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Michael Youssef (Prayer) Kevin Goos (Restoration)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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November 24, 2021 4:30 am

Michael Youssef (Prayer) Kevin Goos (Restoration)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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November 24, 2021 4:30 am

How does the Lord answer the prayers of some very ordinary people in Scripture, and what can we learn from them about how to approach the throne of grace? Dr. Michael Youssef, founder and president of Leading the Way, joins me to talk about it and his book, "Life-Changing Prayers." Then: Can God redeem your past and bring healing and restoration? We'll talk about it with Kevin Goos, author of the book, "Dry Bones." That's on Wednesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by Hartford, Lebanon, God is using hard for Lebanon to bring practical assistance and the gospel to the stricken refugee families in Lebanon for a gift of $116 you can give a child in his family survival essentials for four months and the hope of Jesus Christ which lasts forever. Call now 888-247-5499 888-247-5499 there's a banner to, our confidence is in Christ alone is I sort of. And when it comes to Bible passages on the subject comes from Luke chapter 18 to remember this. It's Jesus's parable about the Pharisee and the publican. The Pharisee thanking God that he's not like those terrible sinners out there and bragging about his tithing versus the publican, the tax collector who couldn't even lift his eyes to heaven, and he beat his breast and cried out, God be merciful to me a sinner. He was the one Jesus said who went to his house justified and that was because he humbled himself before God striking to me that the Pharisee was the big important religious guy, but it was the publican who receive mercy in the Bible records some incredible instances of God answering the prayers of some very ordinary people that's organ to talk about today with Dr. Michael Yousef.

He is founder and president of leading the way with Dr. Michael Yousef is also a founding pastor of the church of the apostles in Atlanta and his latest book is life changing prayers how God displays his power to ordinary people.

Dr. Yousef, great to talk to you again. How are you all a wonderful group of your work. So much for having an honor to have you here is great that the Lord loves ordinary people. I think that adjustment brings a smile to my face every time I hear it.

Part of the reason why you will just rot unlovable on prayer. You know how many books on prayer and often when the pastor gets up and flew over the bridge on prayer. The whole congregation grown.

Basically nobody feels good about their prayer life and so do all the stuff so I wanted to show how from the water God of course an awful lot about experience.

I don't use but from from the word of God how God cares deeply about even remove a mustard seed of faith like the eyes of the servant of Abraham, who really did not know God personally, but he watched how his master Abraham and his intimacy with God in his dealing with God. Based on that he anchored his own place of his review of the God of the most while most are you on this. So now would you answer my prayer of God as an abundance persecuted woman a suffering woman and she comes in she cries her heart out to God and again these movies are big prayer warriors in the world waiting for being prayer jibes with all that there were simple people and that's what I want every individual Christian every believer in Jesus Christ to know that they themselves matter their prayer life matters to God, the God deeply. Not only cares and launched.

Review them privately, but he also loves to answer prayers especially when the bride according to his will through the formula and a lot of people miss out on this bandit, big on phone. This is one of those things will seek you first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be fixed then go to God with our needs, or give me this, God give me this, God give me this God for Bob's mama thing in every case but may God's people once they get what they wanted all good. They wanted they just take off anyway but God is not mocked.

He is longing for intimacy is longing for a connection in prayer, not just when we need something, but just for lifestyle rights now yeah now when you talk about Eliezer in Genesis 24 this is a really great chapter because many people would probably need to look it up in St. Louis who is this man again. I don't remember who this was. But this is interesting. He was charged with going out and trying to seek the Lord's guidance on finding a wife for Isaac. So that's why he prayed that was the context of his prayer, and what's interesting is how you point out while he was still asking for guidance along came Rebecca was an interesting observation about that prayer and I really related to that because I been there sometimes when I'm praying for something isn't as I'm praying the prayers being answered and God the kingdom on earth are seeking first the kingdom of God is right. Eliza watched a national law, Abraham messing up under God is no Ishmael but God kept saying to him.

I was on the promise of a son of promise and he and you that the future kingdom of God and even even the coming Messiah is is is coming from the loins of those of of of that family and therefore there was a big deal to him and him you got him coming to you because this is the sum of your promise and therefore he needs to have a woman whose own character and so is the prayers of others goes okay I heard you up prepared ahead of time before you even prayed here she is, so he puts us on because we did not know again, they did not have a Bible to love the Bible study another church pastor this man in the simple faith. If she says that if that means I really notes from you got it okay I know you need this and the people gotta pooh-pooh that in the set all of the New Testament is, you must close on all sometimes we really at a fixed wing who want desperately want to know the mind of God the will of God. So we must obey and outnumber Smitty comes out so they got it the situation. You don't know which door to go through for God I'm going to push on towards the one you open wide. I know this from you is a little fun for God for you. This is the way walk unit. Yes that's right well you think about what the Lord says John 14 comes to mind where he says, you may ask me for anything in my name and I will do it in a very abused versus thou hast sent. Dr. you set all all you know I need to do is just dictate to God what he needs to give to me because I used his name me how should we look at that verse rightly and biblically end up only about MobileMe that it would be ask wrongly as James you have to go to strongly venue us with things that are not really consistent with the will of God is not consistent with the character of God, even selfish ambitions and things like that but here's what I think the root of those words of Jesus go back all the way took us almost Sharon Osama said is what most people say it is out of her heart. This is how the go with what effects that's only half delight yourself in the Lord's, and then he'll get one I'm delighting myself in the Lord. What do I want I want what the Lord wants and so what I pray for what the Lord wants. When the Lord wants what I must before the Lord. Once the Lord will give me what you want and the cycle of their just literally going back and forth and back and forth. What I want. That's what he wants what he wants is what I want.

Delight yourself in the Lord.

Then he gives you think this is what the Lord Jesus was saying is that when you really are intimacy with me and you come. Seek the mind of the spirit, then you got I got us rightly, and therefore whatever you ask him to is going to be granted you from heaven, not the stuff that comes with no cross about whatever you name it was your tongue to see claimant and then that's yours right owes me something is a bellhop sitting up there waiting for you now give me one of those two. Yes sir I done in heaven is the way they talk about is so disrespectful. We have lost reverence for God, I really do. The generation of it just grieves me deeply that there is a deep reverence and an October spectrum honoring of God is just becoming a little pile down the street you just tell them what you want to give it to you. That is not the prayers in the Scripture as you read through these prayers. One of the mother of the Nobel selected. Of course, to reflect different needs and different ages at different stages in the house.

I wanted Osama what did you say if you give me a son is going to be yours. I want to give them back to a lot of people's yeah right, but you do. As soon as she went into the camp and you know what God does. He gives her a whole bunch of kids off about the yes yeah I gotta bless you out of your socks because you kept your word. I kept my word to you kept your word.

But wonderful was Dr. Michael Yousef is with us were talking about his life-changing prayers were to take a very short break will be right back on Jennifer today. The mother's womb has now become the un-Safest Pl. in America with abortion being the leading cause of death in babies being aborted up to term.

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His book is called life-changing prayers how God displays his power to ordinary people.

I couldn't help but think Dr. Yousef of some 5021 when you were talking about the lack of reverence and the lack of awe and really the lack of fear of the Lord when it comes to prayer in these name it. Claimant types and this is the portion of Scripture where the Lord says these things you have done and I kept silence, you thought that I was just like you to meet. Our job as Christians is to be conformed to the image of Christ and to want what God wants is you said and to delight in his grace, which is always sufficient for us even if we pray for something in God gives us something else. I mean we should always rejoice exactly one Dr. conformed all image which part of what what also sought in the modern so many people in the modern church. Not all of it of course went out for the faithful church is all over this country and am grateful for that. What we want to go to conform to us instead of us conforming to him. I have prayed for things in the past, and I'm telling you right now this guy. I have been walking with the Lord now for 53 years I can honestly tell you that on a regular basis. Always thank God that he did not answer those put up because one of them actually if he said I would be here today out of the bed in my foolishness. I didn't recognize and I didn't realize what God is doing, but then given time will look back at God, thank you for the prayer but you gave me your breast instead of what I thought was my best look what we have very limited wheel we can see a tiny tiny down a little bit.

God sees everything uses a futures is a passage to the present.

He sees everything and therefore what he gives to us is always always always for all best, even if westerly 50 years to realize it needs. You're so right about that in your right. The longer you walk with Jesus Christ.

The more you see those circumstances where you prayed for the wrong thing and then you end up praising God that he didn't answer you the way you wanted true love that you bring up another important ordinary man who some people might say what he was king but he was an ordinary shepherd boy started out with some five smooth stones. David and I always love reading the Psalms and and David pouring his heart out before the Lord, and you focusing on this Psalm 28 prayer that David offers. And I thought it was interesting how you pointed out the way that the prayer is structured.

The confidence that David had the presenting of his case to the Lord and then he received cause for rejoicing from the Lord, especially the presenting his case. Can you speak to that a little bit and how that can help us in our prayer life looking at some 28 maybe go deeper than ideal people.

When we confess our sins without informing God of something you know really know our confession, our coming to him in humility and brokenness of God is what I did is what will and and and and not make excuses. With that, I am sorry. Please forgive me God is honored and this is because we are coming in agreement with him to go in agreement with us, but we are coming in agreement with him and therefore we all knowing heaven and we all knowing and respecting his all Michigan from the omnipresent and therefore as we come in and present our case. Mr. God knows it but as we come in and present it to God and God says you know, I know this I saw it before it happened, but I'm glad you came to me and I'm glad you presented the way you presented because I love you as I want to bless you. I want you to be a blessing to others. God doesn't like good see he likes conduits he likes flowing rivers and therefore he wants to bless us.

He really does love so that we can hold the blessings once we start doing this is the blessing stops buddy he wants was to be a flowing from the blessings that come from him go straight up comes to him from him go straight out to his kingdom and so in all of our prayer lives not only coming in agreement with God but to make the presentation such a way.

God says I know all of that but I'm glad you do right. That's right that someone say with David. Is it presumptuous to present a case for what you're praying for when you're going before the Lord. In other words, is that a little cheeky to do that because you see, of course.

God knows that. But when you make a presentation.

You do it for yourself really love for God. Yet it's it's for doing it for ourselves in order to grant of a really good thoughts all clarified in all heads were still being modeled. So we are making this for us not to sell it for him. Sure, the Lord knows, but the fact that he knows it doesn't stop us from saying God. I know you know this, but here is what the what what I'm going through. In fact, it was David who said from the sin of presumption Lord deliver me from the presumption in fact beautiful one who tells us not to presume on God, and that dress you in the very fact that is coming back in the presentation because you have a presuming will God and others do. It removes all yeah that's so true. I like to that. You see Dr. Yousef the lesson throughout Scripture is that faithful prayer and unconditional obedience equals answered prayer what you mean there about faithful prayer being partnered with unconditional obedience leading to answered prayer right argument example I have said something here in this church really just celebrated 31 years from day one thought leadership and I do whatever you guys. I know there are so many people who spent an hours to make their plans and then they go to God and said God, would you please bless these plans know in the heart-to-heart good doing it with their best availability and there's nothing wrong with that but in our church.

We have a culture where was started 31 years ago to go put this on this head but we got a got a please. We gotta wait and you all you were going to wait in your presence until you give us your plan.

So then we can obey it with your power and so asking to give us what he wants us to do and then we obey is a sure way of God answered our prayers because I am praying. What he really laid on my heart to pray for is not something that I want you know often I see this a lot in pastoral rubbing fasting for 45 years we we tend to answer all prayers. This is intense about what we want to what we need that we end up answered all prayers but that's not how it works.

It is auto obedience got I just want over you, therefore give me your plan so I comprise it into existence and when I know because Albright into existence. You will answer it simply because am praying what you want to know what I want. That's really what I mean by by another way to get answers to prayers's is not the company and with the grocery list yeah so sure this is another conundrum. I think that some believers have well how do I know what the Lord wants.

Obviously I read the word and I know he is revealed well and I know how I am to obey him. But if I am to put my plans aside in order to yield myself to God's plan.

How do I know I'm receiving an answer. How would you guide a Christian on that point. Sure I go over very quickly experimented. Good moan when I started this church or drug permit me to both restrict and was growing fast in the first two years growing so fast on the only pastoral stop running running running running and then three years later I was on my back for two weeks and I began to cry to God and God said now got your attention limit to number one I can do this work without you, but you cannot do it without me what you want me to do that. I want to spend five of the firstfruits of the day in my presence, worshiping me, and then you will be able to minister to me first before you can minister to others in the lobby got to teach me what it means to minister to him and worship a duration of praise and so when I stop making breakfast in the breakfast appointments actually 26 years ago. I don't like breakfast appointments because forfeiting them or whatever, I wake up that I am on hurriedly sitting in the presence of God. That is, I think you put your finger on it, Joseph. We don't sit in the presence of God. We don't wait because if we do, God will show us what he wants us to pray for many times when I am off to praise God and worship God and just reveled in his grace and his mercy and pride for the kingdom of God, pray for the need of the kingdom of the work of God in salvation until up a bit. Then the Lord, you know what bodies are in the los… Then in the fifth. That is truly what it means to be listening to God and therefore bring it willing to hear him and then when the time comes, the Holy Spirit will empower us to obey him. We get even obey him by own strength. That's an impossibility do so by God while yeah sure of God.

You talk it over with.

The Holy Spirit empowers me to obey you a choice of total dependence on God rejoices in this or he rejoices over sourcing that is great that's that's what I want to see yeah I love how you really unpack that because that is first time at 430 in the morning with the Lord person myself. So I understand completely recently from, but there is something about having that deep fellowship with the Lord that makes you less likely to bring a laundry list.

At least it is for me because you understand what you were just talking about the Lord knows everything that's going on in your life. He knows every situation that you don't have to worry about it.

It's like Luther's old-line pray and let God worry and I I think that that such an important thing for Christians to realize and and ultimately realize what you said about the purpose of prayer being to magnify the Lord. It's about him ultimately and people can check it out life-changing prayers how God displays his power to ordinary people by Dr. Michael you staff and it was always a pleasure to have you, Dr. Yousef, thank you so much for being with us to thank you for having my pleasure. God bless and will be back right after this.

This archived broadcast of Janet met her today is brought to you by Hartford, Lebanon, God is using hard for Lebanon to bring practical assistance and the gospel to the stricken refugee families in Lebanon for a gift of $116 you can give a child in his family survival essentials for four months and the hope of Jesus Christ which lasts forever. Call now 888-247-5499 888-247-5499 there's a banner to live for today and here's your host Joe never back. Ezekiel 37 recounts how the Lord brought a valley of dry bones back to life member this passage and as tendons and flesh and breath came back to the bodies over those bones a vast army appeared. It really is incredible passage for a lot of reasons, but it's hopeful as well because we know that we love and serve a God who specializes in bringing the dead back to life, not just the Lord Jesus Christ or all of us as Christians.

One day, but he's also the God who takes us sinners dead in our transgressions and sins and breathes new life back into us by his grace in Jesus Christ.

That also means that no matter what we did in the past, there is hope for us and there is forgiveness and healing to talk about that today with Kevin goose he's been in ministry since 1991 and served as a pastor and a chaplain and today he is here to talk about his book called dry bones redeeming your past.

Kevin welcome. It's great to have you with us today. Thank you so much I appreciate the opportunity will thank you. You have your own story. I know that serves as the backdrop for this issue.

Can you tell us about your past and especially about your resignation as a pastor. What happened in your life that really made this issue. A key issue for you.

Absolutely no unfortunately I was one who ignored a lot of the signs and symptoms of burnout in life and ministry. Just all I could keep pressing harder and harder and ultimately you just really led to a blurring of lines in which type cost some ethical and moral boundaries and hurt my my wife, my children and those I minister to and in that resignation had to walk through pretty extensive restoration process but in the in the years since have just been grateful what God has done to restore but I do know those moments where you wonder, how did I get here. And Lord what's the road and what are the steps that you talk in your book.

I know going all the way back to childhood about some of the events in your life that shaped you will looking back on the course of your life leading up to your resignation and the crossing of this ethical and moral boundaries that you just mentioned what shaped you what went wrong in your life as you look back.

That led up to that you don't say that one of the right to keep the pitfalls one I just believe that if I work harder tried harder and push forward that I could ignore or believe I was cost some of those wounds go back into you know into early life and you know I would say second that came out of that is that I believed the false perception that if I didn't perform then others would really choose to be in relationship or friendship with me and you know those it's unfortunately there's a lot I said it wouldn't winter believed early, they become roots in someone's life. They were there were roots in my life and when you try to deal with the struggles of an adult. It's almost like stripping off the dandelions you think you've got it. The root still there yeah and and so I looked back at those were two significant factors where I did much too much dandelion scripting, so to speak, yet now it is difficult.

I understand when your pastor when you're in ministry. It's often the case that there will be people who are very type a very hard workers, but they neglect their relationship with the Lord.

Along the way and I know that's always something that pastors and people who are very busy for the Lord will talk about do you feel like that happened to you as well that that you are caught up in doing and and that was part of the problem in your life will absolutely you know it's one of those where you can just get focused on doing for the warden and Lucite doing have to flow out of being know there's a sense in which it if there is not flowing here and becomes a reservoir that's depleted and you have less and less to offer in and out of that, emotionally, mentally, relationally, your, just running on fumes and and just gasping it indefinitely. There were warning signs that that I ignored and pushing harder and harder did not solve the problem. That's difficult.

So when it all came to a head when you resigned as a pastor.

What was your life like that.

What happened to you and will and what did you think about your own life at that point you know it's it's amazing the kind of two sizable quantity on one side. I struggled deeply with the you know the self-loathing of just if you would said to me, and you're going to you know break your covenant with God, you're going to woo the heart of your wife you're going to hurt your shoulder bring shame on the name of Jesus. I believe that that would have happened to me so one hand, it was extensive just horrible shame. The flipside is at the same time, I was overwhelmed with how God through people through his Word through his spirit was pouring out grace and I remember reflecting on the going, my God, why, why now with such powerful grace can show and I really clearly in the word through our school counselor through the Holy Spirit to loved ones just Hearing the same message I needed to walk in purity were I received accountability yes, but also a place that was not based on performance. Clearly if I could go back I sure change some things. But at that moment it was, the juxtaposition between the necessary consequences because you know the spiritual leader.

I had failed and had betrayed trust, but also that God was saying there is a future and I'm going to show you it different way to go about serving me right now. Did you seal at that juncture that you could not redeem your past.

Did you look back with regret, to the extent that you thought I'm done I don't know how to go forward from here. You know those thoughts crossed my mind. I was fortunate to have people in my life who were sitting other messages but I did have to walk a journey to understand the difference between shame and regret. You no shame, going back to the Garden of Eden were Adam and Eve and their sin that caused the withdrawal from God. You know be canceled or socialized from the enemy the lies we tell ourselves to where you pull back where repentance we run to God because we say Lord I have colic when Peter said, Lord, you have to words of life.

Where else would we go yes and so the sense of contents at least two references if I could go back or actually change, but since I can't, God, I have to trust you to be built and so I deftly had to walk that journey because at the beginning it was much more marked by shame, but there was a journey to understanding how you could, I could still have the necessary regret and remorse and repentance still see that there was a future and hope that's important that's absolutely critical for being able to move forward and I know you talk about some of these situations where people need healing and freedom. And it's interesting because one of those situations you mention is the glory days, people look back and say everything was so great. I was a star athlete in high school I had a great job 10 years ago and now I've lost my house in my mind, you know, my wife left me or whatever it happens to be.

They always look back on when times were good and that prevents them from moving through what may be a difficult season.

Now me what you learn in that regard to the experience that God took you through after you had resigned just understanding that you can't look backwards like that and just say everything in the pass was perfect because normally it really wasn't that perfectly tend really sentimental eyes the past, sometimes we are actually corrected one of those where we often don't recognize the good times until later and we try to re-create those under is that you know I think of the parable Jesus talked about how the person was plowing, can't look back to keep looking forward and so there were there definitely is that those times of being to look at the cost with clear eyes and with God's help. His word is spirit, skill helpers and for me personally it was to be able to look at it clearly just to recognize that I am positive the good things happen. I didn't count my blessings enough and negatives to recognize that those ultimately be dealt with.

So they were no longer nagging parents.

Oh yes, those glory days when people try to re-create it or shine for them. Stomach fact Psalm and Ecclesiastes.

In spite of his sometimes his cynicism in that book you can come for Scott still spoke through him, and he talks about how looking back actually isn't healthy for us and I definitely had to walk your journey about letting go, because those glory days that negative were definitely holding me back in a way it would seem that if you're holding onto the glory days are really not dealing with what's going on right now and as you said so well just a few minutes ago, the issue of repentance means you're running to God not running from him. You're acknowledging what you're saying. Was your acknowledging where you are and turning to him for help that that's the whole key is in it to turn to the Lord in those moments fluently at the times that we feel as though the least worthy God wants us to turn to him the most amazing spicy tensions in the Christian faith. Words like weight when I'm strong, and humble myself, he lifts me up and fence repentance by admitting complete failure and see God's is now you let me build something that will lot. I got a break is with us. His book is dry bones redeeming your past.

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Please call now the number is 888-247-5499 that number again 888-247-5499. Thank you and God bless you for your generosity. You're listening to today.

So glad to have you with us and glad to have with us. Kevin goes his book is called dry bones redeeming your past and I think there's any Christian alive who looks back at the past saying I did everything right and everything was perfect and if I could only go back to those glory days and relive when my life is wonderful and we all have things in our past that bring a shame that bring us regret and that require repentance and Kevin talks all about that in his book and and we were talking a little bit about that issue of people who dwell on the glory days something else.

The cabin that you mentioned in the book is people sometimes who need healing and freedom make the mistake of dwelling on missed opportunities talk about that one a little bit if you would go absolutely back and we go, what I would've turned right left people made in relationships or education careers work failures and what they believe, that the life they presently have is like a consolation prize like meeting. I couldn't have God's best today and the problem there is that we believe that our failures are greater than who God can be in our lives. I think of Moses as an example, it sure wasn't God's will for him to murder an Egyptian soldier and some 40 years later, when God calls with the burning bush, Moses was like arguing with God and debating why she couldn't be God's chosen vessel, but the reality was is that I had to help Moses see that it wouldn't look like she thought it would. But God could still accomplish his full purpose of Moses his life. I find that for many people coming to terms with his vital that's great you who all sleeps into my mind is Joe Seth. I can imagine Joseph looking back on the course of his life insane. If only my father didn't favor me. If only I was sold into slavery. If only I only I wasn't hit on by Potiphar's wife and and thrown in prison. I mean all of those things you think of Romans 828 and God causing all things to work together for good to those who love him and are called according to his purpose. Joseph is a perfect example of that as well.

All of those things that God was using in his life were coming up to this important moment where his brothers met him again and he was able to say you meant it for evil but God meant it for good.

That's that's such an encouragement that there are stories like that of people in God's word, who give us that reminder that just because you had all kinds of terrible things in your past doesn't mean that God is not in control of your life totally in your example, Joseph showed Kelly sold into slavery when he was 17, he was elevated to the kingdom. It was the second chart meets his brothers held at least 39 and euro God had to put my CUSIP care him for that very moment and then years later dies when Joseph's about 52 is when his brothers, before him, begging for their lives in the Joseph daughters, those amazing words from Genesis 5020 you meant it for evil but God is using for good for the saving of many lives in Syria. Joseph assesses this pinnacle of what happens if we allow God to time and space to heal broken places really great yeah for sure. And another thing you mention is this healing from past pain that people tend to drag old hurts into the present and look back with regret on something that happened and they don't get over it yet. It's interesting Kevin because I've met people like this and they will still be musing about something that happened 20 years ago and you're left thinking to yourself, trying to be compassionate but also trying to say this in your Christian you gotta move on here.

You can't just dwell on something for the rest of your life. One thing people tend to do that that what what is going on in the head and the heart of someone who just can't let go of something terrible that happened way back when you see one fear is that if I let it go. Somehow the person is going to get away with it. We think back to Jonah and Joe Laforge only admits the reason she ran wasn't because he was afraid to speak of God. Could I know you are a forgiving God and so sometimes we feel if I hold onto it then there can be justice but yet the very thing that I'm holding onto is the bitterness that's just choking the life out of me and so I think for people wanted its being willing to say God I have to believe that this person's against me is not greater than the blood of Jesus Christ over me and it's a real real point of difficulty because I can't even let someone else of sin against me betray everything God in my life and letting that go when trusting the Lord knows what justice will look like. But then there's even the greater fear of God. He gives them light on the I love God, forgive me, but there may be a person between my trash for Lord, I can't even imagine them coming to you and God has to remind us that okay it's hard to imagine that the same redemptive power to save me is the same redemptive power to conceive them and we sometimes wrestle with that because it's so personal because of the wound in our life for the wound in someone's life you love dearly and is it fascinating that we always want gobs and gobs of mercy for ourselves, but we want justice for other people that just seems to be a common human refrain God, go get that guy who wronged me, but please have mercy on me, Lord, for my sins. I've never heard anybody in my life which is never true. I want people to evaluate me on my intentions with the inside of me, but I want to value. People just on their actions, then you are so right that we struggle with that. It is a part of the human condition that we totally meet God continual help with yeah what what is the things you also mention is that you didn't let the lessons about gratitude and contentment and counting your blessings go deep enough to change your perspective when you're going through everything you are going through what he's talking about there and what kind of advice would you give to other people about why beat be thankful to God for what you have and be content with what you have. Why is that such an important thing because I believe that is people I get my own story, but also to others. If we tend to define life based on what we don't have what we do have and so at the moment when there's a blessing we can to say okay, but what's the next thing she were to get her to aspire to. And so what is that happening. We don't find life is like when Paul says in Philippians 4-learn the secret to being content in all things I can do all things to Christ who strengthens me. I think the struggle to find life on what you said you have to calm rather than the idea of being present with God. And so as and as and so is an encouragement for others to say it's not an accident that when God gave us his name, not just his discrete descriptions of nature, but his name was Yahweh. I am because God he is not bound by time and space and sometimes we need to remind I need to be reminded that each day the blessings I need purposely say thank you for it. When I didn't intend it to be to look life through the lens of cynicism were critical spirit or despondency or discouragement and I was missing the sustaining power of God that was right before me. That's really key. That's a Great Plains and the importance again of seeking God's forgiveness. Not only that, but the forgiveness of others. I mean, I think there are a lot of pitfalls.

We can face in our relationships with other people.

And anytime you have a situation like yours. There are always other people involved to deal with that angle because for some Christians it's easy to maybe go and say Lord I'm so sorry. Please forgive me and it's harder sometimes to face the people you send against if you found that to be the case as well. Absolutely. I think in between his forgiveness and knowing me perfectly and other people needed to hear me express a desire for forgiveness and then seeing me live that out.

I mentioned the book that I can't ask. I can't tell someone to trust me, but I can be trustworthy and I would say especially with that first year I probably had conversations like this with about 200 people and but I couple things. One, the deeper the relationship more patient. I had to be so for instance the journey with my wife will stay longer than the journey with that acquaintance, but trusted me with her entire heart, so it should take longer and and and that surely must be there. The other reasons that I have a mentor gave me a great example is IKEA's were Zakia said I'll give what I have to the poor, and he said yes. I won't anybody I'll pay him back for times of repentance, meaning that you probably could not kept track of everybody he ripped off base with Jesus across my path. Willie and I believe sure that mentor to take in doing so conversations have happened over the years, but God always helped them that's a wonderful example in such an important thing for all of us to remember as we recall Ezekiel and a great passage that you base your book on where you can see God breathing new life into dry bones.

He can do in your life as well. Dry bones the name of the book by Kevin Goossen. Kevin has been such a good guess. It was wonderful to have you here Kevin really appreciate your being with us today. Thank you so much I appreciate it all right. God bless you and take care and thank you for listening to Janet my for today. We really appreciate your tuning in every single broadcasting we will see next time. By the grace of God.

Take care

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