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JR SportBrief Hour 4

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October 1, 2022 1:58 am

JR SportBrief Hour 4

JR Sport Brief / JR

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Gear up again doing everything right a lot done and over time we are local experts cover the biggest stories around your team every day on your favorite MLB on the ever you want… Network your team everything I you are listening to the GR sport brief on CBS sports radio listening for your support on CBS radio and we are coming live from the rocket mortgage studios whether you're looking to purchase a new home or refinance yours. Rocket mortgage can help for home loan solutions that fit your life rocket can you argue with you for one more hour with Allison Tomko people upset with the dolphins. People don't understand what tool was allowed to play in the game.

Coaches are trying to figure out what the hell is going on in me.

I just want to see the dude be healthy if she's not ready to go against the jets please do not rush it.

We talked about our judge Yankees lose to the Orioles tonight. No home phone number 62, he still tied with Roger Morris.

We talked about Albert Paul's homerun number 701 the Cardinals over the Pirates and then tonight but seeing that has not seen the postseason in 20 years. The Seattle Mariners they get to walk off over the Oakland Athletics.

The final score to to 10 walk off cow rally besides the hit a homerun to send them into the postseason for the first time in 20 years. Here it is courtesy of the Mariners radio network 20 year drought cow rally probably remember the last time the Mariners were in the postseason. 2001. He's 25 years old. He doesn't know what a mariner in the playoff. Looks like congratulations to him.

Congratulations to the Mariners. I wouldn't be surprised if they they want around door you know just went on a little bit of a run. I got the pitching to do with they got the best to do it. Maybe not the best. Certainly the hitting or excusing the pitching to see what they can do nice enough of an accomplishment sweat minimum, go back to the postseason 855-2124 CBS. That's 855-2124 CBS. You can also hit me up.

I'm on social media ads. JR sport brief, the conversation is really been around to know last night was no different. We also tonight. We were able to talk about the Buffalo Bills getting ready to take on the ravens.

We had a caller asked me hey would you think will win.

I said man, have you seen the ravens defense. It has sucked this year and so I want to give. I want to give the Buffalo Bills some credit here that their defense is one of the best. Their offense is one of the best in all things considered, might it be a shootout. Maybe, and if it is I'm going with the bills because when it comes down to getting a stop despite their injuries in the secondary. I think the more capable now we have to see what the weather looks like, but that's a whole different scenario and situation and their head coach and day meaning the Baltimore Ravens their head coach John Harbaugh.

He spoke to the media and it wasn't just about stopping Josh Allen. He also put in his two cents about to a tongue of a lower and he says he cannot understand why he was out there playing take a listen I saw/C dear is you really don't get any higher up on the food chain in the NFL coaching tree outside of someone like John Harbaugh got Bella check Andy Reid got Mike Tomlin, Pete Carroll, when those guys speak up everybody else has to pretty much fall in line and here you have Mike McDaniel as a rookie head coach only coaching is his third and fourth game as the dolphins head or the dolphins leader. You know he's toeing the company line. He's saying that the medical professionals and the doctors. They said he was okay.

It was a back injury, and thus he played.

He spoke to the media.

And he says when it comes down to Sunday not even last night.

He says on Sunday. We did everything right.

Listen, the whole process for what happened on on the bills game was, you know, he was evaluated for head injury immediately. Let's that's what we brought under 10 form brought inside for his evaluated and then cleared by several layers of medical professionals who I don't pretend to be one but those people the collection of them cleared him of any head injury whatsoever, yet he sees leaning on the medical professionals but I think this comes with experience, and it certainly comes sense we talked about this extensively earlier on in the show if you missed it you can hit rewind on the free Odyssey at it boils down to common sense. At times, and we know common sense is not all that common. JC Trotter, who was the lead for the NFL players Association said there was such a thing called a no go, and outside of all of the evaluations or the evaluation process that takes place when a player is or potentially can cost that if a guy looks like he ain't ready to go. Then you said amount. It's really that simple.

That supersedes asking someone hey how many fingers am I holding up what city are you when you know what is the day of the week outside of asking a couple of simple questions you can always just go all you don't look right sitdown. It's really that simple. Sometimes we overcomplicate our situations and issues, and so Mike McDaniel yes he is toeing the company line. He saying the doctor said that he was okay. It was only a back injury didn't look like a back injury, and even if it was a back injury.

Why was he wobbly.

You look like his head to me and I'm not shamus Winston, who knows about that elbows connected to the back and all of the stuff that he was saying, they they really no difference between your brain your spine in your neck all connected. If you really want to know where the buck stops at an Mike McDaniel might learn this into the future. It's the coach Bill Belichick knows it.

He plays Donegal's man on. By the way Matt Jones is not going to play. He's going to miss his first start that high ankle sprain that Bill Belichick says, was a day-to-day issue. Well it's dated day and he a plan Sunday but the fact is, the coach can solicit as much information as he wants and decide who plays. He also can take the approach of I plan him regardless. It was only about a month ago where the pivot podcast had one of the best interviews ever.

And it was Mike Tomlin who was obviously the head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

He is a coaches coaching is a players coach. He is respected. He is appreciated for the bond that he builds with his players and dammit if I play football I would want to play for Mike Tomlin and that was appointment time. A lot of people don't know this, Ryan Clark, who has moved away from being a defensive back in the league and the media personality on ESPN and now the podcast with the pivot yes sickle cell and it was appointment somewhere his injury or not is injury justice condition. Just put him on the line of of playing and of course as a player. He wanted to play.

He wanted to go Mike Tomlin. He had the option of okay you want to play golf. Mike Tomlin shut them down. I want you to take a listen very carefully as to why Mike Tomlin decided not to put Ryan Clark on that field. The last time was a government as dude almost died right now Magaly my head down at night like it goes back to that point like hockey expect unique results man without unique relationships. Matt does my job care about the dude in a moment even maybe more so that he cared about himself like is leadership right first light as a leader I got an obligation to safeguard Mike McDaniel didn't say anything to different.

He said that the doctors okay wasn't a head issue was is is back okay that's his cover. That's what he saying and it not Sadie's line.

I believe he's telling the truth with the buck just stop with you. You're the head coach you decide who plays you decide doesn't that that's you that's your call and he's taken responsibility for two. He said himself that he could not sleep at night. He said that he should not have the position.

If he can't make such calls well. I think this is a learning experience for him to learn that the call stops with you regardless of whether a doctor says or does not say 855-2124 CBS is 855-2124 CBS Lewis: from Rochester you're on the JR sport Risha idea real tough situation.

I really feel for two and current anarcho what their policies are Pyrrhic enforcement of the protocols more to blame than maybe Mike, Daniel, although he has some blame for sure.

It's interesting what you just said about what Tomlin had said about being a leader in roommate may have failed there, but fell leaving it up pretty much verses like there their own enforcement of player safety teams have Leica interests and maybe winning momentarily early and did the players themselves want to stand again like Rodney Erickson talk about on the Dan Patrick show today. They can't get got me stronger enforcement and College Park. The guys career up and help the at risk.

Well I do has to insert this. It's not just a matter of having NFL team doctors on the sidelines. They are independent doctors on the sidelines as well who evaluate the players for the reasons that you just said this is not always been the case. Typically, you would have team doctors who would be available and they would be the ones to say whether or not a player was eligible to play and that is certainly a conflict of interest because man if I got an issue with my arm my shoulder.

My back.

The team doctor works for the team. He wants to ensure that player acts can go out there and play that he can execute that he can do his duty to the team. Is he completely concerned about the players long-term health not so much. He may educate said player but his thought processes can you plan the game now. Can you play over the next couple weeks. Can he exacerbate the injury. Can he make it worse is he going to be here to help us. If the players own doctor was then known play zone doctor might say no, you need to sit down need to think about your quality of life for quite frankly if you play in the NFL. What are you thinking about when it comes down to your quality of life you know is going to be affected. You know you got to get banged up you know you going to get hit, you know you're going to pay the price. It's just a matter of how much David is calling from Chicago your CBS sports radio. Are you doing very well so number one. I think that you'll open to a compounding blown out just because you play.

I mean it if you didn't get injured I won't run be having the Mike today also outthink it. It's fair to start when looking doctors and a coat that technically onto it. If I go out there and play on. It is animated got injured. It's it's not it's not. I mean, so that the first point of what you said, obviously were talking about it because he got hurt. There were concerns all week long. As to whether or not he Asians continue playing in Sunday's game and as he was on the injury report all week long. There were concerns about him playing last night and so to say that we're only talking about it because he got hurt. It's like yes of course we are and it's it's really being pushed because he suffered two apparent head injuries head back, neck in the same week and so I think that goes without saying that is a major issue and for the last point of what you said it's it's not to his decision. Any NFL player for the volatility of the game for the volatility of the league. We talk at nausea about how cutthroat it is how you are here today and gone tomorrow. Ask to whose decision it is to play whether he's healthy or not. No matter ask him. You know how how tricky it can be when he first got his opportunity and Ryan Fitzpatrick was thrown into the field will thrown onto the field when they felt that he couldn't deliver the ball down the field and so it's not the players who decide when and if they play that's on the coaching staff. Invite their no problem David, thank you so much for calling from Chicago know it's not what what player if players decided whether or not they could play in an amount talking injury. Let's make this real simple.

In a general sense everybody we plan. But that's not the case. You got 11 guys on one side of the ball you got 11 guys on the other side is a whole bunch of other dudes standing on the sidelines did dudes on the practice squad. The people watching at home is a whole lot of people that want to play and so if you want to put the injury aspect in their man if if they feel he's busted up. He doesn't play. It's really that simple. You cannot want to play. I want to play on the play all you want. We've heard stories about guys having to have their their helmets hidden from them so they don't go back onto the field. That's what the NFL is trying to get away from players on supposed to have that typo I'm going to play power, especially if you proven you can't even stand up on your own to Dan feet Thomas: from Pennsylvania your CBS sports radio all JR what's going Natalia to write her a story about a high school. The pipe all of my thought, verify the effect of alignment and I five for long. My day honey good out of life. But might someone very well on the ball all over the only that, but I found out the legally blind, broken doctors for qualified high school football video. Legally blind.

You know, you got horrified that a beautiful article about the guy local guy had been blown up a four year I called them up. I confirm having the current employee called legally blonde yet concussion and was hello Frederick and I thought there would I cared young calves all by high school football. The body shop. I bought I want the money again because a lot of their no, horrified that I could fly one of the thinking something close in Pennsylvania.

Your notes up to the people who are supposed to ensure the health and safety of the players to do so and that's that's at any level's the JR sport refill here with you on CBS sports radio water talks more NFL football we come back gets more your calls the JR sport ratio Friday night. CBS was ready. You are listening to the JR sport brief on CBS sports radio you are listening to the JR sport brief on CBS sports radio all most well-rounded show.

Don't change anything.

You are listening to the JR sport brief: now with 855-2124 CBS yeah go change nothing ever will be made on the same guy when you got me here on the radio on the same die. If you see me out in the street same guy when I'm send out for dinner on the same guy when I wake up on his mama business asset is the JR sport refill on CBS sports radio.

They are a lot of people with a lot of opinions here with us on a Friday night early Saturday morning depending on where you live must talk you about Sue is been the conversation I notice is a fact.

By the time I get back here with you on Monday night is not gonna be a tool conversation were going to talk about the bills and in the ravens Lamar and Josh Allen will talk about the Chiefs and the Buccaneers and how about this, I mean even the Jacksonville Jaguars are out here playing like a good football team because they are Trevor Lawrence amine at this point in the season is already thrown six touchdowns to one INC and this should actually be a pretty cool matchup because the Jacksonville Jaguars this Sunday you think about their season.

Up until now they lost of the Washington football team would look like the, the same old same old Jacksonville Jaguars that they beat the Colts okay find the Colts look like bombs, they beat the Chargers okay yeah finally beat the charges. We know that they've had their own injury history, but Jacksonville is going to go to Philadelphia and take on the Eagles. The three and no undefeated we are the king of the hill, King of the NFL right now. Philadelphia Eagles and so this is actually going to be a pretty cool marker for the jags Doug Peterson is going to be returning back to Philadelphia. The jags are trying to make their mark.

They have the top rushing defense in the league so far in a short span passing defense leaves something to be desired. The offense is what it is. The Eagles are undefeated and so this should actually be a very cool matchup in Trevor Lawrence thinking about what he's been able to do so far this season.

He gives credit to his offense of line where our group split up front up all the confidence in them things the way we execute the last couple game plans is been great and there was a good day.

Good stuff in our direction and today was a good day like ice cube said just wake up in the morning. Got a thank God I don't know because they seems, no bark of the dog. Most smart and I can go on and on free to make you going 30 more minutes and I'm not.

Do you want to clean and dirty version Lafarge optics to the left was they would clean while avoid both mixed or Yanni taking a look at his old team the Eagles were undefeated. They let the world in rushing last season and now their quarterback hurts he already has four touchdowns in the year. In addition to three rushing touchdowns is amazing Nick Sirianni. He's proud of his guys this year he see any improvement were always talking about constantly improving and constantly improving counseling for anything you what we've seen here is I don't know the exact number of guys that are still on the roster from when Doug was here, but it on jailing to me is a completely different player. He we've heard nothing. Nothing but how much is improved as a passer, and so we have some amazing games all let me let me correct that all know it's right. We have some amazing games this upcoming Sunday the Eagles and jags are one of the Jaguars going to get punched in the mouth or are they going to show that they are a legitimate threat this season to potentially go back to the postseason something that they have not done since 2017.

In the Eagles at home will have a chance to go for an all another game that I'm gonna pay attention to and and not because oh my God I can't wait to see him.

We got a couple Oklahoma guys out there. Kyla Murray and Baker Mayfield.

That's right, the Carolina Panthers are going to go out there and host the Arizona Cardinals the cards they wanted to.

It's a disappointment.

The Panthers there wanted to. Matt rule is already being talked about is the finding the exit door of the got a lot of people trying to push them out of it and Kyla Murray is just being eviscerated like these will all anyway. How about this LaShawn McCoy hey Shep, what LaShawn McCoy spoke where. Where was this speaks everywhere but this specifically was I am out. I'm an athlete I am athlete with the Brandon Marshall yeah finally get along with people these days while you see the does need to beat him up.

He just needs to talk about is a little hard to not be Marshall love himself to be. Marshall does not other people speak sometimes nice guy, though I a given credit.

That was a nice guy you bring out the best people will not everybody but I'll accept it, but the fact is Kyla Murray 40s been able to do this season run around during comebacks scramble around 75 yards in the backfield trying to come back. LaShawn McCoy.

He is not a fan of Kyla Murray at all.

Take a listen. We talk about collar Murray is like a stream and should he be studying Barnett that's who ate and then trash a EndNote bidet and played his role yeah gay it all say I'm saying you just example and absented Terry to use his trash collar.

Murray trash while highly resurrected. I got equally high school player runs around as I was backwards feast is a circle devouring the circling goes left was right turn all around again do list for our receiver.

He's trash quarterback Joe Mahon scan DA walls.

We are what we know he's not Mahon's LaShawn McCoy cannot obviously made it very clear how he feels about collar Murray and the eight and they were referring to was DeAndre eight in the contract situation. He referred to was the moment we learn that collar.

Murray had a clause in his contract trying to incentivize him to study talked about how he doesn't read defenses is too much scrambling you heard McCoy plays like a high school QB collar Murray not asked specifically about LaShawn McCoy before the season so far. Kyla Murray only has 65 yards rushing. I get it. It's three games, but even for, Murray that's on the low side, Murray was asked about it he pretty wants that I'm doing what I'm asked. And so that's that's pointing a finger at Cliff Kingsbury to say he's not. He's not allow me to go out there and run. He's not asking me to and so I don't know what the Cardinals it's the same old same old.

I drew this conclusion at the end of last year they go anywhere with Cliff Kingsbury. The fact that they gave this man a contract extension is still beyond me, especially after his second consecutive failure at the end of the season. The Cardinals have been one of the most undisciplined teams in the league, racking up penalties not talking about this year for the past few seasons. Cliff Kingsbury ain't ready for prime time.

He's pretty much just laid his whole career out of Cliff Kingsbury getting rid of Rosen and it doesn't look like it will work out. I know Hopkins can come back and he can be the quotable quote magic eraser when he returns from his suspension, but the cards are just I consider them to be like the Chargers in the Chargers of the NFC.

Just always good games good potential. A lot of talent, but always going to find some way to show and so it's real appropriate that the Panthers are going to take on the cards and someone one of these Oklahoma guys has to walk away with the victory. I'm going to say even in Carolina.

It's probably going to be, Murray, unless all his receivers are broken which they happen to be right now. Interesting matchup act like it's a college game. 855-2124 CBS.

That's 855-2124 CBS I'm to get your calls.

On the other side before we rollout you are listening to the JR sport brief on CBS sports radio listening to the JR sport brief on CBS sports radio: on the first, called wrong accomplishment of joy to help at night when pregnant like my job clearly now with 855-2124 CBS JR sport ratio here with you on CBS sports radio, happy Friday nights are you happy Saturday morning got a full weekend lot NFL games. Hopefully design of all games are played safely. Let's get the phones got a lot of people here want to get everybody on before our role out Jim Scola from Boise. You're on the JR sport brief show on CBS sports radio what's up Jim.

There were five caller beer.

Thank you long time with your local Joe Greco Seattle no other Northwest. However, I really want my understanding of protocol it will keep all when people went down.

He was supposed to get evaluated on the sideline in the that didn't happen. They took him directly to the locker room like a gym. I gotta I gotta tell you here man I want to be a jerk but I want to express the sentiments of probably everyone listening can you speed it up a little, or are you are and it sounds like your urgent know it sounds like are you eating dinner right now.

I was okay. Oh, I'm well listen Jim, I want to be a jerk. Call me back on Monday when you finish dinner okay I'm done eating dinner there will hurry up was one thing that happened on what happened on Sunday. He was mostly thinking he was. Not okay Jim okay Jim we we get that just hit me what your final point. Give me that one point is that protocol was followed. Okay well I'm not sure why you're throwing this out at me. JR Jim you you you call you called me right will you on hold. Where on a national radio broadcast and I will hold you old you been on hold forever. Guess what Jim it's a popular show.

I didn't sell there so so but here's the thing Jim if you're on hold here. You have to anticipate knowing that it's a popular show that at any moment in time. You could go live. I would as I would assume that we will now you're on hold now you can't say anything. No one hears you, but you can hear me. I would assume that when you go live that you're going to stop what you're doing and have a conversation with me and not eat your steak.

How I JR you're turning this on me what the hell do I sound like I want to eat to. I want to have dinner. I will have three dinners I can tell you a million things that I wanted to go. I can't say that that nevermind the point is, I can't sit here and eat on air. I'd be a jackass. People you be calling me Sanjay, are you what are you doing eating what you doing, turning this on you. What you talking about hey Shabbat, do I need do I need this paused.

I can go and get a drink out the studio fridge right what do I need to do that you've never done that. I think this was not Jim's usually I never seen genders before this was an off call from Jim. He says easy.

Jim told me I was on hold for a long time.

You want me to. So that's why we we love our Gaetano Chicago Thomas Tom might. Tom is down the hold for maybe two hours and you will never hear Tom eating anything talking you. The phones have been packed right four hours. It says it usually is. Yes, I mean damn I was on hold for a long time while I'm sitting here doing the show for four hours or so, I won't. Overall, Rob Rob Rob Rob Robert, let's bring back let's see what he says is going to yell at me to still be fun. Jim your back your CBSSports ready are you having dessert already got me yeah did you did you not hear me when I said you can hear me but no one can hear you. I'm very I'm talking thank you Jim for calling from Boise except I knew that was going to be great I know it was. I knew it was. I knew it was. I know I'm not some type of radial Oracle but I know radio enough to know he gave me the magic words hey Holland, that's fine. 855-2124 CBS Thomas: from Chicago you're on the JR sport. Be sure what you eat and time are Jared Hogan card. You would you would.

Shepherd nightmare night out. Your producer quality driven board while Carol and I are you doing it's always relevant subject matter might point briefly before and began future Hall of Famer lamp break made your day statement for every NFL player suppers from PPE or will suffer from PPE a rather bold statement, but I like believe it's true. Point number 200 will be the last one I know and I poking employed doctors that can diagnose like stomach injury you like family jogger broken leg microcomputers that were to retire.

NFL teams also import mental health professional. The reason I asked JR is because we have a quarterback and cow named Chuck to feel.

I would say clinically depressed and very worried about. He had a press conference on Wednesday. I felt like crying.

You fell down and felt you needed help.

Worried about you NFL teams, employee mental health professionals all up. After what will think it's also call us in Chicago, whether or not they directly employ them, whether they contract them out is is something that I'm not fully aware of them, not an ally, but mental health professionals at this point in time are readily available for every single athlete in the NFL by itself has mental health doctors on staff and so it's it's not difficult for anyone to to go ahead and get what they need output see this way in its simplest form is not a mental health issue. If an NFL player goes out at night. They have a special car service to get them via the players Association view of the team so there is no issues of ensure he wasn't under the influence of anything like Miles Garrett, a couple of nights ago couple of days ago after practice he rolls his car over bunch of times they have that available for these guys go out at night so every and anything you could think of every resource that you would imagine is available to these players except for in the course of play in can you play we saw this would happen with two Michael is calling from Colorado Springs your CBSSports radio all made great JR I do gotta say I love you all the time.

J law work late so I listen to guys on the way home I just had a quick quick take and what your opinion on many years ago Carol Deva without play nap by Mike Shanahan and what I understand that you know like any three and because he was out there in The. All or anything, but because of you about. There we were able to score what their thoughts about well I never heard that that story before and when it comes down to Terrel Davis and we've actually had surrounds you on the show before his issues when it comes down to injuries were more so his deeds took him out. He was also excellent enough to have a 2000 yard season two super Bowls, and go straight on into the Hall of Fame, so I'm not familiar with that story but players do have power. But we also know this. Players who decide to opt out voluntarily can be punished.

That's unfortunately what it is and that's why you have so many guys because you have a limited time to play to make your money. You don't want to go you want to go when you don't want to be a teammate, Justin Herbert said it the other day and a blowout. The Jacksonville Jaguars of all teams will open their ass. Justin Herbert goes into the game questionable with busted up ribs busted up cartilage in his approaches all year. We will loosen. I want to quit my teammates. That's the mentality may is it the best mentality. No, that's why it's so difficult for a lot of athletes to just what when their careers are done when they step away the just just become acclimated to quote "the civilian world. They been athletes their entire lives. Okay they been competing their entire lives. They been the best at what they've done their entire lives that drive to go somewhere to do something to achieve something that most of us are not going to understand and and so when it's done it's done so that doesn't change when you're on the field, man. That's why a lot of these dudes need to be protected from them selves you been listening to the JR sport ratio right here on CBSSports radio hey Shep man. Thank you again for another amazing night. Another amazing week. JR my pleasure. Thank you. First and foremost, I will just sound you hanging out you know, I hope you will have a great weekend.

By the way, dammit. Spout the be October 1.

The panel where you live. It might already be October 1 you be safe you.

Be well and everything that you do with it to be back here Monday night 10 PM Eastern time. 7 PM Pacific. You can find me everywhere online social media at JR sport brief's Twitter, Facebook and Instagram Monday night will be back talk about the games. Hopefully no crazy injuries.

I wish you nothing but the best throughout the weekend, but don't move because your CBSSports radio. The wonderful Ryan Hickey is coming up next.

Thank you shop your up line a lot done and he read every overtime win every game look like thinking around 14 every time your favoring and helping on the you want… Network your team everything

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