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9.7.22 - JR Interview with Mark Schlereth

JR Sport Brief / JR
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September 7, 2022 11:57 pm

9.7.22 - JR Interview with Mark Schlereth

JR Sport Brief / JR

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September 7, 2022 11:57 pm

3x Super Bowl Champion & longtime NFL Analyst Mark Schlereth previews with JR what looks to be an incredible NFL season

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Restriction supply. forward slash play for official rules. It's the JR sport brief show right here with you on CBS Sports Radio. We know college football is back. We're about 24 hours away from the NFL being back and right now we're being joined by someone who knows all about the NFL.

He's a three-time Super Bowl champion. He's a former Pro Bowler and he's going to tell us about some of these upcoming games this season and also something that I like to do. He's going to tell us about food. We're being joined by Mark Schlereth. Mark, how are you, man? Man, I am doing great.

Things that couldn't be better. I love this time of year. My favorite time of year. The kickoff of the National Football League season is going to be just going to be an awesome time.

All the time. We know that's the case and your former offensive lineman. I want to get into your food momentarily but I got to start the conversation off by talking about a few offensive linemen.

They've been in the news recently. A few minutes ago before you joined us, we shared with everybody about Jason Peters going from the Eagles being a legend. They're spending time with the Bears and now he's a member of the Dallas Cowboys. How much do you think he has left in the tank and what can he contribute to a Cowboys line which has been decimated? Listen, Jason Peters is not human. Okay, I'm just going to tell you right now, that dude is from a different planet and even last year playing for the Bears, he was still playing an exceptionally high level.

He's 40 years old and he's got plenty. Now, it's going to take him probably a week or two. You got a couple of weeks to kind of get into the groove and to get into kind of football shape.

You know, we always joke around or it's not even a joke. The only thing you do to get into football shape is play football. So, it's going to take him a couple of weeks of practice to kind of not only get himself into the football shape but also to understand kind of what the terminology is, what the offense is. But I will tell you, Jason Peters is still a top-notch NFL left tackle. And so, you know, that's a great move for the Dallas Cowboys to be able to pick him up at this late stage of the game. When we think about some of the offensive linemen we've seen recently still have amazing careers. It's like guys are lasting longer. We just saw Whitworth decide to hang it up. He's in his 40s.

You mentioned Peters. What's the key now to longevity? Is there something different that you see going on now versus what we saw 20 years ago when you played? Well, I mean, you're not beating the living snot out of yourself in practice anymore.

You know, I mean that we used to, it was a full tilt scrimmage, you know, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday before you ever got to the game. So it's completely different how they manage the health of the athletes now, you know, obviously training camp where we had two practices a day, full pads, like full tilt scrimmage level, you know, they practice once a day, half the time they're not in pads anymore. So it's really about the league trying to manage the health of their players and doing a much better job that I think creates longevity. If you're a good player, it can also, there's a double edged sword to that.

You know, if you, if you need the work and you're a very raw player, it's hard, it's much harder for you to develop as a player without those practice reps. But, you know, like I said, I think most people are willing to trade that development for longevity and health. So, you know, I think that's probably one of the big reasons that guys seem to be lasting a bit longer. Mark Schlerith is joining us here, the JR Sport Reshow, CBS Sports Radio. We know the guy who's lasted the longest place quarterback, Tom Brady at 45 years old. We've seen his offensive line go through changes.

We saw him take his two week personal leave. What do you foresee for Brady, that offensive line in the Buccaneers this season? Are they still going to be in that Super Bowl conversation? Yeah, I think they'll be okay. You know, I mean, you know, I get that they lost some of their offensive line and Ryan Jensen hopefully will be back this season. Um, and so, you know, he's a really good player, but it's funny, I was at this old line conference, um, a couple months ago and, you know, and Ryan Jensen was there and so we're just talking about, you know, being the center for Tom Brady and he goes half the time, you know, we're re identifying a mike or change your protection and Brady is just like, hey, screw it.

We don't don't worry about it. I'll have the ball gone before you ever even have a chance to block the second level player, you know, before a boosting linebacker even get to me. So like, Brady takes a lot of pressure off the guys up front because you're gonna get rid of the ball so quickly and it's gonna be so incredibly accurate. So, um, yeah, there are some concerns there for me, but I think, you know, over the 1st 34 weeks of the season, they iron out most of those things, they'll be okay. I still think they have an elite level, just talent level from the receiver standpoint, from the running back standpoint and obviously, you know, with their quarterback.

So I think they're gonna be okay there. And uh, and brady, you know, I always, I always marvel at his ability at this stage of the game to still play at that level. You know, I asked him, gosh, last year I was like, dude, what is it about everybody trying to write your bit for the last 12 years, you know, and um, and people, you know, love to, people love to write that a bit, but he just keeps shoving it up their cans. So um, guys still playing an incredibly high level and I don't expect to drop it all this year. Why not another 4500 plus yards and 30 touchdowns. Let's get to two teams that you played for. Obviously, we know Russell Wilson going from Seattle now to the Denver Broncos.

My main man Dalton Reisner will be out there helping to protect him. What do you foresee for the broncos? And then also not a lot of people talk about Washington. They're obviously known for the hogs.

You played there as well. What are your thoughts on those two squads? Well, I think, you know, anytime you have a franchise quarterback like you do in Russell Wilson, you got a chance, you know, franchise quarterbacks cover warts and uh, and you know, and essentially, you know, backup quarterbacks exposed warts and the broncos for the last six years have had a bunch of backup quarterbacks playing for him and um, you know, and exposes the works of the football team. Now that you have Russell Wilson, you have a legitimate shot uh, to be a playoff contender. I know it's a tough division. I know the AFC west with Justin Herbert, Mahomes and Derek Carr is incredibly tough, tough division, but you've got a chance to compete for to me a wildcard spot. I still think Kansas City is the class of that class of that division, but I think it's tight man. I think it's tight with all four teams. So that's gonna be incredibly exciting. And then, you know, the NFC east is interesting.

I don't think there's been a repeat. Um, I don't think there's been a repeat champion of the NFC east since the early 2000s when the Philadelphia Eagles did it. So Dallas won the division last year means they're not gonna win it again this year.

So it's anybody's ballgame. I think the Eagles are incredibly talented team, but I think Washington is probably sneaky good. And it just depends to me on Carson Wentz. And does he continue kind of regaining his form? He did last year to a degree. Now they missed the playoffs.

They lost the game at the end of the season to Jacksonville, which uh, you know, is inexcusable. But the bottom line is he rectified some of his woes from his late days in Philadelphia because he was training early in his career before the injuries to be, you know, a star quarterback in this league. So can he continue that progression that he started last year? Can he play at a high level? Because if they can play at a high level defensively, man, especially a defensive front seven, they've got great players. I think their offensive line is probably underrated and they've got some receivers that can flat out play in Washington. Well, mark, I think all things considered, you probably got a little bit of gas left in the tank to go help out a line.

No, as long as they promise not to hit me, uh, you know, it's it's the hitting thing that is the hitting thing that would deter me. The three time Super Bowl champ Mark Schler here with us. I'm going to talk about the food final question before we get into the grub and what you're going to throw down with over the weekend. I'm going to share with everybody my top six list of NFL teams heading into the season. Who do you see as having the best chance to walk away with the Vince Lombardi by the time we get to winter? Well, I think, I mean, I think you look at the AFC and I know a lot of people are picking the bills and I understand they've they've got such a outstanding roster with a young quarterback, but the AFC is just loaded.

You know, we talk about my homes, we talk about Justin Herbert, we talk about joe burrow, we talk about, um, uh, shoot Lamar Jackson. Like all the young quarterbacks in the National Football League, especially in the AFC, it's it's ridiculous. And then the NFC is more the old guard, right? We got Aaron Rogers, got Tom Brady, we got, uh, you know, we we've got, um, those older quarterbacks. Uh, so, you know, we kick off the season with, um, with the Rams playing as well. So, like, I just look at the bills is probably one of the best chances that it would be great. You know, uh, Josh Allen versus a Tom Brady.

I think that would be a tremendous, a tremendous matchup. Be nice to see and look forward to. And we know something that we all do when Super Bowl time rolls around and every saturday through college and sunday, just sit down and eat man. You're an offensive lineman.

I know you're much more svelte than back in the day. What are you sitting down to rub on as we watch these games? Uh, well, I'll tell you what first, like one of the things I love about football is it brings us together as a community, it's family, you know, we get together, we get to watch. So, uh, you know, when we're home gate or tailgating the TVs where I started the award winning 65 inch OLED C two series, the best picture quality, realistic colors, crisp sharp images, uh, no blurring during fast motion scenes, movies, gaming and what we love sports is the best place to watch it or the best way to watch it.

Lg dot com. Love pizza as well, right? No parties complete without pizza.

Papa john's right now has their football pizza, thin crust pizza cut like the shape of a real football and then slick deals. I love this, you know, for all the deals you want, community of millions of people working together to save you money. 12 million users.

They vet and vote on the best deals on the internet, the best products, the best price from the best vendors. Uh, that's slick deals dot net for everything you need to know. I appreciate that mark. Where can people keep up and follow you as we move along here with the season and get the grubbin man, man, you can check me out on all my social media feeds really easy at Mark Schlerith twitter instagram even even delving into the tick tock, although I refuse to dance. So anyhow, but you can follow me there. Follow me on fox.

I've got philadelphia at the Detroit lines week one. So can't wait to start off. Appreciate Mark Schlera for joining us here. Super Bowl champ, former pro bowler forget front row seats. We're taking you into the action on the field and in the dugout with season two of play loud. Follow some of the league's biggest stars as we make them up and get the cameras rolling during some of the hottest matchups of the season. Catch real time reactions from Juan Soto and Francisco Lindor in the field and catch all the hilarious conversations between players off the field with unprecedented access. Watch episodes of play loud at youtube dot com slash MLB play loud brings you baseball like you've never seen before. Home to all the jaw dropping moments home to all the best plays in the league. Home to your favorite players from the cities you love. MLB dot tv is the home of streaming baseball. Get your ticket to out of market games live or on demand across all your favorite supported devices.

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