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May 25, 2021 2:37 pm

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May 25, 2021 2:37 pm

Christ's church is under attack from Leftists within, who are undermining the gospel with everything from Critical Race Theory to pro-LGBT ideology. Can they be stopped? Lucas Miles joins me to talk about it and his book, "The Christian Left: How Liberal Thought has Hijacked the Church." Plus: David Rubin says Israel has much to teach America about fending off its enemies. His book is called, "Confronting Radicals." Join us for the Wednesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies. Call now 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or Janet is our confidence is in Christ alone, I saw you know my hurdle lot of jaw-dropping stories for my parents and my grandparents detailing all the terrible internal damage that leftists did both theologically and politically to their mainline Protestant churches and thankfully my parents got our family out of the mainline, but here we go again. Now we have a new generation of leftists determined to upend Bible believing evangelical churches in the same way that their liberal forebears upended the mainline of course, today's leftist don't think they're upending or destroying the church, but saving it but unfortunately for them we already have a blueprint from the mainline for what happens when the left infiltrates Christianity from within the gospel and typical truth are soon compromised and eventually fail to matter much if at all.

So what is going on in our churches right now. Is there a way to stop the hijacking of Christianity such an important topic were to talk about it today with Pastor Lucas.

Miles is author of the book the Christian left how liberal thought has hijacked the church, Lucas welcome just wonderful to have you with us today and you bet would you define today's Christian left who are these people exactly where the growing PO leaning Christian and many times before. We Christians might be able to brief progressive thought with Roy ideology and often hard work. And you were seeing the bureaucratic boot. There are really your work by all may be being pro-choice review. An immature vision for think of your life by embracing the LGBT agenda and you also will participate in the revision of biblical definitions of marriage in her sex and gender were also seeing them.

You will be very left. Politically and of course endorsing a lot of amorphous ideal porcini coming out of the current ministration concerning the book to really educate people and help draw us back to biblical Christianity Excel. Amen to that. I'm so glad you wrote because you're hitting on some important things here. How would you differentiate this, today's Christian left from the one maybe 40 years ago because I started out by talking about the mainline and how we had a leftist movement in the mainline. Obviously, for many decades that decimated those denominations do you see this current crop as being different at all ideologically from the crop of decades ago, drawing from some of the same sort so theologically that looks like. We noted storage unit which sounds really good but in actuality it is a stripped-down caricature of Christ, with all the divinity remove all of the miraculous removed near what would you agree social organizer rather than the figure of the world, and they also withhold from authors like James Cohen, Robert of black liberation theology America and and and others, and so there you know drinking from the same pool, so to speak, but I think that they have moved into a more progressive position in half. The Christian left seem to be more content to hang out in just the academic and media leader fears of the Christian world now were seeing that really trickle down from the professor to the pastor in the pews and I think of a lot more everyday people that have been impacted by the dangerous doctrines of the Christian left all yeah meals in the last few years it's been incredible to see all of the different parachurch ministries. For example, our college group said it just seems like a daily tricolor even as tsunami of information that your your scene woken is in social justice and progressive politics. Just infiltrating it seems not just the churches but the parachurch and everywhere you look and and one of the hybrids I'm I'm calling them hybrids. But you see, for example, people who will say I adhere to the inerrancy of the Bible, but they're very woke their varying intersection alley identity politics liberal politics. These kinds of things. What you make of those people who aren't full-fledged you know Jim Wallace is necessarily but there's certainly claiming to be, you know onboard biblically, as Christians, but they have a completely leftist mindset when they open their mouths or tweet chapter the book.

I didn't want to write, you know, I really wanted to recruit more chromate theological standpoint, but I got into it are really important. What had to address the people I made and so I added a chapter the book hold the Christian all and you were looking individual but you mention it, or maybe more on the extreme of the left side like a guy like Jim Wallace or Jonathan Merritt your religion news service. Working with a lot of the the president with some of our more liberal Christian fusion. The end as well as in the in the Christian intended Christian youth conversion experience.

We have people like that more who are you know you have a lot of foundation in biblical teaching. But yet by a lot of their actions. They seem to be drifting further and further and and so she's one that feels like to come in the middle of it, trying to decide if she going to go side with with the all the infallibility of Scripture or she going to embrace more mortgage progressive doctrines, the depth of the left it introducing and it seems that she continues to drift further from the left and the more she criticized for it just sort of double down on this and I think ultimately we have to go beyond their words with a look at their actions with thinker supporting and really can't read between the tweet that will prevent that critical theory that is coming out yet.

Would you say that that's the real thing we ought to be paying attention to is the influence of critical theory and its stepchild critical race theory is that mainly where were seen the change the infiltration and the ability to hijacked churches yet. I think there's a couple markers, critical theory, critical race theory certainly think that we should be very, very focused on her, only to be even people were doubly doubling down on them even more so. I think next year or two really important to watch the divine administration continues to gain more more of our momentum unit within the state is important to realize that the left as much of the church and state.

They freely really don't want that. Ashley wanted a church that is subservient to the state and so they are looking for ways to really you know to keep her calm credible on the religious landscape of the country are bursting across the board. Additional things to watch for. I think that you know some of the progressive agendas of your transgender is element and you know very urgent. You know that sexual orientation would be safe. Those are concerning. But to mediate the they just are a reinforcement that the Christian left abandoned the infallibility of Scripture wall. I care about those items, the belief behind. I care about. Even more, and that is when you abandon Scripture drift into whatever comes back and that's a very, very dangerous good fishing to be a right.

This is all about. In the end the authority of Scripture. And if you really believe that not only is the Bible is inerrant, but that it is sufficient that seems to be two sides of the same coin. For a lot of these people when you get into discussions about them. How do you see their view of the Bible as being, you know the results of what were seen their practice is becoming and their ideology that their embracing. How does that connect their view of the Bible and their errant positions in the book?

I address at one point out the story of King Solomon in the very first case he tried I would to women who came to have a date they each have a child one of their children died in the night your child switch the body of her child would be other woman living child, and they both woke up and get all chaos and soon they went before Solomon really if the judge and so you know he had this response to them. He basically could be a thing that nobody would think about because he was trying to discern which was between mother and his response was bring it or break up the baby in half and will have to you start with the gruesome story. It makes the point. The true mother said no. Whatever you do don't harm the child she can have him and and so I think that you know there's a parallel here of how the left.

The Bible right now going on who claim on the truth about them and you know conservative Christian. We are not willing to lay one finger on the word of God. We would rather it be torn out of our hand and give it away and have anybody take one verse out of it is very happy to go in with four white out in black sharpie cross so that anything that they don't agree with and are willing to slay the baby if you will, just to make sure that the other half dozen try to lay claim to. I think it is so important that we recognize that the left is completely scrapped. The infallibility Scripture downgraded it to just being a book maybe a best about God. Maybe some side is Lucas working to take a very quick Frank Lucas mouse is here will come back discussing his book the Christian left how liberal thoughts has hijacked the church will return on chapter today hi this is Janet effort here in need of a new healthcare program that you missed the opening moment deadline in December.

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There are reasons for that.

Were talking about it with Pastor Lucas miles the Christian left is his book how liberal thought has hijacked the church now one of the things you talk about Lucas. This Trojan horse, as you call it to succeeding in infiltrating the church.

They have created. As you say animosity toward conservatives and traditionalists who hold to biblical ideals and social issues.

On the one hand, and they've also managed to create a sense of moral superiority and I think you're spot on about that. That's exactly what's going on is that mainly how they've been able to get as far as they've gotten with hijacking the church. Yeah, I think it is really like all the basically that of the Bible being the thing that is preventing us truth and an insured of God's righteous standard.

It's really the position of the state that is not acquiring that or just sort of the view of them all. That is, if it is really taking on that position until social justice.

Often time is really just sort of ghetto who can be the loud, loud constituent people that are to declare and demand what they want. That doesn't always align with biblical justice and so the much broader topic.

I think it's important to realize that the left has tried to present themselves in such a way that they are going to hear people like the end of the week former mayor of people went on to run for Democrat for president know he's a perfect example to Christian left you the guy who talked about Jesus very often throughout his campaign. See a lot more of him in the future and you are comfortable you really explain theology on the campaign trail, but his theology was empty of any sort of really biblical foundation other than talking points that will a Marxist and and for social and social viewpoint. You know, things like you know I have supporting open borders ghetto supporting progressive views of the LGBT agenda so this is for the empty empty talking point brings up really establish themselves as sort of the rule and reign regarding moral standard Americans. Yeah, I mean anytime you get one of these progresses, but a judge is a perfect example of this.

Talking about the Bible. They only really know two passages and they take them both out of context. One is some portion of the sermon on the Mount's are usually not judging are you now, but love or what have you. But then they also take Matthew 25 the sheep and the goats and they always use sheep and the goats to promote social justice and you're right. I mean this is an again if you know your Bible and you're listening to this kind of rhetoric you can spot it right away something I wanted to hone in on because I think this is so on the money and I've been thinking the same thing for a long time and it has to do with what a lot of people know is the young, restless and reformed movement.

This is become very dominant and evangelicalism in the last three decades.

You actually note in the book that years ago. Reformed Protestants were among some of the most susceptible of all believers to the idea of socialism not I found that fascinating because when you look at a lot of the woke Nissen's social justice, staff, and we must be part of the culture and we must understand the culture that's coming from the Tim Keller wing so can you comment on what is the context here like a lot of writing brilliant guy, but I think you give and conduct. There seems to be a connection that I have traced my butt with a lot more book the Christian left it between what I would call radical reform teaching and for this extreme sovereignty mind that with having this predisposition toward socialist and Marxist view and and and the traits really you know your last couple hundred years of these individuals tend to drift in that direction and a lot of the Christian left. That's right but that's emerging right now.

Do you maintain that server for now.

With that said, I appreciate John Calvin writing but appreciate a lot of things that the patient did not like they'll be careful that we really reevaluate this doctrine, extreme sovereignty to make sure that we don't get a fatalistic mindset that really kind of makes the rely on. On the way to rely on God's that's interesting. So, explain a little more just the listeners understand what you're talking about the connection between the doctrine of God's sovereignty is the reforms would interpret it and the interest in socialism among so many reformed Protestants. What is it that they think about God's sovereignty that leads them toward more of a worldview that says the state should have this great big role would connect the dots. If you would first of all extreme you got Dorothy basically makes you look at your wife inflated what God wanted for me and it's working to have me there's really no need for me to do anything or to try to get out of the situation because it must be God's will. If I found myself here and so this can be very dangerous.

It can make the can take somebody who is in the image sort of a dangerous or detrimental situation and really, have them in place better, except that it for God.

God's plan for the life also.

You know like what in Scripture, we never see yes were supposed to depend upon the Lord Moses was on the bank to read the defeat of any pastor would do people go to war right God literally interrupted prayer meeting what you do is write it out and no pickup your staff walked out of the water razor step part the waters are thrifty with the synergistic effort God's power man's movement and so this is the same position we face today that it's not just about you know us back again.

Everything happens for a reason you know whatever happened must be God's will open. If were already expecting anything that happened the life of God's will is also pretty easy to transfer that into looking at the same way and anything that the state does let me to write after we think they make a lot of wrong decisions over the last year regarding everything from race to COBIT and get important that we know that we that we continue to think we continue to look at life as an interactive synergistic relationship with God. We don't just give in to store the extreme doctrine that that make God the divine puppetmaster responsible for calamity in the world is very interesting because I have talked to a lot of people who are reformed and conservatives who are scratching their heads and saying I don't understand this. I mean how do you get more conservative than Calvinism. He and I hear all these in a Gospel coalition types being left as I don't understand, but that kinda explains a little bit about it. People can read more in your book to wanted to ask you there. There has been a lot of overlap and you mentioned Jonathan Merritt earlier, Jonathan Merritt has been a very big influence on trying to turn the church laughed and how his father was the president of the Southern Baptist convention at one time, and he's a far left estimate it's interesting to see people like him.

People like Russell Moore from the ER LC at the Southern Baptist convention whose had an incredible influence turning the church laughed intentionally, politically speaking. And this brings up the issue of George Soros funding and I and we know we have talked about this before and I know this is something that a lot of Christians have talked about this when you're talking about funding the weather it goes directly to organizations or if it goes in a pass-through direction through you know, for example, sort of the open Society foundations for funding the national immigration form which then in turn funded the evangelical immigration table they can credibly say we can get Soros money they didn't. They got money is a pass-through that is there another organization, but can you speak to this issue of how much the political left is working with the religious left to try to hijack the church might open my team is currently actually investigating some of those and really looking at the relationship between some of all of this very left leaning funding and the acceptance of that from fatal oriented institution very, very important topic and we are doubling down on on really, you know, looking at this more. I do want to turn to you about some of the left at Ben Coleman lantern evangelical yes and essentially what we are seeing is that there are, you know, financial, that have very deconstructionist views of society that lean very heavily either Marxist or socialist or times you delete anarchic that are providing funding and and feel Christian Confucian fading money right now it becomes an opportunity for them to sort of got all creepy for catchment and it usually happens through these pass-through organizations. As you mentioned, and so you know I get it and I can tell you this is happening at a lot of places from from Christian media outlet to universities that mean that everybody in the Christian world scrub shortly.

Not there's lots of great people of the business for a long time and I can tell you that there some from the people doing some really great work for the kingdom we really have to investigate where putting our dollars were showing our support because a lot of these organizations are going through like a mission trip. They start at me, a faith-based organization in Europe.

This would be something like the Boy Scouts or the YMCA that you and are you still doing supply work.

Some might say, and I'm not try to imply that they're taking money from Soros but weeping mission directed that we started faith-based tuition and over time it really lost every component and in a storage tree that way happened because of money that they have accepted and funding that they have accepted from a lot of different sources that you sort of you know you demands over time that they become more secularized and this is really the goal of the left is to secularize the church if something would already happen would be napping with a lot of American synagogues very largely secularized by many people and there's a major effort. Write out the church and really what it maintain the culture of Christianity in the sense of having something to hope in place to find a friend to meet people in the church structure really stripped of all the power that I think this is exactly what Scripture is born again where you well and it seems like really this is a rallying cry to true faithful biblical Christians pay attention to what's going on around you and make sure that you're standing on God's word that you stay faithful, even as all of this is going on really talking. Your weekly computer forum, 24% of Christian churchgoing Christian. All the left of Christians that believe in the infallibility of the work and 76% of the church believe the Bible something less than infallible or inerrant and I think about is the step that should really kind of wake us up. And I think that you know believers who take seriously the need to really know. Look at how they can cut a double double about your good behavior and ordinance trusting his word.

And really, you know, to ourselves from the beautiful doctor wise to receive their healthcare. Thank you so much Lukas smiles the name of the Christian left. Thanks so much Lukas for being here this archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies.

Call now 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or Janet Mefford today and here's your host Joe never seen a recent viral video is at 29-year-old Jewish man being violently attacked in times whereby a group of men shouting anti-Semitic slurs at him and Joseph Borg and the man in question reported they were may seen him for a minute straight. They kicked and they punched him they beat him and they hit them with flags and this isn't even an isolated incident physical or verbal assaults were reported against Jews not only New York City but also Los Angeles in South Florida and other parts of the world during the recent Hamas attacks on Israel, and that nation subsequent self-defense.

Pres. Biden and some other prominent Democrats finally came out to condemn anti-Semitism, but some of these same politicians had signed on in sponsoring a bill by AOC that would halt the sale of weapons to Israel. It's just crazy. What is the situation revealed to us about the left and the attempted Marxist revolution that seems to be rising all around us, and more importantly what Israel actually teach us about confronting terrorist threats and propaganda warfare from radical spring to discuss it today with David Rubin. He is former mayor of Shiloh, Israel, and founder and president of Shiloh Israel children's fund and is out with a great new book, working to talk about called confronting radicals what America can learn from Israel. David, it's so great to have you with us again how are you doing good to be back with your thoughts on all these recent anti-Semitic attacks as Israel was rightly defending itself from Hamas, I mean America used to be united on this principle that we got behind Israel and now it seems not so much welders of horrible conversion that America is a convergence of movement toward secularism movement towards Mark the movement towards radicalism on both of those fronts. Because of that movement. So there is a convergence with them to because they tend to go together specially in our time yeah they do and it's interesting how long it took some of these leftist politicians to actually say something so basic like we shouldn't be able to you know we should condemn anti-Semitic attacks.

I mean, it seems like a pretty basic thing that even some of these reactions from these Democrat said.

We also condemn Islam, a phobia which is completely out of line with even the FBI hate crime statistics showing overwhelmingly the people who are most likely to be attacked for their religion in America are Jewish people will correct the problem of their own. The defendant Democrats on the defensive because or so moderate the remnant of the moderate Democrats on the defensive because the because the whole movement which which has evolved over several decades and everyone thinks by the way that it's just in the past couple years, Joseph Justin George Floyd know this is been evolving for several decades, and because it's been evolving for several of the thought police have been rising to its root bits truly my impunity for meaning the George Orwell's novel, no war or animal Farm which was the one that was quite noteworthy for similar reasons, though those those novels spoke about the thought police spoke about the former Soviet Union at the time when it was rising, then blend no Stalinism was no limited Stalinism and the repression of people in the persecution of people and throwing them in in the home and in jails for extended American funds because they disagree with the ruling Communist Party will that's what where heading towards people don't get a handle on this very very quickly and that you know the United States and those who come to the bill, amazing freedoms from the Hebrew Bible could move the founding fathers about the camera for them but they certainly know about it and move them see it in the writings so that connection with Israel and the bonding with Judeo-Christian civilization coincides with American freedom and American hard work of American greatness of American exceptionalism and the converse unfortunately is also true converts which we have seen in the past couple of years, which is the riots in the Louvre in which both left with a good feeling this and violent way to all of this that has been happening.

It's growing. It's frightening but it's about growth of something that had built up over several decades and you know people don't good control of Rubin start taking steps to turn around that American I take absolutely no pleasure in that as a dual diagnosed born and raised in the United States from lived in Israel for 30 years time sacrifice for Israelite been wounded in Paris for Israel and afford for Israel but but I would be absolutely America one, and I don't want to see it up so many good people in America that could prevent that from happening while that's all were hoping and praying for to something else. You touched on in your block that goes along with this idea. Radicalism rising in America is what we went through with the pandemic at the worst point is that where we had these covert lockdowns and you rightly point out, this is not about the virus.

This was about locking down the economy and damaging trump and we saw what came out of that bed when you're looking at how some of those in particular leftist politicians behaved and in particular for for us as Christians, we look at how that a lot of these churches were traded in you, you're not essential.

You have to stay close, but the abortion clinics can stay open.

What window did that give you our insight today give you into the kind of dangers that we face that you've just outlined made it clear you know that it would definitely work were paralleled couldn't be avoided.

Having seen that there were lockdowns and Israel also put the lockdowns initial with them for different reasons. I didn't think was the best approach to doing away with covert and in the end with flu vaccine inflicted when we but but but even so, I thought for the lockdowns America is an opportunity for the Democrats to control things and fit right in with the theme of the thought police and wasn't because with good good writing from my book since it was just clear to me that the whole concept of this by Ruth came out of communist China Communist Party of China that sent it to the free world that centered around two to the Western countries, and was whether the minute we could debate from for a long time, but whether intentional or not intentional. I believe with conventional but the fact that it happened and the fact that the Communist Party of China represents locking down the people represents shutting down people's mouths and shutting down their views of the disagree and we assume that recently in Hong Kong and see what they do same as was in the Soviet Union… Same as what the radicals of black lives matter remnant and all of the others would like to do in America. They've already started already been doing that They are doing it and add to that all of the information that subsequently come out about the fact that you have Dr. Saatchi and Dr. Francis Collins involved in getting funding to that Wuhan lab and helping that bat lady do some of her research within the Wuhan Landon and you know that's kinda blotted out from the media here in large measure, but one of the most important things we need to get into is how America can learn from Israel about confronting radicals were to tackle that when we come back with David Ruben stay with us you listening to Janet Mefford today hi this is Janet my first deadline to sign up for a program at the end of 2020.

If so, I have good news special enrollment period is taking place now through August 15, meaning that if you're looking to enroll in the new healthcare program for 2021 you can do so without the need for a qualifying event more than 200,000 Americans trust liberty healthcare for their healthcare needs. Liberty healthcare is a nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry that offers affordable healthcare sharing programs starting as low as $199 per month. Liberty healthcare gives you the ability to choose any doctor or hospital across the nation.

Memberships are for individuals, couples and families offering a variety of options to vested your medical needs. Discover more about the power of today for more information call 855-585-4237 855-585-4237 liberty this is Janet Mefford on a 100° day in Ethiopia Africa. Hundreds gathered for Sunday worship outdoors and some want an hour to be there afterward 30-year-old caveman frantically copied Scriptures from an old Bible to a piece of paper.

Then his face turned sad as he close the Bible and handed it back to its owner, one of only a few in that church of hundreds to have a Bible see came and loves the Lord leads his family and his faithful at Sunday worship, but he's never read a single verse in his own Bible because Bibles are very difficult to obtain, where he lives with our way through the ministry of Bible league international you can send God's word to a new believer in Africa five dollars since one Bible $50 sends 10 call 800 yes word 800 YESWORD 800 yes word where there's a banner to thank you you're listening to Janet admin for today and here's Janet. Welcome back Ray to be with us in great-aunt with us David Ruben. He is former mayor of silo Israel and founder and president of Shiloh Israel children's fund as well as author of the book were discussing call confronting radicals what America can learn from Israel.

And as we've been discussing David America has no shortage of radicals these days.

What can we learn from Israel because Israel has been just genius in so many ways and fighting off its enemies. Whether there there in Israel itself or firing missiles from without. Tell us a little bit about what you think we ought to be taking away from some of Israel's good decisions on confronting radicals will let me through the prophet, well-known prophecy, prefers to live through the light unto good nations and that doesn't mean that everything that we do is correct to mean that that we should only the people should only learn from our services being the letter and submissions also mean particular problems so we we put a lot of successes as the biblical people and that the modern state of Israel with both some very noteworthy mistakes and that has a lot to do with the whole thing about tearing down monuments to American heroes burning American flags and burning Bibles. So all of those things happening at the at the so-called peaceful demonstrations of the past couple of years anytime white policeman happened to kill a black person and just pulling all those events out of the air without knowing what actually happened to go to that was racism but the actual thing that happened that's another story.

Well, okay, look at Israel so forceful.

One of the greatest successes has been in understanding the success by the way comes from one of our mistakes we've learned from my mistakes, which is that you do not appease terrorists do not appease those who trying to destroy your country and that and that's exactly what we do during the Oslo peace process when when we breathe in the 1990s give seven autonomous cities to the Palestine Liberation Organization, which was reinvented as the Palestinian Authority so they would given those seven cities and the idea was that we would appease them, we would we would give them a little bit of what they want and hopefully that will satisfy them and and they will suddenly become of them in citizens and great neighbors. Well that didn't happen at all and in the end, or even from the beginning I should say it turned into a terrorist war against Israel, and for the past two decades almost 3 decades now we have been fighting against against the terrorist war that has been the foot and the Palestinian Authority that we created has been paying terrorists every single month to anyone who was killed or wounded. Did you get a salary and you know I was wounded in terrorist attacks some years back alone. My three-year-old son son and those terrorists were eventually caught by the Israeli army, but they been in jail him even though they been in jail. They have been receiving salaries every month from the palace the authority to close through their families and looking to them directly, obviously, but their family gets those salaries for single month. This and this is something that Israel has learned from an overwhelming majority of the population today against in the lymphopenia formula where we have to give them a good promise of peaceful piece of paper and in most would cook almost all of the country overwhelming majority is not. We would never agree to post to me and stayed in the biblical heartland of Israel today so we have learned that lesson and I are: Americans to learn that lesson as well. You not to stop the violent days of rage by pandering to those who were carrying them out to the writers and the looters you could promise to slightly defund the police like a lot of the moderate Democrat politicians are trying to do.

But that's not to solve the problem. It's only going to bring crime in those same communities that they claim that they are trying to help such a good thing to remind people about because when you think about all of the people who complain about how we need peace in Palestine and Israel need to come together and in all the talk that has been issued over that you have these Muslims calling for the destruction of Israel. You have around calling for the destruction of Israel. The little Satan and then the USA is a big Satan we have to keep this in mind when were looking at what's going on with radicals here. There is a parallel because these are people within the United States who want to destroy the United States. So why do you think it is that were not more attuned to the idea that you don't negotiate with terrorists, whether they happen to be in a leftist terrace here at home in the United States, or a sonic terrace over there in the Middle East because American still in shock what I believe in American still in shock from the events of the past couple years and the radical left has learned to be aggressive yes learned that aggression pays that aggression and that the cure aggressive.

Then you will get what you want and hope you look at the, the radicals in America.

The people who are fighting against the traditional family. The people who were fighting against the mention of God in public schools or or silent prayer with the most sensible thing in the world people are fighting against all of these things and will fighting for socialism. Will that they've just learned that if you are a very aggressive and can you tell people what they can do intend to replace thought police and and you tell people that they can save the words mother and father, and Congress was all that might be too positive about traditional family and then people on the defensive, and they're apologizing forward. This is something that has to end and people have to stand up and Israel.

We don't destroy monuments to Israeli heroes, you know, we know that King David and King Solomon, the great kings of Israel biblical Israel. They made mistakes. We talk about their mistakes openly and we learn from them and we also know that the some of the more modern leaders like Theodore Hartsell, founder of Mountainside movement, David Ben-Gurion, the first prime minister visual day made mistakes to an end, but we don't we don't pretend that they didn't make mistakes but we honor the great things that they bid like we can. Good thinking, Solomon.

We honor the great things the leaders do. We don't vandalize them monuments we don't tear down the names from street signs and buildings and and this is really a lesson to be learned because if you tear down the foundations of your country. Then new countries going to collapse that I know the far left wants that to happen, but I think that most Americans don't want to know.

We certainly don't and I think your point about American still being in shock is quite accurate. We need to get over it though because we have a country to say and I'm very encouraged when you're giving some of these ideas on how we best, can confront the revolution which people can read about in your book you say the very encouraging line that nothing is irreversible and I think that's what we need to keep in mind, I mean things can look very dark but sometimes their darkest before the dawn. If Americans patriotic Americans who want to preserve our values will come together and get out of there shock their shellshocked system there and and fight for our country. Who knows what could be reversed. We need some courage down when we need some basic background. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely, John, and what when one thing that I point out in the book that when when Israel signed when prime minister you cook rubbing them.

Shimon Peres when they signed the Oslo Accords in 1993 and Palestinians were were riding in the streets, waving their Palestinian flags attacking Jews wherever they could find them. I will never forget those days and those days were depressing because I knew I remember talking to my mother said David B. I said no, no, mom, there's going to be more like in the statement. Listen.

It was so wonderful to have you here. People can check out your book confronting radicals when America can learn from Israel by David Rubin's thank you David so much for being here was wonderful to talk to you and thank you so much for joining us here and can always join us next time

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