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PSALM 107 - My Life

Jesus Breaks the Chains / Michael Bowen
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May 28, 2022 8:30 am

PSALM 107 - My Life

Jesus Breaks the Chains / Michael Bowen

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May 28, 2022 8:30 am

Join Evangelist Michael Bowen as he introduces, Chris Pieczynski, a man he preached to in a Texas Prison. Addicted to drugs for 25 years and his 6th time in prison, listen to the story of how Jesus broke his chains and set him free! 

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Podcast network. This is the Truth Network, the resurrection power of Jesus Christ absolute transforming and restoring my making all things is power; free from the captivity hell is podcast part of the Jesus prayer chain series on Truth Network Michael: I pray that the Lord bless you greatly and you received this word in love and truth. This podcast is titled Psalm 107.

The story of my life I was released from prison in 2014 I was walking through the gates, leaving that prison a free man out into the world as I was walking out of those gates, I told myself that I was going to come back to this very same prison and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and share my testimony with the man in prison who were just like me.

In 2017 I came back to that very same prison the Travis unit in Austin Texas and I began preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ on a weekly basis. Every Thursday night was such an incredible time that I had in that prison. I preached in the same room that I laid on my face three years earlier and surrender my life to Jesus Christ that the power of God move mightily and in those services in many men's lives were changed forever because they too believed God's word and surrender their lives to Jesus Christ. Just as I had done when I was there. One man in particular his name is Chris pies and ski really grabbed a hold of the gospel never let go. He was released from prison and he too said to himself that he would be back in prison one day preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to men just like him in this podcast Chris will be given his testimony in a church and in telling the people how good how good God was, and how God changes life and a set them free from addiction and habitual incarceration forever.

You know when I was preaching to Chris I would open up many of the services in that prison with Psalm 107. Later Chris told me him and he speaks about this and when sharing his testimony that he identifies with this song and he said to me that Psalm 107 was the story of his life and in Psalm 107 begins like this. Give thanks to the Lord for he is good his love endures forever. Let the redeemed of the Lord.

Tell their story those he redeemed from the hand of the folks those he gathered from the lands from East and West from North and South. So right now I want you to let Chris the redeemed of the Lord till his story to you and maybe by the blood of the Lamb is a must share with. I was 10 years old my mother was married and drank a lot and was abusive physically and mentally is unlimited long time staring into being this way so she and my grandpa had to grade 11 God and people raising and telling good morals. We attended church regularly at First Baptist Church next Jesus Christ As is 11 point all the vacation Bible school, the church camps knowledge of every summer until I got in the hospital.

I never really rebelling as my grandparents just pretty much know I was in the normal drinker was frantic party on a regular basis and every weekend. Soon I was smoking pot return and then he had my bicycle halfway through my senior year and move that I begin to meet people in the drug world and other things other than marijuana and soon I was good looking mother says mother at age 18 in China have not which caused all the problems she and she was really against anything. I was hanging out in bars and get into trouble, involvement, drinking, and soon after I was getting mad should not involving gun trouble involving mother drivers saving and I got a call was placed on probation, and about how there arose a thing they had me do, and this was sentenced to five prison specimen wasn't even in your own time and I missed out on the next year so is love was released on parole and stapling that only back in two years later of this time for almost 3 years but that wasn't the last.

Says mother filed for divorce was in jail and father is not patient take me away. I was selfish. Their place in my consider my place in the noumenon. No matter the consequences will endure and so led to criminal behavior and rock.

Cumulative nine conditions is one that in counterfeiting.

Every time I was released contrasting claimant failed miserably try 725 years. My imagination to his daughter.places is my son's 29 years old now, not criminal. Last Tuesday, caused me to miss out on much is love in the last 29 years I've been in prison six times in the first time that released from prison. I thought I can stapling the stealth drugs allow each time prove me wrong. I eventually ended up using again falling back, and develop habits. Soon my way back times.

I had the chance to live a clean cellblocks over times failed because I thought I was in control of my enemies. Go ahead and change my dictation and he had his last, like a prison in the county jail at 43 years old wondering, wondering what change Psalm 107 through 16 story about verses 10 through 12 says those who sit in darkness and in the shadow I have in affliction and irons because they were the words of God and despise the Council of the most brought down her heart was labored and they found that there was no sitting in the stars and I had been all 25 years, now is the county jail. When you go to prison. As I reflect on some of the times I went to church with my parents as a child, it occurred to me that there is one thing that I have tried to nail down the side of about nine in the brain.

Verses 13 through 16 of Psalm 107. This is the they cried out to the Lord, and natural stress in the shadow of God dictation.

I hated the reason you change. I told God until God changed his asked him to take medication for me surrender my life to him and serve him for the rest of the days of Jesus loves you until that no backswing about, say they mean that when I put my spirit. I cried out from the darkness still chained and bound, not patient safety for monstrous. When I say name you know is not heard changed.

Great way of showing new three charged 40 years in prison time. Steam in the courtrooms but I screamed back to the Lord, and he saw to reduce my sentencing traps take the opportunity to build a relationship with him before bed was spiritual food that helps really good prison ministries CI time in prison to study the word of God begin to change my way is no rule must not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your language. The conversations I engaged in the people associated with prison's place in the environment where no one knows each other and naturally engage in conversation.

What they all have in common and usually that's given through those goods remove criminal activity that there and on and how they can manipulate assistance drug use in the things I was doing stasis to the carnally minded is to be spiritually minded is life and focus. Not all God is something incarcerated under the word of God change my way of thinking is released from prison on March 22, 2018. I have now I live in Jesus Christ.

I I don't have the desire, I do not have struggle now that I have all the previous times when I was released from prison see Jesus to the addition prison bars of iron into his seat and other case, who gives a whole see Jesus to who we are children of God. John 836 is the son makes you free will love God so much peace and joy is stored. Nothing ranges on all I was released from prison on certain friends and family last. I told everyone I do my lap Jesus and that I was seeing when I told him that I'm sure the moment before I gave up on God and I had given them every reason to feel that way.

Well only as of the Lord and so six years ago church on Sunday morning and also as words and phrases imprisoned to get plugged into the church is released and the first thing on Thursday and I was in church on Sunday. She got comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God, and I know that it's important to stay connected because if I felt was easy for me to slap back stay connected and obedient to his word is getting a chance to list the chance to listen in some ways she got store relationship with me and my son a relationship that is still in the process of building a business.

How much my sons prison and he has now lost that we went to a men's retreat when we can show prison and we played our cards so speak for things to each other and to God's forgiveness with forgiveness and healing.

When healing came upon restoration love. You must check to make up for lost God's with God and let him do that work and begin the healing process. I signed on last week waiting for being there for me no and I think I thought about praise God placed in this position about snubbing this one of the most is missed. John now found favor with my employers is a small business based on family values and we are safe prison management checks, counterfeit money, so little stuff position much blame Chase. On occasion the last know is going to be a blank check is a position of trust with my family as well. Last also work with the brother in Christ through his voice is not God will encourage the children we minister to each other. We also links to the men who work with us God's place in position. I also have we been over two years now. My dictation I was bound by sexually arousing with women who was to be alone when relationship fell apart when I have time would be well. I was selfish in my selfishness and the drugs played a large part in destroying those relationships understand now that I was trying to fill a void in my one and only Jesus can feel it wasn't until I came a lot more Jesus women who mean risk based on the server. He also wanted me to make a place for my when I did that feel that sale he gave me a lot my love and I went to hospital dated see each other to house after hospital until almost 3 years ago building plainness.

It was 1 o'clock found in love with her relationship with communicating with each other valiantly chosen respect each other.

We build each other up to make decisions together with God's guidance. Of course we worship the Lord together. We prayed together we minister we held each other, she only needs it most things in my blessed life is waiting me in order to have a successful marriage and I believe marriage is and will continue to because I'm not way the selfishness that once consumed diction that consumed me. Selfish sound creation process. I have discovered that I have faith based notes on the databases I do not know drums know not now than I have in the past because the Lord gives me strength to get through them, and he's given me a helper, my life heard for wisdom, thinking 22 says he who finds why five and things sits up with the Lord's open doors of opportunity to minister to others. My kids and my nieces over the past now be no way they'd seen guidance from me changing me that others see heard friends of mine who who were in there. Additionally, we see what God is going to find encouragement try to minister to all my friends and family when they see when they see that God what God has delivered me from the C: see the light of Jesus Christ.

God deliver me process. Walking with God a lot of transformations taking place.

God has you with me will initiate a taste of 43 years of bad habits don't just follow process it sees what I'm gonna let him transform you must. And I have to mop to be obedient seeing when I God is in his word, a monster or something. I used to lie you. She is because you think about telling a lie. I don't have this deal is God blessed me with aligning. I don't get high as I'm not a matter because it is where you mobile me account is being discovered that when I think differently. I respond differently to me in the past with Griffin words or actions made in anger, selfishness and pride crossed. I don't get what I Christ I will say hurtful words. It was in my nature to say things and somebody hurt in the past, do you feel the same. I should have is doublespaced first instead of myself by myself and serve others. I used to have Christopher and I still do something God I think is patient's stream as I deal with God is teaching me to see others is since my release from prison in 2018. I'm going back several times I get to go back to prison next what I just don't see the back of the presence God show to show them that there is God's purpose, things will our lives, his mercy and his grace that she is still not God. He saved me from my distress is something I know that Jesus Christ reaches handgun and darkness, his precious line. You know this, because I'm still missing and I go putting incredible testimony and preaching of God's word but my friend and brother Chris pies and ski.

We are so blessed to be able to hear this wonderful story about how God changed his life. When Chris surrendered it to him. You know in in the testimony. What we just listen to Chris talk about Psalm 107, and he read a little bit from any said it is the story of his life, why to believe that Psalm 107 is the story of my life and identify with it formally in this podcast with Psalm 107. The very last to last verses of the very last verse of Psalm 107. It goes like this.

Let the one who is wise to heed these things and ponder the loving deeds of the Lord. So I say to you, and I say this to myself. I say this to all of us. Let us all be wise and understand the goodness of God and how God will change your life and and I'm just telling right now that if Jesus did for Chris and he did it for me.

He will also good for you. God is no respecter of person he wishes all to be safety which is all to be delivered from sin, addiction, habitual incarceration, or anything that is separating you from your purpose in God separating you the love of Jesus Christ separating you from your salvation will tell you I love you all and I pray that you too can find the freedom that Chris and I have found in Jesus Christ.

Just like Chris God brought me out of darkness and broke away my chains just like it says in Psalm 107 that he broke the iron bars to just tell you, Jesus breaks the chains and I pray that you let him break towards today. This is the greatest life I've ever lived my life in Jesus Christ as his peers decide God bless you all in Jesus name I pray, amen.

Thank you for listening. For more information on Michael Billings ministry sons and daughters of thunder visit sons and daughters of and remember there is no addiction in Jesus Christ. Jesus breaks the chains.

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