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BREAKING: Omar says I Don’t Regret Anti-Semitic Statements

Jay Sekulow LIVE! / Jay Sekulow
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June 30, 2021 1:00 pm

BREAKING: Omar says I Don’t Regret Anti-Semitic Statements

Jay Sekulow LIVE! / Jay Sekulow

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June 30, 2021 1:00 pm

Breaking news today on Sekulow , Rep. Ilhan Omar says she does not regret her antisemitic comments. The congresswoman doesn't stop there, proceeding to take a shot at her Jewish colleagues. In a tweet earlier this month, Rep. Omar lumped Israel, the United States, Hamas, and the Taliban together and said all of them should be at the International Criminal Court at the Hague. Jay, Jordan, and the rest of the Sekulow team - including ACLJ Senior Counsel for Global Affairs Mike Pompeo - discuss Congresswoman Omar's statements and the efforts to censure her based on her consistent antisemitic statements. All this and more today on Sekulow .


Secular was Congressman who says she doesn't regret her anti-Semitic statements shot with college Washington DC line you would read these comments I don't think it's really and to think back to the point that I was trying to me. Obviously I was addressing secretary of state Lincoln phone lines are open for your questions right now: 1-800-684-3110.

Do you understand why some of your fellow house Democrats, especially Jews find that language anti-somatic welcomed any time. My colleagues have a conversation to learn from them for them to learn from me, I think it's really important for these members to realize that they been partners in injustice, they haven't been equally engaging in seeking justice around the world and know your host Jordan secular from Congressman Omar to say that her Jewish colleagues have got are not the same levels of fighting injustice around the world as we said this is someone who is refugees United States shoot. She talks about that openly. That's a slam at all. A lot of people came to the United States as refugees, but the idea not know your history should try to write now on twitter walk this back if you talk about how Jews in America were involved in the civil rights movement and very upfront to see the pictures of Martin Luther King arches, you will see rabbis right in the front uses the priest as well be that sick. This is part of the American experience issues. She is leaving out the history she's leaving out as well, but the doubling down these statements going on a TV interview that you have to do that was forcing her to go on, Jake Tapper to make the statements to talk about this two weeks later doubling down in the taking a shot at the colleagues by say they don't understand justice is to be the danger of an ill handlebar because she gets that she gets a slap on the wrist.

That's about it consistently for the Democrat party. Look Congresswoman stated that her Jewish colleagues haven't been partners injustice and how much more forceful are much more historically incorrect is that she doesn't know her history.

That's one thing but the statement itself shows the nature of why she makes the statements that are both anti-somatic and anti-Israel two separate issues, but very similar.

This is someone that said she does not regret her current tweet from earlier this month earlier in June where she lumped Israel United States, Hamas and the tele-band together and set all of them should be at the international criminal court. Nag which I will little bit of experience with because I presented arguments before the ICC in cases involving Israel and United States so not many lawyers can say that they've actually done that. I've actually done that she has no clue of the history of our colleagues, but we most want to Democrats and their fight for civil rights and what the Jewish community itself is experienced over history.

A complete lack of understanding any of history. That's what it is mine is a topic that someone is never run a history book and doesn't understand the history of the Jews, she ought to start with Josephus. The ancient of the Hellenistic Jew around a Roman writer who said who wrote a history of the Jews to learn how they came to be and what they came to be and then read the deed book of Israel the Bible and learn what that's all about. And then look at what recent history was in in the 1920s, 30s and 40s and in Europe understand with the history of the Jews is eligible get this in the next able to broadcast and and later in the broadcast. But Prof. Hutchinson Harry Hutchinson are Dir. policies written a law review article that's been published at St. Mary's University called campus free speech in the mirror of rising anti-Semitism.

So we are taking action on all this, we represented Jewish students would represent a Jewish faculty members. This Congresswoman should be censured by the United States Congress.

We want to hear your opinion on all that is right 100-684-3110. If you are talk to us on air. That's 1-800-684-3110 is understand what she did. She she sought out media double down on the statements got back away. 2.2.try to refrain but to double down the statements and then take another shot at a whole group of people say they don't understand justice. This is a gift to be. It's time by removing her from those committees and the slap of the restart enough he will be right back to him the challenges facing Americans are substantial time and are now in our freedoms, our constitutional rights are under attack more important than ever to stand with the American Center for Law and Justice for decades now ACLJ on the front lines protecting your freedoms defending your rights in court in Congress and in the public arena and we have an exceptional track record of success. But here's the bottom line we could not do our work without your support, we remain committed to protecting your religious and constitutional freedoms then remains our top priority, especially now during these challenging times. The American Center for Law and Justice is on your side, you're already a member. Thank you, are not well this is the perfect time to stand with us. where you can learn more about our life changing work, become a member today ACLJ only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive.

And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, we've created a free and powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn, called mission life will show you how you are personally publication includes a look at all major ACLJ pro-life cases were fighting for the rights of pro-life activists.

The ramifications of Roe V Wade, 40 years later Planned Parenthood's role in the and what Obama care means to the pro-life in many ways your membership is empowering the right question free copy of mission life today online ACLJ/singularity of phone calls to 164 30 went to broadcast. We are soon to be joined by Mike Pompeo rejoiced in the second half are the broadcast and Congress did like Walt to be joyous in the next segment of the broadcast. He authored the censure resolution gives ill handlebar it so he'll be joyous next segment I got a question I wanted Aslan so that such resolutions been introduced what the reaction kind of behind the scenes talk about Congresswoman Omar's outrageous anti-Semitic statements.

Well, there's been such a long track record here, and finally the last time around about a month ago J when she made those troubling remarks you finally got a joint statement from Speaker Pelosi and her leadership team sort of softly condemning it. We said this at the time J if she says those words and doesn't actually take any action.

It doesn't mean a whole lot about the same time there was a letter sent out condemning the actions by 12 Democrat members of the house so clearly a congressman Omar is pushing up against that line. But my question today though J is both for Speaker Pelosi and those 12 Democrat members of Congress did did you mean it last time when she made these anti-Semitic remarks did you mean it when you said you have to knock it off. Otherwise, you are not can have seats on the committee you're knocking to be a part of our conference because she's done it again J so the question now for then is will you take action to actually enforce the words that you said the last time around and Gordon Reppert reference congressman waltz the last time around he introduce the censure resolution in called Speaker Pelosi to either center Congresswoman Omar or at least take action to remove her from committees. It will be interesting to see J what he has to say. Has he heard anything from Speaker Pelosi today because I sure haven't. Harry got a great larvae article has been published called campus free speech in the mirror of rising anti-Semitism really get into it in greater detail later in the broadcast.

But these kind of statements by these congresswomen and or congressman if they were to make better anti-Semitic and the statement she made her Jewish colleagues haven't been partners for justice.

This Inc. aids and abets encourages the anti-Semitism that you're seeing on college campuses among faculty members and students themselves absolutely and it's very very important to note that faculty and students are prepared to go even further in the virulence of their attacks on Jews on campus. They're willing to deprive a Jewish faculty members of their right to speak. Amy wax, a law professor at the University of Pennsylvania, for instance.

She's been censured by her colleagues. She's a Jewish faculty member and they have called her writing the equivalent of swastika discuss and crosses so it's very very important that we callout Elon, Omar, but as a predicate to doing so. I think it's even more imperative that we callout House Speaker Pelosi and the Democrat party leadership in the house. What have they done virtually everything that you have done has simply encouraged Elana Omar to go further why there are no repercussions. So far so until there are really repercussions until she is made to pay a price, then I expect Elana Omar will continue down this disastrous road.

You know I would everybody hear the sound to either this is again this is what spotting this conversation again today and and again I do believe a go to that replay, but it this is this again because of her appearance because the statement she made about the injustice she's try to walk it back on Twitter as were live on the air right now this long to Twitter thread if you will, but take Alyssa by 27 was on your fellow house Democrats have been frustrated. As you know they've told you this publicly and ensure private may possibly privately because they want to join you in your fight for justice, but sometimes you've made comments that make them the defendant in 2019 use of lawmakers support Israel because it's quote all about the Benjamin's, which implies that politicians only support Israel because of money. There was a tweet from 2012 and when he said Israel would hypnotize the world. Do you understand why some of your fellow house Democrats, especially Jews find that language anti-Semitic welcome to anytime my colleagues have asked to have a conversation that line from them for them to learn from each think it's really important for these numbers to realize that Dan partners in injustice, they haven't been equally engaging in seeking justice around about. Understand how how will they, too, Pelosi did not respond to that and in those colleagues that she takes that swipe at who I get with the colleagues who condemned traditional statement is a Democrat Jewish music Congress and that she signaled understated justice to be this to get a put that supposed to that situation is a just a bit of a slap in the wrist that there's no excuse for not responding to visitor Speaker Pelosi look congressman Omar is telling us who she is, she may try to walk it back on Twitter, but it happened time and time again.

Actually I thought Kevin McCarthy said it right. She said I think Nancy Pelosi should remove arm Omar from the foreign affairs committee. This is an individual who has not once, but on numerous occasions been anti-Semitic. So now there's a choice toward look voters send members of Congress to Congress, but it is the party leaders who decide what their message on each committee is right now Jordan the Democrat party in Washington DC is saying what congressman Omar is saying that is the message we want to put out on the foreign affairs committee. If that's not the message that Speaker Pelosi wants to put out during there's only one action for to take she needs me off the committee and she needs to be off the committee today but every statement she makes everything she says is worse.

She's just making what's on her mind because she actually believes this and she's not. And this is what said this is an attack on Republicans. This is attacking fellow Democrats that happen to be Jewish and she could ask the call that out. So I go back to that haven't been partners injustice and then equating of course the United States with Hamas and the Taliban and Israel, and should all be at the ICC. This shows a complete lack of understanding, not just history but fact no fact sheet is an effect in 2000 care to know she says and I think I have always been someone who is humble, lie, someone who understands how words can be harmful. Lie and hurtful to people alive and on truth. She doesn't have any understanding that she opens her mouth and she makes ridiculous remarks. She is what representative big Sue from Arizona called a rabid anti-anti-semi. She is un-American in the sense that she does not embrace all philosophies. She is a fool for equating the Taliban and Hamas with United States and Israel in terms of injustice and wrong in the world and the groups who engage in terrorism like a Monson, tell them foment prejudice and undermine progress.

This is what the Democrats said in a joint statement. I can't believe that there there. You know the one on one hand, condemning her with with very faint praise, very carefully, doing so really afraid to admit they're scared of her and she shouldn't be on the house phone committee. The fact of that notion, but the fact of the matter is harried that they're scared of what she says.

I think House Speaker Pelosi and other Democratic leaders. They are in some sense paralyzed by representative Omar keep in mind she has unwisely lumped Israel, the Taliban, Hamas and the United States together at the same time she fails to acknowledge what is obvious, that is, we all a deep debt to Jews the world over.

Very few groups have been more consistent in fighting against injustice, she ought to consider. For instance, the fate of the Uighurs in China. The fate of the Christians in Nigeria, Pakistan, and Iran. Where is representative Omar she is nowhere to be found. She is in a silo surrounded by individuals who basically have created an echo chamber and no one is prepared apparently to color out she's called for every illegal immigrant in the United States have a pathway to citizenship. While she's condemning Jews is not be part of justice.

Now, can I ask you a political question adorn what's in this for the Democratic Party that did not take action. Why are they not taking real action because the left wing of the party.

Is this is this anti-Israel wing of the party.

They tried it did try to separate say well that's anti-Israel doesn't mean anti-Jewish BC with elaborate she's not making those distinctions anymore.

You see she's now time at American Jews, not understanding of justice. First of all, if you took the liquid she came to America versus allow a lot of these people are they corrupted that their words injustice against Jews and an herb in the United States. It wasn't just what happened to Germany it will it work the longer history but also a lack of understanding about the history of Jews in America.

If you could make the statement she probably should get some information to the other units out like everybody who is Jewish American Cape because of the Holocaust and that's in there were there were Jews. The founding of America, there were Jews here hundred plus years before the Holocaust are more add edit with a long history, but there's also been a history of oppression in this country and racism in this country. I can specifically target Jews affect anti-somatic hate crimes are usually the number one hate crimes in America. There, the most of the most common hate crime in America's attacks on the Jewish community.

She is try to save these rivers. A car started to stand, and we come back to talk to Congressman Matt Watts about exactly how cog Mike Watts about how concentrated before and for the six resolutions to condemn ill handlebar of course have remove that the committee which is what Nancy Pelosi do that they had a parent it was a kit remover is a member Congress which you can remove her as a member of the house workers. Only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, we've created a free and powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally and publication includes a look at all major ACLJ pro-life cases were fighting for the rights of pro-life activist the ramifications of Roe V Wade, 40 years later Planned Parenthood's role in the end what Obama care means to the pro-life in many ways your membership abuse you is empowering the right to question your free copy of mission life today online ACLJ/challenges facing Americans for substantial time in our value freedom sword constitutional rights are under attack more important than ever to stand with the American Center for Law and Justice for decades ACLJ has been on the frontlines protecting your freedoms defending your rights in courts in Congress and in the public arena and we have an exceptional track record of success.

But here's the bottom line we could not do her work without your support, we remain committed to protecting your religious and constitutional freedoms then remains our top priority, especially now during these challenging times. The American Center for Law and Justice is on your side, you're already a member. Thank you, are not well this is the perfect time to stand with us. where you can learn more about her life changing work, become a member today ACLJ secularity your for close to 100 684 30 wanted to talk to us on the air. That's what 100 684-3110 will be sortable by Congressman Mike Watts from Florida before the six resolution gets ill handlebar house colleague of his as well unite, we just played in the break. For those are watching our social media platforms department presentation to the ICC in the courtroom and as I said in an Internet without any merit and Jordan were there involved in this. When I do this to brag. It just does not allow lawyers about experience that we have an so when they make the statements. These lumping Hamas with the with Israel with the United States with the Taliban.

These are really dangerous statements on an international platform that this congresswoman is making when she's making them. Unfortunately, it's an international platform of everybody follows, but I think with the times and L Hodgson Mike Watts from Florida its six congressional district is joining is now the broadcast. He authored the suture resolution gets a representative of our contradictory joints.

Let me ask you first. At the site. Your colleague has come out again as she chose to do this interview with Jake Tapper on CNN to double down on her statement say she doesn't regret those statements and taking a shot at at her fellow Democrats who who happened to be a Jewish rivers of Congress say they don't understand injustice in and they have admitted the fight for injustice.

Your thoughts of her coming out yet again and doubling down the statements number one members of Congress that the Jewish people don't understand that got it beyond the pale big number one, number two, I served as a Green Beret on all over the world.

I have seen Landon at the hands of the Caliban abuse active throne on their faces girl school burned down one even machine-gunned with the girls and so to put the Caliban on the same level with Israel with United States is jaw-dropping only offensive.

It's ridiculous and you know I hope Pelosi will put her money where her mouth is and we passed the sensor resolution in 2019 Democrats stood up, then II hope to see another one on the floor from the speaker. But like I said, yeah, talk to people if you look it was interesting Congressman in the resolution.

It says that the it's condemning and centering the representative of Alexandria Kaser Cortez of New York and receipt to leave the Michigan Ileana Omar of Minnesota and also in the breeze. It's done is for defending foreign terrorist organizations in signing and anti-Semitic attacks across the United States at the ACLJ were dealing with a lot of students. Jewish students on college campuses and professors too, for that matter that are being targeted because of their support for Israel or because there Jewish and would also were concerned about and so glad you got this resolution is that this type of language encourages and incites that activity Jewish American across the Country Get in the Last Few Months. I Don't Think That Any like the Dentist When You Have Members of Congress with International Platform, Making the Kind of Comparison and You and I Know I've Been to Israel. I've Seen the Bunkers That Are in Almost Every Israeli Calls That Have To Be in There There School Because Hamas Is Launching Rockets into Their Cities to Deliberately Cause Civilian Casualties. And What's More, They're Doing It from behind Their Own Civilians and behind Her on People Launching from Schoolyards Buildings, with Journalist That It but I Didn't Shot at by Terrorists Hiding behind Women and Children, and the Restraint That We Showed the Restraint That the Israeli Show I Think Speaks to That Kid That Democracy That They Are and the Catholic Animals at the Paris.I Know You've Experienced That in Your Career, and Jordan.

I've Experienced Incoming Rockets in Our Legal Work in Defense of Israel and Actually Defending Palestinian Christians Try to Get Him Out Of Gaza and the Control of a Mosque and That Was during Operation Cast Lead and We Were There Was Rockets Were Committed. That's Right, You Are That the First Green Beret to Serve in Congress and in Omar Once You and Your Former and Your Colleagues in the Military to Be Subject to the International Criminal Court. That Is How She Is Kind of Testing This New Her New Doubling down Is That What This Is All about Really Justice and Bringing Forward You Note US Service Members before the International Criminal Court. It's Ugly. We Fought at the ACLJ This Idea of an of at the ICC, but Also the Idea of Ever Giving Jurisdiction to the ICC. This Would Be This Will Put People like You in Jeopardy around the World Because If If This Court Could Arrest You.

And of Course We Have a Military Justice System in Our Country That Is That Is More Than Sufficient Right in and We All Know That I Have Been Repeatedly Used by a Number of Groups around the World to Try to Go after US Service Members Right in That That's Long-Standing and That's Why the United States It Never Got into It, but Now It Omar and the Rest of the Squad. By the Way, I've Renamed the Mock Caucus Were Serious about Helping the Palestinian People.

How about Helping Us Remove Hamas, Who Took over Gaza by Force. How about We Help That I Get Paid Actually to the People Rather Than Being Guarded by the Corrupt Government in the Palestinian How about We Work with That That That They're Not Taught That Terrorism Is Okay in Palestinian Schools.

There's A Lot Of Things That We Could Do to Actually Help the Palestinian People If They Were Serious about It, but Propping up a Terrorist Government with Their Terrorist Activities and Then Trying to Put Them on the Same Level at United States Of America. And Frankly, the Israeli Government That We Now Have Arab Used People of All Strife in Their Parliament and Their Eye Is Despicable in Order to Call It out. Our Colleague Andy, See Accounts for the ACLJ Has a Question for You, Some Loss, Florida Native to the Live Defected to Georgia When I Want to Say That I Looked at Your Record in the Army in the Military, and It Is Impressive and Thank You so Much for Your Service and Because You Have Been Known Worldwide and What You Have Done. I Want to Ask You What Is the Danger of Having Someone like Johann Omar on Them As a Member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. What Message Does That Send to Folder Number One. The War of Ideas. The War against Extremism and How I Say It Relatively Easy to Vomit Think It's Very Difficult to Bomb an Idea but That's Why I Have Children on the Front of My Book Where Diplomat Because Their Hearts and Minds That We Are Seeking Will Eventually Plan over and Not Be Radicalized and so When You Have United States, a Member of the United States Congress Espousing This Nonsense. It Actually Works against the American War of Idea and Our and Our Local Allies around the World and Afghanistan Occurred and Others Number Two Are Practically Is Our Foreign Arms Sales Are Foreign Military Sales Report Military Financing Passes through That Committee for Approval and and and That's Exactly Where the Arms Packages Go for Israel Are Support Israel and and so Many Others, and She's a Voting Member of That Committee and That Is Incredibly Disturbing to Me and I Hopefully When the Majority Back. We Remove Her from the Committee to Take You for Joyce's Concert. I Bought from Florida First Green Beret to Serve Congress and He Asked That Resolution Ensconced by Cloths Is a Pleasure to Have You on the Broadcast Great to Have Your Insight, Your Service for Tree and for Speaking out on This Not Be Afraid to Take on Bill Hanuman As You Sent Me Hamas Caucus, Which Just Just Realized That That's Real and It's Happening in the Left the Country with Oppression Were Closely Not Take the Action.

Maybe She Would Even Would've Two Years Ago, Thinking Congress Will Be Right Back to Our Sexual ACLJ's Been on the Frontline Protecting Your Freedom Is Defending Your Rights in Court in Congress and in the Public Arena. The American Center for Law and Justice Is on Your Side, You're Already a Member Thinking. If You're Not Well This Is the Perfect Time to Stand with Us Where You Can Learn More about Our Life-Changing Work, Member Today ACLJ Live from Washington DC Back to Secular Person for the Broadcast Statement ACL Is a Senior Counsel Michael Pilger to Be Joining Us at the Next Segment of the Broadcast As Well. I Just Reset for You If You Just Joining Us on the Broadcast over Talk about It A Lot Embark She Decided on Her Own to Go on Seated at Double down in and Understood Her Statements, Which Again She Will Sometimes Back Away from. But Then Comes Back and Says I Don't Regret Saying It. So All Those Times She Tried to Reset What She Said or Read Reword It.

She's Not Backing Away from Media and in Fact She's Taking an Aggressive Step This Interview by Saying Not Only Is She Got Back Away from Any of the Statements Including All about the Bids with Which Jake Tapper. I Reminded Her Saying and and and but She's Also Taking the Second Step Which Is to Say It's the Reason She Speaks out This Way Is Because Her Colleagues Who Have Who Have Been or Condemned Her Specifically. Her Jewish Colleagues Don't Understand This Fight for Justice Haven't Been Involved in the Fight for Justice like She Has and so Because Their Experience Is Different from Hers, and I Don't Know What Adjuster She's Faced America.

I Think the Somali American Community Were She Throbbed in Minnesota It's the Dominant Minority Is Is the Majority That That District Sheet Cake, She Fled War Qubits That to Seek Refuge in the United States. Not to Say Everything Is Perfect but It's the Fact We Have Those Communities Even Where You Can Easily Seek Refuge of Being with People Speak Your Language to Understand Your Culture, Your Ideas Have Time to Assimilate. The Questions Are Why Again This Hatred for America. It Is Hatred for the American Experience and Then the Specific Class of Americans Are Constantly Going after Julian and That Was One Thing.

I Was in Esther's As I Said, Harry Hutchins Was Written a Great Law Review Article St. Mary's University Call Campus Free Speech in the Mirror of Rising Anti-Semitism Is a Real Problem on Campus, but It's Interesting That That She Is Targeted the Jewish Community. With This Absolutely. But I Also Think Form Her Perspective. This Will Indeed Pay Political Dividends so I Think It's Very Very Important That Representative Omar Is One of the Leading Sources of Pernicious Ideas in the United States Congressman Walt Sets Rightly Suggested That We Are Engaged in a War against Ideas and I Would Been Thoroughly Point out That One of the Main Sources in Addition to Representative Omar of Pernicious Ideas Is Found Where on University Campuses. So I Think It's Very Important for All Americans, Particularly Our Listeners to Be Engaged and to Fight Anti-Semitism Where Ever It Can Be Found, and It's Also Important to Note That on Campus. The Voice's the Anti-Somatic Voices Are Actually Worse Than Representative Omar and They Are Attempting to Shut down Jewish Newton's Jewish Organizations. Part of This Is Driven by What Antipathy toward the Nation State of Israel. So Remember Former Secretary Of State John Kerry Suggested That the Israel Can Be Either a Jewish State or a Democratic State, but It Cannot Be, but It Cannot Be Both. This Is the Idea That Representative Omar Representative to Leave Their Both Pushing This Idea, and Hence, We Now Have a Vibrant Boycott. The Vestment and Sanctions Movement on Campus, Which Is Seeking to Disallow US Firms and Entities from Investing Is Written in Israel. So I Urge Our Listeners to Be Alert and to Fight against This Anti-Semitism Wherever It Can Be Found. This Is a Shame to It Because of the National Level.

This Makes Do All the Networks with Catheters for the Facebook She's in the Twin Cities Where a Bar Represents and in Minneapolis. This Should Not One TV Station near the Twin Cities Cover These Remarks so I'll Be Basing the National Level at the Local Level. This May Not Be Getting the Attention It Deserves and What the Politics There As Well at the Local Level Try to Silence Any Criticism of People like Omar Would They Make the Statements Will Be Right Back Sector State Challenges Facing Americans Are Substantial Time and Are Now in Our Freedoms, Our Constitutional Rights Are under Attack More Important Than Ever to the American Center for Law and Justice for Decades Now. ACLJ Has Been on the Frontline Protecting Your Freedoms Defending Your Rights in Court in Congress and in the Public Arena and We Have an Exceptional Track Record of Success. But Here's the Bottom Line We Could Not Do More Work without Your Support, We Remain Committed to Protecting Your Religious and Constitutional Freedoms Then Remains Our Top Priority, Especially Now during These Challenging Times. The American Center for Law and Justice Is on Your Side, You're Already a Member Thinking Not Well This Is the Perfect Time to Stand with Us Where You Can Learn More about Our Life-Changing, Member Today ACLJ Only One.

A Society Can Agree That the Most Vulnerable Invoice Is, Is There Any Hope for That Culture to Survive. And That's Exactly What You Are Saying When You Stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, Defendant the Right to Life, We've Created a Free and Powerful Publication Offering a Panoramic View of the ACLJ's Battle for the Unborn Gold Mission Will Show You How You Are Personally Publication Includes a Look at All Major ACLJ Cases Were Fighting for the Rights of Pro-Life Activist Ramifications of Roe V Wade, 40 Years Later Planned Parenthood's Role in the Obama Care Means to Discover the Many Ways Your Membership Is Empowering the Right Question Free Copy of Mission Life Today Online ACLJ/Omar Was Pressed by Jake Tapper Thinking of the Doubling down.

I Don't Know Not Backing with the Statement She Came Back and Said She's Humble. She Understands Words Can Be Hard for Them. The Interesting Part about This As She Keeps Doubling That She Decide I Want to Make That Clear. These Interviewers They They Asked, Should You Want to Come to Do the Interview, She Decided to Go Double down and Take the Shot Say That Her Fellow Colleagues Don't Understand the Experience of It Fighting It Just Because She Is No Understanding of History.

No Absolutely No Understanding of History She Had an Understanding of History, She Wouldn't Be Making the Applicable Remarks and That's What They Are Despicable. Joy Now by a Former Secretary Of State Mike Pompeo ACLJ Senior Counsel at Sec. Popular Disaster Because We Keep Seeing This Doubling down by Ill Handlebar Which Puts Nancy Pelosi. Interesting Spot Because She Tried to Say This Was Done Last Time They Said She Has Corrected Her Statement, but She's Going Back on It, She's Continuing with That That That Line of Try to Cast All the Fat Will Really This Is All about My Support for the International Criminal Court Getting Jurisdiction over the United States and Israel. This Is Account. This Is This Is a Specific She's an Activist for This and and I Think People Need to Acknowledge That and Understand What She's Doing. Every Time She Goes on in the Media at the Fundamental Odds with the Way America Protect the Protect Its Own People Playing Quickly with the International Criminal Court. We Have Nothing to Do with the Deal We Did Sign up for the Time to Go after Americans Who Were Serving in Afghanistan and Iraq Going after Israeli Just Doing Work to Defend the Country, Israel Is Precisely What Little Cute Game. She's Playing in a Dangerous and We Should Let Should Let Other Democrats Who Claim to Be Line Escrow Is Local Claim to Say That We Would Not Want Our Soldiers Are Sailors and Airmen All Affect Public Officials Subject to This World Court in the Hague That They Space You Have To Declare That You Pick a Side and That's When You Get There.

We Doctorate. She Issued a Statement That the Silliness We Know We Know What She Believed and We Believe the Leadership of the Democratic Party to Distance Itself from You. It's Interesting the Secretary That I've Been to the Cake. I Argued Multiple Times at the International Criminal Court and Hang in Fact on Both of Those Issues Both on Israel's Behalf and Presenting an Argument Why the United States to the Full Panel of the Court, the United States Should Not Be a Subject to Jurisdiction and As You Said, Because We Haven't Signed the Rome Statute. There Is No Jurisdiction.

That Court Is Is Does Not Follow Precedent They Make It up As They Go. It's It's an Embarrassment with the Rules of Evidence, People They Prosecuted, Have Had Their Convictions Overturned Because of the Duplicity of the Evidence, the Lack of Disclosure That the Prosecutors of Made It Early on, Omar, and This Whole Group on the Left Are Bent on Having the United States. Part of This Rome Statute Part of the ICC Now.

So Far the Bind Administration Says What You Were Opposed to It, My Concern Here and It Happened Is the Pressure from the Left Is Going Amount over Time and I Don't Know Where Joe Biden's Heart Is on This. I Don't Know Where Sec. Lincoln's Heart Is on This, but the Pressure Coming in on the Left Is Very Strong. This Would Be a Very Dangerous Move in the United States Will Become Part of the ICC Will Write You and That You Live at Eight in Front of the ICC You Live That Permission. I Think Another One Is This. If You ICC Rights Talk about What All Victims of Crimes against Humanity, Crimes against Humanity Committed by the American Soldier Became Annoyed with Rules about Conflict. We Get Everything We Could Get Them Completely.

We Want People Doing That Light I'm Proud of That. We Need Only Three Crazy People, Including the Limit Running the Prosecutor Who Is Fundamentally Corrupt and We Thank You for That in the Cup Administration. She's Trying to Do Two Things. One Is Trying to Clear Moral Equivalence between United States and Paris That If That Is a Really Dangerous Thing in the Second She Trying to Create Some Space to Grow International Law. So These Countries That the Feel like They've Been Oppressed Can Have a Space and Is Creating the Umbrella for Them to Do Just That Come after American Israeli Core Doing Good Work to Defend Their Own People Ask You a Question on the UN Investigator on Human Rights Is Called for an Independent Inquiry into Allegations of State Ordered Executions of Thousands of Political Prisoners in 1988 and the Role Played by President-Elect Abraham Right Easy As the Terran Deputy Prosecutor. Could This Call for by This Investigator Be Used To Put Pressure on Iran in These Nuclear Talks Going on While It Was Happy to See That 30 Years Too Late. Maybe Not Work with When We Know What Happened in 1988 Known and It Likely Is A Lot Going from His Trip to Build Multiple Thousands of His Own People.

There Was a Commission of Three That He Served on Is a Horrible Man with Iranian Blood on His Hands and I'm Happy That They're Going to Do an Independent Investigation. I Think You Will Well Honestly We Know What They Will Find I Don't like. I Can't Imagine This Can Be Divided Gallantly from the Nuclear Note That They Know Who Abraham Right As Well. There's No Doubt the American Mind, You'll Recall, We Sanctioned Him.

We Had Sufficient US Evidence to Sanction Him for His Human Rights Violations.

We Did That in 2019. I'm Happy You Have Additional Inquiry. I Love the World More Broadly about What You Grab Race You Get the Fact That We Are Sitting down at the Table and to Cut a Deal with Them a Deal That Will Allow the Terror Regime That Hundreds of Billions of Dollars More Well Is an Enormously Dangerous Activity. We Also Know I Say to This over the Weekend. There Were New Airstrikes against Iranian Proxies in Iraq and Syria and and so There's There's That There's Also Reporting That Were the United States Government Is Considering Lifting Section Specifically on the Ayatollah Himself at the Next Messaging That You Were Carried out Airstrikes against It in Iranian Aggression through Their Proxies in the Same Time Putting 40 of That We Try to Get Back into the Nuclear Deal and Even Considering Lifting Sections. The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran Highlight the Quality of the Whole Deal. I Am Confident in Those Stock Iranians Are Telling the American Organa Continue to Enrich Uranium to Higher and Higher Levels Looking at down the Path Towards a Nuclear Weapon, but We Don't Really Want a Nuclear Weapon Organ Had Datapath a Nuclear Weapon, Unless You Lift Sanctions on Not Only the Ayatollah, but on the President-Elect Gracie Himself Will Lift Sanctions on the IRG See Another Terror Outfit and That Best Will Get an Agreement That the Slowdown Enrichment Program for Handful Years. I Don't Know How You Hold Those to Your Point about How the Head of the Things That It's Truly Odd, Dangerous and Illogical. Mike Is Another Thing I Thought about All Signed Images Are Broadcast Yesterday. It Ended Diplomatic Missions and Multi-Lateral Initiations That I've Been Involved in over the Years of Practicing Law on Dealing with Foreign Governments. There Was in the Phrase Confidence Building Measures of the United States, Confidence Building Measure with Negotiate with the Iranians in Vienna Is You Know Were Considering Lifting Sanctions against the Iranian Regime, but Also against the Ayatollah Himself. That's the Confidence Building Measure the Confidence Building Measure of the Iranians As We Use Proxies to Kill American Soldiers. This Shows You How Allowing How Ridiculous This Procedure Is US Secretary Of State Were Instrumental Really Key in Sanctioning Both the Ayatollah and the Now President-Elect and I Think to Be Important in the Last Minute.

Happy Got Left Here for People Understand How Important It Is to Send That Message of Sanction Two Things. One, They Sent a Message to an Apartment That We Work to Tolerate the Range of Killing the People Because Massive Human Rights Violation That We Work to Tolerate the Continued Care Epic like Clock Report.

The Lodging Even Today Launching Missiles from Yemen into Saudi Arabia Almost Every Day. No Country Should Have To Tolerate That These Arabian Rockets. We Thought about It [the Digital Sanction in the Method.

The Second Thing They Did Is They Denied Resources to the Region You Need Money and Wealth to Build a Terror Plot.

Her Supper. The Soldier to Build the Artillery to Configure Program Programs.

We Denied Them. I Think I Think We Saw the Arabian Senior Leadership Last Week about That. We Did Not Them over Hundred Billion Dollars of Resources in the Course of Only about 18 or 24 Months, or Two Purposes to Lift the Sanctions Will Have Things Blowing up All over Europe All over the Middle East and Increasing Numbers and Will Have an Ephemeral Nuclear Agreement That That's a Bad Outcome, and I Have No Confidence That Any of the Measures That They're Building. We Always Appreciate You a Choice on the Broadcast to Senior Counsel with the ACLJ to Discuss These Issues. The Reports These Issues, We Come Back with You to Take Your Phone Calls or Comments of Facebook Periscope, Twitter, YouTube, and of Course You Would Join Us on the Air.

1-800-684-3110 2000 684 31 to Join Us on Broadcast Live Always Great to Have the Insight from Sec. Pompeo Again on All These Issues and How They All Kind of Fit Together As Well.

The Idea What's Happening around the Airstrikes of the Canopy of the Reported Dues.

We Move on from That Does It Really Doesn't Really Work the Idea That You Have Airstrikes Save 10 to a Nuclear Deal to Get We Come Back and Take a Phone Post by the Site Become Number 1-800-684-3110 Is Always Encourage You to See As Well.

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Jay Sekulow, Registered by Our Senior Counsel for Secretary Of State Mike Pao on Covers with Omar, I Want to Play. Despite We Have Played yet.

This Is When Jake Tapper Asked about Just the Questions You Regret the Comment You Babe. I Love You Regret These Comments down. I Think It's Really Important to Think Back to the Point That I Was Trying to Make. Obviously, I Was Expressing Sec. Estate Plan Can Be Cases Are Put Together in Front of the ICC ICC Has Been Investigating Know That You Know Some of My Colleagues Don't Let Legitimacy to the ICC.

I Tend to Think That People around the World Who Have Experienced Need to Be Able Place Where They Can Go and As a Country That I Found the and Supported It. I Think That It Is Really Important for Us to Continue to Find Ways in Which People Can Find What History States Never Joined the Rome Statute Objected to the Rome Statute Because of Its Context. From the Beginning. We Don't Recognize the Jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court Were Not Signatories to the Rome Statute. So Once Again She Don't Know What You Talking about. This Is the Clique. That Was the Clearest 1990s. So This Is Not a Partisan Issue at All and It Has so Far until the Squatters Come around Is That Hamas Caucuses, the Congressman, the More Accurate This Wasn't a Really Partial Issue.

The Idea the of the ICC, Even in Liberal Politics and Liberal Politicians Mainstream You Want to Get Elected Not to Activists Thick at the Campus Level They They Were Not at All Even Toyed with This Idea, but Now the Act Was the Campus Level Getting Elected If They Are Different Yeah That's I Was Informed That the Pandemic That Is Part of the Problem Here Is That the Radicals That Were on the Campus Is 15 Years Ago Are Now Members of the Squad or As I like Calling Better. The Hamas Caucuses Really Deem One of the Most Important Underlying Points in a Look.

I Think I Think All through the Responses. Congressman Omar Believes That United States Is Incapable of Achieving Justice. She Thinks Were a Country of Oppression and I Just Want to Remind Everybody She Is a Refugee to the United States That Now Sits As a Member of Congress. You, How Does That Sound like Oppression to You.

I Think It's a It's a Land of Opportunity That She Is Clearly Experienced, but JI Think We Have To Reiterate This Point Time and Time Again. We Talked A Lot about Speaker Pelosi and How She Could Write This Wrong You Know Who Else Could Write This Wrong. If Five of These 12 Democrat Members Who Are Not Members of Leadership Would Actually Put Actions behind Their Words and so You Know What It's It's Time It's Time for Her to Lose Her Seat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee. She Would Lose Her Seat on House for the First Me J Time for Them to Stand up. I Want to Go to Harry Hutchinson for Moment Here Because Areas Written Really Great Law Review Article on In-Depth Scholarly Piece Called Campus Free Speech in the Mirror of Rising Anti-Semitism.

I Harry What's the Thesis of This Was We Know That We Know from Our Experience at the ACLJ and Representing Students and Professors That This Is a Real Problem, Absolutely. So First and Foremost Is Important to Note That There Has Been a Significant Rise in Anti-Semitism First in the United States. But Secondly, on American Campuses. Indeed, Anti-Semitism over the Last Several Years Has Risen by about 75% and so Jews Suffer from the Most Discrimination of Any Religious Group in the United States. But What Is Equally Sad Is That That Type of Discrimination That Type of Harassment Has Now Become Politically Acceptable on Mainstream Campuses and so the Leadership of Many Leading Universities. They Are Unwilling to Crack down on Obvious Instances of Anti-Semitism. Now Their Failure to Do so Is in My View, in Violation of Both Title VI and Title IX of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and When Those Two Statutory Provisions Were Passed out.

Then the United States Government Created Administrative and Bureaucratic Rules Designed to Ensure the Enforcement of Those Laws, Universities, and This Applies to Private Universities As Well Because Private Universities Receive Federal Funds. They Are Still Unwilling to Crack down. Why, in Part Because Their Sympathies Are Drawn First to the Palestinians and Secondly Their Antipathy Is Drawn to the Nationstate of Israel, Which Is Now Classified Almost Officially on Many Campuses As an Apartheid State so We Ignore the History of Israel, We Ignore the History of the Jews and It's Now Become a Politically Correct Festival through out the United States and It Is Aimed at.

One Thing Only and That Is Harassing Jews and Then Allowing Harassers to Escape Punishment and Slip the Politics of This on Finding Very Troubling Because the That Wing of the Democratic Party, Even Attacking Their Own Members Here. Remember the First, the Relaunch with Was in Jews Having Been Part of the Progress for Social Justice. This Is What She Said but the Politics of This. You Would Think Would Be so Strong That the Democratic Party Would Come on Site That's Wrong That's Incorrect. Your Apology Is Not Enough Because Is Not an Apology and You Just Double down on It on Jake Tapper Even Though You Try to Cry Because I Want It Back, but I Think the Left of the Party Is so Strong Politically.

They Can't Do It yet You Take the Specific Congressional Seats for Their Safe 226 to Talk This Way and to Use This Kind of Rhetoric Which Also Is Troubling Because As a Leader in Her Community Where Eval Somali Americans Is Specifically Minneapolis by Her Using This Language That's Encouraging Them at the Islam Is Kind of Language Is by the Way They All Fled Their Home Country Because of Islamic Radicalism Right but Then You Start Using This Language. This Is Language That Would Seem Somewhat Familiar to A Lot Of These Individual Though When They Came to America. There Probably Learned That This Is Not Right.

This Is Wrong and We Learn about Different People As Part of the Experience of of of Integrating or Seeking Refuge As Most of That Community Did the but This Using This Reddick Encourages That Extremism with in Her Community As Well That She Represents but but Didn't Appear That NML Quickly for Them but and It Appears That It Doesn't Matter Know It Doesn't Matter. The Left Wing of the Parties Taken over and They're Scared of Her. There Really Scared of Her and I Want You to Do Which Is to Say Next. But I Keep Coming Back to the Belief in My Thing That Having Her As a Member of the House Phone Affairs Committee Who Makes Decisions on the Policy That Has a Representative with Regard to Phone Affairs and Making These Outrageous Statements Equating the United States Is the Talismanic Amounts Is Unacceptable and Absolutely Outrageous and Fan Is There, the Congressman Was on a Did a Great Job with This Is Got the Resolution in the What's Gonna Happen. It Depends on the Members of the Democratic Party J That Say There Is a Problem with This like Every Member of Congress.

I Noticed Very Well.

Every Member of Congress Has Their Own Voting Card.

Speaker Pelosi Does Not Get to Go to the Well of the Congress and Vote for Every Member of Congress. I'm Not Surprised That She's in the Wrong Place on This and Because of That J This Is Not Just the Position of Congressman Omar, It's the Position of the Democrat Party until She Takes Action but in the Absence of, or Taking Action.

J Every Single Member of the Democrat Party Goes down the Floor and Cast Their Own Vote. If Five of Them Would Say I'm Serious.

This Is a Problem, She Would Lose Her Seat.

That's What Needs to Happen Right Folks Get. This Is Similar to Watch Very Carefully Because We Haven't Seen yet. Reaction Your Colleagues, Especially from the Leadership in the Democrat Party. We Had Cars Walks on Their Fear of the Republic Is Responding How They Too Close He Had Was Last Facet of the Set That She Clarified Her Remarks Not to Keep Going through This Week down This Trail and Get His Consciously Putting the Different Leadership of the Position of Having to Address Very Uncomfortable Issues Anti-Semitism in 2021 in America Touching Next Time on Secular ACLJ Is Been on the Frontlines Protecting Your Freedom Is Defending Your Rights in Court in Congress and in the Public Arena.

The American Center for Law and Justice Is on Your Side.

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