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Jason Lisle (Creation) - Bill Pascoe (Covid-19 Mandates)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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August 25, 2021 4:00 am

Jason Lisle (Creation) - Bill Pascoe (Covid-19 Mandates)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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August 25, 2021 4:00 am

As the Biden Administration becomes increasingly totalitarian over COVID-19 mandates, Tea Party Patriots Action is rallying Americans this weekend to protest these blatant attacks on our freedom. TPPA's Bill Pascoe will join me to talk about it. Plus: Is there a hidden code built into mathematics? Christian astrophysicist Dr. Jason Lisle joins me to talk about it and his latest book, "Fractals: The Secret Code of Creation." That's on Wednesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.


This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by a firm films show me the father, the creators of war room and courageous the Cantor brothers explore fatherhood through five true stories show me the father. Rated PG parental guidance suggested in theaters September 10 Janet River today. Our confidence is in Christ alone is the word of God says that soil and now think again code built into math. It's quite a question but the answer is yes. That secret code is known as fractals discovered by mathematicians in the 1980s and the structure of infinite complexity and astonishing beauty. Now they're not made of atoms. They can't be found in the physical universe, except there are also examples of fractals that indeed are in the physical realm. And that's where we get a glimpse into the magnificent and glorious mind of God were to learn a little bit more about this code today with Dr. Jason Lyle. He is a Christian astrophysicist who writes and speaks on science and the defense of the Christian faith and works in full-time apologetics ministry specializing in biblical science and today will be discussing his latest book fractals. The secret code of creation, Dr. Lyle, it's just great to have you here. How are you doing I'm doing very well thank you great well I know looking through your book and this is the one disadvantage of being on the radio. People need to get a hold of your book just to look at these pictures because when you look at the pictures you can say oh that's a fractal but can you explain what a fractal is for people who are familiar with the term fractal treatment when you zoom in on it. You'll find smaller version of the overall shape of a baby versions built into it so so the really remarkable and some of them turn out to be remarkably beautiful and so this is this book I believe illustrates the majesty of God's creation built in the numbers. Now this is where it gets very interesting because there is a mathematical component to all this. It's basically a type of mathematical shape. It's very, very complex but one we need to know about how it was discovered because this is such an unusual sort of thing.

Well not have been interested for some time in an aspect of mathematical chaos and that different than the clutter in your apartment mathematically is if you have a very small change in the starting condition, it would amount to a huge change in the outcome and there are certain mathematical Oracle algorithms reduce something over and over again to put a number and like a formula to get a new number is out as an output from that formula and repetitions found that with some very simple simple equations like you squared plus B very simple if you if you start with the fee that's fee is one numbers use a different number and if you if you want a number through that formula you get a new output each time you keep doing that is the result you can't predict what the result would be if you put one number one of that formula.

You get one result, you put 1.0001 very close to one you get a totally different outcome.

When you put it through this this formula and so beginning in the 1980s that mathematicians began playing around with computers because computers can do these calculations very quickly and they wanted to see if there's a pattern to which numbers when you run through the formula because they small unit only result in small numbers in which numbers get enormously escaped to infinity and what they did is the use computers to make a plot, make a map of which numbers belong to this which numbers remain small. When you run to the formula in which numbers do not and it turned out the shape itself was was just remarkable to something that nobody was expecting, and the particular equation they were evaluating scope of Mandelbrot's that you squared plus C. Very simple. When you make a map of that you get this remarkable shape and when you zoom in on the shape you'll find smaller versions of it and when you zoom in on anyone smaller version of them and so wanted it. It has an infinite number of baby versions of itself built into it and some of the sections of the shape or just remarkably beautiful. You'll find is beautiful elaborate spirals of tapestry. It looks like a work of art and yet it's built into numbers is very remarkable. It is what the book is about is 66 exploring the shape and thinking through the implications of it. So when you're looking at these beautiful pictures. What you're really seen is a plot that's basically what that's bizarre, it's gorgeous to look at though and you mention the Mandelbrot set exactly what is that you gave a mathematical definition.

But what would entail the Mandelbrot set.

What would fit into that particular idea when were looking at the fractals what what is it mean exactly Mandelbrot that is the open numbers that when you put them into that little formula.

The result it when you do it many many times the results they small so if you put in the number two and and you get the number one and you get the number 00 fictitious hypothetical than that would be that point would belong to the Mandelbrot set or is it to put in a different number so you put in the number three you run it through and it gets bigger and bigger thousand and 10,000 billion and so on. That number does not belong to the Mandelbrot set and you can see why this branch of mathematics really developed in the 80s because that's when computers were finally fast enough to be able to do these calculations very quickly and then they just made a plot of the result. The plot of the so-called real numbers along the x-axis and in the so-called imaginary numbers which are the square root of a negative on the y-axis and when you in the computer just it marks the point is black. If it does belong to the set and it gives a different color.

If it does not belong to the set as you can pick whatever color you like, but doesn't block the shapes that you see that's what the book all about. It's it's about the resulting shape and exploring it in its current like discovering a new universe. The universe is made of numbers that has incredible beauty built into it and I just wanted to share this universe with people because it's something that was totally unknown to our ancestors really totally unknown before the 1980s and it is amazing it really is and you also say the intricate shape of the Mandelbrot set is not found in physical nature. You can't see it through a telescope.

It's a mathematical graph, so why should it matter to us. Obviously, people who are not necessarily mathematicians wouldn't even be familiar with fractals, but for books like yours. Why do they matter what is the significance of them will be significant because we think about what mathematics is, how do we explain the fact that that there is infinite beauty and complexity built into numbers is recorded. Numbers come from there. Not something that you Baltimore is not like 70 bowl three years numbers are concepts of quantity and will help who invented numbers and you might think back with the Egyptians no good numbers existed before people there be paths that the planets followed their orbits are expressed by mathematical relationships, called Kepler's laws and although we only discovered that in the 1600s. That was the case before people existed for a few days anyway. Planets will very happily according to mathematics the mathematics is not something that people invented is something that people discovered and it's not something that's made of atoms. It's it's the conceptual relationships between numbers and how we make sense of that and I would argue that the Christian worldview make sense of that because God is responsible for numbers of God's mind that is responsible for numbers and mathematical relationships.

Tween them and because were made in God's image. God is given us tools to be able to discover some of these relationships through rational reasoning and so on. Such related image we can do that. And so what we discover in fractals as were discovering how God thinks about numbers and we find that the way God thinks about numbers is absolutely beautiful and mind blowing. I think you're right about that. What sorts of problems might fractals pose for those who hold to a Darwinian worldview, where everything is coming out of chaos say it would seem hard for somebody who held to that perspective to look at fractals and Sanchez just came out of the goo. At one point they can't account for that way, because evolutionists would say that the complexity of living organisms is something that developed over time as they gradually changed, but as I pointed out earlier numbers don't change the number three is always been the number three number seven did not evolve from three it's always been seven and so fractals have any doubt have any terminology to them. They are eternal because they exist in the mind of God and so the secular world. You cannot make sense of that secular world.

You can't make sense of things that were eternal work, let alone abstract relationships. How do you make sense of that. If you believe that the universe is just matter and energy. How you make sense of the fact that there are conceptual relationships that existed before people.

That's what was about four conceptual relationships and their infinite complexity and beauty built into them. I daresay the secularists cannot make sense of that as well. I think you're absolutely right about that and there's a lot more to dive into Dr. Jason Lila's joining us the name of his book is fractals the secret code of creation will come right back to the discussion listening to Janet Mefford today from a firm films comes the gendered brothers show me the father room and courageous moviegoers on a cinematic journey that invite you to think differently about your earthly father and how you relate to God through five true stories really show you the father. Rated PG rental gardens in just Peter September 10. More information is available and show me the father hi am Kevin Sorbo I wanted to invite you to offer your full support from the Ministry of pre-born and its leader Dan Steiner Fatima pre-born is very focused and very successful in saving pre-born babies from abortion. Get ready to write down the phone number and the website, you can join the pre-born team join Kevin Sorbo and me Janet Mefford as we support pre-born commission at pre-born is to supply pregnancy centers throughout America with sonograms. Ultrasounds are a game changer when it comes to saving babies lives. You see, when an abortion minded woman sees her baby on ultrasound and here's the heartbeat she's 80% more likely to keep her baby, your gift of $140 will cover the cost of five ultrasounds. All donations are tax-deductible.

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That's 855402 baby 855-402-2229 or there's a banner to click Janet serving as a volunteer on the Mercy ship's venture like no other. Julie serving on the largest nongovernmental hospital ship in the world, providing free care to some of the world's poorest people. Whether it's performing the surgery cleaning the deck or transporting the patient to a recovery center. Every day you will be making a difference in the lives of struggling people begin your adventure today connect with us at Mercy're listening to Janet Mefford today and well you live long enough and you begin to see all these discoveries that are continuing to be made of God's incredibly complex creation. Dr. Jason Lila's with us talking about fractals.

The secret code of creation's latest book. In July we were talking a little bit about the Mandelbrot sadden these plots that have been made showing the infinite complexity of numbers by using computer technology and showing how God is so complex and so ordered and this poses a difficulty obviously for those who embrace Darwinian is him but you talk in the Mandelbrot set going back to that particular concept you talk in the book about seahorses you discussed the elephant Valley. Some of these concepts are little foreign to a lot of us what what is the significance of honing in on those particular aspects of the Mandelbrot set. Turns out that when you zoom in on certain areas of the Mandelbrot. The shapes that you get or just remarkably beautiful and so what I've done in the book is like really the first chapter just introduces the basic math behind the Mandelbrot. You don't have to know anything about math really do appreciate the book. It's not that you know God loves you anything at any junior high student could read this and understand it.

But then when you plot the shape and in the next chapters of the book are just exploring the beauty of the shape and you find that some of the places that are really pretty, or the cost where one shape cut attaches onto another. If you zoom in deep into those costs you find these remarkable shapes. There's a Valley.

It looks like a bunch of seahorses and they are beautiful because that way there's a spiral, and so on it. It really does look like a seahorse and you can zoom in on that smaller shapes better. But the beauty just continues. You think your to run out, but it never does get prettier prettier and then there's the Valley of the double spiral which is my favorite section of the Mandelbrot sectors. It looks a lot like spiral galaxies but I look at the telescope, except these ones are infinitely can zoom in on them and they keep spiraling forever. Stunningly beautiful.

So these are some of the names that mathematicians have given to the particularly interesting areas of the roundabouts that seahorse Valley and double spiral Valley there's elephant Valley were looks like a bunch elephants trampling your one following up with the other, each one balancing like a circus ball.

It's very remarkable to the shapes that are built into this marvelous set yeah what you also mention multi-Bronx.

What are those I simply have to ask is this is this equation this Mandelbrot equation is unique. What happens if we change the formula as it turns out.

If you change the power of the squared plus the DQ policy you get different shape and that's called the multiproject kind of a multiple of the Mandelbrot set and you can make the any power any finite power and you will get a brand-new universe to explore remarkable shapes that you can zoom in on forever and anyone of them is infinite so you could spend the rest of your life that you pick a Mandelbrot use either the multi-brought you to the four-star policy you could explore that shape for the rest of your life that he would still only scratch the surface is only the tip of the iceberg man is so amazing and in the sky gets back to an important concept to you.

Just in the book were talking about fractals not being made of atoms you can't find them in the physical universe. He also point out there are physical fractals. Things like snowflakes or things like trees. Explain the difference. They are how Howard those things in nature. Examples of fractals well great day to think like snowflakes. When you zoom in on you find smaller versions of the overall shape certain cloud features. For example like if I showed you a picture of a cloud you didn't have any contracts you would know like a big cloud of white zoom delivery small section of the clock as it looks kinda similar and so you can get fractals in the physical world as well. Other not exactly the same as the metal broadside, but you can you can get sections of the physical universe that look like sections of the metal products that which is remarkable. Although physical fractals are made of atoms and therefore there are not infinite because eventually you zoom in eventually on the cloud to get down the level of molecule setpoint is no longer fractal physical fractals have a limited mathematical one.

You do not then, but the question becomes how do physical fractals know about these mathematical fractals because the mathematical kind that we explore the first part of the book they don't exist in the physical universe. The Mandelbrot that does not exist in the physical universe and yet we find things that resemble sections of the Mandelbrot set in the physically and virtually spiral galaxies, which looked very much like the double spiral you find in the mental process. So how is it that the physical world, which is made of atoms knows about laws of mathematics and I would argue that the Christian worldview make sense of that, because the same line that's responsible for mathematical truths, namely the mind of God is also responsible for upholding the physical universe. He pulled all things by the word of his power. And so, from my perspective, it makes sense that the physical universe reflects book thinking of God that is remarkable that such a good insights. So this question you ask. Further in the book.

Can any religion except Christianity makes sense of fractals what people say about that. What is signed to say about that or even atheist who might be annoyed by these discoveries of the physical universe actually being in line with what you've discovered, mathematicians have discovered in the 80s about fractals using computer technology. It will they put make sense of all bitten and do they have any other explanation and is there any other religion that could make sense of it really is not because of the Christian religion were God is infinite, he revealed himself to us.

We can dose it things about him is the Christian system, where God upholds the universe by the word of his power were is responsible for all truth, and so on the secular worldview. You really can't make sense of what it is that the physical universe obeys that map is conceptual physical universe is not. It's made of atoms.

In fact, there was a fitness of Eugene Wigner and I actually quote him in the book he wrote this wonderful article back. I believe in the 70s. It's called the unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics and the natural sciences wonderful article written from his apparently non-Christian perspective where he asks why is it that the physical universe obeys math and the conclusion he comes to visit. Nobody knows the complete is it safe to be the applicability of the laws of mathematics for the formulation of physical laws he says quote is a wonderful gift which we neither understand or deserve the secular worldview.

That's about all you can do. But the Christian worldview makes perfect sense even if you use the term aghast against imply someone gave it some yeah yeah there there there you know etymology betrays them so interesting note.

Now another physical example of a fractal dimension. The Booker mountains.

I could see is snowflakes.

I can see the trees when you talk about the branches and the limbs getting down to the twigs and how there's a replication there mountains display fractals, what, what, where does that occur on the mountain. You have basically about right in and a lot about bump bump bump but also when you look at mountains from the way they divide into the valleys. You'll find that it will split in the one Valley met with the two more next with each one of those with the keyboard so on and so the way they divide. Basically, it resembles the overall shape and I think I do have a picture of that in the book of mountaintops so you can see it as well as the river deltas and things like that whitening fragments it branches and branches of the branches and so on. And that resembles various sections of the Mandelbrot set that is sunny I'm never gonna look at a mountain the same way again after the cosmos. To that's another one you include how does the cosmos demonstrate fractals of spiral galaxies look very similar to the double spiral that you find in the metal broadside, or even if we examine other types of fractals like the sign is another crackle that we explore in this book and you'll find types of spirals and that that look very much like what are called flocculent galaxies that I'm veritably with is an astronomer and so it's it's remarkable to see these shapes that are built into the abstract will mathematics and you find versions of them. Not identical, but similar in the physical universe. And again it to me, that makes perfect sense.

I realized that like what I'm studying mathematics I'm studying the way God thinks and it's God's thoughts. It's God's mind that controls nature and so that's why galaxies look the way that they do so. Interesting how do you use the concept of fractals as a Christian who is working in the world of science in dealing with unbelievers.

What kinds of apologetics opportunities does this whole subject open up to people who are coming from a scientific or mathematical background.

Wonderful wonderful way to introduce people into the Christian worldview to get them thinking about these things because I really don't think there's any secular!

Fractals if mathematics were just a human invention which some people seem to think that it is one that would make sense is that how you can find infinite complexity into something that we made we can do that because our minds are not infinite.

We can create something complex, but God can. And so it's it's a way of challenging people to re-examine their worldview the way they think about things and consider the Christian worldview and help make sense of reality that's really honestly my main goal for the book. The book is beautiful. I hope the people sit out on the coffee table either as a conversation starter, and people pick it up and look at it because it's gorgeous. The pictures are amazing and then recognize you as you know, who drew these amazing shapes say well it does shapes were not drawn by any human hands.

Those were discovered by mathematicians not know computers allows the graph and quickly but they didn't produce the shape shapes are built into numbers. Now you make sense of that and I'm I'm hoping people will read through the book.

The book explains how the Christian worldview make sense of these things and no other and then at present the gospel message in the back so I hope people pick it up, get interested in this read about Christianity get saved is a man is exactly and it just strikes me that the longer we live in, the more science has a chance to discover new things, the more it seems to confirm God's word over and over and over again and that should give us a lot of confidence if we didn't already have full confidence in God's word. This just I think completely makes it more likely and and more sure and solid that God's word is telling us the truth about who he has his character and his as you say, his complex mind which will never be able to fully understand, but we certainly understand what he said about himself.

And although we've always had evidence for the Christian worldview.

We always had a reputable very blessed to live in the time in which I live where we can see these these new confirmations, but nobody knew about before 1980. How remarkable absolutely right. While the name of the book is fractals the secret code of creation and Dr. Jason Liles not kidding. These are gorgeous pictures you want to see these and pick up a copy. Thank you so much Dr. Lyle always get to talk to and I really appreciate your being with us. My pleasure think you have me on how you bag God bless you listening to Janet Mefford today. This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by a firm films show me the father, the creators of war room and courageous the Kendrick brothers explore fatherhood through five true stories show me the father. Rated PG parental guidance suggested in theaters September 10 and here's your host Joe, this is kind of funny in going through my phone the other day I came across a social media mean that I screenshot back in April 2020. Right after the code 19 lockdowns and it was a cartoon of an American politician saying don't worry, the Fascism will stop as soon as there's a vaccine funny a year ago. Not so funny now. Not with Pres. Biden forcing federal employees and contractors to get covert vaccines or have to go through weekly testing ordering the Department of Education to help school districts impose mass mandates that have gubernatorial degrees prohibiting them already and now even urging vaccine mandates at private companies and don't forget the CDC recommending we all wear masks indoors and also recommending universal indoor masking for teachers and students and staff at K-12 schools. This is just so insane when will the American people say enough is enough.

Well you have a chance to do it this weekend this coming Saturday, August 28 tea party patriots action is rallying Americans to join and just say no events around the country to oppose these on American medical mandates is about time.

I'm so encouraged her to find out more now from tea party patriots actions Bill Pascoe Bill, thank you so much for being here really appreciate the opportunity to talk about your right.

This is this idea of mandate use. I'm going to use a word to get over you. You did anyway on American Our Declaration of Independence. We we believe in liberty right there in our Declaration of Independence. In fact, we believe we believe that liberty was right that was granted to us by our Creator. It says so right there. We believe that the purpose of government used to secure that right not to impose on that right not to abridge that right. The purpose of the exceptional right there that to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, that's the language of Thomas Jefferson and men who signed the Declaration of Independence was their explanation of the world to explain why they were breaking away from another country and it has bound every succeeding generations notion that we now have a present is making it a matter of government policy, not just to abridge that right but to to rip it up and try to throw it away, just it's abominable now it is all completely well said. But of course the counter to that is you don't have the right to inspect someone with code 19 not a well thought through argument. What you say to people who now are convinced that that's an intelligent American argument to say your rights to inspect me means we can mandate a vaccine on you or ankle monitoring on students in Washington state or whatever it happens to be what what people get this mindset that our liberty has to be infringed because they are scared. You know when we started we started with 15 days to stop the spread out and we had to flatten the curve and now were we. We passed 500 days of this, whatever you want to call it a few weeks ago. So were were welling today 500 of stopping the spread and flattening. Here's my question. If your vaccinated great, I'm happy for you. If your vaccinated. What are you worried about from people who haven't yet received a vexing, I understand you might feel sorry for them.

You might think they made a bad decision for themselves and are putting themselves at risk that you chose not to take because you decided to take a different risk, you decided that the risk of taking a vaccine had been around very long.

And you know here's one of the things that we learn about vaccines long time to develop. How do we know this for now learning less than a year after the vaccines were introduced that gosh they seem to become less efficient at protecting you from the virus. As time goes on. Babies really weren't the best Mexicans they could bring to market, but that's okay. They were they were dealing with a very serious problem at the time they wanted to get something that they thought could protect a large percentage of population, God love them. We develop these vaccines faster than anybody thought possible. I was one of those there's no way of the world to be able to develop vaccines in less than a year that we've been trying for the 1980s to develop a vaccine for HIV. We still haven't been able to do that yet, for goodness sake, I thought this was a question but they came through. God love as to whether or not they have the right to demand as a condition of my walking around as a free citizen of the United States that I let somebody stick something in my arm that don't have the right to do that. I still believe we have liberty in this country and it's worth fighting. I agrees to tell people about what is planned on Saturday. You have a number of rallies.

I know already scheduled. What's gonna happen.

What will take place in and what should people be excited about going out insane at these rallies, the ones in their area or even creating a rally right in their own area. If there isn't one already what they can do if everybody should go and what you want to find out if there's a rally near you or you want to you what host your own rally or your rallying to be a sign waving event you get just a couple your friends together, double big Street intersection and an wayside to let people know the idea is that this came to us was bubbled up from the grassroots, and so much tea party activity or blessed."

Here's how it came from the grassroots original, and so they can anybody who wants to want to get involved on Saturday go to stop medical stop medical mandates got working again, I'm not telling you don't take a vaccine I'm not telling you don't wear a mask. I'm sent government should not impose that on us as a condition of our status as law-abiding should have the right to do that.

So all across the country.

We got events going on summer Lord. Some are small there there literally all over and there's even a toolkit there that you can download if there's nothing going on near you and you and your friends are out about this and you want to do so. You can download a toolkit stop medical that will walk you through the process.

Or you could give us a call at tea party patriots and will help walk you through how to organize your own about that's that's what we been doing since the birth of the departing movement back in 2009, but I can tell you gently.

Haven't seen this level of interest at the grassroots level over any issue since the original tea party protests back in the spring and summer of 2000. It's really remarkable.

Yes it's important, I think because I have heard so many people over the course of the last year and 1/2 say when are we going to do something I'm seeing these mass rallies over in Europe, people protesting lockdowns people protesting vaccine passports and the like.

Why aren't Americans doing that this is exactly why I think what you're doing is so important but also the dangers know if Americans really understand you look at what's going on in Australia right now. It's terrifying there, firing rubber bullets into a it's insane. They're not letting people walk around you see this bill that's been put forward here in the United States, wanting to put unvaccinated people on the no-fly list.

Biden has floated the idea of not letting you travel from state to state.

If you're unvaccinated. What is the danger bill if we don't fight back now.

What I mean there's there's so many danger. Let's talk about one the eviction moratorium is a byproduct of the pandemic. What's happening here is you left and and thank goodness for Rahm Emanuel, your member Rahm Emanuel eight years as the mayor of Chicago that he was the White House staff Barack Obama is one who famously said never let a crisis go the way we seem to last year left to use this crisis as an opportunity to to accrete more and more power in in in the central government. So we now have.

For instance, an eviction moratorium has nothing to do with the mandate. It's something that they hate property owners people are left. What's the first line of the Communist manifesto was the very first thing that Marx and Engels talk about talk about the abolition of private property first step in taking a capitalist society and making it into a communist society and I hesitate to use that word because it makes me sound like a right wing wacko. I know that but I look at this and I think there's no other way to describe it properly. This is actually what Marx and Engels were writing about.

They want to take private property out of the hands of property owners and turn it over to the state. And that's exactly what an eviction moratorium does if it takes you takes the right to dispose of one's property away from the owner of the property and it denies him the use of that property to generate rent and these are not faceless, soulless corporations were talking about 70% of the land owners in this country to people who own property that they lease out to renters 70% owning less than $400,000 worth of property 30% on less than $200,000 with the property that the house that's the guy who saved up his money and as an investment rather than putting it into the stock market. He decided to buy the duplex next door to him and rented out to somebody and not provide him a couple thousand dollars a month maybe say what is or not there are neighbors yeah exactly right there so much to talk about but I want to refer you to stop medical on Saturday if you'd like to get involved in one of these rallies. You can check it out spell Pascal from tea party patriots action. Keep up the good work. Felt so good to have you here. Thank you thank you and appreciate you that, ask yourself what you pay for healthcare. Are you single do you pay more than $199 a month. Are you a couple do you pay more than $299 a month. Do you have a family you pay more than $399 a month. Yes, you can serve the entire family went healthcare for only $399 a month with Liberty healthcare. Healthcare is a nonprofit ministry insurance so your money goes toward helping other members with their eligible medical expenses and in your time of need. Other members are there for you to, you can feel good knowing your part of a community of like-minded individuals sign up at any time and here your own doctor and hospital find out T. Nance Liberty shall call now 855-565-2561 855-565-2561 four Liberty help this is really not a girls minute with Garibay of American life and incredible transformation can badly time the kids if Larry seemed keen these early years since the foundation commonly understood that something like programming I'm likely to remain clean Sabina research when we believe there is likely what we will die believing I challenge you to help strong your young girl on the 48. You may ever align foundational want to learn more towering girl God.

The you're listening to you today about this story kinda says it all. The post-millennial reports about a Washington state high school Eatonville high school, and there was a mother of a student who plays team sports there at the high school showing a picture and reporting that her daughter, among other students is now being required to wear an ankle tracking monitor in order to be in team sports because this will help maintain social distancing among the kids and also aid with contact tracing. In the event that there is a positive covered 19 case, in which case the unvaccinated kids will be quarantined for 14 days but not the unvaccinated kids.

Now there's no totalitarianism going on. None whatsoever.

They're putting ankle monitors on our kids, at least the ones in Washington state and I bet it won't end there. I bet it won't end their meantime, we have the president of the United States coming out this week and saying this one them calling on more country, more companies is the private sector to step up with vaccine requirements that will reach millions more people through business leader nonprofit, state or local who has been waiting for for FDA approval required vaccinations calling you now to do that required to what I do require employees to get vaccinated or faced requirements. Terrific. So he's already crack down on federal employees. You have to get the vaccine. Are you going to have to submit to testing and the CDC is already talking about masking kids in K-12 schools.

The Biden administration as we mentioned before is now backing up these K-12 schools who want to impose Mack's mass mandates on kids even though the governors there like in the state of Texas and others have said no were not doing mass mandates on kids there.

There is an even data were Shah Wilensky, the doctor, the CDC director said back in July. There's not even the data to back up putting masks on kids in schools. They don't have any evidence whatsoever according to the CDC director that the kids are going to get any sicker from the Delta variant than they were from Kovic 19 there's virtually no risk and luck. I'm not discounting the fact that there are kids who have caught this disease and I'm not denying that there have been some kids who have died but look at the number of kids who've died from flu was one of the things that's not being discussed. All I'll mention a couple of things that are not being discussed.

I am amazed at the number of Karen's out there and I'm not just talking about online but I'm talking about in person because I run into these women. Sometimes they are absolutely over-the-top, hysterical, and sometimes you'll find guys like this and it isn't based on the fact that there sitting down late at night on their computers reading the studies they're not reading the medical data they're not reading the clinical trials. They're not going to the Landsat they're not going to any of these medical journals to look at the latest clinical trials studying the ins and outs in the scientific data on whatever it happens to be related to COBIT. They are just plain old freaked out there probably spending too much time in front of CNN and D's win and I'm convinced more than anything, it's mothers more than fathers are freaking out on these schools, much like it could write your child might get Comed and overwhelmingly your child's canopy find you act like this with the flu. You don't act like this with the flu and I kids who have died from the flu and nobody act like that acted like this over the flu trying to discount people's fears, but what I'm saying is there is so much actual evidence out there to counter what the government is pushing on us 24 seven and censoring us for even discussing on the Internet. Doesn't that tell you something that should tell you something. People who have the truth do not have to suppress people who don't want to accept it. They don't because they are confident that the truth about what is real will triumph over the conspiracy theorizing and some of the falsehoods that people are embracing and that's not what the government is doing, you go back and forth. There's an article actually a very good article that ran recently August 11 in city Journal and it's entitled do masks work by Jeffrey Anderson. It's very interesting because he goes to the timeline when you go back to February 2020 dear member Jerome Adams, then the Surgeon General said seriously people stop buying masks. They are not effective in preventing general public from catching coronavirus and then he said folks who don't know how to wear them properly tend to touch their faces a lot and actually can increase the spread of coronavirus then you had the who I like to call them that the World Health Organization executive director of the health emergencies program said there is no specific evidence to suggest that the wearing of masks by the mass population has any particular benefit. This was the narrative you had found. She saying that similar things at the time. Then they totally switched it around what happened to the science change what what's interesting to point out from this article that he mentions and I think very, very intelligently to mention all this is that the CDC in switching on the mass data and saying, well, okay, K-12 students and teachers, and everybody has to wear masks their marshaling evidence to justify this revised mass guidance, but they avoid mentioning randomized controlled trials. These are the ones that are uniformly regarded as the gold standard in medical research, and yet the CDC basically ignores them apart from disparaging certain ones that particularly contradict the agency's position so he goes into all of these examples of the RCTs that are showing that there's no reason to put masks on kids in schools. Does anybody care about the science through the actual science because those who seem to care about the actual science seem to get shot down. It's amazing. There's one study here talking about the cloth mass group. For example there doing these trials on people who wear cloth masks and they found they were 13 times more likely to develop an influenza like illness than those in the surgical mass group, which is a statistically significant difference. The trial also lab tested penetration rates and found that while surgical masks were poor at preventing the penetration of particles. They let 44% of them through cloth masks led 97% through but masks the kids who cares about the kids who went to school last year. Mast all year and came home in tears because they were tired of feeling suffocated all day long and they were tired of not being able to see one another's faces it's it's cruel what's being done to children and what they care where they care and let's some of the data on deaths and cases. I thought this was quite interesting was quite interesting was if you go to the CDC website. For example, you now have over hundred and 70 million people vaccinated, and over 200 million have had at least one dose.

The last redline of cases they have these charts where they show the number of cases going up and down over the course of the pandemic as of August 20. They report 155,000 new cases. As of August 22, two days later 43,000 cases being drawn up in two days. Now I understand there is lag time in getting accurate data. I understand all that but if you just take those raw numbers and you look at them you say wait a minute that's a pretty sharp drop in two days. I just find this amazing. Here's what else it is amazing when you look at the CDC website. They talk about reports of death after coping 19 vaccination are rare and they say that between December 14, 2020 and August 16, 2021. Vers received 6789 reports of death among people who received a COBIT 19 vaccination ounce anybody talking about that. There's also other data other charts where people can go online you can read them. For example, the vers covert vaccine data.

I'm looking at this through August 13.

This is reported, so you can't say these people all died from the vaccines.

But this is what is reported 13,068 deaths, 54,142 hospitalization 72,699 urgent care visits after people had received vaccine. Now I'm not using that as an excuse to say Warnock and have anybody get the vaccine that when you have alternate information that is giving people pause on whether or not they particularly want or need the vaccine at this time it's not helpful for the government and its Karen's who are on the side screaming and yelling everything out of their mouths that the government says it's not helpful to you know Brandy unvaccinated as psychos and losers and danger as there was even that dumb hi government official who is on Twitter a couple of days ago and somebody made a comment about sending the unvaccinated to Afghanistan on the plane lands here and he said I'm in yeah great it was like some top official in the NSA or something like that. I don't remember which guy was just crazy.

So the demonization of the unvaccinated continues, but we can't talk about the deaths from the vaccine are the injuries from the vaccine. We can't talk about the fact that we had an open border for how long now, thanks to your beloved Pres. Biden who half the time doesn't even know what's going on. You have so many people coming across the border who had COBIT and now they've even stopped testing them in the state of Texas and meanwhile you have breakouts of COBIT in some of these small towns and rural Texas will, maybe we should look into that. Perhaps there ought to be some journalism that might be a good idea what's the connection between coping cases coming across the border to contact tracing. Maybe we should get that Washington high school to hand over some of its ankle monitors we just put them on all the illegal aliens that we could do a better job making sure that Cody doesn't spread in the United States.

Or we could close the border. That's a good idea to leave it there. Thank you so much for being with us.

God bless you and will see you next time is our agenda for today is brought to you by a firm films show me the father, the creators of barroom and courageous, the Kendrick brothers explore fatherhood through five true stories show me the father. Rated PG parental guidance suggested in theaters September 10


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