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The Pursuit of God

Jesus Breaks the Chains / Michael Bowen
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June 18, 2022 5:30 am

The Pursuit of God

Jesus Breaks the Chains / Michael Bowen

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June 18, 2022 5:30 am

Join as Robby Dilmore, host of Kingdom Pursuits interviews Michael Bowen on his incredible life journey.

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Jesus said blessed are the persecuted and they are suffering big time right now. This is my belief international in 19-year-old Ari was beaten by her own father and violated by local authorities and order crime was simply that she gave her life to Jesus Christ after leaving radical Islam. They need Bibles in order to endure and persevere. That's why Truth Network and Bible teamed up to sin.

God's word to 3500 persecuted believers around the world at five dollars avoidable hundred dollars since 20 oh 800 word 800 worth 800 password or give a Hey this is Mike Swick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned and I hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network and the resurrection power of Jesus Christ is absolute, transforming and restoring life feeling making all things.

This power sent Michael the captivity hell and delivered God's podcast with the podcast called Jesus break the chain, and Michael Bonsall welcome Michael Robbie.

I thank you for show and read all about and I'm really I am to have heard some of the good things about your story and we have several friends in common. Obviously so well, you know, I guess we just jump in the riddles here so that when you get your story but you know you can imagine that. Speaking of chains right break the chains rent change outs here are so speak freely.

If you think you know this you know the name of the hotel chain liquid.

You know what that means in English thought about that Sean means in English and by check. I think it actually means next to Danny.

So of you know if people are going to take offense under saying, and I will bet me a chain-link or ticket and this is really good really like this one. I think most Valley why did all of the pizza chains fall all the you know pizza chains that they have writing what you think they fell to many topping to stop shot Michael. I don't know. I don't know.

I told it was a domino effect speak.

After all, those that have a chain reaction. We have so many things to give away and will give you an easy question. There are lots and lots of answers to this and we got some and give way. All you need to call in and tell us the name any chain of any change whatsoever that you think is mentioned in the Bible. We would love to hear that 866348784 we have these will give way and Sean. You can tumble a bit more devils are coming to town to take on Wake Forest Demon deacons. I believe they are and it's a 4 o'clock kickoff not the name of the field was right. Winston-Salem is not too far from you, I got grab your ticket go to game the great now. Plus you get the church to event with Stu Epperson is actually the MC working to hear from him at 1115 so now, and from what I understand Wake Forest is undefeated and selling. I know that Duke's pretty good team.

So there's a real opportunity real game is coming up so all you have to do is tell is any chain in the Bible is really easy question. Okay, just any chain, 866 the mind start with.

I'm Shocked 866348788486634; I'm Told You Have a Phenomenal Story and so Want to Share That to Our Listers, How You Got to Where You Are Well Grew up in Dallas, Texas Football and I Excel or Loan. The Dallas Cowboys Mustang and Was Very Successful. My High School Years and Play College Football. Three Years at This University and Then We Had the Duck Back in That Time and I Spent One Year at University of Georgia and Ended Very Well. My Senior Year Team Capt. Mustang Top of the DP and Getting Drafted in the Canadian Football League and Went up to the Edmonton Eskimos And Only Lasted about a Week and I Was Pretty Devastated by That, I Thought I Was a Professional Football Player. I Came Back to the United States and Began Using Drugs. I Don't Recreationally Where I Thought There Was Recreationally, Not Knowing What Was about to Happen to Me Very Quickly after I Returned Back from Canada Shown to Addiction and Crack Cocaine Became Addicted to Crack Cocaine 25 Years Lived That Life in and Out Of Drug Rehabilitation Centers, Jails, Prisons and Even A Few Mental Hospitals along the Way and the Last Time That I Landed in Prison Was in 2013 Thought It Years Ago and I Finally Threaded My Life to Jesus Christ on the Prison Chaplain Floor. I Just Brought out to the Lord and Surrender.

Instead, I Can't Do This Anymore. I Hate My Life. I Hate This World. I Know I Don't Want It Anymore. All I Wanted You Lord, You Will Save Me. I Will Serve You the Rest. The Days of My Life and in That Moment, the Lord Heard My Cry and Moved on Me and and I Was Able to Come up off the Ground Laid on the Ground Crying and Weeping. When I Came up and Stood up for the Very First, I Felt His Presence in the Most Profound Way. And from That Day on I Chains Were Broken and I've Not Had a Desire to Use Drugs or Alcohol since That Day When I Surrender My Life to Jesus Christ, You Did Break the Chains and the Neat Thing Is That Now You Know You've Been Counseling Other People the Comfort That You Receive Right Because You Actually Go World Doing This Well. I Know I Never Knew When I Laid on My Face Further Trouble for What the Lord Had in Store for Me.

I Grab a Word and I Had the Prison Ministers Come in and Speak to Me and Tell Me How Good My Life Would Be If I Just Gave It to Jesus and Let Him Have It, but I Could Not I Wasn't Ready for What He Was Going to Do in My Life. I Came out and I Went into a Discipleship Home Called Texas Reach out Ministry. Austin, Texas Program Georgia Spiritual Church and I Went to Bible College or My Bachelors in Theology and Become a Life of Ordained Minister and I Going to the Texas Prison System and Preach and Then on Top of That I Have Make Some Relationships.

What the Lord Did It Connected Me with Some People Library West Africa and Now I'm a Missionary in Library West Africa and I Work with the Drug Addicted Population of That Cart Country. The Former Child Soldiers Who Were Became Addicted to Drugs during the Civil War and the Men Women and Children That Are Living in the Ghettos and Cemeteries That Are Addicted to Drugs.

We Have Many Projects Going over There. I Shall Be There. I'm Leaving for Liberia and Nine Day so I'm Really Excited about That Guy with the Lord My Life and Yes It Uses Broken People to Help Fix Broken People Because I Understand What's Going on in the Mind and Heart and Soul of a Dry Got It Because I Get It for 25 Years so I Can I Can Identify with That. I Know Their Struggle and They Know That I've Been Where They Are and and They Don't Help from a Story I Guess My Story to the Same Way That I Don't Hope When the People Would Come in and Speak to Me in Prison. The Prison Ministers. Tell Me about How They Overcame Prison How They Overcame Our Own Addiction and How Jesus Change Your Life and so like You Said, the Domino Effect.

If the Domino Effect What Happened Is One Person Story One Prison Minister Story Touched My Life and Now My Life Will Start Touching Others Lives and Then at the Domino Effect in the Multiplier That That That Goes on throughout. So the Lord Is Just an Amazing Story, Well We Got a Break We Have Amy, with the Church's Share Was Coming up at 1 O'clock We Have Stu Epperson Coming up the Next Segment and More from Michael Bowman Then Don't Forget We Got God in Hollywood Coming up at the Bottom of the Hour Long Brad Silverman and Tyler Sansone so Much More Pursuits, and Upstate Carving a Pumpkin Making Faces Fun. But First, You Mess inside Something of a Mess and What Television Realizes That in Every Area of Life. Just like a Punk. The Mess Is Billy Graham Is on inside Jesus Said It's a Hard Problem for Out Of the Heart Proceed Evil As an Adult Prison Fornication Think That Some False Witnesses and Last-Minute Way to Clean up the Mess in Your Heart Asked Jesus Christ to Forgive Your Sins and Take Control of Your Why God Love You and He Loves You Is You Only Person Learn More about God's Love for You and about Letting Him Clean up the Mess of Your Life Find Peace with and Is from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Inadequacy Simply Hearing That Word Arouses an Array of Emotions Hello, I'm Chuck Swindoll You on This Earth to This, Even Those Others Think All Self-Sufficient. Let's Face It to Be Human Is to Feel, but Listen Further If You Have Retreated to the Back Alley of Life. If You Are Wallowing in All Your Inadequacies, Then Your Exactly Where God Need You to Be to Demonstrate His Power.

So Release Your Grip. Pour out Your Heart to Him. Don't Waste Another Minute Trying to Get through the Tough Stuff of Inadequacy.

All Mastering Is an Insight for Living's Website and This Is an Graham Lot with Daily Life for Daily Living. What Are You One Better to Resolve the Messy Running from. Don't You Want God's Blessing on You and Your Family, Your Business or Church in the First Step Is to Turn around and Your Attitude of Pride and Rebellion Reverses Direction Self Will Submit to God's Authority Wherever He Places You Can Pursue with Patience All That He Has Turning around Is so Hard to Do. It's Painful to Confront the past Knowledge to Confess Your Own Sin While Leaving the Other Person to God, Acts 319 Says, Then in Turn to God, so That Your Sins May Be Wiped out Times of the Fraction May Come from the Lord.

Listen to Me Turn around Turn around the Pathway to Blessing Gateway to Joy Is.

This Is an Graham Lot so Much Loaded on a Gotten Hollywood Coming up the Next Segment with All Long Brad Silverman and Tyler Sansone. Now We Got Michael Bowman in Just a Moment and Have Stu Epperson Talk about Wake Forest Church Day Michael Bowman's New Podcast.

By the Way Is Jesus Break the Chains and You Can Find That All It Can to You Can Get Linked up to Jesus Break the Chains. Just Saying. But Anyway We Have Amy Cabo with This and She's Got a Great Show, Baby.

What He Got on Tap for Today.

Now While I Went to Salzman Again. Amy Shows Lyman's Can Be on at 1 O'clock You Can Call in and Share Just Let You Do It Ourselves and Would Love to Have You Listening Today at 1 O'clock Thank You Amy God Bless You to Find so I Know That If You're like Me, You like How Come Nobody Is Called in the When These Tickets and Talk about the Chains That Are in the Bible This a Pretty Easy Question. Okay, I'll Give You A Few Answers Several Reference of the New Testament. You Know Where People Were in Chains. Just Saying. And Then There's Lots of References in the Old Testament and New Testament Because before Chains around Their Necks. 866-34-TRUTH We Got Tickets Give Way Guys Weekly. How You Can Go See Wake Forest 866-34-TRUTH 87884 so Michael, I'm Really Curious When You When You When You Go to Africa and in Those People That Are Addicted, You Still See a Big Similarity in the Addiction That They Have To.

The One That You Have an Effect of All the Same. We Are All the Same and I Can Tell You That I What I Saw in Liberia and There's A Lot Of Poverty It's Very Typical in That Population Because There's so Much Poverty in That Country.

So Drug Addiction Is Asked Exacerbated Greatly over There but I Just Say When I Saw Those People I Do That If I Was Addicted to Drugs and Had I Been Born in Liberia Right Where They Are Because Drug Addicts. We Go with the Drugs I Would've Been in the Tomb. I Would've Been in the Cemetery. I Would Been in Those Ghettos Because That's What Happens When You Get Addicted to Drugs Is You Go to Whether Drugs Are in Your Life Gets Broken down and and Everything Away from You and You Become a Drug Addict with All the Other Drug Addicted People and so Do You Have an Interpreter That Works with You There. How Do You Communicate with These Guys.

Well, They Speak English in Liberia the First Language I Don't Know If You Liberia but Liberia Was Founded by Emancipated Slaves. American Slaves and Freeborn Black from from the United States and in the Early 1800s and Became the First Free Republic in Africa.

So There Is a Great History with like between Liberia and America First Ex-President of the Republic of Liberia Were All from America.

That's Something I'm Also That They Also Speak the Dialect of the Different Tribes Because When They Came to Liberia, the American Came to Liberia Date Mixed in with the Indigenous People and There Were 16 Different Tribes with 16 Different Dialects so They All Speak a Dialect of Their Tribe and They All Speak English so It's Just Been Great, No, No Need for an Interpreter and the Communication Is Great and I'm Just Enjoying Myself of That Sounds Awesome. I Did Not Know That. But That's Cool That There Is Nothing We Have. Scott Is in Winston-Salem May Have an Answer for Some Is Chain You Know We Need a Chain Reaction to Scott Is What We Need Some Scott What You Got for Us All. Thank You Sir Thank You Thank You so Very Ring Contained in General When Pharaoh Came. That's the First Time You're Exactly Right Scott and Yeah That It Is Very Symbolic Because They Would End up with A Lot Of Chains. As a Result of That Particular Chain and and Fortunately, Jesus Ended up Breaking Most Chain Students Got That's a Beautiful Thing While Greg Only Got Tickets for a Medical Trent Olden and Shawn Will Tell You How to Get Those and I Appreciate You Calling so Much That the Great Show.

I Will Happy Birthday Thank You Scott. I Appreciate That Very Much.

So Getting Back to Michael so I I'm Curious Will You Would Mention the Death Sentence It SMU. I Guess I I'm a Little Bit Ignorant but While It Didn't Sound like There's a Story in Thereto, Probably at That Time One of the Most Talked about Sports at the Time the Ductility Went Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas Had the Football Program Killed for Two Years Because of Violation Recruiting Violation Paying Players Things Are Going on All over College Football the Time, but SMU Got Caught with Her Hand in the Cookie Jar and They Kill the Program and It Devastated the Football Program for Many Many Years.

But Just like Your Wake Forest Are Seven and No Mustangs Are Seven Now Right Now Right 20th in the Country so It's Been a Resurrection of the Program and Matter Fact I Went Back I Ductility Happened in My Case the Latest Refreshment and Then When the Definitely Came out with University of Georgia Employed There, and I Could 87 and Then I Returned Back to Help the Program Come off the Death Penalty and Found Good Success. There so What Happened in Calgary to Think Well It Was Just One of Those Things Where I Wasn't As Prepared As I Should've Been at the Time I My Addiction Was Starting to Move into My Life before I Went and I Was Doing Drugs and Drink and Drug Preparation, Drinking, and I Went up There and I Just Wasn't Graded Shake or the Mindset. There Were Professionals up There and Never Very Talented and They Were Big and Strong and This Is What They Did for a Living and I Was Totally Unprepared for That. I Have What I Just and I Got Caught after a Week or so to Get Your Tickets Back in the Prison from and I Know I'm Jumped All around but Don't Have A Lot Of Time Jeff Got There Was Much Ground As It Could. So, Was There Something That Let You Know Obviously Been through a Bunch of Programs You Heard about Jesus like for Years.

Was There Something in Particular in Those Those Last Days That You Feel like Made an Impact or Got through the Clutter, so That You Actually Saw That There Was Hope in Jesus That You Hadn't Seen before. I Run Out Of Everything Else. I Tried in My Life and I Was so Tired and so Broken and so Hurt and I Really Didn't Want to Live Anymore. I Told the Lord, Lord, I'm Going to Walk Out Of This Prison Time for and It Didn't Work, What Walk Out Of This Prison to Go Smoke Drugs Again Kill Me Now I Want to Dictate My Life Now I Can't Do It Anymore. But If You Will Save Me. I Will Serve You the Rest of My Life. I Just Come to You, and I Didn't Want to Live Anymore Drug Addict. I Couldn't Do It the Way That CN Was so Heavy I Was so Crushed and so Broken and so Pressed down That I Couldn't Do It Anymore and That Was It Was Just That the Biker Scriptures That Godly Sorrow Produces Repentance That Leads to Salvation and Leaves No Regret and It Just Came at the Actions of My Life and the Decisions I've Made My Life, Although Sufficient Put Me in That Prison.

I Did It to Myself When I Looked in the Mirror and I Stop Blaming Everything Else and Everyone around Me to Ditch Your Problem Michael. You Did, You Did.

I Took Full Responsibility the Weight of That Was so Overwhelming That It Just Brought Me to My Knees and Surrender and I Just Surrendered Said I Need You, Lord, You're All I Have Only Hope I Have. I Tried Everything Else and so in Your New Podcast Which Obviously Is Jesus Break the Changing of the TruthNetwork.Com and Find out More about That. But What Kind of What Kind of Stuff Goes on in Your Podcast. Talk about Testimony and How We Can Use Our Testimonies Powerful Tool to Help God Draw This to Him and Not to Be Ashamed of Your Tasks. Therefore, If Anyone Is in Christ Is a New Creation. Old Things Are Passed Away Behold All Things Become New Shame and Guilt of Your past Is What Keeps You Locked in Your Addiction When You Can Take the Scripture and Own the Scripture That You Understand Now You Have Had a Separation of the Whole Man in the New Man so You Don't Have To Carry That Old Man with All the Shame and Guilt and Shame and Guilt Is in the Old Man but I Don't Have To Wait Dead and Gone to Bring Glory Again the Name of the Podcast Is Jesus Break the Chains You Guys Have Two Episodes of the Show 40 More Is As You Can Find That Truth Network Contest Page Michael S Thank You for Listening. For More Information on Michael Billings Ministry Sons and Daughters of Thunder Sons and Daughters, and Remember There Is No Jesus Christ.

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