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August 18, 2022 11:40 pm

JR SportBrief Hour 1

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August 18, 2022 11:40 pm

JR explains what to make of the 11-game suspension that looks like will be the final number when it comes to Deshaun Watson's punishment

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You're listening to the J.R. Sportbrief on CBS Sports Radio. That's right, this is CBS Sports Radio and you are locked in to the J.R. Sportbrief show coming to you live from the Rocket Mortgage Studios.

Whether you want to buy a home or refinance your current one, Rocket can. I hope you had a tremendous Thursday. I hope you had a good day. I hope you're having a good night and if you're not, it's okay. I'm going to be here with you for the next four hours.

Consider yourselves lucky. This is when the show gets started, 10 p.m. Eastern Time, 7 p.m. Pacific. Thank you all so much to super producer and host Dave Shepherd and much love and many thanks to people listening all over North America and not just people.

People is too general of a term. You, yeah you, in the car, at home, at work, standing up, on your ass in the car or on your ass in a chair or couch or whatever you're doing. Thank you, yeah you, for listening. Okay, over these next four hours we have a lot to cover. Obviously the big news came down the pipe today that Deshaun Watson is going to be suspended for 11 games and so we'll start off the show obviously with that big news and in about 20 minutes from now we're going to have a conversation with Jonathan Peterlin of 92.3 The Fan calling up from Cleveland. I want to get his thoughts, I want to get his opinions, I want to really understand how people are feeling in Ohio. How people feel in Cleveland.

And I'm going to give you my thoughts and opinions momentarily. Baker Mayfield looks to have solidified his standing as the starting quarterback with the Carolina Panthers. Beating out Sam Donald it doesn't sound like a difficult job that he had to do but we'll talk about that next hour. Earlier this week we let you know that Aaron Rodgers was not shy in calling out his young wide receivers.

Letting them know that they need to step up. Was this a smart move by Aaron Rodgers? Was he motivating his young guys or was Aaron Rodgers just being a jerk or was he just being honest?

We'll get into it because if I have to think about Aaron Rodgers and leadership especially over the past few years he seems to be someone kind of floating on an island and so we'll get into Aaron Rodgers leadership. The Big Ten continues to be a big deal when it comes down to money. The Big Ten is no longer just ten.

The Big Ten is just like hey we got football teams all over the United States of America. We'll talk about that. The NBA released its schedule. We didn't get a chance to get into that last night and so we have a lot to do over these next four hours. If you follow me on social media that is at JR Sport Brief on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You will already know everything that we will discuss tonight. The number here is 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. Shep how was your day man? You smooth? I'm always smooth JR. I appreciate you asking man. How about you?

I'm very well. Shout outs to my main man Mike Detelier. WWL down in New Orleans.

That's my guy. Can't wait to get down back to New Orleans. Start living my life. Well anyway, speaking of living life. Yeah it's probably not the best thing. It's probably not the best Deshaun Watson transition here. He's probably lived too damn good of a life. I mean we have waited for the better part of a year and a half to try and understand what is going to happen with Deshaun Watson.

These accusations started to pile up. He missed all of last season. He was traded to the Cleveland Browns. He gets a $230 million dollar guarantee. We have no idea what his punishment will look like and it's just a wild situation.

He starts to settle. He has settled but with all one of his accusers. He's been cleared of all criminal wrongdoing.

And now he's a Brown. The NFL initially wanted to suspend him for an entire season. The new disciplinary officer says no. We'll suspend him for six games. The NFL decides to appeal and so for today we finally get that middle ground without having to be heard by the former New Jersey State Attorney General.

The Players Association on behalf of Deshaun Watson and the NFL they've come to a conclusion without taking it a step further. In Deshaun Watson's ultimate punishment he will miss 11 games this season. He will not be paid for the games that he will miss and then he will have to pay a record $5 million dollar fine.

$5 million dollars will be going to a charity. The NFL will also kick in some money to go to a charity to raise awareness for victims of sexual assault and also Deshaun Watson his suspension let me put it this way and it's kind of walking on eggshells to say such a thing. It will be at minimum 11 games because not only will he miss the 11 games. Not only will he not be paid for those games.

Not only will he have to pay a $5 million dollar fine which is a whole lot of nothing for a man guaranteed $230 million dollars. He will also have to undergo counseling. He's going to have to undergo an evaluation by a behavioral expert. He's going to have to sit down with someone who will evaluate his behavior. How he ticks. How he thinks.

We'll just have to go from there. If he doesn't do that they can add on to the games that he's missed. But all things considered we can expect for Deshaun to miss 11 games.

Now you might recall a few things. Deshaun Watson really has not spoke over the past year and a half. His lawyer has done all the talking. The lawyer put out statements.

He gets traded to the Browns. He has a press conference. The Haslam's put out a statement. They talk. He talks. Last week he finally apologized in a more direct way. I mean how about this. This was from, I don't know, August 12th, about a week ago. Shout out to Bobby Shmurda. Deshaun Watson said, I'm sorry for the first time. Listen to this. Look, I want to say that I'm truly sorry to all the women that I've impacted in this situation. My decisions that I made and my life that put me in this position I would definitely like to have back.

But I want to continue to move forward and grow and learn and show that I am a true person of character and I want to keep pushing forward. Wow. So with the word of a suspension today, finding out that he will only miss 11 games, and by the way, how ironic is this? Deshaun Watson, if his suspension sticks to 11 games, he will be eligible in week 13 versus guess who?

The Houston Texans. You can't make this stuff up now, can you? And so Deshaun Watson, he spoke as well today and he pretty much was asked, why did it take you until last week to actually publicly say, sorry. I apologize beforehand. I think the second time I spoke to you guys, I actually apologized, but I think for some people it didn't maybe register as a, as I was apologizing, but you know, I just wanted to clarify, you know, I was apologizing to all women and people that was offended about this situation because it's a, you know, it's, it's definitely a tough situation.

Okay. Now Deshaun Watson has gone through quite a few things here. He has settled with all but one of his accusers. He initially said that he would not settle. He said that he's, he hasn't done anything. He's pretty much said that I'm, I'm, I'm innocent.

He said in time, you know, I'll be able to talk more about what has taken place and, and why I've been put in this situation. And so Deshaun Watson also explained, well, why the hell did you apologize if you feel that you did not do anything wrong? For everyone that was affected about this situation, there was a lot of people that was triggered, but not the women that accused you of this apologize to all women. So anybody that was affected, even yourself, every everything. So I'm apologizing to everyone that was affected about this whole situation. What? Hey Shep, correct me if that was a man that asked the question, right? Yes, sir. He's just apologizing to everybody, right?

Well, let's, let's play that one more time. What the, what the hell are you apologizing for? If you don't feel you did anything wrong? Listen, for everyone that was affected about this situation, there was a lot of people that was triggered, but not the women, not the women. I've apologized to all women. So anybody that was affected, even yourself. Okay. All right. Okay.

Fine. Anyone who was affected, even yourself. He's just, he's just hitting everybody with broad strokes. It doesn't matter who you are, where you're from. Just everybody affected. Forget the women, everybody.

I'm not going to apologize to the women because that might actually, uh, you know, that, that may insinuate that I'm, I did something wrong. The Haslam's are the ones who traded for this man of the Browns, the owners of the Browns. They're the ones who decided to give him $230 million guaranteed. They're also the ones that feel that he is, uh, he will be changing, that he is high character, that he will move past this and find success in Cleveland.

Otherwise, they didn't have to sell us lip service. They wouldn't have traded for the guy. And so it's no shock or surprise that throughout this process, Jimmy Haslam, he's been emphatic that Deshaun, like anybody else, deserves a second chance. In this country and hopefully in the world, people deserve second chances.

Okay. I really think that. And I struggle a little bit is, is he never supposed to play again? Is he never supposed to be part of society?

Does he get no chance to rehabilitate himself? And that's what we're going to do. Okay. And you can say, well, that's because he's a star quarterback. Well, of course, but if he was Joe Smith, he wouldn't be in the, on the headlines every day. So we think people deserve a second chance.

We gave Kareem Hunt a second chance. Okay. And that's worked out pretty well.

Okay. We're hoping this will work out and we have strong belief it will. That doesn't mean we don't have empathy for people affected and we will continue to do so, but we strongly believe, strongly believe people deserve a second chance. We believe Deshaun Watson deserves a second chance. I believe in second chances. I don't think there's anything wrong with a second chance. He mentioned Kareem Hunt, by the way, uh, running back for the Cleveland Browns, who is looking for a new contract.

And what is that, uh, that second chance? Well, Kareem Hunt was on video, just basically, uh, kicking the living hell out of a woman. You might remember that from, I don't know, three or four years ago, he's getting a second chance and he's playing football. And most people don't even remember, but Kareem Hunt on the scale of popularity is not Deshaun Watson. And of course, as he mentioned, the star quarterback is going to garner more attention.

Sure. And using, uh, Joe Smith as a pseudonym or an example is incorrect. Joe Smith was a pretty damn good basketball player. He means Joe Schmoe, but he's a billionaire.

What does he know about, uh, colloquialisms? The fact is Deshaun Watson deserves a second chance. I think so, but the process of which it took place in the eagerness of the Browns to trade for this man and the eagerness for them to bestow upon him, the highest guaranteed contract that any football players ever received amongst all of his transgressions and accusations is terrible. And sends a message that we don't give a you know what, and that's something that he has to answer for. And obviously that's something that Jimmy Haslam does not care about when it comes down to Deshaun's answers today in the press conference and Deshaun saying, I didn't do anything and I'm apologizing to everybody that was offended or bothered. Well, Jimmy Haslam's wife basically said, well, when he gets through counseling, maybe he'll learn some more things about himself.

She didn't necessarily agree with his words. They're going to be people who don't care. They're going to be individuals who think that he was not punished enough. There will be people who think that he has served quote unquote, enough time. They're going to be people who think that Deshaun Watson should start in week one.

I'm not one of them. I'm fine with him missing 11 games. I'm okay with it.

I am. What I would actually like to see is the NFL not just leave these cases in the hands of a disciplinary officer. I would like for the NFL to actually spell out what the punishment would be for particular transgressions. Instead of us having to play the guessing game as to whether or not someone went out there and, and violated the personal conduct policy or whether or not there was videotape evidence and whether or not one woman is good enough or five or 24 or almost 30, things need to be spelled out. I think the NFL has not had enough examples, had enough instances, had enough tests, cases, and case studies to say, hey, you do this. If it falls into this category, you get suspended. That's what we need. We don't need to go through matters of opinion. It needs to be spelled out just like it's spelled out for someone like Calvin Ridley who's been suspended the entire year because he decided to bet on some football games in his phone. What a dumb ass decision that was. That's what needs to happen. Would I be mad if he missed the entire year? Would I blank out? Nope.

Nope. He missed all of last year and still got paid. He's missing 11 games this season. He's going to be missed. He's going to be missed.

He's missing 11 games this season. He's going to pay a paltry $5 million. His decision-making is terrible. The Browns' decision-making just screams, we don't give a blank. In the NFL, hey, they're going to say we advocated for an entire year and now we came to an agreement and that's what it's going to be.

And if anyone now has a voice, it's the people who spend their money. It's the fans. I'm fine with the suspension of 11 games. I can't stand what the Browns did in bringing them in. I can't stand what the NFL has done over the past several years when it comes down to how they hand out punishments. And it's up to each of us individually to say, am I going to support this, him, the Browns or the league?

It's an individual choice. It's the JR Sport Reshow here on CBS Sports Radio. I'm going to go ahead and take your phone calls. But before we do that, we're going to go right to Cleveland, Ohio. We're going to have a conversation with Jonathan Peterlin of 92.3, the fan. I want to know how people in Cleveland feel about this Deshaun Watson situation.

Don't move. It's the JR Sport Reshow, CBS Sports Radio. It is the JR Sport Reshow here with you on CBS Sports Radio.

Something that had to take almost a year and a half has finally found its conclusion. We have finality when it comes down to this Deshaun Watson situation, at least as it relates to his punishment. It's been negotiated and settled between the NFL Players Association on behalf of Deshaun Watson and the NFL that he will miss 11 games. He will not be paid for these games missed. He will have to pay a $5 million fine. And then he will also have to undergo an evaluation by behavioral experts. And if he doesn't do this, then they may up his suspension.

I don't, I don't think that this will be the case. Now Deshaun spoke, he apologized again, sounded like a forced apology, a kind of blanket apology to everyone who he may have offended, certainly not the accusers. And then in an interesting twist, when he is eligible to play again, should his suspension stand at 11 games, he'll be eligible to come back against the Texans in week 13. And so this has been an interesting issue to say the least. This has been a lightning rod issue across the NFL and pretty much just any place that has news. And so to get a more direct thought and opinion as to what this means for the Browns and how the city feels about this and what the vibe is, we're going to have a conversation right now with someone who is a host and an anchor for 92-3, the fan in Cleveland, Ohio, home of the Browns. It's Jonathan Peterland. Jonathan, thank you for taking the time to hop on. JR, what's up, man? How are you?

I'm very well. Thank you so much. And thank you for taking the time to join us. No, anytime.

No problem. So I guess the overall question is, if you had to take the temperature in Cleveland, Ohio right now, what's the overall reaction? How was it leaning when people heard this news? You know, what's weird about that is that it was more just relief, not at the number of games, just relief that we're done talking about it. And you know, JR, we're not done talking about it, but it felt like relief that for the time being, we've had an answer to this puzzle that has been, seriously, I know you guys talk a lot about it nationally, but this is my 24-7, 365.

So I think first off, it was like a sigh of relief, like, all right, we can finally put all of this behind us. And now we can start to plan out and we can talk real play. We can talk real football and we can figure out what's going on with this team. We can talk about X's toes. We can talk about Jacoby reset versus Jimmy Garoppolo.

We can talk about all these other factors that we've been thinking about for a very, very long time. That's a relief number one. And then number two, the other reaction that I thought was a little more peculiar was there was for the first time, I felt like people were really upset with how does Sean handled the reaction today and how does Sean handled his own press conference. Even myself, someone that I have been very in favor of this move, JR. I thought it was the right move. I think he upgraded quarterback.

I think they made the right decision, but even I was left scratching my head at points today. Sean, it didn't deliver. He was back and forth in his message. He was at times seemed very angry even early on, and it didn't hit with a lot of people. Wow.

Well, we certainly see that. He apologized and he's not to the accusers, but just to anyone who might be offended. I'm sure that the locker room feels a sense of relief as well as they'll be able to, at least for the time being, focus in on football. What does this mean on the football side for the Browns? You already mentioned Jimmy Garoppolo and I don't know if the Browns want to trade for him, and then you have Jacoby Brissett, who's the prototypical, I'm here when someone gets hurt, or maybe in this case is suspended. What are the Browns going to do because they do have a solid roster?

Yeah, I mean, 2 to 53, you can make an argument. They're right up there with the Bucks. They're right up there with the Bills. It's a very good roster. It's just figuring out who number one is, and number one is the most important part of the team, right? I've been in favor of Jimmy Garoppolo.

I think the Browns should make a move for it. Kevin Stefanski, Andrew Berry, both stamped down a vote of confidence for Jacoby Brissett today, but again, I'm not taking them at face value when it comes to anything because they're diplomats in this scenario. Both of them are very, very good at handling the media and not saying a thing at all.

Both of them throughout the entire stretch, they say one thing, they do another thing. We had leaked reports that have gone in various directions. Whether you want to listen to Mary K. Cavanaugh, of course, I trust and is very, very good at her job.

Whether you want to listen to Mina Kimes, whether you want to listen to... On and on the list goes. There's been multiple reports over the previous week and a half about the Browns' interest in Jimmy Garoppolo. I think it makes the most sense. I think in 11 games, you definitely have to look into it if you're the Browns. At what cost is obviously a different scenario, but the money won't come into play for the Browns.

Please, it shouldn't come into play for the Browns. Is Jimmy G worth a fourth, fifth, sixth round pick? In my estimation, yeah, because Jacoby Percette, I don't think he wins you nearly as many games as Jimmy Garoppolo would.

No, absolutely. And that depends on if Jimmy Garoppolo is going to go out there and be healthy enough to play every game. Jonathan Peterlin is joining us from 92.3, the fan out in Cleveland. Is there a possibility in your thought process that Jimmy Garoppolo would not have to be traded for? That he would be able to ultimately be released from the 49ers and then maybe even signed by the Browns? Yeah, I think at that point, you know, if we're just judging what people in San Francisco are saying, you know, they would wait until the very end of the preseason. I think if you're the Browns, I think you got to start making those phone calls and you got to at least gauge San Francisco. Everyone knows they're not really going to hang on to Jimmy G during the season.

That's so awkward, JR. He's on the sidelines throwing passes and he doesn't talk to anyone inside the building. He doesn't do it.

He just shows up to the building and it's just that awkward thing in the corner. I guess everyone knows they want a piece and go different ways. If you're the Browns, dangle a fifth round pick in their face. Say, here it is. Here's a fifth round pick. Here's a six round pick. Give us Jimmy G. We'll take on the money and then let's go and let's do this.

I don't think you wait. And I do think the difference between doing it now and the couple weeks it would wait until the 49ers would seemingly release Jimmy G. I do think that does matter. I think that matters for starting in the week.

One. I think that matters for the Browns getting this thing going because you got a very easy early portion of the schedule. Jr. First four games of the season. That those are a lot of wins could be had for the Browns.

They're Carolina jets. It gets a little tougher in week three in a Thursday night game against the Steelers Falcons after that. Those are at least three out of four games.

You should win and depending who the Steelers have starting should be four. So, why you'd want Jimmy G in there to stamp that down without question as soon as possible. Well, Joel Botonio, one of your offensive linemen in Cleveland for the Browns. He's pretty much taken the approach of, hey this is Cleveland versus the world. This is Cleveland versus everybody else. Despite this being a a terrible situation that that Deshaun Watson has had to experience.

That the accusers have had to experience. That his teammates and owners and everyone have had to discuss and talk about. Is this really a situation that can be a rallying cry and us against everyone else? I don't know that the rallying cry stays when when he's not in the in the building anymore.

Right? Like like Jr. When we're done with pre-season do you really think then as he just goes off to the side and then he gets away from the team? You really think Joel Botonio is going to be and trust me that was already a t-shirt that we have in this city.

The Cleveland against the world. It's just a mantra that happens in the city. Just one of those things. So like Joel Botonio isn't discovering new land here.

He just took a took a t-shirt mantra and ran with it. But like you really think Joel Botonio will be sitting in his locker week two as Jimmy Garoppolo or Jacoby Brissett get set to go ahead and and play the Jets and they'll be like, oh it is us against everybody. Like no of course not. Did they feel some of that in that Jacksonville pre-season game? Maybe a little bit when the fans were starting to chant down all sorts of obscenities at Deshaun Watson.

Maybe then. But until Deshaun's on the field I feel like that rallying cry I for me at least they are it falls very very short. Jonathan Peterlin is here with us 92-3 the fan in Cleveland. It's tough to to figure out what this team can look like throughout the course of the season until we know who is going to be the quarterback. What ultimately is the best case scenario for the team this year and if they should not make the playoffs or kind of falter would that kind of be taken as a mulligan type year?

I don't think people are looking at it like a mulligan. I think this team is it's a win-now roster even though the quarterback situation is a little shakier. Now listen this front office I know what you're getting at J.R. you're trying to figure out where we stand with Kevin Safanski. This front office loves Kevin Safanski. They really think very highly of him. I don't know that he is a football savant.

I'm not going to say that he walks on water quite yet. I don't know that he is necessarily the greatest play caller but he is so good when it comes to just being a leader and when it comes to getting everyone to buy in and when it comes to seeming like you have an adult in charge and that matters coming from Hugh Jackson coming from Freddy Kitchen where we didn't have what seemed like an adult in charge it matters that the Browns have that front and center. Well but you got to win.

Ultimately you got to win and as I mentioned before when you got one of the best two to fifty three in the NFL a lot of your excuses go out the window whether it's Jacoby Brissett whether it's Jimmy Garoppolo whether it's Deshaun Watson whatever combination of quarterback play you have Kevin Safanski has got to find some of that magic he had two years ago. If not yeah yeah people are going to start to question whether or not he should be the man in charge. Yeah it wasn't so much a question at all about coach Defansky. I think he's in in good standing. He can only do and coach who's out there on the field or he can't only do so much so that wasn't so much a question about him. A final question for you here Jonathan when you take a look at at this season and you think about Deshaun and and he's going to loom even in his absence he's going to loom over this franchise and organization and that's just the case when you go out and pay 230 million dollars guaranteed for the man. How is he going to be received when he comes back? Is that first touchdown going to wipe the slate clean? Will everybody move on or is this just everyone outside of Cleveland kind of taking an outsider's position? Oh man that's the million dollar question JR. I don't know what it'll be if I'm just being honest about it. I really don't know. I really think you know there's a lot of people that says I'm not a Browns fan anymore because of Deshaun Watson. Okay fine they won't be at the game you know what I mean they will they won't be there then I'll say this I think there are more defenders that call into my radio station 92.3 the fan in Cleveland there are more defenders of Deshaun Watson as far as we needed to upgrade over Baker Mayfield and there are people that are just sick to their stomachs and they're throwing up at the thought of him throwing touchdowns on the field so I do think especially when he starts to get booed in other places especially after that Texans game and the reception he has there listen I don't think he's going to get a standing applause a standing ovation but I do think there'll be more scattered applause than there's scattered boos at least for the home faithful it's going to be really interesting though to figure out which direction everyone does go but if he starts winning games you know Jr you know how this works you start winning games all that gets wiped away awfully quick and I can say one thing about this you know Kareem Hunt when he first joined the team it was disgusting to see a Kareem Hunt jersey out and about you'd be like what kind of statement is that person making that's what was this guy doing now I see someone wear a Kareem Hunt jersey I'm like he's just a fan of Kareem Hunt he just he likes how he plays likes what he represents on the field and that's that's all there is to it Kareem Hunt is actually one of the more beloved Browns players on this roster he's been able to turn it around when you win people change their minds and I feel like if Deshaun wins especially in this city people change their minds yeah no doubt about it that's what people look for at the end of the day Jonathan where can people follow and keep up with you and all your great work at J-Peterland J-P-E-T-E-R-L-I-N all right Jonathan thank you so much we'll be in touch with you soon okay all right thank you J-R have a good night no doubt about it so much love to Jonathan Peterland joining us from 92.3 the fan out in Cleveland giving us a up close and personal perspective on just how the city is receiving this news that Deshaun Watson will be gone 11 games no pay a record five million dollar fine and then he also has to attend counseling sessions he needs to check in with behavioral experts now I want to hear from you the phone lines are open that's eight five five two one two four cbs that's eight five five two one two four cbs based on what you just heard and what you just learned regarding Deshaun Watson did he get off easy does he deserve more games and just what are your thoughts overall I am never I am never ever ever gonna be able to get with how the Browns went about this sure you needed a quarterback upgrade but like most businesses they did what they needed to do they said screw the ethics let's just go get the guy who can help us get the money help us get a championship I'm fine with the suspension but the Browns ugh the Haslams ugh it's not a good look in the court of public opinion not at all it's the JR Sport Brief Show here on CBS Sports Radio I'm gonna take your calls on the other side you're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio you're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio hey JR thanks for having me on I love your show you're not the typical screaming head commentator you're calm cool collected and entertaining at the same time it's a hard skill to match thank you call in now at eight five five two one two four cbs thank you so much to Jonathan Peterlin coming through to join us 92.3 the fan out in Cleveland Ohio I wanted to get a first-person perspective or at least something a little bit closer when it comes down to Deshaun Watson and the suspension that he received ultimately they didn't have to be a or an additional third party to review his six-game suspension the NFL wanted the entire season while the NFL decided to settle with Deshaun Watson and the Players Association his final suspension 11 games this season no pay five million dollars a fine which will go to charity and then he will have to undergo counseling and if he does not do this then his suspension can be upped from 11 games although I don't think that this will be the case and so the saga that started early last year has finally come to a close he missed all of last season of which he was paid he was traded at the off season by the Texans to the Browns he received the largest guaranteed contract amongst all of the distractions and accusations 230 million dollars and the Haslems who own the Browns they've had they've had no issue they've had no problem in having him on and they say that he deserves a second chance of which I agree with and there's the there's the funny part how do you balance out ethics in business for a lot of people it doesn't exist in the NFL you throw ethics out the window it's all about it's all about winning if you had a choice between Deshaun Watson and Baker Mayfield let's be real here who's going to help you win who's going to give you the better chance to win and so the Browns said screw the backlash screw the accusations ensure yes there will be people who will argue up and down that he was not charged criminally listen there are a lot of people who are not charged criminally that was still guilty of being a jackass Deshaun Watson falls in that category he was also I don't want to say non-committal in accepting blame but I mean damn he was just like I'm apologizing to everybody offended the accusers know everybody and not the greatest of looks even the Haslems are like hey when he goes through counseling maybe he'll be better on the other side Jimmy and D Haslem the owners of the Browns they talked about why they think Deshaun Watson is remorseful take a listen to this because we're around him every day and he said he's remorseful he didn't say that until until just the day of that Jacksonville you know I think I said it pretty well is that this counseling is a process and it's going to take some time for him the layers and the layers upon on getting there we feel like he's making progress and with us we have seen that well damn it I that's fine I don't know if being around him every day is a is a great example are you you're with him in a professional setting are you following him home I don't think the Houston Texans ensure they were giving out NDAs or giving him NDAs to to hand out to some of these these women come on now were y'all with him before then are y'all in his Instagram page and sure I believe he's gonna be on better behavior but I mean damn because you're with him every day ain't good enough I'm fine with the suspension I'm fine with the loving games would I be upset if he were to get suspended for the whole season I'd be like okay fine I think the NFL needs to lay better groundwork as to you do this you're suspended for this amount of time there shouldn't be so much guesswork you know there'll be people who compare this to Calvin Ridley and yes it's it's not fair it's not the same because that's spelled out specifically if you screw up the integrity of the game you gots to go and so Calvin Ridley will be missing this year when it comes to other matters hey it's up for interpretation what do you think about the suspension 855-2124 CBS it's 855-2124 CBS Ben is calling from Green Bay Wisconsin you're on CBS Sports Radio hey Jer how you doing buddy very well good I I respect you a ton but you know there's a social media thing out there that says how do you tell me that I'm an idiot without you actually telling me I'm an idiot and what NFL did with the Deshaun Watson thing is extending the suspension until he faces the Texans they don't care about about anything that is going on I mean Deshaun Watson I mean there's no way that there's 25 plus women that have had issues with Deshaun Watson that it's just that it's all one big conspiracy I mean I you know give me a break I'm you know give me a break he's there is I mean that uh Calvin Ridley gambled on games he was injured he got a full year so sexually assaulting 25 plus women makes is is is better than gambling while you're injured yeah and that is uh that's that's where things get tricky because one directly affects the NFL and their bottom line the other one doesn't figure out which one it is we know it's a double standard it sucks Fred is calling from Indianapolis you're on CBS Sports Radio yeah thanks for having me on you got a great show and you're one of the best in business already man so congratulations uh I just wanted to say um a little bit similar to what your previous caller just said uh Watson's a deviant you know when he's admitted to most people would not consider normal but at the end of the day when you talk about an athlete like Watson with all that money he's making you can take the less of the day to find 20 to 30 women that be willing to pronounce him as somebody who's committed sexual uh her uh uh sexually those kinds of crimes right with a seven figure payout that could result I mean there are people that would do be willing to do it it's just that simple and look uh those women any women that would do that it's an affront to those who act our victims abuse women who have had to go through these kind of horrendous situations but that's it but of all these women in America you can't tell me you can't fight 20 30 women that could accuse a guy of this these kinds of crimes oh Fred thinks that some of these women are lying I'm gonna take more of your calls on the other side 855-2124 CBS I'm gonna dress Fred on the other side as well here on CBS Sports Radio
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