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Joseph Backholm (The Duty for Christians to Vote)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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October 28, 2020 5:00 am

Joseph Backholm (The Duty for Christians to Vote)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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October 28, 2020 5:00 am

America has a new Supreme Court justice in Amy Coney Barrett, but will this confirmation push Democrat progressives to make good on their threats to pack the court? We'll talk about it. Plus: What are some Christian voting myths, and what should we understand about the privilege and duty of going to the polls this year? I'll talk it over with Joseph Backholm from the Family Research Council. That and more on Wednesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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Our confidence is in Christ alone, I bother to votes have to confess I have never understood why any Christian, much less any American would ever asked that question the right to vote is a privilege. It's one that should never be taken for granted, especially when we consider the issues at stake in this presidential election coming up and that's why Joseph back home who is senior fellow for biblical worldview and strategic engagement at the family research Council ran a blog series recently refuting certain voting myths that keep Christians home from the polls and he joins us now Joseph great to have you with us. How are you I am well Janet that you could be with you. It's good to have you here.

I do you feel like that a little bit when people say I'm not really sure I should even bother to vote is strange to you two are such as me know. On one level it does, often with Derek expressing is just a little exasperation like offensive like I don't have control over this. You know what to do and what information I am so on one level yeah I'd I do think that those of us who live in a free country and have the freedom and the luxury to vote the wheat we should see that as a privilege because most people have lived and died without that privilege.

At the same time I I do understand this world can feel overwhelming and and sometimes when something feels overwhelming. Our emotional instinct is just to withdraw. That's true that's true, if you feel powerless. There is a tendency to want to say I give up. Who cares, it doesn't matter anyway.

But you know it's funny. I think when you think about the issue of taking voting for granted how much of that is part of this kind of nonchalance about voting anywhere generation we don't remember when women got the right to vote.

We don't remember when you know the 15th amendment was passed in 1869. A lot of the history of making voting more and more fair that that we proceeded a lot of us so is that part of the problem that we look at voting is and it's so normal that we don't really appreciate.

I do think I have a lot to do it. I think it very we take for granted that other people in times past.

Couldn't have imagined, and I do think that's true but you know we as Americans were spoiled in so many ways. Not only were we spoiled economically in terms of our freedom, but were spoiled by the fact we get to have a say and in because it is just normal to us. This tendency to believe is always on its way and it will always be this way when history actually proves the opposite, that this is very rare darkly speaking.

Most people have lived and died under some form of tyranny, never had any say in how they were governed and it is certainly not guaranteed to last forever, and that's why the matter of just kind of doing maintenance on our freedom and think the people gave to us. I do think we have a we owe it to the people who paid a really steep price to give up this opportunity not to just let go and lose yeah well said. I agree with you there you not always guaranteed a permanent right to votes we should keep that in mind that's a scary thought but it is important so you've written about these different myths Christian voting myths and I want to ask you about each of these. The first one that you've written about is one vote doesn't make a difference.

In other words, a lot of people feel just one person of a big no faceless mass of humanity and if I vote. It's not can overthrow the election one way or another.

What you say to that right and I think when people think about voting and we can do this this instinctive kind of math problem in our head and we wrote well hundred and 35 billion million people voted for the coveted CM in 2016 and I'm just one of the hundred 35 million votes. Therefore, my vote doesn't necessarily matter what we forget is everything else that happens on about, you can make that you can make that that he could reach a conclusion mathematically when you're just thinking about the presidency but just think about the presidency. You have dogcatcher races you have mayoral race of you have state legislative races illegal act 2017 Virginia House of delegates race would actually hide after 23,000 votes.

They determined the majority in the House of delegates in the state of Virginia by polling a name out of a hat and filled the entire state of Virginia's balance of power in one house of government was determined. It would've been determined by one vote, because there wasn't one more vote to settle that it would actually determined by chance pulling name out of a hat. We saw the same thing happen in New Mexico were six where a state rep one by one vote, but it was to vote so close. When you go down to you know we we do a lot of talking now about the school board races because that's where a lot of these conversations about curriculum are being decided about the kind of the gender revolution is taking place in schools. Those decisions are decided that the school board level many races across the country are uncontested.

Some don't have anybody who run for them and the ones that are contested often decided not by tens of thousands of votes, but by 10 just because of the number of people to vote in them. So the reason why it's not true that our vote doesn't matter if there's so much going on besides the presidential race, which tends to get all of the attention will any of those races impact our lives in really significant ways.

That's a really good point. And of course I think about the 2000 election because of people will recall you had Al Gore versus George W. Bush.

It triggered that recount in Florida and Bush won Florida by .009% 537 votes. Basically that's what it came down to in order to decide a presidential election. So even in the case where you have an electoral college, and play that makes a difference if you show up of 600 more voters had showed up and voted for Al Gore.

He would've been president. That's exactly right.

So there are those occasions while there are literally thousands of instances where if you vote matter across the country a range of elections, occasionally even on the most high-profile elections a few dozen or few hundred races make a big difference important to keep perspective on everything or involved in one more voting just to think that this is more of a likely math or excuse that people make when it comes to the presidential election precisely because it is the electoral College. The winner takes all system that kicks in with the presidency as opposed to what you mentioned, you know who the judge judges or the dogcatcher or the lower unit of the lower down the ballot races. Well, I think sometimes I think it's an excuse not a reason people just don't want to be bothered by it. They're just frustrated. They want to just walk away and I think it's an easy excuse to fail. Look at all those people of [my vote not to make a difference anyway because I don't think you can do a very thorough analysis of of elections and how they work off the bottom of the ballot and say my vote doesn't matter, and particularly when you think about an email Mike.

My parents used to tell me what you know the world be like if everybody did what you did write one person to five my vote doesn't matter and they said it out. Well make a big difference. I don't know what happens when 40 million people make that decision and that's what you have, you know you have any 40% in 2016 of evangelical didn't a lot about what you have when one person says that the impact is smaller when tens of millions of people reach that same conclusion to those collective votes make an impact.

Absolutely, they do so this is just another another one of those situations were just do the right thing in your small way everybody does that then everything gets taken care of. But if you if you neglect to the small things you will. He was faithful and little then will not be made ruler over much in a very practical way.

That's really good point about the issue of the lack of professing Christians who are even registered to vote. I know were coming up a few days before the election.

So is not really possible. People listening have registered about shame on you, but what numbers that you have any idea what those numbers are this year as opposed to previous years. Well I don't know that anybody knows that and I would still say, in many states you can still register to vote. You are voted in mind are not necessarily done. There are some states where you can walk up and register the day of the election because I'm not sure I love that candidate complacent so you cannot registered you can get registered to vote in many places.

So check but the reality is it's about knowing what went when we go back historically.

It's about is only 65 to 70% of eligible voters who are registered to vote is a huge percentage of people who could vote but don't for one reason or another they moved they just change your address and didn't reregister in any state or they just don't care that much and so you still have a huge percentage of the of the population who just not participating in the in the process.

Yeah, I'm really glad that you mentioned the fact that in certain areas you can still register the outside but was not aware of all that, but you can look that up. I'm sure online and check into that. If you have not registered to vote some sorry jumped on that bandwagon before I get a worry yeah really glad you mentioned that while I want to go to a very quick break will come back with Joseph back home from the family research Council talking about voting in your Christian duty to vote will come back on Janet.

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He would water and plant the seeds himself that he gives you the tools and you have a responsibility don't you when it comes to voting that's exactly right but you know this is actually a pretty common argument that I've heard any. It's just this idea that well.

Jesus is in a Democrat and Republican, which is of course true and Jesus is in charge of everything. Regardless of what happens. Therefore, I'm going to just to do anything about it, let God sift through it and you now take care of it when it's all done and you know it it's a pretty lame theological argument from my perspective because we wouldn't take that perspective in our parenting we would take our perspective in our marriage know God is in charge. Therefore, I just cannot. You know, neglect my children got. I was in charge will neglect my you know my leaky roof, whatever that is. You know we did. We just don't use that logic anywhere else. Which is why it is it doesn't make sense here either because God put us here to do the things that he entrusted to us in one of those things is be good stewards of our communities.

We have to. I like the way you put it. You set a Republican form of government like everything in our lives requires constant maintenance. We also wouldn't say God's in charge.

I don't think I'm gonna tend to that leaky oil that I have dripping out of my car it just doesn't make what drives it, though, is it just again that same frustration that you mentioned earlier yes I think people are frustrated with the process to get frustrated with the system they get frustrated with the people emotionally. They want to disengage and so they want to find a reason that will allow them to Slagle looking for argument and that sounds kind of high-minded and spiritual get it's true that God is in charge and he sift through our brokenness and he sift through our mistakes and ultimately his will is accomplished and we don't have the power to derail God's ultimate plan.

Of course, but that's neither here nor there, because God when he places us on earth. He gives us assignments. He has good works that we should walk in them that you prepared for us in advance right so that's what he did and he had he had expectations about and expectations in the sense that you you you better do this from dinner strike you dad's expectations, and we get to join him in what he's doing on earth right. He gives us power, he gives us opportunities.

He gives us relationships. He gives gives us authority when we stored them in a way that honors him then we get to see him at work and we get to be part of that so it shouldn't be seen as like this duty are somebody's you know if it should be seen as a duty that we that we are we direct you to sometimes it's confusing and yes sometimes a complicated and difficult but got still at work and he have a part for us to play in that and we should be excited about the chance to listen discern his will and then go to. That's good. It's also it would seem a dereliction of duty because enough Christians said that, and stayed home.

That's worse.

People were put in the office with worse policies that could harm people. I mean, there are ramifications as to who's elected. It's not as if you know color blue candidate in color red candidate they're basically the same, and it doesn't matter. It really matters, who's who's in each office and I think you seen that very starkly this year. It really does in our thinking in every race, your you're dealing with the imperfection you're dealing with imperfect policy you're dealing with imperfect people, and there is a temptation when we know we have things we don't like about ball for all of the options is just to say, well, then I'm knocking to get involved, but the reality is if if if your choice is better or worse which it often is. If you're not willing to push your thumb down on the lever for better or there's a good chance you're going to be stuck with work and I don't know why that benefit that benefits when we do that either. This kinda leads into your third Matthew Christian voting. Myth number three I don't like either candidate. So what's the point. This was quite unit employed with the never Trumper's. For example, in 2016, especially those within evangelical confines who were saying well you know there's no character and I can't go is somebody with no character and other people talked about the importance of policy. When we enter the voting booth you come down in that question that if you have bad candidate and worst candidate you shouldn't have no candidate but what what is the justification behind that theory. And behind that logic, yet will I try not to bind other people's consciences, and I think this is an area within the church where we can have sincere differences of agreement while trying to do the right thing but for me this is a practical situation is not like social media where you're saying you know I like everything about this image or this quote, so I'm going to give it a thumbs up. The reality is on the ballot. Your you're not necessarily choosing between perfect and awful your choosing between. I think this is better than the alternative.

And I think that we should have the just. Practically speaking, the willingness to do that because most of our choices in life are imperfect and when you evaluate how do we choose between imperfect options. Let's look at their policies. What are they actually do.

Is there one removing the personalities from his birth is there one direction that I like better than the other. If there is, that might help us make the make a choice and then look at the people around them who do they bring with them if you don't like the coach of the team do you like anybody on the team. The team generally doing what you want to get gone is just because politics is such a reality TV these days. There's so much hypersensitivity about the personalities and Barb involved are they do matter the people involved matter and character matters. All those things matter, but they may not be the only thing that matters. If you can't easily make a choice based on those criteria. And that's a hard thing.

I think for many Christians because we are so you know, fixated rightly, I think on the character of the people who serve in public office, but I think people also recognize the repentant big shifts tectonic plate shifts in the political system in the last 1520 years, I can think and I won't name any names, but I can think of man. I voted for for various offices who had great character and they were terrible in office.

They just were very ineffective in in their public office.

So what I job performance. That's also it would seem to be an important thing to talk about as well write it when it comes to the issues that matter most in need of being single issue voters about my nine-year-old agrees with me on everything but I don't think my nine-year-old should be present in the United States. Some of these things are establishing minimum requirements for what should be there which will allow us to eliminate some people and then in some ways we are hiring for a job if like the best person to accomplish the job we have in front of you which driver do I want you I want the driver who's driving the direction I want to go.

The guy was going the opposite direction whose car my going to get in. Even if I may not like the right direction that I want to go. Are they going the opposite direction that I want to go makes a lot of sense. So the fourth Christian voting myth that you mention is I'm not in the majority where I live.

So why bother. I've been in this position since I'm from Illinois. It always seems like my vote didn't count. Now I'm in Texas and in a way in a better way for my perspective. I'm in a majority here. What about that issue that boy my vote just doesn't count because I live in the states that either. It's overwhelmingly my position or it's overwhelmingly against my position kinda back to the first meth Army a little bit. We arbiter the little twist on this because you know the best illustration of this audit. I think of quickly. As we were back in 2016 in a race versus trumpet Hilary Donald Trump was elected with the vote of less than 20% of the United States population was left is about 25% of the eligible voters. Why is that because you have the whole population. Within that you have you had eligible voters and then you have a subset of that which is registered voters in a subset of that is people who are actually voters.

Every election is decided by the people who turn out to actually vote if not decided by a simple what does 100% of the population actually think it doesn't matter what, actually people think it matters who shows up and filled out their ballot, which is why turnout matters so much and why the minority of community always determines the outcome of the election simply because so many people don't show up so you can win elections with 20% of your community with 25% in your community and even 25% of your country as long as everybody does their job that's that's a really really vile thing for people to understand because I know for example, in local elections.

Sometimes you have just a handful of people depending on where you live here in full of people will select the city Council if it's just a city Council election standing on its own. No national candidates on the ballot so that principle is exactly what you're saying it could just be in a log. A few hundred people in your community decides is on the city Council when there are thousands of people who live there right now and I yeah tell Pastor know you will get two or three of your pastor friend and you had run a slate of candidates you could run in your little town you can own the city Council by each nominating somebody to run and telling everybody people to vote for because there's just so much organization so little organization that goes into the small races. You don't have to be the minority in your majority in your town.

You just have to care enough to do some work to make it happen and you can do you think that motivation is up or hearing some early stories about early voting is just way up from four years ago you see on this whole election shaking out. Many people again are calling it the most part election of our lives etc. etc. do you think it is.

Well, you know, we hear that every year. Maybe. Maybe it certainly the most important election of this year's or you know if you just a part that I do think that all matter I think ideas matter in government is where ideas get implemented. So I think as Christians we need to understand that a real impact on people's lives in very tangible ways is the most important one. I don't know. But the most important one in front of us and so we do need to care and in need to not just see this is red and blue and kind of whatever those issues are not just partisanship.

It's the idea that what we embrace as a community of a country's state that will determine, in some cases, whether people live and die. It will determine what our children are taught in the school down the street. It will determine whether churches or nonprofits get to retain their religious freedom with unknowns or can get sued because they don't want to pay for birth control. All of these really practical and then not to mention business climate issues and how easy or difficult it is to own and run a business, and often you know somebody else who can be telling you what you have to do in your business. Many really practical reasons why this matters in people's lives. We just need to know submit it to God and do our best but be good stewards of the authority God's given well said well in the end, as people have an opportunity to head to the polls early voting or on November 3 itself. This is good motivation for all of us to do our duty as citizens of this great country family research Council, Joseph back home with us just if it was great having you here.

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Congratulations to Justice Baratz. This is very huge.

I keep thinking about those never Trumper's back in 2016. The raw s'mores of evangelicalism. Oh, we must not compromise opens most of it will we just got three pro-life justices because Pres. Trump was the president of the United States and that was one of the main reasons that people talked about wanting to vote for Trump because they wanted to get pro-life justices on the Supreme Court. Now what we have to deal with is a laugh that's just bonkers.

I don't know how else to put it there bonkers.

Let's go first to Sen. Chuck Schumer, ever the drama King when he doesn't get his way. Listen to cut one here at this late hour at the end of this sordid chapter in the history of the Senate, the history of the Supreme Court.

My deepest and greatest sadness for the American people generations yet unborn will suffer the consequences of this nomination as the globe gets warmer as workers continue to fall behind is unlimited dark money. Floods are politics as reactionary state legislatures curtail a woman's right to choose gerrymandered districts and limit the rights of minorities to vote. My deepest greatest most abiding sadness tonight is for the American people what this nomination will mean for their lives and freedoms, their fundamental rights.

Monday, October 26, 2020. It will go down as one of the darkest days in the 231 year history of the United States, can you hear my eyes rolling there rolling so hard, I bet it's probably audible, really Chuck Schumer generations yet unborn will suffer the consequences.

Generations that could be unborn because of abortion may have their lives saved. Ultimately, if Amy Kony Barrett is able to participate in an overturning of Roe V Wade which we pray for every single day.

As we should. What they're mad about is that they get their way. They are mad that the Republicans had the votes that they needed in order to confirm a justice whom they didn't want and by the way this all goes back to how they tried to get their way. Years ago and now it's coming back to bite them a little bit dear member in 2013 they took this step the Senate Democrats eliminated filibusters for most nominations by presidents. Now, this didn't include Supreme Court nominations, but it set into motion. This whole new way of playing a dirty game really and and we want our power so badly that were to keep chipping away and chipping away and chipping away at how things have traditionally been done in the Senate and then when we don't get our way were to call it illegitimate while Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell address this issue a couple of days before Amy Kony Barrett was confirmed as the next Supreme Court justice. He addressed this issue of legitimacy and I thought brilliantly listen to cut to all of the most important part discomfort legitimacy does not flow from the well. Hope all legitimacy does not know which political party motion legitimacy cultural traditions rules of our democratic colleges front lots of shots of word that our program repeatedly dollars. The election will be legitimate but are there with this confirmation process. Democrats are flaunting their own song is front control computer. The election will be legitimate regardless of whether you want conversion along the long development they want to and they pretty much walked right into that.

What is this end up doing to our Republic, Senate Majority Leader McConnell went on to say that Scott three. Our Republic got out of any political function, illegitimate is sloppy for were not happy or course are not the about the village of… Reckless Christmas break down a road not want control law correct. Sincerely, after all, if votes want. I just ignore my college must remove all chose not to do that.

It reminds our duty to separate right from wrong stock infection and while I'm glad that he went on the record and sent all of that because I think posterity ought to show somebody was thinking clearly. During this dark time in American history. It's amazing to me. I look at some of these people. Some of the same people who went berserk during the Brett Cavanaugh scourge. I was horrible what they did to that man and no shame whatsoever, and I'm thinking how these people get elected.

Do people really look at some of these people and say person with a great temperament, a real sensible outlook on life. II think that would be a good choice for the Senate.

I enough people do that these people keep getting reelected. So now this is the way it goes. In America, but speaking of knots.

Listen to this little rant after the confirmation of Amy Kony Barrett this is Rachel Maddow on MSNBC.

This is For one of the things that the Democratic leader Chuck Schumer sat on the floor. The Senate tonight was the next time the American people give Democrats a majority in this chamber meeting in the Senate you and you Republicans will have forfeited the right to tell us how to run that majority what Sen. Cummins is talking about there in terms of rebalancing the courts is what Democrats are talking about and they tried to demonize this issue in the presidential race calling it court packing and all these other things.

But over the past eight years, Mitch McConnell, in particular Republicans in the Senate in general have embarked on a radical transformation of the judiciary, and they did third through cutthroat tactics and Nicole radical hypocrisy if Democrats just decide they're gonna live with those consequences, and not fight fire with fire. There essentially disarming themselves in politics and letting McConnell's way run things for Republicans enough of the other side. I think that when you let them when you force the lumber that far to one side. It comes back and anybody is not expecting that once this Democratic Senate majority and a Democrat in the White House is kidding themselves it's coming.

Okay Rachel Maddow calling Republicans radical is hilarious.

It's hilarious is here radical. Mitch was radical. Can you believe these people the Republicans have the executive branch and they have control of the Senate and they actually went ahead and did what is allowed constitutionally to nominate and confirm a Supreme Court justice who is highly qualified and comes highly recommended and even Biden had said that she she he think she's a good person. So why does that radical. They are the radical ones. They are the ones who are continually trying to be totalitarian about everything.

It's their natural states. It just is.

Why else did we see Alexandria Casey Cortez immediately put out a tweet saying expand the courts and the rest of the squad jumped right on it L Hanno Morris.

She displayed the usual suspects that the court that the court Rachel Maddow how this court packing discussion and there's not much to it really come back. Stay with us if you could provide God's word to a Bible is believer elsewhere in the world which you through the ministry of Bible league international you can send that Bible today. Hebrews 13, three urges us to remember those in great need, noting that when the body of Christ anywhere is found lacking were encouraged to help provided these believers live where churches are small and remote where authorities are welcoming of Christianity and where Bibles are scarce as pastor Carlo in Peru says they need the home found only in password. Everyone wants to read the Bible, sir. You see here in the area, and of them will be sharing a single Bible for only five dollars believers around the world will receive Bibles and be discipled in their new faith. $35 and seven Bibles $100 since 20 and because of a matching gift right now. Your gift will be double 800 password 800 YDS WORD 800 yes word there's a manner Are you in need of a healthcare program you're unlocking is a member of Liberty help share your part of the community that comes together to share their medical expenses. You can sign up throughout the year. With membership starting as early as the following month and there are no contracts or commitments program start as low as $349 per month and there's no network so you can choose your own doctors and hospitals. Liberty help share is a nonprofit ministry not insurance so your money goes toward helping other members with their eligible medical expenses and in your time of need. Other members are there for you to, you can feel good knowing your part of a community of like-minded individuals who understand the importance of people coming together to bear one another's burdens.

Find out that's Liberty help.or/JMP or call now 855-565-2561 855-565-2561. You're listening to Joan at Milford today so Pres. Trump put out a tweet after the confirmation of Amy Kony Barrett to the US Supreme Court. After she was sworn in, and he said Biden's handlers want to expand the court. This would be very bad for the USA on top of that they don't want to provide a list of who would be chosen for the court MUST have a list of these radical left judges provided, and Joe don't want to talk about court packing, but some of their friends talk about court packing.

But before I get to that and I will get to that in a minute. I want to go back to something that had come up in the course of playing some of that audio for you in the last segment Rachel Maddow say the Republicans are radical for having confirmed Amy Kony Barrett Chuck Schumer's saying it's the saddest day in American story. Good grief.

First of all, let's go back to what happened during the course of the confirmation hearings of Brett Cavanaugh still not over that.

I don't know about you, that was beyond disgraceful. That was be on despicable and I don't think I will ever forget how people like Connolly Harris and Cory Booker and Richard Blumenthal and all the rest of them treated this justice by going back to his high school yearbook and trying out Christine blazing Ford who looked confused and and even in the words of some of the Senate Republicans perhaps being used herself by the left to bring down a candidate they didn't want on the court because they want ideological control of the court, they are able to get through the court what they can't get through legislatively and they know it we know it and they know it that we know it.

So let's go back because I love this rant by Sen. Lindsey Graham at the point when he just couldn't take it anymore everything that they were doing to try to destroy Brett Cavanaugh to try to put his family through an absolute nightmare situation which they did. I don't know how he had the wherewithal to just continue on with the process. I think if it had been me, I would've packed up and said Sia I'd I don't need this. I want to go back to my normal life. But when I hear Schumer express concerns about dark days in the senates. These were dark days and the Senate listen to cut eight if you wanted a FBI investigation. You could come to us what you want to do is destroy this guys life holding a seat open and hope you win in 2020. You said that, not me, you got nothing to apologize for when you say so. Tamara Kagan tell him that Lindsay said all because I voted for the I would never do to them what you've done to this guy, this is the most unethical sham since I've been in politics and if you really wanted to know the truth, you sure is what done what you done to this guy are you a gang rapist. No, I cannot imagine what you and your family going through Boise all power to help you never get it hope the American people can see through this sham and I think millions of Americans saw through the sham and didn't forget about it and that's probably why the morning consult found a steady increase in the percentage of voters who favored confirming Amy Kony Barrett. It wasn't just a matter of Republicans having the boats. It was a matter of the American people seem to confirm or that's a problem for the left. That's a huge problem for the left when they begin to slide in public opinion. How do you get it back all of their tactics have been searching destroy an hour adding rioting and looting and threats to everything else okay if Trump is reelected on November 3 is every city going to go up in flames, or begin to see what we saw in Philadelphia. After Amy Kony Barrett was confirmed it wasn't in response to that. It was in response to a suspect with a knife and we know that, but looting and then you know and there were people on the left were saying stop doing that.

We need Pennsylvania. Who knows maybe that's gonna be the sort of thing. Organist seen every single major city. I would not put it past them because in the last several weeks.

I think they've been told to stand down.

I think they've been told keep things quiet. We want to do the very least we can to get people all riled up and blame all of these situations of unrest on the left might just keep it down guys and then interrupted again, but people remember this and we we sit these flyers that were handed out, for example, in places like Kansas City saying we've identified you as a trump supporter and we hope you have good homeowners insurance because you may see a fire being set to your house that's domestic terrorism that's who these people are supporting ultimately by not cracking down on it and by not putting a stop to it. That's what these people are about. But keep in mind matches the Brett Cavanaugh hearings and what went down at that time, but also what Mitch McConnell said about decades of battles over judicial nominees. I think this is a really important cut for you to listen to. This is cut five Richard Walton: Democratic leader in early 2000 well after felt better, worried, and 23rd. The so-called nuclear option implemented because Republicans were holding program abolishing all the news of the sign scattered the items over greater when the shoe locked up too much to type Democrats, both 1992 and 2007 helpfully volunteered how they would have dealt with the nominated like we didn't want to search the interminable brochure committed. Joe Barton helpfully volunteered in 1992, 41, is running for reelection but have occurred one of those helpfully volunteered how they would deal with it will also well to one up literary route from now. The waiter Chuck Schumer said 18 month 18 months before the all the Bush 43. Supreme Court occurred were talking about here about how we got where we are.

Understand my Democratic friends or shame to be terribly persuaded by their version of all. All I can tell you is always there. I know what happened in my version is totally it is people need to remember that when you see left is turnaround the word illegitimate. You gotta go back to the history and recognize the left created it. The left created it in the left no live by and you might die by it. In fact, over at National review back in August 2020. There was a discussion about the nuclear option, and whether or not the pressure is building up in Democratic circles to eliminate the filibuster once and for all. This writer was making the point that they're gonna regret that they're gonna regret that because the same rules that you established to help yourself can help the other guy if they're able to gain a legislative majority. For one thing the writer said Democrats will need to do much better-than-expected in the small Senate races to have the numbers required to kill the filibuster once and for all why the reluctance from some of the people at the time were saying. I don't really know if we should go that far for all the furor on the left.

These senators likely realize that eliminating the filibuster could come back to bite the Democrats most obviously the successful Senate confirmation of 200 federal judges to date. This is back in August during Donald Trump's first term ought to encourage caution on the left that torrid record-breaking pace has been made possible by Democrats decision under Harry Reid in late 2013 to kill the filibuster for judicial appointments, then the minority leader Mitch McConnell presciently told his Democratic colleagues you'll regret this, and you might regret it even sooner than you might think well how many judicial appointments has present in trump and able to get through.

They don't like it because they know it's not just the Supreme Court. There have been many many many many judicial appointments that they didn't want and they don't want and that is why you have people talking about packing the courts you have that you have some people waiting in an openly saying it, people like AOC who is obviously in the House of Representatives, not in the Senate and her little squad over there. They want to fundamentally transform America.

She of the Democratic Socialists of America and L had Omar and we don't have time to get into everything she's into, but that's what they want.

They don't like America as is.

They believe that they were elected to get rid of America and start over because I guess when you're a bartender from New York. You know better than the founders. James Madison and Thomas Jefferson. They know what they know I can dance on a rooftop on AOC. I'm cool. I'm all about the green new deal baby were gonna have this great reset working to get into all these climate change, globalism, garbage and boy won't the world be a utopia. We can't even begin to imagine the business. Why have bad news for AOC. There will be no bliss if you institute any form of global Marxism. It will be global chaos and misery lot. What we read about in Scripture will unfold in the end times governmental control.

One world government power invested in the antichrist and all the rest were to be talking about that later on this week, but this is the point we have a fundamental responsibility and duty to preserve a country that has granted incredible freedoms given to us by God for 240+ years. This is a very important time for us to recognize as Christians that we are so blessed to be able to vote and to be able to support our elected representatives who are working hard to uphold our ideals and our freedoms. You can't just take for granted your freedom. It's not possible because freedom is never free and it's never to be taken for granted. So pray for this country. We thank you for being with us and we will see you next time. Thank you very very much for being with us

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