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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Gary Bauer (Religious Freedom) Dan Steiner (Pro-Life)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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January 15, 2021 4:30 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Gary Bauer (Religious Freedom) Dan Steiner (Pro-Life)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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January 15, 2021 4:30 am

The Trump Administration has been very proactive when it comes to promoting international religious freedom. But will a Biden Administration continue that push? I'll talk it over with Gary Bauer, commissioner at the U.S. Commission for International Religious Freedom. Plus: CNN reports that new evidence shows the riot at the Capitol might have been pre-planned. What will that do to the Left's narrative that President Trump incited an insurrection? That and more on Friday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.


This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies. Call now 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or Janet is our confidence is in Christ alone, I sort of know you so much for joining us and the truck proactive on trying to protect and promote international religious freedom, pioneering the annual ministerial to advance religious freedom and the international religious freedom alliance among other efforts.

But what will happen to the cause of religious freedom.

When a Biden administration is put into place, especially in a time when open doors USA is reporting that Christian persecution worldwide is at a record high working to talk about it now is Gary Bauer, Commissioner of the US commission for international religious freedom and president of American values Gary so great to have you with us. How are you good yet always great to be with you in this new year. Now, absolutely. It's great to talk to you again.

There have been a lot of games. I know under the Trump administration when it comes to promoting religious freedom globally and it's kind of interesting because when you're following it on a day-to-day basis.

There are so many things that went on in the last few years pertaining to international religious freedom that people forget but what would you say have been some of the highlights of the last several years without a good question. In some ways when they appear because the administration done so much. I don't like this. But I I've been in Washington for decade know it's the swamp and the conservative Christians are not supposed to feel at home here, but this is where God sent me, so this is where I've been working and I have to say you know it all those years both Republican and Democrat administrations. No one has done more than the Trump Pan's administration has done on the religious liberty issue both here in the United States. But our discussion right now is about internationally and from the top yet for the president of the VP to Secretary of State Pompeo and then the special interlocutor Basher Brownback who also has an assignment on international religious freedom of just been relentless.

They've thought they've called out countries and international forums that are violating this basic human right that date, the analyze the countries from where you would with restrictions on foreign aid, but also they singled out individuals in various countries that are responsible for persecution at the direction of those countries governments and they penalize that that denied them entry into the United States. In some cases that tried to move on their financial assets so it is been an across-the-board effort to protect this fundamental right that I think unfortunately most Americans sort of take for granted. There's been progress in some specific countries we places are not headline grabbers, but countries like Sudan, for example, you Pakistan when the international when the US commission international religious freedom is called those countries out and critique them. They've made changes that were now in the process of commending them for some of the improvement. Having said all that Jack would store the huge problem. A number of them, but particularly one big problem. It's in a category all by itself. That's communist China this right that's interesting that you mention sign it because for the first time I think I've heard there were at least in the last several years. I can't recall the exact timeframe, but open doors putting on its Worldwatch list has indicated China is back in the top 20 and and it's weird because it's not just the usual persecution that you see coming from communist regimes but also their moving into things like facial recognition, surveillance, and that's kind of opening up more doors to be able to persecute Christians and also some other religious groups. What are your concerns and and the concerns of the commission about what is going on in China. We hear about the Uighurs, for example.

But Christians there seen increased persecution.

What can you tell us about what's going on there right now it's almost impossible to what the communist Chinese are doing.

I've said publicly, and I've I will say that literally communist China has declared war on all religious faith and, as you point out, Janet.

That's actually not surprising given that there right communist regime at space and that there based on the idea that there is no power higher than communism or the communist government but they are going about it in a way that II think it's unprecedented. They call it sinus sizing are in the sizing religion. So when they don't stamp of faith out. They tried to mold the faith to fit something that is compatible with Chinese communism.

So for Christians, church leaders are being told to take the crosses down off of their churches. If there are paintings or other representations of Jesus on display in the church. The communist government is ordering them to take those paintings and renditions down and not surprisingly, but still disgustingly that they're being told to put up pictures, photographs of premier sheet of the leader of communist China and those churches there's an effort underway right now to read right, the Bible, believe it or not to take out verses that could be troublesome and troublesome for the Chinese communist and added other verses to make it sound like the word of God is actually compatible with godless communists so good to say that these efforts are Orwellian doesn't really capture it. It's deeply troubling to it's illegal under international law and it's really important for the United States and all other free societies in the world to be alert to this said to be fighting back against what communist China is trying to do right. Well, it seems China is rather emboldened at the moment on a lot of fronts and that we have this incoming administration we can talk about some of the problems with China having to do with the incoming president of the United States that's on another subject, but what kind of position does this put your commission in when you have China really emboldened on so many fronts right now. From a political perspective.

Yes, you know, our commission is a bipartisan commission and it's hard even to imagine that in Washington after what happened in recent years, but right now I believe four of our commissioners have been appointed by the Democrats of people like go speaker Nancy Pelosi and by Chuck Schumer and five of the commissioners that there's a total of nine others have been appointed by either the president or by speaker McConnell or leader McConnell in the in in the Senate, and remarkably, we disagree is commissioners. Not surprisingly, but the disagreements are seldom on the basis of whether were Republican appointed commissioners or Democrat appointed commissioners.

It usually disagreements over the younger the most effective way to deal with the problem or how far we can go in critiquing it, then how do we make sure we stay within the confines of the law that we have need to give an example. One of our commissioners. Her tell is in fact the Uighur Muslim whose family lives in communist China today and he was appointed by Nancy Pelosi. I was up, I was appointed by Pres. Trump and married her. Tell what I end up being the two biggest allies on the commission and in pushing for stronger and more consistent then and tougher condemnation of of communist China so that hard me, but I really want to bring home that this isn't only a problem for the Christians and the Muslims and the other religions in communist China because this is I think the first time that a country has emerged on the world scene that is setting out itself as a alternative to the Western liberal democracies. Communist China is enjoying great economic success. In some ways they're becoming more more powerful so was terribly you mentioned in the beginning there were conversations that they they've had a lot of advances in technology. Let's hold it there will go to quick break and will come back with Gary Bauer listening to Janet Mefford today will come back after this. What's it like when a pregnant mom sees her baby for the first time I saw this little incredible baby wasn't really in the plan for this young mom after seeing a halo on her baby on ultrasound at a pre-born center. She was still leaning towards abortion skills just felt God's arms around me and is the largest provider of free ultrasounds in the country. Ultrasounds save lives which you join with pre-born in helping moms to choose life to donate, just call 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229. All gifts are tax-deductible. That's 855-402-2229 or there's a pre-born banner to this is Janet Mefford for Bible league international. What did you pray for today. Good health, safety, maybe to meet a goal.

Those are good things to pray for the pastors and evangelists in the Middle East are praying for material blessings or for an end to the persecution or difficulties they face. Rather, they're praying for copies of God's word so that believers will be spiritually nourished and strengthened to live out their faith in this challenging part of the world. Many of our brothers and sisters in Christ. In places like the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Each day without their very own Bible, you can send one today.

Give one Bible for only $5.20 Bibles per $100 or 200 Bibles $1000. Whatever you'd like to give you can become a vital center by calling 800 yes word that's 800 why he asked WORD 800 yes word or there's a vital link banner to click Janet you're listening to Mefford today know you're welcome back Gary Bauer is with us commission or the US commission for international religious freedom, president of American values and so much more. Gary we were talking about what your commission has been able to do over the last several years under a Trump administration and what some of the challenges our line ahead. Now, you talked about the it the issue of China and what sort of challenge that presents but you obviously have a good ally. As you mentioned, the Uighur Muslim. There is part of the commission and wanted to let you pick up where we had to leave off when I so rudely went to break. I was told that occupational as a reward. That's okay.

Yes, I was just pointed out that China's God of a lot of advances in technology and sadly they're using that technology, not to help make people freer, but to to oppress people more so not only does try to have more surveillance cameras which use artificial intelligence and facial recognition that they're using to oppress their own people. For example, if you go to church and China on a Sunday morning. It's very likely that when you walk in to the church and into the sanctuary. Your face is being captured by facial recognition technology that's installed in the front of the church and that information on you that you are at that church is being sent immediately to central computers in communist China and its use to assign you a score card even describe what this is.

It would be like a credit rating but this is a rating about whether you are a reliable Chinese citizen or not.

And if you're going to a church whose pastor may be preaching.

Hopefully the gospel as it's written, you'll earn the merit for attending that church they can affect whether you get a promotion where you work, whether your child might get into the University.

They want to go to. You can even an impact whether you are allowed to travel outside the province that you live in an communist China showed they've installed. By some estimates, 500 million surveillance cameras all over communist China. But it gets worse. Janet. They have sold this technology to at least 60 other countries around the world and in many cases it's countries that want to oppress their people so you know. For years we've been used to free nations banding together in alliances whether it's NATO or some of the other treaty organizations and we band together because we want to protect freedom over facing the real prospect that there could be an alliance of dogs, dictators, authoritarian leaders, along with communist China supplied with technology from communist China who may be an factor appeared to be emerging as a major competitor to the United States that these countries are saying to the rest of the world that their model of authoritarianism of repression is a better model than the model of the free Western democracies. Janet, I think this is good to be the biggest challenge facing the United States facing the incoming Biden administration and facing the free world. Probably not for the next five or 10 years, but for the next 50 years because it's very much in doubt he's going to win the competition's will is and we are talking about the fact that China has sold this technology to some 60 countries which other countries are we talking about. Are we talking about little countries in the Middle East, Africa, Europe were we talking about powerhouse nations like Russia.

The combination of the Chinese are working more and more closely with the Russians and sharing technology as well as in recent years beginning to do more more military maneuvers together, but also there's as you mentioned there's a lot of emerging countries in Africa in the Middle East countries that want to become more successful economically and have populations that desperately want to enter the modern world and China's economy is trying to come up with a really effective strategy that your that they're using. They go to this countries and they say look will make you a loan that you can use for development purposes country to help your people have a better life, but it in exchange for that we want you to buy this technology from us. This facial recognition technology.

We want you to share the information you get about euro people with us. We like the right to build a military base in your country that we can station our troops and or our Navy at and that's been happening all through the Middle East and in Africa and there is even inroads be made by Latin America so you know we we had the Cold War with the Soviet Union. I was a scary time you at some point, but nobody thought the Soviet Union was a model that much of the rest of the world want to follow. Unfortunately, communist China is seen as a model by a lot of Third World countries as well. Now we have a new administration about to come into the White House and there are organizations I read about online who are concerned whether or not the mission of your commission and also some other religious freedom sectors are going to be able to continue the work that was done so well under the Trump administration.

I know your chair Gail mansion has said she expects that the Biden administration will be supportive. How are you saying that at this juncture. Well, I want to be very careful here because we pointed out were were bipartisan and we would try to studiously stay out of of domestic American politics, although I'm sure many of your wishes known. I know you love know that outside of my role on this commission I I am very much a partisan on these kinds of issues and in many others look at times that you serve has issued reports in which we have urged the Trump administration is good as it has been to do even more, and the Republicans on the commission joined with the Democrats from the commission to do urged that to happen, and I never felt any pressure from the Trump White House to not lend my name to those reports, it is my hope and prayer that in the new administration that are commission will be just as evenhanded and calling on the new president and vice president cannot only meet the standard to Pres. Trump and VP Penn subset these last four years, but I would urge them. I think the other commissioners were to she just strived to do even more now without my you serve pad on a little worried because III think there are some elements of the incoming administration that don't seem to have. This is a high priority and I will quickly add that under the new under the Trump administration. I was concerned about the influence of the American business community on the Trump administration because too many American corporations want to make big money in China and they will often pressure whoever is president not to be too tough on China because they don't want to lose their opportunity to make all that that wealth rights well and this gets into another discussion and I don't know how how you can answer this given your position, but a lot of Christians as you know are concerned about their own religious freedom.

Who knew that that would ever become an issue in the United States, but we've seen some of the Zeno saber rattling maneuvers by the gay activists and other people in politics to really kind of pressed down more on Christian religious freedom. There's a growing element in an leftist politics. Frankly, that that would love to kind of bring down the power of the First Amendment and do you have concerns along those lines yes make it very clear that now I'm not speaking for you sir because the law requires that we only spend our efforts on international religious freedom. So let me take my you serve pad office second and put on the hat of the of that I've worn for my 30+ years in Washington.

I think there's no doubt that American religious liberty is under attack and I think we've seen that during the coronavirus and I had to be honest with you Janet, I I was very disappointed at the number of churches that very quickly allowed mayors and governors to order them to shut down when at the same time they were allowing abortion clinics to stay open big box stores and all the rest of it and I I would urge in. I have version allow continue to try to be a Paul Revere on this yet. The surest way to lose our religious liberty is to take it for granted and I I would hope that every pastor every priest, every rabbi any individual in America that cares about this basic human right of seeking God and worshiping God as our heart and soul leads us to be vigilant about the movements in the pressures that are building in Europe and the United States that have as their outcome.

The restricting of religious liberty. Here that's well said and I agree with you wholeheartedly on that II think in some ways it's a little bit disconcerting for Christians to even be thinking along the lines of the First Amendment being compromised but on the other hand, we can't take it for granted. I mean we think about all these Christians around the world who have had incredible persecution and have been fighting to keep their churches open and have been subject to violence and and even murder and it's it's a very serious thing. I'm wondering what your thoughts are about how Christian should fight for their religious freedom in this new year. Well, you know I do. I get irritated when I and I've heard this many times over the years. What I hear religious leaders were just folks in the congregation of my own congregations say will Gary I you know I don't want to be involved in politics and government that has nothing to do with the Bible has nothing to do with me.

Well, that's just not true. Anyways, you can't have a greater lesson right now in the world. Then to have been born in the United States set is based on religious liberty.

And I think we have an obligation as men and women of faith to be active citizens. Whether were Republican or Democrat.

I we ought to get himself involved in our political clinical party.

We identify with in and out party we ought to fight for religious liberty, and I would urge pastors and and other religious leaders find their voices because in a democracy or a constitutional republic like ours if we don't take place in the public square.

Our place will be taken by somebody else. Carrier rights were out of time, Gary Bauer, thank you so much.

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It just opens up whole another dynamic to the decision-making process. 42% of the time, Janet. It's the boyfriend, husband or whatever pushing this young girl to abort and so most of the time been over 80% of time she really in her heart doesn't want you not the case all the time we get to know people have multiple abortions make their career dancers or whatever you know that are older and don't want to have a baby and so you know you get pills but for the most part you can show a woman her baby to choose life and that's what were some role about.

It's really great babies lives have been saved through your ministry so I know it was 31,000 2020. I would say that over hundred thousand since we've been doing this I don't have the numbers right now. You know, for me, just one yeah but I mean to put a point on it that it really does make a difference that there are all these human beings who were born because of the generosity of listeners like mine. This is a real lifesaving endeavor and you know it strikes me too, when I'm thinking about the stand that we are now on the precipice of having an administration that will be totally opposite on the life issue compared to the previous administration. Can you speak to that issue. Why this time. In particular, it matters even more that pro-lifers step up to save babies lives go you got your and your list is remember the name David Whiteman to guide back on Planned Parenthood baby merchandising national operations are in 2017 and was being taken to court for you know merchandising frustrate lima baby part highly legal. They left him with 14 different federal funds and putting that to this day.

The person that did that the attack lawyer for the project because Planned Parenthood by the name of Savior Carol was the attorney in California and extremely pro-death row abortion attorney whom was sent by the then acting Atty. Gen. of California by the name of Kamala Harris answering some names to Kemal Harrison but anyway and so now with her soon to be the president of certainly starting with the vice president. She is the appointing the same Savior Carol as the head of Health and Human Services, trillion dollar budget and so this is this is this is like shoot for the stars get Minnelli got stars Planned Parenthood did with this administration it will be proliferated beyond our imagination. Because of the history of this pro-death administration coming into office. There is no more fear.

You want team then Harris but Cara and promoting abortion and in being hi Kyle, pro-death, the pro-life cause. Yes these are the people that you know all said that the clinics in California had to post on their doors and beside their service windows were to get abortion and pro-life pregnancy clinic that's a violation of free speech First Amendment but only one on that one. But these are the people that the force to bet on pro-life movement. So work were sitting back, you know, not knowing what tomorrow looks like what we do know who hold are also copied to move forward. But all that was playfully your Morgan make zero progress under Harris Biden administration with pro-life politically dead in the water, but from a maybe a maybe unstable level will be some restrictions but is still legal in all 50 states. This every day brings. The clinics are saving lives by the hundreds and hundreds and we just begun.

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A team of investigators and prosecutors are also focused on the command-and-control aspect of the attack looking at travel and communications records to determine if they can build a case that is similar to a counterterrorism investigation, the official said the belief early in the probe will demand significant investigation right but CNN recognize what they're actually reporting here that this would break apart if it is true.

And it's under investigation right now as I mentioned, if it were true, it would destroy the narrative that was very lame to begin with, that Trump incited an insurrection. They don't care but does it bother Americans that this is what our Republic is becoming again you go back to some of these quotes from the founding fathers, and one of the things that they said there a lot of quotes to this effect was that you can't have a republic without a moral virtuous people and religious people as well. You can't have a republic and don't you see now why that is, if you do not recognize the U.S. Constitution is what it is and says what it says and means what it means.

How in the world can you govern people.

How can you have any kind of a binding contract among the people. You can't how in the world if you don't adhere to the rule of law.

Can you have any semblance of a law-abiding society will look at what happened last summer you can't you cannot do it, how in the what would I mean, how could the First Amendment be shredded. One. How are they shredding the First Amendment. Everybody is looking at what's going on with big tack and saying to themselves, but this isn't right, how the world can you have a monopoly with these big tech giants and and the government hasn't yet broken it up such that you can have twitter or Google, Apple, Amazon, all these people not only getting rid of Trump of social media. But going after sites like parlor.

How is this possible and and before that it was a question of free speech. We have a First Amendment. Yes, these people are no subject to section 230 and it kinda protects them so that I can get sued for everything that is ever set on their social media sites, but this should not give them carte blanche to go around and censor conservatives and sensor Christians.

And you know we've had this problem here as well are God's ways conference in 2019. We put up all these wonderful speeches from our conference of people who were unable to attend were able to listen to some of the great talks that were given at the conference and because we were addressing LGBT tyranny and the re-voice conference and why so-called gay Christianity is completely on biblical and why homosexuality is wrong and a sin v-mail kick this off.

They kicked off the church and then I guess the church finally got its account given back to him as Fairview Baptist Church in Edmond, Oklahoma, but we see this all over the place. The cancel culture if we lived in a society that really believed in the First Amendment and when it comes down to it that's what's really necessary for any of this to mean anything is the people have to adhere to the principles behind what is written on the paper that's gone for millions of people now that is gone.

How do you ever get it back. I don't know.

I'm praying that we get it back. I'm praying that the millions of people who are not going along with this stuff are going to stand up but I'm still waiting. I'm still waiting for people across the United States who are losing their businesses. Because of this ridiculous shutdown stuff are to stand up and Sam opening my business.

I am amazed frankly maybe not as amazed as I would've been at one point but I am amazed frankly that more business owners have not stood up gather together with other business owners and collectively said were not doing this anymore. We have livelihoods we have lives to live. We have families to feed when I can do it. It's been one person here or one person there.

We lost our fight and I'm not talking about some insurrection. I'm not talking about anything that is violent I'm talking about the will to fight in the way where you push back against lies and you push back against anti-American ideals and yell congratulations left because you've indoctrinated so many kids that the public school system. These kids don't know up from down anymore. They're not educated educated name. I know Samantha might know some science in all climate change and Darwinian evolution of courses undergirding all of it, but did not. Educated people there not too busy worrying about whether or not the person they had to read in political science was a white man and if he was a white man.

Maybe you should be reading him because it's not fair it's not diverse enough and were having these kinds of conversations while the Republic is being shredded. I'm just tell the truth now, here's an interesting development. I'm sure you heard about this representative, Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia made a very interesting announcements on Newsmax TV. Let's listen to cut one of the American people.

We have to make sure their leaders are held accountable. We cannot have a president and the state is willing to abuse the power the presidency and be easily by foreign governments.

I flooring shiny Chinese energy Ukrainian energy companies selling January 21, I will be filing articles of impeachment on July well what's good for the goose is good for the gander.

Maybe they can impeach Joe Biden every two weeks just until something takes yeah right I mean you give her credit for having the the ability to set forth what is actually impeachable stuff, presumably allegedly were still awaiting the results of the Hunter Biden investigation, but Belinsky was pretty straightforward when he came out and revealed all the evidence about what Hunter was up to in the money that was coming back in 10% for the big guy seems to me like a pretty big story.

If you have a president of the United States who ends up being compromised with communist China scene that would be something in national security now kind of a big crisis in national security. Would it not for someone were cut. This is Taylor Greene I'm a big believer that are actually willing to do the job and people in this country means that there presidency they may be willing to commit violence like they did here in Washington DC. I do not come down the American people need their Republicans in Congress are willing to listen.

Being in a minority, regardless of having all against against me or against anyone in Congress, we have to hold people accountable.

Joe is on record on the phone saying that he would withhold $1 billion in foreign aid if he didn't get his way. When these deals with his son into being paid for by signing communist Chinese energy companies. This is a dangerous threat to our country when we will be holding the power of the presidency will so easily and is on record for abusing power nor I will give her some credit for having some fight enter.

It's nice to get some new blood in Congress.

People who see things as they actually are.

Will this go anywhere. Probably not. Interestingly enough, John Kerry a few days ago. This was Justin Haskins from the heartland Institute revealed by devotion to the radical great reset movements is moving forward. There's a lot to pray about his mother leave it there that will see next time here on Jennifer today.

Thanks for being with us

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