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Hamas Chief Thanks Iran for the Rockets

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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May 24, 2021 1:00 pm

Hamas Chief Thanks Iran for the Rockets

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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May 24, 2021 1:00 pm

Following the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar thanked Iran for the long-range rockets used to terrorize Israel over the past week. This acknowledgment of Iran's role in the terror attacks happens while the Biden Administration is attempting to remove sanctions against Iran. Jay, Jordan, and the rest of the Sekulow team discuss the tenuous situation in the Middle East and the problems with the Biden Administration's foreign policy in the region. All this and more today on Sekulow .

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Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

She thinks for the rockets as nuclear talks between the US and Iran continue to progress. Talk about that were today live from Washington DC line 1. Your questions right now. 1-800-684-3110 and your host is 2000 684-3110 and though there is a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas was brokered by Egypt pushed by the United States a lot of pressure on Israel from the United States entered set cease-fire. We associate violence one violence in the streets here, the United States. Jewish Americans being targeted by pro-Palestinian activists and violent attacks.

We feed to Israelis stabbed in Jerusalem over the weekend and get a terrorist killed that is very much correlates with what we talk about with her that pay for sleigh program that they have the West Bank through the policy authority does the kind of attacks that that they because that terror that terrorist was killed. His family will now receive money from the Palestinian Authority because he attacked to Israelis, they will receive a stipend based on how how how gruesome the attack was. You also have the head of Hamas going on TV at the after the head of the cease-fire thinking the Iranians he says I cannot but I think those who brought forth body and weaponry to the valiant resistance. The Islamic Republic of Iran who did not hold back with muddy weapons and technical report.

The technical report.

Thanks. I mean, so the sleeve got that is on top of this, the Iranian President says that it does pick those new nuclear negotiations in Vienna that the Western countries that would include the United States have indicated to Arad. He's claiming other that the West has agreed to lift all sections on Iran that includes on oil, petrochemicals, shipping, insurance, and their central bank and he says, and so on that. When asked about this case of the sick are Secretary of State Tony Blakey was asked about it directly by George Stephanopoulos did not tonight take a list there. I will say the decision to raise and to lift some of the sanctions are made.

Is that true where it we been now over were about to have our I think fifth round of discussions in Vienna, but the Iranians and what these discussions and talks indirect. If you know have done as they clarified what each side needs to do in order to come back and implied so we know what sanctions would need to be listed. If there inconsistent with the nuclear agreement but as important and indeed more important, Iran. I think does what it needs to do to come back into compliance on the nuclear side of what we haven't yet seen is whether Iran is ready and willing to make a decision to do what it has to do. That's the test and we don't yet have an answer decision that they made that they have to do.

According to the Iranian Revolutionary guard and according to the head of Hamas's military wing.

What they decided to do was give money ammunition weaponry to Hamas. That's what the Iranians do with the money we give them some new lips sanctions your funding the terrorists and his state, and the secretary state statement is but nine at best and dangerous at worst, because what it doesn't establish what it doesn't show is the fact that the Iranian regime is not going to stop their exporting business and they are the largest exporter of terrorism and the na´vetÚ of this Andy to me is mind-boggling. You would think a Secretary of State of the United States was had some experience in foreign affairs in the Middle East would know better than to make a statement that is like this. I'm in this statement did not deny absolutely did not deny the statement that Ronnie made that we have agreed the West has agreed to lift the major sanctions and then instead is given the aid and comfort to the enemy in my opinion, and certainly aid and comfort to the enemies of Israel. The Iranians have said, and the Israeli and the Gazans and the Palestinians have confirmed that the money to fund their actions as complement ran what you need to cite something the foreman said that's it is a joy and their methods are prepared to do.

Let's be realistic. That's what the Iranian regime is prepared to Hamas and has bought. Yes they are. They are ready. They are willing there, they are telling the world that they are doing that they would love to have more money to do that for the sanctions be lifted would allow them to do much more and provide more missiles or rockets for materials everything directly by Hamas now publicly very back challenges facing Americans or substantial time in our value our freedom sword constitutional rights are under attack more important than ever to stand with the American Center for Law and Justice for decades ACLJ has been on the frontlines protecting your freedoms defending your rights in court in Congress to get in the public arena and we have an exceptional track record of success. But here's the bottom line we could not do our work without your support, we remain committed to protecting your religious and constitutional freedoms than remains our top priority, especially now during these challenging times. The American Center for Law and Justice is on your side, you're already a member. Thank you. If you're not well this is the perfect time to stand with us. where you can learn more about her life changing become a member today ACLJ only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice. Is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, we've created a free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission life will show you how you are personally pro-life battle and the publication includes a look at all major ACLJ pro-life cases were fighting for the rights of pro-life activists. The ramifications of Roe V Wade, 40 years later Planned Parenthood's role in the and what Obama care means to the pro-life discover the many ways your membership in the ACLJ is empowering the right to life question for economy of mission life today online ACLJ/secular sleeve got this major claim being made by the Iranian President, West would include the United States after what you know by now weeks of these peace talks much of these nuclear negotiations in Vienna between the US and Iran and other parties in the Western world. Western Europe, the President Arad's is saying that the West has agreed to lift all sections on Iran and the only caveat is that Iran goes back to somehow comply with the deal that we got the reports from Europe that we talked about record number for Mike Pompeo before others broadcast that they never once they figured out. Did the research they never were actually in compliance with the JCP away.

Not only were they narrating the United States is ready yes it be added from Tony Blakey's comments, it appears absolutely right that the Iranian President didn't hear Iran from his theme. Now that the that were ready to let them go back up the deal. Part of that would be if they go back into the deal, they will all the sanctions lifted and latterly they will unilaterally lifting the sanctions and they said regarding by the way, Ronnie said that the United States is already agreed to it. So here's the question the very week.

These discussions are going on the head of Hamas's military wings usually sends out Harry a statement issued a statement saying thank you to Iran for providing the military weaponry mechanisms. The strategy on dealing with the enemy Israel.

We know from Hamas's charter.

We are no was discussed last week. They called for the destruction of this Jewish state of Israel.

So it will unilaterally live sanctions which were then at rewarding them for funding Hamas, which just attacked Israel and then buying forces so that Israel can improve its security position. That's the unfortunate part of this. My question is what is that policy lead well it leads to a threat on Israeli security and Secretary of State Lincoln rightly knows this but he is prepared to sellout Israel in my opinion, in order to reach another deal with Iran. Despite the fact that that deal if it's ever written on paper will already be a failure and so here you have Secretary of State Lincoln suggesting that we must address the immediate situation the immediate humanitarian situation that is exactly backwards. The immediate situation. The immediate risk is to Israeli security. So why are we helping to fund rockets that are flying into Israel. That is the central question.

I doubt seriously. He has the capability of answering it. I got so we got ski pass on the phone is senior counsel for the ACLJane charge for international law of war conflict issues that dog Skip is an expert on is trained in this certain united states military retired Lieut. Col. Skip what your assessment of where this is right now Gary is exactly right. I think right now. They by the administration is projecting weakness across every boundary to every nation, all of our opponents are sitting weakness. If we cannot support our strongest ally in the Middle East if we allow our money to go to Iran to buy missiles to send Hamas to attack our own ally. We are showing that we are at a feckless foreign policy and this is going to encourage not only the Palestinians. Hamas has ballon others to come against Israel.

My view is also going to encourage the Iranians to challenge us more in the Persian Gulf is going to challenge going to encourage the North Koreans to rattle their sabers more frequently and is going to encourage Russia and China to give us opportunities to fail in their region. So it's going to provide so many issues this administration will be overwhelmed and unable to respond and they and their causes will then be more successful situation here that I want to play for people to get here. The good to have Hamas talking about going publicly praising Iran for their support, both with money wet. This type of support you here in Arabic that will jump David this is on television after the cease-fire. They're not hiding anymore. This is not allegations that Iran is supporting Hamas is the head of Hamas going on TV saying thank you Iran when I knew nothing about W set up all of it the best lien is that you feel a subject that here's the translation translations.

I cannot thank those who brought forth money and weaponry to the valiant resistance. The Islamic Republic of Iran who did not hold back with money, weapons and techno's technical support.

Thanks so begs the question, that is a previous administration of Pres. from we had them they were crippled economically.

There were no rockets flying into Israel beat me Hamas had no money. Hezbollah had no money they were trying to go to Turkey for safe haven.

Hamas was in fact they had gone to Turkey for safe payment. A muscular being run out of the region. Leadership now you have a situation where even when pressed, even when even when they are saying a statement like we just heard in Arabic and I cannot but thank those who brought forth money weaponry to the valiant resistance. The Biden administration is willing to continue now around five of these negotiations. Any anything in the Middle East. If you don't show power you are showing weakness escape said well that's one of the fundamental aspects that history teaches us that in the Middle East among the Arab nations. You've got to show power and force or you show weakness in the end, you cannot negotiate from a possession of fecklessness and weakness when you deal with the Iranians when you deal with those in Gaza and the Palestinians. You've got to be strong when you've got the leaders saying thank you very much Iran for giving us all these weapons and taking making us owe able to bomb Israel and just make these strides in the United States Secretary of State on Stephanopoulos not denying he never denied what Ronnie said Jay he never denied that all sanctions on all petrochemical, shipping, insurance, and the central bank of been lifted. He double talked instead he said all we looked and we worked in the past, and we know we want to do this and that, in the fact of the matters has my MS is brought nothing to run to the banister and people well of course that's the case, why are you sitting down in Vienna talking to them and discussing things they want to deny the statement the Ronnie mate and say no. We have not lifted sanctions and no we are not going to. They won't say that they won't do that they will make that statement will do that skip because their existence is to get rid of Israel must be clear, we can all be good.

All stories by Bradford University of Oxford on that whole existence.

The reason for being is to get rid of Israel ability Iranians are played on Israel but but in Islamic theology. Whether you're here or Sunday you want to win back territory that had once been under Islamic control.

So I think all the nations generally religiously have that. It's just that the sheer right now are so fanatical about this and they have the size of the population size the economy and if we give and give them billions of dollars again like we did under the Obama ministration than we give them every means to make a life in Israel and possible end and we need to intervene.

This administration needs to stand up at some backbone and do the right thing. Seems like very quickly here that this is facing the side.

One thing they want to deal with the Iranians no matter what the outcome was absolutely so long as the sworn enemy of Israel. Hamas is a sworn enemy of Israel.

Hezbollah is a sworn enemy of Israel. And so what is the American policy the American policy is to reward sworn enemies of Israel.

So essentially what we have beyond question is willful blindness by the Biden administration.

So in the face of tear it proves once again that the Biden administration believes that you cannot support individuals or countries that believe in democracy and it also proves beyond question that you cannot grow a backbone in a petri dish that is filled with spineless nests.

And that is precisely the summary of the Biden administration so far and and yet, the pressure to set out give the cease-fire the violence her own streets in America with it a bit years and because of Israel, whether that no one stopping to ask those those individuals are being targeted their political positions on the state of Israel whether they agree with who's in charge of Israel and who the Israelis decided to elect their Americans their Americans being targeted by other Americans because they have to be Jewish and that he's a pro passive activists who take the streets you know people like AOC they try to say well that's horrible and they condemn the attacks on Jews, but they have that they also condemning Israel, why do you think those attacks are having our sites that because of you. You're responsible, the rhetoric, the customer she did to lead in AOC and that the squad and that the Democrats are permitting is the rhetoric that's fueling the violence against Jews, the streets that were not talking about in Jerusalem about New York and LA by the way blue states that seal others violence in red states. No blue states, the most liberal states is where again you see racism popping up yet again. As received throughout this epidemic announcing targeted Jews will take your phone calls 100-684-3110 that's 1-800-684-3110 we come back on secular only when a society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life. We've created a free and powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn Gold edition like it will show you how you are personally support, and publication includes a look at all major ACLJ pro-life cases were fighting for the rights of pro-life activist the ramifications of Roe V Wade, 40 years later Planned Parenthood's role in the what Obama care means to the pro-life discover the many ways your membership is empowering the right to question your free copy of mission life today online ACLJ/challenges facing Americans for substantial time with our Valley freedom sword constitutional rights are under attack is more important than ever to stand with the American Center for Law and Justice for decades ACLJ has been on the frontlines protecting your freedoms defending your rights in court in Congress and in the public arena and we have an exceptional track record of success. But here's the bottom line we could not do our work without your support, we remain committed to protecting your religious and constitutional freedoms event remains our top priority, especially now during these challenging times. The American Center for Law and Justice is on your side, you're already a member.

Thank you, are not well this is the perfect time to stand with us. where you can learn more about her life changing become a member today ACLJ securely targeting your focus to what hundred 68 31 two that's what hundred 64 3110 and you see it in our place for free that Zechariah because you see it in that pro-Israel in the same statement he was if they were to play from. He was not very pro-Israel, but he was honest about who Israel is dealing with when dealing with the Palestinians, both in the West Bank and in the Gaza Strip. Take a listen because of the it tells a lot about all these academics out there from his anti-Israel Americans rallies that are spurring on this group. They should listen to this liberal not pro-Israel seated academic. Take a listen. Palestinians are politically weak and divided that led in Gaza by Hamas, a group despised even by Arab states like Egypt and Saudi Arabia and the West Bank.

The 85-year-old Mahmoud Abbas runs in administration, widely considered corrupt and dysfunctional has postponed elections for 11 years. In short, Israel doesn't have any practical reasons to make a deal with the Palestinians because there's going to make a deal with that's kosher fruit Zechariah done a radical pro-Israel supporter is skip what what what would be deposit. Why would they make it. Why would Israel make a deal with the Palestinian Authority with Hamas in control of Gaza. You want and because there is no one there who has the authority or the will to make an agreement that will stick Palestinians every time they get into negotiations they push and push and push and they never make any concessions all along the way so their idea. If you still look at the Palestinian symbol on top of their embassy and not the UN presence.

It shows Palestine during the entirety of that portion of Palestine, west of the the Jordan River.

So Israel is completely gone, they still had that idea from the river to the sea is Palestine and they're just trying to figure out how to attain that.

So Israel that has nobody with whom they can't negotiate actually. At the UN multiple times actually exist but I address the general general assembly meeting on the whole, boycott the best and sanction movement in the anti-Semitism that now were sitting on the streets of New York City and other cities around the country and the fact is, there is no I want to be very clear on this. We had been there.

We have an office in Jerusalem and he is walk down the street.

I have walked down the street short walk down the streets. They are chanting destroy Israel. The blood of the Jews will run in the street.

This is coming out of students in elementary school. Yeah, I mean this is that the scary thing is were walking in the old city of Jerusalem and I see a bunch of little five-year-old kids holding hand in hand, walking, chanting something in Arabic and there walking down there chanting and repeating it with their teacher and I asked our guide, what are they saying with spirit and with blood. He said we shall take back Palestine. Now when you imbue a five-year-old with this kind of mentality. How do you ever expect that child when it grows up to have a balanced view of the world and to sit down with Israel and to talk about some sort of a solution to the age-old problem. The answer is you don't what is the political reason that Biden is insisting the system cut. How does he think a nuclear deal with Iran is a wind because it benefits it brings back the nuclear that he's bringing back what Obama the Obama legacy had part of his legacy and he is brought all those staffers who were at the mid-level, but not this the most senior levels to come in and finish this once again and and and try to put us back into this deal. So part of his legacy part of is how they see the world they think you could make a deal with Iran. They think that you can make a deal with Iran and Iraq is not can use this newfound wealth to continue to fight. Abbas is a big fatality before but also because they are very tone deaf.

I think this that the bureaucrats, the State Department are some of the worst people the world we dealt with before their Tybalt and you know people like Mike Pompeo came in a syncretistic daily could do so much sleep you can't aspire about it, is get rid of all these bureaucrats they they they are the there.

There they try to undermine a lot of things are good for America and they are stuck on old policy that they read about in history books from the US and they think that they don't think new and ever anti-Israel houses that are State Department and of all the US agencies, anti-Israel agency and talking anti-Israel like they would like to see it wiped off the face. The map at least one state solution. Yes, so there is a Jewish state of is the State Department so area you think about it and and you set yourself free.

Zechariah was right by. Would Israel negotiate with with Hamas. What what will be the purpose. But if the by demonstration follower Jordan said, is saying we got engaged that we got back to the table they're dying to get them back to the table. Well, I think the Biden administration, particularly when it comes to the Middle East and this is probably true with respect to many other areas as well. The Biden administration is lost data. Their unprincipled they lack direction they are directed, at least in part by globalists. Globalists who hate Israel. I think it's a Jordan correctly points out, but the Biden administration continues to miss the plot so the question becomes, why would Israel deal with these despots really in the Middle East and number two. Why do we have these outbreaks of violence in the Middle East. Well, I think, for two reasons. First, because by fighting Israel by sending rockets into Israel. This keeps the despots the dictators in power and then number two.

Occasional violence does is another benefit. It detracts or distracts the Palestinian people from their real enemy and their real enemy is indeed their own leaders of skip on the issue of Israel security with Gaza.

What what can be done here because how do you prevent the money bring talk about this in the second of our money from the UN was used not to rebuild buildings and schools and hospitals, but to build tunnels to get the snake in a mosque terrace into Israel deal with them. Well you know what a great question.

And the problem is, until somehow, the Palestinians see that there leaders. The Hamas leaders are not acting in their best interest and rise up against them. There's really no way because even people go in there even NGOs and others to go in there to act in a way to help the population they get co-opted because they are intimidated by Hamas and its and its militants. They come up with a one something they take it and they and the people know that NGOs know that they say anything about it there.

Don't be tossed out, if not worse, and therefore they have to live with this, and therefore Hamas just gets what it wants you bring in stuff to rebuild buildings.

Hamas diverse it for tunnels or whatever their own as our and you really have no say against it because the, the Hamas will take action against you, up to and including taking your life right to talk about what this Abbas influence with his last round of attacks and when you have this forced cease-fire and Israel at what what is it mean for Hamas and you would think that after their abilities are destroyed to allow more casualties on their side infrastructure destroyed is the people would say cater for these guys right wrong because you think you from your American mindset will talk about that we come back to your phone calls we come back as well.

As you are holding on. Our lives are open 100 684 31 two that's 1-800-684-3110 will be right back on secular in just a minute. As always want to check out that's will be right back decades.

ACLJ is been on the frontlines of protecting your freedom is defending your rights in court in Congress and in the public arena. The American Center for Law and Justice is on your side. If you're already a member thinking. If you're not well this is the perfect time to stand with us where you can learn more about our life-changing work, member today ACLJ live from Washington DC secular secular document the site for sagging amounts for you to be the head of Abbas say thank you Iran. The Iranian President say the West is agreed to list all sections on Iran is what they're claiming that when we were our signatures. It was that's about as we play for you on the broadcast where they were asked about. He said we yeah if he Roderigo back in the deal, which by the way, Europeans have indicated to us, they never were in compliance with the entire time when we were in it, and we were out of it, but if they go back in the camp whenever compliance beads with that two pages of of bullet points. What a joke. I mean literally what a joke.

When you look at what what that JC POA was used, they would. You would think they would be ashamed of that work product. These these highly educated people that that you abide brings back from the Obama ministration you think would be a shape but they're proud of it.

What you listen to this.

Richard Eagle from ABC News. What is Abbas feeling right now the Gaza Strip after being after C infrastructure destroyed, their totals destroyed their missiles depleted, but they know that their ally, Iran is is about to probably get an influx of cash to take a listen to this user to see about this is that we know that what Hamas has seen is a lack of support now from the rest of the bus would work just as they're having to go to the shield world to get the super support even though they are suiting by by nature and so there they are, David cut off by most of the rest of the Muslim world as as as impossible to work with her impossible to deal with, but for a ride there another Haswell that know your exactly correct and what what is happening here and I think I think it's pretty significant. What if you see what's happening. The fact of the matter is the Iranians by funding Hamas have been the only lifeline for Hamas because they have really Andy in the region been very isolated. Yes, who like some nobody I know and like some urine and then one thing I was thinking you hear Israel you're trying to work out with PRP still you go to, you can cut Hezbollah you cannot go to Hamas are trying to kill you around once wiped off the map okay that that's not going to work and I can go anymore to the United States because United States is petulant about whether they're going to support your not United States is sitting in Vienna agreeing to lift sanctions which the Trump administration imposed so the thing given billions and billions and billions of dollars more of money which they Iranians can then turn around and give to the Hamas people to the Hamas faction so that they can bomb Israel.

So when you say that Benjamin Netanyahu in the palace and you can go to and negotiate with Abbas is corrupt for God sake right and has been since he's been in power and will be until the day he dies who you go to you go nowhere your landlocked your blunted every get your blog in every way. There's no for you answer my Pompeo just tweeted at our senior counsel at St. surely does the equivalent of sending pallets of cash and giving Iran billions of dollars will only embolden more terrorism, distant work in 2015 and it won't work now and skip only minutes ago before the break.

The fact of the matter is in building them with cash is a dangerous move for the region. The funny part of the region is afraid of Iran.

Because Iran wants to be a hedge and hegemonic power, not rigid must dominate the entire region so that was why the Abraham accords were working so well because Sony kingdoms and everybody else was getting together and say okay we have a common enemy is not Israel that enemy is Iran, and now were about to refund Iran. The idea of giving Iran toward the Islamic Revolutionary guard billions of dollars just to get them to the table. Is it just something deal that is not a real attorney does not allow our inspectors to go to the sites that you actually would need to inspect like like those linked to their military inspection rights, and I think Thursday this week yet it's it's absurd and Iran knows it's a great easy deal for them to manipulate and they need the money so they can continue to fund their activities like their support of Hamas which they are not back away from. They can go into a deal and their funding to another terrorist group, openly and publicly enter to give deal with the US sensations with utopian elections that have consequences will great back challenges facing Americans or substantial time in our value freedom sword constitutional rights are under attack more important than ever to stand with the American Center for Law and Justice for decades now ACLJ on the frontlines protecting your freedoms defending your rights in court in Congress and in the public arena and we have an exceptional track record of success. But here's the bottom line we could not do her work without your support, we remain committed to protecting your religious and constitutional freedoms than remains our top priority, especially now during these challenging times.

The American Center for Law and Justice is on your side, you're already a member.

Thank you. If you're not well this is the perfect time to stand with us ACLJ God, where you can learn more about her life changing become a member today ACLJ only one.

A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, we've created a free and powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission life will show you how you are personally and publication includes a look at all major ACLJ cases were fighting for the rights of pro-life activist the ramifications of Roe V Wade, 40 years later Planned Parenthood's role in the Obama care means to the pro life in many ways your membership is empowering the right question for economy mission life today online ACLJ/secularity to what hundred 684 31 to get those right off Pat in Ohio online. What a pet welcome to security earlier program feeling helpless what you do with a middle-aged maybe older suburban person who hears this and my heartbreak that we are finding something like this and I can do nothing. I know that that that that The Jewish People Are in New York Were Going on in a Regular Basis and, in New York, Where the Largest Population of Jewish People in the Country Reside Made No Mention of It within Their Paper. How Can This Continue.

That's Why We Come to You Each and Every Day, Five Days a Week, 52 Weeks a Year. That's Why We Have a Very Large Social Media Presence. That's Why We Publish Papers That and Post Those on Our Various Social Media Sites. That's Why We Have an Office in Washington DC and in Jerusalem. That's Why Were Active at the United Nations UN so We Can Be Your Voice There.

We Have a Petition at the ACLJ Right Now Behalf of Israel Says Stop Funding Israel's Enemies over 127,300 25,000 People Have Signed onto That Petition. So It's Not What You Can Do As an Individual. It's Collectively We Can Actually Do A Lot and Are Able to Stop This Well. The Questions Can Be Brothers to Jordan Enemy Any Democrats That Say You Know What This Is Not the Right Way to Go at Any That Have Power.

I Don't Know If You Were You Would Think You Think He's Getting Scared Is Elusive AOC That She Could Run against the Primary but It Is Career. Even Those about 10 of His Crew to Be over. To Be Honest They Don't Get These Politicians. It Seems like They Just Stayed Stayed Stay Forever and That the Way He Does What It Is Hers Being Beaten Via a 30-year-old Who Who, Be It in His Home State Because He Wasn't Liberal Enough Right and so There Silent, so Doug Henkin Who Is a Former Democrat, New York Assemblyman Said This on Fox News.

Just the Other Day We Still Hear from the One and Only Chuck Schumer, the Protector of the Jewish People. The Only Thing Chuck Schumer Cares about Right Now Is Not Having a Race from a Seat That's All He Cares about. He Doesn't Give a Darn about Anything Else He Does Give a Darn about the Jewish Community. This Is over Million Jews and It Is. It Is Embarrassing to See the Silent so I Guess the Question You Have To Ask Yourself Now and I'm in a Kind Goal with Any Good Here and Let's Get Common As Well.

Jordan Said His Is the Democratic Party Incapable of Defending Israel and Saying You Know What to Say No to the Mosque and Noted Iran Are They Incapable of Doing That Yes They Are Incapable of Doing It. We Need to Admit It, We Need to Say That We Need to Proclaim It.

The Democratic Party Is Interested in Grabbing Power and Aggrandizing Themselves and Perpetuating Themselves Enough. That's All That They're Interested in Doing. They'd Truly Is This of a Former Assemblyman Said Don't Give a Darn about Israel and Not Only Chuck Schumer Was an American Jew and Who Should Be but Bernie Sanders the Same Thing Is against Israel and Where and There Being Pulled in the Direction of Sandy Cortez and Tell That He and Omar and These People Who Are the Hamas Caucuses. We Have Call Them, so There Is a Hamas Caucus within the Congress of the United States, and This Is Absolutely Reprehensible and Untenable Day.

I Think Andy Is Precisely Correct.

The Democratic Party Has Abandoned All a Commitment to Principle. They Are Solely Focused on Grabbing Power by Any Means Necessary and I Would Go One Step Further, in Some Cases, They Seem Intent on Grabbing Power of Whether It's Either through Illegal or Are Less Than Legal Means, and I Think That Is Really Sad for the Future of the Country Because That Deprives the Country of the Possibility of Having an Honest Debate over a Raft of Issues and I Also Would Say That with Respect to Jews in America. They Are No Longer Considered a Politically Correct Minority so No Longer Will Social Justice Types. Defendant Jews in America. They Might Defend Asians They Might Defend Members of Other Minority Groups, but Jews Are Disfavored in Part Because There's Something That Is Huge in the Human Heart. It's Permanent in the Human Heart and It's Called Resentment. Resentment over the Success of American Jews Skipped Wheat.

We've Been Given I've Been to Israel. Many Many Times You've Trained Their on National Security Issues. We Have Lectured in throughout Israel. But the Fact of the Matter Is I Don't See Any Advantage for the United States Was Put Israel Side First Moment. What Is the Advantage the United States and Cutting a Deal with the Iranian Regime Here Other Than Somebody in the Democratic Party, Claiming That This Was Part of Their Legacy. It Seems to Me of the Democratic Party Has Lost Its Moral Compass and Capable Right Now. Distinguishing between Those Who Are Victims and Those Who Are Not Victims. And Right Now It Has Declared the Palestinians Friends to Be Victims and Israelis to Be the Victimizers When It's Just the Reverse. And until They Can Figure out What's Right and Wrong until I Can Figure out Black-And-White and Figure out How to Do That and I Think There Is a Problem and I Think a Full Push-Up or Equity within Their Party Just Plays Right into This, Some 164, 31, Two, That's 100-6431 Zero. That's What Hundred 684 31 to Meet Isaac to Secede to the Students. I Didn't Get Money into Gaza without Going to the Box.

This Is Our Secretary Of State to Get with George Stephanopoulos by Eight Presidency Want to Do That without Restocking Hamas Rebuilding Gaza without Reciting Hamas That They Are in Charge in Gaza, but We've We've Worked in the past and We Can Continue to Work with Trusted Independent Parties That Can Help Do the Reconstruction Velvet, Not Some Quasi Governmental Authority and the Fact of the Matter Is Hamas Is Brought Nothing but Ruin onto the Palestinian People.

It's Gross Mismanagement of Gaza While It's Been in Charge and of Course These Indiscriminate Rocket Attacks on Israeli Civilians Which Elicited the Other Response They Did Because Israel Has a Right to Defend Itself Trusted Third Parties like the United Nations Refugee Group under Member Them When They Brought in A Lot Of Money and They Brought in Cement to Rebuild Hospitals Bridges to Rebuild Housing to Rebuild Schools except Ignore Those Bags of Cement Went, and Here's a Picture for Our Television Audience. There Is Right There. Let's Put It up Right Now That's to Build a Terror Tunnel That Is Unwrought It Says It Right There UN Say Cement to Build Tunnels of Tara and Skip. What Do Those Totals Do Not Allow Hamas Forces to Move around without Being Able to Be Seen by the Israelis so They Cannot Be Attacked so They Allow Forces to Move All around the Area. There Are, I Think, Almost 100 Miles of Tunnels and They Can Move Wherever They Need to Go in and They Can Pop up in Different Places within Not Expected, and Because of That Bacon That Makes It Very Difficult for the Israelis Going on the Ground. That's Why I'll Tell You That's Why I Think It Was Wonderful This Time and Is Really Sort of Pull a Trick on Them Said They Were Going on the Ground Forces People to Come up to Defend and Then They Got Them Because the Israelis Hadn't Gone into the Air Force Was Able to Go in There and to Destroy Those Target 64, 31 to the 2000 684-3110 Dear Why Are We Helping to Rebuild Gaza in the First Place with a Just Attacked Israel Again and You See the Secretaries That He's Committed to It. You Know That the Policy They Were Rebuild What Was Just Taken out by Israel Is the Policy.

The Policy Is They Attack Israel. Israel Responds It Destroys Buildings. Buildings Are Then Sometimes Rebuild US Taxpayer Dollars or Trusted Third-Party Groups like the UN.

The Money Ends up Really Going to the Israelis Are Asking Us How to Make Sure the Money Doesn't Go to Hamas Terrorist. You Can Depend on the United States to Help in That Regard, That's a Pretty Sad State of a Fat Is a Pretty Sad State of Affairs, but It's the Truth That I Don't Look to the United States to Help You See That the Money Doesn't Go from to the United Nations to Build the Donald.

It's Not Going to Happen Area Less Than a Minute Here before the Break Will Take Your Calls and 800 684 30 1710 Do You Support United States Standing with Israel Not Standing with Hamas When I Hear What You Have To Say Quickly Why Are They Doing This Will Fundamentally It's Because the United States State Department Is Filled with Individuals Who Are Very Smart but They Are Also Very Unintelligent. They Really Do Not Know What They Are Doing in the Middle East. Just Witness the Recent Comment about Relying on Trusted Third Parties in the Middle East. There Aren't Any Trusted Third Parties in the Middle East. And so It Is Na´ve beyond Question to Continue to Offer That Sop to the American People Is Made That up That Because I Did Not. Quasi Government Actors so He Saves That the UN Is Not What You Would Trust Who Is It It's Pro-Palestinian Organization of the Ground and Got Her Pro, Hamas, or Else They Would Be up to Operate in the Gaza Strip and How Are You Are You Not Operating There. They Don't Want You There Will Be Right Back Only One. A Society Can Agree That the Most Vulnerable Invoice Is, Is There Any Hope for That Culture to Survive. And That's Exactly What You Are Saying When You Stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, Defend the Rights of Life, We've Created a Free Powerful Publication Offering a Panoramic View of the ACLJ's Battle for the Unborn.

It's Called Mission Life Will Show You How You Are Personally Publication Includes a Look at All Major ACLJ Cases Were Fighting for the Rights of Pro-Life Activist Ramifications of Roe V Wade, 40 Years Later Planned Parenthood's Role in the End What Obama Care Means to the Pro-Life Discover Many Ways Your Membership Is Empowering the Right to Question Your Free Copy of Mission Life Today Online ACLJ/Challenges Facing Americans Are Substantial Time and Are Now Free to Sort Constitutional Rights Are under Attack More Important Than Ever to Stay with the American Center for Law and Justice for Decades. ACLJ on the Frontlines Protecting Your Freedoms Defending Your Rights" in Congress and in the Public Arena and We Have an Exceptional Track Record of Success. But Here's the Bottom Line We Could Not Do Her Work without Your Support, We Remain Committed to Protecting Your Religious and Constitutional Freedoms That Remains Our Top Priority, Especially Now during These Challenging Times.

The American Center for Law and Justice Is on Your Side, You're Already a Member. Thank You, Are Not Well This Is the Perfect Time to Stand with Us. Where You Can Learn More about Her Life Changing Become a Member Today ACLJ Secular 684 30 Went to the 2000 684-3110 There Is for the Insight Is Not Just What's Going on in the Middle East Anti-Jewish Sentiment in the United States and within the Academy, Not Just Anti-Israel and Anti-Jewish, Anti-Israel Is Unreal That You Just Mentioned Andy a New Case.

Now We Have a Matter That Arose at Emory University Where I Went to School in Which There Were a Group of Pro-Palestinians Who Have Made Threatening and Outrageous Remarks against Her Students and against Is Generally an Anti-Semitic in Nature, Special Counsel Marco Go Fedor Contacted Us and We Can Write a Letter and We Have Sent It off unto These People Trying to Give Them the True Facts about What Is Happening in the Middle East and Then Urging Them Not to Swallow the Statements and the Lies Are Made by the Palestinians and Hamas and Hezbollah Is All but This Is What St. Pervading the Academy, Which Generally Is Leftist and Liberal and Doesn't Enter Is Not Interested in Hearing the Truth Looking for Some to Hear Because We're Going to Respond to Parente Because It Meant I Wanted to Skip English and We Deal with the Academy and You Teach. I Thought, but There Is This Anti-Israel Sentiment within the Act Academy. Now That's Real Politically and What They're Using It Right Now and Your Purposes You Have To Toe the Line Strictly Toe the Line. The People Want Which Is Pro PDF Anti-Israel Pro-Palestinian or You Do Not Get Tenure and Tenure Is the Lifeline of an Academic University so That Universities Have Sort of Abandoned Traditional Thing Where Your There's a Free Exchange of Ideas. What We Teach People How to Think, Not What to Think, and It Is Now in the Point Where It's More in the What to Think, to Include Even Allowing Faculty to Be Limited to Those Who Just Toe the Party Line Celexa Solids Choice of Storylines Rejoice, I Think a Particular Topic Got Back Here. Hopefully It Things That I Get K Asked If We Would Call and Say Whether or Not We Can Admit Israel or against America's Daily, I'm 76 Years Old. I Was 20 Years Old and I Love Israel with All of My Heart. A Great Huge Monster I and with a Drunk. I Attend a Messianic Congregation in Florida and We Stand for Israel and We Stayed in ACL and God Bless You Public Thank You Joyously Appreciate That. It Means A Lot and As I Said, There's a Petition of Supporting Israel with over 5000 Signatures Will Share That with Members of Congress. That's How You Do This and We Got to Simply Get Some Democrats. We Gotta Try At Least Going to Get Some Them At Least Try and That's Right You Got to I Get This Idea That Were Going to Make This a Partisan Issue Is Very Dangerous for Israel. It Shouldn't Be an Issue That We Have To Debate inside the United States. It Should Be What We Take to the World As a Country and That's Where Once in the past. Now I Get Now. It Is Seen As an Issue That Is Partisan in Nature.

This There's Talk about How a Black Lives Matter Helped Change This Debate. Why Would Effort Based off What's Happened in the United States, like the Group Are Not That Big Dave A Lot Of the Leftist Political Leanings in Their There They Are All Doing the Far Left. So It's Part like Skippers Tightlipped. It's Now Part of the Far Left Because the Far Left Because of the Competitive Mainstream inside the Democratic Party over the Last Couple of Years We Would Think. Well, I Think Got Jordan Is Precisely Correct with the Far Left Crowd Has Always Been Anti-Somatic.

So If You Go Back to Karl Marx, If You Go Back to Wilhelm Reich. If You Go Back to Old Raft of Leading Intellects That Have Shaped the Current Culture Including the Black Lives Matter Movement.

They Have Been Consistently Opposed to Jews and the Advancement of Jews Not Only in the United States throughout the World.

So I'm Not Surprised.

Sadly, It Continues. Certainly, If You Say the Names Amy Wax Eugene Contra Rich, These Are Two Leading Jewish Scholars That Have Had Difficulty Speaking at American Universities and Even More Sad, At Least from My Perspective Is That You Will Find Some Jewish Students Opposing Pro-Israeli Speaker Campus. I Know It Is a Real Pet Is a Real Issue Is, I Suppose I Will Go to Target and Texts on My What a Tanya Hello and Always Will. But I Don't Understand It Literally Just Turned Their Back on and There Are Number One Ally so You Asked the Question Why Is He Doing This Basically and Then I Think, Is the Question Jordan and Jordan Teaches It to the Protect the Legacy of Obama to Bring Back the Nuclear Deal. You Have To Ignore Reality and You Have To Ignore That the Violence in the Streets so You That Were Accepting This Idea That the AOC's of the World Who Were Not Picketed by Effect When She Had to Leave, Who Was Say That Biden Was Allowing Too Much Israeli Aggression Went to Detroit with with Him. He Praised Her for the States of Stratified or She Fights for Causes She Believes These Are People Who Spurred the Attacks in America by Americans on American Jews and Its Joe Biden Is Responsible.

He May Be Old, He May Sound Feeble but but He Pleaded That He Was Praising Her and That He Is Made the Decision That This Is Not Important. This Vote Does Not Matter to Them That Big a Vote and and Politically. They're Getting There in the Throes It like Chuck Schumer and Others There to Go in with the Far Left At Least Be Silent While He Is Old and Is Feeble and He Is but He One Thing He's Got He May He May Remit. Forget Everything but He Dun Forget the Grudge against Donald Trump and That's the Thing This Is. Don't Kid Yourselves Follows This Is a Hatred of Donald Trump and the Success That Donald Trump Had in the Middle East.

The Abraham Records Are Shunted off to the Side. The Success of the Gulf States Is Shunted off to the Side. The Fact That We Didn't Have These Missile Firings from Gaza and Israel Is Not Talked about Anything and Everything That Donald Trump Did Is Wrong in the Minds of These Democrats, Led by Biden, Led by His Secretary Of State. That's Their Agenda Is to Make the Former President and Cancel Them out like He Never Existed Back to Oswego Adele into the CLI 5K That Awoke the Secular Fire Panel People Are Think They Aren't Running Back and Fight with That Imply When Obama Left the Art Right Oracle Is Not There Are Reporting That Something That They Met Plaintiff Ideal and Outlet Actually Goes Back to Jimmy Carter Who Had This Na´ve View of How You Could Bring Peace, Which Was a Disaster, Which Never, of Course Happened and Then You Had the Biden Attack the Obama Attempt Which Was to Completely Undercut Israel. Now There's Been All These Allegations about the Infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood into Various Ministries and Putting All That Aside, I Can Prove That What I Can Prove Is This There Was a Determined Plan to Undercut Israel That Is Clear and That Policy Seems to Be Being Promoted Again to Save the Legacy Right at Me so I Get I Think It's We Close at Today Were Seeing It in Our Own Country Courageous Acts of Violence Were Seeing They the Hamas and Iran Come out and Say Yeah Rod Thank You so Much You the Reason Why Were Able to Launch These Rockets at Israel and and You Have Iran Save the US Is Ready to Lift All the Sections Lift All the Sections on Iran within the Lots Unpack, Continuing through This, but Politically Speaking. I Think You Gotta Take Action to Washington DC. We Need to Seep for People Speaking out the Pressure More Democrats with the past Been Supportive Israel Emitted Pressured Shame Them into Doing It, but I Think This Is the Time to Do It. Talk to the Extent of Broadcast ACLJ Is Been on the Frontline Protecting Your Freedom Is Defending Your Rights in Court in Congress and in the Public Arena.

The American Center for Law and Justice Is on Your Side, You're Already a Member Thinking. If You're Not Well This Is the Perfect Time to Stand with Us,, Where You Can Learn More about Our Life-Changing Work, Member Today ACLJ

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