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JR SportBrief Hour 3

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January 27, 2023 12:59 am

JR SportBrief Hour 3

JR Sport Brief / JR

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January 27, 2023 12:59 am

JR examines whether or not it's a good idea if Aaron Rodgers plays QB for the New York Jets

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You're listening to the J.R. Sportbrief on CBS Sports Radio. It's everywhere all over the country. Like everywhere.

And not just in the United States of America. We got affiliates all over Canada. We got folks listening on Sirius XM, channel 158. We got people, somebody's listening on one of those smart devices.

Things in your house that you just talked to. Shout outs to you. Much love to everybody at work. All the truck drivers, Uber drivers, people delivering things, people keeping folks safe, people in their bed, people on their couch, people in the garage, people at the restaurant. Much love to you. I'm here with super producer and host Dave Shepherd.

I'm here with you. Everybody listening all over North America. It's been a busy day. It's been a busy show so far.

It's kind of like a potpourri of topics, of issues, of conversation. Unfortunately, we learned tonight that college basketball legend Billy Packer passed away at the age of 82. If you sat down and watched the final four at any point, I don't know, over the last 30, 40 years, you probably heard him maybe going on 50.

Depending on where you live. Also at the same time, we talked about Kobe Bryant passing away three years ago to this day. Even though I think on the East Coast, on the East Coast, we've officially crossed over into Friday. And then we talked about a lot of the coaching changes that are taking place or have already started to take place in the NFL. Carolina Panthers decide to hire Frank Reich, someone who was on their team the first year of their existence in 1995, coming over from the Buffalo Bills. Well now, Frank Reich will replace Matt Ruhl and Steve Wilks, who was the interim head coach. Steve Wilks is not going to get another chance, not at least here with Carolina as he finished the year at 6-6 after taking over for Matt Ruhl, who started the year off poorly at 1-4. We talked about Dan Quinn saying that he has unfinished business with the Dallas Cowboys. He's not going to take any more interviews. He's not going to accept another job. He's going to return to Dallas to work with Mike McCarthy and Jerry Jones, where he's done an amazing job as defensive coordinator for the past two seasons.

Having Michael Parsons, that doesn't hurt either. So congratulations to Dan Quinn. Other news we learned today. And this news might have larger implications just across the NFL.

More specifically, this news might have larger implications in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Because we all know, unless you were living underneath a rock, we all know what a disaster Nathaniel Hackett was for the Denver Broncos. He was fired at 4-11. He could not even get through a full season. Russell Wilson looked washed. He looked cooked.

It was even worse because, I mean, the defense for Denver was amazing and the offense was the worst in the NFL. And the Walmart family, the Waltons, they said we ain't paying for this crap. And they gave him the boot. Nathaniel Hackett already has a new job. Nathaniel Hackett is now the offensive coordinator for the New York Jets.

The New York Jets, we know about their struggles this past season. Zach Wilson couldn't throw a football into a barn if you left the roof open. LaFleur is gone. He's elsewhere, the younger LaFleur, not Mike, Matt. And so the New York Jets have been looking for someone, an offensive coordinator who can, A, help out Zach Wilson if he sticks around. And the New York Jets have been very clear, very clear about finding a veteran quarterback, something that they felt was missing from their room to help legitimately push or help Zach Wilson.

And I'm sorry. You know, thinking about Mike White, he certainly doesn't count. And if you have to go ahead and look at the other quarterback on the roster, Flacco, really? He looks like he's ready for retirement.

Like he'd rather smoke a cigarette than go to practice. The New York Jets bring in Nathaniel Hackett and coach Robert Salah. He gave a reason as to why they brought him in. Listen to this. It was important for us to hire an experienced guy, someone who's been who's put it together several times, not at just one spot, but several spots.

And but it didn't close the door. We interviewed a lot of first time potential first time play callers to that were very impressive. But, you know, when you look at when you look at Nathaniel and this team, we knew we were going to come in with we know we're going to have a basically revamped offensive line. We've been talking about getting a veteran quarterback in here if we can. We've got a really young group of skilled guys. So it was very important for us to have guys who have done it before.

Well, they have him in there. And Robert Salah can say whatever he wants to say about Nathaniel Hackett and his experience before he coached the Broncos into a toilet, before he showed poor clock management skills, before he had to have somebody else come in and call the plays, before he tried to send his kicker out there for 64 yarder instead of saying, hey, Russell, please go get us a couple of yards. Nathaniel Hackett was he was a good offensive coordinator. He actually worked on the Jacksonville Jaguars as their offensive coordinator with Coach Salah.

So they're familiar with each other. As at one point, Coach Salah was the linebackers coach. And then we know he went over to the forty niners and he became their defensive coordinator. Something else that Nathaniel Hackett did. He was the offensive coordinator for Aaron Rodgers. He was the O.C. for Aaron Rodgers the last time that this man went out there and said, oh, yeah, I'm mad that you guys got Jordan Love.

Let me just pick up some MVPs. That's why Nathaniel Hackett got a job with the Denver Broncos in the first place, because I guess if you can hang out with Aaron Rodgers and have success, if if you can also be the offensive coordinator for the Jags, and that year was the year they went to the AFC Championship game. Let's bring in Nathaniel Hackett. And it's not just about fixing Zach Wilson or because he has experience. It's because Aaron Rodgers loves Nathaniel Hackett. A matter of fact, you got to go back two years.

Let's go back to November of 2020, a little more than two years ago. And let's listen to Aaron Rodgers talk about how much he loved Nathaniel Hackett. Hack has been a really important part of our culture change and a part of our success on offense. I love him.

Hope he doesn't go anywhere. Unless I do. Well, Aaron Rodgers, isn't this what he said?

Isn't this what he has said for the past couple of weeks? That I don't know if I'm going to stay. I don't know if I'm going to go. I don't know if the Packers want me. And I understand if they don't want me and I want to play. I'm going to have to go elsewhere. I know I'm going to have to redo my contract.

I know all of this. So it's it's natural, right? The New York Jets hired Nathaniel Hackett as their offensive coordinator.

As bait. There's nothing 100 percent certain. There's no guarantee that Aaron Rodgers says, oh, my God, I want to be traded to the Jets.

But it increases their odds, you would think, right? This is what Aaron Rodgers had to tell Pat McAfee about. Hey, yeah, man, there's a possibility that I don't finish my career in a Packers uniform. Listen, I have never been a free agent, which is pretty wild. I've never gotten to the end of my contract. So to even think about being another uniform never really crossed my mind just because I was I got a second contract in my fourth out of fifth year, five years.

And then each successive contract was with at least a year left on the deal. So there was never a time you're thinking like, oh, I might be another uniform. And I just never thought that way. You know, even when Jordan was drafted, I thought that might be a possibility for sure. I might not finish in Green Bay.

Then I went to covid MVPs and it obviously seemed a lot less likely. But you never know. I mean, any time there's a situation where change is possible, what's the old adage? You know, that people want to say, oh, the grass isn't always greener, you know, on the other side.

And I always say the grass is green where you water it. And I think that's the most important thing to remember. Changes is a part of this business is a part of life. And I think being open to it and embracing whatever that change looks like is an important part of coming to peace with whatever decision lies, lies ahead of you. And I think that's the most important kind of piece I want to get to is mentally feeling good about where I'm at. If I want to hang it up and do that, having the peace to do that, if I want to keep going, understanding all possibilities that are involved.

OK. Such a man of of principles and such a man of of lessons. The grass is is green wherever you water it. Not all grass. I've seen a lot of grass. I don't care how much you water some grass and ain't going to grow. You might get some weeds. Aaron Rodgers might like that. But anyway. Aaron Rodgers on the New York Jets.

No doubt would certainly be an upgrade. Come on now. Zach Wilson was completely lost when he wasn't injured, when he wasn't taking accountability for his mistakes, when he wasn't just looking his own teammates into the face and going, oh, yeah, guys, I don't feel nothing about the defense.

I'm not screwing anything up. His own teammates couldn't stand him. They were rooting for Mike White. The defense was absolutely amazing. The New York Jets have someone who will probably be the defensive rookie of the year and sauce gardener. They have someone on the offensive side of the ball who will probably be the offensive rookie of the year, if you think about Garrett Wilson. And they have they have weapons to throw the ball to. They have an offensive line that had to deal with injuries this past season. And the New York Jets are going to come back strong with an offensive line, weapons, multiple running backs.

The New York Jets, all they need and all they needed this past year was a QB. What would they have to give up? How do they restructure their cap is to be seen. And the larger picture is whether or not Aaron Rodgers, does he want to stay in Green Bay? Is he going to restructure his contract, invite some of his friends back and say, oh, let's try one more time? Or does Aaron Rodgers really pack up and go to New York like another quarterback from Green Bay did, that being Brett Favre?

This would be a circus. The New York Jets would probably play well. They probably go into the playoffs. They probably compete for the top spot along with the Buffalo Bills in the AFC East. We don't know what's going on with them Dolphins.

But God knows. What would Aaron Rodgers do the first time he's asked a smart ass question from one of the reporters in New York? You know, what type of quotes would we get? Would he want to go to New York and deal with the just the scrutiny if he believes he's being scrutinized and and beat up now?

And sure, it's the age of social media. Aaron Rodgers plus New York sounds like it might sound like success on the football field. But it'd be a disaster off, I believe. I don't know if the man would want to come. I don't know. Maybe Nathaniel Hackett can convince him to come to New York.

But it's simple. The New York Jets want to win now. Zach Wilson is not going to be that answer. Do I think he's completely cooked in New York?

The possibility? No. But the New York Jets got options. Is it Derek Carr? He ain't Aaron Rodgers. Is it Jimmy Garoppolo?

That'd be a cheaper option. And you know, eventually Zach Wilson would play because Jimmy Garoppolo would get hurt. And then what the hell do the New York Jets do with Mike White, who's pretty much free to go anywhere he wants? But he's OK. You don't know what the hell he can grow into. And the New York Jets already have one project. Why keep two? So the New York Jets are hoping that they can bring in Aaron Rodgers.

It's clear as day. New York Jets could have hired anybody as offensive coordinator, but they wanted to bring in bait. And there's no guarantee that Aaron Rodgers ends up with the Jets. But by having Nathaniel Hackett, who does have positive experience as an offensive coordinator.

It doesn't hurt. But if Aaron Rodgers got to the Jets. That would be a circus of epic proportions. They may absolutely hate each other.

It's the JR Sportbree show here on CBS Sports Radio. Look, the Jets have no choice, if you ask me. If you can trade for Aaron Rodgers, you do it and you pay for the consequences later. You know, you'll only have him for what, two years max, maybe. Maybe three years pushing it.

And then you still have to move on. But the New York Jets have plenty of talent to compete, not just for a playoff spot, but to grow into a contender. If they only had a Super Bowl caliber QB. But if you've looked at the last 10 years, you know, with Aaron Rodgers, that ain't that ain't no guarantee.

The New York Jets certainly have a stronger roster right now than the Packers do. What do you think? Aaron Rodgers to New York? Good idea? Bad idea?

Or is it like mixing oil and water? I think the Jets would have no choice if they can acquire him. And if Aaron Rodgers can't get the deal that he wants along with his friends, it might be in his best interest to move as well. I think it's time for a divorce. 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. It'd be a circus. What do you think? Aaron Rodgers, New York Jets. Good idea?

Terrible idea. I'll talk to you on the other side here on CBS Sports Radio. We're calling from Harrisburg and PA. Mike, you're on CBS Sports Radio. What's up? Hey Mike, thanks for having me. No, you're Mike, man. I'm JR. Man, that's a bad start to call.

Let me see if I can fix this. Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. It's the JR Sport Reshow here on CBS Sports Radio.

You heard the number 855-212-4CBS. We talked about the New York Jets. Their new offensive coordinator is a man by the name of Nathaniel Hackett. He was the offensive coordinator for Aaron Rodgers when he was out there busting ass and winning MVPs a couple of seasons ago.

Nathaniel Hackett getting his job or opportunity with the Denver Broncos to coach and he failed completely. He's free to sign wherever and now he's the offensive coordinator for the Jets and it's clear as day that, yeah, he has plenty of experience, not just being OC for the Packers and the success he had with Rodgers. He went to the AFC title game as the offensive coordinator for the Jags with Blake Bortles as their quarterback. And Robert Salah, the head coach of the Jets, has worked with him.

He was the linebackers coach on that Jaguars team. Nathaniel Hackett is, he's supposed to be attractive for Aaron Rodgers. Now is it a good idea for the New York Jets? Do the Jets have a choice? Like do you bring in Derek Carr? Do you bring in Jimmy Garoppolo? What other options would the New York Jets have?

Like they have a great defense, they have plenty of offensive weapons, young offensive weapons led by Garrett Wilson. Is Aaron Rodgers worth it? Is he too washed up? Is he too cantankerous? Is he too much of a pain in the ass? If you're the Jets and you can bring him in, I think you do it.

I think you take the risk. What's he going to play for two years and put Zach Wilson's ass on the bench and have him learn from Rodgers? I don't think it's the worst thing. If you think about compensation, Russell Wilson, he was traded for two first rounders and multiple second rounders. Is Aaron Rodgers going to fetch the same thing?

Probably. The New York Jets would have to come to an agreement with Rodgers to adjust his contract and if the Jets can get him, I say do it. It's worth the risk. What if the New York Jets won? When's the last time you remember the New York Jets winning anything? You might as well swing for the fences.

What's the worst that could happen? You're the New York Jets. Aaron Rodgers though, he still might have options. Does he want to go back to throwing a ball to Devontae Adams? I don't know. Does he want to go to another team? I don't know. But the fact that he's familiar with Nathaniel Hackett can't hurt.

The New York Jets have been garbage for so long. Try to hit a grand slam. Don't go for a single and try to work your way around the bases. It doesn't work for you. What do you think? 855-212-4CBS. It's 855-212-4CBS. If Aaron Rodgers were to combine with the New York Jets, it's a simple question.

Give me a simple answer. Good idea or bad idea? Crystal is calling from Atlanta.

What do you say Crystal? I'm good. Good idea or bad idea? I'm honestly going to say both. I think they should take them. I agree with that.

Definitely should take them. The bad idea part is if they do end up doing great with Aaron Rodgers, then when it's time for him to go sit down somewhere and they end up the back part of the draft because they were playing so well, then what are they going to do? Well, I guess we can also look at the good. He signed a three year contract. He's only played one year of that deal. And so if he were to be traded to the New York Jets, he would only have two years remaining on that deal and he would be gone. I would actually line up with another additional year of the New York Jets trying to see if Zach Wilson is worth keeping around. So they wouldn't necessarily be stuck with him for the long run, okay? I agree.

It was also a QB coach for a little while with the Jags and stuff like that. Okay, cool. I don't think it's a horrible idea. I'm going to have to agree with you on that one. But I like the question.

It's pretty good. I appreciate you taking my call, sir. Thank you, Crystal, for calling from Atlanta. I would just be waiting for the press conferences. I'd be waiting for Aaron Rodgers to just death stare the media in New York.

I'd be waiting for the first, I guess, confrontation because it would be inevitable. 855-2124CBS. Kelly is calling from Michigan. Aaron Rodgers, New York Jets. Good idea or bad idea, Kelly? I think bad idea.

I think he ought to stay where he is. I got two comments about Aaron Rodgers. First, when he was talking about the grass and watering it and blah, blah, blah.

I would tell him the same thing I told my brother before he got divorced and remarried and divorced again. It's not always greener. It's just more and more usually on the other side.

Oh my God. And then the other comment is, yeah, I think he ought to stay where he's at and, you know, get his ass into practice and maybe get some continuity with these guys he's playing with and then he wouldn't have to come down the last game of the year playing our Lions. So you believe that they would be able to continue on what they did to end the season with Christian Watson emerging and dubs. You think that he can continue on an upward swing there? Yeah, he's got some good receivers. He's got good running back.

I want him to stay where he is and retire a packer and, you know, it's very rare and odd in this day and age to say someone played their whole career in one place and I think it'd be awesome if he did that. And also if I could ask you one more question. Before you ask me your question. Sure.

You're in Michigan. You're a Packers fan? No, no, I want him to stay where he's at. I'm a Lions fan have been unfortunately since 1966 but no, I think Rogers to stay there. I don't think he's going to be able to do anything for the Jets. And like I say, if he gets in and practice with these young guys like you should have this year or the previous year, you know, maybe they do a little bit better. Okay, what was your question for me? Go ahead. Okay, the Lions got plenty of pics here in the draft and around here.

They're talking about some of them. We should take a quarterback and we definitely need a backup. We don't have a backup, but I don't know if we should do it through the draft or if we should try and find a pre-agent for, you know, a good backup. I just wonder what your opinion was. Well, I haven't thought about the backup position.

I know for certain and we've heard this from Dan Campbell. It's very clear that they're not concerned with their quarterback right now. I would look at building and continuing to build the defense.

That's where the team aired. The Detroit Lions didn't necessarily have a problem putting points up on the board, but they sure had a hell of a difficult time stopping teams. And you can grab Hutchinson and he certainly had an amazing year. God knows that he's probably going to be a multiple-time Pro Bowler by the time it's all said and done. But they need some dudes who can stop a quarterback from just going down the field. So I'd worry more so about the defense versus getting somebody to just back up Jared Goff. Yeah, I totally agree. They can find someone later, whether it's sixth, seventh round, just, you know, someone to hang on to for four years and not have to pay a lot of money to.

And yeah, give someone, get another end. So Hutchinson as a double team and then later on, I don't know what's going to happen with, oh, I can't remember his name right now. But maybe they can get that Dajon Robinson, I think his name is, running back. Oh, from Texas, Bijan, yes. Yeah, that's the only offensive player I would go for.

The rest needs to be defense. Okay. All right. I appreciate you for calling up from Michigan, Kelly.

Thank you so much. Yeah, it's been a little disappointing from the running back standpoint for the Lions. Even coming here from Georgia, thinking about DeAndre Swift, I go, wow, is he healthy? Is he going to play? Is he ever going to play? Is he ever going to be healthy?

And it's, I don't think that'll be the case. He kind of is what he is right now. And that's a backup. Jamal certainly has done an amazing job as a starter. But do you want to invest in a running back? Most times you don't want to say you find a guy off the street, but you can throw a multitude of dudes out there and pretty much cobble up some yards without having to, you know, pay somebody 10, 12, 13, 14, 15 million dollars a year if they end up being a star.

Becomes unnecessary. 855-212-4CBS. That's 855-212-4CBS. Jeremy is here from Vancouver, Washington. What's up, Jeremy? Hey, JR. I'm here from you. Really love your show.

Thanks. I really want to talk about the LeBron James thing is kind of getting a little bit dry. If he played at the same time that Jordan played, he wouldn't have the same points. Jordan averaged his career 30.1 points per game. LeBron is at 27.2 with a light defense. No, he doesn't get beat up. Jordan went up and down and on the ground. And I don't see how you could say that there's any comparison.

If Michael Jordan was playing today, he would be probably 40 points a game. What do you think? You said quite a few things there, and I have a response for each one of them. Where do you want me to start? Start at the beginning. Oh, you don't even know.

So there's a couple of things here. Yes, if Michael Jordan played today, the man was averaging 33-34-35 when he played in his era. And so there's no doubt with a defense the way it is today, Michael Jordan would be absolutely lighting it up.

I don't think there's too much of an argument or resistance there. I would resist on what LeBron James would be able to do, because when LeBron James, if you think about taking him and if we dropped him off into the 80s or dropped him off into the 90s. And it's not like when LeBron James came into the NBA, it was all let's all shoot threes.

We still had defense. The NBA was much more physical when he came into the league. And as a baby, as a teenager, he had no problem getting to the basket and averaging 25-5.

He did it rather easily. If we took prime LeBron James and we just hit the rewind button for about, I don't know, five or six years. He would probably still be getting to the basket and absolutely abusing folks because we ain't seen nobody like him.

It's like watching a train. And so I certainly did not compare LeBron James to Michael Jordan. Two totally different type of players, different skill sets.

Both of them evolved in different ways as they've gotten older in their respective careers. But you can't take away from what Michael Jordan did or what he would have done. And I'm going to say the same thing for LeBron James. What are we supposed to do, penalize him because the NBA started to take more threes?

If we put him in the time machine and I said, hey, let's put LeBron in the 94 finals. What am I expecting anybody to do, foul the hell out of him? He's going to the basket and he did it and nobody did anything. But I'm talking about like driving to the basket.

I mean, he was six and he's not was because he is. He is six foot nine. He goes to the basket when he started playing in the NBA.

You know what? There's some guy named Ben Wallace who was playing. There were guys like Tim Duncan who were still playing.

These dudes were still there. And so I don't want to talk about the NBA like everything that we're watching now took place 20 years ago. LeBron James has been playing for 20 years, 20. The NBA has changed a lot since then. And I can't look at a guy who is big as he is, fast as he is, strong as he is. If I have to think about bigs in the NBA, he would be dunking over them. They wouldn't be able to keep up with him on the wing. They go he go right by them and he'd be dunking over folks. But what would Jordan be right now?

We talked about that. He'd be lighting it up. You see, this is my point, Jeremy. We don't have to trash LeBron. We know how Michael Jordan is, but we don't have to kick LeBron James in the process. They're two totally different type of players. I get it.

I totally get it. It's just like I guess LeBron James would be able to handle the defense, the hard hits going to the basket probably better than Jordan back in the day. He would be Jeremy. Yes, he's bigger than Michael. He's bigger than most dudes out there doing what he's doing.

And thank you for calling from Vancouver. LeBron James is a giant man. He's a freak of nature. Like I get it, not everybody likes him or likes what he says or what he doesn't say. You can't take away from what he's done on the basketball court.

You can't. And I don't know, it's so easy. If you say, oh, LeBron would have done this, people go, oh, well, Michael Jordan would have did that. They're different errors. Can can we just stop and appreciate like greatness when you see it?

Errors change. Times change. Guess what? There's going to be somebody else 20 years from now that people look at. And there's going to be an age and an era of folks who go, well, LeBron James, he was able to do this.

But imagine if Victor Winbenyama had to do that. It's just how it goes. Things change, folks. Life changes. People change. Times change.

The clock changes. And right now, we're going to change into a newsflash before I get back to more of your calls. You're listening to the J.R. Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the J.R.

Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. Thanks very much. I really admire you and your show. You do such a good job and questions are real important. What do you say, J.R., man? I love what you do.

And, you know, just keep doing it, bro. Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. It's the J.R. Sport Brief show on CBS Sports Radio. Before we went to break, we talked about a few things. I was asked about the ease of LeBron James scoring record and how easy it is for him to do what he's done. And we're going to have a lot of weeks, quite a few of them, to talk about LeBron James and what he's getting ready to accomplish by passing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. We talked about someone else who's great in his own right, but also comes with a lot of baggage. We talked about Aaron Rodgers.

The New York Jets hired his old offensive coordinator, Nathaniel Hackett, to lead the way. There's no guarantee that Aaron Rodgers is going to now demand a trade to the New York Jets. But this is something that's probably going to go on for a few weeks, a few months potentially. And so we just have to wait it out. The New York Jets don't want to go into next season with Zach Wilson just handed the job. That is that's not going to happen. And so I say for a franchise, a team like the New York Jets that currently has a damn good defense, has plenty of offensive weapons, has solid pieces on the offensive line, young pieces all around. You go for it. You swing for the fences and you try to bring in Aaron Rodgers.

You try to park Zach Wilson and hope that you could still get a return on your investment at the end of his contract, the end of his rookie deal. It's the New York Jets. What do they have to lose?

They've been irrelevant, seemingly forever. 855-2124 CBS. That's 855-2124 CBS. I want to get some of your thoughts. Is Aaron Rodgers in the Jets?

Is it a good idea or a bad idea? And then I want to tell you about another quarterback. Well, he's a free agent in New York. His name is Daniel Jones.

I woke up this morning here in Atlanta and I heard a big conversation about who and what Daniel Jones is. And I want to discuss him as well as the New York Giants did go to the playoffs. Even in a losing spell, the New York Giants are relevant. And we know the New York Giants are also.

They actually win championships, unlike the Jets. Let's get back to the phone lines. 855-2124 CBS.

Ramon is here from Indianapolis. Good evening. Good night to you, JR. And thanks for taking my call. You put that segue. That's a great question. Great segue.

And I'll be real quick. I think Aaron Rodgers should go to New York. It's New York. They were seven and three before injuries happened. The Mike White situation. Think about it, people.

They were seven and three. Buffalo's rattled now. They've got issues. We see the Patriots in the situation. Miami doesn't know what's going on with tool.

This is you don't know what can happen. Seven and three. They were seven and three at one point. You can't tell me Aaron Rodgers couldn't win four more out of those those seven games and probably got them to 11.

You know, 11 and six or something like that. And they would have been in the playoffs. Probably maybe even another game because you just don't know what can happen. I'd like to see it happen. You know, Brady's left. We've got movement in all kind of sports right now.

Why not? I understand the guy talking about letting them retire as a packer, but that's the old way. They just they just don't do things like that no more. So and then I just want to comment real fast being from the Chicago area and almost 60 and watched everything.

Most of Jordan's games went to all the parades. They took hand checking out German. They call. Remember, they took hand checking out, sir.

And I think 1992 or three, Derek Harper was really angry about that. They took a hand check in the way I watch many games. If you blew on Michael, he got foul calls. LeBron would have been able to survive. No problem during this period of time, because trust me, you adapt, you adapt. And he would have put his weight and put his muscle on just like everybody else. I played six, four, six, five. It wouldn't have been no problem for LeBron to adapt.

Trust me, he would have adapted. And thanks to my college. Thank you for calling from Indianapolis eight five five two one two four CBS. Joe is here from Detroit.

You're on CBS Sports Radio. What's up, Joe? What did you do? Did you get on a motorcycle? Where you at, Joe?

Hey, Chef, the Joe. Is he OK? Did he get hit by something? I think he was. He OK, Chef?

I hope I have some money. I'm going to check on him. We'll find out from Detroit. I heard Zoom. Did he get robbed? I don't know.

That's that's creepy. Let's go to San Diego and talk to Peter. You're on the J.R. sport ratio. What's up, Pete? Where you at? Hey, J.R., how are you? I'm good. I'm calling about Aaron Rodgers to the Jets question.

Sure. I think it's a bad idea for him to go there and a bad idea for the Jets to want him to come there. Long time.

Grew up in New York, raised and born in the Bronx, transplanted to San Diego. Many year suffering Jets fan. Oh, no. I don't think there's enough supporting cast for for Rodgers to bring to to do what he what the Jets want him to do. I think he's he's aged. I don't think he's worth 50 million a year. I know that the quarterback they have now is not the answer for the future.

Not the answer at all. They made a bad draft choice selection, as they always do. And Aaron Rodgers has I don't think he's interested at all in going to New York, even with the offensive coordinator friend. So what would you what would you prefer as a long suffering Jets fan? Yes.

Absolutely. What the New York Jets to do now? Maybe pick up one of the excess quarterbacks from the forty niners, whoever comes available.

I don't I think Rodgers would never come to New York, even think about seriously. OK, well, besides because of the losing culture that they I get it. Peter always made that. Peter, you've made that point. I get that. OK. And you answered me as well.

I wanted to know you. You made that very clear. You don't think Rodgers want to come to New York? I don't think that New York. Forget Aaron Rodgers now. I don't think the New York Jets would want to bring in a Trey Lance. They already have a project in Zach Wilson. I don't know how much confidence and confidence the New York Jets would have in bringing in a free agent, Jimmy Garoppolo, knowing that there's a good chance that he might get hurt like they're going to have options.

But if you want to think about the best option, if we lined all of them up and put Aaron Rodgers in a room with Derek Carr and Jimmy Garoppolo and Trey Lance for the New York Jets to probably have the best chance of winning, it would be Aaron Rodgers over the rest of them. That's that's that's a fact. We can think about personality matches and we can go down the line. What are the Jets going to do? They have question marks.

They have them. Clarence is here from Mississippi. Go ahead, Clarence.

Oh, well, thank you. My man Clarence from Mississippi got right to the point. Aaron Rodgers in New York City, a star would be born. I already think he's a star. He might be a fading star.

He might be a pointed star, a pain in the ass. But, yeah, I think the Jets would have no choice if they have the opportunity. We're going to talk Daniel Jones. We're going to talk Damian Lillard. We're going to talk more coaches.

I'm going to take your calls here on CBS Sports Radio. Goalie gummies get you so close to your goals, you can actually taste them. The trick? Simply start with bite sized steps like Goalie's apple cider vinegar gummies with added B vitamins for daily health. Or Goalie Ashwagandha gummies to help you relax, restore and unwind.

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The trick? Simply start with bite sized steps like Goalie's apple cider vinegar gummies with added B vitamins for daily health. Or Goalie Ashwagandha gummies to help you relax, restore and unwind.

Tastes like wellness just got a whole lot better. And when goals taste this good, it's easy to achieve them. Goalie, taste your goals. Learn more at today. Goalie gummies get you so close to your goals, you can actually taste them.

The trick? Simply start with bite sized steps like Goalie's apple cider vinegar gummies with added B vitamins for daily health. Or Goalie Ashwagandha gummies to help you relax, restore and unwind. Tastes like wellness just got a whole lot better. And when goals taste this good, it's easy to achieve them. Goalie, taste your goals. Learn more at today.
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