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JR SportBrief Hour 2

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November 22, 2022 1:18 am

JR SportBrief Hour 2

JR Sport Brief / JR

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November 22, 2022 1:18 am

JR looks at where the Cowboys rank in the NFC after an impressive win over the Vikings IN Minnesota


You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. And we are coming to you live from the Rocket Mortgage Studios.

When you need cash out of your home in a simple way to get it, Rocket can. I'm gonna be hanging out here with you for the next three hours. Shout outs to everybody listening all over North America. A big shout outs to everybody in Mexico City.

How about this? To the shock and the surprise of no one, the San Francisco 49ers are beating down the Arizona Cardinals 38 to 10. There is no Kyler Murray.

The world is witnessing Colt McCoy one more time. And the Cardinals are just, I don't know. I don't feel good about them at any point. I don't feel good at all about the combination of Kyler Murray and Cliff Kingsbury. I still have no idea how Cliff Kingsbury got a contract extension in the off season.

I don't know how he got a contract extension before Kyler Murray. And this might just be the odd couple. No idea how they're gonna move forward. Obviously we'll keep you up to date with this game as it gets ready to conclude. San Francisco beating Arizona right now 38 to 10. San Francisco on the way to improving their record to 6 and 4.

Certainly on the surge looking to win their third consecutive game. If you want to holler at me it's real simple. We got a phone number. It's 855-212-4 CBS. That's 855-212-4 CBS.

You can also find me online at JR Sport Brief. I'm being joined by super producer and host Dave Shepherd. Last hour we took a look at the Kansas City Chiefs because about 24 hours ago the Chiefs they came back and they beat the Chargers 30 to 27. Kelcey on the receiving end of three touchdowns including the game winner with 31 seconds left. A matter of fact let's listen to that courtesy of the Chiefs radio network. A 17-yard touchdown reception to take the lead plus his 33rd 100-yard receiving game of his career. The most by a tight end in national football league history. I always love it when he says touchdown Kansas City. I wish he'd take a breath.

I feel like he needs some oxygen in the process. The Kansas City Chiefs they improved their record to 8 and 2. Then the Chiefs are on the up and up. What else is new? Number one scoring offense in the NFL and yes I'll say it again Tyreek Hill is gone. That's what we talked about last hour.

That's not it. On the opposite end of the spectrum Patrick Mahomes is probably the best quarterback currently in the NFL and then you got the New York Jets. Their quarterback Zach Wilson he allowed their team his team the Jets to have more punts 10 than he had completions nine and despite an amazing performance from the Jets defense the Jets lost on a punt return for a touchdown.

The Jets offense or excuse me the Jets defense sacked Mac Jones six times held the Patriots offense to three points as well and then after the game Rob Salah matter of fact today he made it clear Zach Wilson has been playing like crap and there's no guarantees that he's going to start the next game against the Bears. Listen to this. Just been dealing with so many different things right now. I'm going to get to the tape and just evaluate everything and I'll leave it at that. We're keeping everything on the table over the next couple of days. So you're not committing to Zach as your starter for Sunday?

Not right now not until I'm done evaluating everything. Oh Mike White on deck I think they're going to start Zach Wilson and the second that he screws up you put Mike White out there. Garrett Wilson watching football sail over his head watching his teammates be targeted on passes that they cannot catch. Garrett Wilson after the game he just sounded miserable.

This is a rookie listen. It started during the week in practice coaching all of that man we all got to be more detailed we all got to have a a better plan this is not okay I mean straight up he's not okay we had how many how many total yards we had a little over yeah it's not not not gonna fly. Oh that's a that's the rookie wide receiver calling everybody out. At least he wants to play I appreciate that. I like that Zach Wilson needs to be on the spot. We know it's not easy playing in New York City you got to show up and if you don't got it you don't got it and Zach is getting that chance and opportunity. They were trying to babysit him and hold his hand throughout the season. Breece Hall goes down and now he's being tasked with throwing the ball. Either he has the yips either he can't handle the pressure and not everybody in New York can do so.

We're going to find out about Zach Wilson sooner than later. At the same time that game took place yesterday up in New England but back in Brooklyn New York the Nets were in action. The Nets were in action and yeah sure fine it's the Nets they took on the Memphis Grizzlies no Moran no Bain and they beat them 127 of 115. This game was of note because Kyrie Irving returned. Kyrie Irving on Saturday had an interview with Ian Begley of SNY TV and Kyrie Irving made it as clear as day that he's sorry that he apologizes that he wants to bring people together that he erred he he basically explained everything that he should have done. The first day he was asked and he made it clear he wants this to be a learning experience for everyone and so when Kyrie Irving's return what does he do in 26 minutes he scores 14 points has five rebounds and zero assists. Kyrie Irving right out of the gate he said listen I know I'm back the team was five and three without him Kyrie says it's actually nice to be back playing basketball. I trust what Joc has going on in terms of leading our our coaching staff and then us as players just going out there and having fun not putting too much pressure on ourselves but it felt good to get this game out of the way and now we can move forward with the rest of the season. Oh wow well let's see let's see how long Kyrie is back is Kyrie Irving gonna go down due to an injury is is Kyrie Irving gonna have another situation another controversy I think one of the two is likely I'm not wishing injury on anybody but I mean damn we know he's injury prone when he actually decides to be available someone else who was available and played Ben Simmons yeah there was no issue with his back there was no issue with a sore knee Nick Claxton was out starting center for the Brooklyn Nets due to personal reasons and so Ben Simmons got a start and what did he do in 35 minutes how about this Ben Simmons scored 22 points he was 11 of 13 from the field no no uh no three-pointers don't worry about that he also had eight rebounds and five assists this is the best basketball I have seen Ben Simmons play since 2020 because we know he ain't played last year and so Ben Simmons playing like this in Brooklyn this is what he had to say about getting back to his all-star form just staying focused um you know taking it day by day honestly that's that's what it is you gotta take it day by day for me myself personally I feel like you know if I start you know reading everything that's going on and getting my head psyched out you know that's that's not good for me so for me I just want to stay focused take it day by day I know you I keep saying it but that's what it is for me okay Ben Simmons this is a glimpse is this gonna last and in a twist of fate here the Brooklyn Nets their next game it's tomorrow Tuesday night against his former team the Philadelphia 76ers the Sixers they haven't been all that damn good themselves this year dealing with tons of injuries the Sixers are currently eight and eight Maxie's been out with a fracture in his foot they're hoping that it doesn't take long Hardin's been dealing with his own foot injury and now Joel Embiid he's out with a foot sprain Joel Embiid is currently leading the NBA in scoring at approximately 32 points per game and so Ben Simmons is going to have a chance to go back to Philly and take on nobody he'll look at Tobias Harris because James Harden won't be blamed Joel Embiid won't be playing Maxie won't be playing if anything Ben Simmons is going back to Philadelphia to get booed by the fans there that's it because he's not going to be going one-on-one with Joel Embiid and so this is an opportunity I don't think I've seen an NBA player have this big of an opportunity in years to go to your former team and shut them the hell up if Ben Simmons wants to elicit confidence and the Nets and the team and the fan base and anybody Ben Simmons is going to have to go to Philadelphia and he's going to have to put up the same performance he did against Memphis against the Sixers it doesn't matter if Embiid is out there it doesn't matter if Harden is there it doesn't matter if Maxie is there Ben Simmons has to show up and show out let's see what he does or let's see if he cracks this is definitely an opportunity for him to go out there and just straight build confidence and oh yeah by the way in addition to yeah beating the Grizzlies yesterday what did Kevin Durant do he just rolled out of bed and had another 26 points because that's just what he does makes playing basketball look way way too easy it's the JR sport re-show here with you on CBS Sports Radio speaking of making any thing look easy yesterday afternoon in Minnesota we saw a beat down the Dallas Cowboys beat the Vikings up they beat them down they whooped that ass the final score 40 to 3 Dallas Cowboys made it look way way too easy we're going to take a break and when we come back on the other side we're going to talk about the Dallas Cowboys we're going to talk about the Vikings because have the Cowboys jumped the Vikings in the NFC like who is the best team in the NFC and then right now still in Mexico City Colt McCoy he threw an interception in the end zone San Francisco leads 38 to 10 at the two-minute warning two minutes left in the game we're going to talk about the NFC the Vikings the Cowboys we're going to get into what the Niners are doing it's the JR Sport Brief Show here on CBS Sports Radio you're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio I've been listening to you maybe 10-11 months and I always appreciate you being poignant, intelligent, and exactly when you have to be. Call in now at 855-212-4CBS it's the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio and we have a great show coming up on CBS Sports Radio and we have a final score Monday Night Football in Mexico City San Francisco 49ers they beat the Arizona Cardinals the final score 38 to 10 a complete beat down the 49ers they improve their record to six and four the Arizona Cardinals with no Kyler Murray out on the field they fall to four and seven and Jimmy Garoppolo in the process he walks off of the field with the cleanest white 49ers jersey I have ever seen in my life Jimmy Garoppolo throws a career high four touchdown passes no shock here this just stinks for Arizona they went all the way down to Mexico City just to catch a whooping they didn't have to travel I don't know what 3,000 miles 2,500 miles to experience this they could have got this whooping back in the states 855-212-4CBS San Francisco the 49ers are rounding into form and as Jimmy Garoppolo as Kyle Shanahan as some of their coaches and players speak to the media we'll definitely share that with you and then you know as we continue on here with the show we'll take a look at the the NFC and how things are starting to round out the 49ers have now won three consecutive games and if you look at some of the best teams in the NFC right now the 49ers have to be right there they're now at the top of the NFC West with this victory I think it's a foregone conclusion I believe so that they're going to jump in front of the Seahawks and and stay there the Vikings they took a whooping at home yesterday against the Cowboys the Buccaneers they're five and five you can never count out Tom Brady but the 49ers are seemingly trying to round out into form the Eagles they were also able to bounce back barely against the Indianapolis Colts in their underrated defense and so 49ers on a move but but let's talk about another team that's on the up and up right now who would have thought that the Dallas Cowboys would have went into TD Bank Stadium would have walked all the way up in Minneapolis and smacked the Vikings 40 to 3 this was a game that I sat down and said man I can't wait to see this let's see what these Minnesota Vikings can do let's see what the Dallas Cowboys can do typically the Dallas Cowboys all hype every year major expectations at every turn and every scenario but is this the year the Dallas Cowboys actually live up to the hype I guess Minnesota was was still riding high after that that last second victory the comeback victory the overtimes the turnovers making Josh Allen turn the ball over three times in the fourth quarter in overtime and walking away with a w I guess the Minnesota Vikings were just feeling themselves I didn't see anything about any chains yesterday I didn't see Kirk Cousins wearing jewelry the Minnesota Vikings now fall to eight and two Kirk Cousins was abused by the Dallas Cowboys defense Kirk Cousins was sacked seven times he completed 12 of 23 passes for 105 yards and god bless her this wasn't a a Zach Wilson performance but this was pretty terrible his star wide receiver one of the best in the league maybe the best in the league Justin Jefferson only three receptions for 33 yards so the Minnesota Vikings I guess they had to come back down to earth Kirk Cousins someone who is definitely used to disappointment he said the Vikings didn't do well enough not good enough tonight uh got to play better and um with a short week this week it's important that we uh get right back to it and um we'll be at home Thursday night so it's important to uh have a much better performance so um you know we'll we'll um talk about this one and um look to improve and need to be better in in roughly four days so um that's where our focus goes and um you know we've been winning as a team and on this last several weeks of wins and now we've lost as a team and we got to bounce back yeah the Minnesota Vikings are gonna host the New England Patriots on Thursday Thanksgiving you know after you scarf down some food and I don't know lean back on the couch and you know maybe you're gonna argue with your family maybe you'll be sick of each other let's see if the Minnesota Vikings go out there and lay another egg go ask Zach Wilson how he feels about the New England Patriots in their defense do I think the Vikings are only gonna score a field goal hell no do I think the New England Patriots are gonna hold them to a field goal like they did the Jets hell no but the New England Patriots defense for this season they're the second ranked defense when it comes to scoring in the league only allowing 17 points per game you want to know the number one scoring defense in the NFL this year to the shock and surprise of many it's the Dallas Cowboys the team that just smoked the Vikings maybe the Vikings will get smoked again in the final game on Thanksgiving on Thursday but for right now we saw what the Dallas Cowboys did Kirk Cousins looked like crap sack seven times Demarcus Lawrence got in on some of the action he got a sack and now he's dealing with a foot injury what else is new Demarcus Lawrence is always hurt in some type of way in some type of way on the offensive side of the ball Dak Prescott almost perfect he completed 22 of 25 passes 276 yards and Tony Pollard a man possessed yesterday he was on the opposite end of those two touchdown passes he also rushed for 80 yards he had 109 yards receiving Ezekiel Elliott he contributed 42 yards himself both him and Tony Pollard both had you know 15 touches the Dallas Cowboys they're going to be getting ready to take on the New York Giants the Cowboys on Thanksgiving is just it's a tradition and so Dak Prescott heading into this game do you wake up and say we're going to put 40 on them probably not this is what he said their mindset was after last week I had a good week of prep and just wanted to come in and set the standard and expectation that that I've talked about that that we have for ourselves and just as you said just being able to go and get points on on the first seven drives honestly I was just staying in the moment as all the guys were and honestly couldn't have told you that and I think that's just credit to us just being dialed in too easy and the Dallas Cowboys offense this year it's not predicated on throwing the rock all over the place the Dallas Cowboys offense this year is pretty much predicated on the run you think about some of their wide receivers guys are trying to round into form Michael Gallup, CeeDee Lamb, Tony Pollard probably underpaid at this point and Dak Prescott healthy but the defense is where it is a couple of seasons ago especially in that pandemic year the Dallas Cowboys had one of the worst or not one of they had their worst season defensively ever they couldn't stop anybody now they got star players at every level of the defense doesn't matter if you're looking at Demarcus Lawrence who hopefully he's healthy you think about Michael Parsons he had two sacks Trevon Diggs typically trying to snatch everything out of the air they they got they got game breakers and so the owner who sounds like a super villain Jerry Jones the man who's never met a microphone he doesn't like or love he's gone from campaigning for Odell Beckham Jr. to answering questions about whether or not the Cowboys are Super Bowl consenters listen to this unequivocally yes I think we've had adversity we very easily could have some more adversity but if we can get in there healthy and still have games like the last two we just had on the road I think if we use the experience of what we're having in the in the season then we're going to be playoff ready but I sure do think that what I see out here right now is if there's the team like that you could go get a Super Bowl with oh my goodness I feel like they just ask him things just just for the hell of it Shep is there anything legitimate that you can ask Jerry like what are you asking him that for what is he gonna say no I mean the term softball question certainly rears its ugly head when you're talking to a guy who's 80 plus years old without uh forget a Super Bowl a conference title appearance in now going on almost 30 years JR yeah you know I don't know what they're asking him out there the next question they should ask Jerry Jones hey Jerry is are the Dallas Cowboys good oh yeah yeah yeah we're good is are the Dallas Cowboys the most valuable sports franchise on earth Jerry yeah yeah yeah well Jerry do you like putting salt on egg McMuffins yeah yeah yeah like they can they can ask him something with a little bit more substance what do you think about the health of Dak you know how do you feel about Tony Pollard and in his emergence and I'm not gonna sit here and tell you that I heard the entire press conference because I did not but to ask Jerry Jones hey are the Cowboys Super Bowl contenders I mean what is he gonna say no it's just ridiculous to a certain point JR if is there an owner in any of the professional sports that you listen to tactically x's and o's y's and say I'm glad we stuck microphones in you know in front of said majority governor and or owner an owner an owner that's worth listening to is that you know I mean like for example Mark Cuban is absolutely worth listening to in terms of politics and in terms of the way a business is run and how to grow but do I want to listen to Mark Cuban about strategical you know Dallas Mavericks imposed an imposed addition of defenses and offenses not necessarily it's the same thing with Jerry Jones yet we have now done this with this said owner for now 25 years after he has won the three Super Bowls and still remains of course at three Super Bowls point JR is I don't know why we continue to put microphones in front of this guy well he's the he's the general manager listen owners are typically good they're good to listen to when they're saying dumb things or at least they're entertaining let me put it that way Jerry Jones for everything that comes out of his mouth he's almost like a caricature it's not even like he's a real person he's just a cartoon I remember South Park made a cartoon of Jerry Jones you know I remember Robert Kraft I found it absolutely hilarious when he wanted to you know kind of poo-poo Bill Belichick in his draft record and Belichick's response is the hell you want from me did you not see the championships we just won I ain't trying to win the draft I'm trying to win titles and and then here you have another poor example of Vivek Ranadive bought the Sacramento Kings admitted to knowing nothing about basketball becoming recently a basketball fan after having a minority stake in the Golden State Warriors Vivek Ranadive was now integral to the the draft process and it's just like what are we doing here sometimes you got to know who you are what your job is and you actually have to hire people who are good enough to do the job and so yes Jerry Jones and thank you for confirming that for all of us Jerry the Dallas Cowboys are they Super Bowl contenders are they gonna go to the playoffs and choke again the odds would say yes but I think the difference this year is the defense you know the Dallas Cowboys are in such a space where they just quote-unquote have to prove it you have to see it before you believe it but I I trust their defense right now if it can stay healthy in the offense I'm sorry it still leaves something to be desired you know is Dak going to bring you back in the postseason with the weapons is he gonna bring you on a game-winning drive it's to be seen especially in the playoffs 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS that's 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS Monday night football is a wrap we're gonna talk about Jimmy Garoppolo's performance we're gonna talk about the fact that there was no Kyler Murray we'll talk about Cliff Kingsbury we'll talk more about the NFC and I still want to talk to you about some of these college performances for football over the weekend it's the JR sport reshow on CBS sports radio you're listening to the JR sport brief on CBS sports radio hey JR man it's gonna be cliche as a mug but a long time long time listener first time calling man and I appreciate your show big time you have so much insight I just want to give you props on that call in now at 855-212-4CBS it is the JR sport reshow here on CBS sports radio tonight Monday night football the 49ers beat the cards of 38 to 10 Jimmy Garoppolo goes out and throws a career high for touchdowns the San Francisco 49ers have now won three consecutive games they also announced to the top the NFC west along with the San Francisco 49ers and the San Francisco 49ers have now won three consecutive games they also announced to the Seattle Seahawks if you are betting man or woman who you think is winning the NFC west I think it is very very clear the top of the hour I want you to hear some of the plays I want you to hear some of the coaches I want you to hear some of the players we're gonna get that but right now let's hit the phone lines it's 855-212-4CBS that's 855-212-4CBS Alfred he's calling from Vegas JR sport reshow what's up Alfred hey how you doing today I'm very well man what's up well I just wanted to say you know the 49ers look like a Super Bowl contender I mean you know the defense is playing well they haven't allowed a point in the second half and what three straight games now I mean you could see the offense I mean the offense has weapons all over you know this team is probably going to end up with you know the number two seed um I don't think they're going to surpass the Eagles for the one but I think this team is probably going you know all the way if they don't get any big injuries I mean the defensive line is playing great secondary is playing great linebackers are are great um running game is there I mean we saw since they traded for McCaffrey I mean that first that first week you know they lost to Kansas City but now ever since then they've been red hot you saw it'll go off tonight Deebo Samuel get a rushing touchdown so I mean this team is just very complete you know they can beat you in various ways Garoppolo is playing you know at a high level not turning the ball over so this team is uh this team is a force they are and thank you Al for calling from Vegas they are certainly on their way and here's the deal do we feel that they've even rounded out into form yet I would say no like there's a different element and let's keep this in mind this team that we're seeing right now or let me be even more clear Jimmy Garoppolo wasn't even supposed to be here right now we were supposed to be watching Trey Lance be the starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers this man got his ankle snapped into two and Jimmy G is now tasked with running this squad and god bless him because he's been able to stay healthy that's always been one of the major question marks with Jimmy Garoppolo so a he's been healthy b he's been performing the 49ers have beat every single one of their NFC West opponents so far this year they're 4-0 and and they picked up Christian McCaffrey Justin Wilson is now running the football down for the Miami Dolphins Elijah Mitchell has now been elevated behind Christian McCaffrey we know Christian McCaffrey is a dual threat he can operate as a receiver he can operate out of the backfield and I guess when your dad is playing in the NFL Ed and no shock that Christian McCaffrey has amazing hands Deebo Samuel fondly healthy back to back consistent games here Deebo Samuel yes he had a touchdown tonight but you look at Deebo Samuel he is a he's a threat himself how long before we see oh probably again Christian McCaffrey throwing a touchdown at Deebo Samuel how long do we have to wait before Deebo's thrown one to Christian McCaffrey and Jimmy Garoppolo's standing around going oh my life is good I got it great and their defense the 49ers defense is always damn good and so yes I think they have massive potential to go out on a run we can go ahead and look at the Philadelphia Eagles nine and one thank god they they picked up another victory yesterday against the Colts so people can relax a little bit even though it was a tough time scoring people are going to be high on the Cowboys but people expect the Cowboys to choke the 49ers have championship experience they do have they hoisted it over the past several years no but they've been there Kyle Shanahan even through a massive disappointment with the Falcons he has experience he's going to the Super Bowl maybe this is the year for them to go ahead and and represent the NFC again and this time actually win it I think it's a legitimate possibility 8 5 5 2 1 2 for CBS Chris he's calling from Alaska you're on the JR sport reef show hey how you doing uh I'm a huge I'm a huge Chris can I can you ask me how I'm doing can I tell you how are you doing oh you asked already allow me to answer oh thank you Chris I am doing very well how are you excited about the Seahawks good so go ahead and tell me why you know every weekend you know if the Seahawks are losing I don't care because I turn over and look at the sports page and how the Broncos are doing with Russell Wilson near the end of his tenure at the Seahawks I was getting tired of how pampered he was getting finally we get to see the true Russell Wilson on another team I don't know if it's the issue with the coaching of the players around him or the personality himself but I'm glad for the trade that the Seahawks did it makes them more legitimate this year a lot of people had them written off and it's three the three teams I can't stand are the Cowboys the Patriots and the Steelers so okay if they're losing and the Seahawks win I've got a smile for the rest of the weekend so why are you show well you don't have an answer for that do you Chris I have a question for you you ready yeah go ahead I can understand you being thrilled with the pain that that Russell Wilson is experiencing in Denver right now but when you look at the Seattle Seahawks why are you excited about the Seahawks the rest of the season forget Russell Wilson you know it's it's the potential for them to do well and to bust other teams playoff hopes so a lot of people have them written off I didn't think they're going to win more than three games this season but the fact that they are you know middle of the division probably by the end of the year they're probably in the bottom third but the fact that they've caused some damage to other people's playoff hopes I think is a is a victory for us you know and if things get better I don't know how long Pete Carroll's going to be around he's 71 years old my oldest coach in the league who knows how long he's going to be around and the key for them is you know the kind of continuation of what he started I don't know if this is a bubble or if it's something that's going to grow into something better as a Seahawks fan but you know that's something for us to cheer for okay I hear that you you gotta find the silver line and thank you so much Chris for calling from Alaska Chris was so excited he's like JR how are you and I'm like can I answer like I guess not I gotta ask him for permission to to actually answer his question and I understand anyone who looks at the Seahawks and if you're a Seahawks fan what are you complaining about right you gotta be feeling good who would have thought this team would have been six and four I'm not as bad as him I didn't peg them to go out there and win three games but I looked at the Seahawks in a in a rebuilding scenario being in a rebuilding situation Geno Smith has been playing relatively well he's been playing like a a pro bowl caliber quarterback for the majority of the season you have Kenneth Walker who certainly looks like the offensive rookie of the year and they've been able to perform but the one thing that I have not enjoyed the one reason why I've looked at the Seahawks and have just kind of kind of rolled my eyes at them for the majority of the year is is their defense like they they let everybody score the offense has been surprisingly good and but the defense ain't ain't turning no heads we saw them go out to London or excuse me go out to Germany and lose to the Buccaneers the Seahawks are on the bye they got the Las Vegas Raiders up next and they'll be able to host them up at I don't even know what the hell they call that big loud place anymore and the Raiders are the Raiders they're a disappointment themselves and ironically the Raiders beat the Denver Broncos yesterday 22 to 16 and so Seattle will have its chances Seattle will have an opportunity to go to the playoffs and I believe go in as a wild card but I got the 49ers winning the NFC West I'm sorry they got a defense they have experience they got an offense that that has just swiss army knife players all over the damn field everywhere like maybe just maybe this will be the nine is team that goes back to the Super Bowl and actually wins possibly and they have to go all the way down to Mexico City to do it matter of fact Kyle Shanahan he's speaking to the media right now and they're still in Mexico City that's going to be a a nice flight back I'm sure that's going to be a long nap Kyle Shanahan this is what he just had to say about playing down in Mexico City that was one of the coolest experiences I've been a part of I mean it was it was so neat last year going to playing in LA and seeing a whole red stadium and a stadium that wasn't yours and then coming a lot farther to Mexico City and it being just the same you know we were told it might be like that but it was even better than we expected oh that's that's good good for him and good for the 49ers it it really sucks it really does to travel somewhere just to get smacked from it really does to travel somewhere just to get smacked from San Francisco down to Mexico City is about what 2,000 2,500 yards it ain't all that close and now they gotta go home try to get some rest and continue on here with the season next up for the 49ers they got the Chargers on the schedule the Chargers are a disappointment in and of themselves just continually choking 49ers on the upswing the Cardinals just absolutely suck and the Niners I expect them to just take hold grab the NFC West and I'm expecting them to go on a roll and we'll talk about this other team the losers tonight the Cardinals where the hell can they go I think they're gonna be in the pits for quite a few years especially with that uh Cliff Kingsbury guy in the quarterback who's who's small and is always hurt I'm souring on on Kyler Murray it's the JR Sport Reshow here with you on CBS Sports Radio 855-212 for CBS we're gonna hear from more players more coaches and you'll hear more of the plays we're gonna break it down on the other side here on CBS Sports Radio
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