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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Alex McFarland (Saving America from the Left)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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October 26, 2020 4:08 pm

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Alex McFarland (Saving America from the Left)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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October 26, 2020 4:08 pm

Another presidential election is right around the corner, and the stakes for our nation's future are higher than ever. Is it too late for the Lord to save us from a godless culture, eroding morals and a push toward socialism? I'll talk it over with apologist Dr. Alex McFarland, author of, "The Assault on America: How to Defend Our Nation Before It's Too Late." Join us for Monday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This Janet Mefford today archive broadcast is brought to you by Hartford Lebanon were trying to provide 100 refugee families with emergency supplies and the gospel. During this urgent time of crisis. Your gift of $116 will help to families. Please help today by calling 888-247-5499.

That's 888-247-5499 or there's a banner to Janet reference to our confidence is in Christ alone, I magazine highlighted a very disturbing statistic. Here's what it said. Today young women in the US are just unprecedentedly single. They also appear to be unprecedentedly uninterested in heterosexuality. According to private polling from Democratic data scientist David shore roughly 30% of American women under 25 identify as LGBT.

Now think about that. If that statistic is right and that statistic holds over time.

What would that mean for the future of childbearing and the American family. More than that. What does it say about the godlessness of this culture and that's just one troubling statistic among many showing that the future of our nation really is on the brink as were heading into the next presidential election but is now it's time to panic and give up or is it time to trust in the Lord more than ever, and be the salt and light that he's called us to be like never before. Lots to talk about this. Our working to do it with Christian apologist Dr. Alex McFarland Alex is a religion and culture. Experts and author, radio host and pioneer of the truth for a new generation conference which is designed to equip teens and adults to know what they believe and learn how to defend their faith in Christ and his latest book is the one were to talk about today. It's called the assault on America how to defend our nation before it's too late.

Good words. Alex and great to have you here. How are you I'm doing great, thank you for having me Janet Endo will me just add to that list over things, a huge fan of the Janet met for sure is your ear so insightful and godly and very intelligent and I benefit him one of your grateful listeners.

While I am yours as well so I appreciate you saying that Alex, it's great to have you here, and especially in a time like this.

You know I had just listed that particular statistic that was in New York magazine about 30% of American women under the age of 25 identifying as either lesbians or transgender's what you make of this. How do we even wrap our heads around these numbers well will you know they're there several factors that have brought us to this point, not the least of which is really been the breakdown of the family since the error of no-fault divorce began around 1970.

Janet, you and I both know American secular education has been overwhelmingly anti-family anti-God anti-morality anti-virtue, K-12 public schooling and then American universities have been militantly secular for several decades now, and all of this has just finally coalesced into were at a point were in, or even many non-conservatives and even non-Christians are suddenly saying look very pillars of our society have just about been completely knocked down so so you know it's true said. And rather than talking politically or academically. For just a moment, let me speak pastorally as to what you know for 30 years ordained in the ministry of youth pastor 11 years pastor to churches Janet and we just speak with empathy about people. My heart breaks for the millennial and younger generations. Because of this, Janet. I honestly believe the second greatest gift God ever gave the human race, second only to salvation. God give the human race. This wonderful gift called family and as is talk with some the young people who so we a marriage is just not a priority to me and childbearing and needs the encumbrances of family know when I can get my degree earn money and go to Hawaii.

Let me say this when you're 70 and 80 and 90 years old.

You can't curl up and hug her BMW. You can't so so many of the things of family and you you know you and Charlie know and Angie and I have known for 30 years.

There's marriage there's family and the home is the church in miniature.

As Francis Schaeffer said. And so our abandonment of marriage and family means that were walking away from not only one of God's greatest blessings, but that great institution that can turn carnal people into saying exactly what we mention the school's been militantly secular, and having been so for a very long time.

In many cases the schools have the children all day long for a number of years, which is why a lot of Christian families have opted for Christian school or for homeschooling wisely. In my opinion, but then you also have this generation.

This younger generation, generation Z falling into this idea and the millennial's are the same way to a certain extent, although a little bit less that socialism is a great idea you had that statistic coming out from the polling done last year showing that an inordinate number of generation Z members and millennial said I prefer to live in a socialist country, and of course those of us who remember the Cold War go what are you crazy again. What what's happening. It seems with these generations is that this these are generations in large measure, who come from a lot of broken homes and a lot of terrible situations with their own families and then you add in all of the secularization you add in the militant pro-abortion propaganda that says if the baby is inconvenient, just kill the baby which kills the maternal instinct. I mean it really are surprises that all of these things kinda come together don't they. This idea that the state will take care of you or you will take care of yourself and you can make your own identity.

This is a recipe for disaster. And many Christians are saying how in the world you even get yourself out of this is a culture Satan has drawn through through really do breakdown of the family and the hypersexual addition of a culture Satan has due on through these things. What he tried to do but couldn't do through theological liberalism in the late 1700s liberal theology largely came out of Germany is interesting.

The very same Germany that gave us the Reformation with Luther years later was giving us higher criticism of the Bible is not really the word of God and yet when academia and many seminaries were turning against the authority of Scripture.

Still, we had good solid local churches we hearth and home and family, but since you know the boot. I would say this since the bicentennial to show my age are little bit but I really remember.

It was kind of a turning point the bicentennial 1976, you know. Times were good, but then came the recession avoid 70s and the gas crisis in the oil crisis and Carter had to such a failed presidency and I remember my unit teachers in high school that began to trash America. Here's the thing that young people are enamored with socialism because you know were about three generations in Janet to a country where America has never been celebrated as you know if if you go to an American university campus as it's been my privilege to speak at more than 200 University campuses 60 to 70% of which were secular campuses not Christian. I just want people to know that if if you come out for patriotism in the red white and blue and you dare say that you love America.

You might as well say that you know you can bring back the model T Ford or a tractate oh at American universities.

If you are pro-America and you're patriotic. You might as well say that your for human trafficking or unit giving cigarettes to infants or something because American education and these these professors that are just converting young people and turning impressionable young minds into Marxist and mom and dad is paying for apartment were rather these professors that love America. Most of never worked in the private sector most certainly have not started businesses are understand how wealth is created and what it's like to make payroll and I tell mom's and dad's and and I definitely believe in education lot unless you send your son and daughter to a solidly Christian school and their increasingly rare. I can promise you what Ben Shapiro I interviewed Ben Shapiro from a radio show on Ben Shapiro said college is a four year attack on America and God isn't that interesting moment.

We need to pause for a quick break Alex McFarland's the name of his book the assault on America come right back on Janet how much is one life worth. Most of us would say life is priceless and we be right after all. What is the value of someone created in the image of God were asking Janet that for today listeners just like you to help us save babies through the ministry of pre-born. How does pre-born save babies through ultrasounds.

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But best of all, these families will hear the gospel of Jesus for the very first time a gift of $58 is enough to help one family. Can you help call now 888-247-5499 your listening to Janet River today. No, here's Joe here are some of those numbers I was referencing earlier when I said that the millennial's, and generation C. Through this poll last year actually a Harris poll that was done last year said they prefer living in a socialist country that amounted to 37.2% of millennial saying it and 49.6% of generation Z saying it's now will you continue to have a free America. Under these circumstances, Alex McFarland, great Christian apologist and author of the assault on America is joining us out you had said before we went to the break you're talking about Ben Shapiro's comment about going to college and it's for your assault on God and assault on America, which is true but now this comes to a point where we asked this question, you've actually asked this question in your book has America reached its expiration date. If you have a populace that has been brainwashed into hating itself basically based on the lies of the Socialist historian quote unquote Howard Zinn what you do you turn it around and is it too late to turn around because many Christians are saying were in the last days, said what it all looks like it's shaping up.

The Lord's gonna come back or to be out here and all the rest, but I get frustrated a little bit because when you begin to say it's all over now.

What that causes Christians to do is to stop doing anything and I don't think that that's the right reaction either because I'm sure as they say.

A lot of Christians during World War II said well Hitler he's got his third Reich it's over and it wasn't over because people fought back and people prayed and people from the United States, and it obviously the good guys won that war and not be back killer. But what what are your thoughts on that whole matter about the expiration date on America well and you know we have to work and pray and serve and witness you know as if were going to be here another 500 years, but mindful of the fact that you know Christ could return at any time yes and and that's it. We we just are called to be ready and be faithful in your first John 228 says that we are to abide in Christ that we will not be ashamed at him. You know, before his appearing. So let me say in the aftermath of the Scopes trial in 1925. We had kind of this fundamentalist retreat from the public square. And you know we morphed into World War II and a lot of evangelicals back then that kind of had the mindset all you know the world is been in here comes Hitler and there's Darwinian evolution and much just you know live for heaven, and Jenna even what Francis Schaeffer wrote a book of the great evangelical disaster and and I think part of the reason that Hollywood and the arts are so overwhelmingly blasphemous and secular anti-God.

Anti-America is because Christians retreated not only from the public square, but from the literature and music and so were seeing a lot of the result of Christians that have either passively stepped away and just what the world a work goes. Or they've created what Francis Schaeffer called was this evangelical ghetto and we've done things that are kind of big grade and not with excellence. Whereas I mean if you look at, you know, the Reformation in the time after the Reformation and certainly America in her prime. Up until you know I would. I would say 3540 years ago mean you look at education and technology and the arts and research and and just even architecture Christians had been people of excellence and your out-of-court like CS Lewis said, you know, we know that the Lord is coming back in time as we know will come to an end. But Lewis said in 1954.

The important thing is this that we are at our post when the inspection come yes and so lately talk from it. You know that court is minute attributed to so many people I don't know that they know the actual ideology of this quote, but somebody wants if you're, you know, not a liberal before age 25, you don't have a heart if you're not a liberal conservative after age 25. You don't have a brain right out of know you said it is a little element of truth to that kids are very compassionate on my wife and I have taken kids on many domestic mission trips and even a few international mission trips. A lot of these millennial's in younger, they've got a good heart.

They're willing to get their hands dirty for others.

However, that compassion that zeal has not been compensated and balanced out with knowledge. And so you somebody like us.

What talking Bernie Sanders comes along and seems to be like a wise old man, which I would say that's only half true, but he's old but I would say not wise and you know for the government to make sure everybody has a guaranteed wage free healthcare free tuition doesn't would not be compassionate and a young person or not so mature persons as a whole G that's good you conservatives. Oh, I guess you want people to be hungry.

That doesn't follow it all now, but it's not compassionate to enslave 300 million people in basically a guarantee of Popper poverty and substandard living and so I want to say this yeah I know I'm talking too much. Put to make a plea to pastors and Christian leaders in Janet army of pastor to churches and and I know the defined diplomatic line that pastors feel like they have to walk sometimes, but we need some ministers in the pulpit that have courage and are willing to speak hard truth to this country, not like John Piper whose urging people to not vote for. Don't get me started on that Avery was in there lips to get started on the drive. Me and Alex to join me and I that was outrageous. That article made me so upset.

You know the article to which I refer. Yes, yes it was an article for listeners who may not know. I don't recall the name of the article, but John Piper came out with an article this week that was talking about the fact that at basically referencing Donald Trump at not naming him and listing all of his sins and saying you're not just collecting policies or electing a person and when somebody is this wicked, then the little leaven leavens the whole lot but everything I am sitting there scratching my head the whole time going you mean Joe Biden I meekly talk about China for why me what is that all about what you note the larger for those just tuning in the larger context of what were discussing here are the mindset theological and political mindset of young people and and I would say that in Christian thought and citizenship. Some intellectual heavy lifting is required. You know you and as we grow, you know, Paul said that we we are to grow and mature and move from milk to meat and put away childish things. So it's only just say this when it comes to something like the election were not voting on the degree of someone's sanctification now. Should people be moral. Of course, do we wish all people, including our leaders would be pursuing Christ likeness. Of course, but the first of all, and I would say this in love to to Piper or anybody for smoke while were condemning pride. Let's not forget to rein in the hubris that presumes to know the state of another man's heart correct because that's called Pharisaism and John Piper doesn't know another man's heart John Jeremiah 17 says the heart is deceitful and wicked who can know what I mean I can't even barely know the state of my own heart. Janet well, exactly. And not only that, but what he really came across insane and that article to me, anyway, was don't you dare elect a sinner what's left because then I guess he came out later and said he wasn't advocating for either side like well okay but that's kind of a perfectionism that renders you pull is it a renders you ballot lesson I and I wonder if that's just not the push I just like so many of these evangelical leaders have come out is pretty much open progressives over the last several months if that's just not the game here. Just keep conservatively to just you know Rick use one's self as it will all just not solely my hands with this thing called a vote and I just I'm not going to be complicit with someone's carnality. Look, it's less about the person and more about policy and I'm not ruling out character because you know like Bill Clinton, who was a man of deplorable character or here in my home state of North Carolina. Cal Cunningham is running against Tom Tillis and it's come out that Carol Cunningham has two mistresses that we know off so people say what about character and also yeah sure. I mean if if a man would backstab his spouse. Heaven help the rest of us. So of course character does matter, but let me let me throw this out here and folks just hang with me. I worked for years with a man named Norm Geisler he went to be with the Lord is brilliant guy. Yes, I would argue probably genius level IQ and norm in Christian ethics.

Obviously, we believe in absolute truth objective truth. Jefferson called it self-evident truth.

Natural law. But Geisler coined the phrase graded absolutism and Geisler said the highest ethic is the preservation of human life. Not the highest spiritual call was to worship God and him only shalt thou serve. Serve. Luke 448 but the highest ethic in terms of loving my neighbor is the preservation of human life. No, because people would ask norm okay. Would it be right you are lying is a sin, but should you tell was Anne Frank's family right to tell a lie to save Jews was Oscar Schindler right to lie, and norm said yes, that was there was a morally sufficient reason to tell a lie so the question of moral sufficiency are we give you an example. Alex, Alex, hang on a moment because we do need to pause for another break and will come back to Alex McFarland is with us.

The assault on America. His book and will be right back after this you listening to Jennifer today. This Janet met for today archive broadcast is brought to you by Hartford Lebanon were trying to provide 100 refugee families with emergency supplies and the gospel. During this urgent time of crisis. Your gift of $116 will help to families.

Please help today by calling 888-247-5499.

That's 888-247-5499 or there's a banner to Joe Mefford today. Here's your host Joe Mefford. It is always a privilege and an honor to have Alex McFarland here great Christian apologist's latest book, the assault on America how to defend our nation before it's too late's website. By the way, is Alex you want to check that out as well. You were mentioning the late great Norman Geisler and II really appreciated him as well. Talking about the highest ethic is were going into a political discussion is the preservation of human life and the funny thing about that Alex RC Sproul made the same comment I remember this years ago watching a video. I think of him talking about that and and or maybe was a tape.

I was listening to, and he made that same point.

He said the first fundamental duty of any human government is to protect the lives of its own citizens. End of story. And he made the comments paraphrasing that he made the comment if the government will not protect and preserve human life. I really don't care what else they do and I thought sprawl back for about 30 minutes to bring him back.

You know what a brilliant guy was what a brilliant guy and didn't want me to say thank you for having me on.

And thank you for being one of the rear radio shows, maybe, maybe the only radio show that I know off that really honestly works to equip people in terms of a biblical worldview answer I want to thank you for the vital work you're doing and it is vital and up you know Norm Geisler and me was one of my professors and in one of my degrees and brilliant guy me. I stated his house.

Norm Personally Mentor Like William Ln., Craig and so folks when I when I invoke the name of Norm Geisler. I cannot overstate what a careful thinker.

He was so were not filling these ideas out there glibly or without due diligence and so Norm would say this if you have a moral dilemma. You know I want to do what's right, but neither option seems right. What we do. Norm said will highest ethic in terms of the injunction to love my neighbor the highest ethic is the preservation of human life. No. Imagine you know to kick somebody's front door in his role, but if it means that you can save them from a burning building. You had a morally sufficient reason to do what otherwise would have been a wrong and one of my favorite examples is when I was I was sisters five years older than me. Very godly Caroline. If you happen to hear this. I love you for my all was looking after us. I was about the one my sister was about six and my aunt grabbed my sister and dislocated her shoulder.

This child abuse is no. It saved her life because my sister was chasing a red ball and about to run into the streets and so ordinarily, jerking a five-year-old's arm out of the socket is abuse, but if it meant you saved that child from an oncoming car.

It was morally sufficient now to the case of Trump versus Biden and John Piper.

God bless him, but he likes so many teenagers have not thought through the logical and of their worldview or their current position while Alex and and might I just say I threw this up on Twitter because this really bothered me.

He still promotes the work and the sinking of the gay priest Sam Mulberry on his website. It desiring God. He still says he still says no regrets. He has no regrets over ever promoting Mark Driscoll and you know what a fan of Marcus Liana because Polly Fry plagiarized Wolf in sheep's clothing. So yeah, in promoting Christian hedonism which is not biblical so people when you're going back to the idea that people are not thinking and accumulating knowledge.

This applies in my view, at least, not only to what subject are discussing, but also the person who's giving you the advice more and more and more I I've made this comment a lot over the last several months and I said don't trust somebody merely by looking at his doctrinal statements because a lot of these guys will do this, they'll throw the sea.

I believe in the deity of Christ. I believe in the gospel. I believe in the Trinity. They go through the checklist movable mobile everything is Orthodox. Okay he can listing like and listen to them and some of these people what they actually believe and what they actually put out there for the masses and evangelicalism to consume has nothing to do with what the Bible actually says that we are in a time of wolves. Alex, we really are. Yeah you are you are so right, and what I would say to all of your dear listeners, it all boils down to the authority of God's word and and my dear friends think it was talk for one moment about the gay issue gay and transgender is clear in Genesis 127 God made them male and female gender is is binary. There are male and their female right marriage heterosexual monogamy is God's design and God's mandate so I've had Christians write me and say but Alex, you don't know my nephew. He's a good boy but Alex my professor who has a PhD is a Christian and performs gay marriages but Alex so so you nothing about this, yet we have got the word of God, the law of Moses the affirmation of Jesus the son of God, the greatest thinkers who've ever live from Augustine to Aquinas to Norm Geisler and we got all of that versus basically a 35 to 40 year well-organized marketing campaign coming out of Hollywood and and it amazes me how quickly the church has dipped her colors.

I was in Denver, Colorado and I was backstage to speak for a national meeting of a certain denomination and the guy pulled me aside and he goes, listen during the Q&A. Some of these college kids might ask you about creation. I said okay good that this is are you are you.

Do you believe in creation like Genesis 1 to 11.

I said yeah this is a Christian denomination addresses Alex please don't come out for like six day creation because they'll think you're crazy's innocent will yeah first of all, I don't care because they didn't hang on the cross and die for me that's good you know we don't have time to impact this here. I said to the guy I said but look yeah I do believe that God created in six days and rested on the seventh and I said if I'm asked about it. You have to understand I will stand with the word of God and Janet.

I guess my point is, I'm nobody. I'm just some guy, but I at 21 the Lord Jesus save my soul and in the 30 years since then. 30+ years. I would say this 50 states, five continents, every state capital hundreds of libraries 18 publish books. Everything I've researched Janet only affirms and corroborates my belief that the Bible is the word of God, and I guess I would just caution the church don't be so quick to throw in the towel and cave to the culture because the word of God stands in the only man that ever rose from the dead.

Jesus said in John 1035. The Scripture cannot be broken down to the standard word of God.

You have to and the longer that you do that. Alex, the more the Lord vindicates that stance. I have seen that over and over and over again. We have talking about the wolves in the pulpits. We have a whole group of leaders right now who came into prominence talking about the fact that the culture wars are over and you know this young God bless America and kinda made fun of it and then tried to turn evangelicals in another direction.

Now these are the same people who are coming out as social justice warriors telling you not to vote.

You should declare your your your bit you're not your biblical but your political independence. David French and Tim Keller on on that track and it feels like a big fat deception like he came in saying some good things, and now what happened. What just happened here and eats so many of them and I don't mean to belabor the point but when you stand on the word of God is the inerrant and infallible inspired word of God and say I'm to be a Paris and I really don't care what degrees you have behind your name. I don't I don't care I don't care. I would rather be with Stephen the martyr and the apostle Paul and and these ordinary fishermen who turn the world upside down in the book of acts any day of the week than a lot of these PhD guys note no knock on PhD's, but but this idea that I'm so brilliant and I know everything and let me tell you how to think I'm done with that, the Lord says we should examine all of what were taught to see whether not as it is, so by examining and against the very word of God that he's given to us which all of us can read we had to take a break and I will be back with Alex McFarland on Jennifer today if you could provide God's word to a Bible is believer elsewhere in the world which you through the ministry of Bible league international you can send that Bible today. Hebrews 13, three urges us to remember those in great need, noting that when the body of Christ anywhere is found lacking were encouraged to help provided these believers lay where churches are small and remote where authorities are welcoming of Christianity and where Bibles are scarce as pastor Carlo in Peru says they need the home found only in password. Everyone was to read the Bible with A seraph you copy here in the area, and of them will be sharing a single Bible for only five dollars believers around the world will receive Bibles in the disabled in their new faith.

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Your gift will be double.

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Find out that's Liberty help.or/JMP or call now 855-565-2561 855-565-2561. You're listening to Joe admin for today though. What is Sarah's kind fast always does when Alex McFarland is here wonderful Christian apologist and author in just such a man of God Alex is his website and check out his wonderful website with everything about him. His latest book is called the assault on America how to defend our nation before it's too late, and in our final segment here.

Alex, I want to get into that because when we are talking about how to defend America before it's too late I know one of the things that you really stress is the need for apologetics, the need for the church to know the word of God. Can you speak to that issue and how we really can shore ourselves up as Christians and stand on the Bible and not on you know the Sandy foundation of this world at a time like this. Well will thank you Janet and again I know inasmuch as this is our last segment on us again, thanks for having me on thinking how much I affirm and appreciate the vital work you're doing and and and what you do really is vital, but apologetics for those that don't know him it's it's an ancient legal word, it means to speak in defense of something is not not apologizing is something I'm sorry, that's from the Latin phrase. Mea culpa. My guilt I'm culpable but apologetics means to defend something in Philippians 116. Paul said he was. He was set for the defense of the gospel were appointed to defend the gospel. That's the word apologia apologetics so Jenna, I think we need to do this in the church because so much of everything.

But not only the specifics of the gospel, but really just the foundations of reality that we can know things, there are under attack and up. You know you mentioned sprawl a few minutes ago, the great RC Sproul and he talked about you.

Our it's called epistemology. How we know what we know. If you're a Christian, you're epistemic basis is realism okay what does that mean it means well. Truth exists truth can be known. Truth is personally applicable to each of us truth can be expressed in words and so we we have been of a culture that was based on really theological realism that truth exist and you can know it will all of these things are under attack. So in the church. We need sure to evangelize people you know John 316 but we also need to help people understand the obligation to attend the life of the mind and our kids in our youth group and are adults and seniors there to be be able to articulate what is truth.

Why do we know truth exists does God exist. What kind of God exist is it you know, the Trinity, or is it a pantheistic whatever. Then Jesus who is Jesus. How do we know Jesus historically really actually did live how we know Christ rose from the dead did Jesus really claim to be deity, the son of God. What about the Bible how to know the Bible is been preserved. What about the manuscripts. What about variant readings. How do we how can we definitively say that yes is this is the inerrant word of God and then Janet. What might be the biggest apologetics issue of all the public pain and suffering can we reconcile the perfect benevolent God with the fact that right now, this minute there is pain and suffering in the world and and then I think Janet we even need to go farther than that. Let's talk about application how can I to the best my ability to consistently live out a a robustly biblical worldview in the 21st century. Now I have found in 30 years and 2300 churches and 46 citywide conferences while I have found that young people are desperately hungry for truth. I mean, you know people are white oak and teens don't care about this deep stuff you know youth ministry in America.

Rock 'n' roll him pizza, paintball, Pepsi's kids that no look. Unlike the mayor of Bill. You're not weekend of the year I'm in front of teens, and they thanked me Jenna.

I'm in Camden, New Jersey, and I do I talk to middle schoolers in the same vernacular that I teach grad students had kids come at me. This is Mr. McFarlane. Thank you Mike for what for for treating us like we have a mind and for believing that we can get it. I said you know you can get it because God made you and your rational creature and you were made to know and experience truth and and I guess I would just challenge all the youth leaders you know we've written all kinds of resources to help you know not only equip kids but equip adults who speak to the kids.

Of course, but Janet and I think kids they can know truth and I think deep down they want to. I need to a lot of kids don't feel challenged and I wonder when we look at the statistics about how many young people leave the church if that's not partly why you know it. It can be mindnumbing. I remember when I was a teenager. There were parts of it that were mindnumbing to me and I went to my youth pastor and I said could you please do a little bit more, you know, challenge, and that is probably a rude thing for me to take.

At 17 I I really loved my youth pastor had a huge impact on me and he was very, very responsive, but again they they want to have the numbers there and I don't fault them for wanting to have as many kids as they can possibly get into the youth group butter within all of those numbers of teenagers will be the next generation of leaders in the church the next generation of pastors and missionaries in Sunday school teachers and Bible study leaders and if we know that is such as you know more than anybody. Alex that is a critical time in your life when you are young and you are in high school or you're in college. Many Christians I've talked to can point to experiences in high school and college. Who can say that change my life forever is a Christian in that way. Whatever it was, apologetics conference, or what have you well and said us to make a plea for youth ministry to be less zany.

Yes, yes here's the deal here is if you present Scripture and by the way, is much as you know, teach CS Lewis and Josh McDowell and you know Norm Geisler but make it if you do nothing else in your Sunday school and your youth ministry. Let those students know that your starting point for truth, reality, belief and behavior and your sumo mom go numb your everything is the word of God Bible art.

Now there's maybe there's going to be 2% of the kids that are bored in their ADD and they'd rather be playing Xbox but you know what I've had hundreds of kids come up to me and no go.

I endure Sunday school because it's so silly. These are like seventh and eighth graders, and especially mail for me so this I've had a lot of teenage boys say to me you know I hate youth group, why is D. Are you not interested in God, not there, like yeah I'm interested in God.

But youth group is so silly it's so patronizing you know I and there's a lot of kids out there folks that there honestly hungry for something substantive. That's a me to email me and I mean listen. Not every child is going to immediately say G was I better go by, you know, Aquinas is in a sumo theological notes, but you'd be surprised and listen there. There a lot of goofy kids out there that are not paying attention but they're a lot better hungry and if we send the message that is just you know super soakers and silliness of it were basically saying hey Christianity is is not relevant that serious not serious to that and then and you know were living in very serious times. This is the last time in history that we should be concentrating on super soakers and zaniness.

II couldn't agree with you more. And you know this is a time to pray know were almost out of time here, Alex, that seems to me that this is the time were we really need to pray and we need to do all of these things that you've mentioned, but we really need to pray for this country.

How you feel about. Oh I think we do need to pray and let me say one of the great characteristics of spiritual awakening is unity within the body of Christ. John 1721 Jesus said father that they all may be 10 in a bit warm. I believe you sent me lot of things we talked about maybe we'll list was shown spiritual awakening, challenge people look reach across the denominational aisles and organize a prayer meeting on the eve of the election we can get ideas even if three people show up and use OG if I try to get a permitting up there's only two weeks notice wouldn't be half dozen people show up great.

Let me tell you when different people of different denominational strata come together, but yes you all believe in Jesus the Savior. Listen, there's power when the body of Christ unified wonder Solberg have to leave it there but the name of the book, the assault on America by Alex McFarlane check him out on the Internet and Alex always a pleasure and an honor.

Alex God bless you and blessings on your ministry. You do such great work and it was an honor to have you here so you and your families will thank you Alex. Take care and thanks for being with us. Thank you guys for joining us will see on the next broadcast

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