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Connor Semelsberger (Biden's War on the Preborn / Family)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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May 4, 2021 4:00 am

Connor Semelsberger (Biden's War on the Preborn / Family)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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May 4, 2021 4:00 am

In his first 100 days in office, President Biden has revealed himself to be the most anti-life, anti-family president ever. Connor Semelsberger from the Family Research Council will join me to explain why. Plus: The Woke CIA has released a ridiculous new recruitment ad, to the mockery of social media. But what kind of dangerous message is this sending to our foreign enemies? We'll talk about that and more on Tuesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This Janet Mefford today archive broadcast is brought to you by the national Day of prayer. The national Day of prayer is Thursday, May 6.

Join millions of praying Americans who are united in prayer for our country connect from your mobile device or computer to the largest online prayer gathering ever just go to that is Janet River.

Today, our confidence is in Christ alone, I saw thousands Biden stepped into the White House and now we know that all his talk of healing and unity was his many of us predicted just empty rhetoric.

The family research Council has taken a close look at the record number of actions. This president has taken against life, family and religious freedom in these first 100 days and the results are nothing to celebrate. It is all outlined in the new FRC resource called tracking the Biden administration and here to tell us more. As Connor settles Berger, who is director of federal affairs for life and human dignity at the family research Council. Thanks so much for joining us. Glad to be on yeah not in this report you will say that Joe Biden is cementing himself as the most anti-life anti-family president ever, and I think probably a lot of Christians would say he's worse than Barack Obama. Is that really true it is, you know, we don't inject her hypothetical in the actual actions that have taken place. What you said to me 500 B when we talk about abortion funding pales in comparison what Obama did our first term. What will our first 100 days when it comes to redefining sex in the human family again. You know VP Biden at the time in prison. Obama took years and years to start pushing from the White House has already been rolling out the gate from day one. This really is becoming the most anti-life, and I family administration that we have ever seen. Well, for example, this one is really amazing. You have this coping 19 release package that's about $2 trillion. Biden made almost $468 billion available to this package for abortion and abortion businesses necessitating the question, what does that have to do with coping 19 yeah right… Really be at all the actions we attract right 1.9 swindler covert package that was sold to be sold to the American people as providing necessary relief. While we talk about that funding, if available, cannot specific line items with this much to go to abortion fear as much for abortion clinic there.

However, a lot of this funding year after year requires pro-life protections like the Hyde amendment for the extra funding for abortion. Fear sounds amendment of the same thing for abortion the broad right to protection for both Democrats and Republicans alike have agreed upon for 40+ years that normally would be fun to make clear hey we the Congress do not want this fund even being considered to be used for abortion instead with the Biden ministration with the help of Speaker Pelosi and Chuck Sherman, a shortage package… Without those key protections allowing the healthcare program programs, community health centers.

The like to be able to use this fund if they so choose. For abortion, swelling, something that needs to be pointed out for people who might not remember this but back in the day Joe Biden was all for the Hyde amendment. So what you know what he was.

He was at the time offender from Delaware really behind some common sense pro-life policies even me to claim you know when it came to abortion I was as liberal as her grandmother and boy has that changed you know, just as he rose up the ranks with the vice president to continue to want to be the president United States. He continued to just listening to what were his Catholic values at the time that we think the Planned Parenthood in the abortion industry.

And that's why you see them supporting repealing the Hyde amendment and continuing to fund abortion and abortion businesses 2°.

We've never seen in American history right now. He also repealed the Mexico City policy and the reversal of that under Donald Trump was widely hailed as it should have been by those of us who are very very pro-life but talk a little bit about that repealing the Mexico City policy. What is that effectively do you is really important. Under a Republican administration since Ronald Reagan they put in place a policy called Mexico City policy to say hey our global family planning funds there not to be going to abortion businesses overseas either perform or refer for abortion is not working to perform our USAID around the globe. When Democrats presence of God in the past, they always repeal at the say you know what we are going to do this will lead as a pro-abortion country around the globe and so yeah Pres. Trump took monumental steps to not just put in place would have been in place through the Bush years and and his dad before him. We've expanded it to around $8 billion in global health funds are funds will not subsidize the abortion industry. Those abortion businesses like my parents overseas and so that was a major accomplishment of the trumpet ministration and within the first week or second week of the by mistress, and they repealed out allowing I think around $12 billion now be available to groups like international plan to continue to grow their abortion business during the covert pandemic just makes you sex one of the major things though that I think a lot of people still don't know about is the fact that you had both Pres. Biden and VP, Harris putting out a statement on the anniversary of Roe V Wade on January 22 and outlining that they want row codified in federal law mean that's that's just such a major announcement. How in the world are they gonna do that if they actually are able to do that yet again. This terrifying stuff we talk about taking what was ill advised court decision from the 70s and making it federal statute federal law to basically say. Prior to viability like corroded almost no pro-life laws around the state or pro-life restrictions are allowed to stay in place and that would be a bill they would try to pass in Congress that she had a hearing last year to essentially codify rope. What that does is it completely goes against the will the American people. You might hear surveys hey, the majority of Americans support the central kinds of broke those questions are so mis-communicated. But when you break down the actual policies of Roe, which did allow abortion through all nine months of pregnancy as the default.

It allowed post-viability band after 24 weeks, but the default unless it had an active viability bed with yet abortion is illegal for all nine-month US American people what they think about that. The overwhelming majority oppose that they were to continue to push this further abortion push through codifying rope.

It would be contrary to the democratic process that we now increase was something else. The office of population affairs at the Health and Human Services announced the plan to repeal the Trump ProTech life rule to govern title X. Now this was this was a big deal. What are they explaining to do here with making this announcement yes, so again the life for what it did was separated abortion from family planning, which is been the intent from that program ever since its conception in the 70s and so trumpet ministration set up your Planned Parenthood in your abortion business in all the Hagar federal dollars and continue to do your abortion services right down the hall and withdrew from the program sacrificing about $60 million in federal funds, which is a huge win for the pro-life community by mistress and came in faster at a faster pace than we ever could of expected faith were were reversing ports were going right back to send this money to abortion by the top of that work in a mandate that any single provider that want to do is provide simple family-planning services has to refer for abortion even if they have a moral or conscious objection.

That's actually conquered federal law that does actually afford those protections for healthcare providers to get away with that that's in violation of federal law. Yeah so this this is a new law that actually the weld amendments one am referring to 2004 under President Bush and so this would be the first time since then that they would putting these in the practice.

So what what we really do with the pro-life community is really actually weigh-in when the when the Biden restriction is currently revising these roles accepted take public comments if you go to the Federal Register.

Even our website at Washington watch what we give a link to it. You, the American public in common to say hey held by mistress what you think of changing course and reversing back to what was a mandate for abortion referrals that President Clinton put in place by 13 up even though the federal laws of change, so please wait and make your voice be heard. That hey we do not want our tax dollars going to abortion providers. We do not want healthcare providers being forced against their consciences to refer for abortion will that's good. I mean sometimes people feel like they don't have any say in no voice at all, but that's a great way to kinda come back and say hey this isn't the will of the American people noticing and I want to get this in before we have to run to report a break here, but back on April 13, the FDA announced it wouldn't be enforcing long-standing federal regulations requiring chemical abortion pills to be dispensed in person again were back to the same dangerous scenario where just make it more and more and more easy for women to kill their children, regardless of whether or not women might be harmed in the process basically turning back the clock to whenever they claim so many women were dying in the streets because there is not a legal abortion exactly now with the abortion industry is wanting and advocating for and I will just note this to end here is these regulations that the by mistress. You know what were looking for some there's no need for safety protocol. They were put in place by President Clinton and at the end of his term in 2000 and re-up by Pres. Obama so he is choosing to not enforce a regulation put in place by both his Democrat president predecessors is to staggering it really is staggering to listen to everything that's been going on and we hardly are getting started on this term of this president and there's a lot more to come to her to take a pause when we come back and talk about more of Pres. Biden's radical moves on life on family and on religious freedom come back after this. This Thursday is the national Day of prayer. Join millions of praying Americans who are united in prayer for our country connect from your mobile device or computer to the largest online prayer gathering ever is an incredible opportunity to experience the power of prayer as one nation under God. Part of this historic day, along with fellow Christians who are ready to make a difference by lifting up our nation in now's the time to answer the call ever gathering in history national Day of prayer you online that hi this is Janet Mefford. If you're in need of a new healthcare program that you miss the open enrollment deadline in December. It's not too late. The special enrollment period is taking place now through August 15. During this time you can enroll in the healthcare program of your choice without the need for a qualifying event. This means you can now enroll in a healthcare sharing program from liberty to share with memberships for individuals, couples and families. You can find a variety of options to best of your medical needs. Plus, you really can choose the doctor and hospital of your choice. Best of all membership options start for as low as $199 a month more than 200,000 Americans trust liberty healthcare for their healthcare needs. What are you waiting for discover more about the power of today for more information call 855-585-4237 855-585-4237 or liberty liberty you're listening to user I think I speak for a lot of Christians when I say that many of us never thought it could get worse than Barack Obama when it came to being pro-abortion but well his vice president who's now the White House is certainly not doing his former boss. It's just incredible to consider all that the Biden administration has been doing to try to up and and derail some of these most important issues that Christians care about the issues of life.

The issues of family and the issue of religious freedom and we are talking with Connor Semel's burger from the family research Council about this track in the Biden administration got a great report out going into all the details on this. Let's talk a little bit about what the Biden administration has been doing to attack the family in particular he is today. Love we as we know, going back to the days of Barack Obama and VP Biden at the time they love the LGBT agenda.

There is nothing. It seems that the LGBT radicals wants that these people don't want to give to them what is some of the worst evidence that they are going about trying to attack male and female and attack Christians really when there going forward with some of this ideology what's going on. You have already accomplished more than they could have ever dreamed under the Obama station when it comes to promoting the LGBT community of families and religious freedom across the country come to mind.

Primarily, the change in federal policy for the military, something upper seen others really worked hard to the trouble ministration to say and even in the name of military readiness. We cannot be subsidizing paying for having our troops go through transgender services on the taxpayers dime in the trouble ministration put in a good policy that really you know made sense for the department times almost a one that was repealed right back to where things were under the Obama ministration. Beyond that they're expanding across more than we ever could have hoped for. You know could of expected in the education space. Whether it's women sports line you know biological males to compete. Women sports or even just mandating the bathroom policy that we know are just unsafe for for women and girls across our school.

They are really being more aggressive, more aggressive again on all these fronts and we could've ever imagined. Well, when you're talking about the bathroom policy that was such a big issue at the time you have the government putting out a letter to all these public schools advising them to allow children to go into locker rooms and bathrooms that corresponded with how they felt about their sex regardless of what biology dictates. There are some questions on people's minds about how much the federal government can really do to force that on the schools and now of course we have the boss stock decision that's been decided by the Supreme Court. How can they go forward in the area of the bathroom policy and public schools. Connor explained a little bit to us because I think it's a little unclear.

For many of us yeah you're right so things like what you referenced under the Obama letters are sorted out more.if they were the federal ministration were going to give guidance. This is what we expect out of our public schools right gate were mandating by demonstration again on the backs of the boss stock decision which came out last summer. The big implications of this. We haven't even seen yet.

It's just the tip of the iceberg. This decision basically said the Civil Rights Act, the definition of discrimination on the basis of sex for work purposes. Employment purposes actually mean sexual orientation and gender identity.

The binding ministration of take that as a little inch they needed to basically blow the door open experiment even more so, whether that's mandates on schools without mandates for employers all across the country. That's what they're taking again on the back to what the Supreme Court decided read into we interpreted that definition of sex to make it. Basically whatever they want to say and so now they have the cover of the court to go beyond what they'd ever been able to do before. I don't understand because you had this in federal law and you had an interpretation under the Obama administration by these bureaucrats and probably no politically minded progressives. Oh yes will sex in this federal civil rights law really mean sexual orientation and gender identity. When the Supreme Court backs them up on that and there's no involvement by Congress. What is going on always. How is it that you can get to that place, and Congress doesn't even get to weigh in on it at any really Supreme Court is weighing in on what the bureaucrats were doing now what Congress did. It's very confusing. You know what working on so many fronts right now in our society right further erosion of democracy, Congress continuing to get relegate their duties over the executive branch purchased the bureaucrats whoever's in charge of the time running our federal policy continued to relegate their duty frankly to be corporations and big corporate boards and everything you can think they are the ones determining what our policies are. They use their power and there might be finances and you know financing of projects etc. the bully states the bully places the site they're taking away voters rights to be able to vote for who they want to be few things in Congress and state legislatures across the country that is basely been relegated to the ruling class with us in the court and executive branch are like I mentioned the Corporation and they're the ones determining you know what this is how we view sex in the family and how they interact. Instead of having these conversations in the democratic process that are found are set up so many years ago and is just as an aside, when you look at how Biden came in just like a lion out of a cage going executive action after executive action after executive action in as you mentioned before moving more and weigh more away from the separation of powers that the founders had envisioned that we actually have a body that supposed to make lots not supposed to be one guy coming in issuing all kinds of executive orders to go along with his political ideals. It should be all of us working together in the system but what you make of the executive order, becoming just this out-of-control way that any president could use to get his will and to get his agenda through an and bypass Congress.

I mean is that is there going to be a tipping point.

Do you think where Congress will push back and say this is way out of control and working to get back to what were supposed to be doing you see any kind of movement along those lines. You know what I do have hope. Right we have so many new members a great freshman class was elected to the house last year. So many more members ready hearing the fight to run for Congress and come to DC to represent the people it really true truly believe in their duty to represent the American people and you hit you hit it exactly right on executive orders. No one present Trump with implementing public policy at the public policy, it was great right we were achieving things to move the goals of protection for the unborn beyond what we could because Congress just was stuck in gridlock with great but just as we saw all this is being undone. Right before I die quickly right that what you that the executive had that much power to just flip a switch not only these terms more rapid right you know, long eight year terms reach present probably quicker for your sports but that the switch is on offer so much more radical folks that the American public are interacting with our government are seeing two totally different governments from a few months ago when Trump was in office to Biden. That's right. We got back to Congress he could take back their duties.

When you collect those folks that go to to DC come right here in DC represent the people that that voted really go through those public debate what the Senate needs to be debated actually put people off the place and make sure the executive branch actually falls them as they set up yeah so there's accountability there. I agree with you completely.

As much as I loved what Trump did with executive order.

I did not like the way it was done because of exactly what you stated it will what you can do your for your next kite can cannot do and so you just go back and forth and that's not how it's supposed to be on the issue of religious liberty. Connor can you fill us in a little bit on where we are on that issue. Under the Biden administration.

What are some of the more problematic things that the president has been doing in relation to individual religious liberty and also religious liberty internationally.

Yeah good we are to have some some slight positive developments in the international space right is sort of always been more of a bipartisan issue than domestic religious liberty, and Biden has made some good comments and some not by any stretch all the good progress made for internationalist freedom under the Trump administration, but we seemed open to being promote those sort of things, whether sunshine or the Middle East. When it comes to domestic religious liberty could not have a worse record note using the Department of Justice right which is normally their role is to continue to weigh in to protect First Amendment liberties and weigh-in from judicial cases, the Department of Justice is stocking with radical associate generals that just are going to push progressive parties that undermine religious liberty. A great fundamental First Amendment freedom that we all have continued to do and promote from the Department of Justice. Beyond that, though you can see it right already right conservative Christians in the name of, you know, going after religious freedom. They are painting could Christians as radicals as far right individuals that are domestic terrorist rather than actually just law-abiding, faithful Americans around the country so they're using all the tools within the administration to attack people of faith that disbelieve in the fundamentals of life of family and of the Christian faith.

And so it is going to be a tough foot ahead, but luckily we have a judicial system in place that around the country. Trump as stock with great constitutional judges to continue to hopefully uphold the right to religious freedom. One is the upsides. I think with the Supreme Court even though they got the Bostic decision.

Tragically wrong, but they have been so good on the issue with of churches in California in particular and and have made so many good decisions regarding religious liberty that Gavin Newsom has been on the hot seat in his head to repeal a lot of what he was doing under the name of Cove 19 restrictions, so there still is something to be celebrated is there not with the appointments that Pres. Trump wasn't able to make to the Supreme Court know you're right, there are there are a lot of good things.

I think that get highlighted not think it's at least five, maybe six lockdown orders in California that were struck down on religious freedom granted by the US Supreme Court so that it's great to see you never know exactly where every single justice when they get in there and on each issue as to sort out the nature of how these appointments work. Religious liberty is that one issue that across-the-board. These six conservative just have really rallied around. I hope that continues even beyond the coven walked on ours.

But you know different areas of law whether just practicing your business according to your faith etc. they will continue to uphold… Right to religious freedom that that something positive to think about and to pray for one of the things I wanted to mention this before we run out of time, but the memo that present Biden issued on advancing the human rights of lesbian, Gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex persons around the world. How much do you see this issue of working to push the LGBT agenda on the whole world ramping up his neck to be a big effort was that kind of a token thing that he did to appease the radicals know again back to that of the iceberg that policy put out right.

You even just read it sound like alphabet soup class that is something they truly believe it in the worldview of promoting this radical sex ideology which includes promotion of abortion and understanding of human sexuality, and family that frankly is so contrary to how most of the world outside of the West like us in the US believe they believe in the institution of marriage and in a lot of these African and South American countries you know and so they want to be that torchbearer but of what their version of human rights. Are you abortion human right to sexuality.

However you define it. It's a very damaging thing for us to be leaving that around the slope so hopefully we can take our city dump old life fundamental understanding of life and family. FRC actions to read more. Connor Sulzberger, thank you so much for being with us. Glad to be on Lyceum listening to Janet this Janet Mefford today archive broadcast is brought to you by the national Day of prayer. The national Day of prayer is Thursday, May 6. Join millions of praying Americans who are united in prayer for our country connect from your mobile device or computer to the largest online prayer gathering ever just go to that you're listening to Janet Mefford today.

In his recent speech before Congress. Politico notes that Pres. Biden managed to lay out perhaps the most ambitious health agenda in decades, speaking like a president dead set on transforming the entirety of the nation's health system. Yikes, as the site notes, there was the pitch for expanding Medicare's coverage and benefits, and the call for building out Obama care and cutting enrollees deductibles.

He propose creating a brand-new health research agency and argued the US could find a cure to cancer. If only it made the investment and in his quest to expand Obama care at a cost of $200 billion. The president said this, let's give Medicare the power to save hundreds of billions of dollars by negotiating lower prices for prescription drugs that will just tell people on Medicare. It will lower prescription drug costs for everyone. The money we save can go to strengthen the affordable care act expand Medicare coverage and benefits without costing taxpayers one additional penny okay who believes this is national review pointed out, there's no basis on which to claim that Medicare could save hundreds of billions of dollars by negotiating drug prices so they pointed out that when he effectively did was manufacture phony savings and then claim he will use those suppose it savings for some magical plan to pay for hundreds of billions of dollars in liberal wish list spending the whole thing is insane.

It should remind us why clear thinking people opposed Obama care in the first place to get some thoughts on all this now for Matt Ballas who is chief communications officer for liberty hell share a national nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry so that it will give you back Matt how are you doing always where the greater were always nice to have you. What is your take on the president's ambitions concerning our healthcare system. You know your type of land and rhetoric from promo the blood administration because the people of United States when it comes to healthcare and Obama care. Will window about Walton memory when it comes to the promises that were made with the affordable care act and what reality actually happened. The promises that there would be lower cost, but each family would be able save thousands of dollars that the general cost of healthcare with the ground that it would contribute to better outcomes. We have not seen the 101 metric driver at all. We have seen increase in costs up to 20% in pupils healthcare cost and what comes with a price filter that is actually dry rot far beyond what is actually pretty good in terms of inflation. There was a promise greater access with what we saw was a lot of the smaller hospitals actually go out a number of holders all across the country so people had go to larger hospital systems and consolidate things so that caused problems for people individual leak about lower costs and greater access. The ACA unfortunately promised much more than it was able to deliver and seeing that look like restriction and a lot of the people who are part of it now were also part of it under the Obama ministration that made those promises. I don't think that the American people are going to believe those types of policy promises when it comes to healthcare in general have been seeing much greater outcomes when it comes to things that have to deal with marketplace solutions so being able to control your cost and having price transparency being able to visit a doctor of your choice.

Being able to negotiate your own bills. People actually drop out of the system, not because they can't afford insurance but because they just want to find something better. So what people have been seeing when the promises of what when delivered by the government not out of the 17 what people were wow that is such a good good point Matt almost points are good but when you make the basic point that people have long memories. We remember all these huge promises.

As you mentioned in 2000 900, don't worry if you like your doctor. You can keep your doctor not to mention the fact that this is pointed out in an article that I read that the Congressional Budget Office actually concluded that the Sec. of Health and Human Services. I any leverage that that secretary would have over being able to negotiate drug prices would be that we have a negligible effect on federal spending because how do you have a government official, threatening to walk away from negotiating over drug when the fallout would be that Medicare beneficiaries would go nuts for not being able get that drug. It's it's just ridiculous on its face, even the CBO says so honestly what we are asking you about Washington bureaucrats to be able to know and control for and be able to uproot in terms of what people need individually is an impossible path. Yes, the only way that were going to receive greater price reductions are greater access and or care that we want to drive but this making process for healthcare too small a party of possible and it was like within the individual patient should be able to make the decisions of what they need and be able to do that, in consultation with their doctor governed by market forces rather than Washington bureaucrats talk a little bit if you would Matt about why what you said works as opposed to this sprawling bloated overspending bureaucracy that has become Obama care. Why is it that it is much more effective to have the individual in charge, rather than trusting the government will basic rules by which we would hereby when it comes to healthcare or frankly anything that we pray for the most effective and efficient way of spending money is if an individual person is going to spend it on themselves. They know what they want and they know how to make sure that they get the right deficiencies.

What we've built developed in healthcare today is the exact opposite of what the most effective, efficient way you are spending somebody else's money on someone else.

We don't force the patient from the actual cost of healthcare so people arrived to the hospital with an entitlement mentality because they came for their healthcare already. You just get whatever is coming to them not caring one moment for what the actual price of healthcare is that's no way to develop an effective, efficient system where we have scarce commodities.

We need to bring that decision-making process. Those drugs those processes and in healthcare" to the individual patient, where they are empowered and that's what you will see the cost of healthcare decrease in the actual axis of healthcare increase in detail what you know when were talking about liberty healthcare, which is a nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry you guys did things differently. As you talked about. There is a lot more individual control and you are sharing your healthcare expenses with other people who are part of liberty healthcare as well. How well does that work in practice when you actually are looking at the system itself and doing it a different way apart from Obama care and the exchanges apart from private third-party payer health insurance policies that people tend to have what's the biggest advantage in that, aside from what we've just discussed will individual patient backed up by the community support so that whatever goes will come down the line that they were expecting that they're able to pay for those but the individual person.

Now that we are in charge of their healthcare. The way that we showed up with real sure they've got in the game. They are all part of the decision-making process. They have responsibility and freedom in healthcare again along with all the benefits that you get from being able to do that with them choice them in the freedom to move about with in healthcare but individualized patient is able to know what they're paying for in healthcare have the freedom to negotiate to ask what the cost of something is going to be and how that all this in healthcare to say I'm going to be able to take care of my health care bills. I'm going to be able to take responsibility because I got a community behind me, willing to back me up in times of need yet to be on the front. The front line ownership mindset over my help but make sure were paying for as little possible for by healthcare with the greatest effectiveness and if you like you Dr. you can keep your doctor and that's actually that's actually a fact in and I mean this is this is such an important thing for people to know about is were looking at the overhaul once again potentially of healthcare and more bloated bureaucracy. It's just kind of a nightmare about liberty will give you more information. Matt Ballis chief communications officer for liberty how share a national nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry joining us. Always good to visit with you Matt.

Keep up the good work. Always a pleasure leave that take care will be back on Janet Mefford today. After this, this Thursday is the national Day of prayer. Join millions of trained Americans who are united in prayer for our country connect from your mobile device or computer to the largest online prayer gathering ever is an incredible opportunity to experience the power of prayer as one nation under God. Part of this historic day, along with fellow Christians who are ready to make a difference by lifting up our nation in prayer. Now's the time to answer the call ever gathering in history national Day of prayer. See you online that's I disses Janet Mefford for pre-born Candace talks about finding out she was pregnant.

Thankfully, and ultrasound provided by pre-born allowed her to hear her baby's heartbeat sonogram sealed the deal for me baby was like this tiny little spectrum of hope.

Nice size heart beating on the screen knowing that there's life growing inside me sonogram changed my life went from just Candace to mom to everybody that is given these gifts, you guys are giving more than money. You guys are getting lots pre-born has 10 centers that do not have ultrasound machines which you make a leadership gift and sponsor a machine today. These lifesaving machines cost more than most centers can afford your tax-deductible gift of 15000 Dollars Will Pl. a machine in a needy women's center and save countless lives for years to come. To donate, call 855402 baby 855402 baby or there's a banner to you're listening to Janet Mefford today and know here is that old line about narrow fiddles while Rome burns a little apropos in our own day, doesn't it. When I look across the spectrum, and I see one in particular. Some of these federal government agencies are doing the just out of control woke nests in your thinking yourself.

At least I am. We have so many problems as a country. I again will go on record as saying it's obvious that were under a form of God's judgments, if not the final judgment were certainly under a form of judgment for our sand and for all the ways in which we have squandered the blessings of the Lord over the years and rejected him and and really shaken her fist at him in many ways it's just it's a big subject, as you know, but you look at what has been going on in the with the corporations that have become more and more what we talked about that before the wool capital problem we seen the woke nests enter the church we seen the woke nests enter the educational system. We talk about critical race theory and intersection alley in all of this nonsense that is permeating absolutely everything that we live in and swim in his American citizens every single day, but when it starts getting to the level of government agencies that are responsible for things like crime-fighting like the FBI or the CIA, which is tasked with the incredibly important duty of intelligence around the world making sure they know what our enemies are up to, so they can work ahead in and take out anybody necessarily, not necessarily physically but to know about the threats that are coming to us and deal with them before they actually become reality. Online 9/11. That's the job of the CIA, but the CIA is apparently more concerned not with your skills or your education as somebody who would be qualified to serve in the CIA but now they really are showing their hand that they really care about is your woke nests. I find this amazing because just as a side personal note, there was a time when that was actually where I wanted to work I had taken Russian all through school, high school and college and I wanted to work there and thank the Lord.

It didn't pan out, it almost panned out the nice and I don't think this is probably for me. Thank you Lord thank you Lord you know what you were doing, but I want you to listen to this ad. It's a recruitment ad for the CIA that is making the rounds on social media, and I know a lot of listeners don't necessarily have social media, which is why love you so much. Nothing I hate you people who have social media.

I love you too, but I'm just saying if you if you have opted to not be on social media, you're probably a much happier person knowing what's out there. Let's listen to this ad.

This is an and add again.

Accrued recruitment ad for the CIA and it encourages Americans to command their space and I can even do it justice. The woman you're going to be hearing here is an unnamed CIA official and her story is the daughter of immigrants. This is One when I was 17, I quoted Zora Neal Hurston's how it feels to be colored me in my college application as the line that spoke to me.

Stated simply, tragically, color. There is no sorrow dammed up in my soul, nor lurking behind my eyes. I do not mind at all 17 had no idea what life would bring sora sentiment articulated so beautifully how I felt as a daughter of immigrants. Then and now nothing about me was or is tragic. I am perfectly made wax eloquent on complex legal issues in English, while also belting and what is in Spanish can change a diaper with one hand consoling crying down there with the other woman of color. I am a mom. I am assist gender millennial's been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. I am intersectional but my existence is not checking exercise, not a box checking exercise after you just finished checking every box you could possibly check.

I am assist gender millennial is around talking like that first will assist gender just means normal just means normal, it means you're a woman who's attracted to men.

Which is by the way, the way God designed you, so it's normal. That's all it means it is a sexual radical word that means nothing except differentiating you from homosexuality, which is just as viable in their view, now you're just a normal woman here, millennial which means you're in your 30s. Why do people have to designate themselves in categories all the time because this is how woke this works. I am intersectional was that even mean I'm intersectional. I've been diagnosed with this disorder.

What to do with anything. What is changing the diaper with one hand and consoling a toddler with the other have to do with the issue of gathering intelligence to keep the United States of America safe.

Nothing to do with anything having to do with the job of being a CIA agents.

It's just ridiculous. And by the way, when she talks about him so qualified I'm so great. I am perfectly made and I'm really smart, then you should be smart enough to not talk like this because when you start defining yourself by categories you're going directly against what Martin Luther King advocated is that we are not supposed to be identified and judged by the color of our skin but by the content of our character. It really doesn't matter.

Ultimately what your skin color is if you're taking a government job. I know that's not woke to say that because we now have a diversity chief there.

It's all about the whole bean counting thing and all it does is divide people as we know, and that's the point. That's the point, and she doesn't. By the way, and her sentences with? See, they're probably saying why does that matter. Well, he doesn't. But this is the rest of the adolescent cut to. I am a walking declaration of a woman whose election does not rise at the end of her sentences, suggesting that a question has been, as I did not sneak into CIA woman was not and is not the result of a fluke through the cracks. I turned my way in and I earned my way up the ranks of this organization and educated qualified and competent and sometimes I struggle I struggle feeling like I could do my two sons struggle leaving the office when I feel are so much more to do.

I used to struggle with imposter syndrome 36. I refuse to internalize guided patriarchal ideas of what a woman can or should be tired of feeling like I'm supposed to apologize for the space I other than people with my effort, my brilliant. My parents left everything today first generation CIA and apologetically mean I want you apologetically you whoever you are, your word command your space. What is what is that even mean so you're so proud of yourself and yet you say you don't take off boxes. As you take off boxes you intersectional you have a generalized anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder because your grievance mongering all the time to live like that see tick-tock videos online. I see some of these people who are making all kinds of statements on the Internet. I think these people have to be the most miserable angry people in the world and you know something that's exactly what the elites want.

That's how you divide a nation that's how you weaken a nation and ultimately that's how you destroy a nation.

Think about this for a moment if woke nests is the highest good within the confines of the CIA such that they would highlighted it as the most important thing for any recruits what to tell you about what they're actually doing behind closed doors. Are you guys actually you know doing your jobs or you just sitting around giving each other metals for being woke that's not going to keep us safe is Americans and don't you know that you look at some of our foreign enemies, most especially China, which is continually building up its military continually rattling the saber continually going after us on on online hacking and although who knows what else they're planning and meanwhile we have a president who's completely in their back pocket. If you are to believe all of the revelations over the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, which by the way, doesn't seem to be very important because the FBI would rather ignore the Hunter Biden scandal and instead read Rudy Giuliani. That's the most important thing that's me in public. Rudy Giuliani is a tremendous threat to the United States. Hunter Biden he's coming on the book to show that his book and he is really cool book and you know that he's just a nice look at what's been done to this country. Where does it end what happens when you have a government that is playing at being serious in such serious times. I don't have any faith that we would be ready or we would be prepared if we were to be the subject of a serious attack by China or by Russia or by Iran, which by the way they want to still play footsie with by the Iran deal you not safe you're just not safe you not as safe as you probably would've been only a year or so ago and it does matter who's in charge and I'm old enough to remember what happened in 1979 when Jimmy Carter was hapless when it came to the hostages being held over there and Iran couldn't get it done incomes Ronald Reagan film hostages come home. It does make a difference who you elected does make a difference who you vote for and I just think we need to pray for this country like never before. But we also need to stand in the gap and speak up and to tell the truth and not just sit back and let all this stuff wash over us like some kind of uncontrollable synonymy is not uncontrollable and got his not taking his hand officer. He loves as he delights to be merciful and he listens to his people when they pray, please pray for our beloved country.

We must leave it there will see next time. Thank you for tuning in on Janet

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