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Janet - Mefferd - Today - William Federer (How Christians Shaped History)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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March 11, 2021 4:30 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - William Federer (How Christians Shaped History)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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March 11, 2021 4:30 am

How were some of the top scientific and medical innovations in history fueled by faith in God? Historian William J. Federer joins me to talk about his book, "Miraculous Milestones in Science, Medicine and Innovation." Plus: Beth Moore exits the Southern Baptist Convention - so will more of the SBC Woke follow suit? That and more on the next JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies.

Call now 855402, baby.

That's 855-402-2229 or Janet is our confidence is in Christ alone is sort of faith and science.

But when we go back into history in detail.

It's amazing to consider just how many scientists were Christians and saw their innovations in light of their belief in the creator Morgan explore the lives of some of these important people today with William Fetter. He's a historian, nationally known speaker and hosted daily radio feature American minutes in the TV program faith in history is also the author of more than 20 books.

His latest is called miraculous milestones in science, medicine, and innovation and the faith of those who achieve them. Bill so good to have you with us again how are you if you great to have your wife take a look at some of these great innovators in history and and highlight what they believed, what is this based on this whole contention that you can't be a Christian and actually believe in science.

At the same time right ankle culture will go or teacher knowledge of the believe in a creator.

They could risk their grades or risk their job is what you said, who showed that the pioneers of defiance drug astronomy, and Copernicus Jolie old Tyco broad Word Newton that they were believers in a creator. Many of them were strong Christians canceled this just is a little bit about approach well I love that in their sleep people to talk about here. I know we can't possibly go through all of them in the time that we have been one of the main people that you talk about right at the outset is, Copernicus, and that was the beginning of the scientific revolution when he published on the revolutions of the heavenly spheres little bit about the significance of that work and what part his faith played in discovering the planets revolve around the sun and that whole issue that we all remember from school right all better but Copernicus was a 100 walk the academic world.

Yet his doctorate in Canon church Lawson universes wrought for us by the supremely good orderly creator contemporary Galileo.

The first one to use a telescope and guilt goalie. Also, the laws of nature or written by the hand of God in the language of mathematics then Tyco brought a compiled astronomical observations from those who study the stars of God for a teacher. Tyco brought a student was Johannes Kepler and he is the one who discovered laws of planetary motion to W catalogs of the stars and planets realized while there is a planet and they were vocal harmonies of the world.

Comparing the notes of music with the planets, the because I have the attention to become your theologian, but now I see how God is by my endeavors also glorified in astronomy for the heavens declare the glory of God, writes about the course there's Isaac Newton and if you want to ensure little love you yes love Newton go ahead so I Newton the first astronomer to use it.

Reflecting telescope is considered the father of modern science and physics. He discovered laws of motion. Laws of energy conservation gravity calculus optics. He wrote more on Bible prophecy in the book of Daniel. Then on Friday and tell. While Sir Isaac Newton uses the most beautiful system of some planets and comets could only proceed from an intelligent being who I called the Lord God God then there's Francis Bacon who was also one of the site. This is called knowledge is power is engraved in the Library of Congress but Francis Bacon said a little philosophy and inclined to mention my atheism and philosophy brings men's minds to religion isn't an interesting, that's interesting. What are your thoughts on that particular observation of bacon is a little philosophy inclines men's minds to atheism.

I use do. Would you agree with that. When you look at some of these people in history. Yeah so you have the woke generation of all there's something bigger than medium but very study. Further, they realize you bigger thing is the plan of God.

Francis Bacon, along with many of the others saw that there were two books oh revealed religion of the Scriptures and the laws of revealed by God in nature. Francis Bacon wrote, there are two books laid before us. The study, the first volume Scriptures, then the volume of teachers which expresses God's power and that we can't leave out Robert Boyle father chemistry Robert Boyle term coined the terms element litmus test chemical analysis of most the bells of he's known for Boyle's law, which is where you doubled the pressure of early volume would have you doubled the pressure very important for truly diverse because if you hold your breath while you coming up. You will burst your lungs with anyway Boyle was a trustee of the British East India Company and he wanted to evangelize and support missionaries.

He actually started the Indian school of the College of William and Mary, and he endowed the Boyle lectures, which went on for centuries.

This is where you set aside 50 grounds for the annual salary of the learned divide your preaching minister to put Christian religion against notorious infidels. If you feel something of the mall, but of encouraging the propagating of the Christian religion clear the father of chemistry one wanted to propagate the Christian religion, that's something else. It's kind of funny because you're going through all the lives of these great man. I'm thinking holiday fair in today's academic institutions.

I mean to be open and honest about your Christian faith. It really probably wouldn't matter that they were such geniuses in so many ways in and made the discoveries that they did if they held to the wrong Christian worldview.

I how do you think some of these men would fair in our own day if they tried to do some of what they did back then in our own day right.cancel culture would rate them immediately but here they viewed clients as understanding God's creation and getting an insight into God himself. Yes, Lisa Pascal is one that invented the barometer is the father of hydraulic engineering Blaise Pascal was famous for his Pascal's Wager, which is how can anyone who lose who chooses to become a Christian. If 20 guys there turns out to be no God but happier in this life that is nonbelieving French.

If however there is a God in a habit and a hell the Afghan government and his skeptical friends have lost everything in hell look like you don't have anything to lose. You confer with a black astronomer's name is Benjamin Banneker grew up in Maryland was a Quaker, Christian, and he himself taught himself astronomy and also by visiting with astronomers and he put together a popular almanac, which is these effortless tables of the planets and their movements in so you can predict the high the full moon and you can also know when the seasons will change up your farmer you want to know when you start planning your crops and so Benjamin Banneker's almanac was a bestseller was a black astronomer and others Einstein he goes out to the Hubble deadwood Edwin Hubble is a astronomer in Mount Pleasant Observatory in California. He's the one who discovered the red shift means that light travels in waves and red is the slow wave and so jealousy is moving further away from you, then you'll would see the red a little bit stronger and Albert Einstein thought the universe was static was just there and there wasn't.

But once he looked through Edwin Hubble's telescope good Mount Pleasant he saw the red shift.

He said those have most of the beginning as I find that I observe the laws of nature. There are not laws without a lawgiver.

Isaac Newton was a little bit unorthodox of some of his belief he still believed that there was a creator.

Yes, I love Vernon Bob brought you the father of modern spaceflight. He worked over Germany during World War II develop the V2 rocket when the war was ending. The Nazis were being taken over by either Russians on one side or in an American on the other shows upward operation paperclip where he and his SI just decided they wanted to defect to America because we believe the Bible and they knew what they had invented was very powerful. Anyway, come to America and he develops the space program, even though the Saturn five rocket. I spoke once at Nassau and with general Bob Stewart, the highest ranking Army officer to apply the space shuttle, but were underneath of the Saturn five rocket missing is a football field long pointy all the parts of it out. But Vernon Bob Braun give a great quote. He said when asked about Frank Borman was told that a Soviet cosmonaut said he had seen, neither God nor angels on his flight replied no I did not see him either. But I saw it as a my Guinness homework I take a certain Frank Williams center with us miraculous milestones in science, medicine, and innovation is his book and will come back on Janet Mefford today. Same with us. Fellow Christians are suffering in Africa hi this is Janet Mefford Castro luminal ministers in Mozambique near the Indian Ocean. He's been beaten and jailed. Many times, not merely for what he believes but for how he lives out his faith see Lilo has been quietly and faithfully sharing the gospel with Muslims and many are coming to Christ that extremists have assaulted limo, his family and many in his church and they're not asking for an end to the persecution they face.

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What are you waiting for discover more about the power of today for more information call 855-585-4237 855-585-8237 or liberty liberty you're listening to Janet Mefford today in the years just welcome back great-aunt US and great-aunt with a spell veteran historian and nationally known speaker.

His book is called miraculous milestones in science, medicine, and innovation in the faith of those who achieve them over and against the cancel culture of our own day. In fact, when you go back in history and you look at the lives, a lot of these men. They had a very strong belief in the Lord and many of them were Christians. And this is encouraging because it goes back to this important principle that to understand science is to understand God's creation bill you were talking before we went to the break about Vernon von Braun and and so many other people who invented such important things along the way great innovators. You also talked about the history of writing in ancient Israel. You mention Guttenberg in his printing press is that innovation come into alignment with a belief in God and faith in the Lord) 3300 BC is one Samaria developed relay of formative 1500 characters, but only for the kings to keep track meriting the king own to stop for the common people in Egypt had 3000 hieroglyphs.

But again only for the kings and scribes. It was the scribe's secret knowledge that kept the hieroglyphs complicated on purpose as job security and only 1% of Egypt could read in China has 10,000 characters of again just record record when Moses came down it did not just have the law of the law. In a 22 character help but first letters of the left second letter about some familiar even cover down about wood but with a long 3000 hieroglyphs right it was so easy to learn. Kids could learn it and lo and behold this allows Israel to become the first literate nation on planet Earth where everyone could read and write about only did they have the law they could read the law for themselves and then we fast-forward to the critic. Now the printed on the road on high-risk, but when the Muslims conquered Egypt they held back the ship skillful pirate papyrus so your pet a paper shortage and this was the beginning of the dark ages show the road on things like animal skins and parchment and so forth. China. China developed paper from tree pulp around the eighth century but was just over there in China. They also did the first printing. It was materials stone rubbing. So the carbon is stolen with the ink on it may put a piece of paper and rub on it and dump but China printed current CD under Kubla Khan. You don't live in Google got printed too much of it because there are basically bankrupt, but with with 30,000 characters you could have a printing press very easily and so China started Out. But then Korea 1234 they developed a printing press with a simple 26 letter alphabet should teach like Chinese characters in this development. Korea was a hermit island hermit kingdom so you know Portuguese ships would get shipwrecked on Korea. They would let them out so their knowledge of the sprinklers probably did not spread but in 1454 Gutenberg invented the printing press and what was the first thing that he printed the Bible. The Bible went on to become the world's best-selling book, Guttenberg said of religious truth is imprisoned in a small number of manuscript books which are committed find that the measures let us break the seal and then he says the no longer written at great expense by hand easily all the multiplied like the wind of the untiring machine and so this basically instead of the King were church leaders rounding up things are burning up now, you could multiplied knowledge. This laid the foundation for things like the Reformation chorus that was all very providential moment in history where he had the printing press just at the moment where Luther had translated the Greek New Testament into German and it was already there and and yeah it's amazing how that all comes together and you know another person you write about that.

I'm very interested in is Benjamin Franklin and you described him as printer inventor and abolitionist, but when you're looking at Benjamin Franklin and some of his innovations and his belief in God. What you discover right so you better. The lightning rod bifocal glasses rock insurer swim flippers. But during the war with France in 1747, he drafts a day of fasting and prayer as it printed and the Pennsylvania legislature adopted and then he prints all the sermons of George Whitfield will spread them up and down the call usually prints the formidable lots of pastors and this is sort of the side of Ben Franklin with people understand he becomes the first president of the first antislavery society and he found the first hospital in America and one of the things I do in the book like in history, hospitals site so nowadays they're willing to push people of faith to give up their freedom of conscience and do transgendered surgeries or abort babies even if they don't want to. Lo and behold hospitals were started by Christians wasn't Egypt or China or Greece that had hot healthcare for the poor was Jesus who said I was sick and you visited me for century A.D. in Syria, they have the first medical school in Elizabeth and then around a rack youth Christian families called out books you family nine generations. They have a medical Academy at good to shop for them to complement see if this is interesting. They require every church where people are making the pilgrimage to have an infirmary driving across Europe go to the holy land long trip you wind up while worn out.

You convalesce and sold the word for traveler in Latin is hot HOSP so they would call it a hospital. We also deport hospitality and then you have in 541 ADL plague of Justinian in the in Constantinople.

Millions died in St. Sampson, the hospitable take specific people into his home and Justinian gives a lot of money to start the hospital a gold offer 600 years when Islam comes along. I need a security system and so you have the nights hospitality but defend these hospitals in the Benedictines. 529 A.D. they established monasteries with infirmary's and they start the oldest medical school in Western Europe and Salerno, Italy, the Benedictine Christians amend the parish. The hotel do you hotels will also from the word hospital travelers use God. And so it step by knowledge and these nuns dedicate their lives to take care of the stickers are doing it is on to Jesus.

They start them all across Europe 1633 four by the sisters of Charity and the French Revolution chopped off their heads and their stories of these nuns whole convents of a bid marched up to the guillotine thing in their church saw them one by one.

There be one less voice. Why, because they would embrace the new secular French Republic like today. These little sisters being sued because they would embrace Obama care and pay for abortions. They fed the fighter over the Supreme Court. The bubonic plague 1331 come from China Geo buyers from China is familiar with the police along caravans and then wrapped on ships comes to conscious suitable 1347 and estimated 75 to 200 million people died because your crops are left standing in the field.

No one's there to bury the dead, and so instead of running away from the plague. You have Christians running to it. The election brothers from a St. Alexis who gave away his money to take care of the poor, and the election brothers would collect the dead bodies and give a Christian burial and if they were dead, yet they give low hospice care pointed them to the board of the veteran in the hospitals and then St. Vincent Depaul.

He had been captured by him, may display you by Muslims in Constantinople and then he witnesses to his master who converts so that he and his master escape until about Europe in 1607 he starts a hospital of Europe and is funded by a wealthy Queen there in France. The plague of London 1666 1/4 of the one to die in this is one Sir Isaac Newton leaves London goes to a country estate and sees an apple fall from the trees and begins theorizing on the laws of gravity, but then in America's image of Ben Franklin started the first hospital, but the revolution. More people died of smallpox and died in battle and so you have Benjamin Rush pushing vaccinations against smallpox. And then you have things like handwashing so they didn't know there were germs and so in Austria-Hungary, there's a doctor and got Ignatz Semmelweis and he said hey let's wash her hands. He got ridiculed, died in the insane asylum, but only in America your Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Butte of Harvard Medical School going toward anesthesia homes is the one who pushed washing hands in America to stop what who paroled fever which is postpartum infections.

Lo and behold, women would die for some unknown reason and they would do the autopsies in the morning to deliver babies in the afternoon without washing their hands to Dr. Sgt. showed all hard they work for. How much blood with other aprons right and so he's said, I beg to be heard on behalf of the women whose lives are at stake. So here Lord Bowlby pushes wash your hands before you touch a dead body who died of a disease and deliver a brand-new baby.

That's what you'd see all these note the tombstone. She died in childbirth and like what, but finally we pester France and he has three of us five kids died, and he becomes a microbiologist, he discovers germ theory and pasteurization and he said science which brings men nearer to God. Contemporary pastor is Dr. Joseph Lister is a Quaker Episcopal. He develops antiseptic surgery and we all know Dr. Lister because we've all gargled with Listerine is accepted by apostle Joseph Lister said them. He told his graduating class. It is our proud office to attend to the fleshly tabernacles of the immortal spirit and that he says I am a believer in the fundamental doctrines of Christianity that Stanley go through all these different stories are running out of time through the history, the calendar and things like that yes yeah I know I wish we had much more time because there's so many great stories throughout the book balance so many instances where you can just look back on these great men of history and say their belief in the Lord shone through and and how ridiculous is it that people in our own day think that in order to be good in science you should reject belief in God. This absolutely blows that argument apart.

It's called miraculous milestones in science, medicine, and innovation in the faith of those who achieve them by William Fetter.

Bill is so great to talk to you again. Thank you very very much for being here for Janet toys in our thank you for me to.

Thanks for being with us.

You're listening to Janet Mefford today. This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies.

Call now 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or Janet Janet Mefford today and here's your host Janet Mefford that more is no longer a Southern Baptist. She made this announcement in a new interview at religion news service.

I thought it was kind of interesting when I read through this entire story. It's amazing who they go to for comments.

Bob's me Tana is the writer of this particular piece and there are no conservatives who are actually quoted who are notable within the Southern Baptist convention who might have something to say along the lines of which she hasn't been a Southern Baptist for quite a while, and this is probably a good move for her to finally formally leave the Southern Baptist convention. Now it's Beth Moore is the greatest she's an angelic being, and I'm making that up. Actually Jonathan Merritt once said that Jonathan Merritt whose father used to be the president of the Southern Baptist convention and he's that you know he's out there writing, doing a lot of writing in the Atlantic, and so forth. But he had a tweet once what he referred to her as an angelic being getting into little bit a man worship it. Anyway, here are the details for nearly 3 decades. He says Beth Moore has been the very model of a modern Southern Baptist.

She loves Jesus in the Bible and has dedicated her life to teaching others why they need both of them in their lives. Millions of evangelical Christian women have read her Bible studies and flocked to hear her speak at stadium style events were more delves deeply into biblical passages that I will. That's one way to interpret it. She also says some very bizarre things when she is quote unquote delving deeply into medical passages like talking about God telling her to go brush some man's hair and an airport and don't witness to him that you can look that one up on YouTube if you want to Moore's outsize influence and role in teaching the Bible have always made some evangelical powerbrokers uneasy because of their belief only men should be allowed to preach, but more was above reproach okay supporting Southern Baptist teaching that limits the office of pastor to man alone in cheerleading for the missions and evangelistic work that the denomination holds dear. They have wonderful quote from Tom Rayner, the former head of life way from six years ago and then Donald Trump came along interesting narrative because there's so much left out.

Then along came Donald Trump and Beth Moore's criticism of the 45th president's abusive behavior toward women and her advocacy for sexual abuse victims turned her from a beloved icon to a pariah in the denomination. She loved all her life. I don't really think that's the whole story. Having watched this in real time. Wake up sleepers to what women have dealt with all along in environments of gross entitlement and power. Moore once wrote about Trump riffing on a passage from the New Testament book of Ephesians because of her opposition to trumpet her outspokenness and confronting sexism and nationalism in the evangelical world. Moore has been labeled as quote unquote liberal and quote unquote woke and even his being a heretic for daring to give a message during a Sunday morning church service. Finally, Moore had had enough. She told religion news service. In an interview that she is no longer a Southern Baptist in the interview, she said, quote I am still a Baptist, but I can no longer identify with Southern Baptists, I love so many Southern Baptist people so many Southern Baptist churches, but I don't identify with some of the things in our heritage that haven't remained in the past, my, what now, he didn't get into Moore told RNS that she recently ended her longtime publishing partnership with National Base Life Way, Christian and while life.

I will still distribute her books.

It will no longer publish them or administer her live events very interesting. And then he goes for the obligatory comment on Beth Moore's exit from the Southern Baptist convention to a historian at Duke Divinity school because why wouldn't you go to Duke Divinity school to weigh in on the exit of Beth Moore from the Southern Baptist convention who is allegedly a liberal and an okay this tells you everything you need to know the people who are quoted in here reacting to Beth Moore as pseudo-angelic being, and she so awesome and she's so great and she's such a victim. There liberals why to interviewing top people at the Southern Baptist convention, Bob's me Tana I and I don't really quite understand your choice of interviewees not not at all and and it's just kind of a puff piece that you might say. I mean, there are some references here to some of the people who have objected to Beth Moore and when she put out this exchange with another woman on Twitter you might remember this if you're on Twitter. If not, what happened was in May 2019.

Beth Moore said she did something she now describes is really dumb.

A friend and fellow writer named Vicki Courtney mentioned on Twitter that she would be preaching in church on Mother's Day and Moore tweeted in reply. I'm doing Mother's Day to Vicki. Let's please don't tell anyone this. She's not liberal between immediately sparked a national debate among Southern Baptists and other evangelical leaders over whether women should be allowed to preach in charge. Actually, that's not what happened either.

What actually happened was people said hey wait a minute. We thought she was this conservative Southern Baptist and apparently she's been appearing in churches and preaching from the pulpit and that's a violation of Southern Baptist doctrine and beliefs the things that we confesses Southern Baptist. That's a violation of it and I didn't see Beth Moore really interacting deeply on the subject that she doesn't really interact when people can. Don't criticize her very much and some of the things that she says and does she just kinda disappears and lays low and says Jesus loves us all and things like that.

She hasn't really answered a lot of conservatives questions. In fact I go back to something that happened a few years ago.

I think it was in 2019 and there were a group of women who were trying to get Beth Moore to clarify her position on homosexuality. This involved a Bible teacher by the name of Michelle Leslie and some other people. Women bloggers and Bible teachers. They published an open letter to Beth Moore in.

It was subsequently signed by more than 500 additional Christian women. As Michelle says the letter was merely a request for clarification of Beth's views on homosexuality since she maintains public adulatory friendships with well-known homosexuality affirming evangelical such as Jan hat maker and Jonathan Merritt. And since she's been virtually silent on the issue of homosexuality in recent years yet. Not only that, but she had a book in which she had discussed the issue of homosexuality and the book was updated in a bunch of stuff is taken out so they were trying to get clarification from Beth Moore hey you're hanging around all these pro-LGBT people and handling them.

Has your position on homosexuality changed in so far as I know Beth Moore just blew them off. I don't think she ever answered it. There's also the ongoing problem of some of the associations that Beth Moore has had with prosperity gospel preachers and people like Joyce Meyer and having a show on TBN.

A lot of Christians have had a problem with that the women in the church thing is a problem she's appeared at Joel O'Steen's church. She's been hanging around with Christine Kane who is now originally hails from the leadership team of the prosperity gospel Church Hill song so a lot of problems. They are not. Here's something else. One of the biggest criticisms that conservatives have made about Beth Moore is some of the wacky things that she says and you can see some of these as I said before on YouTube if you want to watch them for yourself.

Here's here's one of the things there was the hairbrush incident there some other beat view. You can view things out there that she said and some of her many talks over the years and she's just kind of out there that just kind of out there.

In many instances same very strange things.

This is something Michelle Leslie has highlighted the hairbrush incident was one there were some others as well.

There was one in which she talked about the sacrifice of same-sex attracted Christians. They are sacrificing for God by not going forward with their urges and people are like why it's when you sacrifice has just been obedient.

But here's one of the excerpts that Michelle publish from her book, the beloved disciple. Listen to this beloved. I'm convinced this is Beth Moore talking beloved, I am convinced one of our severest needs is pure rest not only sleep, but refreshment and recreation. Recently God spoke to me about capturing what he and I are calling Sabbath moments whites like many of yours my schedule right now is particularly tough and I see no time in the near future for a number of days off, God spoke to my heart. One Saturday morning while I was preparing for Sunday school quote. My child in between more intense rests. I want to teach you to takes best moments as Michelle rightly points out, there's nothing in the Bible about Sabbath moments.

God doesn't speak to us directly.

We have his word and that's the word of God and this whole propensity for God spoke to me and told me to go brush a guys hair but don't witness to him doesn't even sound like the voice of our Shepherd go back to John chapter 10, where Jesus talks about the fact that he sheep hear his voice, and they know him in a stranger's voice.

They won't follow. When something comes along that you say that doesn't even sound biblical and then you go to the Bible and you realize it's not biblical. Then you begin to say this is a problem and for many people in the Southern Baptist convention. It's a good parting of the ways because they said she was having a liberalizing influence on the Southern Baptist convention in hey maybe Russell Moore could follow suit and his sheep he could leave the Southern Baptist convention say they could start their own woke denomination. That's another thing to her propensity for wealth and ascend the whole white supremacy think she's big on that two S. Latta, Southern Baptists are happy that she has left the denomination because she was not good fats will see how she turns out. If she gets more liberal. Now that she's gone for. Keep you posted is more to come stay with us.

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I really don't know what's up with him but he cannot resist the urge to turn around and smack down conservative Christians at seemingly every turn.

Just like his friend Russell Moore who I was just talking about Russell Moore did this piece in the Washington Post.

Not too long ago, not the mark of the beast.

Evangelical should fight conspiracy theories and welcome the vaccines and I thought to myself, the ethics and religious liberty commission at the Southern Baptist convention, a job that you don't do particularly well and when did you turn into the evangelical version of Dr. Fauci with these guys who think that they're just now medical experts and their anointed by God to come out to conservative Christians and guilt them into getting the Cova 19 vaccine while David French to get. Here's the headline in his piece this spiritual problem at the heart of Christian vaccine refusal there's there's a spiritual from generous Nana. There's a spiritual problem if you don't want to get the Cova 19 vaccine for any number of reasons which would be let's see we can go through some of these reasons maybe one of the reasons is you've already had Cova 19 so you don't feel the need to rush out and get a vaccine. Another reason might be you are young and healthy, and you're looking at the statistics on hospitalizations and death for people in your age range your demographic, your particular health situation, a not particularly worried about getting Cova 19 so you're willing to take the risk may be another reason would be well.

We want to make sure that the vaccine is first distributed to people who really are at higher risk, such as elderly people or people with those underlying health conditions that make them need to go to the front of the line so I'm waiting or there might be a reason that is pertaining to. I'm not particularly a great fan of new vaccines I'd like to sit around for a little while and see how this one goes whether it's the Pfizer.

One of the Madera wine or the new one from what is a Johnson & Johnson that's the abortion cell line thing. There are lots of reasons. You can refuse a vaccine that have absolutely nothing to do with any spiritual problems so I don't know where he's coming from here other than he seems to wake up every morning and decide how can I kick Christians today even though he claims to be one but this is what it means to just be David French. You can read the whole thing but I actually prefer the techno fog version of this, the technophile website. I appreciate this critique David French get the vaccine, or your bad Christian concerns about covert vaccines are not spiritual problems and he is right about this.

This writer is absolutely right about this, and cites the fact that historian John fee was quoted by religion news is saying there's a long history of anti-science within American evangelicalism.

It goes back to the Scopes trial and evolution in the 1920s, like were all a bunch of Christian scientists yet because I have a deep abiding connection to the Scopes trial which happened decades before I was ever born.

It goes all the way back that I didn't make up my mind today when I woke up a I don't think I'm gonna get the Cova 19 vaccine quite yet because I considered the Scopes monkey trial that was a central part of my life like they sit around, create caricatures and and create strawmen and they just knock them down with their brilliance and the rest of us are sitting there watching them saying DT the house much because all of your conclusions have nothing to do with reality. Most Christians I talk to are not refusing to get the Cova 19 vaccine for any spiritual reason or anything related to Darwinian as I what is even talking about French took these conclusions one step further, saying it's a spiritual problem in this commentator says that is a disgusting and dangerous statement by French a Christian with a huge platform. But what is it that is spiritual guilt trip his message get the vaccine, or you're a bad Christian's ridiculous. It's ridiculous how these people I how these people think what what is the thought process. I just need to make sure that I guilt people into getting the vaccine you love your neighbor. Don't forget that. Love your neighbor speaking to the vaccines. Let's go to Dr. Fauci because we haven't heard in incoherent message from Dr. Fauci lately by Tom Elliott from gravy and news posted this clip. This is from Dr. Fauci on CNN asked what's the science for denying vaccinated Americans the ability to return to traveling and he can't explain. Listen to this One in over the bottom iteration that they say it will make a decision based on science. What's the science behind not saying it's safe for people who have been vaccinated received two doses to trap you know that's a very good question John and in the CDC is carefully heading in that direction, you know, when we when when Dr. Wilensky made the announcement the day or two ago about the fact that when you have a couple of people to with three or more people in a family setting, both of whom are vaccinated, even if it's someone from another friend. It doesn't have to be a member of the family. That was the first in a multistep process that they agree to be rolling out there, being careful, understandably, they want to get science they want to get data and then when you don't have the data and you don't have the actual evidence then you go to make a judgment call and I think that's what you could be seeing in the next week she can see little by little, more and more guidelines getting people to be more more flexible.

The first installation of this is what can vaccinated people do in the home setting. Obviously the next one is going to be what you're asking of travel would about going out. What about getting a haircut. What about doing things like that. That's all imminently going to be coming out. It's absolutely extraordinary when you don't have the data and you don't have the actual evidence you've got to make a judgment call.

That's funny because my reaction would be if you don't have the data and you don't have the actual evidence you have no business making a judgment call.

Is that not the logical rational response to having no data and no evidence that you can't make an accurate judgment call when you have no data or evidence you're just winging it and you're telling people who have been vaccinated, you shouldn't travel you, you still shouldn't get on airplanes will why why why would you get on airplanes. People who have not been vaccinated have been getting on airplanes for months and more people need to get on airplanes so we can make sure that we have an airline industry.

When Fauci and his goons are done with this entire pandemic sham. I'm not saying the pandemic didn't exist, but I think the response to it is been a sham. These people are absolutely unbelievable and listen to this cut. This is a flashback to July when the head of the CDC, Dr. Robert Redfield said this about masks now amazing. This is boring. I'm just warning you.

This is gonna be about a minute. 20 of some really boring talking but listen to it. Cut to continuing to mount a really good point that we did in the tutorial that I wrote about universal masking. The time is now clearly there that masking works whether it'scovering. Whether it's a simple surgical mask or whether it's basically is the massacre using the clinical setting, but I think I think were at the station whether it's the WR that we had that we had about silos that were the masking. We didn't see transmission when it was her household studies that we have now looking at the role of masking versus non-masking in different households. So I think that is really the point, trying to say this earlier this week I was in North Carolina yesterday and I really do believe that the American public of all grace, masking now and we really in a rigorously maybe more like like the German citizens really determine save everyone isolated and they got a lot of cooperation and we probably isolated. We probably have less than half the American public doing. I think we can get everybody to wear a mask right now. I really do think it will ask for six weeks. We can bring this up in them under control. All really. That was July 2020 and there's the head of the CDC saying if we could get everybody to wear a mask right now. I really do think over the next 468 weeks we could bring this epidemic under control that would have put us at September 2020 was the epidemic under control in September 2020. We had a lot of masks a lot of mandates we had a lot of lockdowns. We had a lot of people losing their jobs and their businesses and their livelihoods and the epidemic continued so the lockdowns didn't work and the masking doesn't work and all you have to do is go back to sources like the CDC and like Dr. Fauci himself and look at the previous statements and see how they updated statements on their website about herd immunity, for example, they had one definition and then about eight months later, they completely change the definition to include vaccination where they didn't even have it mentioned in the first version. These people are making it up as they go there making judgment calls and the data and evidence are all over the map. At what point to the American people say enough this thing spread because it spread coronavirus's are contagious and it spread and the mass mandates didn't make any difference and neither did the shutdowns, but a whole lot of people got depressed and a whole lot of people lost their jobs and a whole lot of people got hurt. Was it worth it. I don't think so. It's amazing it's it's good to be even more amazing to see how years from now we reflect back on this period of time and were constantly being told that it was a spiritual problem that she didn't go along with loving your neighbor the way thought she told you to my will see how science bears out.

They serving with us reality, there will see next time right here on Janet

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