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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Paul Kengor (War on Families) Steven Turley (Values)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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January 1, 2021 4:00 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Paul Kengor (War on Families) Steven Turley (Values)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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January 1, 2021 4:00 am

From communists to modern progressives, how has the Left sabotaged both family and marriage? On the next edition of JANET MEFFERD TODAY, Dr. Paul Kengor exposes this radical movement to redefine both family and marriage. We’ll talk about it and his book, “Takedown.” Plus: How can the recovery of transcendent values like truth, goodness and beauty in education help human beings to flourish? On Dr. Steven Turley will join me to talk about it and his book, “Awakening Wonder.” That and more on Friday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by Liberty healthcare Liberty healthcare is a nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry that allows you to control and manage your own healthcare and choose any doctor or hospital in the nation. If your freedom loving American looking for contract free healthcare call now 855-585-4237 or go to liberty for more information liberty Janet River today. Our confidence is in Christ alone is the word of God says that soil to thousands, to find a variety of behaviors morally acceptable including gay and lesbian relations. Having a baby outside of marriage and sex between an unmarried man and woman now hear statistics like this. We often conclude that the moral breakdown in society just stems from earlier legal errors like the enactment of no-fault divorce laws, and there may be some truth to that, but is there in fact the deeper reason for the moral collapse we are seen all around us, especially as it pertains to marriage and the family were to talk about it today with Dr. Paul Kang or he is Executive Director of the Center for vision and values at Grove city College is also Prof. of political science. There were to be talking about his great book and I mean great.

It's called takedown from communist to progressives how the left is sabotaged family and marriage in Dr. King or it's just such an honor to have you here. How are you going to be back with it's wonderful to have you here and I think this is a really important connection that people need to understand our current state.

As you see in the book is the end road of a steady evolution that should not be viewed.

Apart from early attacks by the communist left is is in conspiracy, as you say, but there is a connection. What is that connection you know to do. I wrote this book only one because I could know the background but because no one else started telling people about a year and 1/2 ago I had to write a paper for conference on body of the far left role and paid out of marriage and family, and I was emailing you you I could probably come up with a, list of 30 people that I would contact you.

I was stunned that no one at the so so yeah so I put it together and there has been a a 200 year goes back thousands of years really, but but since the early 1800s. In particular, there is been a concerted, very deliberate attempt by the far left, and specifically communist and socialist people like Marx and Engels cultural Marxist of the Frankfurt school George Lu because Wilhelm Reich Herbert Mark who the and even early socialist in the United States through truck came here the United States, Robert Owen, Charles Fourier to try to redefine natural traditional family and marriage and in the stunning thing is that after decades and centuries of trying the they only now finally found the vehicle to make it happen. That is the vehicle that has enough general mainstream public support to make it happen and that is same-sex marriage and and most of the people back 99% of the people that support same-sex marriage are utterly absolutely and completely oblivious to any of them and what they're aiding and abetting in their ignorant yeah no doubt in that is stunning to consider that nobody else is done it although I don't know anybody could be a better person to put this book together than you with your knowledge of communism in the background when you talk about this all stemming from you in the mid-1800s and the far left. Even back then had its sights on the marriage and family at the epicenter of their of their aims and their goals to get rid of that it's in the way talk a little bit about Karl Marx about the communist manifesto because here he called for the abolition of the family. A lot of people don't even know that right. Marx wrote what you have no family and Mark family angle back. Engels refused to marry any of his mistresses, who all wanted him to make honest women out of them bye-bye marriage and he refused to do it so so angle totally understood that Mark all you talk about up with Mark was really terrible. Husband and father, but in the communist manifesto in 1848. It talks about the abolition of private property. Abolition of all right of inheritance.

It talks about point cabin in the 10 point plan of the cognitive manifesto is quote free education unquote for all children in public school but but there is also live in their where they talk about the quote abolition of the family unquote leave important!

After that, and they say even then Janet in 1848. They say this is an infamous proposal of the con is already at that time the cognitive benefits those written you know that there are notorious for wanting to abolish the family so soup so people knew this back to people knew what they were up. They were they were under surveillance communist word by the government in their home countries because their ideas were such a threat, the family, a marriage, they were considered not talk a dangerous but you but here again. Only now, today and in the year 2015 Kim Kim they can they count among them allies who are on people like Anthony Kennedy go on with the Supreme Court justice all the different people in corporate America that are pushing the same-sex marriage, gay rights juggernaut. It always now they finally have a large enough group of people with them, who will go there not common, they are all united in all stand together in the notion of an idea that that they can all redefine and reshape and reject the idea of the of a single natural traditional biblical design for marriage and family know you are so right about that.

And yet there are a lot of people in this country who will, for example, look at Pres. Obama. He's a married man. He's got two girls. What a lovely family. He's a good guy. He's a Christian. This was also a man who is greatly influences you've written about by Frank Marshall Davis, a communist, his own ideology is right in line with a lot of the things that you've already mentioned about the communist that the you know it free this and free then added and same-sex marriage. I mean here he was on the Alberta file decision boom. All the sudden rainbow lights go up on the White House. It wasn't even an attempt to acknowledge that there were millions of Americans who were grieved by that decision. It seemed as if it was the ultimate you know football spike.

It was all never forget before the house was actually lit up what you that evening. One of the darker that that press conference earlier in the day were Obama what outside the White House kind of chin in the air and I really Erica, really cold. I feel really callous statement. Very confident basically telling Americans do. We do not stand in the way of progress. You have civil rights equal right all the difference off me here. Americans were wounded, watching their country, their culture, their countrymen render unto themselves the right to redefine something that hereto for thousands of years has been widely assumed to be the unique profits of the laws of nature and nature's God. Yes it in here and here.

Obama is literally illuminating the White House of the rainbow colors that I thought man this guy talk about fundamental transformation there it is there that is a picture of it and I thought to Janet of all the African-American who who who are the most religious demographic in the country there that you know they are the best strongest Christian who voted for this black president and and I thought this outrage.

You write what what what he's done here. In fact, I I go through in the book how long this is from David Axelrod to shape the Obama open change message really got Obama elected twice. Axelrod said in his recent memoirs just came out a few months ago that that Obama, despite what he had been saying publicly of Rick Warren's church. We sit on the campaign trail, 2007, 2008. Axelrod said that Obama actually favored same-sex marriage in the 1990s. Yes it and sign the petition, what, when he was when he was running for Illinois state that it supporting same-sex marriage, but he couldn't admit that publicly because he needed the votes of people and especially of black America who were more religious and more traditional marriage than any other group, so he basically lied to, or least misled and do his own supporters. It is on people so this is Dr. talking more with me talking about take down the left to sanitize family and marriage come back after this hi this is Janet Mefford when it comes to choice the ministry of pre-born offers the ultimate lifesaving choice by providing a free ultrasound to an abortion minded mother ought to introduce her to her pre-born baby and when she sees her baby on ultrasound and here's that baby's heartbeat in 8/10 cases that mom will choose life, that I got here how strong her. Harvey was always laughing like she was supposed to be here, but it didn't matter what anybody else told me all that mattered was it. I was blessed with the ability to carry license out of my and that maybe was supposed to be here for something that was augmented pre-born is the direct competition to Planned Parenthood, and it's making a difference every day. The ministry of pre-born reaches into the darkest corners and finds women in need to help them embrace motherhood.

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That's 855-402-2229 or there is a banner to Thank you for your gift your listening and delivered to you. What you may look around at the moral collapse in America. The collapse seemingly of marriage and of the family and think, well, this is all back stemming back to the 1960s is in the laws are passed. In fact know it goes far further back in history to the mid-1800s, as my guest, Dr. Paul Candler has been pointing out in his book take down that the far left his head at sites on the marriage and family contingent for a very long time at one of the things that you were talking about Dr. King or before we can. I went to the break was the fact that you had all these black Americans who had thrown their support behind Barack Obama excited to have this historic nominee and historic presidency, and yet when same-sex marriage came about so-called same-sex marriage marriage was redefined at the Supreme Court and Pres. Obama was spike in the football where was the outrage.

This picks up something that you also point out in the book that this never could have happened if the American people had not been dupes or not been willing to go along with this, and the question is why. Why do you think so many Americans are just going along with this quote unquote progress while their ignorance of fact a lot of them marriage supporters who go through with the show right now will still stop by what what I'm talking about and they won't even buy the book go. They don't they don't like to be like looking up at the carrack right to want to what you really want to see the carnage, but with their realtor really dupes to it and it in and it even worse way it not just that they're ignorant of it but but they paid for it and funded it by sending their children to the University where were all of this hot I made you ask anybody you live through this, and news watch numbers on the on the growth in support of same-sex marriage is it's come from the you that and ended and specifically its come out of the universities, all in the last 10 or 20 years and that is exactly what what specifically the cultural mark Marcuse of Wilhelm Reich Frankfurt school Georgia Blue Cross late 1820s through the 1960s that the new Weather Underground students for a Democratic Society, the Weather Underground, Bernadine Dorn, Bill Ayres, Mark Rod, their intellectual Guru was Herbert Mark who of of Columbia, one of you. One of the leading light of the Frankfurt school. The cultural mark Wilhelm Reich.

They were arguing that the that the way to really advance Marxism and take down the west. They said it's not going to happen through economic happened through culture rights and in particular so what they did was they created a 40 Mark where they should really try to reshape our ideas, our thinking on sexuality and gender, culture, these guys were arguing that that that people are fundamentally bisexuals are capable of having sexual relations with both with both the both genders. Sexuality is fluid. Gender is fluid, smashing monogamy marriage should not be monogamous. Actually, Ingalls was arguing that of the 1800 against monogamous marriage and date and they argue that you would should we could change this.

You have this fundamental transformation through through cultural conveyor belts like Hollywood TV media. They could have never imagined Google and Facebook and social media, and especially through the University solicit given time through the universities. We can make this happen. So it started in the 60s with the new left to back them.

They were near student and now all the students in the 60s are now the professors of the University where they have gender theory programs gender ideology and where they've been pushing same-sex marriage, and so parents have been just beating their children. It is into these universities. The cost of 20 3040 $50,000 a year and that's why Jimmy or Susie comes home at Christmas break and sits around the dinner table and starts talking about how they support marriage equality in abortion rights because the parents paid for, well, even with Margaret Sanger you talk about her Russian fascination the abortion rate is sky high in Russia and was in the old Soviet Union. This was a way to undermine the family that the birth control thing and you look at what's going on right now you have all these videos that have come out exposing Planned Parenthood trafficking body parts of babies and you can even get sufficient outrage in the American public. You have certain sectors of society that are completely outraged by this. Obviously a whole host of people on the left. George's ho-hum about it what what so big about you know babies being traffic for body parts.

You guys are just coming up with all the steps. This is all kinda part of the same pool is not all or a rejection of absolute right of biblical values. Natural law and yeah you what you would think that you will you what I have been hoping for years that that this kind of information would come out and people on the left with all right well you know I am still pro-choice, but this is yes shouldn't happen. Yes, the distance vandalizing our own movement looks really bad Planned Parenthood stop the police this is bad PR for cause know the date they deny it or or the happy attack the people you have Democrats in Congress calling for investigations, not a Planned Parenthood parent. That's it.

So it it it's it's an absolute outrage and that I II get I guess.

Unfortunately, I'm not surprised by you, you wondered.

Can it get any worse, and unfortunately I think you can, it will get worse as were seeing that now the wealth that they don't they don't want to acceptance of same-sex marriage. If you disagree with them on go put you in jail. That's where tanning and I think Bertha Yap absolutely no one else.

People have talked about. And I'm curious to get your thoughts on this.

The Santa dad's this particular movement for redefining marriage was not a bottom up movement Rosa Parks saying I won't give up my seat on the bus even on they like to compare it to the 60 civil rights movement.

It was a top down saying it was elitist. It was people back at the after the ball. This is a book that came out in the 80s talking about how they could make homosexuality accepted in America. They have achieved everything in that book in record time.

This how is that cultural Marxism. Yeah, right, top down from from the universities again conveyor belt of TV media. Your television shows Hollywood and Google and Facebook and social medias is absolutely accelerated and of course the people in those positions of those conveyor belt. They were all educated the universe sure, so they now have all of those positions and face about this.

This is going to lead to liberal same-sex marriage supporters are listening, telling you playing with fire here and you don't even realize. But by smashing the mold of one man and one woman marriage.

You have app lewdly open the door to polygamy is a guy out in Montana right now with two women who want to get married and they're standing there and they're saying love when you were consenting adults where our arm marriage right where's our marriage equality under looking at liberals and are looking at Anthony Kennedy that Anderson why are you invalidating right you what what why you support arm of this is not right. We love each other were consenting adult and really liberal.

Thereafter, you they want to know by what standard according to liberals and progressives own logic. By what standard are you going to tell that guy and two girls that they can't get married. Or maybe I've got my standard one been around for 2000 years and also liberal. The ones that basically the entire Democratic Party supported 20 years ago but but liberals, progressives using your standard you smashed that you smashed the mold and you've made this possible that at and don't say that we didn't warn you.

But now, having said all that is where it gets really outraged because with progressive you and they themselves never know what they're progressing to. And they're not. There are no absolute and everything's always evolving. I got news for you 20 years from now they probably will support the marriage of the man who women thought they might not now, but in 20 years. They will leave you 20 years. In 2035. You will look back at 2015 will save you guys support them.

The progress of that to this is the maddening careening's Graham rep screaming train wreck of ideology that is progressivism. You never know what it's going to evolve to all that you know that is always change it always is against issues mentions this counter worldview that we have as Christians, that there is a God that there is a moral law that even on the natural law level.

There's nature and nature's God. This is being discarded and with breathtaking speed in the United States. I never thought I would live to see it, but it is really breathtaking. It really is. They do, they all commented that athletic event that the they go against the Christian worldview. I got a very interesting email a few weeks ago from a reporter served a reporter at any said hey your new book takedown you point out how well communist or RBI are very supportive of the same-sex marriage movement is that while I got a point something out to you and I and I got tell you literally quite chilling.

He said the Satanist temple which which is this hideous group is doing all this terrible stuff. He said if you go to their website provided the link to it in the email you said there totally on board for same-sex marriage as well and I went there and I collected.

I don't advise the people do this because you can feel the evil emanating out of your your your laptop when you do this but but they they are like the common the Satanist are totally gung ho for same-sex marriage, the entire LGBT Q agenda.

In fact, they even stay at their website that their priestesses have been performing same-sex marriages for years and also Janet. Aside from same-sex marriage.

The other issue, far more dominant. Their website the other policy issue that they law that they are on fire is abortion isn't that interesting a great book takedown Dr. Paul Kang Gore so important and Dr. King were great to have had you here. Thank you for your work will be back all right. This archived broadcast of Janet today is brought to you by Liberty healthcare Liberty healthcare is a nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry that allows you to control and manage your own healthcare and choose any doctor or hospital in the nation. If your freedom loving American looking for contract free healthcare call now 855-585-4237 or go to liberty, health for more information liberty you're listening to Joe Wood River and here's Joe and Jennifer today. It was the ancient philosopher Plato, who believed that the good and the true and the beautiful are Celeste building at ins, separable ideas, and he argued in favor of the objectivity of such values.

Christians also have embraced these ideals, knowing that they are rooted in the very nature of God, but were living in a very un-objective age at the moment a time in which relativism guides much of man's thinking about what it even means to be human and this is unfortunately carried over into education. How can you educate a new generation properly. If it is not interacting with these concepts of the good, the true and the beautiful to join me now is Dr. Steve Turley.

He teaches theology, Greek and rhetoric at tall Oaks classical school in New Castle, Delaware, and he is Prof. of fine arts at Eastern University today were to be talking about his book.

It is called awakening. Wonder a classical guide to truth, goodness and beauty Dr. Turley. It's great to have you here. Thank you for being with us. Thank you so much Janet for having me. Well, it's a pleasure. Now this is interesting. This'll II think stretch people's minds a little bit just remembering Plato's involvement with this particular concept that back a little bit to the time of Plato and what he believed about the true the good and the beautiful. Yeah it is a different world from the world were living in today. I love your introduction for Plato, the world could be summarized in a wonderful phrase that scholars who called cosmic piety that this idea that the world filled with divine meaning and purpose and what that means is that every person born into the world is born into a world of divine obligation or obliged to conform our lives in a harmonious relationship with that divine meaning and purpose and we we understand that meaning and purpose through primarily three ways the true the good and the beautiful truth communicates divine meaning and purpose to my intellectual capacities.

Goodness communicates divine meaning and purpose to my moral capacity and beauty communicates divine meaning and purpose to my aesthetic and my emotional capacities and for Plato. He he saw objective values as absolutely necessary to bring those three aspects of our souls into a balance with one another. We we all know people role intellect but no no feeling no emotion. The most Mr. Spock for the world we all know people who are all emotion and no thinking. I won't mention a new you. There Plato he wanted to see how do we get the intellect and the emotional side of the human person in balance and you do so by encountering this perfectly balanced cosmic value the truth, goodness and beauty.

And you know that balance is occurred in the soul by their fruits by their ethical life by their fruit you shall know them some virtue became central to the educational project of Plato and so truth, goodness and beauty are cosmic values that communicate divine meaning to the intellectual, moral, and aesthetic capacities of the human soul which brings the balance of the soul, which in turn harmonizes the human person with that divine meaning and purpose of the cosmos, which was considered the prerequisite to human flourishing. Now when you consider what Plato's ideals were all about and how he would implement those. It strikes me, and it strikes you as well in your book that we are living in very different times then Plato's times what you see. The big difference was between the context in which he was living and the context in which we are living now.

Yeah the huge difference is the change in cosmology for Plato. We lived in the divine world, but were living in a world that's been cut off from that divine meaning and purpose today were living in a world solely defined in terms of biological, chemical, physical calls for laws and as a result, the divine meaning and purpose that was once thought of as embedded in the world has been relocated purely to subjective prophecy near private belief, personal preference, and so now. Truth is whatever I wanted to be goodness is situational beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and this is because largely were living in the time were we believe science reveals to us reality and faith is something that is merely personal and private. Yes sir. So now when you go from Plato to the time of the early Christians. How did Christians understand historically these concepts of truth, goodness and beauty because certainly these would be attributes rooted in the divine nature of God. That's right. And and exactly how they catch them up into the Christian gospel. But then they allow the gospel to do with transforming work and radically alter the concept to so Christians certainly affirm that all people born into a world divine obligation, but they introduce something wholly new by transcribing this cosmic piety away from the God than the planet from the celestial sphere to the worship of creation, the Paul talks about Romans one, and instead they imputed solely on to cry the logo the new creation, the one in whom all things hold together the one through whom God is revealed, the infinite fountain of Trinitarian love and delight and enter the souls of this radical recalibration of creation and the human person. So for Plato, the material world and the physical body were in fact impediment to experiencing the true the good and the beautiful, but for Christians the human souls. It was firmly fixed within the goodness of creation was inextricably linked to the physical body and instead of getting rid of the physical cosmos, which is what Plato wanted to do Christians affirm that Christ restored paradise. He brought paradise back into are met and so you see the cross as the tree of life restored and the rivers of Eden are seen as re-recovered in the waters of baptism. The grain and fruit of the third day of creation are transformed in the bread and wine identified with the body and blood of Christ, so that creation and incarnation come together to restore relation with God and with one another and hence perpetuate the life of the world and the new creation the Piazza Christians they really control in all of this truth, goodness and beauty, but they will radically alter it by having it center run Christ so can seeking out the Gnostic sensibility know you back yeah lewdly it would work work firmly physical creatures we belong in creation.

Creation is good and it is holistic behold I make all things new. And we lose this. Would you say especially in education because historically when you go back in particular strains of education, especially if there was this idea that that was the purpose of education to pursue the true, the beautiful and the good what what exactly happened to us a number of things that go on.

It takes a few hundred years to work itself out.

But bottom line, I think knowledge change our conception of knowledge changed. I believe that the contradictory chain, but never let that happen and that the idea that the only way I can really know is through some kind of scientific empirical verification. Everything else is near private opinion and personal preference, and you combine that with the rise of the Industrial Revolution and the rise of secular sadism that's regulating that Industrial Revolution and an instant reinstituting a new education that's more interested in creating workers and skill than it is wisdom and virtue your good to have a complete different paradigm shift. I think Louis CS Lewis sums up beautifully when he said the classical imagination had an education that answered the question how do I conform my soul to the divine meaning and purpose around me and the answer was through wisdom and virtue. Modern education answers very different question. It answers the question how do I conform the meaningless purposeless nature to my own desires and ambitions and the answer through tapping into the institutions that operate by the mechanisms of coercive namely science, technology in the state. Think of the stem subjects right absolutely and so all the all the aspirations that we we once longed for the true the good and the beautiful. They, in effect, disappear in this new educational project because no one's asking that question. How do we form our souls to find meaning and purpose of the created order is very important for you to come back to the discussion. Dr. Steve Turley awakening wonder will be back on Jennifer to this is Janet matter for Bible league international. What did you pray for today.

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Thank you so much for being with us. Dr. Steve Turley as my guest were discussing is called awakening.

Wonder a classical guide to truth, goodness and beauty and boy have times changed.

If you go back to the ancient philosopher Plato as we've been discussing. We saw this concept of truth, goodness and beauty being such an important transcendent trio of values that should be pursued. And Christians also picked up on this theme to a greater degree rooted in the incarnation of Christ and the Trinity. But today, all bets are off and my guest has a very well but doctrinally I think that our conception of knowledge really has changed and what you say have been the really the aftereffects of negating this idea that that wisdom and virtue is an important part of education. Well, it is devastating and holistic systemic in terms of our society because we have bought into the idea that knowledge needs to be sequestered from what the classical imagination would've would've brought together with we make the dichotomies of fact versus faith, knowledge versus belief science versus religion. And so the result now is that you can believe whatever you want when it comes to God and tender, and increasingly raise you name it. You can believe whatever you want you can believe God is Jesus Christ who can believe God is the pickle.

It doesn't matter what you but you walk into a science or math classroom and you're going to be confronted with absolute and unquestionable reality that the necessary prerequisite for cultivating skills that can then be used to to increase economic growth and we need economic growth in the sense in order to more effectively conform reality to our desires and ambitions.

CS Lewis said it very well. Classical education sought to cultivate wisdom and virtue. Modern education seeks to cultivate workers and skill and Lewis reminds with the classical world. That virtue was for the freeman skills with the slave blade that is very telling, especially applied in our own day, but you know it's interesting that you mention CS Lewis one of his famous works is the abolition of man and what would you see is the connection between this rise of relativism and the loss of what it means to be human because that something a lot of Christians especially have remarked upon the fact that man is losing his unique identity and all of this, the way things have changed that right. It again Lewis is very profound fantastic resource for your listeners. The abolition of man. Peter craved hold of the best book written in the 20th century on the modern day saying something for Peter craved us and in under 80 pages Lewis. Lewis does a fantastic job.

His his major concern is that this modern turn that we've taken away from the transcendent value for truth, goodness and beauty inevitably reduce the human person to mere nature and he was very concerned about this because if the modern project is about conforming nature to our own desires and ambitions, and if we then realize that humans are basically nature then we can start manipulating human yes and what if those Planned Parenthood videos don't prove that I don't know what could possibly good yeah yeah that's right will know when you look at the classical model. For example, which is been very much embraced by Christians in the last I don't know couple of decades for sure. There is this really surgeons have interest in doing a better job of educating and incorporating these values of truth, goodness and beauty that rooted in the Trinity, rooted in the incarnation of Christ, what does that look like not in the classroom. What is the difference between the way the secularists would instruct the child in the classroom.

The way classical educator would do it great yeah again for the classical Christian educator were were starting from the premise that there is a fall concept right in a fall and the soul has been disordered, and not just the soul. Either the body the senses as well. The whole human person has been cast out of Paradise and so the the human in order to be truly human. We have to be in a way rightly put back together and so through the grace of God comes to us through church and sacraments word. We then as an extension of that begin cultivating the process of virtue formation that was lost in the garden central virtual courses trusting all the promises and provisions of God, thereby glorifying him as Creator Redeemer which frees us up to the needs of others is more important than our own loving God, loving neighbor, fulfilling the law so will focus on cultivating a moral imagination. The imagination here is seen as the integrated sensor for that that logical that intellectual, moral, and aesthetic sensibilities. The truth, goodness and beauty awaken and will focus on tradition of cold, the redemption of the senses, which is which sees the sense of having fallen along with the soul, and so they need to be retrained, re-oriented away from the corner on the sensual and toward eternally true good and the beautiful purpose then of literature, art, architecture, music and poetry is about sanctifying the senses in preparing the body for its future resurrection when Christ returns very different than modern education station is going to teach you to perpetuate the idea science and math of fact, everything else is faith. Science and math are knowledge.

Everything else is belief, science gives off a true understanding of the world. Religion is a personal private thing that does not belong in the public square.

That's what modern education perpetuate ties and and what is the end result of all of this you get metal detectors in schools and media character for you character formation classes alongside Planned Parenthood sex ed. You cannot buy but you you end up not teaching children how to think in the final analysis, and not teaching children really and in the final analysis, how to have good moral character because that really really communicates to the next generation that you are something more than just a blob of cells which is seems to come up against the secularist mentality these days. Absolutely you.

God I love the I love Paul: Romans 12 one and to offer your bodies as living sacrifices there that there's a sanctified sent work and don't be conform to the pattern world, but be renewed right by the transfiguration of the mind of the audience together are are caught up in this redeeming glorious grace of Christ and if if it if it's not being drawn up into that grace. It's good to go into a counterfeit gospel in our counterfeit gospel today is the modern secular writers tell for sure that's well said one of the things that you talk about is getting students to really awaken wonder this is playing off your title in this field of aesthetics. What are you talking about, you would talk about that a little bit. Referring back to Plato but what is your objective here when you're trying to get students to think about the think about life as statically yeah were trying to get them the whole idea of statics is the idea. You know the contemplation of art and beauty, and even if that term contemplation. The beautiful term comes from the Latin condom party meeting thinking thoughts associate with the temple: Templar at very sacred consecrated thought what you're doing if your your teaching students to begin to look at the totality of the created order as just that, a divine arena of God's glory. That's one of the hardest things today for the modern mind to see the world many ways like a metaphor and so what will do his will train them to read stories as pointing to a wider story so will get them to. For example, read sleeping beauty and what sleeping beauty. Well, it's about a prince to come slay the dragon rescued his bride and raises her delightful, wait a minute about regret that before how or Pinocchio story of transfiguration of the Little Mermaid is about the quest eternal life. They learn to cease or as Paul flowed in first Corinthians 9 it's a way of developing self-control and self-mastery and virtue. They look at science as a way of studying not just creation. But even through chemistry and biology, the very body that Christ incarnated and is preparing for its total transfiguration when he returns so it's beginning to look at the tote lady of life around them as divine images of God's glory and what a difference that makes. In the final analysis, because that is the truth and it is a great book. It's called awakening. Wonder a classical guide to truth, goodness and beauty Dr. Steve Turley joining us today and it was wonderful to have me thinking so much. Dr. Turley. Thank you Janet so much. Thank you again for being with us. We appreciate you listening today.

Hope you can join us next time. Our website is thanks a lot for listening this hour has been brought to you by pre-born, say 350 babies lives by the end of January through the gift of one free ultrasound dollars saved one life call now 855-4055 402-2229

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