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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Charles Martin (The Impact of Christ's Followers)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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March 15, 2021 4:00 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Charles Martin (The Impact of Christ's Followers)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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March 15, 2021 4:00 am

The disciples changed the course of history through their faith in and obedience to Jesus Christ. Why don’t our lives have a similar impact? Charles Martin joins me to talk about it and his book, “They Turned the World Upside Down.” Plus: Amazon is now refusing to sell books that “frame LGBTQ identities as a mental illness.” How much longer will the Tech giant sell Christian books? We’ll talk about that and more on Monday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This damn effort today podcast is brought to you in part by Bible league international. We want to send 1500 Bibles to Africa through Bible leaves open the floodgates Bibles for Africa campaign.

Five dollars sends one Bible and a matching grant will double your gift call now 800 yes word 800 yes word is our confidence is in Christ alone, the word of God says I sort of know think lot to get today's show and I'm gonna start out by telling you a little bit about what Amazon jested you might have heard that these Republican senators, Marco Rubio, Mike Lee, Mike Braun, and Smothers went to Amazon because Ryan Anderson's book when Harry became Sally, which challenges the transgender movement was purged from Amazon and they wanted to get some answers on this will Amazon has now said in a response to the senators that it has pulled the book that challenges the transgender movement because it does not allow books that frame LGBT Q plus identity as a mental illness. You have some problems with the American psychiatric Association, the DSM, I'm not really sure because when you look at the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders.

As Anderson pointed out gender dysphoria is listed there and they and Amazon sells the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders. So the real deciding factor. He said seems to be whether you endorse hormones and surgery is the proper treatment or counseling. Everyone agrees that gender dysphoria is a serious condition that causes great suffering. There is a debate, however, which Amazon is seeking to shut down about how best to treat patients who experience gender dysphoria note, here's what's going on. Here's was going on. Being gay is having more power.

That's all it is the eight and you know this from listening to my show because we have talked before about the fact that one day activist one gay activist who is on a tear about a year or so ago was able to get Joseph Nicolosi's book on homosexuality, purged from Amazon was able to get Joe Dallas purged from Amazon. He's an ex-homosexual now. Christian does great amounts of counseling and and just a wonderful man of God. We've had on the show number of times and Pollock from restored hope network and ex-lesbian all these books have been purged, where a few people bit and now all of a sudden it's a story because Ryan Anderson was purged Duke do people not see what's going on here. I all these liberals all these years who yelled about conservative censorship of books. What are they have to say for themselves now but they have to say for themselves. Now is your hater. Now this this kind of is a lead-in to a story that really makes me mad. I'm gonna try to be calm. It might be difficult but I'm gonna do my level best, Tim Keller, the cofounder of the Gospel coalition is really making me mad this time.

He said some things in the past that have really made me mad that like the time he and his wife were at the living out conference back in 2018 before re-voice was announced and and Sam all Barry, who's one of the founders of living out this UK ministry for same-sex attracted Christians and and they were the ones who endorsed re-voice which kinda tipped us off to starting our coverage of it in 2018. They were there at the living out conference all yes we love this. He asked Sam all Barry OR editor at the Gospel coalition.

Oh yes and then he put out the LGBT church audit to member. We covered that quite extensively for a long time and and wanting to go to churches and wanting to put out there that churches should have to do this and that and the other thing for homosexuals who are in their churches, including having their church members share meals and share their children with people from different backgrounds. They're not talking about racial backgrounds, folks, they were talking about homosexuals and it may, we made such a fuss about it that they ended up pulling that particular thing off the audit, but this is the background here and Kathy Keller endorse this time to get to that in a minute but I want to get to this latest news because this is from the Christian Post Tim Keller said the American churches championing of the Republican Party over the last several decades has given Christian nationalism, a place where it could incubate and while he says he agrees with the Christian right on abortion and same-sex marriage.

She's limiting it to that. He basically blames conservative Christians years ago for what's going on in our society. Now you gotta hear this for yourself. He's doing an interview here with a podcast.

This is just incredible.

Here is Tim Keller, 20 years Christian right, I usually would agree with your positions on pro-life no-no resigned you not sold on Flickr. Same-sex marriage is a good idea for the country or people so so I would technically be green with you how the recent money free for 20 years. They sent out letters talk about how you got us on this planet because the gay people are going to try to come and take her children away because they're evil.

And because Andy Koser don't press the left or destroy the rulers. They just said awful things in the resource is now just don't work for you because when they were more power in the 80s and 90s I saw the rooster money that's already got people out and socks? It all the Christian right, all is is way up is down, the way the rule was to serve Jesus to wait to get happy is to not think about your unhappiness with the happiness of others you know the way the way to get any influences yourself and be a servant best Jesus way and they're not doing that directly using the nation way and I did was buy by for a long time. Just keep evangelicals frothing at the mouth about how everything is silver and making everybody so angry. Unbelievable. This guy is absolutely unbelievable. He has a name anybody by the way on this church leaders podcast who raised money this way allegedly saying gay people are going to take your children, who said that who said that because I've been on the scene for decades and I never remember anybody raising money, saying that saying that the that the homosexual activists are evil.

Do we really have to make that claim again. Have you not been paying attention the last 10 years, you think that having boys and girl bathrooms is wonderful. You think having LGBT propaganda shoved down Kidd's throat and drag queen story hours, you think that's not evil fine you don't have to think it's evil, but this is all the fault of the Christian right for having fun. Raised this way. 20 years ago but yet you don't name one person, whoever did that or one ministry. Whoever did that and by the way on the claim that the Democrats will destroy your religious liberty. What an interesting thing to have said because they were just dead wrong about that right except for that Amazon's situation except for what's going on with the equality act and I haven't seen the Gospel coalition really going on a big tear against all these activist for the last 10 years.

They're too busy kicking conservative Christians now listen to what Tim Keller says next cut to is very possible.

I'm not 10 years from now work for major university government or from the corporation and is places in the past should be kind.

Never the less I reset all yeah we nurtured this and Christian nationalist use and therefore we brought it on ourselves, even though I agree with. In many ways a Christian nationalist art are kind of using us, not so much we we in our Christian nationalist.

They are using us the recruiting very well.

We made we made a lot of our people routable. Who is he talking about what Christian nationalist. He doesn't even define the term they just throw it around the way all good leftists do to try to impugn who usually just normal people who love their country and happen to be Christians and would love to see a return to the Lord in this country but I guess that's just too out there that's just too wacky and by the way, Christians if you're losing your religious freedom and pretty soon you're knocking to be able to be hired in places like universities, we shouldn't be crybabies about it, you know, other people suffer like this around the world. So we should just not be crybabies about it were not crybabies about it Tim Keller were alarmed and were terrified and the reason were alarmed and terrified is because this is the United States of America. And if the United States of America loses its religious liberty where you can ago to get any religious liberty as we have said many times is what has enabled the greatest modern missionary force to explode across the globe from the United States but now we have church leaders like Tim Keller and his cohort, DA Carson, who endorses single gay Christian that horrible book from a few years back that we talked about.

These people are leading the way. These people are not leading the way and I would argue they are the problem. The liberals in the church are the problem because they haven't lifted a finger to fight this when it could have made a difference and in fact now they're saying how well he and Adobe crybabies just because you lose your religious freedom and by the way it was your fault in the first place know it wasn't and I got a get more into it when we come back you listening to Janet effort. This is Janet Mefford for Bible league international engaging the world with God's word for more than 80 years, believers in Africa are hungry to read their very own Bibles hear from Pastor Jeremiah in Zimbabwe. The church is clearly very fast in the north part of the country where it's on the speaking people and speaking people. And then you know find that is the movement of the will dispute the way the hunger. Hunger is very much the support if you can imagine 10 Christians right now in many places in Africa. On average, nine have no access to the Bible hears Lillian in Mozambique through and through. These tragic death of the house because of my portal a ton of old about 100 people under it would be possum up to you whether Bible was the pasta but everybody else had never seen a Bible and that fuses motivation to want more to do more to reach as many people as we can know where gold is up with you to go. They just take the letter public through Bible studies and resources that introduce people to Jesus Christ by the leak is faithfully discipling new believers in Kenya, Ghana, Ethiopia and many other African countries hears an evangelist named Joseph in South Africa.

We were even my learner deleted.

They is about 66 to treat as also she lives in the leak site melts down and she cried at the age of 60.

She never had a Bible. So much for feeding just to see people like dressing when the Bibles you can be the answer to a Christian praying for God's word through open the floodgates Bibles for Africa. Five dollars sends one Bible $50 sends 10 and a matching grant will double your gift and help us reach our goal to send 1500 Bibles. Call 800 yes word 800 Y ES WO RD or there's a banner to you're listening to Joe Wood River today and just remember fear conservative Christian and you're losing your religious liberty in your accepting the fact that in the days ahead. You may not be able to get a job, you may be on the margins that Tim Keller blames you it's your fault and if you're part of a ministry that did any fundraising warning people about the future loss of religious liberty, or the power of big gay it's also your fault. You know whose fault it isn't the Gospel coalition's the Gospel coalition's or the Keller families and by the way, let me just remind you if you just tuned in that the colors were the ones who attended the living out conference founded. This is the this ministry founded by Gospel coalition editors Sam all Barry the gay Anglican priest and they were at this identity in Christ conference back in June 2018. Tim and Kathy Keller were there. They launch the living out church audit is my friend Al Baker describes it a tool to help church leadership teams answer this key question how biblically inclusive.

Is your church. They say that unsurprisingly there focuses on those who might identify as LGBT Q plus same-sex attracted and they say that Jesus included all in a countercultural way and they're hoping this audit will help churches follow his lead is what the colors were endorsing number nine on this audit. Same church family members instinctively share meals, homes, holidays, festivals, money, and children with others from different backgrounds and life situations.

To them, what won't we need a big fuss about this really living out you want church members to share their children with homosexuals in the church. You think that's a great idea Delia, not Kathy Keller had to say at that conference about that audit. Why let me remind you three I seen this before I design my thought is brilliant way to take it back through the mirror and make copies and give them to all the church leaders. I would recommend that you do the same for whoever your pastors and church leaders are really really thoughtful and I know I say this, by the way, I is all because I really do think it's really okay and the guy who was responsible for this church audit is an editor at the Gospel coalition and Anglican gay priest name Sam all Barry, who we've talked about quite a bit on this program and all kinds of problems with the Gospel coalition pertaining to the issue of homosexuality. These people of help soften up the church to accept this garbage so they can move on to the next step and where was their big huge push back against three boys while they helped usher it in they helped usher it in this is a ministry living out that endorsed three voice for heaven sake. That's how I found out about it. So the kid would Tim Keller is just absolutely incredible. His gall is incredible.

You know he has such a position of power, both as a well-known pastor and best-selling author and cofounder of the gospel: she's got all this power and what did he do with it.

He advocates for leftism.

That's what he does while trying to tip his hand to all pro-life simple all I don't think that same-sex marriage is the best thing for flourishing and if you go back to his remarks at that one events that we have played on the show before where he was asked about homosexuality being a sin, while all but a hub to hub to hub. This is the guy who's gonna blame the Christian right, sure for the loss of religious freedom. He's gonna blame the Christian right for people getting canceled right it's our fault know it's not our fault.

By the way, when you wind this into the discussion just to do a further commentary on this issue.

This story was brought to my attention. It actually was out a couple weeks ago on my site news and I'm glad to see this in the headline is Christian pastor in Germany find for inciting hatred against homosexuals. The pastor had merely reiterated, but biblical teaching on homosexuality in a private seminar.

Listen to this in a stunning sentence and this occurred late last year a court in Bremen, Germany sentenced Rev. all off lots all of Cinque Martini part of the evangelical church in Germany to a big fine for inciting hatred against homosexuals in private remarks made to church couples during the seminar lots will defended the biblical definitions of gender and sexuality condemning the Berlin pride March and referring to gender ideology as an attack against God's order of creation lots defense lawyer called the sentence which the pastor is appealing a catastrophe and warned that free speech was under threat. He said while today. This is about a view found in the Bible tomorrow it will be about any other opinion bottles lawyer told the court that the Bremen pastor was condemning behavior rather than people. But the judge stated that the homosexual orientation of a person is part of his personality.

Tell that to all the people I know who Jesus Christ is rescued out of a life of homosexuality. Tell that to Stephen black. Tell that to Greg Quinlan tell that to any number of people who've been set free from homosexuality, through the power of Jesus Christ. The story goes on to say, some Protestant leaders in Bremen appear to be more concerned by how biblical teachings reflect on their popularity rather than by threats to their ability to proclaim the gospel announcing in response to the sentence that they condemned in the strongest terms, lots those words out terrific with Protestants like that, who needs anybody else that this denomination is actually a largely liberal denomination that he's in and lots those traditional views have made him a controversial figure for some time, same Martini church where lots of serves as pastor has even had services interrupted by LGBT activists is at the fault of the Christian right in America. Tim Keller.

Just wondering, to discuss the implications of this ongoing case.

They interviewed Manfred Muller with voice of the martyrs and they asked about the significance of the case and he said there's no precedent for it. There's no precedent for it. This will serve as a precedent for future cases. That makes it so significant. We've seen this coming for a long time, even a few years ago some conservative Christian might've already said if I were to imagine persecution coming to Germany I might imagine it along the lines of moral, especially sexual ethics.

Now with all off lots all for the first time a German court restricts religious freedom for the benefit of the homosexual lobby, or to put it in more neutral terms to protect the feelings and rights of homosexuals at the expense of freedom of speech, religious freedom, etc. homosexual rights are protected. This will have consequences for churches in Germany that reject gay blessings and weddings. This could, for example, in the future, cause them to lose their status as charitable organizations that would be a huge financial disadvantage and then when he's asked about the potential outcome for other conservative clergy members he said already intimidation to take a biblical stand on this issue.

In addition, new realities will be created in the regional church, meaning that in the future. Pastors with a critical attitude toward blessing homosexual couples or even conducting weddings will not be admitted to the church as clergy before being employed. An interview could be held asking them about their stance on those issues. Thus, facts are created and pastors with the biblical view of homosexuality will then no longer exist that the fault of the Christian right in the United States. Tim Keller's or something you might have been able to do in your position as a big evangelical face to have thwarted some of the threats that were now facing as Americans here. Where were you Tim Keller.

When you had the opportunity to be out in front of the Supreme Court standing for marriage between one man and one woman back in 2013 when the Supreme Court was holding the dome and the prop eight cases where were you.

Where were you I was there. There were other Christians there. Where were you, I didn't see anybody from the Gospel coalition. You guys were AWOL so don't turn around and tell Christians that this is their fault because Germany and what's happening in Germany to this dear brother in Christ is not the fault of anybody except the devil himself and the people who are just obeying the father of lies.

That's all that's happening. This is a spiritual situation. Allah Ephesians chapter 6 and it's affecting real Christians around the world and you know what this seminar that this pastor gave wasn't even public. I guess he even began this event by saying this is not to be published and in the talk. The pastor always spoke of homosexuality not of homosexuals differentiating between sin in the center.

This differentiation has not been taken into account. His lawyer said by the court which would've been absolutely necessary for the verdict. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter because this is the writing is on the wall folks. The writing is on the wall and this is why I've always said be faithful to Jesus Christ. Be faithful no matter what. This culture does no matter what the sellouts in the church to stay the course. Follow the word of God. Obey the word of God be a submissive Christian to your Lord and Savior, not to these worldly churchmen who would have us become cowards at the very hour when we need to be bold and strong and fully fully committed to our Lord. It's just amazing how and by the way over in the UK this is from the Christian Post UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has described therapy for unwanted same-sex attraction as repulsive is mince words and vowed to end the so-called conversion therapy days after Parliament members like and prayer and fasting to such past practices as electroshock therapy and corrective rape. This is what's going on in the UK. Is this also the fault of the Christian right in the United States. Tim Keller. What's going on in England. This is their fault because they did some kind of bizarre fundraising techniques where they said you're going to lose your religious freedom and you homosexuals are gonna take your kids away. Is that why Boris Johnson is now making these kinds of remarks, Johnson apologized last Friday amid complaints from Actavis that his government has delayed taking action on the issue of gay conversion therapy after he declared in July 2020 that the practice was absolutely important, and vowed to ban such therapies. According to the telegraph. Three of his advisors who identify as LGBT quit over a lack of progress. Proponents of such a ban, say the practice is cruel, ineffective, and contributes to suicide among LGBT identifying people right. Well, you know, we've already fought this battle here in the United States state-by-state. I am seen Gospel coalition showing up to help people like David pickup go before some of the state legislatures and say actually, there is no such thing as conversion therapy and actually all of this hype about electroshock therapy. You had some outliers, 60, 70 years ago doing these kinds of crazy things. No one's doing that anymore. The only thing that's taking place.

Generally speaking, you might have some private psychiatrists helping therapy. Patients meet their goal of wanting to reduce or live out their beliefs as Christians because they are really struggling with it after perhaps being sexually abused. But then you also have biblical counselors that to their that that what they're trying to do is reverse morality guys that's what's going on here so you have a lot of these Actavis going around here in the US and they're just flat out lying about what's going on than just lying, and they have very few people pushing back where's the Gospel coalition. Why are they doing anything to fight all of this because he's a servant I guess and and and people like David pickup and people like some of these other great Christians who have fought against this real evil there. The problem nope they're not the problem. This Janet Mefford today podcast is brought to you in part by Bible league international. We want to send 1500 Bibles to Africa through Bible leaves open the floodgates Bibles for Africa campaign.

Five dollars sends one Bible and a matching grant will double your gift call now 800 yes word 800 yes word today.

Here's your host Joe, have you ever notice the contrast between the way Jesus's disciples sometimes talked and behaved in the Gospels versus the way they did in the book of acts you think of Peter. For example, he was the one who denied the Lord three times and yet he was a bold apostle in the book of acts was absolutely fearless for Jesus, and of those Christians who are sinners just like us could turn the world upside down for their Savior.

Why are we making a similar impact for the Lord on our world's great question and were to talk about it today with Charles Martin, best-selling author of 14 novels and also the author of the book will be discussing. They turn the world upside down a storyteller's journey with those who dared to follow Jesus.

Charles great to have you with us. Welcome her daughter would make sure you've got this basic question you're asking in your book. If the apostles did this they turn the world upside down. Why is it that we can't sign why you think this is a key question for us were vehicle that may be bigger or may be rated in one book.

I don't know.

But the thing that led me who it was for real. Thought I had one day, maybe all of them lead in about French thought to myself that you've gone there always people spent on the top of Mount Mount Waldrop in America could play the old Jerusalem and Elliott walked out to go back or alive is the authority's command, but you not a power yet there do what you said so I think that all of them walked down the mountain thinking of themselves while do we do now, think about the time his word became really important to them in about seven days later, the group starts to shake, so I'll just a surreal thought for me like these people just broken sinners like us and yet they really did, get to acts 17 with Paul, and I was walking into Thessalonica and there described in these who are those who turn the world upside down Rome as a great power that they wield the power is the resurrected Jesus will somewhere in there. The answer to question.

You're right about that, because II think that's in some ways a perennial question for Christians today.

I mean we look around in a world that desperately needs Jesus and desperately needs the transformation that only he can bring what is it that differentiates us.

Would you say from the apostles when it comes to just zeal for the Lord because that Peter is a perfect figure to talk about because Peter was zealous in the Gospels, but he got a lot of things wrong and he made a lot of missteps, but his zeal really turned into an incredible in a situation for organizing the early church and getting people saved.

What about this whole issue of zeal.

How do you see this like the Lord had to deal with imperialist shame may be provided when even when he promised that he wouldn't miss it after you stood on the mountaintop and everybody earning from them and so you're the Christ.

So I think the first thing the Lord builds the computer and got a get his head straight out your partners head straight for bringing back in the lineup so to about the booklet. Shame is the thing that the enemy is using again. Peter Peter is returned to his former former life is back on the boat again with all his buddies all hell doesn't know what to do. No longer following evidenced by the fact is back in the boat on the beach one in the Lord immediately built a charcoal fire which is trouble for Peter because that immediately signaled computer is denial, which is to go back and read the event when he last denied Jesus standing around a charcoal fire with the slave girls beautiful thing you think that the Lord does Peter take him back to that last moment and he gives him a dual is the greatest jeweler in the history of dual Peter do you love me you know I love you and that the work of the people she means. Peter is now been invited to be a shepherd which he knows a lot about the lost sheep. So think the topic a beautiful thing that the Lord of the computer and I think she wants to do with all of us whose reduction of our shame, but I was our enemy thing I would use against us because were all record black hearted first began with thing I would use the gift of the pickup out of his calling, and what you asked us to do and following well and it's interesting because when you talk about the Lord dealing with Peter same. I think one of the first ways he did. That was the announcement of the resurrection from the angel and and the witnesses are told, go tell the apostles and the disciples and Peter and Peter trying to Peter's names. It wasn't John. It wasn't James was here so that was the Lord again reaching out to Peter and I would think it goes back to to what we read in the Gospels about you know he who who is forgiven much loves much and that was Peter. I mean that the experience of being forgiven by the Lord for denying him three times that I think that that probably played an awful big really a huge part and what he was able to do in the book of acts while love what we Peter and Peter there we see him actually do what the Lord to do and we get asked to double chapters later in Peter finally ordered and become the Peter we all loving to be expand upon the southern step or two there today and gives what's possibly the greatest sermon ever spoken so I can only go to wonderment on them out and several thousand were added to the number so I think about beautiful no redemptive moment the Lord allows Peter a chance to do you recall and would be will of God and from there we see Peter become Bruce and all this rock upon which we build the church. Such a warrior you know going back to what you said earlier about the fact that you know you're trying to picture the disciples after the ascension of Jesus and there on the mountain. What might it have been like for them to come down that mountain and say what we do now, obviously, when the Holy Spirit came on the day of Pentecost they were empowered in a fresh way that we all are and you know were empowered the same way we have the same Holy Spirit that they did but looking back on that moment of the day of Pentecost. How do you think that was such a crucial part of the reason that they could go out and change the world will look quicker. John the Baptist statement about who Jesus is the Lamb of God with the world and they warn you about our our spirit and so we know from known property before and this is what the Lord is going to do the just don't know what it looks like Joel said lasted up or pour out my Spirit on all flesh so they they've known it just didn't know exactly what it was gonna look like I would've loved to been there would look while the wall drug builder.

The debate absolutely dropping the same spirit that rose Jesus from the dead, lives in our chest. For those of us who are in Christ you yes absolutely dropping more often than not, we stick in the corner and go English until we give them permission to do something else. Yes, we do one of my prayers for me as I walk with the Lord is Lord, please please I will ever want to muzzle you want to ever like I'm afraid that you're going to do something I can't control. Please let me please let me do that. Please show me how walk in the power of your resurrection love people the way that you love them, but would please stop me ever short of becoming Simon who we see in acts eight who wanted the power of the spirit only for the power that it brought about the relationship with the one that it brought in and yeah yeah well that's right.

And I think that to be the prayer of every single Christian and and yet I mean I'm hearing to what role was played in the fact that here were the disciples the apostles who are operating in uncharted territory, but they had the power of the Holy Spirit in the command of Jesus to go out and tell the world and to make disciples of all nations now were living in a time where Christianity is everywhere. We have churches all over the place and it's almost often II think a matter of complacency for a lot of people. All yeah Christianity out the contradictions in the Bible how much of that that complacency of familiarity impacts us to think all I wonder, what we see with Christianity really folks who are passionately in love with you following what you and commanded us to do. I think there's a difference between what we see in our culture and often described, a monoculture credit, I'll have the monopoly on what it looks like pathology datasets in my spirit, but often what I fear what I feared, called, not necessarily who he was and what he commanded us to follow in doing so, no I didn't: one a try and turn into a culture credit in just a moment to take a very quick price will come back with Charles Martin. His foot. They turn the world upside down. Stay with ascension today hi this is Janet Mefford. Did you miss the deadline to sign up for healthcare program at the end of 2020.

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All gifts are tax-deductible. There's a pre-born banner to click a Janet or call now 855-402-2229. You're listening to it Mefford today. I don't think there's a Christian alive who can read the accounts of the early church and the establishment of the early church in the book of acts and not feel excited about Jesus again and also maybe asking the question that my guest is asking why are we more like that. Charles Martin is with us is because they turn the world upside down a storyteller's journey with those who dared to follow Jesus, you are saying. I know Charles before we went to the breaker sound monoculture critic you know when we compare Christianity in our own day 2000+ years after those events in the book of acts. It's very difficult to answer their question as to why were not turning the world upside down in similar ways to the apostles, but what about this question of faith and obedience because you talk on the one hand, about you know having to go forward with faith before faith is faith. You said it before, faith is faithfulness. It is obedience not obviously were not saved by what we do, were saved through faith in Jesus Christ alone, but what you mean by that that the role between faith and obedience. The Bible has a lot to say about that. But what do you think you like border, the drug, but I do like with them about what back and what you did with the followers from the moment he was resurrected got a roof over their unbelief. Family room with them are sticking their fingers in the side of his chest and so they could not believe hope and then throughout the next days that he is with. She wrestles with their unbelief, which she becomes. But we are showing arbitrage on the book. The Lord then takes him through because of what they believe and choose singular acts of faith or the act on that belief and then acting on that belief, single act of faith became a lifestyle of faithfulness, so will in order to answer the question. I have a backup for belief in verses belief that the key distinction for me there a lot of people who believe that the Lord left so I think that believe in him more. The difference between believing in them believing that it is like your down on the side of the chasm into the Grand Canyon was the huge bridge across the 5000 below the bridge of people or bungee jumping off a bridge. They walk on the bridge this trip that will bring around her ankle and undertook a swan dive off the brute Backstretch of their spot on. Well, you and I can stand on the chasm. Five point up the bridge and the little apparatus from her ankle. I believe that will hold them very different than crosswalk on the bridge but whipping around her ankles and the computer paying off a bridge perfect believing in the thing wrapped around her ankles and those those those believers, those those early believers in the book back believed in Jesus as Lord and put all of their hopes and all of their faith.

All of their trust in everything in him stand beside infallible. They lived in Jesus right so when you're looking at Christians in the modern context. How do we improve our obedience in the Lord and trust in him, rather, trusting that he will do something and being a little bit disconnected from him at a distance. How do you remedy that what you do in order to have more trust in Christian Charles.

Please tell us we need some help. There were little Deborah I don't get a monopoly on what will look at his word. Part of this is like initially what drove me to write what right would truly O'Malley turn the world upside down on looking at his word. I'm looking at the commands of users) Matthew 10 I'm Just Trying to Look at His Word from the Standpoint of Do I Really Believe That If I Really Believe That I Would Really Do It.

I Would Really Pray Differently for People about My Life Something to Shake Things Loose from the Event My Life Would Look Different If I Really Believed What My King Said. While That's True, It Would Look A Lot Different If We Obey Jesus at Every Turn in and Here's the Thing Though When You Talk about the Problem of Spiritual Warfare Were Always Having to Do Battle with the Enemy and Doubting What the Lord Says in His Word and Doubting That We Can Be Forgiven and Being Tempted to Send Them When We Do Give into the Temptation Then the Accuser of the Brethren Says You're Rotten.

The Lord Will Never Forgive You Your Terrible Question. All of These Daily Battles That We Face Is That Play into the Degree to Which Were Not Turning the World Upside down or in Other Words, Are We Adequately Fighting Spiritual Warfare in the Way We Should Biblically Will Maybe Sometime Maybe Not. I Think in Some of What You Describe Some of Those Things Are Valid Emotions We Don't like but Abimelech Here.

Here Is an Emotion That Can Be a Healthy One and That the Lord Created It, Gave It to Us like That Bears about You Should Run Healthy Listening to Your Fear. The Way I Would Approach That Is like Lord of the Spirit of Fear Which You Show Us You Showed How to Get Rid of It Will Help Us Differentiate between What You Know What's Our Carnal with Our Fleshly Fill out You Know Emotions That We Have the Things That We Just Need but You Could Be Further Selected by the Lord and Where This Whole What What Part of Media My Wrestling Work Better Stronghold Principality, It Will Not Roof over Question Blood Blood, but against the Rulers of the Front and the Powers of This Dark World and They Fall so the Corrupt against the Weapons of Our Warfare Are Not Carnal, Spiritual Vision for Tearing down Stronghold Speculations of Arguments and Every High Thing That Exalts Itself against the Knowledge of God.

So I Bump into Something That Is Exalting Fill about Who God Says in His Word As I Start Scratching My Head. Okay, Something beyond Me.

Were This Person Should We Be Praying That, Our Approach Spiritual Yeah Well It Is Something That You Learn How to Deal with.

Over Time, More and More I Think As You Mature in Christ to the Become a Little Bit More Wise to the Enemies Devices. I Think an Instrument Spending More Time in the Word Clearly Is a Big Part of It Is Been Able to Put on the Armor of God, like Ephesians 6 Talks about Also Going Back to the Apostles, You Know, One of the Other Apostles Who Is One of My Favorites. And I Think Most People Would Say He's One of Their Favorites to As the Apostle Paul View Paul in Terms of His Obedience to the Lord. He Had a Really Difficult Mission Being This Missionary to the Gentiles, and He Was Persecuted Numbing like the Other Disciples to Peter Included Thrown in Jail's Meow Shipper Act Stoned but He Had This Unshakable Faith in Jesus and Just Continue to Do What Jesus Told Him to Do. I Did Do You Look at Him As Someone to Emulate, and If so What What Parts of Paul's Ministry.

Do You Find to Be the Things That You Should Imitate Probable I Don't Know What to Bring about Arbiter Are Short in the Middle of Really Paul's Ministry, but the Thing I Know the Packet Coming Back to Parliament.

Obviously, His Writers Will Have a Soft Spot. Mark Providers but the Thing I Guess the Thing I Love about Paul Is to Cook Come from Where He Came from Were to Pulling Believers of the Way Out Of Their Homes and Either Imprisoning Them or Killing Him to the Damascus Road Were to Counters the Risen Jesus to Denying Himself and Picking up His Cross, and Following Jesus All the Way through.

I Love That about Him All of His Kurds. All of His Own Press down but Not Grudge Crushed Become Stricken but Not Destroyed My Thought. I Love That about a Love That about His Heart.

What Did That in Him Thing That Did That in Him at the Same Thing That Booted in the Disciples Enough the Base All Resurrected Jesus Rights Think That a Dead Dead Man Is Now Living, Breathing, Eating, Chewing Fish Magnifier Talking to a Black and with Them, with Her Kids and and Though We Don't See Jesus As the Apostles Did We Have To Walk by Faith Not by Sight.

Again Were Back to the Importance of Trusting in Christ and Believing His Word. I Mean That. That's so Hard and I Know Even the Disciples Fell into That Aunt Thomas Will Show Me Your Scars, Lord, Show Me Where the Nail Prints Where I Think Maybe That Really Is the Essence of Everything That Ails Us Is Our Unbelief, Even Though We Are Christians We Do Have Those Same in a Trepidations That That Plagued the Disciples at Times over the Know Daily.

I Think That We Do Love Coming to Alignment about What I Want in My Prayers and Laughter, How about Walk down This Road with the Lord. His Father, Please Forgive My Unbelief. I'm Sorry I Love You and We Are Going Know the Father to Come See Jesus, Help My Unbelief Which I Think Is Rare so I Just Ask. Would You Help Me with My Own Unbelief and Where I Don't Would You like toward Identity for Sir Charles Martin.

The Name of the Book. They Turn the World Upside down. Thank You Charles for Being with Us All Right. God Bless You before We Go. We Just Want to Remind You about Our Wonderful Campaign with Bible Leak International. This Is Just Such an Important Thing, and It Is Sending 1500 Bibles to Africa. Did You Know How Many Believers Don't Have Access to the Bible 10 Christians Right Now in Many Places in Africa. Nine of Them Have No Bible at All, and We Have a Wonderful Opportunity to Send Bibles to These Brothers and Sisters in the Lord. Five Dollars Sends One Bible and $50 Sends 10 Bibles, Call 800 Yes Word 800 Yes Word There's a Banner to Click Janet Thanks Again for Listening Today

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