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December 21, 2022 1:38 am

JR SportBrief Hour 1

JR Sport Brief / JR

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December 21, 2022 1:38 am

JR makes it clear why Tom Brady decided to come back and play football this year

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JR Sport Brief

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All you had to do was ask it to play. CBS Sports Radio, thank you so much to super producer and host Dave Shepherd. He's here with me, he's here with you. And we got a busy night.

Tons to discuss, tons to talk about. The Phoenix Suns, they got sold four billion dollars. Congratulations to Matt Ishbia, is that the guy's name? We're going to talk more about this man. He was a college basketball player. And now he sells mortgages. Who would have thought?

We'll talk more about that as we continue on with the show. Washington football team, the Washington commanders I should say, probably getting a little bit closer to being sold themselves. The man who owns the most valuable sports franchise on earth, Jerry Jones with the Dallas Cowboys.

He opens up his yap again about what his own team might look like. Odell Beckham Jr. specifically. Speaking of the Dallas Cowboys, they got a game this upcoming Saturday against the Eagles. We heard from Jalen Hurts.

Jalen Hurts says he might actually play in that game. Matthew Stafford, last night we saw the beating that the Rams took at the hands of the Packers. Matthew Stafford wasn't a part of it because he's been hurt. A concussion, a neck injury, a bruise on his spine.

I mean, numbness in his legs. And despite all of that, Matthew Stafford told all of us that he ain't quitting. I mean, he just won a championship. You would think he'd have a little bit more incentive to probably walk away while he's still healthy.

And Matthew Stafford says no. Speaking of winning a championship, Argentina. They returned home after winning the World Cup and it was pandemonium. 4 million people in Buenos Aires. 4 million people. I'm talking about on the streets, on the highways. They were mobbing Messi on the way to his damn house. I never seen anybody roll up to Steph Curry's house. I mean, damn.

We'll talk about Argentina and that wild ass parade. We'll get into the Rams and what happens with Matthew Stafford and what happens with the Rams. I think, Shep, you brought up the point yesterday that maybe Sean McVay will be looking to get the hell up on out of Dodge. That was you said that, right? Yeah, he's got one foot in, one foot out.

You're damn right, JR. One foot in and one foot out. So, we'll get into Sean McVay. Donovan Mitchell, he took on the Utah Jazz last night. Donovan Mitchell said, listen folks, I am I'm actually happy to be out of Utah and he gave a very specific reason.

So, we got a lot to get into. Justin Verlander was introduced by the New York Mets. Carlos Correa, oh my goodness.

That deal might be held up with the Padres due to a medical issue. There is so much to discuss and then, even Tom Brady. Last night on his Let's Go Sirius XM show, he actually answered a question. You know what, Shep?

Let's let's let's actually share this. We had a caller last night. He's like, hey, Tom Brady is still playing football because he wants to break the tie with Otto Graham and yeah, Tom Brady is his seven Super Bowls and Otto Graham, Otto Graham, he has seven championships before the Super Bowl and and Tom Brady wants to have more championships than Otto Graham. And I said, man, you think Tom Brady gives a damn about that, man? You think Tom Brady cares about somebody else? Tom Brady's out here living his damn life and so, ironically, ironically, on Tom Brady's own show, Sirius XM podcast, Let's Go, whatever it is, Tom Brady was asked that question specifically by Jim Gray. Hey, Tom, why the hell are you still out here playing?

This is what Tom Brady had to say in response. No, it's a good question and it's interesting because you would think, oh, well, why is he still playing? Because all you want to do is win and that's all sports should be about is winning. And I agree it should be about winning, but it's also I'm looking at like, no, what am I learning? What am I learning from putting a similar amount of energy in over the last couple of years and not winning?

What is that teaching me? Why should we feel like we're just entitled to win all the time? We're not. That's not what life's about. And I think anyone who's gone through life and struggles at their job or struggles in other aspects of life, when you do put effort and energy into it, you know, what are you learning from that as opposed to, you know, why is that happening to you and for you?

You know, why? You're not a victim of that. We're not a victim of losing games. The sun came up today. We got something to do about it. We woke up.

We have a chance. Why? You know, this is not the time to, you know, feel sorry for yourself.

So get up, go into work and make it better and improve it and work harder and work more determined. And you know, it's, it's so easy to throw in the towel. It's so easy. That's what most people want. It's why you listen on TV and oh, it's what you should have done. Well, yeah, if you're a loser, that's what you should do. You should just, just fold the tent when things don't go the way you want. That's not the way life is.

Oh, well damn. How about that? I'm sick of Tom Brady, the football player. I wish he'd go away. But I appreciate Tom Brady's perspective on life.

I mean, most of the time we see this guy throwing around tablets and being miserable. But I actually appreciate what he said. And so for the guy who called last night and said, Hey, I know why Tom Brady's still playing this because he appreciates history. No, Tom Brady says that, uh, he wants to be out here. He wants to learn. He understands that you can't win all the time.

And let's be real. Tom Brady knows what it feels like to lose. Tom Brady has gone through his career. Ask Eli Manning, ask the Eagles. I mean, ask the ask is ACL. Tom Brady knows what it feels like to be on the downside.

And so this isn't, this isn't anything new. I think a lot of times we get caught so much up in, in somebody else's success or the success that we omit and don't see the failures. I can't say if I was him, I'd stay my ass at home. I probably would, but he's still trying to go out there and play and do something that he can do and, and God bless him. And not one time did I hear Tom Brady mention autogram. I still hope he, uh, decides to stay home at the end of the year.

And if not the only circumstance of which I would like to see Tom Brady continue playing is for the 49ers outside of that, do us a favor, go home and speak in a winning. I can't believe I'm actually going to say this. The New York Knicks a few seconds ago, a few minutes ago, right when I came on air, the New York Knicks have won eight consecutive basketball games. They just blew out the warriors in what was a, a terrible matchup with no Steph Curry.

The final score one 32 to 94. What else do I have to say? Steph Curry was sitting on the bench and on the bench, you'll be for about an entire month. Wow.

This is New York. Next eight consecutive victories. They now have a record of 18 and 13 Jordan pool decided to put up all the points.

26 of them. Clay Thompson could only muster 26. Draymond Green could only score seven. Wiseman four points, comminga 13.

This is disastrous. The New York Knicks, Julius Randall, 15 points. Emmanuel quickly 22 off the bench. Hey, and then the free agent, the Knicks, uh, decided to sign Jalen Brunson, the son of Rick. 21 points, five assists, three rebounds.

RJ Barrett 18, Quinton Grimes 19. I know this is a garbage warriors team, but the New York Knicks, uh, they're back out here and, and playing defense. So congratulations to the New York Knicks. I will expect them to look decent or okay throughout the course of the year.

And then unless they have some roster changes, they'll go into the playoffs and get smacked out. My apologies. Jalen Brunson, a matter of fact, he, he just spoke to a TNT and he pretty much said, yeah, we're, we're getting used to each other. Okay. Jalen, listen to this. I'm learning as I'm going, I'm learning as I'm going, um, a teammates trust me and the coaches have trusted me.

Um, I trust them. Uh, it's just, like I said, we're growing every day. We're getting better every day now, which I keep finding it can be complacent. Oh, okay. Yeah. The New York Knicks still don't do it for me. Sorry. They don't have a dynamic dynamic score or something like that.

I can just go out there and get it. They have someone who can command and lead the team and make smart decisions and Jalen Brunson. Uh, but I'm still, I'm still not sold.

I'm sorry. They're just a mediocre squad. They're on a nice run right now.

Uh, I feel a lot of Nick fans are pretty much here and there. They want to fire coach Tibbs and then they're happy and thrilled with the roster. They, they still have some building to do.

It's just a matter of who and what they decide to bring in. Congratulations to the New York Knicks actually winning some basketball games. 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS. That's 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS. Cam is here from San Diego. You're on the JR sport brief show. Hey, what up Jared?

Thanks for taking my call. Uh, wanted to touch on Tom Brady for a sec. Um, I don't believe him.

I don't believe him when he says that. I think that this man unretired because he was pissed off that Schefter leaked his retirement. He doesn't like not being in control things, but all this talk about what do you learn from losing who's lost more Super Bowls than Tom Brady.

Jim Kelly is the only name I can think of. Tom Brady has learned as much about losing as anybody in the world has when it comes to competitive sports. I think that he just doesn't, you know, his family life's falling apart.

He doesn't have anything to go back home to. And sure, maybe that's quote unquote rude of me to speculate like that, but I don't believe him. Maybe that's because I'm somebody who's also tried to convince myself of, uh, you know, different reasons for why I'm doing what I'm doing than what the true reason is in my heart. And I think Tom's kind of struggling with a little bit of that right now.

Just like damn cam, what a way to bring it to your own personal life. You know, I, I'm not going to speculate as to whether or not he's being honest. I actually made the point that people have not necessarily taken a full look out of all the losses that he's had and not just in regards to the Super Bowl, whether it's the Giants two times or whether it's going out there and, and losing to the Eagles or whether or not it's his injury that took him out earlier on in his career. I mean, he, he understands what it is to be down and out and come back. He understands what it means to be overlooked from the first place. And so I, yeah, Tom Brady knows what it feels like to lose. And I think that's part of his explanation there. The man pretty much said that, and if I want to take what you just said, yeah, he knows what it feels like to lose. He also knows what it feels like to come back after difficult losses. So yeah.

Did anybody think that the Buccaneers would be this bad this year? I don't think so. I don't think he thought as much either. And so I'm not going to sit inside his head and speculate as to, you know, whether or not he's telling the truth or not. What he said, regardless of whether it was from the mouth of Tom Brady or, you know, your next door neighbor, Joe, he actually said something that's pretty worthwhile in that people just pretty much quit and that we have a lot of people who think that, oh man, I lost and let me just go lie down. And so whether or not he was being honest, I could care less. I thought what he said was, was, was very poignant for anybody. Sure thing. Yeah, I definitely agree with that. It is very poignant.

I don't want to I don't want to, you know, miss that point either. But I'll say this as a side note, I'm very excited for the next stage of Tom Brady's career where he does retire and he opens up to this young group of quarterbacks that we have coming up in this league. And I hope that he wants to share his wisdom with how he, you know, played for so long and understood the game so well to the Justin Herbert's Joe Burrows, Josh Allen's of the NFL.

So we could just see the game continue to grow. I hope he takes that approach. I think he will. But yeah, I'm definitely excited for that part of his life journey. No doubt about it.

Thank you, Cam, for calling from San Diego. Yeah, the NFL is going to go on with or without Tom Brady. And I'm not even so sure.

And yes, it's more than $300 million that he has committed to him from Fox. But I'll tell you this, man, ain't no guarantees that he's going to want to sit around and do that. He might miss it too much. He might be upstairs. He, he might have to completely be out of the game before he takes the approach of I'm going to sit up here and, and call the games. He, he might quote unquote get that itch. He might decide to swing on back.

You never know. 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS. Scott is calling from the home of Tom Brady's calling from California.

What's up, Scott? Hey, man, I love your show. I love your content. I really like your delivery, your, your voice and demeanor. The way you talk is just like calming.

You sound, you know, you know what you're doing. And so I enjoy that, but I listen to CBS sports radio kind of all through the day. Cause I have to drive a lot, but I'm an ardent Viking fan. And when my problem with is Vikings are 11 and three, and we just still, you know, no matter who we beat, we can beat the dolphins. We can beat the Buffalo bills. We can beat the jets. We beat the entire AFC East, but we lose to Dallas, you know, badly. Just had a great comeback, made NFL history against the Colts.

I agree. Why are we down 33 to zero? But I just, I just want to get your take on what it takes to the Vikings.

I don't know if it's because it's a small market. It's not in your analytics question for you is the Buffalo bills game. They won that game on a PI, um, called Lake.

They came there, but I didn't see a PI there. I was asked what you thought about that passion appearance and the end of the Buffalo bill game where I thought the defender was completely turned around. Um, we, we, we had a similar, we had a similar, uh, play call or misplay call take place on Sunday night when the New York giants took on the Washington commanders. And so, uh, I'm going to answer both of your questions.

Scott, appreciate you for calling up from California. His first question was about the, the Minnesota Vikings. And this isn't the first time that me personally have been posed this question. And for whatever reason, people call me up and they say, Hey, the media, the national media, I I'm, I'm not a representative for the national media. I'm just myself. And I feel like I've spent a lot of time talking about the Vikings or at least at minimum, you know, answering this question, why don't people talk about the Vikings?

Why does it because small? No, man, nobody cares about the markets when it comes down to sports. Nobody cares. I mean, we got Oklahoma city that has a professional basketball team called the OKC thunder.

And yeah, sure. Right now, this minute, this moment, you know, nobody's clamoring to watch them on national television because they probably don't have any nationally televised games. But the fact is when they had one of the greatest basketball players on earth and Kevin Durant, and they had two other dudes who are walking right into the hall of fame, who also have MVP awards and James Harden and Russell Westbrook, nobody cared that they were in Oklahoma city. And so please don't look at the twin cities, Minneapolis, St. Paul, and figure that no one is talking about the Vikings because they play in Minneapolis, St. Paul, you can throw that idea completely out the window. I'm gonna say this again, the Minnesota Vikings, or at least I have not dedicated hours upon hours upon hours talking about the Minnesota Vikings because a, Kirk Cousins is their quarterback. We have seen even before this season, when it comes to the tough, when it's time to get going, Kirk Cousins just becomes very careful. He's not an aggressive quarterback. He makes the safe plays when it's time to go out there and go all out and all to the wall or balls to the wall. Kirk Cousins, he takes a chill pill. He's not aggressive.

And so until I see him become aggressive in the most dire of straights, I'm still hesitant on him. He's hit or he's miss. And that's pretty much how I feel about the Vikings in a general sense. I think the team is hit or it is miss. This past game against the Colts was the prime example. You given up 33 points in the first half and then you shut out a crap team in the second half and you have to come back. That's my second point. And the third overall point is you have no idea what they will do game to game.

None. They give up more passing yards than any team, almost 300 yards in the air per game. The Vikings are. Where's the confidence? Where am I supposed to be confident in that? They're a crapshoot.

Flip a coin. You tell me where the Minnesota Vikings land. But why are people talking about them? It has nothing to do with the city. Trust me.

If OKC can have a superstar and multiple stars and people can care about them. Don't don't tell me about the market, man. I don't think that's that's a big deal. It's the JR sport reshow here with you on CBS Sports Radio 855-212-4CBS. That's 855-212-4CBS. I'm going to take more of your calls. And when we come back on the other side of the break, I'm going to tell you about a market that is not small.

Not by a long shot. It's Phoenix, Arizona. They got a new owner for a new team. A matter of fact, he's going to own two teams.

And then he ended up paying four billion dollars for it. I'm going to tell you about the Phoenix Suns on the other side of the break. And I'm also going to answer that question that he had about refs pass interference. What's going on there?

We're just getting started here. It's the JR sport reshow CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR sport brief on CBS Sports Radio. JR wants to hear from you. Call him now at 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4227. It's the JR sport reshow here with you on CBS Sports Radio. Right before we went to break, we had a caller. He pretty much asked me about the Minnesota Vikings, why they don't get love. And I gave him the football reasons. One of the reasons that he potentially laid out is because the Minnesota Vikings play in a quote unquote small market. I've been out to Minneapolis, Minnesota plenty of times.

I have family out there. I wouldn't consider anything about the Twin Cities to be small, not by a long shot. But yes, it's not Los Angeles. It is not New York. It's not Miami. It's not a glamour city. It's a hard working ass city that gets pounded by snow in the wintertime and is ridiculously humid given all the lakes in the summertime.

So I get it. But in the world of sports, it doesn't matter. Quote unquote, if you build it, they will come. As in the viewers, the fans, the attention. It never stopped the Tampa Bay Rays when they were actually good. It never stopped the Oklahoma City Thunder.

So I can go down a list of quote unquote small market, know nothing teams that when they're good people, people care. One team that doesn't have to worry about that is any team that plays in Arizona. I'm talking about the Cardinals, even though they suck.

The Diamondbacks pretty much in the same boat. And then you have the Suns, the Phoenix Suns, who if you blink, you might've missed it. They were in the NBA finals not too long ago. And these Phoenix Suns, because their previous owner, Robert Sarver was a complete jackass, didn't know how to treat a human being like a human being. If he saw one was pretty much pushed to the edge of selling the franchise. And now we know Robert Sarver has agreed to sell the franchise to someone who played college basketball, someone who's now a 42 year old mortgage lender.

He's looking to become larger than Quicken Loans. His name is Matt Ishbia. He's a former college basketball player from Michigan State. Yes, he played for Tom Izzo.

He was actually on that championship team back in 2000 that had Mateen Cleaves on it. And if you're interested in Matt Ishbia's stats, when he played at Michigan State, he played three seasons, a total of 48 games. And here come the amazing numbers.

I'm going to give you some amazing stats on both sides of the fence here. These are basketball stats. He played two and a half minutes a game. And for his three season career as a college athlete of which he was a walk on and secured a scholarship, he averaged half a point a game.

I'm gonna say that again. This man averaged half a point a game. He now has a net worth of $5 billion and he just purchased the Phoenix Suns for four.

And so the next time you want to have a conversation about the dude at the end of the bench, you know, I thought Brian Scalabrine was a nice example of someone who's doing something absolutely amazing. Matt Ishbia is worth $5 billion and he did an amazing job keeping the bench warm and then ultimately taking over for his dad's mortgage company and growing it out to more than 7,000 employees. And he's not shy in saying that he wants to make more money and be the largest lender in the country, bigger than some guy named Dan Gilbert who owns the Cleveland Cavaliers. And so the Phoenix Suns are packaged up with the Phoenix Mercury who, quite frankly, hey, Shub, how much do you think the Phoenix Mercury are worth in this deal? I would say maybe about one fifth of what the Suns are worth.

I'd say they're probably worth nothing. And so they were sold for $4 billion, the Suns and Mercury by Matt Ishbia, a former walk on at Michigan State who is now the youngest owner in the NBA at 42 years old. So listen, y'all better leave them bench warmers alone. The Phoenix Suns so far this season, the West is so kind of cramped up you don't know what's going to happen. The Suns currently have a record of 19 and 12. Chris Paul is back.

Devin Booker wakes up and brushes his teeth and decides to drop 50 or 60 whenever he feels like it. And so these valuations of the NBA teams continue to go up. There was a minority stake in the Los Angeles Lakers that was just sold. And the Lakers now have a valuation of $5 billion. And if the Lakers' valuation is at $5 billion, if they were to go on sale tomorrow, they'd probably be sold for, I don't know, maybe upwards of maybe two, maybe two or more of that current valuation of five.

And that's not to say the Lakers are going to go on sale. I think Jeannie will keep it in house for as long as possible. And now that I actually think about it, Jeannie Buss, she doesn't have kids.

No, right? It's just her and Phil Jackson. I didn't know they were still together.

No, they're not. But she's... Well, okay, there you have it. I mean, damn. Yeah. You know who her kid is. Her kid is the Lakers.

Well, that's my point. Right. Jeannie Buss is what? 50? 60? I believe she's two years younger than Magic.

So about 61. Yes. So Jeannie Buss is 60? Yeah.

All right. I mean, she'll tell you she's 40, but in actuality, 60. Yes. Well, I mean, well, damn. Look, God bless her. She could be around here for the next 20, 40 years. She could be lucid for the next 30 years. I have no idea.

She could be Moses, the next Moses for all I know. You know what's amazing, JR? These Lakers fans, they are so out of whack. Yankees fans, we have not won a World Series. We have not been in a World Series in 13 years. Y'all won a championship two and a half years ago, and all they want to do is send Jeannie and Rob out of town.

You just won an NBA championship bubble regardless two and a half years ago. Like they are grotesquely unfair to her. Yeah, that's the thing. Whenever, if she doesn't have a line of sight for the sale, Magic Johnson is there as well. And her brother is out of the picture. And I just wonder, you know, who will own the Lakers, you know, whenever she gets older or can't necessarily, you know, lead the franchise. And so whenever the Lakers go up for sale, that number will be ridiculous. I'm not foreshadowing it to happen. I don't think it will happen any time soon between the Bus family owning the Lakers, between the Steinbrenners, at least the children owning the Yankees.

It's tough thinking about some of these legacy franchises and where they might end up. But the Suns, four billion? Lakers are worth five? Yeah, man. It's not bad being a bench warmer. Matt Ishbia, former Michigan State Spartan, buying the Suns. I didn't see that one coming.

855-212-4CBS, that's 855-212-4CBS. Speaking of owners, Jerry Jones did what he does the best. He talked about a guy who's not on his team. I'll share that with you. I'll get to your calls, and then I do want to answer one of the questions that we have received about these terrible referees, the terrible pass interference calls, and what, if anything, can be done about them, like a replay or a review.

I think I have some interesting perspective I think a lot of us might have forgotten. It's the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports.

The JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. Listen, you do a great job, man. Before I ask my question, I just want to say I've heard you a couple of times on here. You always have great content, and you've got a great sense of humor, and I enjoy listening to you.

So I want to start out by saying that. Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. Here's the deal, folks. Whether you were sitting down on Saturday and watching the Buffalo Bills game that come back against the Dolphins in the snow, or whether you were watching Sunday night's game between the New York Giants and the Washington Commanders, you might be bothered by the lack of calls. You might be bothered by the officiating.

You might look at pass interference and go, what the hell are they looking at, and why is there not a mechanism of which the coach or the team can go ahead and challenge the call? And I guess we all have short memories. I mentioned this last night briefly because it was the end of the show.

We had a caller who brought that that same issue up. And I said, yeah, man, that's a that's a great idea. I said, but I believe we've already been there. We have. It was only, man, time flies.

Damn. At this point, we're moving towards four years ago. We have the New Orleans Saints. We have the Rams. We saw one of the most egregious non-calls ever.

And the Saints probably lost an opportunity to go to the Super Bowl. And immediately following that, we had an implementation of review for pass interference. And it was tested by the NFL for one year. And they took it away.

You want to know why? Because only 13 of 81 pass interference challenges were successful that year that they tried it. And then they said, OK, no more. We're not doing this. And so here we are. So I don't know what to tell you. It was tested. Nobody cared. And then when it was actually challenged, it was a complete waste of time. And so I highly doubt that we move back towards that.

But is a deal. The referees are graded just like everybody else. If they suck, they don't stick around. If they're not good, they don't advance. If they're not good, they don't rough a playoff game.

What are we going to do? I get it. There's wine and complain about the refs all day, all the time.

Nobody gets tired of that. 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS. James is here from Minnesota. You're on the JR Sport Reshow, James. Go on ahead. You really got me on the air.

I'm sorry. You guys really got me on the air. No, you're on the imaginary air. We are in the metaverse.

Wow. I love imaginary air. Can you imaginary that Vikings game? Was that like a knock knock joke? Could I imaginary that Vikings game? What a knock knock joke. How many Vikings do you like? Hold on.

Wait, wait, wait. Do you like knock knock jokes? I do like knock knock jokes. Okay. You ready for one? Let me get one. Okay. Knock knock. Who's there? Not you. Thank you, James, for calling up from Minnesota. I'm just joking.

I put them on hold. Hey, James, go ahead. Tell me about your Minnesota Vikings. I love my Vikings this time of the year. We're talking playoffs, baby. We're talking playoffs. Anything can happen in the playoffs. Did you see that crazy comeback? That comeback was so crazy.

The biggest one in NFL history and history. Did you see? I got a couple of questions for you.

These aren't knock, knock jokes. Did you see, did you see the first half of the game? They were getting their tails handed to them the first half of the game. Okay. Have you seen Kirk Cousins play in high pressure situations over the past several years? Have you seen that? No. They're not going to be, but on Saturday.

Wait, I got one more question for you. Have you seen, have you seen how many yards that the Minnesota Vikings give up in the air per game? They can have a bunch of yards per game, but it's the victories that matter this time of the season, baby. Just go out and win. One of them great coaches used to say that. Even Vince Lombardi, I think was the head coach. Just go out and win, baby. Hank Schramm, another great NFL mind and head coach and the candle city chiefs. Just go out and win baby.

Let's put out, let's put, let's put Mr. Al Davidson there too. Hey, thank you, James. Appreciate you, man. What you drinking tonight? What'd you say? I said, what are you drinking tonight? I got me some coffee, old tea, and some diet coke.

All mixed in one. Are you going to, when do you plan on going to sleep? Never? I don't want to sleep, baby. I want to catch your show all night long, like Lionel Richie's song. And I want to go back out in the Minnesota cold air after I get done with this call and have a nice cold cigarette. I was like, you know how cold it is in Minnesota right now?

If they were to play that game outdoors. What is the temperature right now? Five degrees? When we get a windshield, I'm a 40 year old windshield. You know what that's like out there in Minnesota?

You can spit and before it hits the ground, it freezes. Yeah. I've been in, I've been in a negative environments before. Hey James, be safe out there. Okay. Don't don't have a heart attack. I can deal with it. I got a good cardiac system.

I'm five, six and a half, 288 pounds. Okay. All right. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Refrigerated. Thank you, James.

I appreciate you for calling from Minnesota. I love listening to Jr on my boobox. That was unnecessary. That man said that he is, he has what? Coffee, Pepsi. Did he say tea shop? He said tea.

I'm not going to lie to you. I was blown away by the five, six and a half, 280 something pounds there. I was, I was getting there. Right. He said he has tea, coffee and Pepsi in one cup. I think there were even more. He included in that drink equation.

Yes. He then said he was going to go outside and smoke a cold cigarette. I don't know what a cigarette he's going to smoke when it's negative a million outside.

I don't know if you could light it up. Uh, and he said he's five, six and he's two 88. I've seen some stout individuals. Maybe in his day he was a, maybe he was an amateur wrestler. No, they're not that stocky. No, there's no amateur wrestlers.

Five, six, 288 pounds. Uh, I think you'd be shocked. Oh, they're called Sumo wrestlers.

I'm gonna take this Sumo man. There's some, there's some wide, wide human beings out here. You wouldn't want to see in a dark alley. I think that guy might be one of them. Uh, congratulations to his Minnesota Vikings.

And I hope, uh, sincerely that he doesn't go outside and just either freeze or have a heart attack. Just ease back on the coffee, the Pepsi and the tea and one cup mixed together. Hell, interesting. Eight five five two one two four CBS. Mark is here from California. You're on the JR sport brief show. JR what's going on? I'm okay. I feel like I need to detox after that last call, but I'm all right.

I feel like I'm a little crazy too, man. How about this New York Knicks basketball team, man? I mean, this is, I mean, man, we're not in the league shooting team. It's just offensive rebound and you got Mitchell Robinson and heart and sin. And you look at heart and some stats and people on Twitter are like, well, the guy only scores five points a game, but yeah, I mean, plus 21, he gets the rebounds, he gets steals blocks. I mean, it, I mean the warriors were depleted sale getting wrong, but still, you know, you got the Raptors that should be nine in a row, which I mean, 10 and 13 and we were writing them off, you know what I mean?

And now we won eight straight. Yeah, I know. Yeah. I talked about the New York Knicks, uh, about 20 minutes ago. Um, I'm still, I'm not excited. I'm, I'm not excited about them. I'm not what, what am I to be excited about? Well, I mean, you're excited about Jalen Brunson playing on an all star level because when he came over here, we all knew that like he has flashes of the all star billions, but we didn't know that how it was going to turn around with all the pieces around him.

Right. I mean, it's, it's been, it's been few and far in between for the New York Knicks to be a, uh, championship caliber franchise or at least a team that could go to a playoffs and you would say, man, they have a chance at a championship that that ain't this squad. And I, I, you know, New York Nick fans have been beat down for so long, so long that any glimpse of hope here, and I get it that could kudos.

Congratulations. An eight game winning streak is the seven game winning streak is nothing to shake a stick at a nine game potential winning streak is nothing to shake a stick at. And so kudos to them for, for getting things together. But in the big and grand scheme of things, the New York Knicks talent level still doesn't match up with other squads in the East. And they could take, they could take, they could take a nine game winning streak into the playoffs and they could lose a series to, I don't know, the Celtics are not so hot right now, but they can lose to the Celtics or bucks and maybe not even pick up a game. And so I will be excited or have more interest in the New York Knicks when I feel that they actually have talent that can potentially deliver them, you know, some victories instead of this, I don't want to call it false hope, but optimism. The New York Knicks are bland to me.

I'm sorry. They're bland. They don't have a killer. They don't have a guy who can just go out there and get it. They have solid, great borderline all-stars. If you want to look at Julius Randle and the play of Brunson recently, uh, who knows what RJ Barrett will continue to grow into?

Who knows what Grimes will grow into, but then they're boring. I could see the New York Knicks. Yeah. Oh, eight game winning streak. I could see them going on a six game losing streak.

So, I mean, what am I, what am I doing here? There's nothing, there's nothing exciting about the Knicks or their style of play. Have you watched some of these other teams play basketball?

They're actually fun. Even a style of basketball, jacking up threes is a pain in the ass sometimes, but the New York Knicks don't, don't even do that. It's the JR sport brief show here with you on CBS sports radio it's eight five five two one two four CBS. We come back. We're going to talk about Jerry Jones. We'll get into jail and Hertz.

We'll talk about Matthew Stafford, not retiring Aaron Rogers, Donovan Mitchell, and more here on CBS sports radio. Many of us are already planning our new year's resolutions to work out more in 2023, but let's face it. They rarely stick. Well, Peloton's got a gift for you get up to $200 off accessories like non-slip grip, dumbbells, cycling shoes, heart rate monitors, and more with the purchase of a Peloton bike, bike plus or tread. Don't wait, get this offer before it ends on December 25th. Visit one all access membership separate offer ends December 25th cannot be combined with other offers. See additional terms at one Many of us are already planning our new year's resolutions to work out more in 2023, but let's face it.

They rarely stick. Well, Peloton's got a gift for you get up to $200 off accessories like non-slip grip, dumbbells, cycling shoes, heart rate monitors, and more with the purchase of a Peloton bike, bike plus or tread. Don't wait, get this offer before it ends on December 25th. Visit one all access membership separate offer ends December 25th cannot be combined with other offers. See additional terms at one Many of us are already planning our new year's resolutions to work out more in 2023, but let's face it.

They rarely stick. Well, Peloton's got a gift for you get up to $200 off accessories like non-slip grip, dumbbells, cycling shoes, heart rate monitors, and more with the purchase of a Peloton bike, bike plus or tread. Don't wait, get this offer before it ends on December 25th. Visit one all access membership separate offer ends December 25th cannot be combined with other offers. See additional terms at one
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