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JR SportBrief Hour 4

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September 17, 2022 1:58 am

JR SportBrief Hour 4

JR Sport Brief / JR

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September 17, 2022 1:58 am

JR anticipates what will be the best Week 2 Match ups in the NFL this weekend

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You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio.

You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. And we're coming to you live from the Rocket Mortgage studios. Whether you're looking to purchase a new home or refinance yours, Rocket Mortgage can help you get there.

For home loan solutions that fit your life, Rocket can. I know what I'm doing. I'm a fit in here for one more hour. It's a four hour show. Where the hell did three hours go already? I don't know.

I can't get it back. There's no time machine. There's one thing I know about life.

When the time is gone, you don't get it back. And so I'm going to enjoy this next hour. I get started 10 p.m. Eastern, 7 Pacific. We opened up the show talking about Arch Manning. The $280,000 spent by Texas to help just recruit this man. In addition to eight others. $17,000 lunch. $10,000 for Topgolf.

Almost $40,000 for a fancy steak dinner. OK. Must be nice. We talked about Justin Herbert. The cartilage fracture that he has and then he threw a touchdown with it. He's day to day so good. They don't play again.

They being the Chargers, they're not in action again until the following Sunday, September 25th against the Jacksonville Jaguars. And we talked about other injuries. Chris Godwin and his hammy. Mack Jones, his back is fine. Jamal Adams is out for the season. Jameis Winston, he says his back is OK even though he felt all the pain in the world.

Ryan Fitzpatrick. He was upset and Tom Brady says Tom Brady didn't respect me when I played. And we talked about some of the other games taking place this Sunday. I told you that I'd love to see Seattle and San Francisco. Can't wait to see Miami and Baltimore. Can't wait to see Miami and Baltimore. Sunday night we got Chicago at Green Bay. Aaron Rodgers, he relishes every opportunity to beat up on the Bears.

His record against the Bears is 23 and five. Listen to what Aaron Rodgers had to say about their rivalry. I love the history of this game and when I got to the squad, Chicago was beating us on the all-time record. And now we're up by eight, I believe.

So that does mean a lot to me. Oh, Aaron Rodgers does keep up with history because he's correct. The Packers now lead the all-time series 103 to 95. And out of these 203 meetings, they've tied six times. So Aaron Rodgers and the receivers that he hates, you'll have a chance at home against the Bears. The rest of this hour I'm going to get to your phone calls, talk to you about the games that you want to see.

I do want to talk about Robert Sarver, owner of the Phoenix Suns. Everybody is just starting to push him, trying to push him out the door. Is it going to work? That's to be seen. So we have more to do before I get the hell up on out of here. 855-212 for CBS right now. We got Lou calling from Rochester, New York. You're on CBS Sports Radio.

Yeah, hi JR. I think that the Bucs game against the Saints is interesting because Brady did not play particularly well in that second half. In the last game in Dallas, it looked like Father Time finally might be catching up with him. He did have some waffle duck type throws and seen pain discs, collars.

Okay. And it would be interesting to see if Father Time really has buddied up with him. And the score wouldn't even matter as much because then the season would just be a Custer's last stand type. And our friend Fitzpatrick might have some pity for Tommy for staying too long. Well Ryan Fitzpatrick made his feelings known. He felt that Tom Brady did not respect him. And the only way that we'll figure out and see, and thank you Lou for calling from Rochester, the only way that we're going to see if Tom Brady still has it this season is to watch him play games. And sure, he didn't have the greatest of games this past Sunday night against the Cowboys. He also didn't have the worst of games. And so are we going to expect him to be all season long?

I don't think so. But it'd be a hell of a story. It'd be a hell of a way to go out if Tom Brady stunk the majority of the season, if he did not play up to his own standards and expectations on his way out the door.

Let's think about this. Earlier this season, he's eliminated by the eventual Super Bowl champion Rams. He takes time. There's controversy around him retiring. Oh, he didn't retire. He's not going to retire.

And then three days later, we get a formal retirement. 40 days later, Tom Brady returns, feels that he got rushed into a decision. And now, you know, he has unfinished business.

He owes it to the team because of how close they were. Comes to training camp, disappears for two weeks. Everyone says that it was pre-planned. And then the rumors start coming up about trouble in paradise in his own relationship. Every day, there's a new story. His wife didn't want him to leave. She's upset that he returned. Now, we're in days of our lives and not just the NFL. And so with everything compacted in, it's going to stink if Tom Brady sucks.

What a way to go out. And if he sucks this year, is he going to come back to suck again? Or is he going to try to re re, you know, redo? He's going to try not redo is not the right word. Is he going to try another comeback? I hope not.

Should have stayed away in February. 855-212-4CBS. Tom's calling from Chicago. Go ahead, Tom. Oh, Jared, such a privilege to be on your show.

Thank you for taking my call. It's got two brief things to say. You ready? Eber flus. Eber flus.

Beat the Packers for ever. Eber flus. Does it sound like he had a wife? I don't know. I just composed it while I was on hold. No, but I give you credit for actually doing that on air.

What else you got? Yeah, you got it, man. First of all, the Bears are going to go up there and, you know, get murdered. Forget about Devante Adams absence, Aaron Jones, AJ Dillon, you know, Mr. Rogers, need I say more? Unless, you know, Matthew Eber flus can actually come up with a doomsday game plan on a sloppy track, mind you.

On a sloppy track. I mean, it's not, it's not rocket surgery. Then it's not brain science.

It's not rocket surgery. Then the Bears will win. But otherwise, forget about it. Forget about it.

As you say here in Chicago, they're going to get murdered. So that's my take on it. I imagine you shared the same sentiment. I just wanted to get that in. Thanks for taking my call. I love you guys. Oh, thank you. We love you back, Tom.

Thank you for calling from Chicago. Yeah, I agree with you. I think Aaron Rodgers is going to handle the Bears, as I told one of our, our prior callers who's going to go up there and tailgate with a bologna sandwich and a piece of bread. Or I guess he's, well, I guess that's how you would make a sandwich, a piece of bread, two pieces of bread. Yeah, Aaron Rodgers is going to do what he typically does. And then he's still going to be mad at his receivers afterwards. I don't think there's, what is Aaron Rodgers ever happy about?

Now that he got his 50 million dollars, now that he got his 50 million dollars, he ain't complaining about the Packers anymore. He's just running around complaining about everything going on on earth. Hey Shep, have you ever heard him be happy and thrilled about anything? And he's always happy with Pat McAfee. Oh, when he sits down.

Right. Oh, and when he's out doing like a Joe Rogan podcast or Bill Maher or something like that. He's happy?

He's talking politics and he's talking his conservative ways. He's happy. Yes.

Yes. I heard him. What was he happy about? No, he was giving, what are you telling everybody how much he loved him, right?

What was that? After he got paid, right? Probably, except for Devante Adams. Yes. He's like, Oh, I love my teammates.

And I love this. No, it was a moment of reflection. Some, some type of whatever. After he did his, Panchacama cleanse. Okay. He's going to be mad at somebody after the game.

I can't wait for that. Derek is calling from Philly. You're on the JR sport re-show. What's up, Derek? Yeah, JR.

I was entertained by that, uh, Edelweiss, uh, imitation, uh, pretty creative there, by that fella in Chicago. You want Tom's number? I can give you Tom's number. You want to call him? I didn't think I'd hear that as a first time caller tonight on the JR show. Uh, that was interesting.

I try my best to have my call. Let's come on and also be entertaining. Now I'm in Philadelphia. We have a big for the early part of the season here, Monday night game Eagles Vikings NFC. The winner will be two and O on a good track for, uh, preseason predictions for either team.

Um, the, the talk here is that basically Jalen hurts looks like he's improved, but he's running too much. Now you're based in New York where you see a running quarterback in Daniel Jones. I am. I'm not, who's based in New York. No. All right. Well, I guess CBS sports radio is based in New York.

That's what I was getting. My ass is how long you've been listening to the show. Well, I just got serious XM satellite radio a few days ago, so not long. Yeah. I'm in Atlanta, man. Okay. I'm from New York.

Where are you doing? Oh, all right. But I also do the show wherever the hell I feel like it.

Well, duly noted. Um, I'm like, yeah, I'm going to be in, I'm going to be doing a show in Philly two weeks from now. Oh, uh, may I ask where, what are the logistics on that? Well, we come up to the studio. I'm going to wait downstairs for me. You bringing me dinner?

Goodness gracious. Hell no. We got, we got some good steakhouses here in Philadelphia. I was, I was born in Philly. You going to ask me for my blood type next? You were maybe.

I know the hospital. So was I, man. Listen, man, I am, I am a man of the country. Okay. I, I get around. All right.

So speaking of such, yes. Hello. I'm here. You're still here. I didn't hang up on you. All right.

No problem. Um, I, there's been some wild Superbowl predictions and your colleague, Jody Mac, he's predicting the Eagles in the Superbowl. Look, I don't see it.

They should be improved. They got a nice young coaching staff. It's building with a second year head coach, but, uh, the quarterback is really the focus of the Superbowl.

I don't see it. In your head coach, but, uh, the quarterback is really the focal point here. And if, if he goes down, although you could say that about any NFL team, that's a contender, but, uh, he seems like he's going to be running too much now, summer design runs, but, uh, it's not a really a recipe for success. I like how Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, they work it in. It's a compliment to their passing ability, but I don't know with Jalen hurts.

What's your perspective? Well, we hear that about everybody who runs, oh, they run too much. We hear that about, about Lamar Jackson. I mean, last season, the Eagles led the entire world when it came down to rushing yards. And now you have a quarterback who from all indications and everybody you hear from, he has improved as a passer.

He's actually progressing through his reads. He ain't looking to run on the first option and he's really moving into his only second full season really now as a starter. And so I'm, I'm, I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna fret and be all that worried and concerned that Jalen hurts is going to run so much that he runs us into the ground.

I wouldn't worry about it. It doesn't really bother me, but I see like what Patrick Mahomes did on Thursday night football. He scrambled enough on that one play and sidarmed a touchdown. He bought himself the time necessary because of the scrambling athletic ability. And that's, that's all anyone really wants to see from Jalen hurts. Not taking off for a couple more kneel downs, but it was officially 17 rushing attempts last week against the lions. The man, the man has improved as a passer. They were able to bring in AJ Brown who's already started to pay dividends. You have Devontae Smith moving into another year and now he's, he looked like he'd been in the gym and he's been eating Big Macs and Wawa.

And so I wouldn't be all that concerned. Now I love Jody Mac. I love Jody Mac. Yeah, Dolphins Eagles, huh?

What do you think? In the Super Bowl? Well, they met in the Super Bowl in the movie Ace Ventura Pet Detectives back in 1992 if you'll recall.

That was a disgusting movie. Jody Mac, Jody Mac said Dolphins Eagles Super Bowl. Even here on the Philadelphia affiliate for CBS, but he does a show every Monday and Tuesday. I love Jody Mac. I love Jody Mac. I love Jody Mac.

Here's a, here's a quick, this is something that you'd find on the back of a Snapple bottle cap. Jody Mac's daughter found out about me on YouTube a million years ago and put me, put Jody Mac onto me before I even got to radio. Oh, how about, yeah, he speaks of his daughter often when he's on the air. Uh, you know, she used to be at the MLB network or something. And God bless her.

She watched me 10 years ago when I was on YouTube. So there you have it. Hey Derek, I appreciate you. And when I come to Philly, just please don't, don't look for me that hard. Okay. You got it. Thanks man.

Thank you so much Derek for calling from Philly. Yeah, it's just, what is it? I guess it makes sense. Shep, I'm the only person on, well, that's not true. I guess full-time I'm the only guy on CBS, not in New York.

You're the only, let me, okay. So Amy's in New York. I'm talking about the four hour shows. Amy in New York, DA in New York.

Uh, Jim Rome's three hours. He's LA. Right. Uh, you're the only one who does a four hour show that is not consistently based in New York. Although you do do a handful of shows in New York though. Yeah. I'll be in, I'll be in New York with you next week. Exactly.

But you are the only individual that doesn't consistently do New York shows, uh, for CBS Sports Radio that does a full four hour week day show. Good. We need some representation from down here in the Southeast. Good. Yeah.

You need more than 28.3 being the narrative for the last five years. I agree. Something else needs to be talked about when it comes to Atlanta sports. Watch, watch your mouth.

Got it. By the way, uh, I'm sorry to bring this up, but, but Matt Ryan getting 60,000 yards, second fastest to do that in NFL history. No one ever talks about this guy. I've, you know, he's with the cults now. He's in purgatory.

That's a fair point. What are you supposed to say about him? He was in purgatory on his way out from here with the Falcons and now he's, he's, he's with the cults. The Falcons are looking like they, they, they, uh, were too quick to, you know, say Julio was old there, you know, JR. He ain't looking old these last two, these last week or so. He's hurt already in practice this week. I know he's questionable, but he looked damn young in week one and you and I both know that.

It was one week. People get young when they go away from Atlanta sports. That's, that's what I'm saying.

Who else? Uh, well, that's a good point. Uh, Andrew Jones didn't look well in a Yankee uniform.

I'll say that much. Michael Vick, he had a Renaissance in Philly, but we know why he left Atlanta in the first place. Well, he didn't leave Atlanta, but anyway, keep going. Um, I'm trying to think. I mean, Dominique going to Italy.

I mean, what are we doing? Yeah. Dominique. That's okay.

Okay. Uh, Joe Johnson, you know, I thought his best days were with the Hawks. Joe Johnson can still play FYI. I know. I know he's still being the associate Jamal Crawford, by the way. Uh, Jamal Crawford needs to, he needs to just do TV. No more, no more runs.

What's that tall, skinny. I can't, I can't. You're unhappy about how that program went, are you?

No, I'm not. I just, I can wait. I can wait. Chet Holmgren will be around for how many is he going to play?

A million? Listen, man, I, he's, he's way too fragile. I get it.

But you know what? We said the same thing about Sean Bradley. We said the same thing about KD.

We said the same thing about Manute. He's going to be okay. He's 19. Okay.

Mark my words. They are, he'll be fine. He's just got to put on some pounds. He's still growing by the way. Yeah. He needs to go to Jamis Winston, a school of health.

Doesn't he? Right. Where was the pain Jamis? Yeah, just pain. It was pain everywhere.

So we got to keep on pushing, pushing through. Oh man. And then he could take Jamis Winston, his anatomy class.

If you sit in his class, what does that sound like? Work my ankles. Uh, and you got certain things that we're all like, it's, our body is so symmetrical, right? You got, you got your wrists, you know, what are your wrists on the bottom half? Your ankles, you know, you got your shoulders up top. What are your shoulders? Your hips.

You know what I'm saying? You got your elbows. What are your elbows? Your knees, right?

Like, so it's symmetrical and you just got to work different parts. Mike, were you really sick this week? What was the problem? I broke my back.

Spinal. Hey Chet Holmgren, pay attention. It's the JR sport brief show here with you on CBS Sports Radio.

I'm taking more of your calls this entire hour before I am forced to roll out. We'll talk about Robert Sarver as well. They trying to roll his ass up on out the NBA. It's the JR sport brief show, CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR sport brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR sport brief on CBS Sports Radio. Hey, that's why, first of all, I just want to say JR, you're the man. All these other radio shows, you hear the same boring stuff and you know what I'm saying? I love how you bring them callers in.

Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. It's the JR sport reshow here with you on CBS Sports Radio. Yeah, we've talked college football, we've talked NFL, and damn it, even Brett Favre. We had an opportunity to talk about him earlier on in the show and some of the potential ramifications as we go down the rabbit hole of where did Mississippi's welfare money go. Brett Favre may not fully be out of the woods.

We have to just wait and see what takes place there. Now, having said that, we also briefly mentioned the situation in the NBA with Robert Sarver, owner of the Phoenix Suns. I don't think I have to fully document everything that came out this week of him being a jackass and utilizing or using the n-word and being a bully in his own office and workplace and he's been suspended for an entire year.

He's been fined 10 million dollars 10 million dollars. We heard the statement released by LeBron James on Twitter. We got a more lightly worded statement by his own point guard and Chris Paul. Adam Silver put in his two cents and and he's just like I can't just move the guy. He said there's a difference between being an owner and being just some regular employee anywhere. This is what Adam Silver had to say earlier in the week.

There's no neat answer here. I mean it's other than owning property, the rights that come with owning an NBA team, how that's set up within our constitution, what it would take to remove that team from his control is a very involved process and it's different than holding a job. It just is when you actually own a team.

It's just a very different proposition. Well since then we've gotten more pressure put on Robert Silver to just poof and disappear. The NBA Players Association, their executive director says this man needs to be banned for life from the NBA. PayPal, who happens to be one of the main sponsors for the Phoenix Suns, PayPal pays to have their logo on their jersey patch. They're paying them 3 million dollars a year. Their CEO says our contract ends with the Phoenix Suns at the end of the season and if Robert Silver returns we ain't returning with our money. We will not renew our contract. You even have one of the minority owners of the Phoenix Suns who says you need to leave, you need to go and so it's going to be very interesting over the next several weeks as we get closer to training camp and media day and go through the season and then even next year whether or not Robert Silver steps down whether or not more sponsors say we ain't rocking with the Suns and I think more importantly if you actually have the Suns say as long as he's still here we ain't playing forget about it throw it out the window and so that situation continues to evolve Robert Silver is uh it's it's if I were him just leave sell the team you're gonna make money anyway at least you can look at it that way and I think if you've been a jerk and and a jackass and a bully for this long what do you care if you make a few billion dollars out the door you don't have your play toy it's one of those cases of rich folks just being absolutely ridiculous thinking the entire world revolves around them you'll make a few billion nobody is gonna like you nobody will like you you're not going to change anyone's opinion on you whether it's pulling somebody's pants down at a company event or whether it's yelling at a coach in the locker room maybe just you ain't changing nobody's opinion so leave I think that's I think that's simple also in the world of the NBA this is this had me in stitches earlier today Dennis Schroeder point guard in the NBA black German point guard in the NBA Dennis Schroeder is returning to the Los Angeles Lakers on a 2.6 million dollar deal there's a couple of things here we know the Los Angeles Lakers they just they just brought in Patrick Beverly they still for right now have Russell Westbrook on the team and now you're bringing in Dennis Schroeder someone who has never seen a shot that he doesn't want to take and I also have to remind you this is the same Dennis Schroeder who two seasons ago who two seasons ago the Los Angeles Lakers say hey Dennis he has 70 80 million dollars Dennis Schroeder said no and now he's coming back on a two million dollar deal I would be slapping the living hell out of myself every night I thought he's gonna get that big money and now you're coming back to play for two mil hilarious or sad depending on how you want to look at it and so it's going to be real interesting what happens with the Lakers in their roster over the next several weeks because I don't see any way in hell that Westbrook Schroeder and Beverly are all on the team and now they're even rumors about it's not even a rumor that if Russell Westbrook has to stay that they want to pull him off the bench yeah this is pure this is pure drama it's not Robert Sarver type drama but the Lakers always making things interesting a lot of fun 855-2124 CBS Nate is calling from Pittsburgh PA you're on the JR sport brief show hey Nate you're live on the radio turn your radio down and go on ahead yep okay yep no you're no longer on the radio I remind everybody it's the JR sport brief show on CBS sports radio I'm gonna take a break I'm gonna get some more of your calls before I have to roll out you're listening to the JR sport brief on CBS sports radio you're listening to the JR sport brief on CBS sports radio I'm a new listener but a long time radio personality over the years and you're just enlightening call in now at eight five five two one two four CBS that's right it's the JR sport brief show here on CBS sports radio I'm looking forward to this it's gonna be a lot of fun hey Chuck we were just talking about it in the break in one of our callers he said oh you're gonna be in Philly yeah I'm gonna be at Philly I'm gonna be at Drexel in a couple of weeks I am embarking starting Tuesday on my fall 2022 media for the movement tour now if anyone's not familiar at this time last year I went to 25 schools all across North America and I was at Florida State congratulations to the Knowles I know they won tonight Florida State Notre Dame Tulane I was up at Bentley in Massachusetts who else was I at Springfield I don't want to start naming more schools I'm gonna leave some I'm not gonna name all 25 but we went all over the country and I had a great time talking to the students about how to get involved in media sports media just my experiences in sports media especially starting off on YouTube in 2009 and moving into television and radio and nationally here on CBS and local in New York on WFAN local here in Atlanta on 92.9 and mornings on V103 and so being able to share that experience is is awesome and so we also partnered up with Special Olympics because as media changes everybody wants to punch each other in the mouth you gotta yell and you gotta fight and you gotta argue and you gotta put a line in the sand and put out some boxing gloves and just fight it out and I think we ignore the element of humanity when we have a lot of these conversations and so I believe in treating people like people and so Special Olympics joined in on the conversation last year and we were able to talk about the importance of just being able to to think about other people and be inclusive and think outside the box when you think about media and so that was an amazing tour that we did last fall the responses were great from staff and students we got a lot of great callers who chimed in as well as I was on the road last year and we're getting ready to do it again and so Experian helped me out last year because Experian the credit company they are they they also believe in inclusion especially financial inclusion education and so they're down to help me out again as I go school to school college to college university to university and just talk about sports media inclusive health and just letting everybody know how you can hopefully earn a living and not be a jerk in the process so that's going to be fun so we're going to start the tar off on Tuesday at Fordham University in the Bronx New York where I was raised so that's going to be fun to be back home at at Fordham for a couple of days and Shep I look forward to being with you in the studio in New York City for a few days as well man yeah same here they are very excited that's going to be Monday Tuesday you're in studio Wednesday by chance as well yeah possibly we'll see we'll see I don't know depends how things roll I mean I've seen what's going on in New York City man I saw a guy take out a an axe in McDonald's the other day so I ain't necessarily rushing to stick around was he five minutes late to you know the breakfast menu is that what happened you remember that scene with Michael Douglas right in that movie where he missed out five minutes on the breakfast menu and all hell broke loose no I never said well no what is this got you no basically it's the little things that really you know push people over the edge and Michael Douglas showed up late five minutes to get breakfast they didn't have it they weren't serving breakfast they said you're five minutes late and then he pulled out a piece of machinery and went off so no these are just five guys in McDonald's who wanted to fight and slap each other until one guy went into his bag and pulled out an axe ridiculous I'll send you the video oh geez yeah it's a it's a wild world I don't know if my tour would work with that individual he probably needs a a little bit more help than than I can provide it's a good start though yeah it is it is well I'll decline politely so I'll be at Fordham next week and then we'll be in we'll be where the hell are we gonna be I'll be in Philadelphia with my friends at Drexel University and we got a whole bunch of schools coming up all over North America I'm not not gonna drop names but we are basically gonna stop everywhere every corner of the country we're gonna have you covered let's get some more of your calls before I roll out eight five five two one two four CBS that's eight five five two one two four CBS Chris is calling from Maryland you're on the chair of sport reef show good afternoon good evening JR and you and Chip uh two professionals and I really enjoyed what you just said and everything really really hit home as you're talking about being from Philadelphia as we go up to Wildwood New Jersey every year there's a name Jerry Blavitt I'm sure you know that name from Philadelphia but uh your show got really interesting you got people singing you've got calling in from Alaska rooting for the Giants I'm sure what's her name turned all the electricity off after she lost that stumble bum pale on that yeah I'm sure she'd do that you know how they are but uh no the tour that's that sounds great uh Minnesota is going to beat Philadelphia and Lamar Jackson I wish you played for the redskins but uh I know she'd get a lot of calls from people in DC DC I'd like to see you move there well I spend I spend a little bit more time in DC and Virginia than people would ever realize but uh you know I love I love everybody in DC I love everybody listening on the ticket fan I love it you know we had a and they used to call them DJs I'm old school and a lot of you I think a lot of your callers can remember old Griffith Stadium but we had a guy named Bobby Bennett he was named the burner he used to be on WUSD and WOL radio but you and him sound sound alike and everything but I tell you this this show and no bs this show and Shep does a hell of a job too you got to give him credit you and him are a good team you really I mean that but you bring out the best in people and you tell it like it is and it uh I mean when when you say jackasses you really and you're being mild by saying it but I wish the hell they could get out of uh get them off the owner of the teams and we of course we got one with the reds uh Snyder here and oh yeah Daniel Snyder is the king of them man he's yes yes yeah he's awful well JR this is appreciated and uh did you you're gonna named Jerry Blavitt does that name mean something to the old school just uh rock and roller from Philadelphia no I was I was too young at that point I was in New York City by that point that at that time okay well again I really appreciate this show and uh thank you and uh keep up the good work and Shep you you're doing a hell of a job too and uh Baltimore is gonna oh by the way Maryland uh quarterback is the brother of the Miami quarterback and they'll probably be out drinking Saturday night after Maryland beats SMU and uh I think uh Baltimore can really stick it to them so who knows we'll see but uh thank you Chris enjoy the games over the weekend okay thanks JR keep up the good work you are terrific no doubt about it thank you Chris for calling from Maryland and shout outs to everybody listening in the entire area on the fan on uh what else we got up there I think that's the fan the red and white I've been up there eight five five two one two four CBS that's eight five five two one two four CBS we got Chris he's calling from Tulsa Oklahoma what's up Chris JR uh Shep thanks for taking my call as usual uh it's kind of fun it odd to be uh following another Chris uh okay I'll try and drop my voice down a bit oh uh main thing I want to say is uh I reiterate what you say on Tom Brady I hope this isn't how he's going to go out you know as I've told you I'm I'm a I'm you know a fan of them them fans but you can do nothing but respect what Tom Brady has done and it would be sad for him to go out like you say not living up to his own expectations and which have been there since that Chip was put on his shoulder since everybody passed on him five times and the Patriots finally decided you know hey let's let's take a chance on this kid in the sixth round uh but it's that drive though that I worry like you say ship if he I'm sorry JR if he doesn't perform then he's going to want to come back next year to move oh my TV 12 can do it I know it was that I'm saying I agree with you that that would be the saddest of the scenarios uh you know I'm hoping uh they make the playoffs and of course get knocked out I mean I am a Miami Dolphin fan and you know Tom Brady needs to go down oh but like I said with the career he's had you can do nothing but respect it six rings I mean enough said um everything he's done go ahead he could have stepped away last year and I don't nobody would feel no different about him it's just whatever's driving him on the inside but he wants to win again so there you have it it's that drive that's been there since like I said everybody in the league passed on him five times and everybody but the Patriots passed on him this you know for six it's it's why talent only takes you so far drive is what makes you that superstar that takes you I think to that level where you will uh give up on your family life I mean that's starting to come around it looks like it maybe bite him into behind and he needs to take a look around because let me tell you something I sure wouldn't mess up that situation if I was him well you know that that is the that's the interesting part oh that's a devious laugh there Chris I'm sorry well I was just like I said Giselle still makes more bank than he does and that is one fine looking woman he's got wonderful kids I mean Tom needs to take a look around and go you know what Tom's life is great Tom Thompson take him a year off make the wife happy and then get up in some booth with them chiseled dimpled looks of his and the knowledge can you imagine getting to listen to him analyze a game I think that would be it's it's it's gonna be it's gonna be fun and thank you Chris for calling from Tulsa we're getting ready to not even come up against a break we're getting ready to to be out of here completely listen I have no idea and no one knows what's gonna take place with Tom Brady nobody this is what we do know he has a standing offer here and it's not an offer it's sign they announced it 375 million dollars for Tom Brady to sit up in the booth for the next 10 years at this pace we will hear Tom Brady call football let's say he starts next year until he's what 56 57 is pushing 60 I mean these type of deals I'm sure if Tom Brady spoke to Rupert Murdoch and said hey I don't want to do it anymore they'd be like all right fine they wouldn't sue him or take him to court but he got options he could stay at home with his family he's declined that option he can play football again who's clamoring to see Tom Brady play more football I don't think most people care at this point and then he could just go into the booth like pick one whatever he does I hope he's fine hope his family's fine outside of that I could care less because none of my business it's the Jarrah sport re-show here with you on CBS Sports Radio hey Shep thank you again for an amazing night an amazing week my pleasure as always Jarrah thank you sir no doubt about it what you got going on for the weekend and me man I'm just I'm just chilling and just enjoying the single life at 35 if there is such a thing yeah enjoy it appreciate it go out in New York couple plate go out I appreciate that I will man yeah go ahead and do that I don't have the money for drinks but I can drink yeah well you got to go down to the Texas and uh you know get one of them fancy lunches that they pay for Austin Texas I would be so down for that yeah seventeen thousand dollars the college will pay for it okay sounds good piece of cake all right we'll be back with you Monday night 10 p.m eastern time 7 p.m pacific the Jarrah sport re-show here on CBS Sports Radio it is a wrap you can find me everywhere at jr sport brief I hope you have a tremendous weekend enjoy the football enjoy the games be safe be well but don't go anywhere Emmanuel Barbari he's up next to you I like him Kim here on CBS Sports Radio thank you Shep
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