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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Doug Gehman (Perseverance) David Prentice (Fetal Tissue)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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March 31, 2020 6:30 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Doug Gehman (Perseverance) David Prentice (Fetal Tissue)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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March 31, 2020 6:30 am

The Bible says, "We count them blessed who endure." But how can we keep persevering in following Jesus when we feel like giving up? I'll talk it over with Doug Gehman, president of Globe International and author of the book, "Before You Quit." Plus: Why is the Washington Post pushing to use baby body parts to help cure coronavirus? I’ll talk it over with Dr. David Prentice, Vice President and Research Director, Charlotte Lozier Institute. We'll talk about that and more on Tuesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by Bible league. Your gift of $35 will send seven Bibles to Christians in need and your gift of $100 will send 20 Bibles and right now with a matching gift. Your gift will be doubled, now 800 yes word 800 yes word 800 yes word where there's a banner to is our confidence is in Christ alone, I sort of know you said before is looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. James 511 also talks about endurance when it says.

Indeed, we count them blessed who endure while again and again.

Scripture tells us to press on is we follow Jesus Christ. Even though the Christian life can bring with it a lot of trials and tribulations and sufferings. And that's because as Romans eight recounts the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.

But why is it so important to endure and how can we keep going when we feel like getting up very practical questions that were going to talk about today with Doug Eyman is the president of global international omission sending agency based in Pensacola Florida and he is author of the book will be talking about called before you quits every day endurance, moral courage and the quest for purpose.

Doug, it's great to have you with us today. How are you great great directory to close the regrettable place in order to talking to you how wonderful. I'm so glad the phone connection is great and I'm sure you're doing some great work down there curious about the subject of perseverance. This I think is such an important thing to talk about and I'm wondering why you think the power of perseverance is such an important subject for Christians, especially will take complete credit for writing the book publishers actually after talking with me about writing something for them.

After we talked about my own story based the you really need to write a book about perseverance. So, I guess, in their view by life or a message based on my life about perseverance, but I can show you that I discovered the Christian leader as a global person who served overseas for many years with no lead of mission organization that nothing worthwhile that we do in response to our obedience to Jesus is ever going to be producing fruit and be worthwhile without going through this time. In this season of finding and patient labor that will later produce fruit rights.

I think you're right about just as a quick quick quick fix yes exactly what I'm curious for you to tell people a little bit about your background because you have been involved in ministry around the world.

How have you dealt with the issue of perseverance, while you know every every person who goes into ministry. We have expectations we feel like were caught where answering a call from God. We hope we are trying to be very idealistic. I was a young man I wanted to change the world for Jesus. I was so grateful for what he did for me and I wanted this preacher's good news around the world. You have an expectation of how that's going to turn out in terms of fruit in terms of lives changed and typically are tech our expectations are not quite in line with what we experience, and so we have been are faced with what amounts to a crises am I going to deal with this disappointment, or my going to deal with this challenge delay or this persecution.

Or maybe it's indifference that am I going to quit and just get discouraged or microporous through maybe make some adjustments on find God's pathway to fertile back was my story. I I grew up underneath other leaders interned under them, and then took those experiences and build my own sense of expectation which were of course at the beginning it didn't produce much fruit. I was hoping for but then I made a determination to stick it out get some help. What back-to-school did some learning try some different things and eventually came into a fruitful place and so I learned that job as a fevers, who faced with through faith and patience inherit the promise yes yes that's great to you when you mention your idealism. Of course I can relate to this.

I have that's her personality as well. That perseverance is more difficult for Christians who tend to be very idealistic, very gung ho very much saying what you reflected just thereupon, the idea that I want change the world for the Lord. I want to change the world for Jesus intended reality sets in sometimes and you recognize hey wait a minute, this is it is achievable or as easy as I thought it was gonna be is that kind of personality more often discourage more often prone to saying I'm just to give up really hard to say because all of our ideals are tested by God. I but I think I actually think the opposite is true. I think idealistic people when our ideals are really centered in the purposes of God's glory. His consummate purposes that even disappointments though they are difficult in their their heart, and lately the effect of the affect us in a very personal way. I think idealistic people actually have a better chance of getting through because when you when you read the people of the Bible or champion, Abraham, Joseph, Noah, Moses, all of them fall something that was beyond themselves. They saw they were looking for a city says they were looking for something that didn't yet exist, are all the hope for a better country of all these things about future expectations and that ideal is what drove them and also enable them and empower them to persevere through a lot of uncertainties and difficulties and the fact is, none of them serve God perfectly. They made mistakes they they had no their own human faults, but it was actually their ideals or their God centered ideals that kept them in, kept them on the path that's really that's been my experience yeah that's really good. It ties in with the quote that I took from your book because I thought it was so excellent.

You have so many in this book that are excellent, but you are quoting here that says the most powerful force for the advancement of the gospel is God's determined people and mow the most powerful force behind them is the glory of God. That seems to tie in with what you just said that those Christians who are the most gung ho and and determined. I will follow you, Jesus.

I will honor you. I will obey you to the best my ability that even when things become difficult and it's hard to persevere. God's determined people will continue on by the grace of God euros. If you know what I discovered in some of our deepest sufferings and we had some very personal things. I related my book some some losses that were very personal and what I discovered in those times of suffering to that I had a glimpse of it, even at the early stages might, for example, my brother took his own life when I was 2927.

We were in Thailand and I remember flying back on the airplane just in shock as we came home to Greven do the funeral and I remember this Scripture in Isaiah chapter 53 where Isaiah talks about the Messiah of the suffering servant whose vision of the Messiah and he said he is a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief. As I sat there in that airplane grieving and thinking. Now I know what that means. I never knew what that meant before to be a person of sorrows and acquainted with grief and I had the sense that now I know I understand a little bit what God must experience when he sees the world turning their back on him when they see what it cost Jesus in his incarnation to come and suffer for us to suffer beside us as the Emmanuelle and I later as we got through the grief I really came to understand that as tragic as my brothers death was, you know how you deal with that even theologically of what I saw was God's goodness. The Romans, page God's working things together for good. I saw that she gave our family a gift.

He helped us know him as God, suffering servant that we also learned something of him through our difficulties and as we persevere through them. We actually become more effective witnesses for Jesus allow why I'm so sorry for your loss. It's just heartbreaking to hear about that but I understand what you're talking about that in the sanctification process. Oftentimes it's the extreme suffering that we go through that helps us to learn more deeply about our Savior and that just gives us more strength.

It's kind of a paradox in a way that that really seems to be hit with the way it works out in the Christian life. You mean we are geared in the West because what I say of the book of great good, which is the prosperity and the safety and the sense of systems that work with this a good thing were very grateful for and we want to see it retained in the future in our nation what what has robbed us of his familiarity with software while working to hold it there just for a moment that Damon is with us. His book is called before you quits and will come right back to the discussion.

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Your gift will be doubled, now 800 yes word 800 yes word 800 yes word or there's a banner to click and Janet you're listening to Max a bit happy with things so good to be talking with my guest on game and he is president of global international omission sending agency in Florida is book is called before you quit every day endurance, moral courage and the quest for purpose.before we went to the break we were talking a little bit about some of the sufferings that you have experienced, and how that has affected how you persevere for the Lord.

Does that seem to be in your experience that kind of suffering. To be more inclined to keep the Christian persevering is that part would you say of the sanctification process that God often uses in our lives to keep us going. I mean it sounds strange but is that part of the process. Do you think now I actually is. I think we have to we have to become familiar with difficulty, you know the Isaiah 53 acquainted with grief. We part of our growth is becoming acquainted with what it means to suffer really interesting verse in Colossians. Paul's writing this, of course, from prison, but unjustly placed their chapter want to believe it's verse 24.

He says I thank God for my sufferings on your behalf because I am. I am fulfilling what is lacking in the sufferings of Christ, for you to think about that. What was what could possibly be lacking in the sufferings of Christ, well, you know that's hard to say. His work was completed was finished. Everything was done that needed to be done except for one thing and that is not everyone has yet heard or seen what Jesus has done and so what I think Paul was basically saying is that my suffering is a Christian in my doing it with patience and grace is a testimony for what Jesus did for me by his sufferings and taking it patiently and with grace. So we are a living example to others by enduring suffering in a Christlike way and that's what I've learned about difficulty if we can if we can suffer in a Christlike way. When God asked us to not lose our faith or not behave in a way that's not honoring to Jesus in some way that becomes one about one of our most compelling messages I turned to believe that Christians are at our best. We go to difficulty because we have something transcendent with the world just does not have holes that no one else knows about. Yeah, you're totally right about that. You know, I really appreciate that you distinguish, also between these three kinds of perseverance you talk about every day endurance. You talk about aspirations for greatness.

You talk about moral courage which you say can be very different. Or they can be interrelated. Can you speak a little bit about the importance of these three forms of perseverance that are all things that come up in the course of our lives sure so everyday. Endurance is the everyday stuff we deal with, but how we and how we respond to it. It's broken down automobile automobiles delayed flights lined up the supermarket traffic jams it.

It just irritates us, especially in our somewhat title culture of the West where we expect things to go well for us because of our technological and other advances. So when they don't. It's hard for us but how we as Christians respond in those types of little provocations is a little bit of a litmus test about our ability to handle greater levels of difficulty and that's how that relates to other kinds of difficulty.

So the second one is aspirations for greatness. That's where we voluntarily enter into something difficult. It could be something this person was trying to lose weight or run a marathon.

We just suffer so that we can attain a personal goal, or it could be something very Christ driven where he gives us an assignment and we just have to doggedly go after it for the glory of God.

But it's a voluntary thing and in some ways we can choose not to. The third kind is moral courage where difficulty is thrust upon us, we are faced with a loss for something that's out of our control, and in some ways that's the most noble because now the outcome is uncertain, and even the purpose why do we have to suffer through this is in question. We may ask why am I why don't have to deal with this why this grief and how we embrace that type of pain and how we lean on Jesus and allow him to shape us even through unwanted difficulty is a great test of our faith's that's right. And those are all really interesting the way that you break those down what you say makes people persevere.

For example, to that last category that you mention moral courage because as you say it's one thing to join Weight Watchers. It's another thing when you have a loved one commits suicide or somebody die or some tragedy occur. What about that issue. What makes somebody persevere despite a situation that may be completely you know when something you could never have handled if you'd known it was coming in advance. Yeah, the, the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said something. It's ironic that he said it because he was an atheist.

She was very anti-Christian.

She said he who has a why to live can bear almost any how. Ironically, it's odd, but in this point, he and Jesus would agree. I think that's I heard a preacher say that one time I felt when it is so true because Jesus basically says the same thing and that is God gives us a purpose for living, and we pursue him with art, with all the passion and all the contention that we have and we are willing to suffer for his honor and glory because we love him so much he gives us the why, gives us the reason and so that I think is really behind every Christian's ability to endure is that idea that we see something in the heavenly's that's maybe not with the naked eye, but with good weather, heart of faith we see something that is transcendent that we are willing to pursue and hold onto no matter what might happen very good. What would you say for example Doug when you're talking about what you learned over the course of your maturity in Christ and how we all learn a lot of lessons over the years. The longer that we walk with the Lord. But for the new Christian of the young Christian, there may still be that lack of experience that will bring that person to the place where the first big trial that comes along. He will or she will be tempted to give up and I know you know that that's a common thing with a lot of Christians probably all of us at some point, so I just out here. I just I can't deal with this anymore. Give that person encouragement in Christ when you just feel like giving up. You just don't think I I can't stand I can't keep going. Lord, I'm just out of strength. I have nothing left. First thing I think we all need to embrace you every every difficulty is really an opportunity for us to take a hard look at what we really believe in what we really want anything worthwhile is worth suffering for and fighting for and waiting for and so young people today who are in some ways being told we can have things instantly and I don't want to just pigeonhole young people that was true when I was 18 to but you know, this idea that difficulty actually gives us a chance to see what I really believe and how how much do I want to hang onto something that I want in the fight in the work for it. I think the second thing that's important in that in that journey is to know how to engage yourself in the interim. What you doing this gap between aspiration for something and its fulfillment. There are things you can do I list five actually what I call self-care and difficulty. The first is to read and learn. So Bible reading and engaging with good Christian books are you going back to school and getting some education so you can expand your understanding and that gives you perspective on your experience. I call that the cognitive and then worship is the intuitive it's leaning in on Jesus in your heart even you know that the idea of things. It passes all understanding. As Paul says, and then the third is be creative and try something distract a little bit and be creative and do some things that are healthy for you.

I know when we went to difficulty. We had to make a decision between I had to make a decision between engaging on have unhealthy habits and getting into addictive behaviors or expressing myself in some positive, creative way that I could no express. Even my lament in a way that was constructive in Christ honoring the final two are diversions taking a stab at getting a rash doing something different.

Adjusting your life and the final one is just a faithful living.

I remember my grandmother when I was a kid went out to their farm and would love to get up and work in the barn but I hated getting up at five in the morning so Cal should she shake me awake and should say look cows don't care how you feel they need to be melt. Get up and out of and there is something for all of us to remember that were glad the police are doing their jobs in the middle the night you were safe even if maybe you have a head cold and they had a fight with her spouse before they left for work were still glad they're faithfully doing their job. All of us have things we need to be faithful with because a lot of other people are depending on us. That's a really good perspective. Is there anybody in particular, whose perseverance inspires you. Somebody from church history somebody from the word of God. You mentioned Noah for example, there been a lot of missionaries.

Obviously, who faced incredible trials and persevered for the Lord would there be one person, among others, that you would say this Christian is the one I keep going back to you. There's one in my book.

I use it as example is is a man that really inspired me when I was young I called them WC and he with an evangelist that had to labor for three years of disappointments with me working as an intern watching his determination, so that's a very relevant contemporary example. It happened in the last 30, 40 years, but in my book. It's worth reading is a great introduction to the book other ones from history like William Carey who was now can you call the father of modern missions keep one of the famous things he said was, I can plot she faced a lot of difficulty as he tried to try to change the paradigm of his day, which was sort of the theological underpinnings of his upbringing in in England and said, should we go to the nations, and to some of the folks would know God will take care that all is only the help and Carrie had this example of just plotting forward with his this idea and eventually for such amazing fruit, but here we are today. 400 years later and were still quoting some of the things that he did to me to.

I love him and and there are some wonderful examples of other people that you mention your bunkbeds. What an encouragement this is because we all have need of perseverance were all headed toward heaven were all excited to get there but in the interim we have a lot of work to do and it's important not to give up and you can read about it in the book before you equate everyday endurance moral courage and the quest for purpose by my guest a game and so good to have you with us.keep up the good work.

It was wonderful to talk to you. Thank you Janet my privilege to be with you today. God bless God bless you too, Doug. Thanks again and will be back right after this archived broadcast of Janet today is brought to you by kingdom story companies. I still believe available now for home viewing on demand, starring KJ AIPAC, Britt Robertson, Shania Twain and Gary Sinise.

More information is available and I still believe you're listening to Joan admin for today and the ears. Janet plugging back. We have all railed at the news that while small businesses are closing during this time of social distancing abortion clinics are staying open under the excuse that they provide essential services.

Is it any wonder that the supporters of the culture of death are also willing to exploit aborted babies in order to try to find a cure for the coronavirus were to talk about it now with Dr. David Prentice VP and research director at the Charlotte leisure Institute and he has cowritten a great piece on this subject Dr. Pratt is. Thank you so much for joining us good to be with you. Well good to have you here and so this Washington Post article that came out recently, says that there are possible treatments for coronavirus, but you have to use body parts harvested from abortions.

Why are they saying that well. We mentioned in the P don't want to wet it. Prices go to weight rights. There frankly is no good reason to use aborted baby body parts in any of this research, but what these people who is they have maybe convince themselves certainly trying to convince the rest of us that the only way to get through a treatment and a cure of the coronavirus is by using aborted baby organs and not even as a direct treatment. This is what two or three steps remove what they want to do is use this fetal tissue. These body parts to make what are called humanized mice that have a human immune system and then what they would do would be to test the potential drug or a potential vaccine. There also not telling you that they have never doing that with this particular type of mouth, and they haven't even shown that they can infect that mouth with this particular virus so there's a lot of different babies and so on morning they want to do it and they just want your and my taxpayer dollars to do it with. This is weird for number of reasons, but not the least of which is the FDA has now approved this hydroxychloroquine is an emergency commitment. So if we have something that's working in these doctors are testifying that it's working at least in the initial trials and in some of the doctors have been prescribing it for their own patients.

Why do we need this in light of the fact that we seem to have a malaria drug that would help, and it's already in existence. We don't need, and that there are so many of came across an article listing the top 60 potential treatments which required aborted baby body part one of which was the hydroxychloroquine that we mentioned used by itself or in combination with other drugs which is already starting to show success and there are a whole host of other things including even ways to make that kind of test model mouth but without using aborted fetal tissue.

There is no medical reason or scientific reason.

Certainly no ethical reason that we would have to part out aborted babies like parting out a card to use for experiment with this idea coming from that you have to use fetal tissue to somehow cure coronavirus, what's the root of this are the original source for this idea when actually you can go back several decades back to the 1960s, when the only way they could grow. So in the laboratory was actually to start with younger and younger tissue and they established a couple of quarter cold cell lines way back there move forward to the 1990s.

Again, the only thing they could think of was the younger the tissue, the better we can maybe make these kind of test model for the laboratory, but we want to use very early tissue and so on, and it it's really antiquated science that is filled on because people of Getting money to do those experiments. So last June, the Trump administration started to shut that there were very thankful for that.

They basically said were not going to spend anymore money certainly on any government laboratories using the tissue were not going to give out any more contracts to do those kinds of experiments and were going to start shutting down. The University grants that want to use this they might be talking about how we're going to do such great science which it is since they need to look at the ethics of the fact they just finished taking nominations. The Department of HHS Health and Human Services for ethics review board to go through the site yet.

Do you really need to do this now because there are alternatives, but there are going to go through and look at the ethics of all of the that's excellent. Well, it's probably another way to bash Trump to what is the Washington Post. After all, I think there is a certain aspect of that going on anytime no matter what man, how ever good, it might be going to be default yeah absolutely yes ancient adult stem cells as well which are ethical, obviously not using aborted baby parts. What is the reality of using adult stem cells in medical advancements because there have been some good medical advancements because of adult stem cells. Why are we talking more about that. Yeah and and it probably the mainstream media given like Washington Post but are not really telling the whole story to write that adults themselves which do not require the destruction of the donor as you get with embryonic or with aborted fetal tissue adults themselves were actually showing good success. There are now over to million people who've been successfully treated with adults themselves listen, click bone marrow adults themselves, even from umbilical cord blood or the solid part of the cord after the babies born in treating not just leukemias and cancers which we been doing for years. But starting to treat things like multiple sclerosis in the process, and diabetes and spinal cord injury and stroke and the list gets longer and longer. Almost monthly, And they have actually started to use adults themselves in the current virus crisis where they had again early experiments still need to be careful and tested all out but they were treating virus patients who had developed a severe pneumonia because of their infection, they gave them adults themselves.

The patient fall improved and survived versus the people who had not been treated so I mean there's another good opportunity here, but again it's all ethical. It's not destroying any live to try and get a good therapeutic treatment right profits. The most with this in the embryonic stem cells of the body parts stem cells that the Washington Post is advocating who really does profit the most from this will think you can kind of draw change certainly talk like Planned Parenthood because by all of their disclaimers and so on. They were getting paid every day with the widened videos made it very clear that they were getting money for baby heart signs and livers and so on. Their middleman is literally a trafficking baby body parts were these middlemen then will collect the tissues pay a small amount to the mortuary, but then they might work out the cells from those or just package them and ship them on to researchers in American money certainly along the way sometimes huge amount of money and then frankly the researchers have been getting taxpayer-funded federal grants to do some of this research.

Again, it's antiquated science. Though there are better modern ways to do this but don't involve death and destruction. And that's where that money to be going and were seen it start to move. That way we would just like to totally cut off any of those funds for aborted fetal tissue research absolutely well and you point out in this is such an important point. These objectors always fail to mention that there experiments don't just require the intentional and deliberate destruction of human life to get the body parts they so, they incentivize it. That is such a great point. You could read the Exploiting a crisis unethical experiments under my real help for coronavirus patients. Dr. David Prentiss with us from the Charlotte leisure Institute. Thank you so much Dr. Prentice Janet RI. God bless you will be back on Janet Mefford today right after this. If you could ease the suffering of a persecuted Christian right now which you hi it's Janet my for and I know you would, Hebrews 13, three urges us to remember those who are persecuted, noting that when the body of Christ anywhere suffers.

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We are really blown away. We are about halfway toward our goal of sending 1200 Bibles to persecuted Christians around the world. This is part of a great ministry by Bible league, and we fully support what they're doing. There are all kinds of people coming to know the Lord across this world and are suffering greatly for their faith and they need Bibles in their own language.

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If we can't find enough pasta that we haven't stored enough at home and and we take for granted, so much the way God has blessed us materially and we take our Bibles for granted. I mean this really convicts me Bibles for granted. I don't even know how many Bibles I have.

I have a number of Bibles and I listen to testimonies like this and I think to myself. There are Christians in this world.

Janet who don't have any Bible at all. How are you supposed to feed on the word. When you don't have to word this is just such a great opportunity for us to get the word of God into the hands of people who desperately need it. So if you can give a gift today $35 will send seven Bibles a gift of $100 will send 20 if you can help out just call 800 yes word 800 yes word or there is a Bible league banner to click Janet my Thank you again so much for what you're doing for your brothers and sisters in Christ. I want to talk a little bit about the media.

Not that I enjoy talking about the media but I thought this was quite amazing. The New York Times has been doing some really shoddy journalism as of late. They been doing shoddy journalism for quite a while, but especially as it regards Christians. They are just going Christians to do here or did you read this story over at the New York Times, the original headline was the road to coronavirus hell was paved by evangelicals than they got pummeled for saying this, so they change the headline not much better. It says the religious right's hostility to science is crippling our coronavirus response really, because the FDA just approved hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin as an emergency treatment for coronavirus and according to initial reports. It's remarkably effective in shortening the length of the effect of the virus and people are getting healed so yeah idea would be. But the religious right is to blame for the coronavirus response and it is just the most religiously hostile article 88.

I mean she might as well be swinging a bat and trying to hit any evangelical within reach. This is Catherine Stewart, the author of a book called the power worshipers inside the dangerous rise of religious nationalism and she's connecting dots that don't connect at all.

She's trying to imply the because there are Christians who have questioned whether or not it's necessary to do this kind of extreme social distancing that they are science deniers and all the rest. Never mind the fact that Pres. Tromp whose unduly under the influence. By these crazy religious right activists is doing all of these. I think very measured responses and strong responses. In some respects to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. I think he's done a fantastic job. He's trying to get ventilators he's order GM to make ventilators he has dealt with this issue of the drugs and trying to get the right drugs to people who are in desperate need.

He has extended the deadline now for social distancing to the end of April because he's listening to these advisors he's looking at these models he's trying to make the right decisions for America to keep people safe.

He enacted the travel ban for people who have been traveling to China and what more you want from the man and in a how is he denying science. It's ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous, but now the New York Times has done another story because they had to now eat a little crow with that previous start. Not that they take it down or anything change the headline and hope that their leftist base will keep them from getting into much trouble because Christians don't really read the New York Times. Generally speaking, as their first source of news, but an article appeared on Sunday night and it was liberty University brings back its students and coronavirus to now they have since put out to at least two additional versions of this story, and they've done a little bit of tweaking here and there but basically in the subhead on the original story it says the decision by the school's Pres. Jerry follow junior to partly reopen his evangelical university, enraged residents of Lynchburg, Virginia, then students started getting sick. That doesn't sound good, does it in the original story. This paragraph said as of Friday.

They quote Dr. Thomas Apis Junior who is the physician running liberty student health service and it says in an interview with Dr. apis. So, Mr. Falwell, a staunch ally of Pres. Tromp in an influential voice in the evangelical world reopen the University last week, igniting a firestorm epidemiologic lien otherwise. As of Friday. Dr. Abba said nearly a dozen liberty students were sick with symptoms that suggest COBIT 19, the disease caused by the virus. Three were referred to local hospital centers for testing another eight were told to self isolate while Jerry follow junior came out with his own statement after this appeared, and he said it's false. He said it's false. He said the New York Times ambushed liberty University to publish a false and misleading story claiming that students started getting sick after the University receives students back after spring break times attributed the reporter's conclusion about the scope of the covered 19 symptoms being about a dozen students to a local doctor who has consulted with liberty.

The truth is a far different story. Both numbers and the sequencing are wrong at about 12:30 PM on Sunday afternoon, a New York Times reporter email University spokespersons with a list of 12 questions to be answered first story that was going to run in the paper Monday about 20 minutes later, she wrote to say the story would go online in a few hours unable to gather specific answers to all the questions. Pres. Falwell called the reporter and gave her an interview. The story was posted at 3 PM and contains several errors.

The University probably provided the reporter detailed numbers on the student cases and requested corrections, no correction has been forthcoming, so this statement is being issued. Liberty disputes the number of students with symptoms that the Times reported, liberty is not aware of any students in its residence halls testing positive for COBIT 19 or in fact been tested at all, much less any residence hall students having sufficient symptoms of COBIT 19 to get tested. Liberty can confirm that following the US Surgeon General's recommendations concerning persons who had been in the New York City metropolitan area. Liberty asked for students who had recently been in that area and who were living in campus residence hall rooms to self quarantine for the recommended. In single rooms at liberties otherwise on occupied housing Annex, a former hotel a few miles from campus to did and to opted to return to their permanent residence. Instead, there were three students in close contact with these individuals and they were also asked to self quarantine in separate rooms in the Annex they did their providing meals and attending to their needs at liberty, and this is precautionary, not based on any symptoms consistent with covered 19 among the eight and it goes on a little bit so the New York Times updated this story at least twice that I saw, they first had in the first version of the story that the self quarantine's would take place in the hotel owned by liberty, which was off-campus. They took it out of the subsequent two versions that they printed what I found interesting was the latest version says as of 8 PM on March 29.

Of those three students tested, one was positive one was negative and one students results are still pending.

According to this Dr. so in other words, they put out a story implying that a dozen students had coronavirus on the liberty campus and in fact a 50% of those who have been tested now have come back negative granite. It's only to students but at least one of them doesn't have coronavirus, so if it's not coronavirus, and maybe it's just the flu. The flu is pretty contagious as well. So how do we know the other students don't just have the flu is irresponsible journalism. It's insane to do this sort of thing and it's crazy to rush it if you haven't yet been able to verify all of the things that you're claiming and it's embarrassing.

It's embarrassing for a newspaper that prides itself on being one of the top newspapers in America is printing this drivel simply because they can't stand Christians and let's see if more people come down with coronavirus that would be terrible, but follows original point was we want to be able to give international students a place to stay when they have no other place to stay and other colleges have students on campus as well.

What he want us to do. It's crazy out there. This RTM effort. Today is ROTC liking him story companies. I still believe available now for home viewing on demand Stein KJ by Brett Robertson, Shania Twain and Gary Simmons. More information is available and I still believe Thanks for being with us

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