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Bruce Gilley (The Historical Truth about Colonialism)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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September 25, 2021 4:29 am

Bruce Gilley (The Historical Truth about Colonialism)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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September 25, 2021 4:29 am

Critical Race Theorists decry "colonialism" as a sweeping historical evil. But what is the historical truth? I'll talk it over with Dr. Bruce Gilley, professor of political science at Portland State University and author of: "The Last Imperialist." Plus: Two Afghan evacuees to America have just been charged with child sex crimes and domestic abuse, and some argue this is just the start of widespread social unrest. We'll discuss that and more on Friday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by courageous legacy. The new movie from Sherwood pictures affirm films prominent films and the Kendrick brothers remastered in 4K and including a new ending, courageous legacy. Rated PG-13. Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13 in theaters now is Janet River. Today, our confidence is in Christ alone is God's story is this activists to sweep meanly and forcefully decry colonialism, black lives matter. For instance, once condemned the murder of a civilian in Nigeria by saying quote colonialism and imperialism capitalism anti-blackness and other forms of white supremacy kill black people across the globe. Yet, this is interesting. Even a recent MSN piece admitted British colonial rule in Nigeria actually had some positive impacts. This article argues that colonization introduced a structured idea of government to Nigeria. It improved healthcare and improved literacy and it created numerous infrastructural developments. So what is the truth about colonization that critical race theory won't tell us will joining us to talk about it.

Dr. Bruce Gilley, author and professor of political science at Portland State University. He is a member of the board of the national Association of scholars you might remember his 2017 article, the case for colonialism, which drew international attention. His latest book is the last imperialists are Alan Burns, epic defense of the British Empire. Dr. Gilley great to have you with us.

How are you thinking this subject of colonialism is obviously a hot one right now due to the hard push on critical race theory. The 1619 project, etc. what should we know about Sir Alan Burns, the governor of the Gold Coast during World War II.

Why is he a significant figure to focus on what one of the people we responded that we know. Our colonialism was inherently racist but it showed the dark racism at the heart of the Western European project that you noted. Colonialism was a deeper, while white people already and he took us on very early to go way back in the use what he was noticing something strange coming out of the Third World movements which was rather than seeking independence and self-government, which of course you know the colonial planned all along there were starting to become race felt they were starting to become antiwhite starting to become ethically chauvinistic within their own countries. There were starting to gang up on epic minorities, people who were different within the portal decided that the colonial states had created and burned thought that what was happening with anticolonialism build up into a kind of what he called color prejudice in reverse will cultivate and reverse racism and the socially scorning Europe and Western civilization and the Enlightenment, even as racist projects and yet he saw first and foremost, the dangers of the left.

The left and deal with the lives of the people who are going to be suddenly thrown into these postcolonial states where suddenly, everything from the West must be rejected and what place is not good for human lives. It's not good for welfare. It's not good for women and minorities in particular and particularly bad for free society is so interesting.

So what was the upshot of that stance that he took, how did it bear itself out as time went along his defense of what the British Empire was up to did make a significant difference at the time.

Well II think that you knew lived colonialism.

He was born in the colony born in the British. He rose up to the colonial civil service never went to college. He was kind of born and bred in the colonial civil service. Another colonial official strongly touched the lives of everywhere he worked on that one reason the contemporary Ghana is sort of functioning. Probably the only sort of functioning democracy in Africa and basically the wealthiest country in Africa is because Burns was the governor there in the late 40s and he made a decisive step to keep the gun and there was an old Gold Coast to keep going and one side with British imperial project and the rule of law and the protection of property rights and the kind of inherent the constitutional government and know that country itself is pretty much his creation of contemporary Belize where he was governor before that. He also made a dramatic contribution to getting the country on the right. You notice that nobody coming in our southern border from Belize right because believe actually a country because of that she was part of the British Empire and people are happy to stay there so you make those contributions you bought the last stand of United Nations where he was in the 1950's. Basically, the point man on colonial affairs for Great Britain and I would think he would feel that although he made a valiant argument.

Ultimately, the forces were too strong against colonialism. The UN was basically a you know someone called clearance project for the colonial project eliminated colonialism left right and center, whether or not there were countries ready to govern whether or not there was a civil service whether or not the judiciary you know some black nationalists who spend most of their youth in London suddenly came back and declared that they were the George Washington of that nation and you and just crumble to those kind of forces the Cold War pressures of the United States and Soviet Union both angling to be friends of whatever emerge from this mess, and I think he made a valiant stand in the 50s in the early 60s but ultimately that failed and we see the result of that for the last half-century, we sure have one of the arguments I want to get into more of the critical race theory argument about colonialism against colonialism, but some people have said over the years. It's just not right for one country to come in and exert control or extend control over other countries and on that reason that we look at that reason alone we should conclude the British Empire never should've done what it did in the first place. How you look at that, knowing what you know about the entire movement in the British Empire.

In particular, a not want to be colonized by country B. You should not call it legitimate here roughly central and wanted most colonialism in particular British colonialism enjoyed very strong support and consent of the call and I couldn't have happened without there were very few British officials on the ground in the colonies.

Most colonial rule was done by the collar so Karen should not. The idea that colonialism was some external imposition some kind of no forcing brown people around at bayonet point in the ridiculous cartoon. It's not an accurate historical account of how colonialism spread the factors pulling colonial powers in the countries were much stronger than the push factors. Most people in Britain and France were ambivalent about colonialism. I thought it was a waste of money.

Doctors were very strong so one answer to that is you know that it legitimate to colonialism was generally quite strong that how it survived the second answer is no, it's only true if there's a country there and there was no country you mentioned Nigeria. Nigeria is a creation of the British Ghana is a creation of the British. Uganda is the creation of the British so you have in most places, in particular in Africa was a settled area, constantly libelous, and warring tribes and groups who with shifting alliances and allegiances that work regularly, displacing school, enslaving and oppressing one another and I was the status quo. There was no country, there is no strict structure, so to say that that country a you know always to truly contribute to assume there's a country be there in most places.

There wasn't what was with the shifting alliances of groups and whatnot and for the most part, those who face imminent threat subjugation by larger historical rivals were the ones who are allied with the Europeans and said hey European colonies wrecked the optical protectorates right they were there to protect you other groups that mean in contemporary Nigeria.

You basically have a sleep state in the entire North called the slimy Pilates of the Sukkot Ocala. It was in the process of turning all of that area into an Islamic sleep state.

The British stepped in and prevented that with the support of the southern groups that how colonialism was established there and then later on the Pilates became more or less reconciled. The British rule two because the British were so careful to protect their cultural institutions in the North. The same would be true in other countries and in Uganda.

Uganda was the country they were basically on the warpath when the British arrived, they were basically decimated eliminated about a dozen tribes there in the process of conquering the others in the British stepped in and created a protectorate was essentially the work just a way to protect groups from enslavement of subjugation by the Bible create something in which all were equal and one color didn't matter once language religion this matter what the colonial project what it was was replacing fuel to come back. Dr. Bruce Kelly, the last imperialist is boxing when I sent you. Ask yourself what you pay for healthcare single DP more than $199 a month. Are you a couple do you pay more than $299 a month. Do you have a family to pay more than $399 a month. Yes, you can serve the entire family with healthcare for only $399 a month with Liberty healthcare. Healthcare is a nonprofit ministry insurance so your money goes toward helping other members with their eligible medical expenses and in your time of need. Other members are there for you to, you can feel good knowing your part of a community of like-minded individuals sign up at any time and here their own doctor and hospital find out more and Liberty T and celebrities will call now 855-565-2561 855-565-2561 four Liberty this is Janet Mefford for Bible leak international Hymie is an itinerant pastor in Ecuador. Many, the violence, pastors and Christian workers phase we got the cutest thieves gangs so that's it. Does the program.

Hymie will travel days by foot boat in mule. He's been beaten by warlocks robbed and suffered broken bones after falling in the Andes Mountains. What awaits him at the end of each trip, a thriving congregation of hundreds of believers in an area where Christianity is fiercely opposed. When I share Hymie story I recall Isaiah 68. Shall I send will go.

I believe this man is enduring more than some pastors ever. Well, like others in the world where Bibles are desperately needed. Hymie is humbly asking us to send God's word for only five dollars. You can send a Bible to Latin America and around the world and a special match will double your gift 800 yes word 800 YDS WORD there's a Bible leak banner Janet Mefford, you are listening to Janet River today and now here's what we do hear an awful lot about the evils of colonialism that we don't often hear the other side of the story, particularly a historical analysis there is a great new book out. The last imperialist or Alan Burns's epic defense of the British Empire by Dr. Bruce Kelly who is author and also Prof. of political science at Portland State University site about that Dr. Kelly we had a run to equip the clock.

It's a nice sometimes but you are making daughter. Okay, no, no, it's no problem at all, but about what you were saying was so fascinating because all we get is this rhetoric about how evil colonialism was and I think this is a quote that you had cited before from Sir Alan Burns when he was talking about the people of the Gold Coast coming forward by the thousands with men to serve in the Army and with liberal gifts to war funds and war charities which he said was curious conduct for people tired of British rule here, black lives matter talking about that kind of issue very much, if at all, because it would undermine one of the black lives matter movement, which is that European civilization Western civilized nation has been fundamentally not just kind of evil but also illegitimate in the minds of: all ripening people are not falling off the airplane went ever since countries of the colonized people of the fleet govern countries or you're trying to the West itself and during the colonial era like that most colonial governments. Most colonial soldiering most colonial policing was done by native.the only way it could work.

That was indicative of the fact that natives understood this was better than the alternative was that kind of high liberal democratic governance. No first time was very enlightened and progressive. It brought economic and social benefits, and it was legitimate and lifelike.

Likewise, matter movement is trying to essentially return black people to a kind of tribal mentality that was either interested separate from other human beings. Others in a Western liberal democratic state. This is basically the feudal and parochial worldviews that colonialism disrupted and they're trying to reconstruct it with a postmodern spirit that's interesting because you know when you get into this kind of tribal mentality. It divides people obviously we've seen great evidence of this. Over the last several years, but this idea that colonialism was racist.

Doesn't seem to hold water. When the whole idea was that anybody should be able to be free, anybody should be able to develop in ways that are, you know, in line with a better country for everybody have peace. I mean the ideals that were largely spread through the British Empire were not racial goals. So how in the world can they maintain that narrative yet. Will colonialism. Of course, often followed all of trade, or old missionaries and trade and missionary activity had at their root of fundamental thing which is your trader your equal to me because we engage in trade of equals. We strike a bargain. We exchange as equals, I don't get a higher price from you because on this color that color. That's one of the trade market economies are good for free society. They are there on the fundamental equality of buyer and seller. Missionaries of course came and brought with them a fundamentally Christian insight about the deep imprint of God that make us equal in the face of the Lord. That was a fundamental drive of colonialism, whether it said that explicitly or not, but these were Christian missions they were bringing what they thought thought correctly. Better government and more opportunities to these people and right if they if they were racist.

Why would they have that presumption could not have that presumption now. They did see their own countries, be more developed and more advanced. They use language like civilized that causes us to know it's not snowing snowing salty days on the minute the language meant we figured out that using the wheel is better than carrying a load on your head and we think that you also will find the wheel more useful universal support. My light is always colonialism of the biggest antiracist program in world history, and the CRT people don't want you to know that you know one of the missionaries I was thinking about when you were saying that was William Carey because William Carey was a big proponent of ending this practice in India where this widow would sacrifice herself on top of her dead husband's funeral pyre and it is so you could say on the one hand, oh, this is this colonialist coming in and trying to change you know the ways of a country.

But isn't that an improvement when you say listen, you don't have to die just because your husband has died. Let's let's get out of this would stop doing this. We welcomed Douglas was welcomed by the people subject to it, but no one answer was, well, if you equal moral ending of all cultures, then you know the sort of quick but the British official gave in response to the Brahman thing. Well knowing our culture when a husband dies, the woman throws herself on the funeral pyre in the British official responded well in our culture you throw some of our people power would march up the scaffold you so that our culture is okay different cultures and you know but the bigger point is, if it wasn't you know it wasn't welcome that practice it was a bit like dueling doing is the kind of practice that was what we call a maligned norm. Nobody really likes it, but know we can get rid of it. When the British came and they had the ability to get rid of the malign norm like that and nobody's ever look back. Nobody ever seriously said really wish we could go back to you again.

Yeah that's right so critical race theory also says the whole practice of colonialism was unjust. I had mentioned at the outset, some of the improvements that even a liberal site like MSN is admitting were good things that came out of colonialism. What you say, though, to the downsides of colonialism didn't do the people criticizing the British Empire have a point on anything significant. Where would you actually get in line with what they're saying on if there is a point yacht that I don't think any there with the system level right of level like this whole I think there was anything wrong about it. Now there were some things like brown birds return critical lack of attention to public education in the colonial something out of the course of the missionaries typically ran the education through Alan thought that it was a big mistake to not invest more publication.

Okay. He also thought that the British government was too stingy. It had a kind of Taurean view, the colony should balance their own books and little bit more fiscal leniency.

Okay, fair enough. These are small things, but I think the point is the system as a whole of client.

Certainly with the British Empire and I would argue with with others as well. Was a fundamentally good when it's an unambiguously good one unambiguously made like map better now that mean that if you troll through the archives of new stories you not to find a lot of bad stuff that happened. Of course you can find out about every government failed government system.

So yes, you can find corruption and abuses of authority find police misconduct you find counterinsurgency campaigns that went awry. Find out that this is the difference between in the in the conduct or errors in the implementation of the project and the project itself was a good one. Its results were positive for no country, no European colonial country at all. Whose missed governance problems where they arose were so serious as to invalidate the whole the whole project. I don't think that through the country is very interesting and you've written before about ways to reclaim colonialism. Why should it be reclaimed. In fact, probably a lot of Americans say look what just happened in Afghanistan that was not a colonialism sort of situation but leave the idea.

Do we really have to do is support this idea of going into other countries.

Is that a fundamentally bad idea. What would you say about a 21st-century idea of colonialism and whether or not that she be pursued in certain contexts pursued. A lot of cases where the British were out by the government of Sierra Leone to go back to the police. Police agencies because they were corrupt and dysfunctional and this one just the kind of deal consultants and a progress project. The British were actually given control of the entire national police's sovereign control for this colonial power, right, you brighter not just that the consultant or something so we see that we see in instances where for in Liberia where the World Bank had co-signatory arrangements on all fiscal spending, so the Liberian government could not spend the time and left without a signature from a world bank official, not colonialism, and it worked fantastically actually when it was in place as the British rebuilding of the police force in Sierra Leone. The Lebanese since there great warehouse fire of the petition going around to come back on because we can't get much better in Lebanon like what what you got to lose, argument, and interestingly enough my views of my journey up again because I read a book by the great Nigerian novelist like everywhere he said look we we were better governed by the British.

Then we were in the country which was shocking, coming from him so I think the country wants to bring back a colonial form of government either as a whole or in part of its government and that seems to be a totally legitimate and acceptable thing to do. Iraq and Afghanistan so didn't begin as colonial governments project again military projects to overthrow bad guys threaten the United States from a security standpoint. They then morphed into colonial situations, but the problem with the premise of being in there was military to start so you know you never get out.

You go out and start again if you want to to have a proper credit governance arrangement with the people of Iraq. For the people of Afghanistan. We never have that that was a course part of the problem and then I talk about you just setting up little island colonies around the coast of Africa and that's what Hong Kong is. Singapore is a work fantastically well and that's such an important thing for people to be able to understand is the other side of this equation of colonialism where we only ever hear from the CRT proponents, yelling and screaming, but there's not a lot of history and there is in this book again. It's called the last imperialist Sir Alan Burns's epic defense of the British Empire. You can read it. Dr. Bruce Kelly has been kind enough to join us and it was a delight to me. Thank you so much Dr. Kelly I did to thank you for being here. God bless you listening to Janet Mefford today. This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by the Jesus music.

The new documentary from Lions gate and the creators of I can only imagine featuring interviews with many artists from contemporary Christian music. The Jesus music only in theaters beginning October 1. More information is available at the Jesus Mefford today and here's your host Janet Mefford, Sarah Janet effort today is proxy in part by the new documentary that Jesus music from Lions gate and the creators of I can only imagine featuring interviews with many artists from contemporary Christian music.

The Jesus music only in theaters beginning October 1.

More information is available at the Jesus I have a lot of time yesterday to get into everything I wanted to say about the refugee issue. So I'm going to follow up a little bit today. There is some very important information that I think you need to have concerning what is going on.

There was this report now it's come out that two Afghan men have been charged with crimes that are part of the tens of thousands of Afghan refugees at a Fort up in Wisconsin you know some of these refugees are in our military bases. One was charged with child sex crimes. The other one was charged with strangling and suffocating his wife so that's domestic abuse charges, and you might say, all right, will you be not tens of thousands of Afghan really we should call them evacuees, evacuees, what you know to is a big nothing out of all of these people who are here in the United States. The problem with that is, of course, twofold.

One problem with that is, to what degree are we betting these people and the other problem is what we already know about how Afghan evacuees do in Western countries.

I'm to get to the answer to both of those questions but I first want to go to this cot.

This is representative victorious parts of Indiana she's a member of the House Judiciary Committee, and she went on Newsmax to react to the comments made by Secretary of State Anthony blank in about Afghan refugees getting vetted so you can hear that first and then you hear her reaction. This is One. What percentage of the Afghan population left Afghanistan as part of your US evacuation efforts. What percentage those were vetted before they got all your points before they got on your points.

Actually couple, certainly not. Most of them were not ministration center they be doing some betting you see or hear any were they trying to prioritize people who helped us Afghanistan is interesting for me to actually have an actually people's workout and a lot of people goes through people's Refugees Thousands of Dollars Withdrawal Poses Some Problems with This People and Some Legitimate Problem Refugees.

It Is a Problem to Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas Made This Comment. Not Only Did You Fail, This Is a Blanket. Not Only Did You Fail to Evacuate Americans and Green Card Holders, but You Also Brought in Tens of Thousands of Afghans Who Had Wholly Inadequate Vetting Bringing Many of Them into the United States and the Green Card Holder Issue Is What Was Just Raised by the Congresswoman That What I Found Interesting, and I Continue to Find This Interesting Is How the Story Just Changes in the Biden Administration Sure I Might've Said This at One Point but Now I'm Saying Something Totally Different and Not a Contradiction at All. Will Martha Raddatz over on ABC News Had on Anthony Blank and This Actually Is Several Months Old. This Was from April 2021. Now Keep in Mind I Told You Yesterday That the Biden Administration Has Announced Plans to Raise the Cap to Taking Refugees 225,000 People in Fiscal Year 2022, Which Begins on October 1.

Let's Go Back in Time Now to April 2020, 21, and Martha Raddatz Brings up Some Good Points and Anthony Blank and Let's Just Say He Doesn't Get the Best of Answers. This Is Cut to an and I Want to Move on to Refugees, the Biden Administration Is Poised to Break a Major Promise to Increase the Number of Refugee Admissions to 62,000 Calling It Unlikely, Instead Signing an Emergency Presidential Determination. It Keeps the Cap at 15,000 Which Was President Trumps Historic Low Number Refugees International Pres. Eric Schwartz at the President's Decision to Reaffirm the Refugee Admissions Calling Ceiling of His Predecessor Is Deeply Disappointing.

Now I Know on Friday, the White House Said There Was Some Confusion with That and and Will Talk about It Again in May. Can You Please Clear That up Is the And How Far Could It Go so More so One of the Biggest Problems We Face Was Inheriting Broken System and the Refugee System That That We Found Was Not in a Place Did Not Have the Resources the Means to Effectively Process As Many People As We Hoped, but What We Done Now with the Present Is Done Now and Siding. The Initial Directive Is to Make Sure We Can Start the Process of Actually Bringing Bringing People in and beyond That Listing All Restraints and That the Use of Discretion to Impose so That No One, for Example, from from Africa or the Middle East, Okay Nothing to Really Address This Issue of the Major Broken Promise by the Biden Administration. They Did Raise the Cap to 62,500 Refugees for This past Fiscal Year, Which Is More Than Four Times That of What Pres. Trump Imposed Now. It's Going up 225,000. So Here Raddatz Back in April Asks the Crucial Question.

This Is Cap Rate.

I Know What You've Done and That, but How Many Refugees Do You Think Will Be Let in This Year and If You Don't Make That 62,000.

Will There Be 125,000 Next Year, Which What Your Goal, the President Is the White House Said Today Is That Based on What We've Now Seen from in Terms of the Inheritance and Being Able to Look at What Was in Place What We Could Put in Place. How Quickly We Could Put in Place It Can Be Very Hard to Meet the 62,000 This Fiscal Year, but Were Going to Be Revisiting This over the Coming Weeks I Think Will Be an Additional Directive Coming out in the Middle of May and Work. But the Good News Is Were Now Starting and Were Able to Start to Bring People and Who Been in the Pipeline and Were Unable to Come in That Is Starting Today and Rita Revisited 25,000 Next Year Is That You Go Look the Presence Been Clear about Where He Wants to Go, but We Have To Be Focused on What Were Able to Do One Were Able to Do It. Do You Notice How He Positions His Comments That We Set These Insanely High Numbers of Refugees That Were Going to Allow into the United States in a Particular Year, yet It's Hard to Reach That 62,000 We Really Tried Were Trying to Bring in Way More Refugees Baked into That Statement Is This Assumption That the American People Are Just Dying for Hundreds of Thousands of Refugees to Come in from All over the Globe and I Don't Understand. In the Cases of Some of These People. Why Are They Here As Refugees. Specifically, As Refugees Their Different Categories of People Who Want to Come to the United States for Various Reasons but Just on the Issue of Refugees, Refugees to the Original Understanding of What a Refugee Is a Refugee Is Normally Somebody Who Comes from Another Country Where Their Lives Are in Danger or There Is Genocide or There Is Widespread Persecution. Now When You Look at Who They Want to Bring in with 125,000 in Fiscal Year 2022.

This Is What Was Reported about This in Setting the Target.

The Administration Said It Would Focus on Several Key Groups Including Central Americans Afghans at Risk Due To Their Affiliation with the United States. Nice Raising and You Love This One. LGBT Q Refugees Wants and Members of the Predominantly Muslim Uighur Ethnic Group Who Are Targets of Chinese Government's Campaign to Eradicate Their Culture, Lowering Disdain the Uighurs Are Being Sent to Concentration Camps in China.

We Seen the Footage of That the Drone Footage of the Aerial Footage of Those People Being Loaded into Trains but Their Christians Being Persecuted in China to How Come You're Not Bringing Them Here. How Come You're Not Bringing Christians in the Middle East Here. This Was the Vice President under Barack Obama, Because Christians Are out.

That's the Thing. And As We've Said before, in Many Cases Christian Refugees Don't Want to Come to the United States.

They Would Prefer As Those Who Are Stationed in Lebanon, for Example, the Home Eventually When Things Settle down in a Place like Syria Where the Civil War Has Been Raging for a Number of Years. They Love to Be Able to Eventually Go Home and and Were Never Talking about This Question of Why Is It You Are Not Resettling Afghans and Neighboring Countries That Have Similar Cultures and Backgrounds and the Same Religion. Why Are You Bringing Them to the United States. They Said It Was Because We Wanted to Bring in the Loyal Translators Well Really Tens of Thousands of Loyal Translators and These People Are Even Being Worried That It on the Backend. What Is That Even Mean to the System Will Vet Him. That Works out Great.

Just Look at Wisconsin We Had the Child Sex Crime Charge in the Domestic Abuse Charge and Will Get into More on That When We Come Back and Listening to Jennifer Today from Sherwood Pictures from Films and Films in the Kindred Brothers Drums Courageous Legacy Celebrating 10 Years of Impact on Families and Fathers Remastered in 4K and Including a New Ending. I Disses Janet Mefford for Pre-Born Candace Talks about Finding out She Was Pregnant.

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You Guys Are Giving Lots Which You Make a Leadership Gift and Sponsor a Machine Today.

These Lifesaving Machines Cost More Than Most Centers Can Afford Your Tax-Deductible Gift of 15000 Dollars Will Pl. a machine in a needy women's center and save countless lives for years to come. All gifts are tax-deductible to donate, call 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or there's a banner to readers of I can only imagine comes a new documentary Jesus Jesus way, my hometown, I saw music for very different today and here's your host Joe were back or talking more about what is to come in the United States potentially with all of these people being led in from around the world's you know you got bring your LGBT Q refugees into the United States because the Biden administration is very concerned about those gay refugees from where from where I don't know they're not there.

Lots of gay refugees and their refugees from Africa on the refugees from Central Asia and not apparently Christians in the Middle East.

They don't matter. They been persecuted and they have had their houses torched and are you bringing in Nigerian Christians from Africa I'd be okay with that.

Get those people out there if they want to find some kind of status what what happens. The once they're here, especially those from Afghanistan who have not been vetted, and they knew darn well that they couldn't vet them there bringing them here and there are still Americans in Afghanistan and green card holders who have the clearance to be able to come here and they're still not here there in Afghanistan. Just think to yourself about all the lies you've already been told and ask yourself how many more. These lies are going to backfire on the United States, let me turn to a story that ran in the national interest. In July 2017. This was written very interestingly by Dr. Cheryl Bernard, who is program director of the initiative for Middle Eastern youth and the alternative strategies initiative within the RAND Corporation's national security research division. She had worked quite a bit with refugees and people in the Middle East, and she wrote this piece very reluctantly she said in this headline I've worked with refugees for decades.

Europe's Afghan crime wave is mind-boggling. She gets into what was going on in Europe in 2014 there were waves of refugees flooding into Western Europe. You'll remember that and everybody was all excited in Western Europe. This is fantastic, but there was one development. She reported that had not been expected and was not tolerable. The large and growing incidents of sexual assaults committed by refugees against local women not to date right kind.

This did you just terrible. It was terrible just out and out sexual assaults on women and then it was all downplayed or hushed up. Nobody wanted to provide the right wing. She says with fodder for nationalist agitation in the hope was that these were isolated instances but then it was a weird and puzzling footnote.

Most of the assaults were being committed by refugees of one particular nationality Afghans actually Afghan should not even have been part of the refugee tide, she said, at least not in significant numbers. It was the Syrians who were expected Afghanistan a place of lingering and chronic conflict is no longer on the official refugee roster that's reserved for acute political and military emergencies.

Again, this was four years ago she was writing this piece but everyone at unit was kind of sympathetic to their plights and they understood why somebody would want to get out of Afghanistan. She says I worked on these issues related to refugees for most of my professional life, and this was something new. We understood that refugees sometimes would become perpetrators of crime in camp so they would be victims of crime at the hands of soldiers or Guards, but she said this home issue of sexual assaults mainly committed by Afghan refugees was really weird. She goes into a lot of detail on this, and she is she goes through some of these instances, mothers with babies and carriages being raped in broad daylight and young girls being raped and it is just horrendous and she's trying to figure out why did this happen what is going on and some people made the argument that maybe they were drawn for.

Maybe you know they're just feeling a little bit. I don't know they're not fitting in and what excuse can you possibly get clashing cultural values that are seen women who are out and tank tops. Maybe that's what drove them crazy, but she said no.

The preferred targets were not provocatively dressed their moms with small children may be there easier targets because they have kids with them and they can't fight back may be as easily, but then she comes to the conclusion that this Afghan friend a translator put forward, she said, on the basis of his hundreds of interactions with these young man in his professional capacity. He believes to have discovered that they are motivated by a deep and abiding contempt for Western civilization. Think about that to them.

Europeans are the enemy and their women are legitimate spoils as are all the other things one can take from them housing money passports, their laws don't matter. Their culture is uninteresting and ultimately their civilization is going to fall anyway to the horde of which one is the spearhead. No need to assimilate her work hard or try to build a decent life here for yourself. These Europeans she writes are too soft to seriously punish you for a transgression, and their days are numbered and it wasn't just the sex crimes. The friend said. Those may agitate public sentiment the most. But the deliberate insidious abuse of the welfare system was just as consequential. He said Afghan refugees. This is an Afghan speaking Afghan refugees have a particular proclivity to play the system to lie about their age to lie about their circumstances to pretend to be younger to be handicapped to belong to an ethnic minority, so what happened Europe had to crack down on what was going on because you had such a big crime wave, mainly at the hands of Afghan refugees.

Are we condemning every single person who is from Afghanistan, certainly not, but you have to take this information into account and say why is the Biden administration bringing so many unvented Afghans to the United States. While Americans are still waiting to come home. Just think about it, and Corcoran writes a great blog you want to read refugee resettlement watch. I've talked about Anne's work for a long time. She does terrific work back in 2016. Again, this is five years old. She put together this video for the Center for security policy laying out some important information on refugee resettlement. It's all about changing America. I want to listen to a little excerpt of this video from 2016. This is not for the refugee admissions program was the brainchild of former Senators Ted Kennedy and Joe Biden. It was signed into law by Pres. Jimmy Carter in 1980, and since then it hasn't made it almost 2 million refugees into your Townsend cities in recent years, the federal government admitted on average 60 to 70,000 year and placed them in hundreds of US towns and cities in 49 states where they immediately upon arrival receive all forms of welfare including Social Security for the elderly and disabled. Barack Obama has increased that numbered 85,000 year 10,000 are Syrian Sunni Muslims. He found that next year he would propose bringing 100,000 in September. Obama will have his last opportunity to change America by changing its people, but we think you will go way beyond hundred thousand resettlement industry composed of nine federal contractors or bowl lags began a huge propaganda campaign in Washington yesterday, August 28 rally that is radically small Astroturf event to demand even higher numbers for fiscal year 2017, which begins on October 1 demonstrate popular support for more refugees tested this Washington DC rally funded by George Soros and his globalist friends, is the lead up to the extravaganza to be held at the United Nations organization. Islamic cooperation has great influence. While this is very interesting. Again, this is from 2016. But isn't it fascinating to hear about this small Soros funded rally in which people were saying we are clamoring for more refugees to come to the United States. There is not public support for overwhelming numbers of refugees coming to the United States. Just look at what the Biden administration has to say about the Cuban people do you think they care about the Cubans who been in the streets of of their cities fighting against the communist government. They pretty much ignored that they don't care about those people yearning to breathe free is so 200 years ago. I guess in their minds. But you know you 15,000 Haitians coming across the southern border and now whatever and just bring in more refugees. It's not whether or not you can ever bring people in who genuinely need to help but you have to that them and you have to what what this insane number of people that were bringing into the United States. In addition to all of the refugees that they're talking about hundred and 25,000 in this next year. Yuri have all kinds of different categories of people who are also coming into the United States.

You don't think this is about changing America by changing its people. That's exactly what it's about, and we've known this for a number of years. That's exactly what the Biden administration was trying to facilitate why else would they do this, the Afghan evacuees easily could have been settled and fellow Muslim countries right there in their own region in their own culture doing that year Americans over there but Afghan evacuees into the United States. So what happens with these two who were charged with these crimes in Wisconsin are they going going to deport anybody who commits crimes against Americans were even in the case of one of the men his own wife and again to deport him later to deport them and think of the cost were broke as a nation would be orange broke as a nation they don't care about Americans first.

It doesn't mean we can't care about other people and not trying to be cold and heartless.

I'm not cold and heartless, but how far you push this before you say we can't afford this. These people aren't vetted. These numbers are out of control and you have all of these bowl lags, including leftist evangelicals pushing this to hold the moral godly thing to do is let in our neighbors. Let's see how that turns out. Let's just put a pin on this and see how this turns out down the road. Not well not well at all for today is brought you in part by courageous legacy. The new film from Sherwood pictures affirm films prominent films and the Kendrick brothers mastered in for K, including a new ending, courageous legacy. Rated PG-13.

Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13 in theaters today

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