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JR SportBrief Hour 4

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September 15, 2022 1:58 am

JR SportBrief Hour 4

JR Sport Brief / JR

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September 15, 2022 1:58 am

JR has a new top 6 weekly list - Sports teams that need new ownership. Callers weigh in with THEIR Top 6 list

6 - Angels

5- Kings

4- Knicks

3- Cowboys

2- Suns

1- Commanders


You are listening to the JR sport brief on CBS sports radio you're listening to your support on CBS radio will all lock to the JR support Risha coming to you live from the rocket mortgage studios whether you're looking to purchase a new home or refinance yours. Rocket mortgage can help you get there for home loan solutions that fit your life rocket can be enjoyed by Colton help in a holding down the amazing job and joined by Dave Shumpert, always amazing.

I'm here with you the most amazing listeners anywhere in North America. I don't know what anybody else is listening to right now, but they suck yeah everybody else listening to anything else.

They suck. That was their problem. A good place.

JR sport resource CBS sports radio to be here with you for one more hour I hang out here with you for four hours every night 10 PM Eastern time, 7 PM Pacific. We talk about sports. I try to do it in a fun way. People just yell and scream all day on TV on the radio, yelling and screaming and angry know it all's I don't know anything. Don't ask me how I got. You have no idea couple of million people. A couple a couple a couple a couple of million people tons of millions of people have watch me online and someone said hey let's put this guy on TV and radio and so here I am from your line at JR sport brief. We talked about our and judge.

We talked about honey. We have talked about Brett Favre. We've talked about Robert Sarver and then Wednesday night into Thursday morning.

I gave you a new top six list because of all the misconduct in the world of sports, especially amongst owners. I'm giving you a top six list so I have given you a top six list of teams that need a new owner like right now here we did it last hour if you missed it, you miss the explanations you can go ahead and listen on the free Odyssey app where you can go ahead and heads rewind it, you know, rewind used to do it on a VCR or maybe you never know. Maybe you've never used a VCR you've used it on YouTube. It rewind you get the full explanation, but here's the deal. Top six teams that need new owner, and number six I gave you the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and number five I gave the Sacramento Kings Québec ran a DVA is from India. Not a damn thing wrong with that but he admitted not to know what a thing about basketball and then he wants to be involved in the personnel decisions come on man you're involved in technology not pick and roll what you doing and number for the New York Knicks. They need a new owner. The owners throwing out legends like Charles Oakley. He's giving hundreds of millions of dollars away to Allen Houston and Stottlemyre man what one of the next one. Nothing given even by the team as daddy gave it to, and number three teams that need a new owner Jerry Jones. Wishful thinking. I think the corpse of Jerry Jones in 20 years will be running the Cowboys at number two teams that need a new owner about the sons yet, there were news a lot Lebron James thinks that they need a new owner Chris Paul thinks that they need a new owner and over the next several weeks of the players, the sons really take a stand that we will not play for this man. I think they will have a new owner.

Let's see if it happens in at number one. The team in North America that needs a new owner. The most we went to the nation's capital or Maryland. We went to Washington. The commanders Daniel Snyder needs to go $10 million fine for just harboring a disgusting environment for any human being to work in primarily if you're a woman. How about CNBC earlier this year they think pretty much highlighted another instance, and there were 40+ instances of Daniel Snyder being accused of sexual harassment or sexual assault in is just tons of these cases take a listen to this one from early this year in our learning about new sexual harassment allegations made against the Washington commanders owner Dan Snyder former team employee Tiffany Johnston level the accusations at a hearing on Capitol Hill today I learned how to discreetly remove the man's unwanted hand for my diachronic dinner table at a busy restaurant to avoid a scene. I also learned later that evening had awkwardly laugh when Dan Snyder aggressively push me towards his limo with his hand on my lower back encouraging me to ride with him to my car. The only reason Dan Snyder removed his hand from my back and stop pushing me towards his lemma was because his attorney intervened and said Dan Dan, this is a bad idea very bad idea. Dan in a statement today.

Dan Snyder denied the new allegations, but he once again apologized for past misconduct that took place within his organization, the league find Washington $10 million last year effort investigated the teams workplace culture Mac I can go on about Dan Snyder suing that old couple who could no longer afford their tickets.

FedEx field fallen apart, refusing to change the name. It took George Floyd being murdered before he realized that old man I gotta change the name.

Now swore up and down that he never do it just seems like an awful person and all my friends and in DC and Virginia, Maryland, they they deserve better than what they've gotten from Dan Snyder spent 20 years now little more than that don't need anymore I'm looking at Twitter you can tweet me at JR sport brief J fees.

He says Bob Nutting, Pittsburgh Pirates completely sad. If that man doesn't want to spend a dollar. I think he has nickels and quarters and pennies just probably underneath his pillow, not from the tooth fairy just because it's cheap. 855-2124 CBS Matt is calling from Michigan you're on the JR sport racial Matt what's going on in your audit without things drive I've come home from work barring light the and I'll be really extreme lifecare writer then the other guy from the neck that you brought up, I'd have to go on the professional business and sixpack level I'm going to Detroit Lions the Ford family is owned it for ever. We have one playoff win in 30 years. They hang onto the cold truth and talent for ghetto far too long and even now note with Dan Campbell looking to happen but took on a business professional level yet they're not yet out behind the scenes, you scumbag, but they are not, you know, they're just not involved.

They're not hungry first Super Bowl well you not digging Sheila right out of the gate unit. The whole family every night. You never really get out Huckle through the Dow. I mean mom came from Firestone dad with or I mean what I mean.

What can you do it all day. They have to validate the pie equally cut and turned the TV deal so I know they clung onto the map.

No one in the merrier to send it out. People like that for a long time and burn bridges with great players like Barry Sanders and now Calvin Johnson.

I mean it's it like to know we have a term out here at the at the wild animal line it on you look at it last week. I am all I am well thank you have to think of Dan Campbell for certainly providing us with funny quotes every week in the more importantly I think I might have a solution for year Matt, can you invent the next car is there such a thing now. I think then you asked out man, that's it.

In terms of what concerns of finding an owner for the team man unless you're going to come up with a car or vehicle if you're going to come up with the next generation of of of modern ingenuity then was screwed. Absolutely I agree, no way. What do you know what day. Our BFA pack everything like that, forget is you forget taxes yet the listener, the family invented cars man that said this this site did they not going anywhere.

So unless you can create a flying car, then maybe you have a a franchise that had not won a playoff in 30 years that have the following dad is amazing and that our Super Bowl is the draft every year and we get all hyped up and yet we still care about others for two to get her are you going yeah you okay man I didn't want I want this to be a full therapy session, but that was pretty much the Browns and so recently, so don't feel too bad. Okay. And look where they're at now. Yeah, well, is it only for a little while they pay dance and maybe they made a deal with someone they shouldn't have, but just give it some time deficits on come up with a flying car you do it, but a flying car, and then you can you can buy the lines and you want to talk about legacy the Fords proof and a letting go of that man for make the whole damn country roll around literally unless You Dr. in Japanese or German. Anyway Tim is calling for Marilyn your CBS sports radio what's up JR a lot. That thataway real quick got my raise wishbone is a you know what I'm talking about wizard loss at your what you want me to give you. I know damn well you're calling my know you will and but it makes me laugh anyway. The thing is Dan Snyder's ESA garbage day a bit of a been a fan since oh I'm I'm gonna get rid her 62 okay so I watched the first Super Bowl when a black and white TV slowly. Jorgensen and Billy Kilmer in a plan and a game.

So believe me, I've been around a while, but man I miss Jack and Coke so much.

Man, it is likely that we look when he when he gave up at Jane when he died. You know I was praying to God's family would take it over and I didn't but I mean it is what it is you know I mean just I just pray to God that you know maybe maybe they will know what ever needs to be done to take care Dan Snyder because you know it is not helping our team at all and it all and all it does it will be a pain in the ass to us.

You know, and we don't need that.

I mean the last thing we need is that will and yes it is this is this is that I got I got a I got a bunch of calls I have to get to but I will ask you this.

Do you think if we fast forward five years from now. Is he still got to be the owner of the franchise. Now, now okay I don't think so. I reverently don't. Well let's look let's see what else takes place, and occurs he might be sick of it. He might be tired of the beating and he may decide to cash out, let's eat it again and maybe the NFL will decide the stand up and just get rid of it but you know it's it's a little bit larger than that. You actually have to have the owners help push that button and that's this that's a similar case and, in any sport. If you want to remove an owner it's gonna have to be voted on by the other owners in the only way the other owners will push the button. The eject button on yo ass is. If you're screwing up the money because to a certain degree know none of these owners want to have a or or lower precedent to be set where quote unquote if I make a mistake.

They'll hit the eject button on the next because if you set the precedent that this guy gets the boot and it's gonna be easier for me to get the boot offered him to get the boot and so like a lot of situations it's a it's old boys club is like a I'm here you're here, and if something goes wrong, I ain't seen nothing. I don't know nothing. It doesn't have anything to do with me and I'm going to turn a blind eye because I don't want you coming to get me next, it should be real simple, right, don't be a jackass.

Don't screw up.

Don't get into trouble. Don't commit crimes. Don't people don't treat people like trash it it it should be easy right where we have a new owner.

Because these people are humans. They have money they have power, they have influence and yet they abuse it. What's the next case that we hear about whether it's a criminal matter. Potential criminal matter with a a Robert Kraft or whether it's a DUI with an hearsay or whether we go to a Sarver mistreating people. I mean we can go to the Portland Trl., Blazers, albeit not the owner of Neil O'Shea I meet. We can go on and on about that the terrible treatment people people utilizing abuse their power every day. It's not just in the world of sports mean this is happening in offices and workplace settings.

All over and not just America it's a human thing. If you feel that you can step on somebody to get what you want or get away with things people do it. It's nasty.

It's disgusting so it's not just a problem in sports. It's a human problem and this is why we can all do a better job of treating people better and so whether you're a billionaire or 100,000 air or a millionaire or whether you just so happen to sit in a corner office or you where the title of manager Michael cares, like those titles.

I treat people like people know one thing that I pride myself on. I always try to remind myself because I'm perfect either biometry people like people so I don't give a damn if your professional athlete. I don't care if you're an owner. I don't care if you're the quote unquote low person on the totem pole.

I don't give damn who anybody is, I don't treat people like people first. You can respect folks for their position and for what they accomplished, but it doesn't matter where you fall on economic scale. People deserve to be treated like people and so somebody you see someone treating somebody like crap call him out on it.

We got enough jerks run around here and I want to use another word part of the anatomy. It's in your rear end, we got a lot of those running around we don't need any more.

And so, whether you are Chris Paul and you are making 40 millions of dollars in your boss is making billions and you see how he treats people or whether or not you see someone being mistreated that show workplace like we got enough people let that get treated like garbage. We don't need no more that you see something called out 855-2124 CPS is 855-2124 CBS were talking about owners who need to go the hell away from its ignore your calls.

On the other side's the JR sport racial CBS sports radio you are listening to the JR sport brief on CBS sports radio listening to the JR sport and you shall you're the number one sub to you again dammit 855-2124 CBS. This 8552124C. B. S. Yeah, we we've gone through the list of terrible owners and awful owners and I had Robert Sarver here it and number two on the list of organizations that need a new owner. The sons number one I gave you the Washington commanders and earlier on Wednesday, Adam Silver decided to speak in. We know that the punishment was levied yesterday $10 million on one year banishment by the NBA for Robert Sarver and you know utilizing the N-word multiple times been just being told that you should not say that word being disrespectful to women in the workplace, calling out a pregnant woman you not to be able to do the job good enough and just just disgusting things cruising crash jokes and well here's the deal.

There a lot of people who have said that Robert Sarver needs to completely get the boat like he doesn't deserve the team he needs to be removed like Donald Sterling was back in 2014 and so Adam Silver earlier today or Wednesday.

I should say he was asked why Robert Sarver was not forced to sell the sons similar to Donald Sterling. This is what Adam Silver had to say.

I think everybody in this room would agree that if any of us had said or done even a small percentage of the things of I have certain authority by virtue of this organization and that's what I exercised I don't have the right to take away his team. I don't want to rest on that need legal point because, of course, there could be a process to take away someone's team in this league is very involved and I often made the decision that it didn't rise to that level. But to me the consequences are severe here on Mr. Sarver is so what's the difference. Well, we know that Donald Sterling was very direct in his comments which were just blatantly racist and outwardly racist towards the players, the individuals of which he quote "oh, that's certainly how he took the approach side save these these black folks in some the things he said what past that, not necessarily the case with Robert Sarver. You almost start a little bit of it Howard back has been covering the NBA for ever. He has zero you know what's to get in so Howard back.

He asked Adam Silver, you know, why is it different for owners versus anyone else who works in the league.

I want you to listen to Howard back the question that he posed and not just listen to the response here I think nobody in this room would agree that if any of us had said or done even a small percentage of the things Robert Sarver has been shown to have said and done, we would be fired, and I assume that anybody working at Olympic Tower. If they don't even percentage that will be fired anybody were 20 or 30 teams would usually be fired. Why would there be a different standard than understanding the complications of removing owner.

Why should it be different standard for the owner NBA teams and there would be for everybody who works in this league. Perfect fair question.

I say you alluded to it Howard that there are particular right ear of someone who owns an NBA team to some as opposed to somebody who's an employee, I the equivalent of a $10 million fine and a one-year suspension. I don't know how to measure that against a job but I have certain authority by virtue of this organization and that's what I exercised all that's that's the lawyer talking. He's not gonna throw every body under the bus but we know the double standards exist. No, Adam Silver is the best commissioner in professional sports.

He is now having said that, he still has to protect his ass and he has to protect the league.

He can't come out and say what I can say or you can say is that these double standards do exist, they're not faring is that should be gone is first and foremost, he is a lawyer. Second of all, his job is to represent the interests of the league revolves at how good of a commissioner. He has spent and of the a lot of people feel that he dropped the ball. Does Robert Sarver deserve to be the owner of the sons and I said this to at the beginning of the show know he doesn't deserve the owner sons or to own the sons but I completely understand with Adam Silver's position from a business perspective. Let the players go ahead and push back let the sponsors push back if you don't want him there and we know who has the power to guys who go play see if they use it 855-2124 CBS you have to think about professional franchises and teams that need new ownership who would it be Reyes call from Sacramento you're on the JR sport Risha a mark on D'Auria excellent talk know if that did that here in California we all know that the Oakland A's in a new owner and a long over due.

Yeah, now what are they going to stick around and they put in that stadium over bother the portal.

We will move this team to Vegas is old man miss another team like what's going on and feel like reliving a real like major-league I'm I'm I'm shocked that Charlie Sheen is an amount picking forth like a numeric. If I could put a product on the key on the field is trying to Luke they can move a man owner is so far gone to Munich with a great video pyramid America great. Great for town and it did feel like he just wants to do everything he can to move 15 I hear who activated all the raters and it's just terrible. It's terrible.

I have been so Oakland many times over. It's one of my favorite cities to visit and all of the United States of America and it it personally hurts me to know that not only have the warriors been sent to the other side of the bay. Not only have the raters moved out to the desert but it is personally upsetting to me that there is a potential that the A's can move this well is is that means is to say it's not fair is like okay what in life is fair, but it's just terrible.

Oakland is an excellent city.

It's an amazing sports town. Answer to think that they could move his it's just a matter of politics and it it it it really sucks it really does not ignore Carol for forever I may not contain that we put on the field and think it all came together to mark moldering the very data hot. Now Matt Olson and Matt Chapman Jost iMac going on about all the players dated reviewed the K and keep the team together to win because I get to grips with the horrible well now I now there they don't want to go the theater and they want to help you anything to build it they related warning they want to get a Dodge in and got to the desert like raters didn't I get that if they're going to group it it it fell beyond horrible. Yeah people. It's unfortunate folks follow the money and then when we deal in and in billionaires say they certainly appreciate corporate welfare, something that isn't necessarily needed real thank you for calling from Saks. Amen thank you, no doubt about it. Let's go from Sacramento. Let's go to Pittsburgh let's talk to Matt. You're the JR sport Risha what's up Matt and notes are good and his wife and first the I like your show every night looking.

In the near you're pretty brilliant when it comes to talking about or you know what you talking about and second year called me tonight. I agree with you about the commander will first off the main act but Ayanna honoring anything go totally disrespectful and then you know that that might be here in Pittsburgh. Bob Nutting earned Pittsburgh Pirates on the east and soft like it up there is cheap this man. He accused the fans of not showing up and that's like he doesn't spend money on years ago when the team was actually good.

He decided not to spend money anyway.

Selassie line like a piece of crap management. 29 and every town we had a good player. He gets rid of him for the money you really didn't care even more money like you're just talking about billionaire a lot of them think they're all about the money yet. Well isn't didn't he make his money off of paper in my my screwed up in some paper land and failure. I don't know.

Maybe as we move into a digital space may be healed. Disappear out of nausea and one of them or something that happened maybe Helen came in late and offer them unlikely.

Thank you Matt, appreciate thank you and help you lighten up you thank you thank you thank you sent us all my friends listening in the in Pittsburgh and I'm not I'm not I'm not serving lipservice here. Like Abdul I love travel I love the intricacies of different cities.

I love history and so you I can tell you I love Oakland, I do. I also love Pittsburgh. I really do love Pittsburgh I love Pittsburgh. You can go in, disappear in and out to different places and different bars and restaurants in. I enjoyed Pittsburgh pretty cool.

855-2124 CBS S8552124C be asked to take a break we come back to get some more your calls and then unfortunately I got a rollout I can't be here forever. I would, I can't trust me, I'm like the Energizer Bunny.

I can go all night, let's it's confusing me not not say that you are listening to the JR sport brief on CBS sports radio is yours on CBS sports radio on the late-night guy on your great on time for you tonight.

Coley now with 855-2124 CBS is the JR sport Risha here with you on CBS sports radio.

Thank you, Colton. It's about giving it away now and giving it away and giving it away and giving it away now shout outs. The red hot chili peppers in the we have owners who need to quote "give away his and it seems look if you missed a minute of the shop at JR sport brief. First of all, I tweak the show out afterwards, but then you can listen on the free Odyssey gap. And so we have gone through a top six list of owners who need to give their teams away.

Six. The Angels five the Kings for the next three the Cowboys to the sons and number one the Washington football team yet their owner Daniel Snyder. He needs to just get shot up to Mars or the moon or anywhere doesn't need to be here at all and thank you to shim the animal. Thank you. Jimmy tweeted me I can't repeat everything he just said to me says your show is the you know what only host mad when I tune in, and I'm not on well I'm sorry cannot take a day off and sonnets on a machine not a robot I needed day off. I sharply think I do on my day off work and study. Study what study the craft and start what craft. The craft of being on television and the radio. You don't take a day out there.

Let's be real about that for a second Kraft macaroni and cheese.

And I don't like that crappy thing is hundred biggest thing of crap and spread some of them bring him up. By the way, Robert crank them right. If you if you are a if you're a fan of the patriots. Can you be mad. Can you want Robert craft removed. You don't want that.

You know what, JR, a lot of people understood that it was Michael Jordan, not Jerry Reinsdorf and Jerry Reinsdorf got exposed when 23 left the building and I think that's can be said this instance when Tom Brady left the building three years ago we now see what they are Robert craft have the higher the coach and the staff and he had the baby sit Tom Brady when Bill Belichick hurt his feelings like a more okay give me that I would say that was more Jonathan. I think he played a more vital role in Tom Brady wanting to stay a little longer than he should've under Bill Belichick. But okay will go with Robert craft in the surrogate grandfather Colton is hanging out here with us as well.

It Colton would would if your patriots fan would you want to get rid of Robert craft would you want him gone.

Know your wanting what why would you want them gone. And touché will not and maybe not so much right now: pay attention when the last three seasons, not well though, but well listen Robert craft finally S on the complain about rich people love complainant don't day and now you have something to complain about. Where's my championship. It was somewhat my draft picks. It's just hilarious to me know Bill Belichick is like that get off my damn background like many alone will you been for the past 20 years. Shop 855-2124 CBS Ralph is here from Miami. Go ahead Ralph quickly hey Gary support you in Miami for checking from Haiti in July.

Soccer in the feedback about viruses, trying to look where I got the development but much of the morning and the thing that I cannot get up and I didn't want to go there. Easy to quickness, actually telling me. Do you have a problem and will be fitting to make the playoff bubble now as if I were sitting right down the having them nothing would get well you said you said it all on the Derek Jeter came in with Bruce sermon and then said this ain't the direction that we go and then Derek Jeter doesn't take me as someone was going to quit unless it's a complete disaster, and he ain't slapping his name on the disaster. But all things considered minutes the Marlins brought like it states the Marlins is like a let's win a championship in and sell every body. It doesn't matter who owns the team or what iteration it's like there's always belt-tightening Miami for baseball side is that it's it's half it's half market. Can the dolphins thrive. Yes, and absolutely can the heat thrive. Yes, and absolutely baseball in Miami planning that ugly spaceship that they got down there is stuff going.

Maybe all that pitching will pay off sooner than later, but is Sherman seems to be a crap owner. At least they retain the general manager maybe she can do it a nice job moving forward. I'm not sure Marty is called from DC on the JR sport re-show your CBS.

Go ahead Marty. You will spot on my bottle made very spot on a maybe my words on the board phone would battle my life one point one thing about the envelope before Hon. mention to the wash them with magic. Oh my God met him a dysfunctional big thing for gumball for the Father would only put you on the court every year. Development of bank. While you need to tell me you're not excited for Bradley Beal and broken Chris taps forcing this all know you won't play broken my real about the true friend a lot not real with three may put together will thank you Marty for calls in DC if this Chris taps posing.

This is good if anything is just just change lights you got lights in your house, and I mean they could be recessed lights. They could be an a and a lamp like that's the one thing he's good at change involves because me and him playing basketball. If Chris taps posing this is any indication of what we will see. Except what's that was the skinny got it just got drafted by Oklahoma City with the busted footage. This gentleman it shut home. I mean this similar body types. Chris taps present. This is about 2 inches taller than him, but they basically built the same Chris Taft forcing his can't walk on a crack in the sidewalk without his knee giving way and he literally folds up like an accordion. Chris taps poor Zynga's is a gigantic human being. I've met a lot of people 7 foot when I met Di Ken Boehm tumble 71 of man… I've spoken to Gail Ming and Yao Ming is bigger than Chris taps Chris taps poor Zynga's I met this man he have to like lean and bend over to talk to me like he was an accordion and it's just like all my God, I hope you don't break just trying to speak is what he does is flying up and down on the basketball court. I mean I have no idea how his body's gonna lasted. Hassan already got blessed at home be nice when he comes back from his busted foot. Maybe he'll last Adam Scola from New Hampshire.

It had taken my cough back so we can think about and I'm really loving looking for your take on how silver verdict on the sons owner.

What that means for players who have stepped out, stepped up, if you will, and you know you made things happening human being that you framed it in a social thing. The reality of what they do like that box and then do you think that you have a response for this what you think it should be.

What's your take on Lala I kind of talked about that two hours ago. I give you a quick summation. The only thing that will will move things along here are the players or one of our caller said in a market it's a credit for our sponsors. I can understand Adam Silver in his position as Commissioner of what Sarver did is this really the jerk and a full ass, but it it it's not on the level of Donald Sterling to have him removed, especially with the precedent that's been set. When you have Lebron James who is the most influential and most powerful player in the league speaking out against the decision and you pretty much have the same from Chris Paul who is the second most powerful, even though he's no longer the president of the players Association you are really setting the standard for hay.

If we the Phoenix Suns or any other players don't want to participate or play for an owner like Robert Sarver it's really going to push Adam Silver against the wall. It may push it may push publicly and privately, Robert Sarver, his back up against the wall to say hey I need to go and so that's that's something that that we might see over the next weeks, several several weeks so I'd say stay tuned out okay. I have a follow-up. No doubt about it.

Appreciate you for calling from New Hampshire. I think he said he had a follow-up hey tweet me or follow-up manner not responsive at JR sport brief. I'll get back to you. Bobby quickly and when I say quickly quickly from Baltimore. Go ahead and order but a lot about one week ago again and now I can think about it when the lack of support and wanted to move the rumors were beginning to the national and we keep going like management.

Yet I can't think of a cowboy ticket paper right Without when it's a it's a family affair and it will mean we talked about a similar situation with Oakland I would be shocked if he or use last like I can imagine I'd be surprised if that's a place but what one the wild things that happen in the world of sports. If you told me that the sonics wouldn't be in Seattle be like what you talking about the JR sport re-show your CBS sports radio.

It's a wrap that means I gotta shut up and leave. I'll be back tomorrow 10 PM Eastern, seven Pacific were obviously going to talk about Thursday night football tomorrow night.

Got chiefs and charges. Thank you Colton. Thank you. Shep don't move your CBS sports radio.

Amy Lawrence is up next. I'll see you tomorrow. Good night

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