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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Marc Morano (The Green New Deal Fraud)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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March 31, 2021 4:00 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Marc Morano (The Green New Deal Fraud)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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March 31, 2021 4:00 am

Progressives plan to skirt Congress to shove their radical Green New Deal on America through administrative agencies. But just how bad is this plan? I'll talk it over with climate expert Marc Morano as we discuss his book, "Green Fraud: Why the Green New Deal is Even Worse Than You Think." Plus: Why are so many evangelical leaders telling skeptical Christians to get the COVID-19 vaccine? We'll discuss that and more on Wednesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.


This Janet Mefford today podcast is brought to you in part by Bible league international. We want to send 1500 Bibles to Africa through Bible leaves open the floodgates Bibles for Africa campaign.

Five dollars sends one Bible and a matching grant will double your gift call now 800 yes word 800 yes word is our confidence is in Christ alone, I saw you know and energy revolution proposing what could amount to more than $3 trillion in federal spending on things like infrastructure, Inc. and energy initiatives and climate regulations. Of course, now Arkansas Sen. Tom cotton recently expressed his doubt on the likelihood of this receiving approval in Congress. But while that even matter, because according to the Wall Street Journal.

There are plans afoot to skirt Congress. So, progressives and climate radicals can get their green new deal. WishList accomplished through administrative agencies. Of course the key question is what is on the horizon for all of us. If these radicals prevail were to talk about it today with climate expert Mark Marano. He is the publisher of climate as well as an award-winning producer, writer and host of the climate hustle films and he is out with a great new book as well. It's called green fraud wide green new deal is even worse than you think, Mark, great to have you with us. Thanks for being here you happy to be at the thank you all. Now that Biden is president were back on the red new deal track. I guess green bread. What's the difference for you know what to make of what he's done so far because he was talking in the debates when Trump confronted him about this, that he was now on track with the green new deal, but then he gets in office, and immediately he starts issuing these executive orders at what's going on here just at the beginning of his presidency water to Joe Biden.

He was never a big climate. He would never acclimate radical you want your typical Democratic politician who paid lip service and then putting which did whatever he wanted eat it on the campaign he led the way your private jet travel, even if you have any concern about cloud. However, in order to get the Democratic Party base. He had to appease them, so that even with his transition, he if he allowed people like Bernie Sanders, AOC the sunrise climate youth movement all them to have incredible power writing his platforms.

It seems that now that is present. He's just sort of seated goal climate agenda to the party progressive radical base and he's not really involved you personally, I'd like he's preventing it or try to be reasonable at this going full steam ahead what they're doing.

If there are Reading degree new deal to be introduced legislation, but in the meantime Biden come in first orders were executive orders, he killed American jobs, American energy, one after the pipeline tracking death of a thousand cuts under by the administration going after drilling in the use of federal lands for energy extraction and then he followed that up with every agency is a climate agency so you have Department of Defense worrying about it.

You have interior you have State Department and then you going after financially as well be federal financial rules in our companies. If you invest in oil and gas your your your to have Bob penalties and be trying to persuade companies only. Do not could not invest in energy project so that all think on any of the infrastructure bill, which of course you define the word infrastructure to include identity politics and a whole host of other non-traditionally infrastructure related thing to get started but felt implementation of the school and just hiking taxes like crazy to some of the corporate tax would go way up. I mean that's killing jobs right there is even a theory of note, claiming that bill that better will build back better treat you actually relies on covert lockdown was just collapsing our economy and one of the progressive WishList people back in 1972 George McGovern running for president you guaranteed annual income for everyone in the losing 49 states and the landslide the Richard Nixon, but fast forward over the lockout of so hammered American, especially small businesses, mom-and-pop restaurants will corporate class is gotten unbelievably wealthy.

The Walmart Amazon for Facebook for big companies biggest transfer wealth from poor and middle class to the wealthy under lockdown.

What is it all mean they like this build back better means endless government covert stimulus relief checks, which essentially AOC and others now architecture degree new deal want to make permanent they want to be monthly government checks. This is exactly what progressive wanted you collapse private sector and then you get one dependent on the government and then were all sheep, listening to her every command in there getting votes from everyone together, depending on their livelihood from it word about place what we are so central planning is the real goal. That's where they're headed yes and that's always been the stated goal.

Even United Nations that we will seek to redistribute the world's wealth by climate policy and then you have Christina for Gary, the UN climate chief. We will we seek a centralized transformation that likes life on planet earth very different.

And then you have the architecture degree new deal that I detail as above, it is not a climate thing that's actually a change the whole economy thing in any of other accurate thing about capitalism and treated in climate can't coexist.

Capitalism is not compatible with a livable climate so this is all what they want to be, will the gas prices you know but me about that.

Why this is what their goal Obama's own energy Sec. Chu said he wanted European-style gas prices will guess what were not even halfway there.

This is where they want they want energy expensive.

They want you, not us, not driving, they want us not flying. They want to know how to live our homes with electricity only when it's available on rolling blackouts vast their vision because that's an earth friendly vision.

They talked for decades about planned recession and de-growth movement and what better way to achieve it.

Then through endless lockdown, covert lockdown, morphing the climate lockdown and also just making the cost of energy so much that it depresses the economy's right so would you look upon the coronavirus response. Obviously the coronavirus is real and has been devastating for many, many pita what would you look at the response is something of a planned response with that and goal in mind, at least among some of these elites to be careful not arguing that the coronavirus was a plan to make and they put it here in order to achieve now right but it's a moment of opportunity now is like a school shooting or a mass shooting. What's the first thing you hear before we even know a single thing we board on gun control lobby moved in the lobby.

So what happened with COBIT. If you had a viral threat in immediately. Progressive took over and by the way they were perfectly positioned because public health separate from the climate academic world has been completely captured by progressive left me there are serious they were just in waiting with their plan and their plan was to shut down all of society and put themselves in charge.

That's why you have this absurd practical governors declaring emergency and then public health director should never even knew existed.

Username suddenly were telling you when you can leave your house how we people to be a sort of acute what your curfew was at night whether you ever forced to have a vaccine or not have it there be no exemptions in the case of Virginia where I live.

Our health director don't know his name but I know he's not my point is this is what happened the opportunity. Don't let a crisis go to waste. And then of course the most shocking aspect is all the climate, praise the covert lockdown as a model and as great for the environment and they were jealous. We had had everyone from gratis number John Kerry, Al Gore unit of all praising the lockdown to one form or another and saying we can do this for the for a virus we can do it for the climate John Kerry flies without a mask.

I just had to throw that in there and in private jet with this remarkable back with you without a commercial first-class flight of rarity for him doing tours of what was in Antarctica just for fun. We went to Iceland to get an environmental award to what better way to fly a private apply private Leonardo. He said I'll fly around the world fighting global warming, with no laws, no sense of irony when he said it reads these people are crazy. So are you looking then when you when you're analyzing the green new deal that climate lockdown's are in our future if they get their way back to chapters in the book to deal with this climate lockdown to couple things this year. Chuck Schumer had urged Pres. Biden to declare a national climate emergency much like the model of the COBIT health emergency that we had in 2021, seven emergency to suspend certain elements of democracy and give the executive much more power federal power already sitting by covert restrictions by the even here were I live in Virginia is restaurant that it been defying the COBIT lockdowns with all the other 25 most absurd thing you have indoor dining. Okay, let's put a tent outside of the pack.

Everyone is what's the difference driving like a baby inside that's close to being outside in a tent in a closed environment would happen with the empowered ocean now a federal agency occupational safety work whatever whatever agencies go and now the state and local level and start enforcing and try to remove licenses of restaurants not following global health. I like centralizing lockdown.

This is crazy to pick this up on the other side of the break Mark Marano. His book is called green fraud will come right next. This is Janet Matt for it for Bible league international engaging the world with God's word for more than 80 years, believers in Africa are hungry to read their very own Bibles hear from Pastor Jeremiah in Zimbabwe. The church is clean very fast in the north part of the country where some the speaking people and speaking people. And then you know find that is the movement of the dispute, they way that hunger is pretty much the sibling if you can imagine 10 Christians right now in many places in Africa. On average, nine have no access to the Bible hears Lillian in Mozambique went to the house because of the tech had about 100 people and the one person Bible was the pasta but everybody else had never seen a Bible and uses motivation want more to do more to reach as many people as we can know where going to go they just take the lack of public through Bible studies and resources that introduce people to Jesus Christ by the leak is faithfully discipling new believers in Kenya, Donna, Ethiopia and many other African countries hears an evangelist named Joseph in South Africa.

We were even there is about 66 to treat as a soul right now down and she tried she didn't have 60 she never had a Bible. So much for feeding just to see people like hey dressing when the items you can be the answer to a Christian praying for God's word through open the floodgates Bibles for Africa.

Five dollars sends one Bible $50 sense 10 and a matching grant will double your gift and help us reach our goal to send 1500 Bibles. Call 800 yes word 800 Y ES WO RD or there's a banner to click and chant you're listening to never today know you're welcome back while I am really grateful for the work that Mark Marano does. He is the publisher climate and host of the climate hustle films as well as the award-winning producer and writer of those great films and is out with a terrific book green fraud, why degree new deal is even worse than you think Mark you were saying before we went to the break that they COBIT opportunity that was snatched by these leftists is hey while these lockdowns drink of 19 or great idea. We can have these climate lockdowns and you mentioned that OSHA is now going forward and and looking to remove licenses from restaurants that violate COBIT lockdowns. I mean, they implement this climate lockdown and what would be the excuse for St. due to a climate emergency you can't leave your house or you can open your business, what would be their excuse for keeping us lockdown in a climate emergency work with UK House of Lords regression came out and said he was amazed at how compliant the public had been under the COBIT lockdowns and then restrictions and now is the time to strike with a version of the climate lockdowns now you look at climate lockdown. We know that that baby before we even had COBIT.

They were looking at flight shaming and try to get people to stop flying. They wanted heavy airline taxes. They wanted airline industry was a major target of climate activists. What happens with COBIT airlines are virtually shut down collapsed except for the private jet obviously of the of the class of the league climate access to what's happened is one of the proposal to a man a miracle right climate activists declared climate emergency was to try to get Biden to do flying an airplane would only be acceptable what will really be happy to happen. What is quote morally justifiable." In other words, much like a curfew. We have to justify the government that you're leaving your house only for essential services, ongoing food or medicine, or you're not allowed out of your house to justify the government you're going to vacation. Well, it's not a funeral.

Sorry you are you taking your quota for the talking about CO2 budgets for every man woman and child on the planet. This is been proposed multiple times were government would monitor your you're essentially your emissions and energy use, and if you go over it you get essentially locked down your thermostat can be controlled here in California. They talk about this and try to wear your your your limits. If you're running your air conditioner to high form of what restriction the other thing that is most shocking Australia national County academics national University academics are proposing adding climate change to a death certificate and this will be a way that you'll eventually have sand with a climate death toll had with COBIT. Bill Gates is already said climate change got told dwarf anything from COBIT 19 coming massive compared antivirus and so if you look at this this thing, the department of transportation under Pres. Obama to the study fatal car accident been caused more by global warming American cancer society said cancers up due to global warming Al Gore to fit every organ in your body is affected by global warming you die of cancer organ failure or in a car crash. You could have climate change put the cause of death on your death certificate so this is how this is one way to fuel the fear but ultimately a climate lockdown is to be energy restrictions to be diet restrictions in the declared climate emergency you can't be eating that much meat.

The government could make me very expensive. This is the goal of the climate accurate and to be pushing this process vegetable oil fake meat.

They even have a 3D printer you can print X amount of pounds per hour of fake meat that pushing insect eating the world up by the United Nations and that the world economic forum and climate accurate Hollywood celebrities. So, on every aspect of what I mean by climate lockdown at every aspect your life to be regulated manage in an unprecedented way. Modeled after a climate that COBIT lockdowns are not eating insects. I'm just putting it out there right now does not these people should be in a loony bin half these people probably most of them if not all of them needed need to be in a loony bin somewhere because this is at this is out of control and this is all predicated on this false premise.

Mark, as you pointed out time and time again that there is such a thing as a man-made climate emergency can you debunk that for people so they just understand why this whole thing is ridiculous in the first place. In my book green fraud whole chapter to the site by the way Amazon is being pressured the pool by climate accurate to pull my book off of Amazon because Amazon is supposed to be a global warming champion and they can't believe that there allowing climate desire book remarks kind of got involved, so it is Saturday but I have a whole chapter just deals with the science that I go through and I show you the carbon oxide is not a control knob. The geologic history of the earth. We had CO2 many times higher and had ice ages were currently in the 10% cold period of Earth history where we had really it was only 97 versus even to warm to have ice at either pole I go through sea level I talked about how polar bears are disappearing, but only from Al Gore's books and movies because of their historic population. I did Al Gore stop talking about it for some reason, but also extreme weather, flood hurting, tornadoes, droughts, wildfires, etc. I show that even according to United Nations reports buried in the report. There's no trend or declining trend in all these extreme weather measures so there is not only no climate emergency where it's hard to find the evidence that human of the human contribution to the climate that different from natural climate variability in other words, you can't distinguish where you have anything unprecedented is happening and that includes temperature. It's amazing I got I have I excite former United Nations scientists. In my book as well who turned against the organization. That's crazy. I know you talked at the Congressional hearing before about the UN political process and how that creates this so-called scientific basis of a climate emergency.

What goes on behind-the-scenes among the UN elites to kinda make this all pushed out on the public what you have to do tonight in my first book to politically incorrect guide to climate change, which was more of the UN green fraud book, but there were scientific handpicked scientists around the scientist ends up actually try to do real science and deviates from the UN narrative decided to booted out Journal editors are threatened if they publish anything that counters United Nations scientific narrative on climate they go to conferences and they say like solar decided on buying this, we have to marginalize them, they they try to block freedom of information act request for the campaign cause done by the United Nations but we have scientists in their and and I have you in scientist admitting this that they sit around the table and they hopefully make the next UN climate report so alarming the world will have to get the quotes from each UN climate chief little of the report will be so alarming that there will be no choice but to act telegraph science so this is where it would have his science gets co-opted by politics and you end up science becomes in-service to the politics and that's were finding here with COBIT you and if that's another example were climate and COBIT are inextricably linked. We have epidemiologists from Stanford uninvited from scientific conferences not allowed to present papers because they don't support lockdown. We have doctors being decertified or they don't have the other COBIT practices. One doctor did not make his staff wear masks are of people who visited in California.

He got the local medical board shut him down after he said that an interviewer me this is what we're facing.

It's gotta be conformity. No dissent.

And this is the problem with big government, big academia and ideology all mixed and they try to impose what they want. Science becomes secondary science is only relevant to the extent that it supports policies already decided by the politics and politicians.

All that's an important question when I'm looking at these numbers you were talking about the fact that these leftists would really like to implement this permanent policy is doling out these checks to people and to keep them dependent on government, we are approaching $30 trillion is a national debt projected by the end of 2021. What if our economy were to collapse because at some points you can't keep. Just spending money that you don't have the have to pay the piper.

At some point create a better opportunity for the green new dealers to do what they want to do or do you think that that would somehow undo what they want to try to do collapse, chaos, hyperinflation, all of that is probably in there anytime you have chaos, you're going to get progressive swooping in and they love the idea. This is what happens with disasters are you look at the history of our budget. I mean we had a huge obviously you spending and debt ratio. After World War II we grew out of it. In the 1950s 1960s were booming, and then the 1970s hit with inflationary within the Reagan era came and reigned a great job with the economy. However, he never was able to rein in the spending for the and that was where the process we started with deficits that from the 90s. What was interesting is Bill Clinton and the Republican Congress with the best combination we actually had budget surplus $0.75 a gallon gas by the late 90s. That's what you want from government you want government focused on a Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. In that way you figured yes the other in the hyper partisanship is great for liberty. So yeah, she had low debt and then comes 9/11 that's on the debt bomb started and then comes the Obama ministration. That's when they did their their first multiple stimulus's and got it heavily into debt and frankly Donald Trump was never a big deal spending cut her here. He allowed Betty to go off of Biden. At this point is in a whole new level.

So that legacy is really since 9/11, that the debt bomb exploded, but is now levels.

We never even contemplated in going to get worse. But ultimately I believe that that's part of a progressive gay but because the more societal collapse of people can afford stuff. Guess what they need more government assistance, which means progressive politicians are to be in for life there to be people, relying on them for every kind of assistance as hyperinflation energy cost unemployment and you every aspect. You can imagine, this will become in my book I get into the great reset which basically says the elf of the world you will owe nothing, and you'll be happy and that's their motto and that's what they're proposing here and it's very scary thing because in order to achieve that they need to collapse the current system and we couldn't of been on a better path to collapse the current system and the code lockdown. It's really scary and it makes you wonder about Biden's supposed maybe Freudian slip in his press conference about 2024.

If there will even be a Republican Party that that's one whether or not the relevant party, and we will get the most votes, it will get elected and they're so pathetic right now from Mitch McConnell, Liz Cheney, I mean it's just a mess. I don't even pay attention to what's going on Capitol Hill. I was almost right off at this point I'm with you, well, great book green fraud Mark Marano so good to talk to Mark and thank you for all the great work you do think you appreciated. I take care you listening to Janet my for today this Janet Mefford today podcast is brought to you in part by Bible league international. We want to send 1500 Bibles to Africa through Bible leaves open the floodgates Bibles for Africa campaign. Five dollars sends one Bible and a matching grant will double your gift call now 800 yes word 800 yes word for today here's your host Joe Mefford alright alright alright from our mailbag.

We get so many emails from you guys, which we love.

We love hearing from you, but we have gotten so many emails recently asking me to talk more extensively about the vaccines and part of the reason for this. The cover 19 vaccines. I mean talk about measles and polio.

I'm talking October 19.

Of course it probably goes without saying, but I'll say it anyhow, 19 vaccines obviously are all the rage and it's been in the news now for several weeks, and more and more people are getting the cover 19 vaccines are several to choose from.

Now you have the Pfizer, the modernity of the Johnson & Johnson, so now there is all this creepy talk about vaccine passports. New York is already put one in the places we discussed on yesterday's show and what's interesting to me is the concerns from so many Christians were hearing from about. We don't want to take the vaccine and we want to know what the deal is with all of this, we don't really believe that we can trust. What's going on and you know what I completely understand. Here is my take on the vaccination.

I'm to get into this a little bit more detail. I've said this before but it bears repeating. I think that we are all reasonably intelligent adults and we live in the United States of America and I think people should be able to make decisions for their own lives. I believe in little thing called freedom.

I really do. I don't know as much about these vaccines as an epidemiologist minor a virologist might clearly I'm not a medicinal person. I'm not in the field of medicine and I'm not a scientist, I know these mRNA vaccines are a different ball of wax and some other vaccines that are on the market but I think that freedom is an important thing. I think freedom of conscience is an important thing. I support the fact that we have laws on the books that do not mandate vaccines here in the state of Texas, for example, you have the ability to get an affidavit for example for your children.

If you opt out of certain vaccines and you will get an exception and so I think that kind of thing is good for human flourishing as TDC likes to say I do I really believe in freedom.

For that reason, I would never have a problem with anybody any Christian saying I want to get the vaccine. No problem with that.

If you want to get the vaccine. If you are somebody who's vulnerable if you're somebody who's elderly. We talked about this a million times, go get the vaccine. What I don't want is any government mandates telling me or you. You have to get the vaccine for a virus with an astronomically high recovery rate because government says so and we will curtail your freedoms if you don't go along with that I have a major problem with that.

I've other problems with it as well, but you really have a problem with. I really have a problem with all of these people who were getting involved on the church level and trying to strong-arm Christians into making a decision to get the vaccine because I don't think that's really the forum where that needs to be implemented.

I really don't think that's the right form.

We are about worshiping and serving the Lord. Hearing the word preached hearing the gospel preached getting built up in the word, hearing the whole counsel of God, praying together and worshiping the Lord and growing in Christ. That's what the church is about. I'm not saying there's no time to discuss certain issues but I'm getting a little bit more and more uncomfortable every single day with these evangelical leaders weighing in on this and trying to really press people to get the vaccine.

I don't know why that's going on. I'll give you a recent example of this couple actually, I should've gotten to this earlier, but I'm getting to it now so there you have it that there have been a couple of people in recent days who have been in the news about this one was Dr. Robert Jeffers whose pastor first Baptist Dallas and of course Dr. Jeffers has been on my show a number of times is a very nice guy have nothing against Dr. Jeffress and then the other one is Franklin Graham from Samaritans purse again. Very nice man, highly respected evangelist, son of Billy Graham does a lot of great work and we love Franklin Graham as well.

Both of them have recently come out and talked about this issue of the vaccine. Now I want you to listen in particular to what Dr. Jeffress recently said this was a little while ago on Fox News when he was asked about this poll showing 45% of white evangelicals. I don't know why wheelies have to put the race of the evangelicals in these polls bugs me. But I'll leave that aside 45% of white evangelicals say they won't get the covered vaccine and 33% of black Protestants 22% of Catholics in 10% of atheist say they probably or definitely won't get the covered 19 vaccine so Dr. Jeffress was asked to wait in and he gave a couple of reasons why he thought, in particular white evangelicals just trust the vaccine. This is Right. I think first of all, there is a false dichotomy. They created between faith and science. The truth is there is no conflict between two true faith and true science. God uses science to bring about his purpose you've written about how therapeutic help you tremendously.

That was a gift from God that I think also part of this David is we politicize this vaccination issue and that we think it's all buying the initiative. Look, I give Joe Biden credit for the distribution of this vaccine. But the truth is, there would be no vaccine to distribute if it were not for the foresight Donald Trump and operation warp speed.

Let's quit looking at this as a Democrat Republican issue. This is an American initiative. We need to get behind, so that we can get back to normal, including in our church okay couple of remarks here. I'd like to make in response to what Dr. Jeffress said I don't understand either of his two points because at least anecdotally, the Christians I talked to who have concerns about the covered 19 vaccine are not concerned about either of the things he mentions they're not concerned that it's a Biden initiative. I think everybody I talked to knows Trump started operation warp speed and the issue of there's no conflict between true faith and true science. I don't know any Christian who thinks that again were going back to some of the reasons that Christians have problems with this. They're worried about the creepy 1984. Five. In some cases, you have people who are against vaccines in general may be for spiritual reasons, but a lot of times they just like Robert Kennedy Junior and they believe a lot of the stuff that's been put out by the crowd that is warning of vaccines and let's be honest, this is why we have a program that compensates people who were injured by vaccines. Vaccines are not 100% failsafe. They never have been. So we already know that the fact that the vaccine's new concerns. A lot of people I would be one of them.

The fact that it's new. I don't want to be a guinea pig for some people might be willing to take that chance. But if I'm not willing to take that chance no skin off your nose way to cares if it's from it's my body, my choice right whatever happened to that, then you have the issue of the recovery rate you have the concerns about the mRNA and then of course you have the concerns about what's going on with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and the aborted fetal cell lines. This is not a small issue in this was something else that Dr. Jeffress commented on listen to cut for: first of all we would never abort babies to provide him vaccine.

I think Francis Collins has denied that linkage and he is a strong Christian himself, but David if were talking about something for babies that were already aborted. I would just remind people, the whole Christian message is that Christ who was in the scent died for us and brought something good out of that unjust death, and I think if lives can be saved even from the unrighteous killing of a baby that there's something to be gained there so I would not refuse the vaccine on that point alone a boy.

Well I'm going to health line here and no fetal tissue wasn't used to create the J&J covered 19 vaccine is the headline going into the. The issue here you have leaders in the Roman Catholic Church releasing a statement earlier this month saying it's morally acceptable to receive the vaccine. This statement further suggested if one has the ability to choose. It's preferable to take the one with the least connection to these cell lines. These abortion derived fetal cell lines in the development and manufacturing of covered 19 vaccines.

This means Pfizer and Madera are preferable to the Johnson & Johnson vaccine but then they say, according to a member of the American College of allergy, asthma, and immunology task force on vaccines. These cell lines were taken from elective abortions in the 70s and 80s, and the individual cells from the 70s and 80s have since been grown in the lab for 30 to 40 years and this person says current fetal cell lines or generations removed from the original fetal tissue and they do not contain any fish you forgot tissue from a fetus still no no no no and I don't think you can spiritually justify it and I don't think that you can logically rationally justify it. I don't want to vaccine that had any connection to an aborted child. I just don't and I think that's a valid objection I mean God bless, Dr. Jeffress, but I think he's wrong in this instance and we can like various Christians and admire them, and so forth and still disagree Franklin Graham had another take to get into that when we come back and listening to Jennifer today. I disses Janet Matt for it for pre-born Candace talks about finding out she was pregnant. Thankfully, and ultrasound provided by pre-born allowed her to hear her baby's heartbeat sonogram sealed the deal for me baby was like this tiny little spectrum of hope I size heart beating on the screen and knowing that there's life growing inside me sonogram changed my life. I went from just Candace to mom everybody that is given these gifts, you guys are giving more than money. You guys are giving lots. Pre-born has 10 centers that do not have ultrasound machines which you make a leadership gift and sponsor a machine today. These lifesaving machines cost more than most centers can afford your tax-deductible gift of 15000 Dollars Will Pl. a machine in a needy women's center and save countless lives for years to come. To donate, call 855402 baby 855402 baby or there's a banner to hi this is Janet never did you miss the deadline to sign up for home care program at the end of 2020.

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Liberty health is a nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry that offers affordable healthcare sharing programs starting as low as $199 per month liberty help share gives you the ability to choose any doctor or hospital across the nation. Memberships are for individuals, couples and families offering a variety of options to best suit your medical needs. Discover more about the power of today for more information call 855-585-4237 855-585-4237 liberty help trying to think of the first evangelical leader who got in the ghetto vaccine line probably Russell Morton as some other liberal.

I don't know there were a bunch of liberals who kinda started this whole thing if you really love your neighbor you get a vaccine. I absolutely believe we are to love our neighbors, but boy have a weapon eyes that second great commandment and it's beginning to get on my nerves not the commandments, but the weapon icing of that commandment. It just bugs me to no end and I don't know about you but I just get tired of being lectured by people on things that really don't concern them. You know what I'm saying. It just doesn't concern you.

I think if we had a lot of these people, particularly in the wool crowd who were half is interested in teaching the Bible as written as they are lecturing conservative Christians nonstop on the fact that their white supremacists and their their crazy and they believe in conspiracy theories, and we had Ed Stetzer yelling at Christians because they believed a conspiracy theory that that the Wuhan virus came from a lab. Okay, well, check out the head of the WHO even cast aspersions on their recent report downplaying that angle and and we've already had Robert Redfield from the CDC saying that that it came from a lab at Doug Ed Stetzer knows better. Okay, got it. I just I just I want people to stay in the lane and I hate that line to but just stay in your link, teach the Bible. That's the greatest need of the hour when you see these polls showing that fewer than 50% of Americans are even members of a church. Doesn't that alarm you, why do you get on the woke boss in order to bash people even more.

Don't think the culture is bashing Christians enough I have to do a show on that sometime. I'm just over the internal bashing the internal hauling up of a baseball bat to smash Christians about the skull and about the shoulders because they're not being woken off and they're not being liberal enough and they're not loving their neighbor enough you know what Jesus never took a baseball bat to his sheep, not once. Just got to say that so Franklin Graham puts out this Facebook post on 24 March and he was talking about the fact that he's been asked for his opinion about the vaccine and he said I've even been asked if Jesus were physically walking on earth.

Now, would he be an advocate for vaccines. My answer was that based on the parable of the good Samaritan in the Bible. I would have to say yes. I think Jesus Christ would advocate for people using vaccines and medicines to treat suffering and save lives in this Scripture passage Jesus told about a man beaten and wounded line on the road signed his religious leaders passed mine didn't help, but a Samaritan considered a social outcast of the day becomes the hero of the story when he stops and cares for the injured man pouring oil and wine which were the top medicines of the day on the man's wounds.

We also know that Jesus went from town to town healing every disease and sickness. He came to save life to offer us eternal life. Did Jesus need to vaccine himself, of course not. He is God.

So my own personal opinion is that from what we know.

He says a vaccine can help save lives and prevent suffering.

He goes on to say, since there are different vaccines available. My recommendation is that people do their research. Talk to their doctor and pray about it to determine which vaccine, if any, is right for them. Why no problem with that is recommendation is do your research and talk to Dr. figure out what you want to do, so that's not the same thing is Russell Moore opining in the Washington Post that you stand because you didn't get the vaccine.

I have a problem with it. I think it's a little bit of a stretch to look at the good Samaritan and make a vaccine comment but you know what, I'm not to give him a hard time necessarily because they're doing great work with Samaritan's purse and he's very concerned about Cove 19 that opinion no problem with Franklin Graham having that opinion although I would have a little bit of a problem with how he reason through it with the Bible and don't really think that works too well. Again, though, we have to just we have to give room to each other to have some liberty to have some real liberty is interesting, isn't it interesting how many people within the leadership of evangelical circles, especially the cool celebrity woke types.

They just love being new Pharisees don't that there is just absolutely nothing stopping them each and every day from finding some way to make sure that you know you're not enough and you are just rotten to the core and you're not as holy as they are in your not as righteous as they are, and you're not as awake as they are in terms of their political awakenings through the woke missive.

It's just wonderful incident to be them know it's not wonderful to be them.

It's not wonderful to be them. Not at all.

Now what about the issue to have the cytokine storm, have you heard about this and and already were seen some of these sites debunk this idea, but quite interesting because this involves what comes up in terms of your pro-inflammatory signaling molecules that are kicked often, they can cause multisystem organ failure.

If you come in contact with other variants of cover. 19. Some people have been arguing this to what extent it's true I don't know but that's been another concern that has been raised. The fundamental issue.

I think for for me is that I think the reason people are really skeptical is because they have looked around them for the past year and they have determined that they don't trust the experts. Don't you think there's an awful lot to that they don't trust you know all of us. I think can think of somebody in our lives maybe two different people on opposite ends of the spectrum where you think if there was something going on and there was some sort of piece of advice that needed to be offered on some subject of import.

If this person I know said it, I would be skeptical just because I know that person and if the this other person set it I would probably trust what are you basing that on is at the veracity and the rational information that backs up the claim know sometimes it's the source. Sometimes it's the source it's the same reason that we sometimes will get something off a blog and roll our eyes a little bit because were like okay there's some guy in his basement telling me X, Y, and Z. But if it comes from a really trusted news source and were running out of those quickly were a lot more likely to say maybe there's something to this. That's not always rational because sometimes people we don't even like can give us information. That's true in people we like very much can get things wrong, but the element of trust I think has to be there if you're going to go forward in a direction that is freaking you out in the world, can any of us fail to be freaked out by all of this saber rattling over vaccine passports and the people who get on social media and it's a great idea. In fact, I saw one today.

I don't even know who the source was, but I saw some tweet today with someone saying I actually think vaccine passports are great idea because it will root out those people who don't want to take the vaccine and then people will know who they are like the snitches, spit on, on a really creepy level member the snitches I know were not allowed to talk about Dr. Seuss anymore because he was a racist or something because at what was his book that they hate. I know is a bunch of books.

At any rate the speeches was that Buckley had the snitches and they some of them had stars on their bellies and some of them didn't and so one group was the in club and the other group was out, and then they made a machine and then the snitches went through and they got**everybody in stars and the other people got their stars remove yeah it's it's weird it's weird to think that way and it's only a children's book but you you think about that a little bit. We went to separate people. We don't want those people to be, you know, protected. We want vaccine passports to expose those people at as if nobody who has a problem with the covered 19 vaccine at this juncture has a good reason and I think some of the garbage that's out there in the media really perpetuates the idea that nobody has a good reason for refusing the Cove 19 vaccine so matter of fact, I think there lots of good reasons to refer refusing it.

I think there's some valid reasons for taking it and I certainly wouldn't judge you. You can do what you want if you have a problem and you don't want to get Cove 19 you had someone in your family who suffered and was on a ventilator or God forbid, died.

I wouldn't blame you for getting Cove 19 vaccine, but we can't become this society where we just watch big brother unfold like a gigantic serpents kind like the end of the movie Aladdin worries, just completely out of control. The demonic Dragon at the end.

We don't want that or we can end up with that it's hard to say at this juncture. Sure looks like we may be going in that direction and that should scare everybody that should scare everybody. Why, because those people who are really really dictatorial in their outlook and cheer on certain people being oppressed in certain people being canceled yet fear those people because the next person they could cancel could be you.

You might be with them for a while and then you run afoul of their sensibilities and then all of a sudden you find yourself on the outs scan what happened under the old Soviet Union.

Off I go along with that though the be nice to me in the be nice to and so they don't need you anymore. And then you're going to Skype kind of how it works in world history and if you read anything of history throughout all these dictatorships in heinous societies that have existed throughout time. You'll see how evil the sin nature truly is when there is no restraining and I'll tell you what it is a good time to be a Christian.

It is a great time to be a Christian because we really are saying the Lord strengthening and protecting those of us who truly belong to him and we need to stay faithful to him. It's the most important thing vaccine. No vaccine. Be faithful to Jesus Christ no matter what.

That's the bottom line we gotta leave it there. Thank you for being with us. Please help us send Bibles to Africa through a great partnership with Bible league international five dollars.

Since one Bible and it will be matched. He can give right now were doing so well in this campaign would love to have you join us. Call 800 yes word 800 YSWORD thank you guys so much with

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