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December 12, 2022 11:01 pm

JR SportBrief Hour 1

JR Sport Brief / JR

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December 12, 2022 11:01 pm

JR discusses the downfall of Tom Brady this season


You're listening to the JR Sportbrief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sportbrief on CBS Sports Radio. It is the JR Sportbrief show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. I am coming to you live from the Rocket Mortgage Studios. Whether you're looking to purchase a new home or refinance yours, Rocket Mortgage can help you get there for home loan solutions that fit your life.

Rocket, Rocket Can. Happy Monday night to you. I'm going to be hanging out here with you for the next four hours. I'm being joined by super producer and host Dave Shepherd and everybody listening all over North America. Thank you. Thank you very much. This is when we get started.

10 p.m. Eastern time, 7 p.m. Pacific. Hope you had a wonderful weekend. I hope you had an even better Monday. We got a lot to do. Monday night football is going on right now.

I'm sure you've seen it. You'll probably know it by now that Kyler Murray is out or went out and at halftime right now the Arizona Cardinals leave the New England Patriots 13 to 10. Kyler Murray going down. Non-contact injury to his right knee. Third play of the game. Kyler Murray also has missed the past two games with a hammy and just to come back and right at the beginning of the game be carted off the field towel over head. A bad situation for Kyler Murray.

We'll talk about that momentarily. We had some big games and just wild things happening over the weekend. The Carolina Panthers look like a competent football team. The Detroit Lions look like a competent football team.

Like what what world are we living in right now? Russell Wilson he went down. Oh man he got he got knocked silly. The Bills hold on to beat the Jets.

They beat the living hell out of Mike White is what they do. And then Tom Brady eviscerated. Tyler Huntley has a head injury. This there's a lot of dudes that went down.

Deebo Samuel he got hurt in yesterday's game that beat down that they gave the Buccaneers 35 to 7. And we'll get there. We got a lot to do. Shep how are you man? You doing good? Doing good Chad. Thank you for asking. Always great to be with you my friend. Happy to hear.

Happy to hear. Here's the deal if you want to talk to me throughout the process of the show we got four hours here. The phone number 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. You can find me online at JR Sport Brief. Same thing on Instagram at JR Sport Brief and also on Facebook.

If you follow me on social media you already know what we're going to talk about because it's been it's been shared. It's been tweeted out and we'll get to Kyler Murray. This is just uh I can't think of a worse way to start your season or your brand new contract. We know he just got that five-year extension. 230 million dollars and since he signed on the dotted line it's like nothing is going to plan for him.

Nothing. He was criticized from the minute that he signed it. They wanted to put a clause in his contract about his his commitment to the game and and that he studied in office like whoa. They had to remove it. He had to defend himself.

People make call of duty jokes. It's just a sad situation. He goes down this year. The cards haven't really been healthy this year. The team sucks and he comes back and he goes down and so I don't imagine that we'll have a full update on the status of his knee.

If there's anything torn in there. Is it an ACL, an MCL, a PCL? I have no idea but we'll find out tomorrow.

We know this for sure. Cliff Kingsbury was asked early in the game with one of these sideline reports about Kyler Murray and he made it very clear he's not coming back this game and I don't think it would take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. So all the best to Kyler Murray.

I'm sure by the time tomorrow rolls around we'll have more information. Now having said that I'll repeat at halftime the Arizona Cardinals they lead the New England Patriots at home. The score right now is 13 to 10. New England currently at six and six trying to play off to hold on to some playoff hopes in Arizona. They have a record of four and eight. They're not trying to do anything this season but hold on to their jobs mostly Cliff Kingsbury and also play spoiler to a lot of these other teams in the league. Speaking of playing spoiler I think that's where the Tampa Bay Buccaneers might actually end up.

And now I have a record of six and seven. They are still at the top of their division the NFC South because there's so much crap but in in a I don't want to say parallel universe. Is there a possibility that the Bucks get jumped by the Panthers? Probably not but if they keep playing like they did yesterday where they got smashed by the 49ers they may be watching at home. Tom Brady might be sitting at home watching the playoffs just like everybody else and if he does make it in which is most likely they gonna get kicked out.

The 49ers are the hottest team in football. Unfortunately Deebo Samuel went down with a knee injury yesterday. We didn't know if it was his knee his ankle and the news is better than anyone would have imagined.

It's only an MCL sprain and an ankle sprain. He got injured on a rushing play. Jerry Rice actually went online and said why are we rushing this guy he's such an amazing weapon and the 49ers proceeded to beat down the Bucks 35 to 7. Even Purdy went out there and had an amazing game completing 16 to 21 passes 185 yards two touchdowns he got hurt with an oblique he's supposed to play the next game against Seattle. Deebo should only be out probably a month and the 49ers have now won six consecutive games. Their defense is ranked number one ask Tom Brady about that. Christian McCaffrey balled out of his damn mind 119 yards rushing a touchdown had another touchdown in the air Deebo Samuel Deebo Samuel before he went down had a touchdown they're whooping everybody's ass and everybody is bigging up Brock Purdy like nobody's business. His teammates are bigging him up the coach is bigging him up you have this guy who got his first career start he went out there and he was able to say hey I beat Tom Brady in my first NFL start and Kyle Shanahan he loves Brock Purdy listen to him tell it. I'm just happy that um he was able to go out there and perform at the level a lot of us thought that he was capable of and I mean I know the players felt that way the coaches felt that way and guys played really good around him too and I was just happy for him because um that's kind of what we see from him. I'd be happy too they didn't expect for this man to see the football field at all this year they had Trey Lance out there and he goes down to an ankle and then you had Jimmy Garoppolo holding it down looked like he was gonna help hold it down all the way to potentially another Super Bowl and then he goes down and now you got a rookie in Brock Purdy and most of America has never heard of this guy before two weeks ago and he might be able to just steady the ship you know sometimes it comes to a point where where someone is in a situation they're they're too stupid to know better and stupid is probably not the right word but I think you get my point no expectations you're just thrown into the fire you don't have too much time to think you're just you're just going out there and acting you're going out there and reacting you're just going out there doing your damn job and so Brock Purdy knowing that he just got this gig he says man I'm not I'm not I'm not being satisfied I'm not being complacent he's trying to improve listen for me I just kept telling myself dude this thing ain't over with that guy on the other side of the field you know I just wanted to keep putting up points on the board however many times we could um knowing you know this dude's made all these comebacks crazy comebacks in his career so I didn't want that to happen in my first game you know as a starter now you can keep that in the back of your head I was watching this game and I said to myself this this crap is over Tom Brady they said after the game he didn't even take a shower he just he threw on some clothes and he he kissed his family in the in the tunnel and got on the bus to fly back to Tampa Tom Brady is too through with this crap they actually switched the game off Fox and they switched it over to the Carolina Panthers that's how crap this game was they turned off a Tom Brady game and just moved everybody on over because it was an ass-whooping 35 to nothing oh yeah congratulations to the Bucks they were able to put up a a touchdown at the end of the game congrats Russell Gage they didn't do anything sad this whole season is sad and the Buccaneers might still make the playoffs at six and seven there's there's penalties all over the place people are dropping passes and Tom Brady's like yeah this this season has been complete garbage everyone's got to play better but you know we're just not playing we just have not played consistently well very often we haven't played it for four quarters have we played it a little bit at times not today at all but some games were played well for five minutes and don't play well for 55 minutes yeah it's been garbage he can't say it but he's if you watch the games he's demonstrative enough Tom Brady needs to be an actor I mean some of his his body language and some of his uh how demonstrative he is he needs to get into acting I know he has that fox job waiting on him whenever he retires but damn that's a stressed individual that's a stressed out man and so the Buccaneers they're still at the top of the NFC south the terrible NFC south they got smashed by the 49ers and it looks like the 49ers are still going to be able to go through the rest of the season and and kind of hold on they will they got a record of nine and four they're not going to fall out of the playoffs it's just a matter of how long or or what Brock Purdy is going to do to keep them there Deebo Samuel should be back at the end of the season or at least right at the end maybe the last game of the year and the 49ers they they might actually still be dangerous with Brock Purdy I thought that they were going to fall into the toilet that their defense was going to have to do most of the work to keep them alive and that is probably still the case but Brock Brock Purdy is probably going to be able to contribute more than anyone thought or more than anyone would have imagined and for the Buccaneers man they ain't stand a chance Tom Brady had to throw the ball 55 times yesterday just to come up with that one touchdown at the end of the game with Russell Gage Tom Brady didn't come back for this crap and who knows where he might be next season he's gonna be a free agent is Tom Brady done is he sticking around I certainly heard the rumors people asking hey you're going to come play for the 49ers next year you're going to come be a bridge for Trey Lance imagine if Tom Brady was on this squad the Buccaneers offensive line is ravaged Mike Evans is is back with a case of the drops Tom Brady is frustrated Todd Bowles looks miserable all by himself and at six and seven the season for the Bucks it can't end soon enough and it actually might be punctuated with the Buccaneers going into the playoffs and getting punched in the mouth you heard Brock Purdy talk about oh man I I know Tom Brady on the other side I had to think about a comeback no man there wasn't gonna be no comeback this wasn't the Saints from last week Tom Brady wasn't gonna add comeback number 45 all Tom Brady could do was just wait for the bleeding to stop to get this game over with it was nice to see him get smacked around he could have got sacked a few more times by my liking he only got sacked twice congratulations to the 49ers and Brock Purdy and I mean we just can't get rid of Tom Brady and we're not gonna do that and I mean we just can't get rid of Tom Brady soon enough if you ask me it's the JR sport brief show here with you on CBS Sports Radio we got a lot to do the rest of the night when we come back I'll talk more about Tom Brady yeah we'll we'll talk about the the the Panthers can they actually do something we'll get into the Chiefs the Bills we'll talk about the Vikings we'll talk about these injuries we got a lot to do 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS it's the JR sport reef show just getting started here on CBS Sports Radio you're listening to the JR sport brief on CBS Sports Radio JR wants to hear from you call him now at 855 212 4 CBS that's 855 212 4227 it's the JR sport brief show here with you on CBS Sports Radio just told you you just actually heard from Tom Brady about that beat down that they got yesterday at the hands of the 49ers 35 to 7 the 49ers beat the Bucks out in the bay area out in Santa Clara the 49ers have won six consecutive games Tom Brady and the Bucks fall to six and seven I feel like it's as a punishment for them to go into the postseason I know you can never say never especially with Tom Brady at the helm but these Buccaneers are going absolutely nowhere if they go to the postseason and get smoked I'm just gonna laugh and I'm gonna think about Tom Brady and his 40-day retirement and who knows maybe he decides to to come back next year and play for the 49ers we have no idea I now also want to kind of switch gears quickly and talk about the college ranks I think most of us were were pretty surprised this morning when we found out that Mike Leach formerly of Texas Tech Mr. Air Raid himself currently the head coach of Mississippi State that he has been hospitalized and he's in critical condition we have no idea what the particular issue is or was early this morning and unfortunately when you have situations like this people tend to start flipping off at the mouth and on Twitter you know ridiculously fast there were were messages and Shep this was actually a full trend uh RIP which is it's not accurate as far as we know oh no at this time and then the person who tweeted and shared it had to apologize so as as far as we know Mike Leach is is still hospitalized and he's in critical condition uh we don't know what the health issue is but we uh there have been messages for people to keep his family uh in your prayers and in your thoughts so we'll see what takes place there but we talked about this right before we went on air Shep just everybody is just always rushing to be I don't know first is is that the word or want to break news or people just don't know when to leave well enough alone let the man and his family have their time with them you know I hope John Heyman is listening right now JR uh because this is Afro Po John Heyman and Aaron Judge you know exactly what I'm referring to two weeks ago oh the 49 he said he not the 49ers he was going to the Giants and he had to you know kind of backtrack exactly and you know the reality is JR Mike Leach is is he's one of the great personalities in all of sports I mean the three coaching stints and what he did at Washington and you know Texas Tech I've obviously back in the Bob Knight days you know that that pales in comparison in terms of what this guy is as a personality what he is as as a mentor to these young men I mean he really cares deeply about the players you don't always get that in today's game and he's one of the all-time great quotes in the history of sports not just college football so obviously prayers go up to him JR but to your point um everyone wants to beat everyone else to the punch but that doesn't always bode well and obviously when you're talking about a man or a woman's life that just looks bad yeah and it's it's it's everyone who's associated personally with that individual you know I think sometimes people tend to forget that these are human beings they're not just subjects or or celebrities or or people of note like they they have families they have friends and so Mike Leach at 61 years old not old by any stretch of the imagination to find out that he has been hospitalized and is in critical condition this was certainly a shock this morning something else that that was a shock I don't know what's going on with people uh you know individuals related to Texas Tech on the end on the other end of the spectrum I should say that Chris Beard former Texas Tech basketball coach now uh current I say current with uh I don't know how long it's going to be current current Texas coach Chris Beard he was arrested for a strangulation of a female family member uh his lawyer is being said that these allegations are not true and I I have no idea I just know if all of this comes to be true the police report says there were bruises etc uh some of these things you just can't make up if it is found to be true and he's currently actually right now this minute suspended without pay there's there's no way he should be able to lead a college a basketball program with these charges uh just hanging over his head and I'm sure that Texas is gonna do its due diligence and and let things play out he shouldn't be here he shouldn't get paid and if it is found to be true then he shouldn't coach at Texas he should go and and figure out what else to do he should be locked up for some time so I don't know what the deal it is with with former Texas Tech uh head coaches but they're certainly in the news for different reasons eight five five two one two four cvs that's eight five five two one two four cvs Jason is calling here from Mississippi you're on the JR sport reef show sport reef show Jason what's on your mind man what's going on job man as usual um love man I love what you do bruh and uh it sounds real good to hear this you know from you and what you do you you're the perfect man for the job bruh but I got a few things that I want to highlight you about man one is um Deion Sanders I couldn't get your full take on it somebody actually hit me the night that you was discussing it in the car but um just wanted to get your outlook on it man and what you think about it um I honestly think that he kind of led us to the wrong like he kind of led us to thinking he was trying to do something else and he did another thing and I feel like he once he did get out there and you know got to Colorado and all this I feel like Jackson stays this was here before he got to like I feel like he needed us just he needed jack state just as much as jack state needed help but I'll take uh okay get things out there and also Mike Lee he is in Jackson he they transported him down here and from what they're saying he had a heart attack and he's just in critical condition right now well we'll see one more thing oh it's a lot of things Jason okay okay very quickly go ahead what's the last one uh just your take on this uh what you think about son Peyton coming back to New Orleans because he's still under contract I did I did I did hear about that are you Tom Brady go ahead this is interesting now go ahead and and Tom Brady come play for him okay get up with Tom okay well let me respond Jason I'm gonna answer all three okay go ahead go ahead thank you so much Jason for calling from Mississippi I appreciate it I know let me let me try to go backwards here chef if I forget something let me know do I think Tom Brady is gonna connect with with Sean Payton in New Orleans no no I don't hell no I mean hit me up when it when it happens and takes place if I'm Sean Payton I'm probably hoping that Brandon Staley gets the boot so I can take over his job with the Chargers the Chargers are currently sitting in that last wild card spot following the New York Jets loss to the Buffalo Bills I think Tom Brady has more things and better things to worry about than going over to the Saints and playing for Sean Payton when it comes down to to Mike Leach I think he mentioned him let's let's relax on and I hear you can hear whatever you you hear but I'm not going to repeat or say anything until I have full confirmation all I know is is what has said he's in critical condition at the University of Mississippi Hospital and all the best to him and and whatever his situation is yeah he suffered a heart attack and we'll see what takes place with him first chef what was the first thing he asked me now he got I got two out of three what was that first one he asked yeah the first thing was how you feel about Deion Sanders basically being toothpaste and then running out of Jackson as fast as a big contract came his way yeah we we talked about this and yes it it does appear that that Deion Sanders needed to quote unquote get his feet wet would have or would a big school just giving him a gigantic contract right out of the gate without proving himself no hell no and not at all and I said this last week and I'll repeat it again right now I'm not going to judge Deion Sanders or anyone from you know going out there and getting money and and getting a check and getting paid and for advancing I will say this I will certainly criticize Deion Sanders for what he did if he didn't leave roots in the ground you know he talked the big game about what he wanted to do not just for Jackson State but also HBCUs in the process he wanted to elevate the players and the programs well are you a one-hitter quitter did you just show up and leave or did you actually leave roots you know did your tenure help out Jackson State and HBCUs or was this just a blip and if it's just a blip it's unfortunate you know I don't know what he quote unquote left behind legacy-wise I don't know if he left coaches I don't know if he he did anything besides just flat raise awareness in the moment how about this you know Deion is a very religious man by all stretches of the imagination and by what he says there's that old proverb and I'm probably going to get it twisted you can you can teach a man to fish or you can just deliver them the fish well did Deion just show up and say hey here's some fish or did he kind of leave something lasting where they can go out there and get their own fish I butchered it but I think you get my drift what did Deion do in the long term he's always primarily been about himself and did he show up and do what he said he was yeah but he kind of sure changed everybody in the process I'm not mad at him for for moving along personally or professionally I should say man he did a whole lot of talking about elevation he didn't promise anybody anything he didn't say he was going to stick around for x amount of time but man he did a lot of talking about elevation just to leave so quickly eight five five two one two four cbs that's eight five five two one two four cbs manny is here from flushing new york you're on cbs sports radio manny bro I'm good go ahead manny quickly good man um yeah this texas coach in my personal thing he should not be coaching ever again because you can't be a leader of men and be and act like a dumbass for him somebody I mean if we live in a world where and when an athlete gets in trouble he's going to be blasted by everybody in the media he's going to be talked about all day but now you have this I mean now you have this um you know there's this coach you know you know being part of domestic violence it's not a good look I mean it shows that you know you know probably sell a different standard than coaches yeah no absolutely and I mean for a college situation you talked about a leader of men yeah these are these are young men and I mean I couldn't imagine being you know one of these these young men's parents and I think everyone would certainly have to be in shock you know finding out about this arrest he's currently out of police custody he sees paid and set his his bond his bail he's paid his bail and he's out and the police report says that the woman says that she was choked she was thrown off of bed he was she was bit or thrown around so his lawyer says pretty much the opposite the lawyer says the complainant wants the charges against beard dropped should have never been arrested the complainant wants him released immediately and all charges dismissed this is truly inconceivable so if you are at Texas they put out a statement and they pretty much said we take matters of interpersonal violence involving members of its community seriously given the information they've suspended him without pay until further notice and so we have to see how this bears out obviously something took place to the extent of of what it is we're not sure and you know one way or the other University of Texas might say no thank you to Chris Beard regardless of what happens but we'll find out soon enough I appreciate you Manny thank you so much for calling up from Flushing it's the JR Sport Reef Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio 855-212 for CBS that's 855-212 for CBS just a lot of unfortunate news that's come down the pipe here man if you were watching football Tom Brady getting beat up wasn't the only thing that was unfortunate we saw we've seen quite a few massive hits over the past 24 hours whether it's Mike White with the New York Jets I think that guy's invincible or whether you saw the the ridiculous hit that that Russell Wilson took that drove him into the ground and then obviously tonight Kyler Murray we're going to talk about some of those hits and some of these injuries on the other side of the break it's the JR Sport Reef Show on CBS Sports Radio you're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio speaking about you personally I think you're terrific I really do I'm a devotee of sports radio 70 years old all over the country I've listened to a lot of them and you're right up there you really do a great job I appreciate you call in now at 855-212-4CBS it's the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio you know let's let's talk about something positive from the world of college sports took place on Saturday night congratulations to Caleb Williams walking away with the the Heisman no shock no surprise I actually said that here on CBS Sports Radio actually said that here on Friday not that this was you know something that that was going to take anybody or the world by storm when you think about the competition that was there whether it was Max Duggan or CJ Strouds that's and Bennett who's old as dirt Caleb Williams with his 4,000 yards passing 37 touchdowns and 10 touchdowns on the ground there was there was no doubt that he was going to go out there and win the Heisman despite losing to Utah twice I think the fact that he was able to gut out that that last game against Utah even though they lost with that that busted up hamstring I don't think that did anything but kind of boost his chances of winning the Heisman and so many congratulations to Caleb Williams 20 years old being the latest Heisman trophy winner 8 5 5 2 1 2 for CBS that's 8 5 5 2 1 2 for CBS I feel that this weekend in the NFL has been dominated unfortunately by injuries and massive hits and big hits and and just physical abuse all over the damn place I was watching the Buffalo Bills and the Jets yesterday the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills they playing in the snow they playing in the rain and it wasn't one all that interesting of a game it was there was a punt city to start the game off we didn't have a score until the end of the first half Dawson Knox was able to score a touchdown with 26 seconds left and then the New York Jets were just trying to hang in there especially as Mike White was physically abused and knocked down the entire game there was one particular play where the man was just basically split in half I'm talking full-on spear to the gut he collapsed like an accordion he hit the ground that didn't appear that the man could breathe he went out the game and came back and then he got hit again and then he got hit again and before he even got snapped in half Mike White was he was hit earlier in the game which leads me to the believe that this guy is just a terminator Mike White is not a human being it's actually pretty ridiculous the the abuse that he took and now he's day-to-day like people are talking about whether or not Zach Wilson needs to be handed the reins back and it's just like not Mike White is Mike White is going to go out there and play and he can do it and his teammates want it which I believe they do let him go Mike White is a superhuman nobody knows how long this is going to last with the New York Jets this whole Mike White scenario but damn it I say keep on rotting it that man is built for tough and I know he doesn't just have the respect of of his teammates in the locker room he has the respect of the fans he's pretty much everything that that Zach Wilson is not Zach Wilson comes across as as full of himself now he didn't want to take accountability which you could certainly you know view as as something that's selfish and then you might say that he's a he's a spoiled dude taking number two overall that is just smelling himself he didn't earn anything and now he's gotten smacked down and let's see if he's ready to take the job back when the opportunity presents itself meanwhile the Buffalo Bills they're on the positive side here they go 10 and 3 after beating the Jets the Jets fall out of the playoff picture not the picture but they don't hold the spot anymore the Bills are 10 and 3 it was a tough game to sit down and watch you know not a lot of offense not a lot of points and even despite that Josh Allen he knows it's important to beat a team like the Jets in their own division and despite the crap weather he's like hey we could have did better than what we did they play very hard their coach really well they got some really good players over there obviously playing these division games teams see you twice they kind of know what you like know what you typically like to do so they can kind of game plan around that a little more specifically so you know early on it wasn't great I thought second third quarter kind of got into a little bit of a rhythm and we just got to we got to finish better you know we got to end the game with the ball in our hands and you know not put that much stress on our defense you know but our defense played you know a heck of a game tonight I thought they you know stepped up obviously the news of on last week and this and that but our guys came out and they were fired up and they played really well tonight they beat the living hell out of Mike White that's what they did the New York Jets offensive line out of man if I was Mike White what is Mike White going to do he's just happy and thrilled to have the job but I mean sheesh that man got smashed and speaking of smashed it was only in the afternoon game that that Russell Wilson went viral for all the wrong reasons he he hit the turf running and diving was tackled from behind head first down into the the grass and he didn't know where he was you could see it in his face it's one of the worst scenes that you get in professional football when someone is knocked out so damn bad they don't know what's going on and despite this the Kansas City Chiefs and the Broncos they played a good game Russell Wilson played a good game three touchdowns 57 yards rushing probably his best game of the season and despite playing the Chiefs yes the Chiefs tough the Broncos haven't been able to muster points their defense did a good job taking a ball away from Patrick Mahomes and Mahomes had three touchdowns also had three interceptions the Chiefs still beat the Broncos 34 to 28 the Denver Broncos join the Texans and the Chicago Bears as the only teams that have officially been eliminated from the postseason so the Chiefs go 10 and 3 the Broncos go 3 and 10 they miss Russell Wilson I tweeted this last night the way that hit looked there's no reason to bring this dude back for the season let let Russell Wilson I don't know just let him sit in concussion protocol to the end of the year until he is fully ready to go it's just a shame that they were they were hanging in there with these Chiefs their head coach Nathaniel Hackett's man might as well already have his bags packed we know he is likely to get the boot from the Denver Broncos as their head coach despite only having the job for one year he was proud of what his team did yesterday take a listen we want to win the game we had a chance to but I'll tell you the fight that these guys have is is is awesome yeah I'm sure they can continue on the fight they take on a team that has a an injured quarterback and god knows if if we'll see him back this season I don't know the way he went down it doesn't appear so the Broncos take on the Arizona Cardinals next could be a battle of the backups meanwhile the Chiefs they got the Texans next up and I have no idea what the score of that game is going to look like hey Shep what what would you say that score will be the Texans got one win they almost I'm not going to say they almost beat the Cowboys they hung in there they almost did JR yeah they had that was too close for comfort for any Cowboys fan yeah they had they had to come back but the Texans are still one and eleven the Chiefs got them up next what do you think that score will be man I mean Lovey Smith he ain't gonna get it done uh twice in a row uh in terms of you know dealing with the mammoths of the NFL I think that she and you know JR also they're very disappointed how they played Mahomes doesn't have back-to-back mediocre games and you and I both know that was a very mediocre game of Patrick Mahomes three interceptions I mean when do you see that from from uh patty cakes yeah what's what do you think the score is going to beat up okay that's fair uh yeah yeah what do you think the scores are there you go okay I think the Chiefs are gonna run away with it I was giving you the logic behind the running away with it I just didn't want you to keep it playing you know are we talking like what we saw with the Niners not not a not a 35 to 7 right maybe can we give them 14 points the Chiefs made the Niners look like anything but the Niners I think the Chiefs are going to be uh I give the Chiefs a three touchdown edge in that game okay yeah I'd agree with that whatever it is three three touchdowns make plenty of sense uh Patrick Mahomes yeah it was a a tough ugly game uh he talked about beating a team in his own division even though they're garbage we go into every season and we say we want to win the AFC West we want to get home filled in the playoffs and we want to we want to win a Super Bowl and so um hopefully uh we continue and we haven't done it yet we we win the AFC West that's our first goal um and it's special I think guys I want to make sure guys remember that it's special winning divisions where's miss piggy when you need her like this uh I'm just saying I sometimes Patrick Mahomes it's like he tries to turn down the uh the Kermit the frogness of his voice and then other times he just I hear him and I go is Kermit the frog the the Chiefs don't have a damn thing to worry about the rest of the year they want to make sure that their their defense isn't giving up a crap load of points their defense is is rather pedestrian I'd say it's on the average side and there's an expectation every single game and I think we've seen this over the past several years that Patrick Mahomes will bail them out it doesn't matter what the circumstance it doesn't matter what the game is it's going to be Patrick Mahomes job to deliver the ball down the field you know for 300 yards for 400 yards and give you three touchdowns well I think that's the only worry with the Chiefs is what happens with their defense and so maybe the Texans will go out there and put up some points but if I have to think about what this entire season will look like the remainder of it for the Chiefs between the Chiefs and the Bills I think they are likely on another collision course maybe this time it will be back for the the AFC title but then you also have the Bengals who are not too shabby themselves so all the best to the losers Russell Wilson get well soon Mike White man I don't want to try to be that guy breathing right now and the world will continue to move on it's the JR sport re-show here with you on CBS Sports Radio speaking of losers what world do we live in when the Detroit Lions are actually competitive what world do we live in where the Lions can be one of the best teams in the NFL and actually move into playoff contention we're living in the we're the real world we're going to talk about the Lions when we come back it's the JR sport re-show CBS Sports Radio
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