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JR SportBrief Hour 3

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August 31, 2022 1:44 am

JR SportBrief Hour 3

JR Sport Brief / JR

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August 31, 2022 1:44 am

JR explains why Jon Gruden is better off just keeping his mouth shut at this point

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You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. And we are coming to you live from the Rocket Mortgage Studios.

If you need to know what it takes for a home to fit your budget and your family, Rocket, Rocket can. We're going to be hanging out here with you for the next two hours. It's halftime. Two hours done.

Two hours down, I should say, and two more to go. We get started 10 p.m. Eastern Time, 7 p.m. Pacific. I'm being joined here by super producer and host, Dave Shepherd, and I'm being joined by you. People calling up from all over the country, all over North America. How can you reach us?

The answer is simple. 855-212-4CBS. That's 855-212-4CBS. Much love to people listening on our many CBS Sports Radio affiliates, people listening on the free Odyssey app, Sirius XM Channel 158, and everybody tuned in on a smart speaker. A busy night. A busy day, I should say. NFL rosters were cut down to 53 earlier today, earlier this afternoon. A lot of dreams shattered. I must tell you, no major names got the boot, but we did have some notable names that were released. Alex Leatherwood only selected number 17 last year, last season, by the Raiders. He got the boot. Marlon Mack running back, formerly of the Colts. He was let go by the Texans. Logan Ryan let go by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, although that will likely only be for a short period of time, just so they can get Ryan Jensen on the injured reserve, on the PUP. And they're likely to get Logan Ryan right back onto the squad, onto the team. Josh Rosen released.

We'll see where he ends up. Someone else who was expected to be a highly touted pick. And then over the past 48 hours, Sony, Michelle, Mohamed Sanu, they were let go by the Dolphins. The Titans, they let go of their punter. Pro bowler, all pro, he's gone. And so one of our callers asked about Matariza and him and unfortunate gang rape accusations and why it's not garnering as much attention as Deshaun Watson. Well, come on, it's the kicker and the punter, not an all pro quarterback.

We know the answer for why. OK, as we continue on with the show, there's a lot more to get into. John Gruden finally talked publicly about his email situation. And obviously he can't get in depth because he still has an active lawsuit against the NFL. But I want to share with you the comments made by John Gruden about the situation. And it doesn't it doesn't sit right with me. And I'll allow you to hear that when we get to next break.

Later on this hour, we will definitely get to that. And then last hour, man, Aaron Judge hit another home run. Are you shocked?

Probably not. This is what he's doing. He hit his 51st home run tonight. He is now on pace for 64. The New York Yankees currently lead the Los Angeles Angels in Anaheim.

The score right now, seven to three. And Shep, this is this is just normal abuse by Aaron Judge. You put the ball over the middle of the plate and he's going to send it into outer space.

Yeah. You're not kidding, J.R. The only thing that is going to obstruct him from amassing Roger Maris' 61 home run single season mark record is you've mentioned it. Pitchers just decide, hey, we're not going to pitch this guy anymore. You know, a la Barry Bonds back in the mid 2000s. But what we are seeing from Aaron Judge, J.R., is absolute history. And considering the circumstances in which he is doing it in makes it all that much more special.

And when you say the circumstances, what do you mean? The Yankees sucking? That, too. But the fact that like this has put up a shut up for Aaron Judge, because a lot of people look at the fact that he has been hurt and he hasn't been Mr. Durable. He's not like Derek Jeter, you know, playing, you know, 150 games this season. He's just not. And so they offered him an enormous generational type of money.

And he said, you know what? No, worth more than that. And he's proven that he is the best player in baseball. Yeah, he is. Shohei Ohtani is the most unique player that we've ever seen.

Sure. But Aaron Judge for this year, there is no doubt about it. If he stopped playing today, he would be the American League MVP. And he's putting up that type of season. And I can't be upset at the money that was offered to him and the cash that he turned down.

And this is the other funky part. Brian Cashman, general manager of the New York Yankees. When the Yankees and Aaron Judge could not come to an agreement on what his contract was going to look like, the New York Yankees, Brian Cashman put it out there for the public to know.

Basically to say, hey, don't blame us. The Yankees blame him. If he stinks or he doesn't get the job done, we, the New York Yankees, offered him a deal.

And he said no. And we found out they offered him $30 million per season. Well, if we have to look at some of the best players in baseball, Francisco Lindor.

We're talking big money guys. Lindor is making 34 a season. Garrett Cole, Aaron Judge, his own teammate, pitcher for the Yankees. He's making 36 a season. Tell me who's more valuable to the Yankees.

Is it Aaron Judge or Garrett Cole right now? Max Scherzer makes more money than anybody if you have to think about per year. Scherzer's making 43.

You have Carlos Correa here with the Twins, likely to go cash out somewhere else again. He's making 35. Mike Trout is making 35 per season. And so if I'm Aaron Judge and the Yankees are offering me 30, I'd say no to. And Aaron Judge certainly bet on himself. This is his age 30 season. Next year, his contract is going to start at age 31. Shep mentioned his injury history.

And there's no there's no there's no right or wrong answer. Even if you look at his injuries, a fractured wrist, an oblique strain, a broken rib in a pandemic year. It's not like these are oh my God, my legs fell apart injuries and he keeps pulling hammies.

These are these are some freak type injuries. And so you don't know how a guy 6'7", 265, 270, 275, 280 in the outfield. You have no idea how he's going to hold up because we haven't seen a guy like him before. I mean, even thinking about a giant human being playing baseball in the outfield like Dave Winfield is not comparable to what Aaron Judge has been running around doing. Not only in the field where he is a a gold glove caliber defender, but also at the plate where he is a complete hitter, not just a home run hitter. And I know that sounds crazy to say when a guy has 51 home runs in August.

And so betting on yourself, not complaining, not whining about your contract and your future. Aaron Judge just needs to call up Kevin Durant. Maybe needs to get on the Ford train, go from Yankee Stadium to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. And Aaron Judge needs to give Durant some advice. Just shut up and play. Let your play on the court, do the talking and let's let's relax here. A matter of fact, I want you to hear this. Tonight, Aaron Judge hit 51 home runs. Last night he hit 50 and he spoke to the media and he said, look, for me, I ain't out here getting caught up in all the stats and the numbers.

Take a listen to this. We got a good group of guys in here that continue to show up every single day putting the work in. And I'm just trying to do my part and be a part of this team and do what we need to do to put ourselves in a good position going into the postseason. So when you're showing up to work every single day with a plan and a mission to go out here and win the game, you don't get caught up in individual numbers, good or bad. Just go out and do your job. At the end of the year, you can evaluate it and look at it. And sure, you go along the way, but it's like anything.

You go through your ups, you go through your downs. Judge has gone through his cold streaks and stretches here throughout the season, but they've been short, not even noticeable because when he's cranking, he's cranking. And damn it, they might stop pitching to him. He's going to need the New York Yankees in the lineup, the other guys to to protect them. So they feel an incentive not to just treat Aaron Judge like God. But man, he's it's just cool to see him earn his money, especially when we have so many guys that that don't get their way with their contracts and their contract situation.

And they turn into toddlers. It's awful. Mike is calling from Maryland. You're on CBS Sports Radio. What's up, Mike? Roger. Roger.

Sixty one was hard to do. He was low key. Judges, low key. And like you said, there's no doubt in my mind, judges clean. I don't even like to hear that the guy is like a LeBron playing baseball.

It's a good comparison. I think he uses a 35 inch bat jail. The hard hat sitting on Fifth Avenue. The sanitation men right around the firemen, the old timers in the bar. They don't like complainers. They like the judge.

Believe me. Yeah, he he gives everybody good reason. And as is thank you, Mike, for calling from Maryland. As Aaron Judge, as his contract comes to a conclusion, there's there's certainly conversations about, OK, well, Aaron Judge, he said he wants to be a Yankee. The Yankees will have to break the bank, obviously, to keep him. But he is so appreciated that that that Met fans, for the most part, a lot of Met fans, I should say. They have no issue with saying, oh, man, it'd be great if Steve Cohen, the new owner of the New York Mets, just swipes Aaron Judge from the New York Yankees. In most situations, that would be a pipe dream, because historically, overall, the New York Mets have been the little brother to the New York Yankees.

Man, it would be a not a whole. Turn around if the Mets snap judge, but it'd be a punch in the gut and a wake up call. And yeah, he's he's appreciated.

There's a lot of people who appreciate him. Earlier on this year, I can tell you there were people who looked at Aaron Judge and said, what are you doing? Well, this is an awful move.

Why are you turning down that money? Oh, well, you really don't want to be a Yankee. You don't hear those people now, especially as he's pretty much getting ready to assault the record books. Sean is calling from North Carolina. You're on CBS Sports Radio. AJ, how are you doing? I'm very good, Sean. Hey, listen, you make a good argument for Aaron Judge. There's no doubt about it, man. He's a class act. He says the right things, you know, but it'll help his case a lot if he wins in October. These other guy, you know, Mike Trout was signed by the Angels.

He was in his 20s. Garrett Cole's a pitcher. Ace pitchers get treated differently.

All right. They're going to get that money. He's got to win. Yeah, you know, well, yeah, he does. But it's as we know, this it's a little bit different in baseball and in football. You can't you can't be that main driver. You have to go ahead and have a team. It's so it's not it's not the weight of the world on Aaron Judge and his shoulders as he has to win. Of course.

Why wouldn't any superstar want to win or have that on their resume? But you can't you can't do it by yourself. No, you can't.

You can't. But it is the Yankees. And that's all they really care about. Yeah. Well, who's who's they?

The front office, you know, because Cashman will bring that up and Steinberg bring that up when it comes time to resign him at the end of the year. And I'm like, well, listen, you haven't won anything. I mean, you know, Jeter Jeter kind of got his big contract that they'd already won a few World Series. He was kind of payback for what he had already done. And I know it was a different time then. And it's not as much money as what Judge is asking for. And I know the market's changed, but you know that this is what they're going to do to him.

No, I don't I don't think so. I think there's more of an evaluation of who and what he is as a player, as opposed to his his team accomplishments. Because whether you're Aaron Judge or whether you happen to be his agent, you're going to say the same thing that I just said. And the Yankees front office is not going to say anything different because they know you as a single individual can't win a World Series by yourself. And so Aaron Judge, he's going to be part in the phrase. How about this? I won't say Judge.

I did. He will be evaluated on his own merit. He carried the team. He won an MVP. The Yankees and Aaron Judge, they avoided arbitration this year so they wouldn't have to sit in a room. They came to an agreement on his salary so they wouldn't have to sit in a room and pick him apart for what holes are in his game. Well, this year, what holes are there? You're going to look at past seasons and say he's he's injury prone, that he's hurt, that he's broken. What about this year? Nothing.

He's carried the New York Yankees, even at this point where they've pretty much hit a skid. James is calling from Atlanta. You're on CBS Sports Radio. What's up, James? Hey, I just want to tell you, I came across you relatively recently. I really love your show. I want to I know like talking steroids is not going to help you show, but I want to give you a couple of things when you said you.

I'll be shocked if he's not. You ever heard of Andy Pettit and Matt Williams? They didn't do anything outstanding to make people look like they were the Hulk or put up numbers that were eye boggling. And they turned out to be cheaters, too. OK, I mean, well, that is well, that that is correct. And yes, do I know Andy Pettit and Matt Williams? Of course I do.

What am I what am I supposed? Andy Pettit is from where? Is he from Planet Mars or is he from Texas? Do you know?

Did he wear number 46? I don't know where he's from. I don't know. I'm talking about the steroid part.

Yeah, well, I'm but no, I'm I'm responding to what you said. Do I know it? Do I know Andy Pettit and Matt Williams? Yes. Very, very well.

Unfortunately, I can tell you probably more than I should be able to know. And you are correct. When it comes down to Andy Pettit, no one would ever suspect that he was a quote unquote cheater, that he is someone who went out there and did anything.

That is correct. We learned over time that he a little guilty by association by hanging out with Roger Clemens. And Andy Pettit at the time wanted to quickly recover from an injury.

And so, yes, you're correct. But we can only judge and I say it and go by what someone has done. Andy Pettit, when he played baseball, Andy Pettit didn't say anything. He just went out and pitched. At the same time, Andy Pettit was a pitcher. There is still, if I have to line things up, there's there's nothing there from judge. And so, I mean, as a as a matter of finality, we can say that about every single player.

We really can. I can say Mike Trout, maybe. What is he? Am I going to say, oh, Mike Trout is is great and also falling apart because he's using? Am I going to say Shohei Ohtani is able to to recover from injury and Tommy John and hit and pitch because he's using? We can say this about anybody.

And so what is it? Because Judge is hitting home runs? What about the fact that he's a big freak? How about that part? Does that make sense? And so we can sit around and say every player is using. I can look at basketball. There are people listening to me right now. And this has been rumors for years. There are people who go and say, oh, man, well, LeBron James was using.

We can say this about anybody. Let Judge give us a reason. Do you have one? I don't.

Is there something that's taking place? Is his helmet becoming, you know, 20 sizes bigger? Is New Era going to have to ship Aaron Judge a new hat because he's a user? You know, what about his body? Is Aaron Judge look abnormally big? Has has he gone from rail thin to the Incredible Hulk?

No, he's just a he's always been a giant guy. So find me the reason. If there is no reason besides, well, that guy did it and and this guy wasn't suspected to do it, then what are we doing? I could just go through the list. Well, everybody might be using. Yeah, everybody might be. Well, damn. Steve is calling from Houston.

You're on CBS Sports Radio. All right, JR. So here's the deal.

If you've got 40 busloads of illegals coming from Eagle Pass, Texas, New York, I'm holding the wager a dollar to a donut that 90 percent of them don't know Kevin Durant is or Aaron Judge. Well, thank you. Thank you, Steve. I appreciate that. That's the first thing.

Now, what is the second thing? Yeah. As far as Aaron Judge and he's great ballplayer, but I can't compare him to the fanfare of Mark Maguire and Barry Bonds. Barry Bonds was intentionally walked.

I don't know how many times, but when they didn't walk. It was incredible. Yeah.

That guy was hitting the hole. Well, you're correct. There is no there is no fanfare comparable because this was this was 20 years ago. And as we talk, as we talked about last night, everything is the game is in a different space. Also, I mean, these guys, this is what we know to be to be fact that was drug assisted.

Hello. But look at the pictures they faced back then. Roger Clemens, Nolan Ryan.

Who is Judge face now? There's a lot of scrubs out there with ERAs, you know, extremely high. And I'm not, you know, putting down anything that well, that that's that's well, that's a different era. Well, Steve, that's also that's not fair because, yes, the game has changed. And then even over the past four and five years, pitchers have changed. The baseball has changed. Spin rates have changed outside of this season. The ability for pitcher to dominate a game has been more so in their favor in prior errors than what we have right now.

So that's not fair. The other thing is, come on, you're bringing up Roger Clemens and and the Randy Johnsons of the world. Yeah. Well, they weren't on the mound every day.

Steve, come on. No, I mean, that's true. And there's yeah, there's specialized ERA relief pitcher. Yes. So but you get middle relievers now before you didn't have middle relievers.

Well, Steve. Well, Steve, that's that's one of the reasons why they feel pitchers now have an advantage over a lot of guys who have been sticking around through six and seven innings where the pitcher or excuse me, the batter has now seen them three and sometimes four times over. And so, yes, there are a lot of intricacies of the game that are different. But I wouldn't say that it has benefited Barry Bonds 20 years ago or excuse me, that Aaron Judge is now playing in a in an easier era. If it was so easy, the next guy behind him, you know, in regards to home runs and MVP, he would probably be closer to 52.

And that ain't the case. If it was so easy, how about this? Everybody would do it.

Maybe even a caveman. It's the J.R. sport ratio here with you on CBS Sports Radio eight five five two one two four CBS. That's eight five five two one two four CBS. I'm going to get some more of your calls. And then, yes, we are going to hear from John Gruden. He has finally opened up publicly about those emails.

And he might have been better served to not say anything. You'll hear it on the other side. It's the J.R. sport ratio. CBS Sports Radio. You are listening to the J.R. sport brief on CBS Sports Radio.

I do want to say I've never called in. I love listening to you. I've been listening for years.

And, man, your show and what you say is just beautiful. Call in now at eight five five two one two four CBS. It's the J.R. sport brief show here on CBS Sports Radio.

We have a caller who's been very patient on the line. I want to allow him to share his thoughts on Aaron Judge and his season. And then I'm going to share with you the comments made by John Gruden. He's finally opened up, if you want to call it that.

He finally decided to respond or at least put in his two cents about his emails that kind of forced him to resign. Before I do that, let's talk to Dominic. He's calling from Arizona. You're on CBS Sports Radio, Tom.

What's up? You know, I want to talk about the whole Aaron Judge situation. I know it's good to talk about contracts right now, but as the Yankees, we should be talking about winning. They should be, you know, like more winning because we still got to we still got to get past the postseason. It in the World Series.

Hopefully we get there, you know. But to me, the whole the man just wants to play baseball, you know, but everybody keep hitting them with a contract contract contract like I don't think so. No, I don't think so. You don't you don't hear Aaron Judge asked about his contract. He he pretty much said at the beginning of the season. I'm not I'm not going to talk about it. We will not negotiate the contract. I'm not I'm not going to talk about it.

We will not negotiate throughout the course of the season. When he got to the All-Star break, he was asked about it because it's a convergence of of national media. But if I have to think about the entire year, I would say that Aaron Judge has not been he's not been really asked about it outside of before the season.

Your arbitration is here when the Yankees and him settled. So it wasn't a big story. And then he had one question asked of him during the All-Star break that went viral a little.

And he was just all that. There are plenty of other great Yankees. Besides that, there hasn't been there hasn't been talk from him or even approached them about his contract. Well, sometimes when I do it, I kind of hear that. But to me, I hear it.

But to me, you'll hear about it. I just want to see us at least get past the postseason. You know, he's playing great. He's playing great, you know?

Yeah. He's my number one. He's my number one MVP right now. I've never heard Peter Rosenberg say he pick it on Tiny Overjudge for MVP.

I was like, this dude's crazy. This is all rooted in storylines in this season, especially for someone who's on his way to breaking a record. He's going to get the award.

It's just what it is. Jeff is calling from Boca Raton, Florida. You're on CBS Sports Radio. He's not going to get the award because Tony is leading his team in every offensive category. He's winning on a losing team as a pitcher and strikes out one and a half players every inning. He's two people.

He's just two people compared to one. So, so, Jeff, how about this? You call me back in November when Aaron Judge wins, OK? I sure will. OK.

Thank you, Jeff, for calling from Boca. That was listen. Say again, Shep? I said that was simple.

No, it was it was simple. The man is on a team that sucks. OK, I'll go further than this. Shohei Ohtani plays on a team that is ass. I don't care if he's three people. He ain't won any award this year. OK, I can sit around and tell you the number.

I know exactly what the numbers look like. If I wanted to, quote unquote, be that guy, I could sit here and play and go, oh, well, Shohei Ohtani should be MVP. And he's two people.

And I could sit here and make a crazy argument. He's not winning the award this year. OK, he's not. They gave it to him last year. It's highly unlikely that he gets the award back to back. And he had a historic year last year. He's also Ohtani having a historic year.

Well, guess what? He ain't winning the award every single season that he plays. Aaron Judge has carried the New York Yankees, who for the majority of the season have had the major's best record.

They've hit a skid over the past month, and that is no longer the case. And they've even been in that spot because of Aaron Judge. And so he will be rewarded, A, for potentially breaking a record. He will be rewarded, B, for carrying the New York Yankees offensively, especially when guys like D.J.

LeMayhew and Giancarlo Stanton have been hurt. And then the record. He's going to get it. There ain't no arguing there. We are we are past that. This is not early in the season. You can't tell me about Shohei Ohtani. You can't tell me about Cleveland.

We can't do that. It's the JR Sport Read show on CBS Sports Radio. What I can do is take a break and share with you the comments made by John Gruden. You're going to hear part of them in the news break momentarily. But then I'm going to tell you why I think John Gruden should probably just just be quiet. It's the JR Sport Read show on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. This is the first time I've ever listened to you, but I'm going to be listening a lot more. You're enjoyable. I want to start with that.

First off, I love listening tonight for the first time. Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. That's right. It's the JR Sport Read show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. Oh, my goodness. I think we all know someone who just can't keep or won't keep their foot out of their mouth or doesn't know when to stop. We all know somebody like that. And so I want to tell you tonight about the defensive player of the week. He's actually a former NFL coach.

He spoke to the media today. So let me fill you in on who it is. I'll tell you why he's the defensive player of the week.

And I'll tell you why I think he should probably just maybe stop or shut up or alter his messaging. How about this? Pay close attention. The defensive player of the week is sponsored by the Navy Federal Credit Union, who proudly serves the armed forces, DOD veterans and their families. Their members are the mission.

You can learn more at Navy federal dot org. That defensive player or individual of the week happens to be former Super Bowl winning head coach, former head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders. His name is John Gruden.

Why is he the defensive player or individual of the week? Because for the first time since he resigned as head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders last October. He spoke today. He was in Little Rock in Arkansas. He sat down with the touchdown club. He had an audience. And of course, he talked football. He talked college.

He talked about the game. He was also then presented with an opportunity to just talk about his his situation, having to resign because of his his comments and his emails and his messages that were uncovered as a part of an investigation into the Washington commanders. At the time, John Gruden was not employed by the NFL. He was employed or the Raiders. He was employed by ESPN. Despite this fact, his emails of which just contain many messages which were homophobic, misogynistic, racist. It got him the boot and he didn't get fired, but he resigned.

He pretty much had no choice. And so he, as a result, has been suing the NFL for leaking his emails and kind of getting him the hell up on out of Dodge. And so today, as he spoke, he said a few things. He said his actions were shameful.

But then he got on the defensive, and that's why I have him as the defensive player and individual of the week. I want you to listen very carefully to what he said about his emails, how he feels about them and what was sent. But overall, you know who John Gruden is as a person.

Take a listen right here. I'm not going to say anything but honest things here. I'm ashamed about what has come about in these emails and I'll make no excuses for it.

It's just it's it's shameful. But I am a good person. I believe that I go to church. I've been married for 31 years. I got three great boys. I still love football. I've made some mistakes, but I don't think anybody in here hasn't. And I just ask for forgiveness and hopefully I get another shot. Oh, my goodness.

Where do I start? His emails were shameful. But. He had to go on the defense. He had to tell everyone how good of a person he is in his illustrations of being a good person were because he he goes to church. That's his that's that's his defense of, hey, I said and did these things, but I go to church.

Yeah, but I've also been married for 30 plus years and I also have three kids. Where is that an indicator of someone just being a good person? Help me out. There are people who go to church and say and do many things.

So what is that supposed to be an indicator of? I go to church. So. So what.

It'd be nice. If you did, then maybe if you went as often as you did, then maybe you'd probably know that the things you said were absolutely ridiculous. And so what about you've been married for for what, 30, 31 years, so married for 31 years. So what? Who cares? There are lots of people who are married in. Well, they're married.

That don't mean anything. They might be participating in extracurricular activity. So why boys? Who cares about your boys? What?

You got three kids. That makes you a good person. Yeah, what I said was shameful, but I'm a good person. What are you trying to prove this to? Who are you trying to prove this to?

I still love football. What does that have to do with anything? What does that have to do with your shameful email? What does it have to do with anything?

Who the hell is advising this guy? You say the emails are shameful. You say everything is in litigation right now.

And you leave it there. Who and what are you trying to sway so you can you can get you can get money from the NFL as you sue the NFL and and Roger Goodell for releasing these emails? What do you come on?

It's just bad. And that's just the start. This is the part that really makes me go, man, shut up. John Gruden says the emails were shameful. John Gruden then says, but I'm a good person. And he cites going to church, his marriage and his three kids as reasons, as they're supposed to mean something. And then he goes, I made a mistake. And then he says. I've made a mistake, just like every person in this room has made a mistake.

And that part of what he said is true. People make mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes. There's nobody who's perfect. People get judged sometimes fairly and sometimes unfairly over their mistakes. There are people listening to me right now who feel that I am I am beating Gruden up, even though he offered an apology. And everybody's entitled to their opinion, which is justified. Let me tell you something. This is very clear. The comments made by John Gruden. You know, mistakes happen.

Yeah, they do. You know, you trip and fall. You made a mistake. You slipped. You stepped on a crack. Mistakes happen. You're walking on the sidewalk and you step on the back of someone's shoe. Mistakes happen. You get into a car accident. Mistakes happen. You say some words that that might hurt someone. Mistakes happen.

You accidentally bump some mistakes happen. In this particular instance. Where John Gruden. Wanted to make fun of the the female referees. When John Gruden wanted to talk about Damaris Smith. Who was the lead for the NFL Players Association when he wanted to insult his intelligence as a black man and also mock his appearance with his lips. When he wanted to call out homosexual players in the NFL. When he wanted to call Roger Goodell out of his name.

And this is the tip of the iceberg. When you are saying these things over the span of seven years. That that's not a mistake, man. That's not a mistake.

What are we going to call that? Oh, well, the seven years of the many messages that I sent. Yeah, that that was a series of mistakes. That was not a mistake. You didn't send one email and say, oh, well, I you know, I called somebody a name.

That's that's a mistake. Seven years of sending messages and being a jackass and sending racist messages. Homophobic messages, sexist messages.

Misogynistic messages. It's not a mistake. That's you being a jackass.

And yeah, sure. There are plenty of people who are jackasses who can become reformed jackasses. But you don't sit up there on the stage and compare it to, you know, a mistake. Well, we all make mistakes.

You're damn right. We all make mistakes. But you do enough mistakes after a while.

You commit enough of the same mistakes. You show your true colors, man. You show who you are. An ass. And I'm sorry. Going to church.

Being married for 31 years and having, I don't know, three boys and loving football and really loving football. That that doesn't wipe away you being a complete jerk and putting all the evidence digitally in an email for people to see. That's not a mistake.

That's you showing who you truly are. Going to church once a week doesn't help that. Creating three kids doesn't help that. And being tied together with someone for 31 years doesn't help that. And so in the case of Gruden, he just looks sillier to me.

You look silly. And he's on a money grab right now. He got outed for being an ass, something that we knew he was already. He was a football ass. But a lot of coaches are. But he's shown himself to be a complete jackass.

And that's with or without football. And so to say my emails were shameful, but then go, but I'm a good person. Man, you are completely missing the point. He's better served by not saying anything right now. It's the J.R. sport re-show on CBS Sports Radio.

The phone lines are open. That's eight five five two one two four CBS. That's eight five five two one two four CBS. What do you think about Gruden and his his honesty? His emails were shameful, but he's a good person and we all make mistakes. I'm going to get to your calls on the other side. It's the J.R. sport re-show CBS Sports Radio. I go to church. I've been married for 31 years.
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