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12.8.22 JR SportBrief Hour 3

JR Sport Brief / JR
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December 9, 2022 1:01 am

12.8.22 JR SportBrief Hour 3

JR Sport Brief / JR

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December 9, 2022 1:01 am

JR believes the Raiders are a dumpster fire and compares them to other organizations that have had persistent struggles, wonders what the problem is with Derek Carr and Josh McDaniels, and wonders what's next for Baker Mayfield.

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I'm being joined by our producer tonight, hanging out, Jack Stern.

I'm here with you, everybody listening all over North America. This is halftime of the show, but we got a lot more to do. We have a full-time of a game and that's the Los Angeles Rams coming back to beat the Raiders tonight 17 to 16. Yeah, Baker Mayfield's first game here with the Los Angeles Rams and he wins in a comeback. Sean McVay was on the sidelines losing his mind. And so we're going to talk about this game. We're going to talk about Baker Mayfield.

I'm sure they're going to be a lot of people who are real high on him, maybe higher on him than they need to be. But this is his third chance. He's got one, two. Yeah, this is his third chance at being a starting quarterback.

And let's see if he can make the most of it with these these very few remaining games left for the Los Angeles Rams. If you want to talk to me, it's simple. We got a phone number 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. I am online at JR Sport Brief. We open up the show talking about Brittany Greiner. Right before we went to break, I told you about Dan Snyder, also the manager of a crap, terrible football team.

This man cannot sell the organization fast enough. And I guess at some point tonight, you know, we'll talk about Desmond Ritter. The fact that Marcus Mariota has been given the boot and Desmond Ritter is going to get his opportunity to start here. For the Atlanta Falcons. But let's talk about the football game that actually took place tonight.

Let's all be honest. Who the hell was excited for this game? Raiders fans? That's it. Raider fans. That's it.

Can't be anybody else. Because what are the Rams playing for? They stepped into this game with a record of three and nine.

Three and nine. We know the Rams aren't going anywhere. Aaron Donald dealing with an ankle. Matthew Stafford is unfortunately dealing with, you know, issues related to a concussion. He's dealing with issues related to his spine. His legs were numb.

This is just terrible. Cooper Cup is out with a high ankle sprain. Baker Mayfield is out here playing with C's and D's.

I mean, that might be his own rating as a player, but we'll see soon enough. He was just picked up on waivers. From the Carolina Panthers by the Rams on Tuesday. It's Thursday. In 48 hours, Baker Mayfield was sent out here. To see what he can do. And well, tonight is certainly a great first impression.

He came on in the second drive in relief of Wolford. The game was pretty much crap. What I think everyone thought it was going to be. Because the Raiders, it seemed like they had this game in the. Had this game in the bag, but it is the Raiders.

So, of course, they were going to choke it away. Of course, the Raiders were going to find some type of way to screw this up. Because all the way down with about three minutes left in the game. The Raiders had a 16.

To three lead. The game started off. The Raiders took and wasted no time getting on the board in the first quarter. Josh Jacobs, who did a damn good job tonight with ninety nine yards rushing. He scored the Raiders only field goal. He opened the scoring up.

Take a listen to this. Same formation as first down. Second goal from the one. Snap.

Give to Josh again. Off the right side. Has some room. Squeezes in. Touchdown Raiders. An opening drive. Seventy five yard push. And Jacobs caps it off with a one yard dive through the right side. And it's six nothing Las Vegas. Less than six minutes into the game.

Right out of the gate. Courtesy of the Raiders Radio Network. After that, that's still the first quarter. We got a bunch of field goals. They kick another one.

Now they were up ten nothing. I mean, all the Rams could muster until the fourth quarter was another field goal. The Raiders kick another one.

It's 13 to three. Nobody scores a damn point in the third quarter. And so we're moving throughout this game and then they kick another field goal. So it's now the fourth quarter. Las Vegas has a 16 to three lead.

I'm sure most of America is like, why the hell am I watching this crap? Let's see if Baker Mayfield comes out alive. And he did. Because with about three minutes left in the game, Baker Mayfield helps them go on a 75 yard drive. Baker Mayfield helps set up almost what looked like a touchdown.

They were just short. And then Cam Akers got the ball with a little more than three minutes left. And Cam Akers proceeded to do this. Mayfield ready. Under center. Opens up.

Hands off. Akers finding Pater. Pushing the pile. There it is. Touchdown Cam the Ram. Touchdown L.A. Courtesy of the Rams Radio Network. They were excited, right? What the hell else are these Rams going to be excited for this season? Not a damn thing.

And so here's the deal. Las Vegas now leads 16 to 10. The Rams get the ball back. Baker Mayfield has an opportunity to take this squad. On a game winning drive.

And that he did. Baker Mayfield helped take them on a 90 yard drive. 98 yard drive. The longest game winning touchdown drive of his career.

But you want to know something? Of course, the Raiders gave him a little bit of help. There was a pass interference.

And it didn't stop there. It wasn't just a pass interference. This happens to be one of the most egregious penalties I will ever see.

And the man who committed it, his name was Jerry Tillery. Absolutely terrible. Baker Mayfield was sacked with a little more than a minute left to go in the game. The Rams have no timeouts.

They're in rush mode. Baker Mayfield just went backwards. Max Crosby is earning his money. He sacks Baker. And what does Tillery decide to do? He decides to slap the ball out of the hand of Baker Mayfield while he's obviously trying to help set up for the next play. Now, if you have watched any type of football in your lifetime. When it comes to setting up the play and giving the ball to the official, it's your job to stay the hell out the way.

Jerry Tillery, I guess he thought this was an amateur hour. He slaps the ball. The Rams now get an automatic first down. They get 15 yards and the clock is stopped. What in the purple hell is this guy doing? This is probably the worst decision that I've seen made by a player or penalty that I've seen or heard all year long.

Take a listen to this. Empty set for Mayfield. Shotgun snap.

Eyes the middle. Crosby off the edge. He gets home at the 12. Max Crosby for his second sack of the game. And now a flag and it looks like it's going to be on the Raiders. A late flag. Baker Mayfield was calling for it. And this is going to be a penalty after the play. How dumb do you have to be instead of slapping the ball out of Baker Mayfield's hands? If you're going to do that, you should have slapped Baker Mayfield. Absolutely ridiculous.

At least get your money's worth. And so the play continues on. I'll tell you again, 15 extra yards. The clock stops.

Max Crosby should slap Tillery for this dumbass penalty afterwards. And so then what happens? Baker Mayfield in his first game as a Ram. He does this.

Take a listen. Rams have to go 98 yards without a timeout. 23 remaining. 15 seconds. Mayfield flings it.

Left side. End zone. Caught. Caught.

Caught by Van Jefferson. With nine seconds remaining. Touchdown L.A. Rams radio network. They were hype. Of course, Matt Gay hit the extra point.

Baker Mayfield. Yeah, he went 98 yards. Got a little bit of help from some dumbass penalties. And that 10 seconds. Yeah, they just went nowhere afterwards.

Los Angeles. They come back and beat the Raiders 17 to 16. Baker Mayfield's last two drives. He went 15 of 20. One hundred and forty one yards and obviously had that game winning touchdown on his first six drives.

The man only competed completed 17 or excuse me, seven of 15 passes went absolutely nowhere. And Baker Mayfield man, Sean McVeigh was absolutely hyped on the sidelines after this game. Let's keep in mind, there is no reason to have Baker Mayfield on the squad, but to evaluate who he is. Can we keep him around?

Is he worth it? And Sean McVeigh had positive words to say about Baker after all he could do is say positive words. Take a listen. You can't say enough about Baker Mayfield and the leadership, the resilience, the competitiveness. You know, and what a quick study. I mean, he just got here five minutes ago and figured out a way to to be able to do some special things tonight.

I just can't say enough about how impressed I am with just the command, the comfort, even just the operation. I mean, being able to just call the plays within the 40 second play clock or even 25 seconds out of a clock stoppage or it was I mean, it's I'm still kind of like, what the hell is going on right now? That's what everybody thinks about when they watch Baker Mayfield. I think we have an explanation for you. I mean, people, I don't understand the reason to hear Sean McVeigh has proven that he is one of the best coaches in the NFL. Baker Mayfield, we still don't know who and what he is. Are we going to just blame Freddie Kitchens or Hugh Jackson? Are we going to blame Odell, Greg Williams, Stefanski? Are we going to blame all of his coaches?

Steve Wilks and Matt Ruhl? Like he has to take some of the blame. There's a reason that Baker Mayfield was selected number one overall. It's potential. A lot of people have potential.

Do you actually live up to it? And so for a guy who was selected number one overall, Baker Mayfield is trying to make the most of what's in front of him right now, because the reality says he's probably going to have to be a backup on a good to decent team. In his days of being a starter on just a bad team, we we just experienced that in Carolina. And now he's, quote unquote, been set free. And so in his first game as a Ram. He won. Next up, Green Bay.

Good luck. I'm sorry if Aaron Rodgers loses to Baker Mayfield, I will laugh my ass off. The Denver Broncos are up next. I think the Denver Broncos are still trying to figure out how to score points. Maybe Baker can pick up a victory there. The Los Angeles Chargers are on the schedule.

I don't know. They know how to choke, too. And then you got Seattle closing out the season. Baker Mayfield is likely to have four more games to showcase who he is and figure out what he wants to do in the off season. Who wants him in the off season? But after the game tonight, Baker Mayfield, he sat right up on the Amazon Prime desk and he said, yes, when it comes down to wins in my career, this is one of the best. This is up there for all time.

I don't know. I mean, I had John Liam and Zach Robinson help me study for since I landed. Didn't think he was going to play all like this, but I am sure happy we covered the two minute operation.

My goodness. Yeah, he had a whole lot of learning to do in two days, but he did say this. The fact that I had one, two, three, four, five, what about six coaches now? It helped me learn tonight. Take a listen to what Baker had to say about learning. I was just telling Fitzy, you know, originally I was angry about having to go through so many coaching changes and learn so many new things.

But that for sure helped right there. Just learning protections first and then just talking with those guys on offense about the concepts that I like. And luckily I've run a lot of them and they put some good plays out there and put me in a good position to win. Well, it certainly doesn't hurt when Sean McVeigh is your head coach. Certainly doesn't hurt when you play against a team like the Raiders. The Raiders look for ways to lose. The Raiders look for ways to give up games. The Raiders look for ways to choke. They are absolutely terrible. And they'll probably be terrible as long as Mark Davis is the owner. They need a new. They just got a new GM, but damn it, they need a new coach. Josh McDaniel's ain't the guy. And Derek Carr, I mean, damn, this man threw two INTs tonight as well.

Sure, he's probably crying at the press conference right now. So for Thursday Night Football, we expect that I expected just two bad teams to play and that's what we got. And one of the bad teams decided to choke because that's what the Raiders do.

And good for them. They help Baker Mayfield look good tonight by doing what the Raiders do. Raider. It's the J.R. Sportbrief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio 855-2124 CBS.

That's 855-2124 CBS. We're going to talk more about this game, the Rams comeback over the Raiders 17-16. We're going to talk about Baker Mayfield and on the other side of the break, we're going to hear from you. But then we'll also hear from the choking losers, the Raiders.

It's the J.R. Sportbrief Show, CBS Sports Radio. You know, let Baker Mayfield get some love, right? Like Baker Mayfield gets beat down and beat up so much, his reputation is mud. Browns didn't want him. Panthers didn't want him. This guy was selected number one overall in 2018. He's going through what, six coaches by now? Some of it's his own doing and some of it is organizational structure.

Who knows? You can say at this point in time he's probably damaged goods. Sean McVeigh is happy with what he did tonight. And Baker Mayfield is happy that he's with a good team.

He got some help. I want you to listen to Baker Mayfield right now because not only did he win tonight, game-winning drive 98 yards. Thank you Raiders for all the help that you gave him. Baker Mayfield, he gave credit to the C and D list players on the offense. I'm happy with it.

I mean, there's a lot of stuff to clean up just operation-wise. Okay Baker, I'm going to cut you off. That was incredible. Those guys were communicating with me the whole time. And Brian Allen up front, those guys up front, talking about some of these run checks that we have here.

And it's a little bit complex, but they were communicating the whole time. And then we switched up some snap count during that and they just, they kept riding along with me and rode the wave. And so I got to love that.

That's awesome. Yeah, let's throw Baker a party. Why not? I hope he does good over the next four games. Come on, because I just root for anybody. I don't care.

855-212-4CBS. We're going to hear from the Raiders too, the losers. Some interesting comments. I wonder what Josh McDaniels had to say. Let's talk to Lou. He's calling from Rochester. You're on CBS Sports Radio.

Hey JR, great show. Listen, I'm kind of, it's interesting that McVay went out of his way to be perfusive about his love and appreciation for Mayfield this evening. I think it might show that the Rams might be in some kind of desperation mode for the future. Yeah, you think the Rams might be in desperation mode? They enter tonight's game with three wins and nine losses. Their key stars are injured and hurt.

There's no harm, no foul. Yeah, what do they have to lose? Nothing, I guess. But wow, banking on Mayfield is...

They're not banking on Baker Mayfield. They're giving him an opportunity to see if he's worth having now or into the future. That's it? You know, I've explained this the past two nights as, you know, like kicking the tires on a car. Like just to see if it runs.

Getting a little bit of a test ride in there. Is it going to work? Is it not going to work?

This is very, very simple. What are they going to do? The Rams are going to wake up and flip their record and be nine and four and go to the Super Bowl? No, they're not playing for anything. This season is a loss.

It's washed out. There's nothing coming back. See if you have an asset into the future. You have no idea what Matthew Stafford looks like.

You already have so much cash invested into the future. You don't have draft picks. This is a win win for everybody. They can see if there's value there in Baker, if they should decide to keep him, if Baker wants to stay. And in Baker, this is a prime chance for him to showcase himself, even with the other stars hurt. Maybe somebody else goes, hmm, maybe we could bring in Baker next year. He's going to be a project between now and next season.

He knows that he's just looking for a chance and an opportunity. I don't think the Rams are looking at him as a savior to save what? Speaking of a savior, a savior is exactly what the Raiders need. You couldn't beat this squad.

You couldn't beat a guy who just walked in the door. The Raiders couldn't beat a guy who's been the quarterback and probably has an understanding of ten plays. Baker Mayfield pretty much said, oh, play action. Like, let's fake the run and throw the ball. Or let me hand the ball off. That was what he did tonight until the end of the game. And the Raiders just gave it away.

Jerry Tillery, oh my God, are they going to cut that guy? Slapping the ball out of Baker Mayfield's hand at the end of the game, giving them extra time, stopping the clock, giving them 15 yards, nullifying a sack. Dumb. I can't remember, I mean, I've seen, I think we've all seen a lot of dumb football plays. As a matter of fact, this play was so dumb, this basically helped give them the game winner. I want you to take a listen to this stupid play one more time after a sack.

Listen. Empty set for Mayfield. Shotgun snap.

Eyes the middle. Crosby off the edge. He gets home at the 12. Max Crosby for his second sack of the game. And now a flag and it looks like it's going to be on the Raiders. A late flag. Baker Mayfield was calling for it. And this is going to be a penalty after the play. He's slapping a ball out of his hand.

The hell are you doing? He should get slapped for doing it. Max Crosby should slap him for, oh my God, it's stupid.

855-2124 CBS. Derek is here from California. You're on the JR Sport Reef Show. Man, JR, I'm a diehard Raider fan. I've been watching this team for 34 years now. And if this isn't the epitome of our organization and what we do, unfortunately, it's like I told people this year, it's like if we ever get jump out to the lead ever in the slightest.

I know. I know it's a wrap for us. I literally I don't get excited when we score first or when we go up on a team. I don't because I know my team and we we look for ways to blow it.

We'll manufacture ways to blow it. That Hillary guy, I swear, if McDaniel doesn't cut him or if somebody didn't slap him, then I don't even know. I got no faith left in humanity at this point because, like you said, we did just fuck. I mean, just just. Oh, no, well, we can be upset and angry.

Not that angry, but that's that's Raider fans, man. It's it's some tough going. I need to call up. What's the gorilla's name? I forgot the gorilla. I've met him.

He's a nice guy. Thriller, the gorilla, Magilla, not Magilla, the gorilla, gorilla, his name is Gorilla Rilla. I think Gorilla Rilla can do a better job playing on the Raiders than the actual Raiders. It's pretty terrible. They got a bad owner. They got a crap coach and Derek Carr.

I feel like time is ticking away on him. Lonnie's calling from Sacktown. You're on CBS Sports Radio.

They are. Hello. Yeah, that would be me. You would happen to be Lonnie. Go ahead.

Well, my father, I would say. Raiders is dumpster juice now. OK. The trash, the Western trash.

They're weak. OK. And I hope Baker Mayfield goes off the next four games. OK. Well, thank you, Lonnie, for calling from Sacktown. Don't ask me why I know this. Dumpster juice is called leachate. I don't know why I know that, but I do.

If the next time you want to call somebody or something dumpster juice, call it call it leachate. 855-212-4CBS. Mike is calling from Virginia. Go ahead, Mike.

Hey, J.R., big fan. Hey, I'm with Lonnie, man. OK, right now, the Raiders, first of all, they cost me five G's tonight, but forget about that. Josh McDaniel is a loser. You got Crosby jumping offside.

You got that nitwit on fourth and three on the punt jumping offside. These guys are nitwits. I want to say with my chest, J.R., these guys are losers. Love you, bud. I'll listen to you. Well, thank you, Mike. I love you back.

Calling from Virginia. Yeah, they're losers. There's never going to be a change here. If the Raiders ever win, it's going to be by accident. It's like one of those things that has to happen.

Like lightning is going to strike somewhere. At one point in time, lightning is going to strike for the Raiders. But it's not going to happen until they actually have an owner who can select upper management that's actually decent. Until upper management can select players that are actually decent. But we know the Raiders' way. The Raiders will hire anybody. They will. They look for speed.

At least that's what Dad looks for. But they typically end up with crap. What a disastrous situation this is. They embarrass themselves again for all of America to see. Marco Belletti, that Jerry Tillery play, is that not one of the dumbest things you ever seen in your life?

There's a reason why he was cutting on the waiver wire for the Raiders to get him in the first place, apparently. Look, you've got to know the situation. You've got to know what's going on. You've got to know what you have to do in certain spots. You've got a situation where you've got them on the ropes.

Why give them life? Just dumb. You know what I just say? If you're going to slap the ball, you might as well slap Baker Mayfield.

Get your money's worth out of it. You're right. It's the same concept. You might as well lower the helmet down. I mean, really, it's as dumb as that of lowering the helmet on the quarterback that's defenseless. It's as stupid as that. And the Raiders, after a sack, too, no less. Max Crosby's probably slapping him up in the locker room.

It is just... The Raiders are the Raiders. It's the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. I'm going to take more of your calls on the other side.

855-212-4CBS. Derek Carr. We're going to hear from him on the other side. He spoke to the media.

And then we'll talk to you, and we'll have more conversation here. Like, what type of life is actually left in Baker Mayfield? Is this going to be the best four-game stretch of his life, or is he going to have to pretty much start from scratch again?

It's the JR Sport Brief Show, CBS Sports Radio. Rams beat the Raiders tonight, 17-16. And yeah, sure, there's going to be a lot of talk about Baker Mayfield, and we'll get there. Receiving a lot of praise for that game-winning drive that we know the Raiders helped them with because they... They suck. They're undisciplined. We saw two penalties. We saw an egregious penalty, where Jerry Tillery wanted to slap the ball out of Baker Mayfield's hands as he's basically trying to set up for the play. Like, why don't you just give him free yards? You know, I really don't like calling people names. I'll say what they did was stupid or ridiculous, and that was a dumbass play. I don't know, I don't know Tillery. I never met him in my life, but that was a dumbass play.

There's no other way to put it. And for the Raiders, they could only muster 16 points. They only had one touchdown. Josh Jacobs scored a touchdown on the opening drive, and after that it was just like field goal heaven. Derek Carr finished tonight 11-20, 137 yards, had two interceptions. And man, the Raiders looked absolutely miserable on the bench, knowing that they gave this game away.

They basically said, here, take it. We suck. We're losers. We're choke artists. We're undisciplined.

Here, go for it. And I wanted to know what Derek Carr was going to say after the game, because for the past month he has looked exasperated. We have seen him cry. He's going through it, man. His career is the Raiders.

I don't know how to better describe it. And he actually spoke after the game. Let's take a listen to Derek Carr. Let's take a listen. Is he actually crying this time?

Here. It hurts, but we put ourselves in that position. We won however many games in a row, but it doesn't mean you win the next one. And you try and talk about it, preach about it, you know, work, so that doesn't happen. But it happened to us today, and it's hard.

It's tough, but we put ourselves in that position like it's nobody else's fault. Oh, hey Jack, at least tonight, at least he wasn't crying tonight, right? He sounded like he was in some positive spirits, right? Yeah, but dude was certainly in his feelings. I think he needs some vodka and hard liquor, maybe a glass of wine, a couple bong rips to calm down.

They are in LA, and weed is legal in California, so maybe they could get some for the plane ride back, right? Whoa. Derek Carr is a very religious man, dog. You trying to send this man into the, I don't know, you trying to put him on Skid Row? No, I'm not trying to put him on Skid Row.

I just think he needs to go on a little bit of a spiritual journey, a la Aaron Rodgers. Damn. Hey Jack, remind me never to hang out with you. I think I'm the perfect person to hang out with, JR. The next time you come to New York, you have to hit me up as the first person you see when you get off the plane. Matter of fact, I'll show up at the airport with a nice BMW convertible to pick you up. How's that sound?

Not all that impressed with that. Where are we going? We're going to go out clubbing, we're going to go on the boat to see the Statue of Liberty, we're going to come to my crib, I can grill you the delicious food that I've cooked for everyone at the station. I know you would love it. If you tasted my food, JR, you'd want to hire me as your personal chef.

I will make sure you have a good time. I thought you were going to say you were going to make me a grilled cheese. I can make you a grilled cheese, I can make you a grilled chicken, I can make you wings, I can make you burgers. I'm pretty much like a restaurant. You cook? Yes, I do cook. I'm an expert cook and I think anyone at the station who has had my cooking would say my food is the best they have ever had in their life. Are they still alive?

They are still alive. I've made a valiant effort not to poison anyone. Nice. 855-212-4CBS. That's 855-212-4CBS.

Eating food that keeps you alive is always a nice thing. Let's go to Billy. He's calling from Alabama.

You're on the JR Sport Reshow. Hey JR, I just cannot understand how the Raiders can be so inconsistent as they've been this year. They have one of the best wide receivers in the league. Derek Carr is not a bad quarterback and I love Jacobs. Jacobs is just unbelievable.

Maybe they should pay him. But you watch the plays tonight and you watch the series of what they try to do and it just didn't make any sense to me with the exception of what I saw equated to 16 points. That's not that team.

That team should be scoring 25 to 34 points almost every game. Well just say his name. You know who to blame.

Say his name. I think it's the leadership of the whole system. Oh well yeah. It starts at Mark Davis but the coach, Josh McDaniels, is crap. How can he not make better plays for those players? I just don't get it.

I don't get it. Is there something I'm missing? Do they have an incredible amount of injuries like the Titans or is it something different?

No. The head coach is not a leader. He's garbage. He's a good offensive coordinator but he doesn't need to be standing in front of anybody telling folks what they need to do.

They probably roll their eyes. Well I don't know why he's not calling the plays as offensive coordinator then because their offense is just anemic. One day Jacobs goes off like crazy like last week but it's not consistent. There's nothing consistent about the Raiders right now. Well I don't think we have to stop at right now. I think as most Raider fans know this is just who they are.

This is it. It starts with the head coach. And here's the deal. Over the next several seasons I don't see an improvement here for the Raiders. I think Derek Carr's time, I don't care what his contract looks like, Derek Carr's time is ticking man. It's ticking. And how long before Mark Davis decides to make another rash decision, just wakes up and wants to hire a fire somebody new.

It's probably likely. Josh McDaniels he talked, he spoke after the game. The head coach, he talked about how disappointing of a loss this was.

Obviously disappointing. But credit to Sean and his group. They obviously played hard and made one more than we did.

Thought we had opportunities obviously to help close the game out but certainly didn't do enough so none of us did enough. Hey Jack, he sounds like he needs a drink. Him. I already think that Josh McDaniels has had too many drinks.

I think when he was out in Denver he was hitting the reefer a little bit too hard and that's why he had that sudden demise after he won his first five or six or seven games or whatever it was. Oh. Okay. Josh McDaniels, he definitely seems like a party animal though doesn't he? Like he definitely seems like the type of guy you'd want to hang out with in college because he knew where all the good parties were. Hmm, maybe I don't I don't know how to judge that.

It's like a regular human to me. 855-212-4CBS Josh is calling from Sacramento. What's up, Josh? Hey JR, love your show man.

I listen every opportunity I get. Thank you. But being a Chiefs fan man, I gotta tell you how elated I was to hear that Josh McDaniels was hired by the Raiders.

I could not tell you how happy I was and tonight just proves it once again. Josh McDaniels is a terrible head coach. Yeah, right. There's no denying that and I don't think it's so much about what he is. It's his play calling.

I think a lot of it is also his demeanor. Well, congratulations to you. What are you looking for your Chiefs? Are you feeling them for the Super Bowl this year?

You know, I am as long as the entire team can get on the same page. We've had our defense win games. We've had our offense with games. We've had our running running back win games for us when that's been off. We've obviously had that one as games. We've yet to see a game where all the facets are coming together and I don't think anybody's going to touch us if we can manage to do that.

I almost feel like Andy Reid's playing a game of cat and mouse right now and not showing all his cards and once playoffs come things are going to get a little crazy. Okay, I just look for that defense to hold up. I'm never worried about that offense.

Let's see what happens Josh. Appreciate you man. I appreciate you.

No doubt about it. 8 5 5 2 1 2 for CBS. That's 8 5 5 2 1 2 for CBS. Dan is here from Toronto.

What's up, Dan? Hello, I am calling so I that what I saw tonight looked very familiar as a longtime suffering Detroit Lions fan. Everything I saw tonight looked super familiar, but I want to know based on what do the Lions have to do now to get a little bit of media exposure because I got to tell you man, there is something real special going on over there.

Well, it can be real special. We know it's not going to be, I know they're on a stretch. What are they, 4 out of 5 right now? But it's the way they're playing. It's the mistake free.

It's incredibly creative offense. Can I, can I, may I answer you? Are you going to, no, no, matter of fact, keep pitching. It's all you now.

You asked me a question, but no, go ahead. No, no, I, by all means, what's it going to take? Next season.

Okay. Next season. That's it. They're not doing anything this year. I think everybody can appreciate and understand that they've, they've gone on a nice stretch here. They got what, 4 or 5 more games to go. Let's see what they do. If they can end on a positive streak. We know Dan Campbell stood in front of the media a couple of days ago and he said, listen, I know how this goes.

My ass was going to get fired. And that certainly probably won't be the case unless they absolutely tank the rest of the season, which I don't think will happen. We know the Lions are not in a legitimate playoff chase for now. We know the Lions aren't necessarily a team that people should pay attention to. So unless they magically go on a ridiculous run and just went out the rest of the way and maybe secure a wildcard spot, nobody's going to pay attention to them until the off season.

Fair enough. It's the Lions, man. What if they, who cares?

Well, that's the thing. I think they might be, you might see something special in the next couple. Hey, they got the Minnesota Vikings next. They have the New York Jets, they have the Panthers, the Bears and the Packers.

So I wouldn't be shocked or surprised if just maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe they can kind of just sit at that 500 mark to conclude the season. But this is a, this is a building process and good luck to them. I think if there's any fan base that deserves any type of success, it's most certainly Lions fans. I appreciate you. Amen, brother. No problem.

Thank you for calling from Toronto. If you want to think about franchises that that deserve a little bit of something. I think the Lions might be at the top of the list. Like pitiful franchises that just need a sliver of life.

Just a little bit of success. Lions got to be there. I can't think, man, it's the Pirates. Here's a question for everybody.

855-212-4CBS. Yeah, we'll keep talking about Thursday Night Football. What is the worst run professional franchise? No, forget that.

It's the answers, the commanders. What fan base deserves a little bit of luck? The Lions got it the worst, right? It has to be the Lions. It's the J.R. Sportbreech of CBS Sports Radio.
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