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JR SportBrief Hour 4

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August 13, 2022 1:59 am

JR SportBrief Hour 4

JR Sports Brief / JR

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August 13, 2022 1:59 am

JR agrees with Deion Sanders comments about the Pro Football Hall of Fame turning into the Hall of very good


You're listening to the J.R. Sportbrief on CBS Sports Radio. This is CBS Sports Radio. It is the J.R. Sportbrief show. I am J.R. coming to you live from the Rocket Mortgage Studios.

Whether you want to buy a home or refinance your current one, Rocket can. Thank you to Dave Shepherd. Thank you to Alex for helping to hold things down here with me and here with you and everybody listening all across North America. People tuned in on our many CBS Sports Radio affiliates. People locked in on the free Odyssey app. Yeah, you can take CBS Sports Radio with you on your phone.

You can take it with you on your tablet. Shout outs to my folks on Sirius XM channel 158 and everybody listening on the smart speaker. You can find me all the time on social media. It's at J.R. Sportbrief.

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Been a fun show. Talked about Fernando Tatis Jr. and his suspension. We spent some time talking about Deshaun Watson and his first appearance on a football field as a member of the Cleveland Browns and we still don't know what his ultimate suspension will end up being. We talked about Zach Wilson with the New York Jets. He's going to have an MRI on his knee. They don't think it's an ACL. They're hoping that it's a few weeks type injury and not months and not an entire year.

God only knows what will happen. We talked about Lamar Jackson and his contract situation. He says that when it comes to the start of the regular season, if he doesn't have a contract in place, he won't continue to negotiate one until next off season.

And so if he's willing to take that risk, then all means, okay, let's see what you can do. And then right before the break, you heard from Deion Sanders. And oh, how can I forget this? We had a great conversation with New York Giants legendary linebacker, Jesse Armstead. He joined us. He's now an assistant to the general manager, Joe Shane, with the New York Giants. And we talked about everything from Kavon Thibodeau to Lamar Jackson to what he expects from his old school.

When I say old school, the hurricanes. That's where Jesse Armstead went down and made his bones. And so right before we went to break, I shared with you some recent comments made by Deion Sanders. He basically took a look at the hall of fame.

The induction was last Saturday. And, you know, instead of trying to explain to you what Deion said, I'll let you hear it yourself. I'll let you hear it yourself. Take a listen.

Okay, we'll get that to you in a second. I'll just have a conversation about the hall of fame. You know, in the conversation is that the hall of fame ain't the hall of fame no more. I love it. I respect it.

I admire it. I think all the guys who are inducted definitely are deserving, but it needs to be a different colored jacket. My jacket got to be a different color. It needs to be a starting 11. It needs to be an upper room. My head don't belong with some of these other heads that's in the hall of fame. Put my head, what do they call them? Bust? Well, I call it the head.

Bust. Put my bust. Put my head. My head.

Do that. Put my head where my head is supposed to be. My head is supposed to be by them. I'm sorry. I'm just being honest. I'm saying what y'all thinking. And a lot of y'all hall of famers are thinking the same thing.

This thing is becoming a free fall now, man. If you play good, no, it ain't good. It's people that change the game.

That's what the hall of fame is. A game changer. A game changer. Not, I played good. I had a good little run. I gave you three, four good years.

No dog. Game changes. Well, the hall of fame had its most recent induction last Saturday. You tell me, are these individuals game changers? Are they worthy of the hall of fame? Tony Busselli, Cliff Branch, LaRoy Butler, Sam Mills, Richard Seymour, Bryant Young. You compare that to last year, Alan Fanica, Calvin Johnson, John Lynch, Peyton Manning, Drew Pearson, Charles Woodson.

Well, every class is not going to be as strong as the one that preceded it. I will agree with Deion Sanders though. Everybody that goes in, I mean, some of the names I have to go, some of the classes are full of stars and some are not. And so yes, media members from every single market basically vote for the hall of fame. Every candidate needs to at least, or they need to receive at least 80% of the vote to be admitted in. And as one of our callers said, and he compared it to baseball, where you can go a year and not have an induction if no one gets in. It's not the case here in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Every year, four to eight players need to be inducted. And so it's not like baseball, it's not like going into Cooperstown.

There's going to be somebody that gets in every year. Is that watering things down? 855-212-4CBS, do you agree with Deion? I say hell yeah. Andrew, he's calling from Winston-Salem, you're on CBS Sports Radio. JR, what's up man? Thanks for taking my call.

Sure. I'm going to have to disagree with Deion, and it's painful to me because I loved watching Deion, everybody did. You know, he was prime time, that's why we tuned in. There's only so many guys that make that impact, like you said, but are we going to tier this like it's a Bill Simmons book of basketball?

You know, where does it begin, where does it end? There's 32 teams in the NFL. Everybody's making a contribution, everybody's working their hardest. There's always guys that are not necessarily impacting the game statistically. One of the things I found egregious about the NFL Hall of Fame is the fact that there's only so many offensive linemen in the Hall of Fame. There's only so many tight ends.

These guys only come across certain errors. One of the ones that maybe Deion might be referring to is Anthony Munoz, who went through a two and a half year stretch where he did not give up the sack. Is every offensive lineman in that same caliber?

I mean, Tony Vaselli's in a lot of heat. Well, Deion, to his credit, he didn't name any names. He didn't even insinuate any particular players, so I don't want to put words in his mouth.

Oh, absolutely not. But the way the game is, how it's structured now, how physical it is now, and especially with fantasy sports and betting, it almost seems like the statistics seem to be the overlying contributor to how they get into the Hall of Fame. There was a caller that said previously, asked you about Eli Manning, and you said, yeah, he's a Hall of Famer. In that same draft class, you had Ben Roethlisberger, who was definitely a better quarterback, and Philip Rivers. Rivers obviously played with the Chargers organization, which prevented him from reaching the success in the playoffs.

But at the same time, Eli Manning never won a playoff game outside those two runs. It just seems to me that a lot of guys are getting overlooked. There's only 352 people in the Hall of Fame, and not all of them are players.

So where do you draw the line? I mean, this is not the basketball Hall of Fame. This is not baseball, which has really hurt themselves, too, in the side argument that they only let certain people in, so it's not drawing the proper attention upon the game. Everybody in the Hall of Fame is deserving, as Deion did say, not to put words in his mouth. But there's only so many guys that are going to put up the stats, and there's certain positions that aren't going to show. Well, I must share with you, if I think about like offensive linemen, there's no stats that anybody's looking at.

Nobody's looking at the amount of pancakes that a guy went out there and had. There are 48 offensive linemen, 48 offensive linemen in the Hall of Fame. There are 29 wide receivers in the Hall of Fame. There are 26 quarterbacks. There are 32 running backs, if you want to put it in that space. Running backs, there are 24.

Halfbacks, 32. We can go ahead and combine them. So, I mean, I don't know. I don't know how that argument fits if it's only gone by stats. No, no, that's a great point. I'm glad you have the numbers up front here.

I wish I did, too. But, you know, keep in mind there are five offensive linemen. So, for, what'd you say, 48 to be there?

It almost seems the distance should be a little bit higher. I'm just, you know, I'm just shocked. Sure. Well, I mean, we can say that a lot of times there are going to be three to four wide receivers, you know, on the field. So, I mean, if we got to start thinking about positions, I can say the same thing about guys who are on the defensive line. I understand your point and where you're coming from. It's very valid. It's just that Dion thinks that they're just letting everybody in their mama.

And I'll tell you this much, and this I don't agree with, and thank you, Andrew, for calling. This is very simple. Why do they have to vote in four to eight players every year? Why is that necessary? So they can open up shop and make money every year? So they can have a Hall of Fame game that nobody watches? So they can, you know, bring money into the city? Like, let's think about this as well. It is a business. To be able to open up the town and make money and stimulate the local economy, that's a part of the gig too. I'm not going to overlook that aspect of it. But to say that every year we have to have a Hall of Fame class? I don't think so.

I don't think you need that. Travis is here from Alaska. Go ahead, Travis. Hey, JR. Thanks for taking my call.

Love your show. Hey, I agree with you and I agree with Dion. Hey, look, some of these guys, I know we didn't name names, but some of them, yeah, we remember who they are, but they didn't, they're not the guys making, you know, the big plays, the big stats. They're not those guys.

They're not those guys. I'd like to call out my guy, I'm born and raised in Tampa, Rondi Barber. There's only two 40-interception, 20-fat guys. One of them just got inducted, Charles Woodson, last year. So why isn't he getting his shot? They select Leroy Butler, who doesn't have the numbers, Rondi does.

They're not even selecting the right guys. I think, I think Rondi will ultimately get in. What do I know?

That doesn't mean it holds weight. I think he'll ultimately get in, but I understand what you're saying. You know? Yeah. I mean, I hope so. I mean, John Lynch got in.

Him and Rondi, Sap, Brooks, those are guys that changed the game on defense, you know? No doubt about it. Well, I appreciate you. Thank you, Travis. Yeah, thank you.

No problem. What do we got here? Alex is calling from South Carolina. Go ahead, Alex. How's it going, man? It's going.

What's on your mind? Ma'am, I'm a big Panthers fan here. I was just calling to check about what you thought about Sam Donald versus Baker Mayfield, man. I mean, we signed Baker Mayfield for a decent pick and I'm just trying to figure out how it's going to be this year with him versus with Sam, man.

Well, Sam Donald is going to be holding a clipboard any day now. I'm with you, man. But I mean, with Baker, I mean, you think there's any chance of a couple more wins? Or I mean, you think, I feel like they're about the same quarterback, to be honest with you, man.

No. They hadn't really performed any better. Baker hadn't really performed much better with the Browns than Sam had with the Jets.

No, that's inaccurate. Sam Donald was a disaster, unfortunately, with the New York Jets. Part of that is Sam Donald's fault.

The other part is the New York Jets' fault. And to say that him and Sam Donald, Baker Mayfield and Sam Donald, had the same amount of success with their former teams is not true. Baker Mayfield was able to go on a stretch at one point two seasons ago where he was one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL flat, period. Sam Donald with the New York Jets had to deal with injuries. He had to deal with a bad team. He also had to go out there and just throw the ball away.

There was never any confidence in him. And so Baker Mayfield had flashes, whether it was his rookie season, which was actually pretty good, or two seasons ago where they went to the playoffs, where Baker had success. It's just a matter of whether or not Baker can have sustainable success. People will look at his coaches that he had to play for, the systems that he had to play in.

There are a lot of elements. But to say that Baker and Sam were kind of similar, no, man. Not by any stretch of the imagination. Do you think it was worth the trade? Like, do you think it was actually worth them trading for Sam Donald? Or do you think it was a- No, that was- Baker Mayfield? It was not. I mean, it's called a failure. You don't trade for Sam Donald last offseason and grab him- I'm trading for Baker, my bad. Well, I'll answer both.

It's obviously, it's a dove, it's a loss. Sam Donald, you traded for him and now you bring in another QB? Yeah, that's an L. And in the case of Baker Mayfield, and in the case of Baker Mayfield, this is the last stand. Matt Rule did an interview today, and thank you, Alex, for calling from South Carolina. Matt Rule did an interview today. He is getting yelled at by the fans in the background. There's a guy in the back, audible.

You can hear it's audible. Fire Matt Rule, fire. Matt Rule, it was so loud that he had to acknowledge that he was getting yelled at. This is the last stand for him. He has to do something. You can't run around out there with Sam Donald as your starter.

And so thus, as a result, they traded for Baker. It's the best option available. What were you going to do?

Say, give me Jimmy Garoppolo? There's a hard knock life out here. Things get tough. Robbie is calling from Phoenix. You're on CBS Sports Radio. What's up, Robbie? Morning.

I love your show. I like to talk about Tatis and the Yankees on a separate. With Tatis, isn't it funny how the MLB now is so hypocritical with steroids or with anything when steroids saved baseball back in the day?

Don't you find that a little hypocritical? Yeah, but that story, yes, I agree with you. But that story is so old now at this point that it's, what are we supposed to do? I can't go back to 1998 and fix it, you know?

No, I understand. But here's the thing. The league batting average is what, 231?

It's the lowest that has been in a long time, yes. Right. So let me ask you this. Some of these players, I wouldn't mind it if they took something that maybe they could make the game better.

Yeah, well, I think the answer is no there. Because one of the problems with baseball right now is that there is no middle ground. It's like all or nothing. You're hitting a home run or you're striking out. So I don't think putting bodybuilders and muscle-bound steroid freaks out onto the baseball field is going to make a difference from the entertainment value. No, I understand and that you're right there.

But I just find it still so hypocritical. And that my next point, Aaron Boone's got to get fired after tonight. There is no way home shouldn't have even sniffed that any. Chapman threw 10-11 pitches perfectly. He should have been right back out there or you go to Wandi. Aaron Boone is one of the worst managers I've ever seen in my lifetime.

Or Chapman could have been placed right back into the closers role back in the ninth inning now that he's gone on at least a nice week, week and a half stretch here where he's not complete trash. Right, now here's the thing. Yes. If they get swept, you fire Boone immediately Sunday night. Say bye-bye. You had three years, you had four years. Are you referring to the series this weekend against the Red Sox?

Yes. So you want to fire Aaron Boone while the New York Yankees still have one of the best records in baseball. They're on a streak right now.

I think they've lost eight of nine. You want to fire him like just right before the playoffs and then elevate. And I'll tell you why because they won't win a championship with this guy.

Never ever forever forever win a championship. Well, Robbie, I'm glad that you don't run a franchise because you'd probably run it right into the ground, my man. No, but he's not making good decisions. Would you agree that decision making is a great question? Well, I agree there.

But to say that you want to fire the man on August, I don't know, 15th is just a complete disaster. And you know what I'll do? And thank you, Robbie, for calling up from Phoenix. I'm going to leave the phone lines open. That's 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. As we get ready to roll out with the remainder of this hour, I'm going to take more of your calls. Whether you want to talk to me about Tatis Jr., you want to call me about Deshaun Watson, you want to talk to me about what Deion said about the Hall of Fame, I'm going to get some more of your calls. And then on the other side, I'm going to answer more of Robbie's question.

What the hell you want to fire a guy? The team has one of the best records. It's basically on a run to the playoffs.

Like, what are we doing here? It's the JR Sport Reshow here with you Friday night, Saturday morning, CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio.

You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. I listen to your show almost every night, at least for a little bit at a time. You do such a good job, man. I said it then, I'm going to say it again.

You deserve a raise. Whoever needs to hear that, get this audio up to them. Second time I'm calling, second time I'm saying. Call in now at 855-212-4CBS.

It's the JR Sport Reshow here on CBS Sports Radio. Much love to everybody listening here, Friday night, Saturday morning, getting ready for the weekend, making that money on the road, whatever the hell you're doing. I am glad that you are here. Hope you're safe. Hope you're well. Hope that you're having a good start here to the weekend, whatever the hell that you're getting into.

855-212-4CBS, we've talked about a lot tonight. Fernando Tatis Jr., we've gone into the process of Deshaun Watson, played his first game for the Cleveland Browns tonight, albeit a preseason game, one of five, no big deal, took place down in Jacksonville. We had a great conversation with Jesse Armstead, former New York Giants legend. We talked about Lamar Jackson and his contract, and it's going to be oh so much that takes place over the next several weeks as the NFL season gets closer to a regular season return. One of the things we also discussed are some recent comments made by Deion Sanders. Basically said the Hall of Fame is letting everybody and their mother in.

So I'm going to get some more of your calls, but I do want to address one of our callers right before the break. The man basically said the Yankees need to fire Aaron Boone on Sunday if the Yankees get swept by the Boston Red Sox. And I'm saying to myself well damn what type of that that's a dumbass decision. That's something that I guess yeah a fan would say, but what type of message would this send to the New York Yankees clubhouse? What type of message would this do for morale? And yeah morale is bad when you've lost eight out of nine games. Morale is bad when you've gone through a month where things have stunk. Guys are injured and players are not performing at their peak. Things already stink. You just don't make quick decisions quick decisions by firing the manager for a team that has won 70 games.

That'd be bad. Sure if you want to make the argument of Aaron Boone is a terrible manager and why did he do this and why is this pitcher pitching here as opposed to this time all valid, but you become a clown show when you just just do ridiculous things. I know George Steinbrenner is no longer here. I know George Steinbrenner is no longer running the New York Yankees.

His son Hal is, but you don't fire somebody at this point of the season and you can't have the reason well the New York Yankees are not gonna win anything so let's just fire the coach. No uh-uh fire the manager. No uh-uh don't work that way. What you're going to do is become a laughing stock, a joke. You're going to kill the locker room.

You're going to kill the vibe. Have some consistency here. Yankees have multiple problems right now. Some of the issues that you looked at prior to the season it's taken months but they're rearing their head. Starting rotation, depth. They don't they're not going to match up well with a lot of teams in the postseason and the bats are cold right now.

Having guys who can go base to base and and drive in runs the New York Yankees offense looks like all or nothing and Aaron Judge doesn't have help right now. So what are we to do? Don't fire anybody now. Wait until the damn offseason. 8-5-5-2-1-2 for CBS. 8-5-5-2-1-2 for CBS. Allen is here from Toronto. Go ahead Allen.

Hi JR. Great show no doubt about it. Sure the hall of fame all of them they're all getting watered down but what can you do though? I mean they're running out of superstars so they have to start letting uh letting just the ordinary stars coming in you know. Camden and Cooperstown and Springfield and Toronto yes the hall of fame is here in Toronto. They uh you know they have to attract some fans.

They have to attract people for a big weekend so they they've got to start start putting people in. Look at Gil Hodges he was uh he was eligible for 60 years and Tony Alleva was eligible for 50 years. They're they're borderline hall of famers and they they put them in because they're starting to run out of other players and the present day uh pitchers Verlander Kershaw and uh Scherzer. Once they're once they're gone then you're gonna have to start putting in the uh the stars in you know. Trout and Harper and Judge and and uh Aranado if they keep it up to it they're going to be in but eventually they're going to be gone and then you're you're just going to look for stars and you're you know there was a couple of years in 1996 and 2014 there were no players got into the uh got into the hall of fame and they they should they had bring in some veteran players too like Morris but that that's what's going to happen here they're running out of stars superstars superstars should be in the hall of fame and that's it you know it's a travesty of the Bonds and Clemens and well they're not in the hall of free because they they're likely they're well they're likely to go in with these new committees that allow players in and so it's it's going to be a long run they won't get voted in via the riders they're likely to go in with the the committee there's a committee of of older players who votes in guys who did not make it in from I guess this is part of the fairness aspect if the writers are not going to vote you in at least the last stand in major league baseball the baseball hall of fame is to get voted in by the players guys who actually went out there and bust ass Cole is calling from Nebraska you on CBS sports radio hey JR how's it going good good I just want to talk about the Yankees and they said the last caller said that we should fire Aaron Goon that's that's not the case we need to fire Brian Cashman we've got four or five guys in the triple A's right now that cannot be brought up because the Yankees are worried about options but for their next years like we've got us as Waldo Peraza who's in 15 home runs at shortstop and our current shortstop has hit zero home runs Clark Schmidt just went six perfect innings in the triple A but he can't get brought up because Juan Peralta has an option where he can't get cut so that's the issue it's not Aaron Boone it's it's Brian Cashman in the front office well there's a little bit of blame and thank you Cole for calling from Nebraska this is a little bit of blame to pass along with with everybody when it comes to the New York Yankees is Aaron Boone the greatest of managers the answer is no and when you take a look at Brian Cashman you know he he has he has a hard he has a difficult difficult backdrop to live up to because when he was a young member of the New York Yankees organization they were doing something that will probably never be replicated probably in most of our lifetimes the New York Yankees rolled out of bed in the late 90s early 2000s and they just went to the World Series and they won that's unlikely to happen the New York Yankees last won a championship in 2009 okay I get it it's 2022 but one thing that has been for certain and this is also an anomaly and this is why to a big degree a lot of Yankee fans this is not a bad thing but they've been spoiled year after year after year the New York Yankees have a winning record the New York Yankees have not completely gone into the toilet they haven't tanked even in years where you don't say oh my god they're they're World Series favorites they're going out there and they're winning 85 to 90 games and that's like a bad year for the New York Yankees and people want to fire everybody it's not a birthright at all for the New York Yankees to just compete for a championship that might be the standard Brian Cashman and you want to get rid of him sure fine who do you want in this place that's a question I ask all the time if you don't want Brian Cashman who do you want to replace him people don't come through with names for me well say say somebody else some young hotshot okay who Brian Cashman is like furniture with the New York Yankees he's been around for so long you're used to him you're comfortable you ain't gonna just throw him out and bring in a new one his contract is expiring the Yankees do have some work to do but firing everybody isn't always the easiest answer I'll put it to you this way sometimes you don't know what you got so it's gone there's a whole song about that as well it's the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio we're gonna take a break I'm gonna come back get some more of your calls I want to tell you about a trade in the NBA that just makes me shake my damn head and then we're gonna roll out you're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio I listen to your show almost every night at least for a little bit at a time you do such a good job man I said it then I'm gonna say it again you deserve a raise whoever needs to hear that get this audio up to them second time I'm calling second time I'm saying call in now at 855-212-4 CBS it's the JR Sport Reshow CBS Sports Radio we're gonna get ready to roll out the old so awesome Ryan Hickey he's gonna come and take over at the top of the hour but before I get out of here I'm gonna get some more of your calls and I did tell you I was gonna mention a trade Kevin Durant still hasn't been traded yeah we know every week is something new yeah we know this time he's saying fire this guy and father yeah we know how ridiculous would it be oh so by the way the preference is the Boston Celtics or the 76ers at this point is that is that even fair if he goes to the Sixers gets back with James Harden who at that point earlier this year he wasn't happy with because he decided to leave because of Kyrie and is it fair for him to be with Embiid is that even possible and I'm not going to put any more realistic stock into any of these potential super teams because when do they play the Los Angeles Clippers been running around oh they're gonna be good you got Kawhi Leonard and Paul George when did they play now they just picked up John Wall when do they play Los Angeles Lakers man you have LeBron and Anthony Davis when do they play and so look I find it real far-fetched that Kevin Durant plays on a team with Harden and Embiid and even if they are all on the same team when are they gonna play somebody will get hurt so hard they're gonna be hurt somebody will be broken and they won't play come on we just saw this in Brooklyn who would have thought a team with Kyrie Irving James Harden Kevin Durant don't win anything when did they play let's get some of your calls before we have to roll out eight five five two one two four CBS Mike is calling from San Diego hey yeah all right I heard there's a rumor there's a bunch of stuff going on down here in San Diego well there's a guy had I heard a guy had ringworm and then he took some drugs and now he can't play baseball yeah yeah the uh sports stations are blowing up right now but um it's just uh it's just like unfortunately another little kink in his in his armor um to us right now if we didn't get the Soto trade with uh Brandon and Josh Bell I think we would be toast but right now um Manny's taking over the team basically and and things are looking good but what I wanted to call about was um I'm curious what everybody else is feeling are they like saying like the Padres are done and and uh you know if there's still a chance but but my best punishment for Tatis Mr. Tatis is for the uh the team to get a ring you know and get through all this torment and I don't think we are realistically but we have we have a good chance but I think that would be the best punishment and maybe that would get his head on straight what do you what do you think about something like that the best punishment would be for the Padres to win a championship for him to see that not be able to participate is what you're saying to get the ring and him because of his his choice of whatever you want to call it uh you know unknowledgeable I mean well do you think that's too harsh you think that no I think his punishment is uh is this embarrassing situation I think his punishment is not being paid for 80 games and then kind of being slapped around in the public for the next several years I mean the stink quote-unquote is not going to go off of him I'd say for about a season or two and um yeah I I still think the Padres have a decent chance or shot I'm not going to exclude them from legitimate contention because they they have some solid starters they do have offensive weapons and we'll see what happens we know who the top teams are the New York Mets are on a roll the Dodgers are on a roll Preller has gone for the world will the bullpen hold up is is a different question but Fernando Tatis being out it's it's it's it's disastrous and I will hope that all of these issues that he's had to deal with over the past year from the bike to his injuries and now this this ridiculous suspension that's his fault I hope that between now and age 35 where he will be under contract that he'll get his life together man it's kind of crazy yeah do you think out of all the people that have been suspended do you think their careers you know I'm saying like flourish or do you think it's like oh go you know get him out of town somehow or do you think they fight through it and it's a positive thing for him without me trying to think about everyone who's who's been suspended I feel a lot of these dudes are are older and thank you Mike for calling from San Diego someone who comes to mind most recent is Robinson Cano and he was closer to the end of his career damn it he is at the end of his career and he's still getting paid major money he can barely bat over 150 at this point in time and his career took a disastrous turn in all honesty I'd be more concerned about Fernando Tatis Jr and his health than less his reputation we see what he can do when he's on the field he's a legitimate 40 40 threat he has hall of fame potential we've seen it in the short amount of time that he's been in the bigs I'm more concerned with his shoulders I'm more console concerned with his body holding up I hope he can do it Alex is working here with us tonight in a distant to to Dave Shepherd Alex you have any thoughts on uh Tatis Jr and his suspension well I mean it was a bit of a shock I thought the Padres could be a dark horse but um yeah I mean I saw also the Instagram post that his mom his mom gave where he was like backing she was backing him up something like that yeah well what about his mom where like that he shouldn't be suspended it was it was it was very vague but oh okay I didn't see that I just think when I first saw it that went with Tatis all this hype coming back from his injury and then this and then the suspension and now the Padres sort of are well we'll wait till next year well I know I know the team certainly isn't taking a wait until next year approach there's there's no ends ifs or buts about his suspension it's just the only word the key word here is is sad and embarrassing you hear Fernando Tatis Jr and the first thing is PEDs you get that buzzword out there and say suspension and people go oh my god he's been using and then you assume that he was using something to come back from his wrist injury and then his explanation is is my ringworm medication yeah it had a substance in it that was banned and it's my fault and so look you you do the crime you got to do the time that's just how it goes Chris is calling from Maryland you're on CBS Sports Radio right they cracked down on the steroids that's why none of those guys that whole era none of them should be in all of them the damage they've done just a just a a hint of it is what's going on with Aaron Judge we'd be talking more about him and I'm not calling about um wait a minute right now I'm calling about Joe well hold on you you you're making a point what about what about Aaron Judge we would be talking about him chasing down Roger Maris if it wasn't for the steroid era guys and the man commissioner and all the other players that whole era they can go wait wait wait because that we that that's the damage they did to baseball correct I will agree what's your other point that's part of it um my Joe Jacoby Joe Jacoby four Super Bowls won three he man he wasn't even in on the play that LT broke his leg but look the 91 team is considered one of the best of all time Mark Repping got sacked seven times the entire year Joe Jacoby moved the right tackle that particular year because we got Jim Leste from the Raiders seven times all year there's only other LeHog in the Hall of Fame is Russ Grimm yes and so I just I know you you gave me a maybe you're possibly on Joe Jacoby before if you could before if you could do that or kind of give them a little nod nudge I don't know but that would be great if you got a big voice out there don't hold it against us that we beat dirty birds no well why would I care that we beat the dirty birds yeah no yeah why would I care because of Atlanta and that's figured you like them so I'm in I'm in Atlanta so I have to like them no I didn't say that so what did you just say I'm because I'm being honest to you I don't like the Atlanta Falcons too listen man let me tell you something Chris you know how many uh professional sports teams are giving me money paying my bills a lot of them yeah none of them have any favorites you don't know I guess I know in your profession you can't really have I like I like the Falcons I like the Jets but I'll tell you this my my fandom is is it's not the same man you know I know being in your profession I understand when you when you I don't give a damn I'd like I'd like it if they gave me money but they they don't so I don't give a damn I root for them but it's it's not the same it's like when you when you work in it and you deal with people and you know some of the players and it's just it's just different I don't you don't care like oh New York Jets or Falcons I'm not used to them doing anything I like the Yankees too what do they do I'm like okay they stink they win they're good they're bad I'm just just gonna call it how it is man as always thank you guys so much for an amazing week the JR sport reshow here on CBS sports radio it's a wrap thank you to Dave Sheppard thank you to Alex thank you to you every person listening I'm gonna be on WFAN in New York City tomorrow I'll be back with you CBS sports radio next week don't move Ryan Hickey he's coming up next I like him a lot him a lot
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