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Chris Doyle (LGBT/Therapy Bans) Ryan Lokkesmoe (Paul)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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September 28, 2021 2:29 pm

Chris Doyle (LGBT/Therapy Bans) Ryan Lokkesmoe (Paul)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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September 28, 2021 2:29 pm

How many people know about the huge hoax that some big groups are perpetrating before lawmakers to ban therapy for people with unwanted same-sex attraction? Christopher Doyle, Executive Director of the Institute for Healthy Families, joins me to discuss his book, "The War on Psychotherapy." Plus: What should we know about the lesser-known figures in the Bible who served vital roles in the spread of Christianity to the world? Ryan Lokkesmoe, lead pastor of Real Hope Community Church, joins me to discuss his book, "Paul and His Team: What the Early Church Can Teach Us About Leadership and Influence." That's next time on Tuesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.


This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by courageous legacy. The new movie from Sherwood pictures affirm films prominent films and the Kendrick brothers remastered in 4K and including a new ending, courageous legacy. Rated PG-13.

Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13 in theaters now generate reference to our confidence is in Christ alone, the Lord our God says I met everything Jesus imagined only in theaters beginning October 1. More information is available at the Jesus music.just recently, Maine's governor Janet Mills signed legislation to ban the practice of so-called gay conversion therapy for minors and right after that Colorado became the 18th state to do the same with its therapy banning measure signed into law by its homosexual Gov. Jared Polis. But what if all the heart-wrenching testimonies before these lawmakers were in fact a huge hoax perpetrated and funded by some big groups and buoyed by powerful lobbying firms. My next guest says that's what's going on.

Christopher Doyle is joining us. He is a licensed psychotherapist and leader in the therapy quality movement with the national task force more therapy equality and executive director of the Institute for healthy families, a nonprofit Judeo-Christian organization located in Washington DC, specializing in counseling solutions for individuals, couples and families.

His new book is called the war on psychotherapy Christopher great to welcome me back to the show. Have you been doing well so much for having me back.

It's good to talk with you all. It's always an honor to talk to you too. This is a huge subject. I look at our time and I think how the world arena get through all this, but I know it's a very important one because this is very very troubling to me as well.

The fact that we have had state after state after state after state ban what they like to term conversion therapy for minors and you have the same story over and over were all these people are showing up teary-eyed telling these horrifying testimonies and yet I know a lot of people in the therapy field wall say okay that's not happening. So what's the disconnect. Can you explain to people what's been going on here is what happened when the sexual culture wars being fought on the mental health battlefield is exactly the subtitle on the back of my book I talked about how do you have been able to use sexuality orientation, gender identity, always subject very difficult to deal with taboo and Christian conservative circles, but something that the left champion was a part of the sexual liberation movement you know dating all the way back to the 60s and today, and their narrative is a simple one that conservatives and Christians are corrective that they hold around sexuality or the guidelines of value draw sexuality or something that is not only that they don't like, but that trying to steal those in our children and our culture is is is torture and that whatever you want whenever you're attracted to whoever you whoever you want to be or love is perfectly fine as long as consensual and that there should be no restraints about that and what they're doing. If they're using this issue as a narrative, a false narrative saying that young people were being better struggling with their sexual identity or gender identity are being forced into what call conversion therapy and and they use the narrative very very quietly because there's several well-funded organizations as you just mentioned that I've been pushing this false narrative by using persons who going to have to find varsity legislatures, but in my opinion are psychologically unwell and unhealthy.

All that are telling stories with them.

We aren't true licensed therapist, don't torture people. They don't use electroshock therapy. They don't use vomit inducing nausea fluid in order to change people.

David straight those things simply don't happen but that's the merit being pushed in front of legislatures, MetLife, see 18 states and 45+ cities have banned the so-called practice conversion therapy, which in my opinion doesn't exist and I give evidence of the why doesn't exist in my new book lost so much to say there because you're right we have seen these teary testimonies and yet I know from people I can talk for example with restore hope network when they actually approach. Some of these people after the testimonies to say, boy. Your testimony was horrible about how you were tortured, what is the name of this therapist so we can make sure to help you publicize it and all of a sudden they turn tail and run out of the room that they never really closely to get temporary amnesia. Yeah I'm ready to be felt is amazing documented several that will be to count in the book, and I give details of when I heard people to apply when we challenge them provide verifiable facts, none of them can do it. It's amazing and it's amazing that these lawmakers don't require them to say it if somebody truly tortured you and harm to you. Why didn't you go to the police of the licensing board or or whatever you know group was having authority over that particular therapist, Amy, and then you have the movie problem to Christopher you have movies coming out portraying this horrible thing that is happening to kids all across America perpetuate this lie, though certainly there have been outliers. You know 4050 years ago were not denying it at that, but no license therapist like yourself would say that that's a reasonable way to do therapy. It's not at all and and that's been dealt with with other kinds of laws so why is this lie being perpetuated and how are they these groups getting this done. How are they doing any false narrative ally based on a shred of evidence.

What they do. It may take some outrageous examples that have been that it happened in the past and I talked about a couple of examples of abuse in my book. One of them is written by a young woman. Her name is Alex Cooper. She wrote a memo about saving Alex and she is a lesbian identified Mormon girl that when she came out of the call to her parents are Mormon parent Center to a supposedly sexual orientation expert couple in Utah to convert data straight well this couple was a warm license train therapist. They were two individuals that thought they knew how to cure dated and then troubled you and essentially discount this couple of youth altimeter do bizarre practices like carry a backpack of heavy rock and spare the wall for hours on end. Stimulate what they called was the burden of her sexual orientation.

It was these types of crazy stories and abuse that occurred on life and on regulated types of you know not your pseudoscience right through scientific practices that then get conflated and compounded to say that this is what life is ethical therapy and so unfortunately you have a few the stories that have circulated over the last number of years, and those get a lot of media attention, but unfortunately the irony right banning license therapy, wall stop those types of abusive practices happening. In fact, it will only make it worse because if license therapist were regulated by the state can't work with young people were struggling where our religious uneducated parents. I don't understand sexuality and orientation got to go get well there probably going to take them to unlicensed untrained religious Christian leader churches that really don't how to work with those people and you might end up saying mortgage wackos like these people you thought doing this type of crazy stuff… License therapy and that's what legislatures and lawmakers don't seem to understand the thinking behind this false narrative that this is the life of therapist do. It's simply not true is not only that, but one of the other things that popped into my head when you were saying that is the fact that you have Christians who will say well I don't believe in psychotherapy. I'm not into worldly secular psychology I think biblical counseling is the way to go. But what really amazes me. Christopher is the fact that you have a lot of these billable counselors who are watching these bands taking place at all these different locations around the country and saying nothing and I've said for such a long time.

I'm sure you thought the same thing.

Don't you guys understand that even if you don't agree with secular psychology and the techniques that are used in psychotherapy you're being asked as you understand I mean yeah it is very naïve because they would understand that it that it's not not secular psychologist or psychotherapist that are being banded all of the clients counseling right so any of these biblical counselors that may disagree in an integrated integrated.secular methods but integrated Christian counseling methods.

If they don't agree with that. They're not going to be of use to be flawed because of the biblical counselors are licensed and they want to practice under state they will be prohibited with the client as well. Rights right so there ought to be some solidarity there. There ought to be a coalition citing this, but there doesn't seem to be a big coalition fighting this well more more more people and more and more licensed therapist better working with those who are struggling because you have banded together but you know it's unfortunate that organizations like the Baptist convention has essentially turned a blind eye what's happening on the national level back through their leadership those measures to try to fight again this all you working to take a quick break will come back because I do want to talk about that Christopher Doyle with us the war on psychotherapy is his book stay with us on Jennifer to ask yourself what you pay for healthcare. Are you single DP more than $199 a month. Are you a couple do you pay more than $299 a month. Do you have a family you pay more than $399 a month. Yes, you can serve the entire family with healthcare for only $399 a month with liberty health chair pretty health chair is a nonprofit ministry insurance so your money goes toward helping other members with their eligible medical expenses and in your time of need. Other members are there for you to, you can feel good knowing your part of a community of like-minded individuals sign up at any time of year your own doctor and hospital find out T that's liberty health call now 855-565-2561 that's 855-565-2561 or liberty health this is Janet Mefford for Bible league International area lives in the Middle East and a radical Muslim family. She accepted the invitation of a Christian friend to attend a weekly Bible study and receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

She took her Bible study booklet home hiding it in her room before her mother found it and gave it to her father severely beat young aria and called the authorities to report her as an infidel. They took her to a remote cell where they assaulted her and the Christian friend before letting them go. These two women didn't grow better.

They grew bold and together they seen hundreds come to Christ in the Middle East where Christians are urged to support new believers. You suddenly realize how difficult it is for Christians not just assume God will assist us with her mother from his, but they will be prepared to walk with help send God's word to believers like aria Bible is only five dollars in a limited time. Match will double your gift, call 800 yes word 800 YDS WORD weathers and finally you're listening to Joe Mefford and we are back on Janet Pfeffer today. Thank you for joining us and it's great to have with us Christopher Doyle we are talking about his book called the war on psychotherapy. Christopher is Executive Director of the Institute for healthy families and has such an incredible testimony of his own, but you are very concerned Christopher I know about this war on psychotherapy. All of these bands on so-called conversion therapy there taking place and before we went to the break you had brought up the fact we were talking about, you know, even if you fall on the side of what kinds of techniques you prefer. As far as helping people struggling with same-sex attraction. Whether it's biblical counseling or psychotherapy or integrated therapy. We all have the same threat looming and that is the LGBT activist who wants homosexuality affirmed across the board. And that's really the ideology driving this, but you mention the Southern Baptist convention failing to get on board and really digging in and joining this fight and it reminds me back in 2014 you had some of these leaders such as Russell Moore at the ethics and religious liberty commission kinda pooh-poohing reparative therapy and kinda going in the direction of, well, you know, we really don't want to do anything about that has that hurts the overall cause. Would you say is you've tried to keep therapy legal.

I believe that when Christian.

The report to get hurt to get hurt.

The ideals of which were standing on which it freedom of Christians to be able to pursue your therapeutic needs in order to be able to help resolve some of these issues.

I think the problem you have is a fundamental disagreement among members of the Baptist convention 18 when they look at what type of counseling occurs or what will come to counseling helps people look at it as the biblical only approach, whereas Christian counselors like myself, we think, and integrate a coaching without being pushed we use that devalues the teachings of the word of God and combine it with psychology and I kind of iconic describe it as the Bible and Christian Christianity tells us who we are in psychology explains why we do what we do and integratingthe mainstream and the American Association of Christian counselors which is over 60,000 counselors United States and worldwide, they think of the greater the coach about the invention takes an aesthetic approach, and they believe Bible only listening out there that might not understand why. It's probably distributable to parallel you go to a medical doctor and you got cancer approach with the Baptist convention would take the counseling which they will prey on you will use all that with the Bible to help you understand the causes of your cancer but were not used any medical treatment such as chemotherapy to help cure you prayer and Bible reading in an integrated approach would say no use all the techniques that God has given us both in the Bible and in creation of ESI youth chemotherapy were used drugs were going to use also support networks in counseling and therapy and everything about this proposal that we can do to help you prove it and exactly the type of thing before the convention. It is doing their thing. No science in creation and general revelation which we know the way that we receive truth is invalid. Only the Bible can help you and those of us working at your thing, what are you talking about that is not a mainstream view psychology and science can indeed help and if it is not anti-God believe in science not right what what cosine you have counseled many many people I know when you have your own testimony what goes on in one of your therapy sessions. I mean bring us up to speed on the truth about how clients get their goals met and how a therapist approaches someone even if it's a minor coming in insane boy. I was sexually abused. Now I'm wrestling with these same-sex attractions and I don't want them, what goes on in that room when you are counseling somebody like that in the case of a minor or an adult, sexually abused, believe that there attraction of some sort of a result, about sexual abuse therapy that I use is focused on healing be abused through trauma therapy are used to a very effective technique called the MDR eye movement desensitization and reprocessing and trauma based therapy. It's not shame-based therapy is not a electroshock therapy is not making people talk bad about who they are. It's about helping members all those issues that may be contributing to unwanted sexual desires or sexual attraction.

And we know that there's a higher proportion of those in the LGBT community, or go to experience nonfederal heterosexual attraction that have been victims of sexual abuse and molestation is the document the fact that crack so that population really needs that have effective therapy to help them resolve that. But that's not the only thing that the medical conduct side of medical side. The other part of it is if a band talk therapy for those who want to resolve on what the change extraction you're essentially telling a counselor like myself that the Christian worldview that that there's that they can't see that there is some sort of reason why someone feels same-sex attractions that there isn't any sort of psychological or emotional problem with that, that it simply fine and normal and that you bought the farm back and you know what for people like me who resolve those homosexual issues and for other Christians.

Counselors that see that same-sex attractions, as a result of various forms of emotional brokenness.

A lot of times, unmet love these and child about elections and sometimes the stored ways of looking at themselves are looking at other same-sex home that is the fundamental violation of the way that we view our sexuality in the way that our faith informs us of what is essentially God by doing what's not God's ideal show. We have to be able to place our opinions in the counseling world to help inform our clients if we can't do that then our clients and we can see and read what the culture and the vast majority of the culture said there's no problem with attractions that the natural barriers of human sexuality is completely fine and normal and there shouldn't be any reason why you should have a problem with that.

I'm sorry but there are those of us that beautiful problem that we want to be wanted here to what the Bible tells us we want to figure out reasons why we feel that way.

And Christians in therapy should be able to do that without having the state, and state.

No, you can't say that a yes you can see that ridiculous. It is American IN America absolutely. The war on self autonomy. I mean that's that's the reality. But speak in reality you mention, it's a war on reality and and this is the whole thing that's outrageous about you talk. I know in your book about California. What went on in California and why now is happening in all these other states. In California, I propose that what I think was Michael Brown's term for it, which was the must stay gay Bell where you can teach it if you're homosexual you have to say can't get any help you can't get any therapy that would involve any sort of dealing with, in order all well and adults as well. Bill yeah yeah adults as well so you don't you don't know right now the 18 feet and over 45 to be that abandoned therapy for minors, but what would you talking about a bill called maybe 2943 which in California which was seeking to ban therapy for adult and this is actually something that happened in two other city New York City, which is currently being sued by a Jewish rabbi. They ban therapy for adults that want to overcome unwanted things. Extraction and also Toledo, Ohio, of all places. Now you know this is something that would look like to be a slam dunk in the state of California last year, but what happened was hundreds of people came out to protest against his will on the legislature and thousands and thousands of former homosexuals and former lesbians came out with a that they had experience life change in their sexuality and orientation and that they shouldn't take this right away and I think some of that pressure affected the sponsor of the building with an openly gay man and he decided to draw up a last-minute yeah we'll see where that goes for what lessons can be learned which you say Christopher as we are getting more experience with different locations banning therapy and its me on ramping up I think more and more Christians are being enabled to get to the point now where they're asking what we do to stop this steamroller because we understand the war on self autonomy in the war on reality is only ramping up you just look at what's going on now with the transgender madness and kids in hormone treatments and the havoc that weights down the road is these kids grow up and maybe change their views or change their their dysphoria resolves and they say will wait a minute. I went through the surgery I mean what we do at this point in time, just not only his therapist, but as laymen number one. I think that individuals, churches and Christians inserted me to start stepping up and we need to see more resistance against these types of bills being put out when there was a much… Put up a past there was an innate city in Florida couple years ago where the overwhelming resistance of the Cubist builders kind of an therapy end and the city Council voted it down with a prerogative to be people simply don't understand this. The get involved in that they don't think it affects them, but it does effective because your even if your child is not struggling with these issues. Someone in your child's school is, you know, one of things that you said was a war that's reality. Dr. Michelle Katella wrote the preface of my book and for those who don't know she took her pediatrician and expert on gender issues and, in the preface she talks about the fact that there are over 50 gender clinics around the United States that now are treating children with gender dysphoria money to stay with Janet, the fastest growing population, the client that I have right now are children and families who are bringing their children into my clinic in northern Virginia as young as 11 years old with gender discourse dysphoria that these children are being told by school counselors and by the media that if they have gender identity, insecurity, and not even necessarily that they believe that the wrong suspect that they have gender identities. And who among us at age 11. Have gender identity. We work developing our bodies and going. Hormone changes there saying that that that the immediate and protocol for these children.

If you take them to a gender clinic immediately get them on hormone suppression puberty blockers and start them down the path of what will eventually be permanent sterilization of their anatomy and and mutilation of the body part.

I mean this is happening as young as 10, 11, sometimes even younger and the doctor Katella my degree institutionalized child abuse. This I mean how could you see it as anything else and you wonder what will happen down the road when these kids grow up and begin to sue yeah say it's gonna be lawsuit city and who could really blame them.

Will you gotta read the book the war on psychotherapy Christopher Doyle with us. Christopher grateful for you and it was so good to have you here. Thank you very very much. This archived broadcast of Janet today is brought to you by the Jesus music. The new documentary from Lions gate and the creators of I can only imagine featuring interviews with many artists from contemporary Christian music. The Jesus music only in theaters beginning October 1.

More information is available at the Jesus here's your host Joe name when we consider the most important people were to the early church we usually think of the apostles. We think of people like Peter, John, James, Andrew, and probably most of all we think of the apostle Paul, but what about some of those lesser-known Christians who were maybe only mentioned in Scripture a few times, but were indispensable to Paul's ministry. Who were these people and how can we be encouraged by their lives and ministry were in a tackle that today with Ryan Locke smell. He is the lead pastor of real Hope Community Church in Houston area and author of the book will be talking about Paul and his team what the early church can teach us about leadership and influence Ryan, great to have you here. Thank you so much for being with us should saying all right will you know I'm thinking about first Corinthians chapter 12 when I was going through your book, the eye cannot say to the hand. I don't need you and the head cannot say to the feet. I don't need you on the contrary, those parts of the body that seem to be weaker are indispensable and that seems to really apply here is your focusing on Paul's team to people we don't often think about very much that it's right it very easy to think of an singular figure when you read the New Testament because so much of acted about his life. He read all the letters and the course he did have unique call, you know Christ apart for the Gentile. So in a sense he is in a category on his own but he was a part of this broader team of people who were like you said indispensable to what is ministry look like and he spoke about them with very lofty terms of my fellow workers and in any spoke about just how much he relied on them the vital roles that they played, but you can't overlook them because many of them are just mentioned in passing, in portions of his letters that are easy to skip over the other beginnings of the very endings where it seems like politics, making some comments about young people he knows that it doesn't seem that relevant to our lives in the camper now Names anyway. Get over it and but these were people who Paul what he said about them. They were just incredibly integral part of what he was doing and so took to find out what that looked like you got it, take all these passing references and put them together in a picture yes begin to emerge of 15 minutes inspiring thing to see. Yeah, it really is to put at the top of the team will kinda go down the list.

Here a little bit but for example you think of people like Barnabas and Barnabas.

The Holy Spirit are set him apart with Saul for the work that God would allow them to do you think Barnabas but we know that much about Barnabas. We obviouslybutwouldyouputhimatthetopoftheteamlist.Hewoulddeftlybeoneofthepeopletowardthetop.CertainlythattheearlystagesofPaul'sministry.Barnabaswasintegralhim,andhewashewasacriticalvoiceinhelpingtherestoftheChristianleaderstoevenview.PaulasalegitimateChristianbackgroundandyoumentionedthatyouearlymissionaryjourneyswithBarnabasandsoapcertainlyintheearlydaysofPaul'sministry.Idon'tthinkhehadabetterfriendthanBarnabasreleasefromwhatwewillberead,sohe'sdeftlyonthatlist.Ithinkyouknow,IwouldsayLukeishighonthatlistassumehe'sactuallymypersonalfavoritememberofPaul'steamthatdoesn'tgetalotofpressbecausehetraveledwithPaulalot.He'smentionedafewtimesbynameinPaul'sletters,butagaindiscardedpassingyougotogetalotofpress,buthePaultalksaboutLukebeingwithhimandtravelingwithhimandthenthefactthatLukewrotethegospelofLukeandactsofthosetwobookstogetherbywordcountaremorethanallPaul'sletters.It'sover27%oftheNewTestamentjustbyLukeandsoincrediblyinfluentialpersononthehistoryofChristianity.Generally,butcertainlyinPaul'sministry.HewasakeyplayersoIputthemupthere.Timothy,I'dsaytowardthetopbecausehewasseemstobetheprimaryprotégéofthePaultookunderhiswingandsoyouhavethatmentorinrelationshipwithhim,amongothers,likeTitus,butTimothyseemstocarecannotbeastandoutcasebutIwouldalsoaddjustkindofonalogisticalfront.Ithinkthatthecouple,PriscillaandAquilarights.Iwouldputuptheretoobecauseyouknowtheyweresupportinghimfinancially,logistically,spirituallyinmultiplecities,Rome,Corinth,Ephesus,andsotheywereahugehelponthesupportsideofthingssoyouknowthatImeanyoucanjustkeepgoingdownthelistofallthepeoplewhomadesuchanimpactonwhathedidyeahknowwhenyoulookatfigureslikeBarnabasandTimothyandLuke.Forexample,willalltakeLucasanexample.CouldyoutalkabouthimisyourfavoriteoffstageinfluencerwhichIlikebuthewasinterviewingwitnesses,ImeanhewasbehindthescenesyouseeLukebecauseyourreadingwhathewrotewhenyou'rereadingthebookofactsandareseenonthestandardsmentionedbywhyishethemostimportantoratleastyourfavoriteoffstage,influence,orisitbecauseofthecompilingthathedidhavetheeyewitnessesandandallthatIthinkso.Youknowhisworkresonatesdowntothe21stcentury,morethanmanyoftheothermembersofPaul'steamatleastamoredirectwaybecausewehavehiswritingsandlikeyousaid,youknow,peoplehavehavecalledLukethefirstchurchhistorianforthatexactreason.Hewouldeat.YoulaidouthismethodologybeginningofthegospelofLuketravelingaroundspeakingwitheyewitnessesbeingdiligentchroniclewhathappenedforthepurposeofbuildingupourfaithandIjustthinkit'stheneatthingthatsomeonewhoplayedsuchavitalroleinwhattheNewTestamentendedupbecomingthegospelofLukeandactuallycancanyouimaginetheNewTestamentwithoutthoseworks,soforhimtobeofthatstaturebutthentheandandclearlyanintegralpartofPaul'sministry,butstilltokindabealittlebitbehindthescenes.IjustfindthataveryinterestingexampleandIthinkitcanbeinspiringtopeopletodaybecauseIthinkpeopletodaydrawveryclearconnectionbetweenyourthemorevisibilityyouhavemoreinfluenceyouhavenodirectcorrelationbutLuke.Ithinkofsomeonewhoshowsthatthat'snottrueinthelastingimpactofwhathedidandhewasnotatleastfromwhatweseeintheNewTestament.Oneofthosefiguresthatwaspushedtotheforefrontwillknowmuchabouthimbygraphicallybutwhatwhatwowwhatanimpacthesurewhatwehavedonewithout.Lukewouldneverknowmuchaboutpolicy.Thinkaboutitjustright.Yeah.AndwhataboutBarnabasinparticularbecausehewassuchakeyfigure,butagainmorebehind-the-scenesthanPaul.Whatsortofroledoyouseehimtakingwhenyou'relookingattheoveralloverarchinginfluencethathehadonPaul.IthinkagainIIthinkhewaskindoftheconnectionpointofmovingfromaJewishpersecutorofChristianstoanearlychurchleaderEE.Ithinkhehelpedthemoutofmakethattransitionseemstobethepictureintroducinghimtothepeopleheneedsnocrouchingforhimandweownedalotofdescriptionofit,butthereareanumberofyearsthereearlyonPaul'sministrywhereBarnabaswaskindofkeycontactnoPaul'sbackinTarsusandBarnabasgoesandgetsthemtheretogetherinAntioch.Thereisearlymissionaryjourneytogether.SowhenPaulwasreallygethisfeetwetasatravelingevangelist.Barnabaswastheguywhat'sreallyinterestingone.Myfavoritestories,butkindofburiedintheweedsofactionfortrytogetthroughitand14isonthecometolightstrawresidentstostaycalmBarnabasforZeusandHermeschapter.Ilovethatitnotethis,rusticpaganenvironmentwheretheydon'tevenunderstandeachother.Speakingadifferentdialectthatisalanguageconfusion,butitsaysthattheythoughtthatBarnabaswasHermesbecausehestartedaroundbecauseyoulikeaspokespersonofZeus,sotherethinking,okay,BarnabasandPaulassertedneatfitsthebill.SoBarnabaswasclearlyjustrighthandman.Hewastherekindofmandatorycall,butthenbecomingmoreofateammadecourseandthattheretheresplitovertheissueofMarksothatthat'sanotherthingwetouchoninthebookofjustministrydifferencesintheconciliationabsolutelywill.There'smoretotalkaboutwillgotoabreakandcomebackwithmylocksonhisbutt's,PaulandhisteamstaywithusforreturnrightaftertheascensionfromSherwoodteachersfromfilmsandfilmsinthekindredbrothersdrumscourageouslegacycelebrating10yearsofimpactonfamiliesandfatherswemasteredin4Kandincludinganewendingwhenthisyoungmomcametoapre-borncenter.Shewasplanningtohaveanabortionafterreceivingloveandsupportandmeetingherbabyonultrasound.Shechoselife.IwalkedinIsawinmymindchangecompletely.Imaybepre-bornpartnerswithanXincitieswiththehighestabortionratesinthecountry.Willyouhelprebornsavethesepreciouslives.Whenamoderncrisisseesherbabyonultrasoundandhere'stheheartbeatshe's80%morelikelytochooselifeandthat'sjustthebeginningofthestory.IknowthatthesupplierthatGodassignedthisnoticeformefor$140youcansponsorfiveultrasoundsandhelprescuefivebabieslivestodonate,call855402,baby.That's855-402-2229wherethere'sapre-bornbannertoclickJanetmyfor.comcreatorsofIcanonlyimaginecomesanewdocumentaryJesusmusicJesusfoundawayinmyhometownandIsawmusicforMarriottisyourlisteningtoJoeatMedfordtodayandnowearebackonJaneteffort.TodayweknowthatweareallmembersofthebodyofChristandallofushavearoletoplayallofushavespiritualgiftsandweworktogetherasabody,butit'sreallyinteresting.Weholduptheapostlesasweshowedaswonderfulexamplesofpreachingandsettingtheearlychurchinmotionbytheproclamationofthegospelanddiscipleship,butreallywhenyoulookatsomebodyliketheapostlePaul.Howcouldheeverhavedonewhathedidwithoutallofhisteamaroundhim.Thosepeoplewhosenamesyoumightseeasyou'rereadingthroughthebookofacts,butwedon'tknowawholelotaboutthem.ThereisabookoutnowPaulandhisteamwhattheearlychurchcanteachusaboutleadershipandinfluenceRyanLocke'smomiswithus,theauthorandalsoleadpastorofrealHopeCommunityChurchsoright.Let'sstartalittlebit.AsyoumentionedaboutMarkbecauseMarkisanotherunityoumentionedinthebookmarketagainstsuchaninfluentialfigureinthehistoryofourfaith,havingwrittenthegospelofMarkandbeingintheearlydaysimpulsecircle,butthenpartofthissplitinotherhowtodoituponBarnabasandsoyouarerightabouthimandoneofthechaptersinthebookundertheheadingofyellowprovidingrelationshipsafterdisagreementbecauseMarkhadbeenalongwithPaulandBarnabasonpartofamissionaryjourneyandthenhebailedonthemandthenlaterongoingoutonthisnextjourney,PaulandBarnabashadthisbitterdisagreementaboutwhethermarketcomealongandthatreallydividedthemforquitesometimeandIwillhavethewholestoryofwhathappeneddowntheroad,butwedoseeinPaul'sletters.About10yearslaterplusor-10yearslaterhehestartsmentioningMarkagainasbeinginhiscircleaboutbeingveryvaluabletohimandministry.AndofcourseyouondimensiontowritethegospelofMarkandinhewasalsointegralintheapostlePeter'sministryinRomefromtheancienthistoricalsources.WehaveanmanyscholarsbelievethatPeterScottofbehindthegospelofMarkalittlebitbutIthinkwhatittellsusaboutPaulandhisteamisthatPaulcouldhaveabitterdisagreementoverMarkyouwanttoworkwiththemlikeyouI'mnotevengonnacontinueonthismissionaryjourneyfusewithusbothmadewasareallyroughsituationand10yearslater.NowyoudescribehowvaluableheisandIthinkthatteachesusthatnumberonethatdisagreementsandfriction.It'sgoingtohappeninministryandamgonnahappen,butthedoorwasleftopenonsomelevel.Nowthebridgeisnotburnedthere.Thereisahowdoyouhavebeenthemaintenanceofthatrelationship.OnsomelevelforMarktothenbeginappearinginPaul'slettersadecadelaterasthisprovencoworkerofhisyeahsosothatdisagreementcanbedishearteningwhenwereadaboutMaxellattheendofthestory.Ithinkthat'sinspiringandinstructiveforuswhatisandIsecondTimothychapter4,forexample,wherehesaysdoyourbesttocometomequicklyforDimasbecausehelovedthisworld,hasdesertedmeandhasgonetoThessalonicacrescentsisgoingtoGalatia,TitustoDalmatiaonlyLucaswithme.GetMarkandbringthemwithyoubecauseheishelpfultomeinmyministryandthenhegoesontotalkaboutticketCassidymentionedsomeofthesepeople.Soit'snotjustinthebookofactsthatyouseesomeofthenamesyouseethemthroughoutthestereoexactlyandthatIsayinthebookthatallhisteamandthelessonsfromhowtheyworktogetherhavealwaysbeenavailabletous.BearintheNewTestament,butthere,hidinginplainsightbecausewhatyoudiscredit.Agreatexample.That'sreallyeasytoskipover.Ifyou'rejustreadingTimothyandgetsupportherelikeyeahokayIgotthatallthesenamesofthesepeopleareright.Ifyouskipoverthat.Butthosenamesarethereandsoyouhavetostartconnectingdotswithotherplacesthattheywerementionedandliningthingsupofthebookofacts,andonceyoudoalotofthatworkwhichisreallythefoundationalworkofthisbook.Theirroleandwhattheydidstartstoappear.Ifit'snothidinginthemoreyoustarttomakethoseconnectionsandsoyeahit'sit'sneattoseethewaythosethingslineupinoneofthethingsIreallyappreciateaboutpassageslikethatoneisyouseethateverythingwasnotrosesforPaulallthetime.YouknowAlexander,thecoppersmithdidhimgreatharmonytoxinonthatinDimasdesertedmeandalltherest,soheImean,inmanywayswecanrelatetothisCantleyinmodernchurchlifeofthiswonderfulChristianbrotherandnowhedesertedmeandwhatIdoandhowdoIresolvetheconflict.HowdoyouapplysomeofthattothemoderndaychurchandhowweshoulddealwithconflictandwhatwecandrawfromhowPauldealtwithhisteamagreatquestion.Youknowit.OneoftheBookItalkedaboutthefactthathisteamseemtoberelentlessaboutreconciliationandthattheywantedtorestorerelationships,evenwhenitwaspainfulandIthinkthatthelessonforusislikeyousaiditwasn'tRosiewereallkindofdisagreementallkindofdiscordshockinglysimilartowhatwedealwithtodaycompetitionbetweenleaders.Competitionbetweenchurchespersonaldisagreement.Somepeoplearefineeatingmeatsacrificedtoidols.Othersaren't,howyounegotiatethat,ImeanitparalleledherstrikingwithalotoftheconflictinthechurchtodaybutPaulandandthepeoplearoundhimseemtobecommittedtoreconciliationprettyrelentlesslyinanexampleofsecondCorinthianstheletter.ThelettersecondCorinthiansgreatillustrationaboutforus.YouknowhehadabrokenpotofbrokenrelationshipwiththeCorinthiansdescribed.SecondCorinthians,youreaditlikeyou'rewalkingintothemiddleofafamilyfightandyouhavenoideahowitgotstartedandyourdislikewillwowandbecauseheisreferringtopreviouslettersthatarenotfirstCorinthianssohe'sbeenhavingthiscorrespondencewasverytearful.Hedescribesit,andandhewantedtocontinue.Paulwantedtocontinueincertainavenuesofministry,buthejustcouldn'tshakethebrokenrelationshipwiththeCorinthiansoascendingTitus,oneofhiscoworkerstogo,mediatethedisputeandthenyougetevenseethejoyandreliefallfeltwhenheheardfromTitusthattheyhadcomebacktoaplaceofoflovefootballandyoujustoverjoyed.AmidsuchanemotionalrollercoasterofthatletterandIthinkthelessonforusonthatisnumberone.It'sjustgonnabemessylikejustthefactthattheyhadthatdisagreementIthinkisabigpartofthelessonacceptingthatit'sgoingtohappened.Butthenshowingthatishurt.AsPaulwasaspainfulasitwas,hedidn'tjustwritepeopleoffevenjustgiveup.Hestillisthelovethosepeopleandandbelievethatthereisawayforthemtocomebackintofellowshipwitheachother.SoIthinkthat'sachallengeforustoday.ItreallyisyouwriteaboutthatwhatyoumentionedearlierPriscillainaquellandthere'salotinintheBibleaboutthem.Youknow,whenPaulsailedforSyriawiththemfromCorinthandlefttheminEphesusandtheywereveryinstrumentalinhelpingApollo'sunderstandthewayofGodmoreadequately.Iaskedtalksaboutthataswell.Therearepeoplementionedandprofessesanotheronethat'smentionedwhoareveryimportant,buttheydon'tgetalotoftimeintheBibledescribingthem.Youknow,herewasourfirstwhoisthisoriginalevangelist.Hewasdoingalotofworkthere.ButPaulwastheonewhogotmoreink.Whataboutthatangle.Itcanattacktouchingonwhatyousaidearlierthatjustbecauseyou'reoutofthelimelightdoesn'tmeanyou'renotcrucialtothebodyofChrist.AbsolutelyIthinkyouknowwhatyoumentionedjustgothere.GreatexamplesaboutyouPappasappearstobetheoriginalevangelistoftheLikertValleywherecolossiisnotaregionofEphesuswhichcoursebecameveryimportant.Paul'sministry,buthewasn'tthefirstonethereinsomeofthesesituationsandsoPaulspeaksaboutthemasbeingveryandonlytalksaboutprophecytalksabouthowvaluableheisnowtotherecipientsofthelettersbecausetheyknowwhoheisbecausehewastheirfirstexperiencewithChristpackagesyouknowcarryingletters.Atfirstdidthesamethingthatthelettercarriers.Imaginethat.ImaginewhatourworldwouldputourfaithlifewouldbelikewithoutEphesiansorColossiansofsomeofthelettersPauldictatedthoselettersarewelcome,andthenhandedofftosomeonelikeKaitokissherownSMSorpoppersandthentheywalkedfortwomonthswhileinanstrugglingtofindfood.Theirriskofbeingallthechallengeswhenwanttotravelandjustpainfullyslowcommunication.TheylivethatyouknowtheymayhaveEphesiansintheirpocketandgotdeliveredandedifiedatchurchandinGod'sprovidencehecomesoutsoyeahtheideathatyourinfluenceisdirectlycorrelatedtotheamountofattentionyouget,orinkspilledaboutyourageisnotsimplynottrue.Andsoit'saimportantlessonforustokeepinmind,amen.Verysurewhatthenameofthebookistallandhisteamwhattheearlychurchcanteachusaboutleadershipandinfluence.JustagreatreadbyRyanlocksmithisbeenwithusRyansomethingtohavehadyouthinkyousomuch,absolutely.Godblessyouandthanksforbeingwithusallrightwillthankyouforjoiningushereandseenamessagetodayasalways.Seenexttime.ThisportionofJanafortoday'sproxiesIcourageouslegacyremasteredin14newendinggreatestlegacyPG-13

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