event in the world of sports, unfortunately it was related to DeMar Hamlin, I would say in my lifetime there will never be an AFC championship game here in Atlanta, Georgia.

It will never happen, once in a lifetime. That would have been our Super Bowl, because we know Falcons and Super Bowl, it just doesn't go together. So the Bengals spoiled the party, and then we got the Kansas City Chiefs. Unfortunately, Patrick Mahomes, man, he sprained his ankle, high ankle sprain. But now they're saying he's good.

He is one of the greatest quarterbacks you've probably ever seen. His career seemingly just started being shot out of a cannon. He was smacked around in their last game, taking on the Jags.

Didn't want to come out, was forced to go out. Andy Reid wanted to make sure that he was healthy. Andy Reid wanted to make sure that he was not broken.

And he comes back, and I don't know what they put in him, but he seemed to be okay. And throughout the course of the week, they're saying, oh, yeah, he's been performing better. So if Patrick Mahomes is better and feeling good, if Joe Burrow is on a winning streak right now, lighting it up with Chase, we're in store for a damn good matchup as the Bengals are going to try to beat the Chiefs again. The Bengals have been handing them their ass. And so I can't recall the last time that I was this excited for an AFC and NFC championship game. There is no clear-cut winner in either of these games. If you have the magic hypothesis or formula to end up at a given result that includes a blowout, you are playing yourself. If you are betting money on these games, man, you are playing with house money. Sure, anything can happen on any given Sunday. These should be good games. If they were a blowout, it would be disappointing.

It would be surprising. And we never know what we're going to get in the Super Bowl. It might be a blowout, it might be an ass-kick, it might be close, it might be a disaster. But we got two chances here to see some good football on Sunday, and I'm going to soak it in. San Francisco 49ers and the Eagles, the Bengals and the Chiefs. This upcoming Sunday might actually be better than Super Bowl Sunday.

Two is better than one, isn't it? I'll take my odds there. I'm looking forward to this Sunday.

It's going to be the best Sunday of football until we get to the 2023 regular season. It's the JR Sport Brief Show here on CBS Sports Radio. Phone line's open if you want to holler at me. It's 855-212-4CBS. That's 855-212-4CBS. Yeah, we going to talk a lot of football tonight.

Niners, Eagles, Chiefs, Bengals. It's Friday night, folks. It's the JR Sport Brief Show, CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. JR wants to hear from you. Call him now at 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4227. It's the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. Okay, yeah, sure, fine. After this coming Sunday we're going to have a week off and then we'll have the Super Bowl. The best team in the AFC versus the best team in the NFC and everybody's supposed to sit around the television on Sunday. Hopefully watch some good football, look at Rihanna, do halftime, and then check out some terrible commercials. Super Bowl Sunday, unofficial holiday in the United States of America. Yay.

This upcoming Sunday has a better chance of being the best football Sunday outside of the Super Bowl. It's like two for the price of one. It's like walking into the mall and I don't know what you'd like to buy. Do you like candy?

I don't know. Do you even still go to the mall? Everybody likes food, like every chef, everybody likes food, right? Everybody likes to eat.

I say that's true. Yeah, everybody likes to eat. I don't care if you're buying a salad. I don't care if you're buying a Big Mac. You could be buying a T-shirt. Don't buy a T-shirt from McDonald's if they sold one.

They used to sell shirts at McDonald's, but that was a long time ago. Anyway, everybody loves a deal. This upcoming Sunday, two for one. We got better odds of watching great football with two games instead of one.

We've seen some blowouts in the Super Bowl. I'm looking forward to this. Bengals Chiefs, Eagles Niners.

I'm going to give you my predictions over the next couple of hours. I'm going to do that easy. We got a bunch of people here on the phone lines, have a bunch of opinions, a bunch of thoughts, and let's talk to them. 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. Let's start off in San Francisco. Let's talk to Jasper. Hey, Jasper, you're on the JR Sport Reef Show. What's up? Hello.

Hey, JR. Hi, Jasper. What's on your mind? Well, I have a message for the 49ers. For all of those who were there last year, remember how you felt when you lost to the Rams. Put it in your memory, and don't let that happen this year. I want more than 150% tomorrow. And if any of you mess up, don't down him.

Lift him up. It's a team sport. You guys have each other's back and whoop them Eagles to death. I don't believe they'll get 12 points.

That's my opinion. Okay. The 49ers offense will show up. You have the 49ers stomping out the Eagles. I have the 49ers beating the hell out of them.

Okay. Everybody's got to face the Titans. That's why they call it the Super Bowl. We're the best team in the NFL, bar none.

AFC or NFC. 49ers are good. And Purdy is wonderful. He is. All right, Jasper, thank you for calling from San Francisco. Jasper's real high on Purdy.

And I think up until now you have reason to. He was rather pedestrian for the most part against the Dallas Cowboys, and there would really lie the fear. Purdy against Dallas was okay. I don't think okay is going to cut it against the Eagles.

I don't think so. Jay is calling from Hamilton. You're on CBS Sports Radio. What's up, Jay? Jay, what is up, my man? How are you?

I'm doing well, brother. Before we get going, I just want to give my deepest condolences to the Tyree Nichols family. What's happened tonight is outrageous, and I just want to know that my thoughts and deepest condolences are with that family, my man. Well, thank you for sharing that, Jay.

What's up? Absolutely, brother. Now, we're talking about this weekend coming up, and as a Buffalo Bills fan, I will tell you, yeah, we got two great teams that are playing this weekend. I consider that more of a ribeye steak, and the T-bone steak that is the Buffalo Bills will be on the grill next year ready to attack.

Let me tell you why. We got Micah Hyde, who had an injury, what, second, third week of the year. We've got an admittedly below, I would say, offensive line dealing with all kinds of injuries. We got an elbow injury to the greatest quarterback on earth named Josh Allen. We're dealing with the terrible situation with DeMar Hamlin.

We're dealing with weather games that are being played here, there, and everywhere. We got neighbors trying to clear out our Buffalo Bills fans to get their list. You watch what happens next year, man. You watch what happens.

Is that the best you got? Hey, listen, the Buffalo Bills fans, the Buffalo Bills team, as we said back in the mid-90s, hey, America, we are back. Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, Jay, slow down. Wait a minute, Jay.

Yeah? Nobody cares right now. We got, let's count. I'm going to count with you. You like Sesame Street?

Who doesn't? Okay, yeah, well, let's count. Let's see. January, February, March, April, May, that's five, June, July, August. We got about eight months to look at the Buffalo Bills. Let's get to the draft if you want to look at April.

Let's look at minicamp. Let's look at August when they really get going in preseason, if anybody knows. And let's get to September. We got plenty of time to look at the losers. Right now, there are only four teams left in the NFL active.

By the time we get to Sunday night, we'll only have two. You know this, the Buffalo Bills, like every other team in the NFL, the other 28, they're losers. And so I know the injuries.

I know what I'm saying. I know the injuries were there, and you're telling me about people getting their houses dug out from snow, and Tamar Hamlin, which was a terrible situation, and extra Davis White. I can write the list of everything that was unfortunate for the Bills this year.

They are losers. Jay, let's talk about the Buffalo Bills the next time something occurs with them, not the past, okay? Hey, listen, I feel you, but I'm telling you, if I get the chance, we'll call next year, and we'll be talking about the amazing getting to Josh Allen and the rest of the team played. Brother, I love your show, and you be well, my man. Thank you, Jay. You as well.

Thank you for calling from Hamilton. Be safe. And that what losers say? Losers always tell you about next year.

They always tell you what went wrong. Losers want to, we'll see you next year. Where's the guy who called? Hey, Shep, where's that guy from last week who wanted to yell at me about Jacksonville? Where's he at? He's nowhere to be found.

Nowhere, right? If they would have won, he would have called me every day screaming, wouldn't he? Of course. Certain things are so predictable. We got winners here on Sunday. Why don't I talk about, I don't know.

If it's newsworthy, if the Buffalo Bills needed a coach, if there were rumors about McDermott getting a boot, if there were rumors about Josh Allen wanting out, if there was something newsworthy with the Bills, then absolutely we talk about that. They're going to be watching from at home just like me. Vinny's calling from Vegas here on CBS Sports Radio. Hey, JR, how you doing tonight? I'm very well. What's on your mind, Vinny?

Oh, man, thanks for taking my call. Just a quick take on the local buzz here in Las Vegas about this weekend's AFC and NFC championship games. Unbelievable take at the sportsbooks. Super tight, super hyped. There is a definite buzz in the city right now about these games. Like you said earlier about the Super Bowl, yeah, that's one game, but this has got the town crazy. So I want to just talk to you a little bit about that. No, I'm sure. Are you going to be watching the game at one of the casinos, or where are you going to be?

Well, you know what? I'm going to be home because I'm going to stay dialed in. Being in the casino business, I'm fortunate enough to have my Sundays and Mondays off. So I will be home, and we'll all be dialed in on the games with the big screen on. We're fired up. I've got people coming over, and a lot of casino people in management are coming over. So we're fired up.

The hold is strong, everything's going well, and the buzz is great. I'm sure. Hey, Vinny, do me a favor. Can you tell them, when I forget my toothbrush, or I need a bottle of water in Vegas, can you tell them to lower the price from $20 to something reasonable? Let me tell you something. They've got to stop with that nonsense.

That's crazy. People come to have a good time, to spend time, to spend their hard-earned dollars, and they're charging money like that, and trust me, I know, because I've been in this business a long time, upper management, and I see what's going on, and I see the average Joe. The people coming in, they don't need to be charged those exorbitant prices for stuff.

They want to hustle me. They know, hey, JR forgot his toothbrush. JR had a bottle, a glass of whiskey. He needs a glass of water, and he's stuck in the desert, and we're going to make sure that we charge him $20 for a toothbrush because he can't get in anywhere else. Forget about touching the service bar, that little refrigerator in the room. You're going to have to take a loan for that.

You're going to need a payday loan or something for that thing. Yeah, for M&Ms. You charged me $50 for three M&Ms.

What is this, in a hotel room? Hey, Vinnie, talk to your people, man. Good thing you didn't get the cashews. If you got the cashews, you would have been, you would have, forget about it.

It would have been $100. It's terrible. Hey, Vinnie, have a good time with the games, okay? All right, brother, thanks so much.

I'll talk to you soon. God bless. You as well. Thank you, Vinnie, for calling from Vegas. Hey, Shep, those prices out there, it's like they know you're trapped. You're on this strip in the middle of the desert, surrounded by desert and mountains and nothing, and they're just like, oh, you forgot your toothbrush, $50. You want a turkey burger for lunch, $80. Hey, everybody's drinking. You need a bottle of water? Eight ounces?

Give me 12. It's ridiculous. You do it, JR, because there's people that are ridiculously enough to pay it. People pay that. Yeah, well, they got no choice.

Right, so they're going to keep doing it. Yeah, people are going for weddings and boxing events. That's where I go.

I like CES, the Consumer Electronics Show. You know, it's a convention town. It's supposed to be a hospitality town, but Vegas isn't so hospitable all the damn time. They try to liquor you up, that's for sure.

Oh, yeah, they try to. Oh, well, people are going to get liquored up. You liquor up, you get liquored up, you gamble. People do other things in Vegas. They changed the model, I believe. What stays in Vegas no longer stays there.

I think they changed it. It's a wild world. You know what?

That actually reminds me. Speaking of liquor and speaking of Vegas, did you hear about the Knicks' owner, James Dolt? Did you hear what he said about the liquor?

I heard it because of what you sent me, so yes, I wouldn't have heard it otherwise. That man is out of his damn mind. You know what? I'm going to get to your calls on the other side.

855-212-4CBS, that's 855-212-4CBS. I'm going to tell you about James Dolan. This is the man who owns the New York Knicks, the New York Rangers. He owns Madison Square Garden where they play, and I don't want to say he threatened the fans, but he kind of did. He's worse than Vegas.

Well, he's still a jackass. It's the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. I'm going to get to your calls. I'll tell you what the stupid Knicks owner is doing in a second or what he's threatening to do. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio.

You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. I even got my wife into listening to you, man. You know, like when I come home at night, she already have you on like walking in the house. I'm getting out the car, you know, and then I'm walking in the house and I'm still hearing you, man.

Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. Your wife sounds amazing. Shout outs to all the amazing wives.

Wives are great. I'll leave it at that. It's the JR Sport Brief Show here on CBS Sports Radio. Obviously getting everybody ready for the AFC and NFC championship games that are going to take place this upcoming Sunday. We got a bunch of callers on the line. If you are on the line, I will get you on air.

Don't worry about it. Right before the break, we had Vinnie from Vegas call up. Of course, he's from Vegas. His name is going to be Vinnie from Vegas. Vinnie Vegas.

Get it? And we started to talk and he's telling me about how the lines are so close and the betting lines are tight. And, you know, this is big money.

People are putting money down and this is expected to be both games very close. And then we started to talk about Vegas. Drinking in Vegas. Everything is expensive in Vegas. Vegas is a trap.

The alcohol. People are going to spend money and get drunk and party. Well, somebody is always drunk in Vegas. There are thousands of people in Vegas right now who are drunk. Shout out to all my friends in Vegas right now. Hey, Chef, we got a lot of listeners in Vegas, man. We got tons of listeners in Vegas.

Believe it. Especially when we open up the new affiliate. So shout out to all my friends in Vegas.

But speaking of alcohol in Vegas, it triggered my brain. Because one of the most ridiculous things that I can remember. It took place yesterday in New York City. The owner of the New York Knicks, I don't want to call him a gentleman. He's a guy by the name of James Dolan. He's a rich guy's son. Charles Dolan. You might know them from the formerly Cleveland Indians.

And he basically said, here kid, this is yours. What's his? The New York Knicks. The New York Rangers.

Madison Square Garden and everything that comes with it. James Dolan has no problem spending money. It's just about who he employs to do so. Like a Phil Jackson.

Or an Isaiah Thomas. Or sometimes he'll butt in. He's not a great public speaker. He's like a rich kid that hears everything that people say about him.

And so recently, and I think we mentioned this on the show. He instituted just video facial recognition technology at Madison Square Garden. Why? Because he wants to keep the bad guys out, right?

Partially. He wants to keep out lawyers who are in active litigation against him in Madison Square Garden. Which sounds reasonable. But if you're at a law firm of 100 people and one person shows up, you can't get into the garden. This has reportedly also been used to keep out unruly fans. And when I say unruly, fans who might be in the arena who might have said, sell the team. This man will turn up the music in Madison Square Garden if the fans are chanting, sell the team. He hears everything.

He's paranoid. And so the New York City Liquor Association, Liquor Authority, whatever you call them. They basically said, you can't do that, you idiot. That's not fair. You're abusing your power with the people who spend your money. And they basically told them, if you continue to do this, we might suspend Madison Square Garden's liquor license.

Imagine going to a game, any game, and not being able to buy a beer, a drink, to relax, enjoy the game. James Dolan doesn't seem to care. He is someone who is a recovered alcoholic. And so he took things to another level.

The man rarely speaks because he puts his foot in his mouth. He sat on Fox 5 in New York, and he decided to threaten the New York City Liquor Place, Liquor Authority, whatever it is. He decided to threaten them back, and in turn, also basically threaten or harm the fans.

Take a listen to this. So I have a little surprise for them, right, to help, because they're basically doing this for publicity. So we're going to give them some publicity. What we're going to do is we're going to pick a night, maybe a Rangers game, and we're going to shut down all the liquor and alcohol in the building. Now, this isn't going to bother me, because I've been sober 29 years. I don't need the liquor. But instead, what we're going to do is, where we serve liquor, we're going to put one of these up, which says, if you would like to drink in a game, please call, right, Sharif Kabir, Chief Executive Officer, or write him an email at this number, right, and tell him, right, to stick to his knitting and, you know, and to what he's supposed to be doing, and stop grandstanding and trying to get press.

Wow. It doesn't bother him because he doesn't drink. But did you actually think about the fans and what they would want? I believe there's a good portion of the fans who want to go to a game and relax and unwind and have a drink. Is it necessary?

No. Are fans going to still show up? Yes, there'll be a segment of fans who show up, and then there'll be some fans who are just like, I don't want to go anymore.

And so, yeah, fine, you don't drink. But what about your fan base? What about the people who do? And this is the biggest example of how big of a jackass he is. Are you trying to be petty with the politicians in New York State? Or are you just using your own customer base as pawns because they're still going to show up anyway? I guess the biggest example, he's grandstanding. What about the customers first?

He doesn't give a damn about them because he figures them to still spend money. Someone. Please. Anybody. Please. Purchase the New York Knicks and the Rangers from this guy. Please.

I've been in the family now for about 20, 25 years. Somebody. Please.

Buy the Knicks, buy the Rangers. I can't believe this guy. Chef, I couldn't imagine any other team owner in America sitting in an interview and saying such a thing.

Yeah, it's absolutely utterly embarrassing. You said it, J.R. He is a rich son. That's all he is. He's a spoiled kid. I can't believe it.

Well, I can. What is he going to say next? I'm surprised he didn't bring up Charles Oakley and call him a drunk. That guy's a nut. Anyway. 855-212-4CBS. That's 855-212-4CBS. Leon Rose is safe, though.

I mean, he says he likes it. Right. Sam is here from Tucson. You're on CBS Sports Radio. Hey, thanks for having me on, man.

Sure. I'm a big, big fan. I every time I I listen to you more and more, man, make me crack up, especially with that Bill's fan. I called you about one year ago exactly today. I got to bust your chops a little bit because I'm a big Bengals fan.

And that's it. Going to the AFC Championship for the second straight year. And one year ago, man, you or nobody else really gave the Bengals any shot to go into Arrowhead and win that game.

And we all know how that went. So I just want to get your thoughts on, you know, this weekend and kind of your definitely sounds like you're touting up the Bengals a little bit more. So I'm glad you're starting to realize how good this team is. No, it's not realizing how good they are. They have to actually go out there and perform. And so I take no offense to you.

You got to bust my chops because I live in a world of reality. The Bengals had to win and they have proven to be winners. And so they've they've proven themselves. So it's not a shock or surprise that they're here. I'm not going to sit around and still call them the bungles because that's what they were.

That's not what they are. And they definitely have a chance here against the Chiefs for many reasons. They have one of the best quarterbacks in the game. Their run defense is stout. They have one of the best wide receivers in the game. The wide receiver and the quarterback have continuity dating back to college. And so this team has has elevated themselves. What do you believe is going to take place in Arrowhead as the Bengals take on the Chiefs again?

Yeah, I mean, I mean, obviously I was born in Cincinnati, but I live out here on the West Coast now. The bungles. This is a it's crazy how, you know, the past 25 years, the perception of the franchise and just seems like overnight. It's just it clicked with Taylor and Burrow and everybody else. But I think I think we're going to win. I mean, obviously we're 3-0 against the Chiefs in the past, but 18 months or something. I just we just have a great team and, you know, the defense is coming around. It's just a pretty, pretty special team that we got right now.

Yeah, I mean, there's there's a lot of hope right now in the NFL for teams that are stuck in the toilet and have now been able to turn things around. So what I'm going to do, Sam, on the other side of the break, I'm going to let everybody know who I think is going to win this game. Is that a good deal by you? Yes, sir.

Absolutely. Thank you, Sam, for calling from Tucson. I'm going to I'm going to talk more about the Bengals and the Chiefs. A matter of fact, we'll hear from some of the players, we'll hear from some of the coaches, we'll hear from you.

We'll talk about the AFC Championship on the other side here on CBS Sports Radio. And when goals taste this good, it's easy to achieve them. Goli taste your goals. Learn more at Goli dot com today. Goli gummies get you so close to your goals, you can actually taste them. The trick simply start with bite sized steps like Goli's apple cider vinegar gummies with added B vitamins for daily health or Goli Ashwagandha gummies to help you relax, restore and unwind. Goli's apple cider vinegar gummies with added B vitamins for daily health or Goli Ashwagandha gummies to help you relax, restore and unwind. Mmm, tastes like wellness just got a whole lot better. And when goals taste this good, it's easy to achieve them. Goli taste your goals. Learn more at Goli dot com today.
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