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JR SportBrief Hour 2

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August 25, 2022 11:58 pm

JR SportBrief Hour 2

JR Sport Brief / JR

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August 25, 2022 11:58 pm

JR explains why Aaron Donald was completely reckless on Thursday

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The Rich Eisen Show
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The Rich Eisen Show
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You're listening to the J.R. Sportbrief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the J.R. Sportbrief on CBS Sports Radio.

That's right, this is CBS Sports Radio. I am J.R. You are locked in to the J.R. Sportbrief show, coming to you live from the Rocket Mortgage Studios when you need cash out of your home and you need a simple way to get it, Rocket Can. I'm going to be hanging out here with you for the next three hours.

If you want to give me a holler, it's real simple. The number 855-212-4CBS. Me, I'm on social media. I am at J.R. Sportbrief everywhere. I'm being joined by super producer and host Dave Shepherd and if you want to give us a holler, I gave you the number. I gave you the social. How can you listen?

At work, on the way home, easy. The free Odyssey app, A-U-D-A-C-Y, put it on your phone, put it on your tablet, put it on your laptop and you won't miss a second, a minute of the J.R. Sportbrief show. Thank you to people listening on our many CBS Sports Radio affiliates all across the country of which there are hundreds. Damn it, we just had a holler from Topeka, Kansas. We had my friends from Portland, Oregon call. We got people in San Diego, Chicago, Miami, here in Atlanta. What's up 929? We got people in Long Island, people in Boston, people in Toronto, Calgary, Honolulu. I can go on and on.

Just look at a map of North America and just understand there are people listening in every corner of it. And for that, I say what's up. Okay, three more hours here. We opened up the show talking about the Dallas Cowboys. Unfortunately, another injury. Tyron Smith on the offensive line. They just drafted a left tackle to potentially fill his spot.

An eight-time Pro Bowler, someone who's awesome when he plays. Dallas Cowboys, they'll be good. It ain't gonna be good enough. The Dallas Cowboys don't go out every season to be good. They've been on and on and on about growing.

Where have they grown? It's like they're running on a treadmill right now. The road to nowhere. Nine wins, 10 wins, the playoffs, elimination, good. Jerry Jones is about to be 81 years old next season. Yeah, I'm fast-forwarding because they ain't going nowhere this year. I'm gonna take more of your calls there.

855-212-4CBS. And then speaking of injuries, we have an individual by the name of Chet Holmgren. He hasn't even played in an NBA game yet. This man gets hurt in a Pro-Am League, Jamal Crawford's Pro-Am League in Seattle. List Frank injury. Out.

Done. Entire rookie season. Wiped out. What are we supposed to do?

Get rid of Pro-Am's? You're supposed to tell guys, hey, you can't go to the Drew League? You can't go up to Rucker and Harlem and play? You can't play in Texas?

What are we supposed to do? We'll get into that. And speaking of Los Angeles and Drew League, and Los Angeles in general, Patrick Beverley is joining the Lakers.

I mentioned this to you last night. Lakers are always something funny, man. So let's talk about America's teams. The Lakers.

The Cowboys. Let's, let's get into it. But Jerry Jones doesn't seem to think that there's an issue. Let's share this again. Listen to Jerry Jones.

Everything is fine. Listen. Disappointed for Tyron. No one recognizes how much our team depends on him and what he contributes to the team any more than Tyron recognizes that.

He feels awful. I know that. On the other hand, our number one draft pick was drafted because we knew the future and we need to be looking for a left tackle of the future. Maybe not Tyron Smith, but certainly somebody special.

We think we've got that. I'm not for sure how we'll line them up immediately as we go into these opening part of this season, but we've got a good plan. We've got some players that we think can step in and play. Yeah, you drafted Tyler Smith out of Tulsa. You hope he can step in. It's going to take up more than one guy to help solidify an offensive line from left to right. It's just going to be another year of the Cowboys just being OK. Is that what Jerry Jones is doing? He's getting ready to turn 80 years old. Is he just trying to be OK?

The answer is no. But he's not smart enough to get out of his own damn way. And so what is he going to do at the end of the season? When the Dallas Cowboys go to the playoffs and lose and are eliminated? When the Dallas Cowboys are looking in another February, they're going to go to September where they have not done a damn thing but prepare for the next year. What is Jerry Jones going to do?

You hire a general manager and then you got to give them five or six years. Well, Jerry Jones don't have five to six years for a rebuild. This sucks for the Cowboys, man. Even Cowboys fans aren't running around screaming, this is our year. This is the Super Bowl. It ain't.

I wish it was. I'd love to see the Cowboys back on top. But they're nothing but a circus with their owner. I'm going to take more of your calls here on Jerry Jones. I'm going to tell you about Aaron Donald, who needs to, he might need to go to anger management, man, because when this dude gets angry, he is busting ass. He was at practice today, a joint practice with the Bengals, and let's just say you did not want to be in the way of Aaron Donald as he was swinging helmets. Let's get some more of your calls here on the Cowboys. Let's get to Aaron Donald.

Let's talk about the other America's team with the Lakers and Patrick Beverly. Dalton is calling from Topeka, Kansas. You're on the JR Sportbrief show. Good afternoon, sir. First and foremost, I would like to say I'm sorry for the fact that my earbuds and stuff were not working in the previous two calls that I tried to speak to you. Oh my God. Okay. Oh, okay. Dalton, you're here. All right.

All right. Well, first and foremost, Jerry Jones is not ever going to see another Super Bowl win. And the reason why is because he is his own biggest enemy. It doesn't matter that quote unquote, his son is in charge of what's going on in the organization because he's really not. It's always Jerry Jones. It's always been Jerry Jones. I know plenty of people that are fans of the Cowboys and they all cite. The main reason why the Cowboys haven't been able to win is Jerry Jones decisions ever since Jimmy Johnson.

That there is first and foremost, the reason why the Cowboys won't be relevant and sell 2030 and they might be relevant in the sense that they win their division. But whoop de frickin do your division consists of the Washington Commanders, the Eagles, the and the Giants. There you go.

You're welcome. Oh shoot. Well, then honestly, oh my God, that division don't mean the work that damn in NFL.

Let's just say that. So for the fact that the Cowboys can win that division, whoop de doo, can graduate freaking relations. You get a first round pass into the into the playoffs, not even a first round pass. I don't mean they get a first round by but you get to get into the playoffs by default because your teams in your division are horrible. Okay, and luckily not even that. Yes, you weren't even bad. You make horrible decisions.

I mean, Tony, not Tony normal. Jerry Jones might be the the general manager that handed it down to his son, but that man still making the decision and he still makes decisions that are detrimental to his. Dalton, we want to thank you very much for the seven or eight points you have now made about why the Cowboys are not the team to beat in 2022. We thank you for your time and you have a good day, okay? I'm sorry. Thank you. Don't be sorry. Don't be sorry. I wasn't saying you should be sorry, but just really thank you. No, no, no, Dalton, that's number nine.

That's, thank you. It's time to wrap up. The call is what we're trying to say.

Damn shop. I feel like we hit them with the I don't know. What's a great tag team? What were we the a lot of great tag teams Abbott and Costello, Deena Martin.

Yeah, Martin. I'm thinking about Vince McMahon. Well, listen, visit man doesn't want to be mentioned these days, you know, Vince McMahon the other day, right? He just had his 77th birthday, right?

Vince McMahon hanging out with John Cena for his birthday. Like it's going to make all his problems go away. Yeah, like, okay, sure. Problems with a hardy boy. If you are the problem though, right there.

Well, he's 77 years old. Oh, that's not the problem. He's the problem. Well, yeah, I mean, he's had a lot of problems when you got to pay multiple women 20 million dollars to shut up. Vince McMahon needs to go into a damn, he needs to go into a class with Deshaun Watson. He does they both know about hush money. Oh, they do settlement money, hush money.

I don't have a problem money. I'm going to stay at least Vince McMahon left. But he's a billionaire. He's 77. What what is he going to do?

And I'm pretty sure he's been eaten alive inside. Like I built this thing for the past 3035 years. I've turned this business into a public company. What he has done business wise is absolutely amazing.

$20 million in shut up money. Oh my God. What is he going to do? Just sit around and watch his company on this? He watching his product on TV while his kids run it? What is he doing? He's having dinner for a 77th birthday with John Cena.

He doesn't even want to be seen walking to his car. Anyway, Vince McMahon genius of many tag teams of what Shep and I just did with that car tag team. Let's go to Mike from Buffalo. You're on CBS Sports Radio. What's up, Mike? What's up? Jr. Big fan here.

Love the show. Um, Dallas is problem. They need to pick up Odell Beckham to start with. No. That's the start.

Okay. They need that tackle from uh, the free agent from Indy. Who is it? I want to say Eric Fisher. Oh yeah. Yeah. Eric and he he was a stop gap. Eric is pretty much known for being in Kansas City.

I'm familiar with Eric. Yeah. That's their best hope. Until then, they just sit and wait.

See who gets caught. 53 man roster. Pick up any type of receiver, any type of lineman. That's the only hope right now. Let's be honest.

Yeah. And even even before that thinking about their offensive line and thank you Mike for calling from Buffalo. I expected the Cowboys to win the division and you hope they can grow but with a crap offensive line or patchwork offensive line we could pretty much throw them in the trash. Throw them in the toilet and that's even with winning nine and ten games.

Like the expectation for them every year is oh they're going to be good and oh Super Bowl this not this year. Will is calling from Nebraska. Go ahead Will. Hey what's up?

What's going on? Hey uh so I feel like uh the uh the cow the Cowboys are probably going to do their standard thing of just straight up beating up on the east. The east is trash.

Like it's always been trash. Uh but uh really uh like Ezekiel Elliott he's probably going to have a thousand yard season standard stuff but nothing nothing too special. Yeah no well I I hope he's healthy this go around and it's going to be tough to to go out there and do damage when the line stinks. Rick is calling from here in Georgia. You're on CBS Sports Radio. What's up Rick?

What's on your mind man? Oh got a lot of things JR. Good to hear your program once again enjoy it as much as I can possibly but I was thinking about talking about Jerry Jones and the Cowboys. I think Jerry Jones is two-step absorbed to relinquish any authority up to cover him or object to him and he seems like he's his own worst enemy. To me I look at he just wants the money he really don't care about championships and then I got to thinking would you and I swap 100 million dollars for six foot stainless steel models? What about oh are you talking about Jerry Jones extracurricular activities?

No. What do you what what you said something about a model what? What I said would you know the Super Bowl winner gets a statue of some type. Right Vince Lombardi. Mango. Yeah my point I was trying to make is Jerry seems to want the money instead of the championships because of the way he does and I'm thinking well hey he's making about a half a million I mean a half a billion dollars a year would we swap that for thank you three foot tall? Oh oh okay I thought you said uh models and I know Jerry Jones has had uh he's had some he's been known to potentially hang out with uh with models but anyway uh here's the deal Jerry Jones could wake up in his age and this is this let's think about this for a minute Jerry Jones already has money the Dallas Cowboys are worth eight billion dollars Jerry Jones can decide to sell the team tomorrow and it will take a process in his family and in his estate etc he could walk away with with eight to ten billion dollars for his family for future generations if he wanted to what good is that going to do him at 80 years old probably a whole lot of nothing it's probably more important for him to win football games but it's really a case right now and you you you talked about this you mentioned it Jerry Jones is so far deep into what he's doing that almost the the thought of even letting it go is riskier than oh my god me running it and so that's where we're at and that's where the Dallas Cowboys are that will be the case probably until he just goes I'm either a too tired I can't do it this is my last stand but it's it's it's unlikely to happen I don't I don't see it Tom is calling from Nebraska go ahead Tom you're on CBS sports radio hey guys thanks for the call um lifelong Cowboys fan so about 40 years now I get the hate for Jerry Jones I understand it like I said lifelong Cowboys fan is it hate I get the hate for him is it hate it's I don't know if it's hate it's it's common sense it's it's a it's a natural observation why he went he went through all those years of not building a team and not putting good product on the field for about the past if you look back about past six years it's Cowboys Jerry Jones his bad decisions yeah they were there but he's built up a decent team I mean they get to the playoffs because their division is what it is but at the playoff level it's more players it's more injuries it's yeah but they built they they haven't they haven't they haven't gone to the playoffs in about a dozen or excuse me they haven't gone to the conference game in about 12 playoff appearances we know they haven't won the Super Bowl since 96 it's this is not it's it's and our fun part about the Cowboys if you study into their injuries and look back a few years like about the past five years they they were good on defense they were good on offense and then your injuries on defense stack up one year and then you have no defense with a decent offense and then the next year the defense is killing it but you got so many injuries on offense the offense can't do anything with that's that's that's hard that's part of roster construction in depth and unfortunately there's one man who has the final word on all of it it's the owner true and he does have the final word and this year is going to be I'm not projecting any Super Bowl wins or yeah a mad rush to you know jump on any bandwagon there but with their division as long as they can keep up with a decent record Tyron Smith's out till I think they said December now December yes I mean as long as they can keep a good record throughout get him back get some more people back from injury I could see him at least going to the playoffs and maybe actually hopefully winning the game right maybe this year that ain't that that ain't the highest of expectations man I mean we that was the lifelong the lifelong cowboy fan that's the best I got for this year sorry correct and you know what but this is my point it's not like Jerry Jones is going to be running the team for the next decade you know what I'm saying and so every single year that goes by where the Dallas Cowboys are just okay is another day where you have to think at the back end of it where you just go man we we might hit the skids because there's gonna come a point in time where Jerry Jones is not running the team and the Dallas Cowboys are going to have to bring in a GM that GM is going to have to bring in a coach it's gonna it's like buying a house the Dallas Cowboys if they don't win under Jerry Jones they're going to be stripped there's going to be a restart you gotta wait and then you can go ahead and tack on a few more years is there anybody out there that legitimately legitimately looks at the Cowboys and says oh yeah I'm confident that this year or next year they'll win a Super Bowl no no the answer is no it's the JR sport re-show on CBS Sports Radio 8 5 5 2 1 2 for CBS I'll leave the phone lines open when we come back we'll talk about someone who just won a Super Bowl and damn it he's angry he's very very angry he was angry today I'll tell you who it is on the other side it's the JR sport reef show CBS Sports Radio you're listening to the JR sport brief on CBS Sports Radio you're listening to the JR sport brief on CBS Sports Radio I do want to say I've never called in I love listening to you I've been listening for years and man your show and what you say is just beautiful call in now at 855 212 for CBS that's right it's the JR sport brief show here with you on CBS Sports Radio we've been talking about the Dallas Cowboys and what they can or cannot do this upcoming season especially with the latest injuries on their offensive line Tyrone Smith is out until December they hope you got to throw a rookie out there you're throwing in some journeymen and it's uh it ain't looking too good but despite that the Dallas Cowboys should still have success this upcoming season because their division is not strong New York excuse me New York Jets they playing the AFC East and they ain't doing a damn thing New York Giants don't know what they're doing you got the Washington commanders they gotta you know kind of pray to god that everything will work out with Carson Wentz you have the Eagles Eagles will be good and so I believe it will be a battle between the Eagles and also the Cowboys and then if you have the commanders who are able to sneak in there and steal some wins then you can throw them in the mix as well but none of these teams are expected to win a Super Bowl and that is still a massive disappointment for the Dallas Cowboys you don't even hear a peep from their fans about this is our year that that pretty much has stopped for the time being but the team that did win the championship the team that just did win the Super Bowl we know it's the Los Angeles Rams who cares about draft picks let's just trade all of them and bringing in established stars and the biggest star of them all on that team the Los Angeles Rams it happens to be Aaron Donald okay this man is one of the greatest defensive players ever that's not an exaggeration that is not hyperbole that happens to be a matter of fact let's just give him another defensive player of the year war just because let's just give him 10 more sacks this year I love watching Aaron Donald highlights because he tackles and moves two human beings at one time and we also know after they won the championship that there were a lot of talks about whether or not Aaron Donald was going to disappear was Aaron Donald going to retire was he going to go back to Pittsburgh was he going to enjoy his family was he going to wait a few years and be inducted into the Hall of Fame the answer's no Aaron Donald is going to continue to kick ass because Sean McVay is back he says as long as Sean McVay is there he's going to stick around with him and try to win another championship and oh yeah by the way getting a rework deal 95 million dollars over three years not too bad and so here we have the defending champions they're currently practicing in Cincinnati against the team that they beat in the Super Bowl yeah the Rams and the Bengals are participating in a joint practice ahead of their preseason game this upcoming Saturday and so typically you have these games coaches with relationships get together and Zach Taylor obviously the new head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals he's been around since 2019 he used to work for Sean McVay in Los Angeles and so naturally they're having joint practices and as we get towards the end of training camp it's not unusual for teams and players even on the same team to start fighting with one another well there were a lot of fights today at practice between the Bengals and the Rams they had to stop their practice short by just a few plays because things got chippy and they were going to be a lot of fights today because things got chippy I told you about Lyle Collins who was cut by the Dallas Cowboys he's now tasked with helping to protect Joe Burrow somebody wrapped up Lyle Collins and Joe Mixon fell back and these guys were beefing and people started throwing punches the one guy you don't want to see throwing punches or getting violent is Aaron Donald there was a video that went viral multiple videos that went viral amongst the Rams and the Bengals fighting during practice Aaron Donald somehow some way had a helmet he might have had two helmets this man was swinging those helmets like he was trying to take somebody's head off Aaron Donald is the last person I want to see trying to beat somebody up the Los Angeles Rams didn't want to talk about it and what is there to say oh Aaron Donald got angry he was trying to kill somebody and Aaron Donald did not want to talk about it but then the Cincinnati Bengals their head coach Zach Taylor he did talk about it and he's a head coach so what is he going to do he's going to downplay it and he made this uh this issue he made this beef he made this fight this melee he made it sound like they just made a trip to the the flower beds take a listen to this got a little scuffly and so we just called it we were in the last period and we got two really good days working and um so was it worth getting the extra couple plays now so we called it up and we got two good days working and now we'll go play inside oh just just a little scuffly just a little scuffly it's like yeah we got scuffly and then we had a beer and then you know we had some tea and we'll play football on Saturday and it just got a little scuffly Sean McVay of the Rams he's like listen I'm going to go play football and Sean McVay of the Rams he's like listen I'm not I'm not trying to beef about this he says some guys had helmets on some didn't it's just a scrum so I'm just worried about unnecessary injuries well go talk to Aaron Donald I wouldn't want to see this guy in a back alley let alone on the football field we see what he does on a football field Aaron Donald is out there beating up on two people I've seen him move two offensive linemen I've seen this guy pick up one offensive lineman and throw him into another one I've seen him tackle offensive linemen into quarterbacks one human being is not supposed to move a 350 pound one into a guy who weighs 250 pounds you're not supposed to do that and so think about giving Aaron Donald a helmet and telling him go swing away it's absolutely dangerous that's the name of the game but Aaron Donald man give it a give it a week I'll give it a couple of weeks he'll be out there busting up QBs and defensive linemen and running backs and multiple linemen and quarterbacks he's just gonna be out there kicking ass if this was a regular season game would he be swinging helmets oh I don't know but nobody wants to hear about the violent aspect of it Sean McVeigh he pretty much tried to downplay the issue listen not gonna make a bigger deal than what it is not gonna look at point fingers on who did what but I think just like Zach would say I expect our guys to defend their teammates vice versa there are certain things you just don't know exactly what occurred but I am glad that my understanding is nobody got injured and that's the most important thing hey chef the next time I'm upset I'm swinging helmets we got a few of them around in the studio man we do which so much should I sit which helmet should I swing well listen I mean if I tell you what if he wants to go if he wants to bypass broadcasting I know everyone's making him the ninth figure man the first one in announcing he could be a hell of an actor this guy McVeigh who's Sean McVeigh yeah I mean can you say something geez well talk about doubt playing something where you shouldn't be down I mean this is this is dangerous I mean what is he gonna say what the coach can't stand there and say yeah our star defensive player one of the greatest defensive players of all time he could have killed somebody he can't say that you know what you know what there's gonna be a time and I'm not I'm not trying to be uh I'm trying to be very sensitive about this sure there will be a time where someone does because we've seen this before in live action in an NFL game you know what I'm referring to right Miles Garrett and Rudolph yes and Mason Rudolph who still has a backup job for a reason I can't conceive but anyways this is gonna really really um fracture someone's skull one day something like this oh it is and and the coach is just gonna you know they're doing everything they can to try to they're doing everything they can to try to minimize this but this should be brought to light this is unacceptable this is a weapon yeah it is and Aaron Donald nobody will care he's gonna go into the regular season he's gonna wreck people and it will be a nice viral moment but I agree with you and I don't know if it's five years or ten years let's let's put it this way has it happened yet well we know we know the answers we know the answer to that but JR you've always said this on your show there be there will be a time because these things go viral more and it's a copycat syndrome we're gonna see an incident and you've said this we're a professional elite ultra sculpted athlete is going to go into the stands and whoop somebody's ass and just because it has not happened does not mean that incident won't take place sooner than later you and I both know that and it's the same exact situation with the cavalier attitude of these elite athletes who by the way should have been retired according to him anyway it's no accident that it is going to happen sooner than later and an athlete is going to have a career because because of it yeah well I mean in the case here though in practice what Aaron Donald is going to get fine like he ain't getting fine that's your shell Mcveigh he he said his job security is there he doesn't need to worry about you know any ownership coming down on him yeah but there's there's no fine there's no punishment there should be Aaron Donald will be out there in week one and everything will just go on as usual now you are a hundred percent correct if Aaron Donald swung that helmet of which he did multiple times if he did crack somebody's skull open man it would be national news it would be all over the damn place future hall of famer best one of the best defensive players loses it in practice fractured skull of opposition whoa you're right though it's gonna happen and I agree with you there should be some type of punishment and I'm sure they're gonna talk to him but when you're the best what is there to say what is there to say because we know the name of the game is to win games and um listen we we all know there are worse things that have and are going on in the NFL right now and they ain't nobody saying too much or nothing it's the JR sport re-show here with you on CBS sports radio that's 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS that's 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS these are big ass grown men gigantic human beings beating the hell out of everybody but you ain't supposed to try to whoop somebody's ass with a helmet man you're waiting on something dangerous to happen Aaron Donald is a dangerous human being without helmets I'll take one of your calls on the other side we'll talk about the Lakers we'll talk about Chet Holmgram we'll get into Tyree kill we got a lot of things to do you're listening to the JR sport brief on CBS sports radio you're listening to the JR sport brief on CBS sports radio folks in sports you got to appreciate greatness when you're listening JR absolutely has one of the best radio voices in the industry appreciate it while we have it at this hour that we're available to listen call in now at 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS it is the JR sport brief show CBS sports radio you know Aaron Donald went nuclear in practice joint practice between the rams and the bangles today Aaron Donald was swinging and it's not like he picked up a rams helmet it's like hey I'm gonna beat you up with my helmet no he was swinging a bangles players helmet at a bangle and I mean damn he could have done some serious damage but of course the head coaches it's nothing to see here it's just business as usual it's a gigantic human being one of the best defensive players of all time he was upset he was angry there was a scuffle or I don't I don't know Zach Taylor didn't he didn't call it a scuffle let's listen to what he called it again he made it sound more nice and friendly listen got a little scuffly and so we just called it we were in the last period and we got two really good days working and so was it worth getting the extra couple plays so we called it up and we got two good days working and now we'll go play inside okay fine it was a little scuffly not a scuffle but scuffly that makes it sound nice and sweet and bubbly man if he would have did some real damage swinging at a helmet we'd be having a different conversation right now 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS I'm gonna take a look at your calls at the top of the hour speaking of a little scuffly I think the Los Angeles Lakers they might have a few of those in their own locker room now that they've picked up Patrick Beverly we'll get to that at the top but right now Cory is calling from Seattle you're on CBS sports radio how you doing very well um I mean probably just happens more than you think to be honest excuse me I'm sorry say again this probably happens more than you think to be honest I think players be fighting all the time I mean yeah he got a helmet Aaron Donald I mean I don't know I feel like we just need to kind of brush it on the rug it's not that big of a deal really and trying to make it something it is and that's kind of what it sounds like uh no I don't think someone's swinging a helmet at another I don't think that uh I don't think teams care very much well the teams don't care well that's that's not accurate how many Aaron Donalds are running around um there's probably only one yeah no it's not probably there is only one and the fact that we we see him another Aaron Donald somewhere out there I don't know maybe he's in your back pocket I don't know but the fact is we have seen Aaron Donald abuse one human being and two human beings at one time in a practice where you can go out there and pretty much you know beat the living hell out of somebody with cameras on you no it is a big deal okay Shep just said it you can kill somebody let me say it again for the idiots who don't understand you can kill someone with head trauma okay and if these things happened all the time unfortunately someone would already be dead I know that's a hell of a of a of a push there but that's just me calling it the facts there's enough and I can't call them rumors they're enough reporters they are enough agents and we hear enough about every single fight that gets reported are we hearing about what happens in a locker room no are we getting what happens and and hearsay no but when these dudes get the beefing it becomes public knowledge and today in a joint practice Aaron Donald went nuclear and so yeah you can go ahead and take the approach of oh it's much to do about nothing well it's much to do about nothing until someone gets seriously injured man come on they're not throwing marshmallows at each other Aaron Donald didn't get angry and said oh no you stop it oh no you oh no you stop it oh no no you stop it oh let me throw some dirt at you that ain't what happened the man picked up a helmet and was swinging that I was gonna call it something else that'd get me fired he was swinging that damn helmet like it was a mallet like this was Mortal Kombat did you see the video damn somebody's hurting right now and thank god they were wearing a helmet Lou was calling from Rochester you're on CBS Sports Radio hi JR I knew you would handle that subject appropriately player safety is definitely a serious issue and it could win serious damage like you said hey Lou the the players are running around right now the the guys on the on the line the linebackers the wide receivers the running backs the NFL is pushing forward player safety for practice for for normal football related impact and these guys are wearing additional protection on their helmets and Aaron Donald is swinging his helmet with the intention to bust somebody up like come on thank you oh well Lou is no longer there uh no I'm here I'm here still um one thing that the NFL might be missing out on is it seems like they want to go to an 18-week schedule and that they'll eliminate another preseason game probably and yes these joint practices have become more uh pronounced in the last couple years if they don't really set an example right now they're going to be uh pronounced in the last couple years if they don't really set an example right now for Donald then they could kiss joint practices goodbye in future future years yeah yeah I don't I don't think that will happen and thank you Lou for calling from Rochester no that's that's not going to happen nobody's cutting down on joint practices you are 100 correct we are going to eventually move towards an 18-game season and if you want to get these guys prepared we are going to have more joint practices leading up to the few preseason games that we have you got to get the guys ready to go out there and play football ain't nobody rolling out of bed just you know full steam ahead ready to bust somebody's ass you you gotta get hit you gotta get your body calloused you have to get your body hardened you have to get used to the pace otherwise we're gonna have more injuries than what we already do and the NFL by the way they ain't gonna say nothing about this what are they gonna do send a memo maybe I'd be shocked if there was any any type of punishment not happening it's the jr sport re-show on CBS sports radio speaking of punishment speaking of beef speaking of anger are the Los Angeles Lakers bringing it into their own locker room we'll discuss it the jr sport re-show CBS sports radio
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