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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Flip Michaels (Apologetics) Harold Sala (Comfort)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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November 18, 2020 5:30 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Flip Michaels (Apologetics) Harold Sala (Comfort)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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November 18, 2020 5:30 am

Many people put forth statements about Christianity, but often those statements are only half true! What are some of those statements, and how do we debunk and correct them biblically? Flip Michaels, associate pastor at Grace Life Church in Pennsylvania, joins me to discuss it and his book, "Five Half Truths: Addressing the Most Common Misconceptions of Christianity." Plus: How can we find comfort from the Lord in the midst of earthly trials? Dr. Harold Sala, president of Guidelines International, joins me to discuss his book, "When Your Heart Cries Out to God." That and more on Wednesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies. Call now 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or Janet, our confidence is in Christ alone, I know say I am a fantastic driver in the last 40 years have only been pulled over. The times sounds okay right now. What if you learned that in fact he only had his drivers license for a week with that change your perspective on that man's statement. Of course it would. Because what he said may be true, but it's really only half true.

Unfortunately, the same kinds of misleading statements have been applied over the years to Christianity. What are some of these half truths and how do we debunk and correct them will join me now is flip Michael C is an associate pastor at Grace life Church in Pennsylvania and author of the book will be discussing today called 5/2 truths addressing the most common misconceptions of Christianity and flip. It's great to have you with us. How are you go around. Thanks for having me do a great guide. Well, I'm glad to hear you say the most dangerous lie is the half-truth. I think you're right about that but explain for people why you say that well because I yeah I do agree with that, we ought we all struggle with discerning half-truth today and that your making the point already that you know whether politics, media in the workplace. It is commonplace on you certainly notice you address worldviews that are antithetical on biblical gospel in your program and the sermon is something that is lacking today sorely needed and I promise my book is based on a JI Packer quote where he says the half-truth, masquerading as the whole truth becomes a complete untruth. Also on the book of the match me to the very end many ways. It's my personal testimony how I came to faith in Christ is struggling with these kind of half truths concerning Christianity. So dealing with the Bible dealing with Christianity dealing with God deal with Christ dealing with faith in which we make these statements that same enough and they sound believable. The Bible was written by men with the whole truth is that it's written by men and inspired by God. That's the first half-truth will write exactly you got is several of them here. Five.

In fact, what has your experience been you mentioned that half-truth have had an effect on you and your coming to the Lord and that this is a story that you tell but what is it about half truths that derail people from understanding what Christianity really is, how does this affect people when they hear only 1/2 truth about a particular doctrine.

Well we we you know we live in a very marketable and soundbite generation and so we say a statement and we played over and over again, it becomes believable. So the say something very simple like all all religions are the same, which is the second half-truth, meaning that there are different paths, but it's to the same God. You know you hear those things over and over again, they become believable and and back really back to discernment. You know it's something where we become lazy.

We really don't do the homework and so we hear sounds good. And so it starts to frame our worldview we say God is love. God meaning he's permissible and in anything we do today. He just wants me to be happy and how I live. That's the third half-truth when we disregard that he's also a holy, holy, holy, and so yes, we hear these half-truth in week we use them as whole truths, with your example the driver sitting here, you know it's into something it's very dangerous because you make the statement and you say it over and over again and it believable at something you just run with becomes your worldview. Yeah. Oh, you're so right about that and I love what you say about discernment is that really is the need of the hour.

There are a lot of people unfortunately in the church you will listen to some of these half-truth and say what's wrong with fatso working to try to debunk some of these, you had mentioned flip your first half-truth, which is the Bible was written by man.

You hear this all the time and I hear this sometimes even from people inside the church. Well, I don't really know if the Bible is inerrant, I mean it was written by man and men are sinful and men are not perfect. So if the Bible was written by men, why would we assume that the Bible is inerrant, it doesn't make any sense and I thought well somebody's pastor is not doing a good enough job explaining the doctrine of inerrancy to them. But what would you say is the correction to that idea that the Bible was written by menů While I appreciate that you know I I take some time to kill some of those layers in the first chapter where I came out it originally as the example I use in the book and really was my personal example, was Jesus walking on water.

Matthew 14 that account and I would say hey that's just the product of the telephone game. You know it's something that we are over.

The time the what really happened change in the book I take you through that really is not an assortment of fairytales bound together when you learn how we receive the Bible, you can't deny that it deserves to be called the word of God and so some of these layers. First and foremost the activity and how we receive the Bible young connectivity of special revelation, unlike I walk through that carefully and there and then the authenticity of the Bible.

What we actually have. You know you go to colleges today and you have to read Sophocles, Caesar, Plato and the manuscript evidence that we have for the Bible and and it's growing every day is currently a think of 5700 New Testament copies in hand, it surpasses any manuscript count that you would have by far with names I've mentioned and then you get into the accuracy, and this is where it gets fun getting this historically looking at things like archaeology and one example given the book, which is one my favorite is job and we found over 400 royal seals.

These are personal autographs basically of Old Testament people are just incredibly think of all the names are mentioned in the Old Testament have 400 of just validated by their seals that we have found then and I met much more evidence than that and scientifically we look at discoveries that were first stated in the Bible. Many many years prior. So things like life is in the blood hydrology that cycle hydrology. The fixed orbit of the planet sees kind of thing so when you look at the activity and then the authenticity and then the accuracy of what we have, known as the word of God you're confronted with its authority. So does it bear the full weight of God's authority and that's where we would say yes it's one long quote from God himself. You can put a quotation mark in the beginning of Genesis 11. Turn to the end your Bible, Revelation 2221 foot" it's the divine author literally breathing out in one seamless book one singular message. It's the word of God. Yes, it is well said, but when you go to a passage like second Timothy 316, which says people know this verse. All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness. Some people will have an issue with that particular verse using it as a self attestation to the inerrancy of Scripture, because they'll say it's a circular argument. Yes you have passages in the word of God that attest to its reliability and its inspiration. But isn't that a circular argument to go to the block quote the buck and then say see it's true because I quoted the book authenticating itself. How do you respond to that kind of issue. While I II would have to say that we have become out of both sides. We certainly we support Scripture with Scripture, and I don't see anything wrong with making that case, but no God has given us plenty of evidence in the world we live in. We get into Romans one really being able to see clearly from what he meant what he is made that there is a God. Yes we going further in some of the things he's allowed us in his common grace really to uncover to really speak to the accuracy of the Bible like it there is there there is some wrestling that is done within the church as well, saying, hey, you're just giving me some circular reasoning here.

You just trying to prove the Bible with the Bible. And so in my book, I intend to do both. I intend also to be apologetic and and step outside that for a moment. I certainly support Scripture with Scripture, and I believe we should do that we have evidence of the just gave an example. You know that look just archaeology alone, just some incredible find. Not too long ago recently.

Here Rob talking about what Pontius Pilate and the feel of his that was just found and to be able to point to that go look Pontius Pilate. I mean this is a very important individual in the New Testament and we we have evidence that he truly existed outside Scripture, we can point to the rights right well and also the fact that when you say that the Bible was written by man that is not negating the fact that it's inspired by God and people think, you know, at first blush. Well, if it's written by men.

It couldn't be God's book. That's not the case either.

No, not at all you know and and it kind of funny you. It's okay. Well, who wrote first Corinthians, Paul was the Holy Spirit. And yes, it was Paul.

Well yes, with the Holy Spirit and so yes you know you want to be able to come at that plane that was written by men but to go to a quick break. Let Michael's with us. His book is called five half-truths will be back on Jennifer today right after this open enrollment is here in choosing a healthcare program is an important decision for you and your family as a member of liberty held shares your part of a community that comes together to share their medical expenses. You can sign up now with membership starting as early as the following month and there are no contracts or commitments program start as low as $349 per month and there's no network so you can choose your own doctors and hospitals.

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You never today is happy with us. Let Michael's is here associate pastor Grace life Church in Pennsylvania and author of five half-truths addressing the most common misconceptions of Christianity is fun for me actually flip to go through these and debunk them.

I think it sometimes one of the most helpful things we can do is to talk about the lie. And then explain why it's not true, and we were discussing the Bible was written by man that's a half-truth because it was written by man as you mentioned who wrote first and second Corinthians was Paul and the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit breathed out the word of God, and Paul was the one who wrote it, but let's go to the second half truth that you mention where people say all religions are the same or back to the elephant argument you know that famous story that people tell about the different people putting their hands on the different parts the elephant but basically it's all the same elephants. Where would you go to debunk that half-truth.

What would you say I appreciate that you know the really two answers here.

One is first we would go you and in the book of the gospel of John, but just to that point real quick because is your looting to them and they can all be the same basic tenets of Christianity make this impossible. And so you we go to the gospel of John, which is a courtroom drama, and there are eight witnesses that are called test to be to give testimony by the apostle John in the book I use for my use John the Baptist to go to the works of Christ, God the father and the Scriptures and so you start to look at what has been said, what gives testimony not just to Christianity and the gospel of John.

But Jesus Christ and you realize they can't all be the same. Buddhists, Hindus, Mormons, Wiccans you fill in the blank with a world religion. I can never ever get past the whole truth claims that are found in the gospel of John. You can't lump God's word with another because it's unlike any other. So you know you can't reconcile Christianity with the religions of the world it would have to come at the cost of truth. You would have to do something to the Bible, you have to punch out versus you know you have to have a perforated one say okay these are the verses I don't agree with. I'm gonna punch them out in order to do that in some way to say all religions are the same, to embrace after what do you think part of the problem that happens is people reduce religions when they don't know enough about religions to be able to have an informed opinion. They tend to look at religions as systems of behavior so they could say all religions basically want people to be good to one another.

All you know what they they want the world to be peaceful. Those sorts of things, but the differentiation between Christianity and other religions is the person of Jesus Christ mean.

No other religion has Jesus Christ as the risen Savior. Certainly you have in Islam Jesus is a prophet but he's not a prophet who can save yeah that's right, you know, like when you're talking with somebody and are new to this. You want them to one of the gospel. John, would you know what want to take some time to read through the gospel John and get a good study Bible to get a John MacArthur study Bible and go through the Gospel of John and you see exactly that what you're talking about and that's why it's also important in in order here really to talk about. First, the Bible, and then really are all religions the same because one establish the authority of Scripture want them to recognize that this really can be. It is the word of God and then have them walk through the gospel of John and really get that testimony of some of those witnesses that's excellence. Yeah, that's a great place to start.

All right, let's go to the half-truth that God is love. We hear that, of course, God is love verse John we know God is love. But as you mentioned before, he is holy, holy, holy, what is the difference between that because the newbie might say, well, is that contradictory that he's love and also holy yeah you know it it's in one way and I put the book. It's an issue of semantics.

Your words change in meaning over time by elder use. You take a word like fundamentalist. There was a day that really was a fine word fundamentalist was somebody who held to the fundamentals of the faith scary word today. Yeah, you don't want to be called the fundamentalist today, but you for getting on an airplane. You don't want that in the phrase God is love has been sanitized over time to insinuate that a loving God could never be a judging one, but that's not the whole truth right the whole truth is that semantics have no sway on Scripture.

The culture can't change that timeless meaning of what God has said he is holy. He is my fax set apart every attribute of his is set apart so his mercy is set apart his grace, his goodness and justice, and certainly is a lot of and what I do is I walk through the vision that is found in Isaiah 6 where we have been verse five by Satan's idea six work Isaiah confronted really with the awareness of God's vision of God and he says what was me, for I am ruined.

I love the King James and this is undone. Just a great response there because when you see the awareness of God. When you begin to understand the awareness of God.

When you have an awareness of God. Maybe you should say that weight you become more self-aware of who you are before God, and you certainly then see that whole truth of God's love.

But it's a holy love is a holy love that's rooted in the cross and so it's it's honestly at its most arrogant say. Well, God is love. You just EE he really doesn't have any set apartness in his attributes. He really his attributes aren't that high. His standard is that high long as I'm happy he's fine with that because he's a loving God. And that's not the God of Scripture is a God of love, don't call, but is a God of love that's rooted in the cross at the holy it's one that set apart it's unlike any other. Yes, exactly. Right now when we come to the claim that Jesus is truly a man which clearly he is and he lived on earth as a man, no doubt about it. What is being left out of that half-truths that people need to understand what is the completion of the truth or you eat is truly God and that's the problem really today to dispute that Jesus didn't live in Nazareth and you really was a man would kinda be pointless for me have unbelievers who who embraces you know it's it's not an issue really the issue is whether he's truly God and you claim to be the son of God, not merely a good teacher so immediately made statements is one with the father is the way the truth and the life. And this is called CS Lewis's trilemma. You really have three options in looking at this show.

This this whole truth of Jesus, truly a man and truly God is either a liar and the sense that he knew the truth in the sense that he was just a man is not God and he's making this lie or he's a lunatic and that he still knew this half-truth that he's truly a man, but he actually believe in God, although he's not more obviously what we embrace wholeheartedly that he is Lord. And so in our culture today. What happens is Jesus Christ.

That name becomes either sadly a swear word or Savior, regardless of how persons can address Christ in this life know that reality of his own nature, it still remains the whole truth is, he's truly man and he's truly God. John 1030 I and the father are one man that's right and and a Savior who was not truly divine was not truly God could not have saved us. This is also an essential element. I think to to stress to people. How could just a man, save you and I in the book I go through two different types of grace your common grace that there we certainly have the love of God displayed in a common grace whether we have heat and air conditioning, water, medical technology and telephones all things we have, but the saving grace comes from one who is truly man in truly God. Very good and to the fixed 11 of the other half-truths that you write about in your book is that our good deeds matter are good deeds matter. You add on when preceded by faith. This is one of the trickiest things to discuss with people. Sometimes the relationship between God's grace in Christ alone, and his grace alone and saving us through faith alone, and also where works fit into that picture.

So what are you talking about when you say are good deeds matter.

When preceded by faith Janet. I could almost put this is the first one unpacked. Like you said it it is it one of the most difficult at certainly one of the most common that's out there. It's not usually stated in that way, you know, it is stated in such a way that you know when we get to the pearly gates God is going away our good deeds with our bad deeds then hopefully will grade on a curve in LCM a good person and I've done some good things and that will you know married me some entry into heaven. But the truth is the truth from God's word is our good deeds never ever merit salvation, but even so, young man tries to divide the number religious ways to save himself.

We call those works, but only one work merit salvation and the atonement of Christ on the cross.

It is the son of God giving of himself on the cross, dying for the sins of all who will believe them so you have two types of works is what I walk through in this dealing with our faith and place your faith in a man centered human achievement, which is is certainly faulty or divine accomplishment. Christ centered, which will you place your faith and that's why our good deeds matter when there preceded by faith. That's right well and in an age where we are seeing a lot of antinomianism this idea that one sure saves even just pretty much do anything you want, which Paul debunks in Romans chapter 6.

This idea that you can just do whatever you want once or save this alleged free grace. What you say to that, because the Bible talks very specifically about how we are to live our lives in a godly manner. As Christians we can't worry about being called legalists merely because were stressing the importance of godliness. I very dangerous to go down that path very, very dangerous.

You know we were to work out our salvation, trembling in fear.

This is something that you know we we don't.

It's not a prayer walking down the aisle and that's the end of it that that's not our faith experience. It certainly all our days our lives.

We certainly have the assurance of our salvation. No misunderstanding.

I know you're not but I make that clear.

It's not where I'm going with it, but it is something where we have a regard for God's word and for him being glorified and if we don't live in the fear of the Lord, that we really need to take a hard look at ourselves and ask really in my Christian my really even say and I'm really living with believing these whole truth, and are they pouring out my life and my seeing the fruit of the spirit of my life because I'm not if I'm just going to say well you know I prayed a prayer and then I'm just can continue on my way.

I'm not I'm not seeing up just in that you know we were not seeing fruit.

What a true believer remarkably true true believer would be were certainly not seeing a high regard for the Bible high regard for the exclusivity of Christ in Christianity God's holiness and our faith and wanting to glorify him and I love that will slip Michael's.

The book is called five half-truths. It was so good to have you here flip God bless you and thanks a lot for being with us back at you think you can. I got bless you. This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies. Call now 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or Janet today. Not once but twice in the Gospel of John chapter 14, the Lord Jesus Christ says these words, let not your heart be troubled. Why does the Lord say that because as he says he gives his peace to us in the midst of a troubled world and because he goes to prepare a place for us in heaven, and yet we all seek comfort in the midst of our earthly trials which God always provides in working to talk about that today with Dr. Harold Salo. He is a Bible teacher and founder and president of guidelines.

International is also the voice of guidelines. A five minute commentary on letting his latest book is called when your heart cries out to God, Harold.

It's wonderful to have you here. How are you delighted to find yet I am also looking forward to my conversation with you and all of the people who will be joining us and I'm glad you're here while you refer to this chapter of John. John 14 you have a devotional here in your book from John 1427 where Jesus says let not your heart be troubled, you say what he's really telling the disciples here is to stop worrying. What is the context here there in the upper room.

The disciples are troubled obviously, and how does Jesus calm them down. In this way will one of my favorite from the Gospel of John, take place on 21 days in the life of our Lord from chapter 12 on within the last seven days if anybody ever have any reason to be troubled.

It was Jesus because he saw the storm on the horizon and the word to be troubled as terrazzo and it is also used of Galilee when it was within two (a but he said he spoke words of peace and comfort. He told them that in his father's house there were many dwelling places enough or not so I would've told you, and words that you often hear funerals I've gone to prepare a place for you and if I go and prepare a place I will come again and receive you under myself where I am there. You may be also somewhat once a heaven is Jesus spelled out in large letters but we live in a very troubled world today whether you saw the news this morning or you pick up a newspaper or you heard the morning news on TV where ever you look at things as though all Hill is about to break loose and we can expect that before the Lord returns, but the good news is he's fully in control and for those of us who belong to him.

He is not in different he knows our pain and noise are hardly and he cares very much. That's right, it's interesting. I think there are a lot of Christians who will make the comment kind of a throwaway comment and say well I get fearful about things I worry about things and if I could just be with Jesus in person. I think I would really feel better if I get to see him and talk to him and walk with him as the disciples did. But doesn't that passage point out, it really doesn't matter because the disciples had some of the same struggles that we do today when we believe will not word Jesus is really saying look, you don't worry, I'm in control. Yes, I thought about fear. I told the story of a little boy who wrote the family room and he was outside playing with a that evening, the father, wondered who would sweep something up and he is at work and what daddy I played with it this afternoon. It's out in the backyard will go on the room what daddy dark out there is look God's out there.

Don't worry just called the broom little kid goes to the door he looks out of the dark God, if you're out there, would you please bring me the goods that help so many people are lacking the positive assurance but nothing happens. Apart from what God allow for those of us who were believers.

I am convinced, whatever happens to us is filtered through the fingers of the father and he will go with us through the dark felt like every dark valley has an end and that I wrote when your heart cries out to God I deal with a whole bunch of the why is life like what you need to say I'm sorry when you're frustrated when your broken life needs healing. When you wonder whether life makes sense when you're angry when you hold you courage when you need to use these are everyday issues. Sooner or later we all face.

Yes, that's right, I thought it was interesting in one of the stories that you tell, you talk about a letter you received and the writer was afraid.

In this instance that he wasn't saved and said I'm so afraid because my faith is so small I'm not sure God has even saved me. How would you reassure somebody like that who is worried about the quantity of his faith, rather than the quality of his faith will (biblical but I go back through the source of our pre-is what we find.

Recorded 66 books of Scripture Scripture is given by inspiration of God and the Holy Spirit was the one who work in the lives of the men who recorded this thing what it in this we can trust, and I often take people to hold there so many beautiful beautiful homes and they reflect the same emotions and feelings for troubled people to get like a song 61. Were they were broke when my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock who is higher than I Psalm 42 and 43 both and with these words require you All My Soul. Why Are You in Turmoil within the Hope That When God for I Shall yet Praise Him, My Salvation and My God I Am Fully Persuaded That God Has Not Turned His Back on the Years Old. He Knows What Our Needs Are and the Holy Spirit Is the One Who Brings Comfort Who Brings Guidance Who Brings Direction and Here's the One Who Can Take Us through the Dark Valley. That's Right Well. You Also Say Harold in the Box That There Is This Understanding That Our God Is Peace in Scripture Describes Him Is Not the Same As the Gods They Were Worshiping As the Pagans Back in Bible Times That the God of Peace Stood in Direct Opposition to Worshiping Pagan Gods Was That the Case That This God of Peace Was in Direct Opposition to the Gods That so Many Were Shipped at That Time Will Demonstrate Himself in Different Ways in Different Ways from the One Who Called Bookstore When the Disciples Were in the Little Boat Fearful That It Was Going to Think the One Who Walked on Water Is the Same One Who Reaches out Sick of the Fallen of the People Who Were in Distress Please. I Leave with You, My Peace I Give unto You As the World Gives You Believe in God Believe Also in Me, and Subsequently, There Comes That Peace to Those Who Will Open Themselves up the Board and Realize Some Way, Somehow Is Going to Take Him through the Store Storm the Destroys Us Is Our Fear That Does Not Realize He Will Take Us through That for so I Remember the First Time I Ever Saw Goalie and Was about 11 O'clock at Night and I Walked down from the Hotel and the Wind Blowing out and It Was Joe's One Conglomeration of Waves and Great Next Morning, Though the Sun Rose. It Was Beautiful and the Storm Was behind Those and When You're Caught in the Middle of the Store.

You Wonder, How Is He Going to Take Me through Bills, but He Is a Master He's Taken Many People through That Storm and for Your Listening to Our Conversation. Whatever the Need of Your Life. It Was, He Will Meet You and Take You through That There Is an Old Song We Used To Sing Only Trust Them Only Cross the Mall You Will Surely Give You Peace Only Trust Him Now and so That You Can Look Back and Say Hey Yeah That Was a Terrible Situation but I Am Firmly God Is Still in Control. Nothing Happens to Us Apart from the Will of the Heavenly Father and Subsequently Turned over Jesus Never Will I Leave You Never Will I Forsake You. That Means He Walks with Him through the Storm Some Time Ago Publisher Asked Me If I Would Write a Little Booklet on My Favorite Words and I Had to Think about the Water. While There Was a Concept That Is Recorded Twice in Scripture That I Believe Means More to Me Than Anything Else.

Matthew 2020 Word Jesus Told the Disciples, Low I Am with You Always, Even to the End of the Age of 13, Seven Glories of Never Will I Leave You Never Will I Forsake You. No Matter How Stark It Is Difficult for Me Is What Turbulence Because of Her Relationship. He Will Be There. I Love It. Dr. Harold Sala Is with Us Forgetting It Was Very Quick Frank Coming Back When Your Heart Cries out to God Is His Bucket Listening to Jana Mefford Today Return after This, What's It like When a Pregnant Mom Sees Her Baby for the First Time down This Little Line Was Incredible Abate Wasn't Really in the Plan for This Young Mom after Seeing a Halo on Her Baby on Ultrasound at a Pre-Born Center.

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You Can Sign up Now with Membership Starting As Early As the Following Month and There Are No Contracts or Commitments Program Start As Low As $349 per Month and There's No Network so You Can Choose Your Own Doctors and Hospitals. Liberty Help Is a Nonprofit Ministry Not Insurance so Your Money Goes toward Helping Other Members with Their Eligible Medical Expenses and in Your Time of Need. Other Members Are There for You to, You Can Feel Good Knowing Your Part of a Community of Like-Minded Individuals Who Understand the Importance of People Coming Together to Bear One Another's Burdens. You Can Find out that's Liberty help you're listening for today. Thank you so much for joining us and it's great to have with us Dr. Harold Taylor. He is a Bible to her and founder and president of guidelines international in the voice of guidelines. A five minute commentary on living were talking about his book. When your heart cries out to God, finding comfort in life's trials and this is a common experience for all of us know Harold. It's kind of funny when I think about this in a funny ironic way. Here we are as Christians saying to ourselves. I am trusting completely in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ to save me from my sins and bring me to heaven for eternity but on the other hand, when I have a trial I'm not sure God can help me. I mean, how is it that we can trust God for our salvation, and so many times, but we look at our own trials and sufferings in this life and begin to doubt him. It's it's crazy if you think about it earlier when you can look back and you can see were you the hand of God was buried, it makes it easier for you to trust them here. There are times that I would ask has God ever failed you well yeah but I prayed about this and it didn't happen will possibly there's a lesson for us as God takes us through the storm.

Instead of simply protecting those promos storm relationships are so important in the day you will realize 200 many, many people have trouble with relationships. They bear ill feelings of hatred toward people and so many times though the Bible says that forgiveness is one of the servers to the turbulence of relationships gone back to extremity I think is really God's opportunity to forgive someone does not mean what you did was okay, but rather it means I give up my right to hurt you because you hurt me, and I'm fully persuaded that God will give me grace to do the right thing water bills absolutely right. Forgiveness is essential because we've been forgiven for so much ourselves and another subject that you mention his anger because many of us. Obviously the Bible says be angry but do not sin, but many of us will struggle at times with anger. How do you hang handle even righteous anger in a godly way. How would you help people to do that I would anger is neither good nor bad in itself. There were situations where if you do not have anger. You're not doing what God wants you to do that altogether too often our anger is in an abusive manner. We say things that we should not have and it's not the kind of thing but come you will bring glory to God. There is no question in my mind, there were occasions when Jesus was angry on two occasions of the moneychangers out of the temple. This is the same one who held the little children in his arms and blessed them. Such is the kingdom of God. When you are confronted with a situation that violates what you know is right and you have no anger them. You're angry about the wrong thing, but I would say look angry for the right reason for getting ready for the right duration of time and then turn loose of your anger and let God do what only he can do. Forgiveness is one of the solutions to living angry yes when somebody has done something that you feel is wrong and you're angry with that person put them in the Lord and live him deal with the situation does not mean what you did is okay, but what what it really means is I am putting you what God's hand and the one who will deal with you in that situation. The Bible has a lot to say about forgiveness. Ephesians 432 is one of the verses that we first talked toward children when we have them at home. Be kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake has forgiven you.

And that means simply put, goal, forgiveness is contrary to our natures.

It is the right thing to do. Allowing God to deal with situations that only he can deal with us all is interesting when Jesus told the disciples to pray. What we describe as the Lord's prayer immediately after this he said that if we do not forgive others their trespasses, our father in heaven will not forget about and I will always remember a conversation I will for a couple son have a relationship with a young woman she was pregnant and he refused to forgive so locally. I turned to him and said Mr. so-and-so from this point on, you had better live a sinless life because God will no longer forgive you is like I get them over there with a baseball about what people turn to Matthew 6 1/4 in the passage that I drew sure when we forgive we yield something to the Lord and let him deal with it and hope you have that question how many times do I forgive Lord of seven what the rabbis taught you forgiveness over no more in Jesus of know so you make a coupon book 498.

You keep track of everyone 407 so board or event. Peter was a fisherman and he knew what it was for another fishing boat to go ahead and mess with the Quigley.

There are times we forget, and then the memory comes back to haunt us in all of the anger wells up again you have to forgive forgive my father-in-law who will for a godly pastor preach a sermon called confessing to the devil and his whole thing was after you have confessed something God has forgiven you, but then Satan comes back to remind you and the anger and the chaos and everything else. George and you can but the only one losing the devil because God is forgiven we can sort them, he is faithful and just to forgive us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. It's true he tempts you to send and then after you send. He points a finger and screams at you for sending you dirty sinner.

Yeah, that's exactly how the devil works that's great. A great reminder.

Discouragement Harold, when you feel like quitting when you're so discouraged when you are like in a battle of some sort. You think of Elijah and Elijah's who uses an example in your book is fighting this great battle and then wanting to give up.

How do you go to the word of God and guide people on what to do when you're feeling discouraged wall when you why my glory. Is it because of what someone did is that I wanted something to happen and it didn't happen and when great break your discouragement to the Lord and sometimes I say get out of the house in the sunshine.

Take a walk through the woods do something for you. Focus on the beauty of nature and what God has done.

But there were times when I think everybody becomes discouraged. You hold on to what you know to be true and you don't reject what you know is false. So when you face times of the discouragement relies Jesus will take you through that God may use this difficult time in your life to a call please something very possible and the pages of the word. What does it tell us will many people "Romans eight for we know that God works all things together for good to those who love him, who are called according to his purpose. But many times you can only see the hand of God.

In retrospect, I look back over certain things that happened to me in life and at first I thought, oh boy, this is not what I was praying about, but then I see how God used that to accomplish what only he could do because I was no longer the magician who would do certain things or say things or make contact with some people who would help me through the new God was the one who was in control and that is so meaningful, and it is so important. Every morning in the ward as you start the day so that you fall back on the promises of God. And when you pray, remind God of what you said and thanked him for what he's going to do someday will understand that in the meanwhile we walk by faith and we trust him for the strength that we need to get through the day and for him to be glorified in the process that's excellent and I think that that is so true in the further I go in my Christian walk. The more often I'm able to look back in retrospect and say I know why you didn't answer that prayer Lord, and thank you for not answering the prayer that I wanted the and and overruling me and doing what would most glorify you and what was best for me in the process because that's ultimately what every Christian wants anyway and we learned that over time, well, a wonderful book. When your heart cries out to God, finding comfort in life's trials by Dr. Harold Salo has been kind enough to join us today. Harold it was wonderful to have you here. Thank you so much for being with us. Will my privilege and pleasure of going through so much for having right now.

It was great to have you here.

God bless you, thank you for joining us here on Janet Mefford today. We always appreciate you tuning in and will see next time. God bless

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