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Noah Brandt (Pro-Life Victories in 2019)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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January 8, 2020 8:00 am

Noah Brandt (Pro-Life Victories in 2019)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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January 8, 2020 8:00 am

The United Methodist Church has announced a new proposal to split the denomination over so-called LGBTQ rights. But have the pro-homosexual liberals just signed their own denominational death warrant? We'll talk about it. Plus: Noah Brandt from Americans United for Life discusses some of the biggest pro-life victories of 2019 and offers a preview of big victories that await us in 2020. That and more on Wednesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet my for today is brought to you by pre-born were wanting to save 250 pre-born babies this January by offering free ultrasounds to women in crisis pregnancies you can help by calling 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or Janet met, our confidence is in Christ alone, I no I did Methodist Church and I don't really talk about the United Methodist Church, although I did talk about the United Methodist Church a little more than normal. When I spoke with the recent stand against Marxism conference and that's because I was speaking in social justice and talking about why Christians need to stand up against social justice and one of my reasons for that was because of my own family history and I tell that whole story. You may have heard my speech already and heard what I had to say about that. But going back to my grandparents being in the United Methodist Church of my mother and being in the mainline and how social justice was everything, and in all the after effects that it had on my whole family is quite a story, but I find the United Methodist Church to be a very interesting test case on what it means to jettison the Bible and what it actually does. In reality, when you go in that direction. If you haven't heard, this is you know just recent news here. A group of leaders by the New York Times, a group of leaders of the United Methodist Church, which is the second largest Protestant denomination in the US has now announced a plan that would formally split the church citing fundamental differences over same-sex marriage. After years of division. The plan would sunder a denomination with 13 million members globally, roughly half of them in the US and create at least one new traditionalist Methodist denomination that would continue to ban same-sex marriage ban seems that there's no such thing as well as the ordination of gay and lesbian clergy like language anytime. The mainstream media has to talk about people who are being biblical in their approach to a sexuality issue. They always put negative verbs attached to it on their banning it just like all those states that passed in no state constitution resolutions that we will only uphold and recognize man woman marriage because that's the only kind of marriage. There is in the mainstream media for years hole with a band, same-sex marriage, there is no such thing that's likely I band gnomes to I band you know fairies and IBAN leprechauns were banned in the state of Texas as well. I don't really know what the differences but were living in these weird times. So here we've got this denomination that is absolutely ripped apart over homosexuality, homosexuality, and now I have to get to this before I get into the rest of the story because this just cracked me up. This cracked me up. You know the Babylon be. You might've seen the Babylon be, but if you don't know of the Babylon be. It is a satirical Christian website.

They take stories and they basically do an onion treatment on them and do parities and so just keep in mind as I'm reading this to you.

This is the Babylon be and this is a parody folks, but it's got a very serious point.

The headline is United Methodist Church to split over whether or not to be Christian's see it's good already. This is the right leaders from the United Methodist Church have announced a tentative plan to split the church over differences on whether or not Methodists should be Christian or some sort of social group with a vague DS motif that makes up morality based on whatever it feels like the truth.

This is exactly what's going on.

The Rev. Lloyd Patrick one of those dismayed by the recent push by traditionalist to follow the Bible instead of each person's own heart said there was no way to reconcile differences. A lot of people still want to follow Jesus a person from 2000 years ago, who made no statements about pronouns and this has no relevance today which is just silly since we all know so much more now and have a better grasp on morality than a bunch of ancient people. Rev. Patrick went on to describe how Christian beliefs put an unnecessary burden on people has they can lead to ridicule or even being canceled. He said I guess they don't have to worry about that in primitive places overseas, but we can't be expected to deal with that the US parities speaks truth more obviously sometimes than a straight truth exactly the United Methodist Church is splitting over whether or not Methodists should be Christians. I think that's actually actually quite accurate and this is been going on for a long long time. You have much more conservative Christians in the United Methodist Church overseas in Africa, for example, than you do in the United States and and it has been the delegation from Africa.

According to reports that has kept the United Methodist Church from going full PC USA or Episcopal Church for the last number of years. So I guess you know they they just couldn't handle what happened last year.

You remember this where they had this meeting and was a February 2019 and Huffington Post wrote about this. The delegates he just voted against considering a plan that allowed regional bodies in the UMC to independently decide whether to conduct same-sex marriages and ordain gay clergy majority of delegates, 56% of the delegates affirmed a plan that would have enforced bands against queer weddings and queer clergy more strictly. It was a preliminary vote ahead of a final decision that came later, but so that the liberals were all up in arms. How dare you not bow to the rainbow flag quickly. This is happened the apostasy as it I mean nobody was talking about a redefinition of marriage, up until the year 2000.

It was unthinkable. It was unthinkable for Democrats. It was unthinkable for Republicans. It was unthinkable for everybody. Nobody I mean nobody was talking about this and those who did talk about things like civil unions or alternative lifestyles were tiptoeing quite carefully because they knew what could happen if you went too far with this stuff and now we got drag queens and libraries reading to toddlers and letting them fling themselves on their bodies. It really will. This is how fast apostasy happens and why in the world would you get up on a Sunday morning to go to a church that is going to do exactly what the human rights campaign wants them to do. Why would you go. Oh, it's about being loving and it's about being supportive, loving people when you don't tell them the truth and you're certainly not loving God and that's the bottom line we can talk about loving people and evangelization intercourse with our God's voice conference coming up again in April. This is very much on my mind once again as we tackle these kinds of issues loving people enough to tell them the truth that you must flee from your sin and clean to Jesus Christ and accept his grace and accept his forgiveness, but it begins with a repentant heart and it begins with an acknowledgment that you need a Savior. If you got it all figured out by embracing the world and you just want to tack got onto it at the very end Savior. Do you have and why do you even need a Savior.

If you got it all figured out in the world's got it all right beware when the world speaks well of you folks have we forgotten that verse. Have we forgotten that truth.

Let's go back actually to February 2019. I played this cut at the time, but let me just give you a taste of the new UMC. This was Jeffrey Warren. You might remember this young man, a United Methodist from New York who went to the mic and did this so that is my support and as someone who has grown up in our church.

As someone who is gay and goes to the least religious college in the evangelism on campus has grown. We have brought people to Jesus because they said they have not heard this message before they know God could love them because there is boy that was a little pathological. It was a lot pathological is that which would you go to a church with that guy sit standing in the pulpit going berserk every Sunday and what nonsense.

Absolute nonsense is empty of any biblical content whatsoever because the church has told homosexuals that God didn't love them.

Name one church that is ever said that in the United Methodist denomination. I challenge you to find one church that's ever said that Ed at most. If you have biblically faithful Christians who are in the United Methodist Church there talking about the importance of repentance and coming to know the Lord, do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God. Do not be deceived.

Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, nor thieves nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor of Eilers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. Such were some of you but you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the spirit of our God. That's what first Corinthians chapter 6 has to say there is hope for every sinner, not while you're cleaning your sin to come back to come on Jennifer today hi this is Janet Matt are entering the sanctity of human life month. You probably feel like I do. I don't just want to oppose abortion.

I want to help save pre-born lives. That's why I'm so excited about the ministry of pre-born and how they saved lives through ultrasound.

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Please call now 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 dial 855-402-2229 or click on the pre-born that's Janet met you're listening to Joe welcome back. You might've heard the news that the United Methodist Church is moving closer to formal schism as Mark Tooley puts it over to the Institute on religion and democracy and Methodist himself. His new proposal is now out negotiated with liberal and conservative groups. The plan would divide the nearly 13 million member global denomination into separate conservative and liberal communions.

The mediator for these negotiations was the guy who is the special master of the September 11 victim compensation fund that's random.

Under this plan. Conferences could vote by 2021 to join the conservative denomination by a 57% vote. Local churches could do it by majority, the conservative denomination would get $25 million from current denominational assets and his prediction is that so I find this interesting general conference will approve a version of this plan. During several subsequent years of sorting United Methodist hymns current 6.7 million members in the USA will drop to about 6 million. Of course they been having massive attrition for a long time about 2.5 million will join the conservative church at about 3.5 million will be in the liberal church nearly all the 5.5 million overseas members, mostly in Africa will join conservative circles, and so the conservative denomination will have about 8 million members globally right and I would think. From there you can have the 3.5 million, possibly in the liberal denomination and they're going to keep losing people and losing people and losing people and losing people why because nobody wants to go to church to hear exactly what they're gonna hear if they go to a D&C debate. Sorry that we've had a long enough to look to see what liberalism does when you try to put a religious front on it. It doesn't work because liberals don't want Christ and when you're not presenting Christ, why would anybody show up just go join the Jaycees go join the Qantas club go you know, pick up garbage litter on the side of the expressway and pat yourself on the back for your environmental awareness in your woken is having the fight fantastic.

Do you wonderful works but is nothing to do with Jesus because our works are done like filthy rags.

There their filthy rags.

Our works are filthy rags is Isaiah's head in chapter 6 of the book of Isaiah.

So we need a Savior. And that's the bottom line.

Here's what's interesting he points out this denominational schism would be historic and largely the first of its kind since the 1840s when Methodists and Baptists divided regionally over slavery.

So the biggest break since the 1840s is slavery back then and homosexuality. Now, but what is the difference well if you are opposed to slavery, that's a good thing and hopefully those people and they did ended up prevailing over the course of history. This is a move in the wrong direction.

The right direction for the traditionalist Methodists or same week homosexuality we have the Bible here to follow God says it's an abomination how the world can we embrace it. You can't redefine marriage for a million reasons.

So what are we doing here those of the people who were to be standing in the long run, not the people who are jumping on the rainbow flag bandwagon. It will kill your church.

It will kill it, it will be gone. See you later.

You know, at some point, maybe all of these mainline liberal denominations will join forces and they'll get you now get 16 or 17 people into some kind of town halls and his situation a couple United Methodist the Coppola United Church of Christ and PC USA members will remember back in the day when we had a denomination that had more than 17 people in a room really it's it's so sad and it's so tragic, but this is what happens when you pasta sized into a pasta size over this issue is insane.

It's absolutely insane it's and how can you be this blind and yet it happens. This is why we have to stand on God's word at all times. I cannot emphasize strongly enough or more for you no more strongly in terms of what I'm saying and more often.

In terms of how often I say it, we cannot leave the confines of the Bible. I am a little statement that I've said for years. The great thing about the Bible. Is it never revolves. It doesn't it's eternal. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever. The Lord says I the Lord do not change. So why in the world would we think that we can jump on some sort of a cultural bandwagon because God is finally gotten up to speed with where the cool kids are. It's offensive. It's just absolutely blasphemous so we'll see how this goes.

Now I I'm going to tie this into something that Joy Pullman wrote about over the Federalist current headline on her piece recently was is it baby boomers faults millennial's are leaving religion and less likely to go back. While conventional wisdom says young Americans will come back to church when they marry and have kids. It's likely many millennial's will remain secular instead. This is according to a recent study that was done while conventional wisdom says they will come back we'll see what the study says three reasons are given for this lack of millennial's ever going back to church once they marry and have kids.

She says millennial's parents taught them fewer religious practices more have secular spouses than ever before, and young parents as a whole are less likely to believe they need to teach faith to their children and so according to these writers over at 538 say there is mounting evidence that today's younger generations may be leaving religion for good and she goes into a lot of statistics about that.

But listen to this because this really ties into what I'm mentioning about the United Methodist Church, one of the top sources of people losing their religion is leftist politics. What a shock. The December American enterprise Institute study which surveyed over 2500 people found this Democrats brought up in religious households are roughly 3 times more likely than Republicans to have left religion. Nearly one in four Democrats brought up in a religion no longer identify with a religious tradition, while only 8% of Republicans say the same. Interesting, although general skepticism seems to be the top reason cited people who have left faith also indicate that politics, particularly sexual politics is a major contributor to their apostasy to say that again because I think that's a really bombshell sentence. Although general skepticism seems to be the top reason cited for leaving religion behind people who have left faith also indicate that politics, particularly sexual politics is a major contributor to their apostasy.

In 2018, 49% of nuns and when he has told Pugh they are faithless because they don't like religious teachings and social issues.

Now, if there were ever evidence that we are setting ourselves up as God in the place of God. I think that's where you see it. I don't like what God has to say about sexuality. I think you ought to be able to sleep with whoever you want whenever you want, however you want, and love is love. Love wins and and then you bring up an inconvenient truth.

Really, if it's all about love, then how come there terrorizing Christians, how come they're going after kids. How come there wanting people to change sexism they want to take kids away from their parents if they want to actually get them some help rather than allow them to mutilate themselves at some willing medical center downtown and some urban area yet. Is this the fruit of love.

Love is patient, love is kind. But it doesn't say anything about love being tyrannical and love being forceful and love acting like big brother because we know it's antithetical to love this.

Is it love it all. That's why they steal our language know Satan is the great language dealer.

He always takes what is true and twisted. He always takes the words and tries to create new meanings to words that are perfectly good and people will frequently bring this up the word gay means happy and so that was commandeered. Let's start talking about the word gay as meaning homosexual and there a lot of old-timers were saying.

I remember when people would use the word gain met happy and I can't stand listening to that word being co-opted to mean something that is absolutely morally wrong, so that, but I don't know you look at across the spectrum, and you see how sexual politics is part and parcel of this woke generation and you see how this is infiltrating itself even into evangelical circles. That's why we fight so hard you guys to I refine it so hard. It's why we fought so hard last year when I did so many shows on re-voice from the very beginning when we broke that story and when we did our God's ways conference last year and we set our whole focus was that the world needs to hear the truth whether you want to hear it or not, and the truth is that Jesus Christ has a transforming gospel. He does not leave you in your sin when he saves you he transforms you he gives you a new nature. You are a new creature in Jesus Christ, you are no longer the old man, but you are a new man and that has huge implications. It doesn't mean that we don't struggle against sin. We do clearly.

When you look at Romans chapter 7 we do that. That's because were saved worse with the man who is dead in sin does not fight his son, he embraces it he celebrates it. Go to any pride parade there's been at what was the original sin. If you look at the party was pride. It was pride. I will be like God, you are not like God you are nothing like God. In so far as being like him morally you are creating in his image. That's the blessing of being a human being is we are created in the image of God, and he was willing to save us when we rebelled against him. He was willing to send us his only begotten son, but their implications to embracing forgiveness and taking on the role of a Christian you can't continue to do what you want to do without there being not only ramifications but also going against what you are your new creature in Christ. Now you know who you are, so you don't walk in the same ways that you walked before you became a Christian you walk in a new path. You are now a slave of righteousness. You no longer slave descent, but you are no longer your own.

You were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body's that's what the New Testament says all of this matters. All of this matters because as you see the shifts in the church. I think working to see more apostasy.

I think working to see more embracing of the rainbow flag. I think organ is see in the next couple of years.

Huge changes in evangelical once conservative denominations like the PCA like the Southern Baptist convention. I think the trajectory will continue on your gonna have. I think at some point you're going to have schism. I think you are going to have a breakdown in these bodies. These denominational bodies where the two just can't be together anymore. And why what are you gaining I don't understand what could compare with gaining the Lord you want the world over. The Lord why would you want the world over the Lord. The world is passing away with its loss and its sin and its rebellion against a holy God. Why would you sign with the world.

Can't you see clearly. When you read God's word what is truth and what is error. That's why we need training and discernment. That's why we need to embrace what the Lord says at all times and reject what the world says when it contradicts what the Lord says this is not hard in principle but sometimes it's hard when you go to do it in real life. Nevertheless, that's our calling. That's what we have to do is Christians. So pray for our churches.

We need to stay faithful to him to come back you listening to Janet effort today. Stay with us this archived broadcast of Janet effort today is brought to you by pre-born wanting to save 250 pre-born babies this January by offering free ultrasounds to women in crisis pregnancies you can help by calling 855402, baby.

That's 855-402-2229 referred to here is your host Joe welcome back. Well, it was just a year ago the Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the reproductive health act legalizing certain late-term abortions and taking abortion out of the state's criminal code to mark the occasion. You'll recall he did something truly sick by ordering that pink light should glow at one World Trade Center. It was really despicable.

But all is not well for the radical Pro boards and they know it. In fact, is my next guest points out 2019 saw a big number of pro-life victories with potentially even bigger victories to come in the year 2020.

Sorting to talk about it now with Noah Brandt to his communications manager at Americans United for life no wonderful to have you with us today. How are you doing well. Think that might help 2020 treat you well know, for thank you and write back to you. I hope it's going well. We are so grateful for what you guys are doing it. Americans United for life. It really was a good year. Overall I know when we look back on the New York law on the Illinois law that passed last year, we can get very discouraged but give us a little bit of good news about 2019 and some of the pro-life victories that we were able to see huge overall 2019 would be a really great year for life in America.

We had victories in state and 2019.

Other years we see they do sort of like one good thing a few times across the state will also great for the past year. If so many a lot of different great things and it can snowball effect.

We had multiple states passing born alive and for protection bills which make sure that you can't have you know today before your birthday abortions like Andrew Cuomo what New York we had steak passing heartbeat build protecting tri-children very, very early in pregnancy with people we states passing. Why did you sort of bills that will regulate abortion clinic to make sure they have to be held to the same standard as other medical operatives who were doing the these invasive procedures and all these things cumulatively human cumulatively will make America much safer and more life-affirming place that's excellent.

You're totally right about that. For example, when you're talking about the baby heartbeat bills Mississippi band abortions after baby's heartbeat can be detected. You had a heartbeat law also in Ohio mean in all and were looking at the heartbeat laws yeah Arkansas is because a company sales begin working on the very there you go, yeah that is amazing and it showed that you know that the line of logic that the pro-abortion extremists are trying to people who the mainstream media and through their sorter.

Gov. apparatchiks in California, York it's not working you people understand what really going on. While this is what I want to talk about just a little bit as the baseline for the discussion know of the fact that when I was talking about the reproductive health act passing in the state of New York and then later on in Illinois. We had an insanely radical abortion law passed there. We had Rountree or Leavitt Naida and Ralph Northam, the governor of Virginia talking about infanticide.

Do you think. In fact, the radical Pro boards pushing the boundaries that far was in fact partially or maybe more than partially responsible for the pro-life victories that people got an alarmed enough to say all man, we gotta go for broke here. Here's the thing you hit on something here. There are morally terrifying moment, and people lie in history right of moment were daughter of a major date in the most prosperous country the world can talk about a baby who is born alive at the abortion didn't work. In this case the governor nor talk about that is babied on the table and the mother and the doctor would be having a conversation about its future. But you can have it give you II think you're completely right. I think that the these horrible acts right that are bad, it's hard to try to find a good that they might've to recall it another way, but they have spurned lawmakers across the country to say you know though we have a limited time this session and you might want to do property tax or school or all think we need to spend some time protecting the lives of the unborn, because the stakes are too high exactly what about in Alabama.

I mean, that was a huge pro-life victory as well.

Where the most restrictive law in the country was passed in May, banning all abortions with I think only what the worst the restriction of the exception of a woman who would die. Otherwise, I mean that was an incredible thing that happened in the Pro boards went crazy.

Of course yeah absolutely so interesting and really heartening for me right that both in Alabama and in Lake Louisiana heartbeat Bill that they had a lot of Democratic support Democratic members of the legislators and an indication Louisiana Democratic $.

The bill supporting these things really get outstanding strong what you had proudly pro-life Democrat and that change the narrative because life it shouldn't be a partisan issue right.

Too often it is and I'm willing to acknowledge whenever one party is stepping so far in the wrong side of thing but it's important also to say when you have 40 Democrat standing for life in their states and in places like Louisiana and Alabama. Without their support that be wouldn't come to fruition. Yeah, that's an important point.

I'm not used to hearing the phrase brave Democrats with its use by pro-life eyes, but for sure currently but but for people like you and I generally other people appear here purely bipartisanship but we care the most about you know about the lives of children and mothers and it's like you know we want to be pro-life and we do absolutely, absolutely. What about Trump's achievements because he's been held by more than one party has been the most pro-life president America has ever seen one of the things he did. That was huge was going back to the month of July, where he declared the taxpayer-funded clinics have to stop referring women for abortions and family planning clinics that refer women for abortions would be stripped of their title X funding leaving Planned Parenthood to leave the program, which was awesome. I mean that that was a huge moment, don't you think a huge victory in the fun thing about that Janet is no doubt what policy change in practice in law and in theory, not funding. Abortion has been on the books for decades right behind the limited right so what part of the trumpet wasn't radical in any way.

He was just finally putting in practice the expression of that the life-affirming intent of the height amendment and of other restrictions on federal funds going to abortion because so many pro-choice people are pro-abortion people understand that at the very least be that you shouldn't make taxpayers pay for abortion right people, you might you be there might be disagreements on whether the practice moral, or whether it should be lawful but there's why wide consensus that taxpayers should be on the hook to pay for right now is that with the big win for Pres. trumpet a bit when works are like yeah I always level when Planned Parenthood gets irked that makes my day. But you know this is interesting.

Gov. Bevan also governor Matt Bevan who is we lost the most recent election but over in Kentucky back in the month of March. Band eugenics based abortions. Now this was an issue is we know in Indiana has gone through the court system.

There was a decision on that.

Recently, the Supreme Court, but what about this issue of banning abortion due to the sex of the baby. I know this is become an issue as well, where does that stand across the country, you know, that sort of frontier issue in Kentucky was on the forefront of trying to prevent the genic abortion and all. And like you said what we mean by that abortion but might be based on race or sex or genetic abnormality like down syndrome and a lot of other state.

We have a model build America got up to wipe out the help they ban you genic abortion and a lot of other states are going to be considering that in 2020 and about about a statue like this.

Janet and I know that you and that no don't some people on the pro-life side but be like oh well you really helping people. How can you think of the mother be sort of figured out or something. The important part of the bill like this is it getting to the war of the issue is abortion is extinguishing a human life is terminating a person and there's a lot of reasons why people women seek to do this but we need to call some the reasons that do exist is that maybe not the exact baby they wanted baby doctor about a designer baby and whenever you start down the path of getting an abortion because of the sex of the child.

We look at places where this is happened for decades, China, India, places where there is severe gender about because the purported millions of their girl exactly exactly. And I think what is also important about that is a points out the hypocrisy of the feminists if they say there really for women. They should be for the little women as well and it it's a good thing to be pushing for. There's more to come. To talk more with Noah Brandt from Americans United for life. When we come back listening to Janet my for today.

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You can help save a baby's life by donating to pre-born to donate call now 855402, baby. That's 855402 baby 855-402-2229 or there's a banner to click Janet math you're listening to today. Welcome back great to have you with us and great to be talking with Noah Brandt who is communications manager and Americans United for life and we are looking back on 2019 at some of the great pro-life victories. We saw across the country and as we head into the new year. There are more pro-life victories to come. Not one of the really really important pro-life matters that is on the agenda is the Supreme Court hearing this case. June medical services VD this is all about the Louisiana case. Now, can you talk a little bit about that.

The importance of that case so people can understand what is happening and what is going to be going on in this new year. You probably the biggest likely dictate maybe 1992 by imperative EKG, while where the court would re-examine Roe V Wade because the court the chance to take a hard look at their usual hypocritical jurisprudence on abortion and maybe take a hard right turn towards a more life-affirming approach that we here in America the afterlife.

We submitted an amicus brief on this case which is me bigger. Further, the court briefs were like a breach you try to influence appellate judges.

Our opinion on behalf of 207 members of the United States Congress, including two Democrats great and brief goes over a lot of things I you know I think your listeners kitchen looking look at it you will that'll work.

But at the end of the brief. We say that this is the time for the court to re-examine Roe V Wade to re-examine the sort of judicial monopoly that they put on the abortion issue across all 50 states where they single-handedly legalized abortion in the state towards illegal.

This case had had the chance to be the most significant and dictates well when people are considering what's going on with this Louisiana case they might harken back to the Texas case that went before the Supreme Court a few years back, the whole woman's health V Heller Stead decision it in and a lot of people I think are confused will wait a minute, why is this Louisiana case any difference what what are some of the distinctions between the Texas case. In this case, can you explain that you really know what's important to remember about the 2016 decision of the house dictate what it would it would be fairly narrowly applied. We don't need to like spend a lot of time getting the week on the most important thing to remember is that 620 2016 date could still be impacting what many people call admitting privileges laws we call them here to there. United flight emergency transfer laws because that's all they are yet to let me link you how we bought work so what it is is that if your doctor running abortion clinic that you need to be able to if there is a complication if there's an emergency, you need to be able to transport your patient to a local emergency room have continuity of care and make sure that your patient can have the best medical outcome that she just doesn't diet your abortion clinic right and that all we say okay there there there extremely simple and there you know there currently. I think three abortion clinics in Louisiana and the in the private became sort of an earlier iteration of the report.

The backcourt did a fact-finding mission to try to figure out that this law were going to affect with the abortion clinic closed at the pro-abortion side walk to go to to affect the abortion clinic will have to close and they found that none of the clinics would have to close losses. They met the simple regulations right in the art extreme. Still taking your patient what number to throw things go wrong, then they will be able to stay open so that only Dori if you simple patient protection law and it should be common sense for absolutely evil. Isn't it weird to be in a position as those critics were of sane will wait a minute if they have to actually have these emergency transfer laws in effect, they'll go out of business. When you want them to go out of business. If there was a woman who is hemorrhaging as we've seen time after time after time and and couldn't get to a hospital in time to save her life. I mean, think of the woman that Kermit does now is responsible for killing in his clinic that was exactly what went on there. You're absolutely right and while I can't speak for every abortion clinic you know so many of them are dirty and dangerous piano BBQ not live up to the standard that we back of a you know out first world Western country medical facility right so I agree with you even though maybe in this case that they found that none of the clinic that close. It is telling that they sort of think you owe you know that yet they would have to go to very much about this and that they could meet the basic you know you like in a bind, but by my house to have a couple like you know ankle surgery centers or something on the part of the hospital, but those doctors still have to have admitting privileges to hospital in case something goes wrong exact Dr. exact at home or at work right and how can they continue to make the claim that they care about women if they are denying basic logical laws like that this will be really interesting to hear what about what else is going on. You had mentioned before, know that more states are looking to sign on to model laws like it if come out of Americans United for life and some of these wonderful pro-life laws that have passed in certain states already. But what's ahead for 2020. What we know is on the docket in certain states regarding pushing forward with saving more pre-born lives you know will look at if you think that we expect this to be a really year and honestly I think her to be a lot of great things past in order to have a lot about that when we are also looking down the barrel at a lot of antilife extremism and a lot of state that I think is important. I think we'll see. I omit that we don't want to write off any states rights like will will talk about you know New York lighting up the World Trade Center Prince's celebration of abortion or Illinois horrible law. But we still week we got to fight the fight directly someone they are yelling.train minerals forward so you were really looking forward to fighting in 2020 is against the sort of horizon issues especially suicide good. There are a lot of states who you know so nine states try to practice it aside last year, only one of the more successful New Jersey and we expect each of those states that failed last year to take it up again and potentially more.

This and it our responsibility to ratify get that, but it also sort of hoping that Kate last year. Montana was one of the first date to prohibit assisted suicide like preemptively legalized. They just sort of affirmatively said this can never happen in our state and so were trying to push more states in back direction and also in the states such as Massachusetts and Rhode Island, Maryland other states that are going to be pushing force beside an suicide by physician in 2020, to make sure it doesn't happen because just like abortion, assisted suicide, suicide, deposition to Helga that the people who need our help. Most we should just try to destroy couldn't help them they should be banished from society when that's not true that the weaker the state people are in the more it's all responsibility of the community as a society to help them not to hurt that absolutely I'm really glad that you guys are doing that because it has been very concerning.

We've covered a lot of those states that have been trying to pass these physician-assisted suicide laws and it's it it keeps coming, doesn't it. It's when you have the culture of death on one side of the of the human life scale where you look at abortion on the beginning of life side you, you begin to see on the end-of-life sentiment. What are your thoughts about that that there is a connection between the culture of death at the beginning of life and the culture of death that is now encroaching upon the end of life. You couldn't be more right.

The whole of life issues be read into each other. One after the other you like the Russian doll completely perfectly.

And so you know the people who are pro-abortion or Pro suicide by position were antiabortion or for saving the lives of chronically ill people who are at risk if you can make euthanasia with God and this is what again.

It's sort of a clarifying moment, we can sort really see what people's true intentions are. When you have, you know, a big a big justification for the pro-abortion absolutists that always find you abortion is because it's not a real human being nothing out. But how can look at a real grown human who's lived a full life may be 80 or 90 years old. How can you look at them and think they are not humid.

That and they don't deserve the right to life shows how a sea of their logic because the truth the unborn baby dear human. You can your human I'm human your human people who were dealing with chronic conditions are human and we all deserve the right to life. That should be protected under law absolutely, absolutely. Well, it is very encouraging. I think, and in him. We talked about some of these radical pro-abortion laws that have gotten through some of the states and it's very discouraging. I know for pro-lifers to hear about that but I also think it's great to hear your good news about the states. All that has gone on in 2019 and all that is coming up in the new year and I know you guys are gonna be working very very hard not to mention I don't have time to get into it, but this new push for the ERA and that's just one big abortion push with this new equal rights amendment's organist see how that plays itself out over 2020, but we really appreciate the great work done over at Americans United for life nor brand communications manager has been my Gastineau I thank you so much for your wisdom.

Keep up the good work. It was great to have you with us. Delightful speak with you.

Have a great year.

All right you deuce the same. Thanks a lot Noah. And thank you for joining us here in Chama for today. We appreciate your tuning and every day will see you next time. God bless

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