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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Jay Jusino (Public Schools) Amy Rienow (Parenting)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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June 11, 2021 4:00 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Jay Jusino (Public Schools) Amy Rienow (Parenting)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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June 11, 2021 4:00 am

Is there a way for Christian teachers in the public-school setting to disseminate the truth of God's Word to their students? Author Jay Jusino joins me to discuss his book, "Truth is Fallen in the Street: Examining the Pedagogy of Christian Teachers in Public Schools." Plus: How can Christian parents raise their children with a godly vision for multiple generations to come? Amy Rienow joins me to discuss her book, "Visionary Parenting." That and more on Friday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by Liberty healthcare Liberty healthcare is a nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry that allows you to control and manage your own healthcare and choose any doctor or hospital in the nation.

If your freedom loving American looking for contract free healthcare call now 855-585-4237 or go to liberty for more information liberty, our confidence is in Christ alone. No problems. Seven tells us the fear of the Lord is of knowledge, and it is but what does that mean for the Christian teacher in the public setting where direct connections from knowledge to the giver of all knowledge are not generally allowed a really important question were to talk about today with Jay Justino Jay has been teaching for nearly 20 years.

He's taught in public charter and Christian schools and today will be talking with him about his book truth is fallen in the street examining the pedagogy of Christian teachers in public schools say it is great to have it with us today. Thank you so much for being here, and I greatly appreciate it. Now is my pleasure. You have taught in the public schools.

As I mentioned as a Christian you taught in a number of contacts. What are your observations.

First of all about public education in light of Proverbs 17 will public education, ultimately serving to take people away from the true, and I let make the case of the book when you take facts and information, and disconnect them from God who is the originator of all things for the Golan at our world or universe you disconnect from the purpose, but God have the you have really no functional purpose for those facts and so as such, the public schools with them is taking people away from the knowledge of God and from salvation than from living a life with his full him him right and yet you do have a lot of Christians who are teaching in the public school system. What was that like for you is a Christian, what was your experience was it frustrating. Was it a challenge.

How did you how did you deal with it or how do you deal with it yet. It was it was a great challenge you initially.

Everything seemed to be okay, but I went on it was a great challenge in the area of goods upon the ability or inability to discipline a child the way the child needed to be disciplined with a real challenge, just dealing with content issues dealing with this content in the classroom. It was a challenge and I got to the point where you could teach a six grade class. For instance, I had a study hall the last hour the day at Oliver walking past the student and he had a magazine open six grader and the picture that he was looking at was that of a man for Dr. Walter butcher knife through his chest, and I posit I were to get that magazine hated the library and so I proceeded to check into that in and after finding out that in fact I was one of our library magazines. After looking through the magazines but more I became motivated to deal with that issue and I got a lot of persecution for that within the system out that and it really was a child I was just you a one story is a lot of the stories I could share but I am sure time of the blogger. That's got to be hard yeah it's a little hard to get on the kid when he checked it out of the school's own library and then you're probably having to fight with the library and while this is we got expose the goods to these things. I mean, that's a nightmare article yeah it was a nightmare. Yeah, she was very much against me from the start my bath. I remember he kicked out of office that got my office now before I say something I regret glorious that he would and he would to God that went to look out for the perfect of your Christian walk. The local church respected in the community and the cow thing and in the, the guy thing that kind of really got me going on what I wrote the book the first yeah when you talk about knowledge coming from the Lord and and you have to connect knowledge to the Lord.

I know that you address this in your book. For example, the common response I've heard from people in the public school setting is yeah but you don't have to be a Christian to explain math, you need other certain subjects where there's not really a direct line from that, subject to God how you respond to that kind of claim yet overcoming objections you know yeah your right to do it in the book, so you know a quick response that would be will why does Matt work.

Why is it what purpose were the come from one of the heart of the principal. The laws of mathematics arrive on the phenom award date created by over them and your answers to those questions will give a direction to where you're going with with math and one plus one is true, it's true for the eighth if it's true for the Christian bought the wise one +12.

Why is that true is irrelevant what we do with that. Where will we do with information that we have is repurposed for Africa way I would get answer that question yet. Now this almost gets back to more basic question which is what is the purpose of education because if you're a teacher and you believe the only thing I'm really here for is to disseminate knowledge and teach that 2+2 is four and nothing beyond that.

Isn't that a misunderstanding of what education ought to be in the first place. Yeah in the Bible of course in the region's exports of work to bring our children up in the fear of discipline and instruction of the Lord of that word idea about the Greek word and and it felt talk about the whole education of the child, not just an academic quarter, but it included that as well that the program in oh what does the teacher do what should a teacher do imparting knowledgeable if the fear of the Lord beginning of knowledge in Christ are hidden all the treasures of wisdom with the knowledge we look at Proverbs to know for and five. It's as if you see her inserts to confer with.

If you see her. A silver speaker is over and search for her as for hidden treasure. Then you will discern the fear of the Lord and discover the knowledge of God so you know what is the purpose of education at all. You're right it's I believe it is to transmit knowledge and knowledge is directly connected to God. There is a moral component education even education in English and history and science and math moral component there. When you believe that moral component out you are essentially getting the point of education first place.

What have you seen as far as the pedagogy of Christian teachers who are in public schools. I mean a lot of these folks and I know a lot of them myself are trying to do the best they can in a setting that can be hostile toward Christians. But what are what is generally going on among Christian teachers that needs to be fixed.

What what is and and could be faxed will me. Let me start by saying no, I didn't write the book to destroy teachers who are doing the best I can in the public setting. I wrote you were out to I'm up to destroy arguments, not destroy people so I think I want to start there with this question. My heart is to encourage teachers who are in that setting to take a fresh look at what their therefore and so to answer your question, you don't want to be fixed by simply make the case in the book and again my rationale though there but in order for knowledge. If it is connected to God to be knowledge and facts will need to include God in the picture and so in a in a in a classroom setting. The teacher should not avoid God or should not avoid Jesus Christ should not avoid the word of God in their teaching. I fully understand that if the teacher actually did that you actually brought up God in the Bible and in Jesus Christ and whatnot in their teaching.

The consequence would be most likely a job ending for them. I understand that but it can be done. I think it should be done because this is what the purpose of education is not just the as a Christian I may not just mean how can I save it as a Christian for a Christian teacher that what they should be doing because it's the truth and doesn't everyone have a right to the truth and you have a right for everything else in the world right we have right to believe four different gender level right to do all kinds of things I why don't we have the right to the truth. The full truth and nothing but the truth when you take away God is the foundation for knowledge and you take away the progress that he had for then you're not getting your only getting 1/3 of what they're not the fact that you will so it makes perfect sense and I my short answer to your question would be what's wrong is the ACL you the freedom from religion foundation. You know all of these groups that will come in and sweep down with lawsuits. The minute any teacher tries to actually mention God mention Jesus Christ have a Bible on the chair have a Bible on the desk. I mean we know how these things go, and I think a lot of those lawsuits and a lot of the bad publicity that has been brought to bear on a lot of Christians who are teaching in the public schools is exactly what has made so many Christian teachers. I think very hesitant and afraid to even figure out how to do what you're talking about but I think it's extremely important to go to a quick break will come back with changes seen in his book is called truth is falling in the street will come back right after this hi this is Janet never did you miss the deadline to sign up for your program. At the end of 2020. If so, I have good news special enrollment period is taking place now through August 15, meaning that if you're looking to enroll in the new healthcare program for 2021 you can do so without the need for a qualifying event more than 200,000 Americans trust liberty healthcare for their healthcare needs. Liberty healthcare is a nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry that offers affordable healthcare sharing programs starting as low as $199 per month. Liberty healthcare gives you the ability to choose any doctor or hospital across the nation. Memberships are for individuals, couples and families offering a variety of options to best suit your medical needs. Discover more about the power of today for more information call 855-585-4237 855-585-4237 liberty fellow Christians are suffering in Africa. This is Janet Mefford, pastor Luma ministers in Mozambique near the Indian Ocean.

He's been beaten and jailed. Many times, not merely for what he believes but for how he lives out his faith he say Luma has been quietly and faithfully sharing the gospel with Muslims and many are coming to Christ, but extremists have assaulted luminal his family and many in his church, but they're not asking for an end to the persecution they face. Instead, they're praying for God's word to endure and persevere as new followers of Christ seen people being changed by reading the Scripture giving a Bible to somebody's greatest gift you can give somebody life through the ministry of Bible league international you can send God's word to a new believer in Africa.

Five dollars sends one Bible $100 sends 20 call now 800 yes word that's 800 YE asked WORD or there's an open the floodgates Bibles for Africa banner to you're listening to Mefford today and no clear back is great to have with this changes seen me as a teacher for nearly 20 years.

He's taught in public schools. Charter schools Christian schools and is out with the book truth is all and in the street examining the pedagogy of Christian teachers in the public schools you are really right Jay.

I think when you talk about the connection between knowledge and epistemology and morality we were saying. For instance, a few minutes ago that you can't teach any subject, without somehow connecting it to the giver of all knowledge. She was God himself, but the question for a lot of Christian teachers no doubt is how do I do that. In other words, that you know when I walk into my classroom tomorrow.

What should I do differently.

Jay what what should I try to do a little bit differently so I can improve the way that I'm teaching insurers on the truth that felt like a simple answer, but what I mean by that is, tell them the way it is. So for instance if your science teacher.

I teach biology or teach chemistry God is the creator of life and he created life for purpose either basic facts that need to be shared with in the know within the educational setting within the subject matter for students to be able to place the information that they've received in a proper place once it's in a proper place. It can be used effectively if they don't. If the teacher doesn't give that information, the student has no place to put that information does not work through it and so again they they need to Christian teacher to implement what I'm saying. They simply have to see how their discipline is related to God, and interestingly enough, many teachers don't know that they don't understand that they've not been taught to think this way but I would submit that's where they can started to study how does English relate to God. You know what is history have to do with God. But what about science. What about math. What about art, you know.

And then once they can learn the things they start implementing them in their classroom and not being afraid to use the word of God, the prophet, so she is using the word of God as a foundational tool and that's what they need to do differently so you draft don't mind know nothing is going yet. Why just wanted to address that. The point before the break that it the big thing seems that I have argued I have heard over and over is that we are to obey the governing authorities and in the public starting today.

It is not legal if you will, or least it's assumed to be not legal to talk about God talk about you use the Bible in a public school. I make the case that government was established by God himself, and he established it for the administration of good, not evil. If that's the case in any individual who openly acknowledges God with in that realm could not possibly be in any way acting contrary to God and is worth fighting and so I think it's a fallacy to believe that the Christian is being a good Christian if you will work obeying God by by not saying anything because God is the government and it's for the decision good, not evil. So the contradiction I see and and I believe it's a fatal one it is. And yet, I will hear from Christian friends of mine who are teachers who say well I can have an influence on kids who have no other exposure to a Christian adult, perhaps in their entire lives. I like the ministry of being in the public schools. If I openly teach about God. If I mentioned Jesus Christ. I'm to get immediate complaints. I'll probably get thrown out. Why don't I just leave and go to a Christian school is that not a better option, but what are your thoughts on that because there there are different schools of thought that that Christian teachers to just being Christian schools are homeschooling their own kids, you forget about the public schools. What you say to that well agreed to drop me first say that I again I'm not denying that teachers do have a positive impact in the public system again at the very important understand that I'm not saying that there is no good being done while… Yes you know if teachers did exit the public school system. They would be able to teach fully in the calling again example, I teach at a Christian school in Suwanee, Georgia that's an international Christian school. I'm part of the hiring that happens here and now we have pictures a command in one specific instance I remember were teacher was coming from the public school and if the interview I wasn't super excited about the interview because of the history and the public setting, but the teacher was just absolutely thrilled and and and happy that the they were to be able to come to a Christian school and teach the way they should teach so the words. I think a lot of teachers in the public setting for Christians. They know they should be doing better they know they should be doing different.

They want to, but there there no strap if you will, and they don't do it and but when they get a chance to teach in a different setting. They just blossom and also about clearly is something that they could do.

But again, I'm making the case of what they should do what they should do is teach it the way it is. According to the truth. Connect the dots if you will, because that's what they're paid to do. That's what they should do from a moral standpoint wherever they are one of the Republic or Christians that take for example when you talk about the fact that you taught biology and chemistry. If you're in a chemistry lab can't walk us through a scenario because I think that would help paint a picture for a lot of people who are listening you're having a chemistry lab.

The kids are looking to the microscope. It cells how do you tie God to that. How would you teach those kids in that setting will draw from a big picture right there looking we go into the to the lab whether is rebound. Whatever. Any data that's taken and be able to be functional is based on a standard. If I it's based on measurements. We measure things we tell how they are cold they are or how long they are all kinds of measurements are done.

All of them have a standard you don't know something into you have a standard to base your you know that the numbers on if you will, and I would simply make the case a look. That's the way it is that in the physical reality that we see and work with every day is a fingerprint of God points is the spiritual truth the fact that there is a standard that helps us to know things physically is evidence if you will that there is a spiritual standard and you know what you're going to know something out, what you doing right or wrong is what you can identify that physical thing that spiritual standard and measure vomit and I give up knowledge about what were doing what is right or wrong or bad.

I just microscope out that way yes because I guess the microscope would be biology now that I think wasn't chemistry was that he makes that it would matter what.

Let me add me out a lot more to your chemistry or to the example that you brought up, you know, electron, always seeking to be stable and and that's an interesting method attribute of God. God provide enough for the fact that he does not change. He provides the ability and the fact that there are different substances allowed you know God is infinite and the infinity of God.

In chemistry we look at the vast number of chemical document but just simple chemicals and chemical compounds that are available. It is a demonstration of God's infinity.

In the end, the amazing way in which God has designed things yet chemical reactions occur because electrons want to be stable. It's more stable to bond with this element of development done that chemical reaction takes place. The ability to achieve and we see the very nature of God is unchangeable's infinity all wrapped up simply in the desire of electrons to find stability lowest energy state.

It's great.

Now what about the resistance.

What about the kid who hears this goes home. Tells atheist mom, atheist mom calls the principal you get hauled into the office now you're in big trouble and the teacher says what good have I finally done.

I got myself fired.

What what what you say that we believe are not about emigration school really you know that to give unfortunately the state of things has progressed medically to that level. But you know you just you take the battle wherever it is again make the case in the book that Paul writes in Romans I believe 12/18 is aware as far as it depends upon often live at peace with all men. Right yes but he was the one she read the book of acts that started right after ride me. You didn't go out to start a riot. But the fact that he was preaching the truth. People didn't like that and riot again point where you know and have no great is Artemis of the Ephesians were shouted for two hours. You know, and so this was because Paul simply taught the truth and so you know when the kid goes home to tells atheist parents what happened to bring on some trouble, absolutely. But that's something that we should not fall away from this is why truth is fallen in the street is that we as Christians are unwilling to engage that battle. We we can engage that battle. Do it lovingly and you know what, in the process of arguing a case people on the outside.

Hear the case. Provide argued and and maybe you will win the case with the person you're dealing with, but the people listening on the outside. Have a good have a way to evaluate what's going on and you think that works here in the public school situation were in, in part because we have been too passive. We have been too willing to go along with all of the take out out of this and take out of that nonstop.

And just went along with it, absolutely back the origins of public education and and go back a long way but you go to John Dewey.

No unit manifesto signer 1933 no psycho religious humanism is with his goal and you know not just him little bundle of people, but he became a very intimate a person in development of public education and it wasn't too long after him and you know in the 1950s at night lecture what your correctly from all your listeners will understand what you know God will began to be pulled out of the public setting and Christians let it happen. Yet we just we just stopped yellow was I'm sure there's some some fighting and initially him and there's some short history of all that, but but we've let it happen to the point work today at step of the way it is. I think we have fallen. All we have just fallen down or just, rolled over and let the what the whole thing passive body. We need to be fighting not enough military gone sort of offense, but in an argument sense, you know, for the truth and why give up if they run you out and go somewhere else.

You mentioned earlier about going out one of the private school. Look what happened in the church. When persecution happened in the book the book of acts that said change is seen no more at a time that the book is called truth is fallen in the street. An important challenge in J great to have you with us.

Thank you so much for being here this archived broadcast of Janet met for today is brought to you by Liberty health sheer liberty. Health share is a nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry that allows you to control and manage your own healthcare and choose any doctor or hospital in the nation. If your freedom loving American looking for contract free healthcare call now 855-585-4237 or go to liberty, health for more information liberty health today. Here's your hose show today with all the important things that we have to do in our lives. There are tasks that are more critical than Christian parenting and I think all of us to have kids, would agree we not only want our children to know the Lord, but we want their children to know the Lord too.

Is there a better way for us to parent with that end goal in mind to get some guidance on it today from Amy Reno. She and her husband Rob are the parents of seven children and they help other parents to their visionary family ministries. The new book is called visionary parenting capture a God sized vision for your family, Amy. It's great to have you with us. How are you nice to meet you too. If over the phone we meet over the head. Hopefully one day in person, but it is great to have you here any this is wonderful that you have seven children.

I'm always impressed with moms who are managing a great number of children and dances well what would you say is the purpose of parenting when were talking about how you go about this great godly task of raising children the way you do that. What I really grew out of it and bring it to beginning of our journey. After what parenting we buried him to the point where where we began to understand that the perfect that parenting is a discipleship. We look to create with our children connect it lifelong discipleship relationship because more than anything out. We want our kids can achieve it in such a way that they are going to teach their how to melt cheap at night if that purpose behind Christian parent. Well, that's wonderful and I know that that word discipleship is used quite a bit in different contexts by different Christians to define discipleship. Clearly we understand the word of God talks about being a disciple of Jesus Christ. We know his disciples and who they were. But how would you define that.

What is it mean to be a disciple, would you say what you want to follow that high lactate energy that Christ now can you not to have our safety something that it can point I think someday or when we got you screw or stretch can't find it something that involved every aspect of our life that way. Very hoping I can and that can't be disciple.

It really had a relationship but I say they keep absolutely. It's funny to me.

I often will hear stories and I'm sure you hear them to people who were raised in a Christian home and they say all I got out of my Christian home life was don't do this don't do that if you do this, you're in trouble. The legalistic stuff, but I know it also happens on the other end of the spectrum where kids can be raised in Christian homes and they don't get anything at all. So would you say that there is failure more on one end of the spectrum than the other because I know you say in the book that really we have a problem now with overly permissive parenting but in terms of a Christian context where would you say were really falling short. Generally speaking, great question and a lot of parent had great tension and really want to after their kids and I would say parent taking the time to read it at parenting Buckeye probably already doing a lot right, but it's really to encourage and help parent can focus like a doing great at night had been in that to happen. For we had four children. At the time, and even the patching unit planning a very light youth ministry wow your spiritual leader at Sherry. She was rather As a natural leader at home.

Beginning the point at the life feeling like I am looking for here in our home. I got my father want to take on virtual headship of our home and I'm really looking around I know you didn't see anybody projected to get that thinking okay maybe what I'm hoping for really even pass the ball guided a miracle in my life and turned his heart toward what he was saying it.

So responsibility over spiritual opportunity. So while he was on discipleship and if you think Jane had a vision to disciple hit on children and what we mean by IPO is pray and read the Bible account direct real life that I chatted parent to be the primary rabbi children as opposed to the kind of delegation can't know that we live in right now. I really think that we should try on whatever it is typical expert at this point that out And unfortunately that how we can parent can even feel in the world of teaching, in that because they think taken to church after the act.

Yes, really. Mom and dad had asked again if it gets back to the issue of parents who don't feel equipped to do it if they think I have to be a Sunday school teacher and I don't know all the stories that are taught in Sunday school, as well as the Sunday school teacher does. I'm not really sure what I should do it home.

Where would you tell a parent to begin with, you know, really being a disciple or of your child because I think for a lot of parents don't know how to get started with that. Well, I already feeling and you are and how your mom said there if any schoolteacher that meet your kid one hour a week and had better way teaching Scripture our faith to their to that kid thing you deal yes because because you understand your can't you type on your kick in the moment where it really. For example, and I have just Ali and me that you need to be an expert to be able to share the gospel with your kids over and over and you know when I keep in our league in their most trying times and we get the worst of our kids just like our kids get the worst crack yes yes that all will let you kick me here that you know I ended you just like but guess what, we had a Savior who wants not only attracted cannot lie that he can't wait to break from the and of blank and he died on the cry for at night and talking is I'm kind of a three-year-old. Right now, but there's so many opportunity today to simply share the capital and encouraged to do that you can share what she share what God is working in your own heart, and you share that with your kid that excellent. I agree with you on that and I wonder how much of the lack of discipleship stems from the fact that those parents don't know what discipleship looks like. Since no one did that for them.

There can be sort of an excuse making.

While nobody disciple me out on a disciple anybody else on my my dad didn't do it. Why should I have to do it right right right right discipleship not in. I want people not intimidated by that word. It really is what I like getting hold of the hearts of our children are booing the height of our children. Your heavenly thought you didn't come to know Christ didn't come to not have faith in God because he gave you a little duration. I will doubt that loved the world that he drank it down for an order for relationship, but am well parent club.

There Yelling so the deal. It's really focus on the heart child and I'm realizing that I hadn't given them special influence in connection with their kids that the world can try to your way. I chatted parent to woo the heart act. After that, we remain primary influence in their lack such an important concept for Christian parents to understand Amy and I'm really glad that you're stressing that because we do have this tendency to think we have to outsource everything and if there is one thing that you just said that really ought to be driven home.

It's the point that you are the primary influencer of your child and you look at the statistics on when children are most greatly influenced, spiritually speaking, it's the vast majority of people become Christians when their children so that only makes sense while working that in the back to school and back door are just wonderful people and I like but if their home life like that. Matt you now and they are really struggling at home all the wonderful things are only going to have an influence on that such a good point.

Let's pause for break Amy Reno with us.

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Visionary parenting new book is all about that Rob and Amy Reno are the authors and Amy is joining us talking a lot about this important role that the Lord has given to us as Christian parents to disciple our children and don't be intimidated. Amy, I like that because I think we it's almost as if we look upon raising children. At least I have a tendency to do this as another long complicated thing on my to do list when it really begins with I love this child and one of the role of just loving your child and connecting to your child's heart is you said as the beginning place for discipleship yet. Not good for church training could be right right with your children and tell me you have an entity to begin with. The littlest thing. Like I said there's midnight. The times he put them to bed at night you get that special kind that Dell went out hat and in evening. Kids are in full-time daycare.

For example, if year that had fifth touch point with them when they got to bed at night you have an opportunity to share with them about your faith to read at two them to pray with them. I mean, I think direct family and me once that they think that we need to do something that like you discipleship but you just need to start somewhere and not being needed by the big picture. Start with a little thing that's great you have a chance. I know in your book about the way that you spend your time as a visionary family.

How would you advise parents to spend their time you mention. For example, the nighttime routine that can be a great time to read Bible stories to your children pray with them sing hymns to them and all those sorts of things. But what about time in general. From the time you get up in the morning till the time your children go to bed. What are some important tips would you say on how to spend your time well you wanted to have you.

Now I think sometime on little example that you know I have found even when you parent diagnostic and you just maybe just came out from work and you're not really wanting to engage it with your kids. For example, that they can file when you put even on video putting back on with your kit you actually think that there and watch that he Went them immediately on your file anything your email and I prayed Like that but you decide you don't need my very valuable time that when you're engaging and getting into your kids well care making heart connection with them. Why think you build into your schedule that Bill heart connection with your kid, which is relationship filled with warmth on contract when you're doing things that don't want on a contract with your children that it's creating what I discipleship pathway because they are gonna want to hear it. I want to listen to someone today had that relationship right and you are watching your mom and your dad every minute of every day and at certain points in their lives. Maybe the teenagers especially kids can be difficult on their parents and then we all go through that and we grow up and we seem so sorry mom that you did a great job with me. I didn't appreciate it. But what about the model and the mentor that you are for your children in terms of your character and even your own relationship with the Lord. What would you say are some important things for your children to see you doing and to see how you are is a Christian. I think Mike will be here sorry and I think it's wrong. Those are important like you because we want to be on me. Her heart and parent that's true, but parents are also hard on her head yes, like I said before, it it if I can't get the word out. My character is who we are at home is who we really are.

That's the message we get back. It every day who we are comically very I don't fool yourself when you walk out of the clock that you're coming home and you having a major outburst of anger with your spelling right now that the part of you that follow you into all your close relationship in your future life with your future and your future children that God is working on with you that working on so when we met we die we have to model the fact that you repeat free To my holy father, we need to be able to say I was wrong. It helps you kick the dog authentic relationship in your home.

Well that's right now would you differentiate between what dad ought to be doing in the home. From what mom ought to be doing in the home. Clearly, we are of the same mind. We want the same things for our children ultimately but were different and we play different roles in our children's lives. What would be the difference would you say between what dad should do with your child and what mom ought to do, or are the there are many distinctions you know I think that the Bible clearly different roles for women no-we look at as well. Love sacrificially. They found that copy (family fell on it interesting that the wife never quite demanded that copy that when it went intended for women to let that lay a lot of my friendship.

Hope you had that I like to say work really hard at liking your husband and father deftly played the role of protector and one yourself, sacrificially put it right down for his whole family and protector and provider. But you know and then the wife play that will should be a helper and respect and submit to her husband but getting back to leave a whole book.

They donate marriage to go into the will.

I think it's important to understand that when it comes down to the every day things were talking that here. Discipleship that no lack in between mom and dad, we don't need to get so hung up on while Danny went to meet Scripture love it more comfortable for mom open the Bible and read Scripture the most binding if it is happening in the home to who it delete yes I don't think people need to get you hung up on it. I know who's doing what any rate, if you're working at 15 a lot of people and situations where they found maybe not on the same page.

They are highly think I'm can do what you can I just tell myself that I didn't mean my bad I didn't beat every morning and at the right chat it now read it to them at lunch if I didn't get lunch and then I'm okay. I'm not getting up give up get up and try again the next day.

Now don't expect perfection from yourself to do something I love that that's good and that's something everybody can do what family worship. What role should family worship play in the home believing family my ship and show and family worship.

I think it's so important to distinguish if not timely. Parents say it this way we teach you the Bible instead. Family worship at the time will we put the Bible over all the family, meaning that she could submit to God. And help liking for parent because you know again, parent have to do some spectacular daughter had this great family worship, often for I believe just reading it. Scripture and each of us monolingual.

But that's what the Scriptures that immediately asking each person who wants to share what it back thinking letter that she is demonstrating that where all Scripture is not about mom and dad holding this over you.

It's the fact that we, the family, I can catch with that old you will choose to serve the light to where all that and we went.

My family worship happened in the home every day for 15 minutes but I'm sure for P let them overwhelming again, we encourage family realized your kids learning to worship in your home. Prepares and worship in the church and appeared to leave and future parents of your grandchildren to lead their family in a way that worshiped God's will and there's so many forces that are pulling families apart anyway with the soccer and cheerleading and dance and everything you know and and that's also a good excuse. First and foremost needs to be about worshiping the Lord and putting ourselves under the word of God but also it's an excuse to bring the family together which is your goal anyway that's that's what it's all about is to be able to be together as a Christian family and you don't think I would live for our family could sit down at the table you know I children with lap different crazy schedule, though you know me every day to day 15 minutes of praying together and reading the Bible and how it might look different on Monday on day yeah yeah I know it's so good will, the name of the book. Visionary parenting Amy Reno and again the website is vision You can check out any so good to have you here. Thank you for being with us.

Thank you for having been my pleasure. God bless and thank you for joining us enchantment for today

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