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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Gov. Scott Walker (The Next Generation of Conservatives)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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April 8, 2021 4:00 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Gov. Scott Walker (The Next Generation of Conservatives)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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April 8, 2021 4:00 am

To save our nation from Leftist ideology, young Americans must re-embrace our foundational principles. Former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, president of Young America's Foundation, joins me to talk about it and his group's new action plan, "The Long Game." Plus: A shocking Revoice webinar pushes the idea of "gay-straight couples" and even the concept of adding a third party to the mix! We'll cover that and more on Thursday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This Janet Mefford today podcast is brought to you in part by Bible league international. We want to send 1500 Bibles to Africa through Bible leaves open the floodgates Bibles for Africa campaign. Five dollars sends one Bible and a matching grant will double your gift call now 800 yes word 800 yes word is our confidence is in Christ alone, I sort of man's the lawmakers in the state of Arkansas for overriding the veto of their governor, Asa Hutchinson, one of the world was that by thinking. I mean, we had Christie known not too long ago botch that whole issue of the transgender issue out in South Dakota and she's making all kinds of weird statements about that and now we have what's going on in Arkansas just to bring you up to speed the house and Senate overrode this veto that the Republican governor Asa Hutchinson made of HB 1570. This is a bill called the save adolescence from experimentation after the safe act. It would prohibit a physician or other healthcare provider in Arkansas from providing any gender transition procedures to minors that are intended to alter the gender of a child or delay puberty and the reason they talk about chemical castration is because of the effects of these cross sex hormones in these experimental puberty blocking drugs that can have long-term horrible effects on fertility and who knows cells watch Tina when you're talking about little kids who are just hitting puberty or are even to puberty yet you want to experiment with hormones. It's unbelievable.

And what's more unbelievable is that this governor went down on it and by the way did an incredibly I think harmful to his political career interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox news one of the things that Tucker asked him about is this bill prohibiting chemical quick castration.

According to the governor would have been signed if that's all it was about and yet the question is why wouldn't you intervene to protect kids from this kind of insanity. When you have other kinds of laws on the book protecting kids. You don't let little kids drive cars you don't let little kids get married so he was appealing to Reagan and some other conservative principles of limited government and at some point it just falls flat.

But he was asked why is this a conservative value in your view, to not get involved and make this bill law and this is what he said cut six. Well first of all you have parents involved in very difficult decisions. You have physicians that are involved in these decisions and I go back to William Buckley. I go back to Ronald Reagan.

The principles of our party, which believes in a limited role of government are we as a party abandoning a limited role of government and say were going to invoke the government decision-making cohort above physicians over and above healthcare over and above parents. I get it at all.

Are you really trying to make the argument that Pres. Reagan would've been in favor of giving chemically altered hormone treatments to little kids to change their sexes mean he's probably spinning in his grave right now I'm thinking of all of these greats of the past. If you could just catapult them into 2021 and see some of the insanity that's going on what their reactions would be. I do this all the time. What would happen if my grandparents were alive to see this. I know what they would be saying and doing. They be acting like us but probably with more fervor because it's so out of the out of the box. I mean, it's not an out-of-the-box.

It's completely out-of-control. Here's what's interesting though apparently there was a study done in the UK talking about the overwhelming number of kids who have her rented side effects from these hormones, including suicide and the urge to commit self harm and so Hutchinson was asked what why would you support something like this when we have studies out showing how much this harms kids. This is what he said cut seven will actually reviewed some of this study are reviewed. The high court decision where and I think they are different than what you're talking about here.

Sure there's a lot of unknowns here. I study this bill. In contrast what you just said. I spent a lot of time reviewing cases reviewed meeting with people listening to the experts as well as to faith leaders as well. I'm a person of faith but at the same time.

I'm a person of limited role of government. I signed pro-life bills.

I signed many bills that would be looked at as a very conservative but this is one that crosses the line. It's ridiculous the way, when did it become a conservative value to say we shouldn't have any laws in place that would hamstring the ability of doctors to make a mint off family in situations like this mean you have all kinds of laws on the books that make sure that the medical profession is not out of control and it now has good boundaries around it legally. I mean we do that, all across society, why in this case, to use it. It's really up to the parents and their medical professionals on have you done any deep dive into some of these medical professionals who are making bank over these gender transitions over the gender whereby you could that there's so much money to be made and what about these studies and by the way, when you do have all these laws pertaining to kids do you think that it is less harmful to allow kids to have these hormone treatments than it is to let them drive a car because I can name people I know from the state of Arkansas who started learning to drive in the young teens 13, 14, it does go on and have laws against that right body of laws against that these guys these girls learn to drive at a young age. Maybe they live out on a farm. Dad says here I'll show you how to do it here put it in drive okay years.

I start the car. Okay, here's how you steer these kinds of things against the law. Why why why can't the parent let the Arkansas kid drive around the farm a little bit without the state getting involved okay that's something that the state says we need to be involved and I agree 13-year-olds drive. Of course not. But why would you make an exception for something this insane.

Here's what I find very interesting. There was an article in Newsweek. This was back in February and it was written by a woman who refers to herself as a transgender man and the opinion piece headline says we need balance when it comes to gender disparate kids. I would now listen to this I I'm in a try to get through as much of this as I can. She says I was thrilled when the medical community, told me six years ago that I could change from a woman to a man I was informed about all the wonderful things that would happen due to medical transition, but all the negatives were glossed over. Since then I have suffered tremendously, including seven surgeries a pulmonary embolism and induced stress, heart attack, sepsis, a 17 month recurring infection. 16 rounds of antibiotics three weeks of daily IV antibiotics arm reconstructive surgery long heart and bladder damage, insomnia, hallucinations, PTSD $1 million in medical expenses and loss of home, car, career and marriage. All this and yet I cannot sue the surgeon responsible in part because there is no structure tested or widely accepted baseline for transgender health care. I wonder if Gov. Hutchinson read this there is no structure tested or widely accepted baseline for transgender health care and not just for the adults. Also, not for the many minors embarking on medical transition in record numbers is not transferable, big or discriminatory to discuss this.

We as a society need to fully understand what we are encouraging our children to do to their bodies. She said throughout transition.

I second-guessed my decisions, but each counseling session a doctors appointment amounted to one more push convincing me. I could be cured of being born in the wrong body. The truth was that I didn't fit in as a dominant, aggressive, assertive lesbian dream of finally fitting and dangled like a ^ the idea that I could fit in catapulted me to a time much like adolescence, with its driver acceptance, inclusive peers, and the fantasy of being normal. And yet, during my post operation 17 months of sheer survival. I discovered that transgender healthcare is experimental and that large swaths of the medical industry encourage minors to transition due at least in part to fat profit margins. There you have it. What the human rights campaign will never tell you and this is interesting here. I am a trans man, she says, sifting through my decisions embracing who I am. Our children don't have a prayer to embrace the reality of something.

It takes a lifetime to understand. Here's what I could not comprehend before transitioning and what I honestly believe no child is capable of consenting to listen to this list, decreased life expectancy increased risk of premature death from heart attacks and pulmonary embolism's bone damage possible liver damage, increased mental health complications higher suicide rates than non-trans population chance of stunted brain development, much reduced chance for lifelong sexual pleasure, higher chance of sterility and fertility. No improve mental health outcomes, and not completely reversible at this is about the transition but there also downsides clearly to these hormone treatments which was evident in that UK study saying that these kids have a ratcheted up rate of attempted suicide and actual suicide from taking these hormones. Thank you Arkansas legislature you guys did the right thing better. Scott Walker's going to join us next from Wisconsin is now president of Young America's foundation a great plan for young Americans to hold our foundational principles will be right that Jennifer today when this young mom came to a pre-born center. She was planning to have an abortion after receiving love and support and meeting her baby on ultrasound. She chose life.

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Discover more about the power of today for more information call 855-585-4237 855-585-4237 liberty you're listening to Joe admit to know you in his famous speech, a time for choosing Ronald Reagan famously noted. If we lose freedom here, there's no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth and one wonders what the former president would think of America today at a time when our freedoms are under unprecedented threat from within. We are seeing this in everything from cancel culture to big tech censorship of conservatives to protests at college campuses over the appearance of conservative speakers and of course if we are to continue to enjoy our freedoms here in America it's more important than ever before to educate and inspire young Americans to preserve our foundational principles into the future and that is why my next guest is promoting a bold plan called the long game which will help ensure that future generations of Americans pass on the same love of country and freedom to their children that our parents passed on to us and joining us now to tell us more. As the new president of Young America's foundation, former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. It's great to have you with us. Gov. how are you about earlier glow good thing to have.

Yeah, I'm glad you're here. You are certainly well known for your boldness against the left and I wondering what your particular concerns are right now with the left's influence on the minds of young Americans in particular will reduce your card printers food not only on college campuses, but all throughout school refute sibling of a culture refute Goodyear and increasingly in our communications with censorship from. So we we laid up as long game plan because we know it's not enough to evolve the battle of the day. The left is for decades going over document a concert used so let's get his efforts in them systematically chipped away at our Judeo-Christian values are fairly principled and roll it up with the long ago about is not not dismissing the bells the day we still go to evolve there but having a long-term long-range long game plan their country back on track right now when you're talking about college campuses. In particular we see so much going on there. We see conservative speakers shouted down. Like I mentioned before, and we see a lot of conservatives even afraid to speak up on their own campuses. We seen polls about that were therefore afraid to say what they actually believe. How do you address that in the long wild 12 point action plan to. People want to copy the recovered rope of the we go through things now and getting more students evolve big at all. 4000+ campuses but particular using rightfully so, using the U.S. Constitution and the provisions guaranteeing free speech is open word in a word, we want one of the court of public opinion, but if need be, were to go away to the court of law. We had some success in the past.

For example, Ben Shapiro, UC Berkeley University over the Berkeley card diverted our students to bring you have been putting up unrealistic barriers. We wanted to have the reverse of policy now were taking up much more aggressively going to colleges but schools and elsewhere there were to seek out those who need your assistance to make sure that only for speakers but any conservative voice can be heard including another one of her action items which is conservative or even just objective educators, teachers and professors sometimes feel justice threatens her skin right so when you're talking about creating a support network for educators who are freethinkers and they might feel some of the fear and intimidation and the backlash on their campuses. How do you do that because you have obviously left domination left his nomination on college campuses. How do you get around that. How do you obviously through the court system.

You can do a quite a bit but as far as those loan conservatives that can be feeling very isolated on some of these campuses. How do you strengthen them what the combination of things to get legally work better pushing for drivel by credit newsletter work. The impact that had on students interest others with try to marginalize conservative religious objective voices out there the trade.

America's fillet of water were singing a play out nationally in this nonsense overgrown with your reasonable election integrity walk in George's example. Really they try to get corporate America media outlets and others to buy into this. We've got to stand up to what our students are educators or conservatives in general students with otherwise no that they're not alone, that they're not only do others share their beliefs, but their order to give the support they need the back and they needed tools.

One of the reasons why you consider the plan as well. Why we seen such tremendous growth. For example, in YouTube, which is the number one way young people get their information.

Our long-term goal is to get up to 5 million scrubbers in over a billion views, one of the reasons why went up so much this year is when we showed a previously taped speech is not just the speeches from our largest group of conservative speakers are campuses did you acquire but will we show them taking questions. That's why we see tremendous itself like a mango drawing conservative students of just conservative in general and to our YouTube pages they want to see how do I respond how to push Dr. Karen is not what all for educators as well as to get incredibly important in undercounter knowing of your colleagues will often times, some of the materials. Brickwork women often times you text books that are just horribly wrong. Time and time again we got a quick buck right. You also talked about the action plan, developing programs for younger students as well tell us what you have in mind for the younger students even going down to the middle school level. Yeah, middle school and maybe even in the water surges of elementary school we we see 1619 project of other things. Regret schools across America teaching our students to hate this country we want to counter that with materials that are age-appropriate and younger ages can be targeted toward helping parents also talked about our founding principles will talk about the love for concrete in the benefits of the founders of talk about our Judeo-Christian values. These are all things of you missing Lulu's absolute omission or worse yet there's a contradiction in each of those cases, we've got to help teach young people about what America is and why this country so great. We know people every year more than a million people legally come to this country.

We know were the largest by far four times greater than the next country, but in terms of foreign-born citizens. Why do so many people Medicare's risk their lives come here because the freedom of the opportunity that are unique to these United States of America.

We've got to give our students and the medications younger students parents are the tools to counter the nonsense from the loft. That's great.

Now when were talking about the Internet. Obviously we have to talk about big tech a little bit because big tech has been very very successful especially during this past election in silence and even the president of the United States so it's a challenge going forward.

And I'm curious for your opinion because Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas had weighed in this week saying that really we need to get to a point where big tech is treated like utilities. In other words, you can't kick people off. They have too much power. How do you feel about that well again right. As a kid. Certainly I felt for some time and hold it at some point in the future when the cartridges a little better control will look at pulling back of the section 230 liability protections but if they don't disfigure this is I think was is often not just in this instance, Clarence Thomas is one of those brilliant minds in American history when it comes to law, so the warnings you raise. There are very legitimate. She is there acting like a platform that's one thing but if they're acting like a publisher than they should have the same legal protections that have been written in section 2 flirted so we've not only pushed back there. I also think it one of her action items. If the collateral owned digital component that can do an end run around his other sources to provide conservative students and just conservative general was some of the tools they need to fight back. Not just the mechanics of the bid. Literally. Substantively, the arguments of the ways to access those arguments to help them in school. The classroom on the dormer in their communities and for those was a bit older than her work right what we were talking about the cultural crisis that were in right now we see the influence. For example, critical theory, also critical race theory, especially during the pandemic and the protests and all the stuff that's going on in the last several months and this is something that is reinforced all the time through media when you have young people going online in their seen it they go to school there hearing it. How do you create a new message that will be just as pervasive pertaining to the great ideals that that we inherited is Americans the freedoms that we enjoy the wonderful ideas that are founders put in place that gave us the nation we have today how we compete with that. How do we eradicate some of the bad ideas.

In other words well again like a battle where war we can know girl we shouldn't buy into any other terminology we should push back and we ultimately need to get back to the basics. That's one of the good things about the post national presidential election get back to the basics of the basic source of the radicals on the left or pushing a divisive country where the pit one group of Americans receive other you don't agree with the they don't just debate you. They will shut you down, or worse yet, there they want to brand you as a number of awful things out there that far too many buy into. Conversely, we get back to basics and say our message is the same no matter who you are young or old with your poor black or white know where you're comfortable what your background or message is simple.

We love America because we know in this country freedom and opportunity to build everyone better what their background that's something we have to fight to preserve the life of young people, inclusive.

Understand that when I look at this last year on knowing globally the failures of socialism. But the figures even in states like New York and California where the government overstepped its bounds and we see the fair not only economically but but even the terms of health results versus states like Florida and Texas reasonable work. They sided with the people put their faith individual and the family versus the government. They have been much much better now economically but in terms of the health status of that's a good lesson for us, particularly young people on your own art as well.

Will write Gov. Walker. Do you think that the long game will we have enough time to play the long game in order to turn things around. Absolutely Ronald Reagan I came of age with Pres., you made me register conservative, but a copy but I am optimistic. We've gone through a lot more than two centuries of these United States of America. And I know you wish to write to world war depression also to other challenges we can take on the things were taken on today but we gotta get back to the basics and that we can't just get caught up in the battles of the day, but don't see those but have a long game approach to win the war. The heart and soul discredit Republican while people join us get most of your free copy of the plan long game is the name gives a way to get it. We hope you if your student come and join us if you know student plug. The beverages would help. Well, that sounds great. Young America's foundation president, former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, thank you so much Gov. for being with us.

God bless you your general spout around event. Thanks again for being with us this day and it never today podcast is brought to you in part by Bible league international. We want to send 1500 Bibles to Africa through Bible leaves open the floodgates Bibles for Africa campaign. Five dollars sends one Bible and a matching grant will double your gift call now 800 yes word 800 yes word for today here's your host Joe Mefford.

Welcome back to get into something that is pretty shocking in the second half of the program and so if you have young kids in the car with you or they are in the kitchen or wherever you happen to be listening to the broadcast.

You might want to make sure they're out of earshot, but this is important enough that you need to hear this. Now I'm going to go back a couple of years.

For those of you who might be newer to the program than others, but several years ago in about May 2018. I started telling the world about this upcoming conference called re-voice and a lot of people know about re-voice now.

We did about 100,000 show sonnet. We did a wonderful conference refuting re-voice called God's voice conference in 2019, and what rhe voice is they started out as this push for LGBT Q plus Christianity in the historic Christian tradition but they said all but were celibate, Tina.

We have same-sex attraction, but were celibate and we went into all the details about this really and in excruciating detail, so I don't want to trade ground the same ground that we talked about quite a bit but at any rate, the bottom line was, we were warning from day one about re-voice being in attempts to quote unquote queer.

The evangelical conservative circles of the church and that's exactly what happened re-voice was scheduled to take place at a Presbyterian Church in America congregation in St. Louis. The PCA was a conservative offshoot of the PC USA going all the way back to 1973 and in the last several years it's become increasingly progressive. They are moving decidedly in a pro LGBT direction and it anyhow.

Now we see it all.

We see what's going on in the PCA and other circles within a formerly conservative evangelicalism so we have been warning about re-voice for several years now, and will continue to do so and I just have evidence now that everything we have been warning about.

Since 2018 was warranted because it started out with them trying to say all the were just we promote celibate gay people in the church and that's fine.

Of course you're not addressing the issue of repentance and the fact that lost sarsen before you ever get around to committing behavior.

That's true whether or not your heterosexual or homosexual, so we gone into detail on that as well. But 2021 will bring about another re-voice conference in the Dallas area. It's coming out this fall in October and they put out a webinar. It only recently came to light on the Internet and I want to get into this because this just shows you the downgrade. They start out by saying will, which is promoting gay celibacy in the church and you know it never stops. There never ever stops with just we just want to do this. It always continues to spiral downward in a spiritual downgrade and this thing is on a collision course.

It's just it's so bad it's hard for me to even quantify it.

You have to hear this for yourself, some to set up what you hear there is a webinar put out called better together and in this webinar. It features a Gay straight do well. Both of these men are youth pastors.

Keep in mind this is a re-voice webinar on YouTube. One of them is named Art Pereira he is a New Jersey youth pastor. He's a youth director of youth ministry at Hope Presbyterian Church, a PCA church in New Jersey is straight friend is named Nick Gallucci. Oh, who is also a youth and young adult pastor at a church called Stonecrest Community Church in New Jersey and they're talking about their friendship referring to it as a family and a household. Two men, one who claims to be celibate gay. The other one who claims to be straight. That's the set up and you get to hear how this went down so let's listen first to this is arts the celibate gay PCA youth pastor, his family was on the more more calls like this one is crying about the latest coming home from work and having no one to accident work worse. No one calling you crying and going like this. It's really informed me that he would just come home every day is developed conversion from Alexa look like this are just become a household so it's been a lot of conversations together is such a great wage loss on highly recommends little legal contract is my name so when I got his money is and is not to youth pastors. Can you believe this.

Can you believe what you are hearing here this discussion about I was crying about the weight of celibacy.

His homosexuals celibacy and I needed to lock someone down can imagine locking them down. And isn't it hilarious you know that with a two-year lease he's staying. He's mine.

What is this talk. These are two youth pastors and and it just gets worse. Let's listen to cut to each other just as well.

Really will life together for the rest of our lives, which were not totally sure that looks like straight and he does on getting married but were totally finding a way to live together function as a household.

Looks like all details, we don't know why you live in a house next door dream world whole everyday so that sounds awesome, but this gives her the Lord is not. We we worked out just another few years I moved my reviews and make decisions together as a family.

Whatever might be like if we get a job someplace and that means negative family, his life shall make decisions with us shall make decisions with office. That's a throttle, is it not all. So were not going to be apart from each other here. If he moves I move with him. If I move, he moves with me and if my straight roommate who I think is really cute and ends up getting married then she's gonna have to work together with us as a family. That's the trouble that's that's something completely outside the boundaries of Scripture. I don't even think I need to make that point.

This is a new definition of family. This is where re-voice is now there, openly admitting it there promoting this garbage so I homosexual my roommate who I think is really cute is straight were both youth pastors and someday when he gets married to a woman will all be a family. Are you kidding me in the listen to his peers. Three more love is lost over the falling in love actually is being weird as early as being celibate is is you little restaurant was really visible brothers and will figure out world leaders closely share pretty much everything's lost relationship and I don't have missing my life will be painful. You will be painful to see sometimes is not as close as I can.

Also that he doesn't want. There's no feel less love actually because you love me with any like money weird romantic feelings for the French just loves me so much as a strength of his brother so sometimes it is because he doesn't love me the same way he does love me as much unbelievable this man is a director of youth ministry in a PCA church say that again this man who is talking about his fear of falling in love with another man with whom he is living who might get a wife someday, and together they can all be a family. He is a director of youth ministry at a PCA congregation would you want to put your child under the direction of this man or the man with whom he's living at his church where he is a youth and young adult pastor. This is what's happening in evangelical circles.

Beloved. This is what the fruit of re-voice really is and I'll tell you what there is more to come on this particular video and I think it's very important for you to hear it. You are listening to Jana for today will be right back. Fellow Christians are suffering in Africa hi this is Janet my for pastor luminal ministers in Mozambique near the Indian Ocean.

He's been beaten and jailed.

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Instead of praying for God's word to endure and persevere as new followers of Jesus Christ.

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Well I am playing some excerpts from a very shocking video it's on YouTube and only recently came to life on social media and I want to thank Pastor Sean Mathis.

He's a pastor in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and his been very much on this anti-re-voice train since we first exposed it back in 2018. He's been absolutely fabulous in upholding biblical truth in regards to re-voice this pro-LGBT Q plus Christianity effort that is trying to basically initiate the acceptance of homosexuality within conservative evangelical circles every time they claim they're just in the historic Christian tradition what they do shows who they really are. This one is just mind blowing. You have two men in this video. This is a webinar from re-voice and you can find it on YouTube. It's called better together involves a homosexual man who claims he celibate by the name of art Pereira.

He is a director of youth ministry at Hope Presbyterian Church, a PCA church in New Jersey and his straight friend is Nicola Nuccio who is a youth pastor at Stonecrest Community Church. Also New Jersey and they're talking about their life together as a family and as a household and maybe someday Nick will get married and then the three of them will figure out how to do life together. I want to play a little bit more from arts. This is the celibate homosexual youth pastor who works in a PCA church and loves re-voice. This is For this is totally also heavily extroverted show love and affection really differently. I'm very touchy.

He's very not remove estimate lot is but I know sometimes is you should really talk for hours and does not want to do either of those things okay you might be wondering at this point and I think many people would be wondering at this point, why would a strike. I want to live with a man like. That's why would you want to be roommates with somebody who is basically hitting on you, calling you cute locking you down with two year leases in your apartments and doing creepy videos with you and by the way, when you go back and you listen to the beginning of the video where he talks about how he Matt's neck.

This is our to homosexual the celibate homosexual. How did he meet Nick. He talked about how they went to Nyack College together and he basically was, you know, always trying to how shall I say it. Get to know the guys involved in youth ministry and so eventually he liked Nick and Nick came over for tea. Why would a straightman be on board with this, you know, I'm saying it's weird if you're straight.

If you're heterosexual normal men out mail and you want to get married someday and have a family.

What are you doing, why is this guy doing this by the way, one of the creepiest things about this video is at one point art puts his hand up in the video and he's a wedding ring on okay I know what that's all about. Maybe he just likes wearing a band on his left fourth finger and it's just ornamental to him, but I found a little bit weird really a little bit weird. More than that. So let's go to Nick because Nick the straight roommate did weigh in and you can hear for yourself as you listen to him speak how conflicted and confused and out of it. The guy really is when it comes to his own life. Listen to cut five possibilities for the reasons that so you will for you as you reception issues, see issues that I've just grown up like as that? Why is you will is the assumption that will change like you know, just as wrong as you like. Use of the very center go just not only is discomfort. I will is is is is is here and the voice of the straight friend there how uncomfortable he is with the entire thing, but he doesn't have the wherewithal either biblically, emotionally, or in any other way to see what's going on here which you and I by listening to this can figure out exactly what's going on here. He's questioning himself he's not looking at the situation and say wow this is creepy. This is really creepy.

You have a guy who's calling me cute, locking me down.

The two year lease and wanting to be part of my life forever. Even if I get married, you know, a normal man would go run away. I'm out of here, but not Nick not Nick and he's not appealing to Scripture. Instead, he's accusing himself of potentially being homophobic. See, this is this is what has the devil written all over it folks. Did God really say that is the famous line of the serpent. Any still saying it to people did God really say that it's wrong for two men to live together when one is attracted to the other and the other one wants a wife someday and the one who is attracted to the other man says we should have a family someday with a woman and you can be married to her but she's gonna come along and will all make decisions together as a family like it's completely creepy and demonic, and I am not trying to be over the top. I honestly think it is completely demonic that you have this man to the point where he can't even figure out why he's uncomfortable. I don't know if it's the boundaries I just like it's an inappropriate boundaries here. Or maybe I'm just homophobic. This just isn't going to end well for this man. I've no idea who is aware and will but I'll tell you the thing that concerns me way more than even what you're hearing. These men are youth pastors. These men are in churches. These men are working, presumably with other men with other young men teenagers boys. I don't know how all the boys are or the girls are with whom they're dealing but there youth would that bother you as a parents.

It bothers me. It would bother me tremendously wire these men in the ministry wire these men in the ministry. I'll tell you why, because when we had the opportunity years ago to fight this agenda and to get ahead of it and to say this is what the word of God says, and were not moving on this and we will not tolerate anything that goes up against the word of God when it comes to homosexuality in the homosexual agenda waiting to it. Why because you have a lot of people who didn't want to be considered homophobic. Would you rather be called a homophobe and protect your church from this kind of influence or would you rather avoid being called names and allow all of this re-voicing to come into your church is that's what's can happen.

Folks, it's not going to get better.

It's only going to get worse and I can say this from having followed re-voice from day one, we broke the story, we know exactly what we voice was about from day one and we knew the trajectory would be going downward downward downward downward downward and now were at this issue again. Straight couple with the potential for 1/3 party in the mix in the future. What woman would marry a man in that situation probably find someone, probably find somebody Nate Collins who is the founder of re-voices married his wife puts up with all this nonsense I want attracted to men what wife would put up with that you're married to me. You're married to me. We have a family we have children you claim to be a Christian you are off the mark. You need to be call to repentance. Nate, you need to be recalled back to God's word and obedience to God's word you are playing with fire.

Nate and he is and yet it keeps spreading and more and more people who have not put up biblical barriers against did God really say are going to fall into this trap. It's only going to get worse and the fact that you have a Presbyterian Church in America. Putting this guy on staff and you have a Christian missionary alliance church in the case of neck having that ion staff given his life situation is a travesty.

It's a travesty and were not allowed to have any moral outrage whatsoever unless were going after people who were presumably homophobic will reserve all of our moral outrage for people who have a problem with videos like this one. Turning the tables because I know what the Lord says in his word and the Lord is slow to anger, but the Lord is a holy, righteous God, he is holy, holy, holy, and this is an abomination for men who are working in churches and claiming to speak for God and claiming to have been called to the ministry to be pushing this kind of nonsense, and it will not end well I can say that definitively it will not end well and what happens when the next generation of kids in those churches is inevitably hearing this kind of nonsense coming out of the mouths of their youth pastors what you think that's gonna do to the kids LGBT. It's awesome.

It's great. It's fantastic. There's nothing wrong with it and who needs the Bible anyway will just take the Bible and turn it into whatever we wanted to be and you know what the devil is a liar. He is the father of lies. It is his nature to lie and he can't do anything else. There is no truth in him.

The Lord Jesus said we have to stand against this is in Ephesians 6, situation church, we really, really do put on the armor of God take up the shield of faith and fasten that belt of truth around your waist because church organ immediately stays in May God protect and guide us these very dark days praying for these people to come to repentance and faith in the true God, and his Savior, son, Jesus Christ, thanks for being with us on Jennifer today. Always a pleasure to have you see next. This hour Janet met for today has been brought to you by by leak international we want to send 1500 Bibles to Africa.

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