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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Lori Roman (C-19 Restrictions) Paul Blair (Liberty Pastors)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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December 4, 2020 5:00 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Lori Roman (C-19 Restrictions) Paul Blair (Liberty Pastors)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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December 4, 2020 5:00 am

A church in Maryland has been threatened with closure over coronavirus restrictions, but you won't believe what led up to it. Lori Roman, president of the American Constitutional Rights Union, joins me to share the details. Plus: Paul Blair from Liberty Pastors discusses why ministers across America must stand up for freedom heading into Georgia's Jan. 5 runoff election. We'll discuss that and more on Friday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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Today, our confidence is in Christ alone, the word of God says that soil is handed a big defeat to the Trump administration yesterday. I should say the term campaign, saying it would not hear the latest legal attempt to challenge the presidential election results. They said that really this was an issue that needed to work its way through the district courts to untangle a lot of the details that are being bandied about, but the problem is. Time is of the essence and that was why Trump's team wanted to go right to the Supreme Court now will it go to the legislature. I don't have much hope that the legislature's going to do anything. It seems to be the same story over and over and over again. And a lot of the states and I'll tell you what really drives me crazy.

What drives me crazy is you'll have a hearing like you had this week in Michigan, for example, you have a Dominion voting worker talking about thousands of ballots being recounted, that is counted many many times over and over again the same ballots multiple times, thousands of votes. This one woman was claiming have been counted over and over and over again and yet you'll go to the media and you'll just hear it's a conspiracy theory.

There's no evidence. I guess if you say there's no evidence long enough.

No evidence will be what reality is, but that's not what it is and eight. This is why it's again like I was saying on yesterday show when you're in a pattern of unreality perpetrated by people who have broader reasons for making sure that they get their way.

It can drive you completely nuts. I think that's really happening now, let's talk a little bit about what Lynwood did. Lynwood is one of the prominent attorneys who is trying to make sure that all of this evidence, and there is evidence is heard and hope hopefully litigated correctly in the court system pertaining to the presidential election.

But what he did this week at the stop. The steel rally really got people upset because he and Sidney Powell. The other prominent attorney who's been at the forefront of pushing for justice here have both cast aspersions really on this upcoming January 5 election runoff in Georgia where Perdue and Lafleur are going to have to fight for their seats in the Senate and it's such a close close race here when were looking at the Senate potentially being turned back over to Democrats in the you have a lot down by progressives on the house and the Senate and potentially the White House.

That's not a good scenario and Lynwood really took it to the people but listen to what he had to say this is One class yellow dog will hear all the special session of the legislature now holds why this is all going to go machine.

George is doing want your vote and publicly call a special session of the why would you go back and vote in another election. Well we have some issues here that I think it home for a lot of conservatives.

One is they don't trust the system they don't trust that their vote is going to count next time and that is a big problem that is a big problem but on the other side of this.

You have to look at the fact that you will be handing over the Senate to progressives.

If Perdue and Leffler do not prevail. That's just a fact. And maybe this is a fight that should be taken up after the January 5 election and I think it should be. If you have a compromised election system compromise software and all of these allegations that have been thrown around about Dominion actually turn out to be true, and I think a lot of the allegations have been true, then you need to deal with that. You do need to deal with that but the timing is so bad.

What in the world, not to mention the fact that Breitbart pointed out Lynwood's own voting record.

Having voted for Democrats having voted for Obama, like will wait a minute, this seems like seems like kind of a strange position for the guy who is fighting for Trump to take. Don't vote for these two. If you don't vote and your conservative and you stay home and then you have Democrats win, then the Republicans lose the Senate. How is that in the best interest of Republicans and listen. I am completely sympathetic to this position that the Republican Party is full of rhinos. Of course it is in the Republican Party is full of people who have not stood with Trump and that's frustrating for the people who feel disenfranchised for having voted for Trump on November 3 an hour looking across the spectrum of the GOP and seen a lot of people keeping their mouths closed in their own party and it's frustrating. I think also because, on the other side of the political aisle. Those people stand with each other. They stand for evil, but they stand for each other.

They do they don't throw each other under the bus as a daily routine. The way a lot of people in the GOP do and it's a real shame. It's beyond shame. I want to play one more cut though. Here's Lynwood reminding the crowd who runs this nation.

Cut to all our power, we will will will want a passion. There and I can feel it myself. It's it's it's very frustrating to see how everything has gone down. When you have a candidate who couldn't even get 20 people to show up in a parking lot for him and were all supposed to believe that he had more votes than Obama.

I think any break. Gimme a break. Nobody that doesn't pass the straight face test. He barely came out of his basement.

The entire time. Nobody was excited about them. Nobody was excited about,, couldn't even get any traction when she was trying to launch her own presidential campaign during the primaries, so the world believes there was some kind of huge groundswell for Harrison Biden. Sure, there were people who voted for Harrison by there's no doubt about it, but when you see all of these people coming forward new CLE sworn affidavits about ballot harvesting and ballot the end of things about signatures and people who voted multiple times and dead people who voted who obviously aren't able to vote then you begin to become frustrated, and I understand I understand why you have these attorneys from an emotional perspective. I understand why there's so upset. I do understand and I think they're tapping into that same sentiment that is present within that crowd and and millions of other Americans across the country. If you don't feel like your vote matters and you don't feel like your vote will be counted accurately and counted fairly and that the system is you know you can't trust the system then what's the point in volume and this is beginning to become a big issue and isn't it interesting that the leftist doesn't have any concerns whatsoever that lots of concerns back in 2016.

You can unearth all kinds of old tweets from all kinds of big leftist pundits talking about stealing the voting we don't want disenfranchised voters and we have to make sure every ballot counts and blah blah blah they'll say it if they have any concerns about their own candidate but as a principal, forget it say of Sidney Powell now encouraging all Georgians to make it known that they won't vote at all until their vote is secure and saying there shouldn't even be a Senate runoff. I have to say.

Don't think that's the right approach. I understand where she's coming from, but not now. Not now, not at all not at all. Too much is at stake and it's too important for people to do all they can and you know sorted out after the runoff election. But you know when you're seen all of these losses taking place across the country. These legal efforts that the Trump team is mounting and is just loss after loss after loss after loss. Boy I tell you what try to win something at least trying to maintain control of the Senate from the conservative standpoint that's going to be absolutely critical to very, very important issues that are going to come on the docket in the coming years in Washington were pause for a break will come back right after this to listening to Janet effort to hide this is Janet Mefford for pre-born Candace talks about finding out she was pregnant. Thankfully, and ultrasound provided by pre-born allowed her to hear her baby's heartbeat sonogram sealed the deal for me baby was like this tiny little spectrum of hope. I saw his heart beating on the screen and knowing that there's life growing inside. I mean sonogram changed my life went from just Candace to mom to everybody that is given these gifts, you guys are giving more than money. You guys are giving love pre-born currently has seven centers without ultrasound machines which you make a leadership gift and sponsor machine today. These lifesaving machines cost $15,000 more than most centers can afford right now through a matching grant.

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Other members are there for you to, you can feel good knowing your part of a community of like-minded individuals who understand the importance of people coming together to bear one another's burdens. You can find out that's Liberty help Liberty nourishment to Jonah's Mefford you will remember this accounts the Lord Jesus standing before Pontius Pilate's and John 18 saying. For this reason I was born and have come into the world to testify to the truth. Everyone who belongs to the truth listens to my voice and what is pilot say he famously replies what is truth actually should say questions what is truth to really good question. We know who truth is the way the truth and the life that's Jesus Christ, but were in a day where we need a better handle on all kinds of truth from a biblical perspective, and that's what liberty pastors will be offering at its upcoming conference in Georgia where there will be critical apologetics and worldview training before the Senate elections in January.

It's Taking Pl., December 13th through the 16th in here to tell us more about it, senior pastor Paul Blair of Fairview Baptist Church in Edmond, Oklahoma. He's with Liberty pastors and also presidents of both reclaiming Oklahoma for Christ and reclaiming America for Christ so great to welcome you back. Paul, have you been all I'm doing well Janet so good to hear your voice and thank you so much for your kind of like having me on today. It's always my pleasure to talk to you. This is a very important moment in time, for a lot of reasons I'm sure we could fill an entire show, talking about the reasons this is an important point in American history. But tell us a little bit about this upcoming conference in Georgia well you work with a little bit on the conference redundant grapevine a few months ago and being a pastor for 20 years and being heavily engaged in an engaging the culture for the truth of Jesus Christ. I realize that there are certain areas that pastors are deficient in their education and quite frankly seminaries train them to do the exact wrong thing. I mean the whole idea that some subjects are off limits at church and saying the thing about know from what I understand, Jesus is Lord of all. So all of our lives should be brought into obedience as the Lord would have us act accordingly and force the apostle Paul said, whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.

But somehow or other, we've adopted this Greek Gnosticism within American Christianity where we have our spiritual lives that we live on Sunday.

Then we have the rest of our lives, our secular lives. The material world we live throughout the rest of the week with very little, little influence or evidence that Jesus is Lord of anything in one of those areas is a civil government and every pastor would answer the question correctly. If you ask community as a pastor.

What three institutions did God establish on earth and any pastor that's worth assault with a will. The Lord has established the home and Lord establish the church in Ward establish civil government and that if you pursue that question. Every pastor would logically conclude that you should go to the page in Scripture for God's will and divine for the home and for God's will and design for the church, but then when you asked him about civil government.

All of a sudden there's crickets in this big?

From there apparently were supposed to go to Fox News or MSNBC will fortunately for America, you are founding father pastors. Actually, the founders of the framers of the pastors will it be the pilgrim forefathers of the great Puritan migration or order the fathers of the of the great awakening, and of course the black robed Regiment will be understood that since God establish civil government. You have a lot to say about its proper function and limitations within the pages of Scripture. So please liberty pastors conference as we try to teach pastors comprehensive biblical worldview. We want to teach them. Apologetics feel the sexuality of our faith or not Christians because of some emotional mediator in the event of a Christian because the tomb was really empty.

That means that Jesus is the Lord's update everyone of us is what we do with that. Of course this particular event were doing in Georgia is critical because as we are in the process of witnessing God forbid the selection being stolen from Pres. Trope and I hope that things were in the works were work. Truth will come to light.

But if not you'll the last firewall that will protect our country from quite frankly, the loss of our Republic.

If the demographic control of both houses and have control the White House will see the equality act fast will just absolutely caused true Christianity to go underground overnight you will see added states to the union and Senate dominance in the Senate will see packing of the Supreme Court wheat we loot literally will have seen our last free and fair election. If this one is not corrected. So these Senate races in Georgia are key and will be working there were some are great slate of speakers to educate hopefully 150 pastors what we got capacity for for three days teaching them about what is truth about God, we got Frank correct teaching on apologetics. What is truth about race.

We got Star Parker of the gracious door Parker teaching on that subject.

What is truth about economics. God's design for proper economics and operating under a budget and being responsible.

We have, but damn Celia and Congressman.

Former Congressman Bob McEwen got some great pastors like for Jensen Franklin and Rick Scarborough matched labor and myself and the Hon. Tom Parker Alabama Chief Justice and and Dan Fisher, pastor and Fisher will be teaching on the biblical principles of civil government and God willing, we will see a great movement that will have an effect carry over into the absent runoff early in January. While I hope so. You said so much Paul but you know, one of the things that was going through my mind when you were describing how we've seen really in abandonment by a lot of men in the pulpit from their duty to really be equipping the saints, not just on the issues of biblical theology and apologetics which are critical if we really were understanding of those things we wouldn't have the deficit in other areas of price that the places that God has ordained a specifically civil government. But what is the focus going to be. In other words, when you are assembling these pastors together. What is the main truth. You want them to take away about their role as American pastors. Specifically, not just you know pastors in general. But Americans who have freedom and liberty under our U.S. Constitution will do things. First thing we do it all of these conferences.

We want to introduce pastors to the idea of quit compartmentalizing your faith.

There is nothing that should be off-limits in church you know Jesus is the Lord of all of our lives and is not just Lord of Sunday morning and the second thing we want to teach these guys want to remind him of the reason that America has been exceptional and quite frankly this truth. Janet Carter preach on this couple weeks ago, leading into our Thanksgiving celebration you read Hebrews chapter 11 and you see that faith Hall of Fame and you see a list of of great victors and in God's history, who vanquished the sword and vanquish the fires of the fiery furnace and seen women given their sun's rays from the dead, and those are wonderful. We love to celebrate that, but in the same breath you see these great heroes of faith that were sawn asunder in the header said the alliance and martyred for their faith. The truth is is that in 2000 years of Christian history, and 6000 years of biblical history, going all the way back to when Cain slew Abel Christians have always been persecuted for their faith. We are the only Christians in history that have had freedom and civil government and had the freedom to practice our faith without fear of repercussion or imprisonment or even martyrdom. And there's a reason for that.

It was the biblical foundation that natural law worldview upon which the United States of America was built and that was a direct reflection on the influence of those Puritan pastors. Those separatist pastors those pastors of the great awakening, and the black robed Regiment but understood that God's design for civil government was not to exercise tyranny over man, but the purpose of civil government was to punish the evil and to protect the good that we may live peaceably all godliness when they understand what the Constitution is all about and what the Declaration of Independence means I was literally built on a biblical worldview and then they'll learn that our liberties are not by accident but we Bennett. We've enjoyed them.

By divine and we don't want to be the generation that loses way to point these people with with what Marxism actually is and the effects of tyrannical socialism so that they can recognize the truth and what God's design is versus the deception the counterfeit that's being taught in all of our universities and public school systems. Very good luck Paul. How can pastors register Janet I go to liberty liberty we got all the information they are. We also have a link thereto.

Our Eventbrite for registration.

It's a great gift. Our dear friend Art alley with the tomb of the partners in Orlando. Wonderful Christian biblical investment money management portfolio art is helping to bring this about, and pastors are getting a whale of a very cheap Christmas getaway will have three days of the luxury Callaway Gardens and resort and all would call some of the hundred dollar registration fee hundred 50 if they bring their wives know the trip was about a $1200 value for three days of room and board member that goes along with it and all of the education, the continuing education will be provided, but all of this is available for these pastors for some great fellowships and break continue education a great Christmas getaway and then also being prepared for how important the next month will be leading up to the election of January but it's all the information is there.

Or they can call our church, Fairview Baptist Church in Edmond, Oklahoma, and are numbers 405-348-1745 liberty pastor stock, I have to throw this interest on a personal note, Paul. Because when I saw where your venue is going to be. I had to smile because we used to go to Callaway Gardens is a family just about every summer when I was a kid because my my dad's or Georgia so we used to spend a lot of time there. That is just a beautiful location that's gonna be a terrific site for all of the pastors to gather.

How can we be praying for you right now.

Paul not only you but Dan there it at Fairview and also the rest of the pastors who be there. The speakers as well as the attendees. Well, just praying that we get the word out quickly enough to where we fill this out. We got room for hundred 50 pastors in the event that we did in grapevine that you helped us with a couple months ago. We literally it went from being an idea to execution in 40 days and we we fill out a full house. It was a great success will work.

Personal luck with this wonderful etc. looking for Red Sea moment with the Lord because we are going from an idea on the drawing board to actual execution in 30 days so we got everything put together the speaker's role committed. The venue was set aside. Now we just have to fill it with a great response early on but trying to navigate Thanksgiving holiday and then the Christmas holiday, so we just need to get the word out so pray the word read we have ever seen filled wonderful.

We sure will do that pastors go has all the information Paul there with us. Paul God bless you, thank you so much for being with us again. Thank you Janet God bless you as well that take care will be back on Janet this archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by liberty health liberty health areas and nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry that allows you to control and manage your own healthcare and choose any doctor or hospital in the nation. If your freedom loving American looking for contract free healthcare call now 855-585-4237 or go to liberty for more information liberty health today. Here's your host Joe that we have heard all about a lot of outrageous crackdowns during this pandemic, many of which have been leveled against churches, but what has just occurred at a church in Maryland is really over the top and demonstrate some sheer hypocrisy, and even targeting of churches by some of these autocratic politicians working to get the details now from Lori Roman, who is the president of the American constitutional rights union Lori so good to have you with us. How are you thank you for being here. This is a church called community United Methodist Church in Pasadena, Maryland the church in question recently receiving a citation for the local health department, but this is quite a story tell people what happened at this church. Dr. Jack when he was a medical doctor back office alone during the week on a morning note your services going on he heard someone trying to open the door to the church which was blocked he jumped up the hood that the door and it was that County health Department show so pastor Jackman did not have a nocturne obviously because he was alone and he would startle so he didn't take time to put on he put it back on moment after answering the door but the very at pastor Jackman's work the very authoritarian health department compliance officer seemed very intent on issuing a citation to the church and make it for the pastor not having a mascot for the compliance officer told the pastor that they had received it from someone who said that they had not been following complete protocol that the church which the church had been and the pastor said anything very intent on issuing citation they did given the formal education that I patient threatened a $5000 fine up to one year in prison and closure of the church's back. The helicopter held the patch of the unit continue to come back in it when he came back there but if there was not 100% compliant health department will that they would close down the church and according to that vacation. That would mean to the entirety of the health emergency.

So I guess and tell the governor decided that there wasn't a covert health emergency that church would be shut down one of the most outrageous thing I have ever let me ask you this. What are the restrictions that the church has to follow because it would seem that requiring people to sit alone in buildings with masks would be a little bit out of control. But what exactly are the guidelines that the church has to follow the following guidelines they had shirts or social good thing they had tied around the church. They even offered on an early-morning surface where the pastor preached from outside card that I had a servant after that I buy a lot for social distancing, and they were already following on the health department guidelines so I take a list for an employee not wearing an Afghan church and for not having proper signage at the church about the co-grade requiring a covert guideline. Pastors word. They were just very intent on issuing a citation smiles.

That's crazy. So even if he's there alone. He has to wear a mask. I mean exactly who will he potentially in fact, if no one else is there did. He asked that it is a medical doctor, you have the health department official coming to the door not citation to a medical doctor about clearing. I mean only that but in America, none of this should happen, they should have the health department should not be making calls on churches looking for in fraction.

These are neither American their free if they want to take a risk if they want to shake someone's hand if they wanted a church and they don't want to. There we are now in America should matter should matter, but the doctor really was in the church really want to know the harassment of the church is got to stop. Just knowing that someone could show up at any minute and on the second offense they could ship shut down the church or throw the patcher in jail.

It should fine thought is what I'm wondering. I guess they wouldn't learn this, but when the health department official said we got a tip that you weren't following the guidelines. Why in the world would he show up, not on a Sunday morning when the entire congregation would be there in order to see whether or not there following the guidelines. Why would he show up at a time when just the pastor is there that doesn't even seem to be logical. It sounds strange to me. I don't know what I hate work. I don't know if it more often think that there might be a client not in your midst when you're worshiping or if the compliance officer hundred and completely ridiculous time.

Not sure which one I find more appalling, but the idea that you have health department officials looking around at church service to be less than 6 feet away or someone put their map out that down over their nose or God for dead, greeted someone in Christian fellowship with the hog. Okay for a handshake. What world we live in when we have government officials, they are ready to issue citation for such things. So you're totally right about that and and you've also pointed out the governor Larry Hogan signed this executive order releasing prisoners so that was okay but you gotta go after the church is to make sure there during the week when it's just the pastor there that he's wearing his mask or elsewhere in a threatening you with closing down your church and levying a huge fine against you back pain running down your Hogan released prisoners hiding.

He unleashed health department officials around the state to threaten pastors to throw them in jail writing code.

Is that crazy world we prevent and Republican Larry Hogan should be ashamed of himself absolutely going to the signage. Lori what was the improper signage that they were alleging against the church, not completely clear to me that when you go into stores. There's a sign out front all over the country. You see the cashier where masking fight. Whatever ordinance or whatever edict from some crisis and I assume that the that the only thing they could possibly be talking that perhaps the signage at the church wasn't perfect or didn't cite the proper thing they think their executive orders. Be there not this did not go through the state legislature. Most of the things resting around the country edict that the American constitutional rights, union we we were the first organization in the country.

I think she start calling out what we called the Christ of tyrants around the country and it started back in March that these power-hungry elected officials and bureaucrats are just grabbing is much power as they could using code and acting like tyrant we've been issuing press releases a year naming her crisis tyrants up to heat and trying to shame the people, not how we behave in America. I left to live in Florida with the wonderful freedom loving governor around thankful for that yet and down here in Florida we are free and very happy which is why you see people moving here very quickly yeah what what is going to happen from here.

Lori is the church fighting back, legally or what are they doing about this ridiculous threat that they're getting from the from the health department officials well official, but come back and they come back again during the week and apparently found everyone in 100 and compliance with all of the checkboxes that they have and so they did not take the next that there's always the threat that they'll come back again and if there's a second that they could be closed. Right now we are working with pastors around the state of Maryland working in a coalition matter working to push back. I've been waiting for May 11 radio show with the tactic of naming and shaming. We need to hold our elected representative accountable and make sure that they know when the over stat and I would just say Americans wake up in picture frame and you're exactly right. Three American Con Edison writing style.

I appreciate Lori and people can check out more as VA your website for the American constitutional rights union Lori running with us. Lori, keep up the good work. It was great to have you with us. Thank you, thank you God bless you and will be back right after this Dan Steiner here with prewar ministries and this is my personal invitation for you to join the life Valerie and I on December 13.

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Did you catch what the mayor of Los Angeles had to say this week as they begin to clamp down on people once again because those lockdowns and shutdowns worked so beautifully before the logic of all of this in California, it's just one restriction after another and yet their cases are spiking and they're getting more and more deaths in their hospitals are filling up.

And so the lockdowns that failed to prevent the current situation will be solved with more lockdowns work exactly yet to hear what the Mayor of Los Angeles had to say because it's just getting more and more draconian. First of all he was noting that Dr. Robert Redfield, the director of the CDC has said the next three months will be the most difficult in the public health history of this nation largely because of stress that is now upon the healthcare system and felt especially in loss, especially in Los Angeles. He said that since early November. The daily infections have tripled. The hospitalizations have more than tripled and are at a peak at this point and the deaths have nearly doubled. So what's the solution well cancel everything first, let's listen to got five in the last month alone since early November. Our daily infections have tripled our hospitalizations have more than tripled and are the new peak and our deaths have nearly doubled, and they continue to rise.

These numbers don't reflect last week's record-breaking numbers. They don't reflect yet of time spent together with families when many people were gathering and traveling in defiance of public health and here in our Golden State. Unfortunately, California has one of the fewest numbers of hospital beds. Other states so cases continue on this path. If they continue to increase the pace that we've seen the county expect that we will run out of hospital beds here in Los Angeles by Christmas time. That's interesting that little anecdote that he's here and at the end about the fact that LA has fewer hospital beds compared to other states. Why is that you don't have enough hospitals or you have too many people could be a combination of that.

But what recalling back at the beginning of the pandemic.

You had field hospitals being set up in places like New York, remember that Franklin Graham and Samaritans purse, headed out there to help out and you had a ship coming around all that and it didn't materialize.

And so they had to send them away.

But whatever happened the field hospital option or bring bring a ship. What happened to that.

Why can't you do that. I don't know why they can't do that because everything is very, very dire. Now he continues on again, Eric Garcetti, this is the LA Mayor cut sex public health condition of our city is as dire as it was in March. In the earliest days of this pandemic. So tonight I want to speak as always to you candidly with the truth in the statistics that I did.

As soon as I get them to share them with and to know what we can do in the coming days. It's as much what you choose not to do is what you do, do that will determine what happens here in our beloved hometown.

The choices between us are start between health and sickness between care and apathy and yes between life and death for too many of the people that we love my message couldn't be simpler. It's time to hunker down, it's time to cancel everything and if it isn't essential, don't do it don't meet up with others outside your household. Don't host a gathering don't attend a gathering and following our targeted sacred home quarter if you're able to stay home stay home. I want to talk to a little bit about the aftermath here because had reported on Garcetti's new order saying that 45 minutes before he addressed the public. There he signed a new targeted stay-at-home order and then he went before the public as you just heard never mentioned the order, but he flooded the zone with superlatives and it's time to cancel everything like you just heard, but there's not much new in the order itself. The city does not have a health department of its own.

It is generally leaned on LA County's health officials to issue guidance such as this, and his order basically parallels the temporary targeted safer at home order issued by the County late last week. Here's what I find interesting. The chief way that Garcetti's order deviates from the counties is in the number of exceptions. It provides keep in mind, everything has to be canceled. According to Eric Garcetti but the story notes the proclamation begins ominously with the words, all persons living within the city of Los Angeles, are hereby ordered to remain in their homes and then the order goes on to list over 40, 40 broad business categories that are exempt from the stay-at-home language. Guess who is included in the category here of those who are exempt cannabis dispensaries liquor stores indoors, swap meets, because those are essential tanning salons also really essential all and massage parlors because my goodness, how in the world could you continue on in life. Without these particular businesses being open. You got your cannabis and your liquor got a have your massage parlors. This is not a serious person. These people are not serious people if they were truly concerned and I think they probably are concerned on a human level about people contracting coronavirus and the potential for overrun hospitals and the like were all concerned about it, but the way that they react to it is just ridiculous lockdowns don't work. We already know that we already have that indication from health experts in that and even the World Health Organization that's already come out by me think about this for a moment I'm going back to the October 15 blog of representative Bradley Byrne of Alabama in the House of Representatives and he was talking about lockdowns mentioning the states with the earliest and hardest lockdowns have had the worst economic outcomes. We know that about places like New York and New Jersey then you had three leading public health experts, over 13,000 epidemiologists, public health scientists in healthcare protect the petitioner's practitioners from all over the world putting together this petition calling for an end to lockdowns and for the world to return to a new normal, why they were citing the physical and the mental health issues caused by the lockdown policies and the World Health Organization echoed the call just a few days later.

This is just over a month ago that this occurred. Oh, but we must lockdown everything and they wonder why people are continually going back to the concerns raised when you had Clouse Schwab from the world economic forum calling for a great reset. This is a terrific way to drive small business owners out of business. You really think that they're going to close down Walmart their neck in a close down Walmart, then I can to close down these big-box stores that are closing down massage parlors, but you you better stay at home in the second. It's not scientific. It's not gonna do anything.

This is a contagious virus that is making its way through the population. And let's not forget that 99% plus of people who contract this virus will live in their more vulnerable populations. People who have underlying health conditions and mainly elderly people who die with COBIT a whole lot of them die with COBIT because they had other underlying conditions and other vulnerabilities that made Cova 19 a more serious disease for the mysterious virus for them. We know this. Your your average 12-year-old walking down the street is not going to be at great risk of death from coronavirus. We've already heard found she as I reported a few days ago saying yes we need to open the schools we need to have the kids in the schools close down the bars to get the schools open. Even Dr. Ouchi Mr. Cova 19 is saying this, so where is the logic in any of this.

Where is the logic I don't know. All I know is there are all these lawmakers who are telling you you need to be lockdown while they Gallivan all around. In fact, the daily caller news foundation put together a list of the biggest offenders is actually pretty hilarious to read through it.

Maddening but hilarious vision of everybody from Bill de Blasio, the New York City Mayor who visited his local YMCA hours before Gov. Cuomo shut down all the jams in the state member that that was back in March. It is Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot urging citizens to stay at home and then she got a haircut course. Nancy Pelosi also had her little turn at the salon while everybody else was having to stay home then you had Gavin Newsom, photograph dining indoors at the French laundry on November 6 after urging California residents to wear facemasks in between bites. Whoops. Bad mistake on my part. It just goes on and on and on DC Mayor Muriel Bowser and Democrat Virginia Gov. Ralph nor them and Diane Feinstein, another California politician filmed chatting with her AIDS mass class in the corridors of a government building before entering a mid November hearing, Feinstein advocated for a nationwide mask mandate and attempted to provide coronavirus funding going to states that would not adopt this mandate. Seat rules are for the little people, not for them and that should tell you everything you need to know about their so-called commitment to science is not about science is about control, social control and on a bigger level hurting small businesses hurting the economy.

They want America to go in another direction. I'm glad to see like the Staten Island business owner Hussein on and open up an autonomous zone and people stood up forum that needs to happen all over the country in my opinion is tyranny rains were those who love liberty won't fight to leave it there. Thanks for being with us on Jana Mefford today. See you next time

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