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Rob Rienow (Healing Family Relationship)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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August 14, 2020 5:30 am

Rob Rienow (Healing Family Relationship)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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August 14, 2020 5:30 am

Christian colleges are forcing students to obey COVID-19 measures this fall as a matter of "Christian obligation" and "loving your neighbor." But what's biblical about making students comply with failed mask mandates through "campus covenants?" We'll talk about it. Plus: What are some Scriptural ways to bring about reconciliation at home? Rob Rienow from Visionary Family Ministries shares some thoughts from his book, "Healing Family Relationships." That and more on Friday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by Liberty health share liberty. Healthcare is a nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry that allows you to control and manage your own healthcare and choose any doctor or hospital in the nation. If your freedom loving American looking for contract free healthcare call now 855-585-4237 or go to liberty, health, for more information liberty health Javid River. Today, our confidence is in Christ alone, the word of God says that soil is no, sometimes very severely by a relative and sometimes when that happens, it seems like the relationship can never be repaired. But as we know reconciliation is at the heart of the gospel. So how can we find a way back to a family member who has hurt us. There is hope. Second Corinthians 5 puts it this way. Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come, the old has gone, the new is here. All this is from God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation that God was reconciling the world to himself in Christ, not counting people's sins against them, and he has committed to us the message of reconciliation. So working to talk about this today with Rob Reno.

He and his wife Amy of the founders of visionary family ministries and he's here today to talk about his latest book, healing, family relationships, Rob. Great to have you here. How are you talking oh it's so great to have you here. I think there many many people listening today who can identify with this, even though every family has conflict. Every family has hurts how common do you think it is where there is really something that seems like an irreparable family situation between two relatives. You could a bunch of people together under the same roof to get a lot of a lot of problem like yours and I where we don't hurt of one kind or another. So the question family learned how forgiveness or that while out of control.

No strange ingredient recording of boundaries and right now you talk about at the outset, the power of forgiveness when were talking about healing family relationships in this one. It should be very simple.

We understand the word of God says we should forgive 70×7. But in reality, many people find it difficult to forgive even once. If they believe that the offense is so severe that it now. It would just be wrong to forgive somebody, but what is the importance of forgiveness just as a mindset going in to try to heal a family relationship like some of the error pretty quickly. Family conflict, I would like my dad traveled elderly women with incredible camels back and my parents got divorced so much each week in bitterness and anger toward my dad, Donald the damage it sounded well-meaning Christian friends you need to forgive certainly true: 583 very superficial like tomorrow where anger, bitterness she could go down there and turn those off and get you and were good to go. And I really like you want to walk okay so magic, but it really is an intentional biblical process. Three. Hatred, anger and bitterness. Your profit will be with the Lord like that is hurt us.

In other words, hatred, anger, bitterness, even if we don't end up reconciling with them by what you felt.

Well, that's a tricky one, and I want to pick up the story with your dad again because you have a great story about your dad. Toward the end of the book, but when were talking about forgiveness. You brought up a really important point. There are people. For example, who say why had a family member sexually abuse me and now that family member is dead.

Reconciliation is not even possible. But I still am struggling just with the forgiveness parts that that's a severe example. But in that case, how do you advise that Christian to forgive somebody when that person can even sit in front of the abuser and work things through what we do as we walk through the goal of forgiveness and reconciliation with the will with the heart and then reconciliation out usual reconciliation speaking it impossible. So what is forgiveness with the will will and choice. Forgive know a lot about art, hurt and angry the other person doing the bad behavior so you're not only encourage people to do is get out of just between you and the Lord and as you think about this extremely tragic situation of abuse but you get a piece of paper up a copy write down it hurt when… And you write down specific events that happened specifically that were said think that would not be a lack of protection.we walked up the trail you grit your teeth. I don't want to forgive my uncle or whoever the I don't want you and I choose to forgive them for B or C. If such a counter. Obedient face to face to look at daily prayer. Okay, got a number but I still don't have anyone fuzzies and I saw hatred and anger. I need you to change my heart. I do not want to hate what they could communicate that hatred is robbing my life now. I was six years in phase 2, praying every day.

God heal my heart of anger, bitterness toward my dad but he did… My heart that I did not know what you're really talking about when you say that forgiveness first has to pass through the will. You're really talking about a moral decision. Would that be a fair way to put it because it's not a feeling at that point absolutely gave you the commandment to the inner really gotten away with this is the last thing that we feel like doing and we can forget we can forgive someone like McDaniel people want to have warm feelings for this person person warm feelings without whenever commanded what feelings were commanded to love people don't have warm feelings but people get tangled up thinking that forgiveness means I have to have happy flowing strippers. That's a good distinction. So when you're talking about walking through forgiveness for your own father. What was the breakthrough point.

How did you get to the point where you could forget so much talk in my own life from my anger and my bitterness wasn't hurting my dad but it was really hurting and I know tell me Bob will keep you holding on this. It is not only your doubt is not getting back at him, but you know you got a choice whether you want to have… Yup all chain around your life, whether you want to follow these biblical stocks and be in control about it. There is also absolutely not. You get a big shock on your arm.

That time no effect. Did you lose your now what is true that God can heal all the noise over time.

That's a true statement but we just have a sort of Little Rock approaching the Lord please God.

Feelings go away. That's a recipe for disaster will that's why honesty is so important, I think, even when you're assessing your life because what you're saying there when you're you're looking at your own life you're mad at your father, your father has wronged you and wronged your family. But what you saw because of what you said your friends pointed out in you and people you trusted you said now it's affecting me is that kind like the line that you know that it's kinda like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. You're the one who's really suffering. If your father didn't care than what good is your anger and bitterness to seminar from Scripture, you brought up at the beginning with Jesus, forgive house you don't you know how life should you say no eating wrap like this vision that God's people feel very good Rob Reno with us about his healing family relationships will go to a break and will come right back on Jennifer today since Roe V Wade more than 60 million babies lives have been taken through abortion and there are millions of additional pre-born babies whose lives are still at risk, but the Ministry of pre-born stands in the gap with young moms in crisis, helping them to choose life baby for sale scale so shot I was also skiing.

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Find out that's Liberty help.or/GMT or call now 855-565-2561 855-565-2561. You're listening to Janet Mefford today use your host Janet Mefford, welcome back. Great to have you with us and great to have with us Rob Reno.

His book is called healing family relationships. A guide to peace and reconciliation and this is some very good advice. I think probably well maybe 100% of the people who are listening today Rob have heard this at this message that you gotta be bringing today and thought all I can think of somebody in my family and a relationship that I need healed. So I really need to listen to this when we were talking about forgiveness.

That's a really important thing, that it's a willful decision before you feel it, but it's a necessary step. What about prayer. How do you pray for somebody who may have just severely wounded. You are severely wronged you and your family. Sometimes when you don't even feel like praying for the person and what a difficult teaching you pray for those who treat you yes pray for those who persecute you that awful Sunday school he right there how to do that. But what a powerful thing that you can do if you choose to be obedient to that and remember, I think sometimes people think that their prayers have to sound very spiritual, like maybe they hear somebody praying like that if you're listening and you will laugh in the world you could possibly imagine doing is praying for God to bless a family member who has hurt you or change the heart of the founder of the church you want to pray for reconciliation relationship that you want reconciliation.

Start your prayer with that you can say God I think praying like this is ridiculous that the last thing in the world I want to do to pray for this person.

You know how much they told me. Why would I ever pray for them, but fine. Okay God wants you to bless them want you to change their heart soften her heart draw them to Christ. Your likely… So I get I think a lot of like that sort of honesty well and it's it's heartfelt. It's really something that's honest because if you came to the Lord, and you were just going through the motions of trying to say something that you thought you should say that you didn't really mean it, then how do you really have that honest moments where you can begin to let the Lord work in your hearts and change your heart as you as you are putting all of that on the table absolutely prayer challenge that I would get. This is also really difficult. What I struggle with it.

You know when Amy and I are having a fight or having a conflict.

You know my my sense is that this conflict all her fault, right hundred percent unique 0% and that's why we were fighting. Well you have any family conflicts that are €100 and you remember Jesus is teaching me says you're trying to get back out of your brother's eye while you got the log in your own eye. So one of the really powerful prayer strategies for family healing is okay God, would you show me whatever I've done to hurt this relationship.

Well, maybe you're right. Maybe it's 99 to 1 of the other person's fault or whatever. But God would you show me the one or whatever the number is Jesus's point is not know who was more at fault juices.

Point is, let's turn our attention to what we've got to contribute to the brokenness not just obsess about the other person is done that's a really good point and you know along with that, I was thinking about your chapter on healing through spiritual warfare and something that you say in this chapter is that there are times when we have to seek peace by fighting and you're referring to fighting against the spiritual forces of wickedness know is Ephesians 6 talks about how does that work out.

I mean, that is spot on. I think because we need to understand that ultimately our war is not against flesh and blood is Ephesians says but we understand that we have an enemy who is at work.

How do you do that when you're talking about healing through spiritual warfare. What does that entail you wanted my mom had my brother and I do in regards to fighting for our family.

Our whole family tree is been affected by divorce. My father divorced four times when mother divorced two times we have divorce in the extended family. When my mom was the first Christian in our family to my brother and I were the first to question and she had my brother and I do some spiritual battle in this area of of generational sin and what we did is we followed an Old Testament pattern in the Old Testament. Jeremiah comes to God, he repents on behalf of the people for their idolatry and he had not been an idol worshiper, but he was a representative for the people want brother and I with my mom as we got our needs and we could God, we come to you as representatives of this family system that is in bondage to un-biblical divorce and we pray that your only spirit would break that generational pattern. Exodus 24 talks about generational patterns and you break the emotional part of our lives block us with lifelong Christian marriages.

Bless all of our children look like one question you generational pattern with us. That's neat. So the cycle would end with you. That was really the objective NASA prayer, but at work that has to be done in the spiritual realm just good intentions and hoping things change isn't doing that work in the spiritual realm. You actually have to pray in battle you doing. I was thinking. For example, there are a lot of Christians who have family members. For example, with whom they have a very difficult relationship and part of it is that you have one Christian, and maybe one relative who hates God. That's where this would also come into play. Would it not, absolutely and asking for God in that circumstance.

If you've got a family member that doesn't know the Lord, which means that they are dead in their sins and are probably acting in accordance with their nature and we want to ask God to give us a heart of compassion for them. That's Christ to toward the lost another person's life for their behavior and the consequences when I'm not saying that you draw close to a toxic person or abusive person, but if you got anybody in your family that doesn't know Christ praying daily. Got give me your heart of compassion for this person and that give me a encourage that any opportunity that you would give me to share the gospel and take that's great now with your own dad.

You tell a story.

Toward the end of his life, which is such an encouraging story. Would you talk a little bit about that and how your mom came back into his life.

Really, you know I had a very critical time. Yeah, my God, was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 90. Only had a few weeks left to live. Our kids are former children. At that time spent in some cards with John 316, the gospel message and it was my mom and her got remarried after the divorce. When mom went to my dad in the hospital and my stepdad said to my father, Bill, we want to be with you and he said bring me those cards cards of the grandkids had written with John 316 and Romans 323 and Romans 623 and they read the card to my mom share the gospel with them again. 1000 and that I am prayed to receive Jesus with his fourth wife and her husband and we then drove out to Connecticut. Unbelievable days with forgiveness for the things of dad's conversion. He was a brand-new person miracle. I never seen in my whole life and I know you've been praying for forever right for God to look at miracle family members like we just tell you if God can save my dad he can save whoever you got whoever your praying for easy GU 11 squeegees compared to my dad, don't. Don't give up praying, and don't stop sharing the gospel because it's the power of God unto salvation for everyone who believes. I'm serious Rob because when you have somebody who is so adamantly opposed to the Bible for so long and adamantly opposed to Christianity.

Did you have any signs before the point where he said yes. I want to pray to trust Christ as my Savior and Lord. Do you have any indication that he was softening up until then, or did it just kinda hit out of the blue like that. There were some indications along the way. I think one of them that comes to mind. He was 80 years old and we were out to breakfast. His mother died in childbirth in 1918 she actually had the Spanish flu and I asked him again. I wonder if you're angry with God for letting your mom die when you were born and half the sentence was autumn about and down his cheek and he wiped it away, wanted to change the subject but it was such an indication to me 80 years old still emotionally hemorrhaging from the loss of his mother and there were some times along the way were the veneer about the hardshell came down for just a few moments and you could see his pain and you could see his his suffering and in his loneliness, but ultimately the arm of the Lord is not too short slot. Yeah in something else to talk about in the book you talk about compassion you talk about patients, all of which are important and that story I think highlights it a bit because there can be times when you're having conflict with somebody in your family.

And there's something deeper going on that is behind perhaps the attitude of the person in your family that's been directed at you for whatever reason. Maybe that's a further argument for patients for compassion and for continual prayer for somebody who may seem rockhard and completely unlikely to ever become a Christian that really does give people hope to say, okay, maybe there's something deeper going on in the Lord has to deal with that in his life to get them to the point where he'll come to know the Lord your right I grow impatient with the Lord sanctification schedule of the people around me yes you can think of time with me, but let it be doing right letting wallow all their struggles, so there definitely is a unit of the book is that people are not sanctified or led to the Lord by our Holy Spirit by the Holy Spirit. So an attitude of humility and prayer and continued just seeking the Lord God that if things are going to change in our family.

It's gonna change because your power and your strength will that's right, and ultimately reconciliation is the call in and what a gift that God gave to you were able to reconcile with your dad than before he passed a management yes for forgiveness and interesting. I mean, I have forgiven him 20 years before that. But but we could not be reconciled in in relationship until he asked for the gift. The gift could be given. What important point and a great book healing family relationships Rob Reno to lose been so kind to be with us missionary is the website Rob, thank you so much for being here is just a delight to talk to. Thank you, thank you so much.

Will be back on 10. This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by Liberty health, liberty, health, or as a nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry that allows you to control and manage your own healthcare and choose any doctor or hospital in the nation. If your freedom loving American looking for contract free healthcare call now 855-585-4237 or go to liberty for more information liberty health. today and here's your host Joe welcome back.

I want to go back to the subject of masks well covered 19 measures in general because there was a piece in Christianity today that really got my dander up and to get into that in a moment, but now a top federal health official. You might've heard, is issuing a dire warning is via CNN Dr. Robert Redfield, Dir. of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that you have to follow recommended coronavirus measures or risk having the worst fall in US public health history. That's what we need more panic more panic because that will really help us. I want to play a little bit though from the CNN report because I have some things to say about it.

Listen first to cut one of the world is now hit a sad milestone 20 million confirmed coronavirus cases. More than half of those come from just three countries. Brazil, the United States and India, Russia, South Africa, Columbia and Mexico are hot on their heels. I know many of you are grieving and that this is a difficult moment for the world amidst the mammoth failures, even the success stories show how tough the viruses to control New Zealand 102 days without a single locally transmitted case of the virus until now we have four cases all in one household workplace however is involved, the Prime Minister has ordered a three day lockdown in Auckland losing schools nonessential shops and restaurants.

Meanwhile, students are returning to school in Germany where masks are mandatory and some states have on the stick and got his or her mask, which seems to show that the situation is returning to normal okay the situation is returning to normal, but look at the statistics on mask wearing look at the statistics on lockdowns and you cannot make a solid case that these things are better for the cultures where these things were invoked and I think all you need to do is look at places like Hawaii, for example, Hawaii has the strictest mask mandate in the country and yet now there cases are searching.

So if masks are really working. Why in the world of the cases searching there there actually some reasons for this, but then what about Sweden. This is something that Santa gets into only slightly to Buddy's Sweden face coverings are few and far between. Despite World Health Organization guidance to wear them. Sweden's government has no national mandate to wear them anywhere. I think as we people are taking so Seo can be outside. Meanwhile in Africa. Experts fear that load testing rates may be masking the true scale of the outbreak.

That's interesting is that they don't tell you anything about Sweden being one of the best countries right now. As far as the Cove in 19 outbreak is going in death rates and so forth. You can look at all that data. But it's interesting how they just mentioned there not having any sort of mask mandates in Sweden and then they tell you nothing about the results, just as like fake news to you, it does to me because it would be relevant if you really were trying to do some good reporting on this it would be relevant to talk about the data on mask mandates and lockdowns versus those who aren't imposing those and compare the case rates and compare the death rates does not seem like something you would find useful in your news coverage.

I know it would be useful for me at this is important and I'll tell you why I want to talk about this Christianity today story. Here's the headline Christian colleges God wants you to wear a mask to class. I know they're trying to be cute and I think anybody who said God, one should wear master class but almost, almost at Christian colleges across the country.

Incoming students pledge to comply with biblical standards for belief and behavior. This year the appeals to love your neighbor and advance God's mission have been applied to public health guidelines to as schools. Ask students to promise to disinfect their dorm rooms limit social interactions and where masks to class. While all colleges reopening for in person classes have issued new policies around the coronavirus and several Ivy League institutions have similarly developed social contracts, social contracts, the standard health precautions take on a spiritual significance at evangelical schools.

The now familiar instructions are framed by Christian values and lines from Scripture lines and they quote Al Mohler at the president of Southern Baptist theological seminary who says were going to return in a way that Christians understand, but the secular world does not were going to return in a covenant together. This is a document is a covenant that they have on campus, a document that needs to be signed by faculty, staff, and students who are returning to the Louisville campus. Most evangelical schools list the common coronavirus dues and downs.

Things like handwashing, social distancing, etc., but unlike the straightforward recommendations coming from government officials or medical professionals. The colleges policies say that complying is a Christian obligation. Let me just pause here and say that it is important just as a human being that if you're sick you try not to confine people you try not to spread any known disease to somebody who might be healthy. Who's coming near you. If I have the flu.

I will tell friends don't come over.

I have the flu and they stay home that's just a human thing that most people will do right, you don't want to get somebody else check. It doesn't have to be a Christian or non-Christian thing because a lot of non-Christians do that as well.

So why do you have to continually invoke the love your neighbor directive because I have heard this thing over and over and over and over to love your neighbor love your neighbor. We do love our neighbors.

This is the second greatest commandment in Scripture. This is what the Lord wants us to do and the first greatest commandment is love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. The second is love your neighbor as yourself. Most both of those commands are imperative and they are wonderful and their important but why do you have to spiritualize medical guidelines because you have Christians who don't agree with them and you have Christians who don't agree with some of these measures precisely for the reasons that I have been outlining for the last several months in the hands of some of these leftist government tyrants. We are being given emergency directives that are no longer emergencies do not go along with the millions we were promised would die unless we all lockdown and now are just weapon I seen some of these directives for political purposes and it's just completely obvious to California for example in my discussions. As you've heard with Robert Tyler. The pastor McCoys attorney and Carmi Dylan talking about the parents were suing the schools in California and some of those other pastors who are suing the states over issues regarding coronavirus and shutting down churches and you can't even meet in the parking lot.

Remember that that wasn't too long ago. You know you can even have driving services were to cite you working fine you were to send you to jail and thankfully a lot of these Christian attorney stepped up and they got justice, but we haven't always gotten justice.

This is what bothers me. When you start to cloak some of these blatantly political maneuvers in Scripture.

What you're basically saying is not in Romans 13 argument. What you're saying is where leftists choose to do what you're told. Christians look, I am not saying that the Christian colleges can't do this.

I want to be perfectly clear about this. If you go to a Christian college in a Christian college says socially distance have hybrid classes, do some stuff online.

You got a deal. Put your hand sanitizer on before coming in the building. All these kind of things they have the right to do this they do, it's their campus.

You're going there, you need to comply with the rules of your campus have a problem with that.

What I have a problem with is trying to invoke Scripture as the reason the only reason that we ought to be abiding by medical rules is if medicine dictates it. In other words, if I have a broken leg and then you tell me I have to wear a mask around people because I might spread my broken leg to people and it's a love your neighbor directive. I would look at you as if you lost your mind.

Which by the way, you would have because how in the world am I gonna spread a broken leg to you by my coughing.

I'm not everybody knows that. And if you say love your neighbor that doesn't make it any stronger or any weaker. By that, by what by the way what what that says is you're trying to weapon I Scripture to get me to do something that is against reason and it's against thinking and isn't the greatest commandment. A commandment to love the Lord your God with your mind, as well as with your heart, soul and strength. You love the Lord your God with your mind we see these double standards and the problem is a lot of these people and evangelicalism. These left-leaning evangelical leaders are making these statements, while simultaneously closing their churches down for the rest of the year and going on black lives matter marches in the streets like David Platt and some of these other people from the Gospel coalition like to be the unable relay were involved in in Washington DC at a time when churches were not allowed to meet. Do you not think we see the double standard you want your church is closed but you you want to be out of the streets. Is this really that coronavirus will come back. Stay with us. Did you know that over 18 million babies have been aborted worldwide since January 1 every single one of these babies die during the covert, 19 pandemic lies in the world, declaring these babies is lost here. Stan Steiner, the president of pre-born a ministry dedicated to saving babies lives from abortion through ultrasound. But since God's broken heart over the issue of abortion. You see, he sees every little baby.

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All gifts are tax-deductible and when you donate you'll receive ultrasound picture along with stories of other babies lives that were spared. Call now 855402 baby 855-402-2229 or there's a banner to you're listening to Janet Mefford today though. All right Christianity today reports that Christian colleges want you to sign a covenant want you to make a pandemic promise that you do all kinds of things to love your neighbor in a covert, 19 age and the even point out that in some cases, the spiritual and moral framing justify pandemic precautions that go beyond the norm for example, in many cases, schools are explicitly requiring students to get a flu shot stock over 19 what to do with the pandemic nothing and we were talking about a respiratory illness but by the way, I think probably many many people listening to me right now and I could say the same thing can give you personal testimonies that would indicates a flu shot doesn't always work that that's kind of a known thing the flu shot doesn't always work because the flu shot is put together with the best estimates that they have pertaining to the flu from last season and so they try to get the right elements and they are in the right the right concoction to make sure that your inoculated against this year's flu, but it's always a guessing game and that's why doesn't always cover anybody who gets a flu shot. It's not 100% guaranteed, but getting a flu shot because there's covert what well we don't want you to get flu again. How can we not look at this and say requiring flu shots, which is never been the case before it's always been optional requiring flu shots. How can we see this as anything but a stair step toward requiring covert 19 shots for a disease that is not the black plague. It it has killed too many people. I agree, but so has the flu. This is not the black plague. This is not the end of the world. We haven't seen millions dropped out of Cove 19. It's mainly elderly people and people with underlying health conditions and it's tragic and it's terrible but life is a risk. Also, I saw story about all these major restaurant chains that are in great danger of going under now names you know what what how many businesses are again allowed to go under because were all terrified of a virus that has killed .03% of the population who got it for that number you're willing to just lock down forever and John your mask.

So let's talk about masks listen to this. This is on Fox 35 Orlando to Gainesville. Researchers at the University of Florida have found particles of coronavirus and aerosols collected contributing to findings that the virus could be airborne. According to the New York Times, a research team at the University of Florida successfully isolated the live virus from aerosols collected at a distance of 7 to 16 feet from patients hospitalized with Cove 19.

This is further obviously than the 6 feet recommended in social distancing guidelines, but it wasn't clear if the amount of the virus recovered was enough to cause infection droplets can be damaged.

We don't know there's another study, though out of the University of Nebraska Medical Center and they found genetic material from the virus that causes Cove 19 in air samples from both inside and outside confirm coronavirus patients rooms, researchers say these findings offered limited evidence that some potential for airborne transmission exists.

Why does this matter because aerosols are not going to be stopped by masks and apparently aerosols also will not be stopped if it is the case that this comes out to be true and this is just preliminary information on not hang my hat on this, but if this comes to pass.

What good is 6 feet apart. You might you might as well invoke 14 feet limits or if it's outside the room, maybe 25 foot limits.

The masks are can help you if it's aerosol induced so why are we. We remain and masks don't work for what we know now about coughing and sneezing from Cove 19 patients. In fact, let's go back to something that the very spokeswoman for the World Health Organization said on a British TV program. This was back in February. Nick Ferrari at leading Britain's conversation was interviewing Dr. Margaret Harris, spokeswoman from the World Health Organization asking should we be wearing masks listen to cut three is it wise or is it pointless to wear face.

Most recommend wearing a smile unless you are coughing or sneezing a lot and needed not talking about a needless territory, infection, and people understand the faith method they think the facemask is about protecting themselves effective at protecting others. If you are producing a lot of risk. Treat conflicts to put it gently that one of the facemask. If people struggle to win a very uncomfortable and attach them a lot and if you touch the final bill facemask and it went whatever bigotry bugs you coast out on deal will go in your hand and then you will put it on the other stuff that no we say that an appropriate time to where facemask but generally note that's the World Health Organization might I just say World Health Organization spokeswoman does that matter to anybody or am I not loving my neighbor unless I disobey the spokeswoman from the World Health Organization. This is what I'm talking about Brett McCracken over the Gospel coalition ran an article in early July called for reasons to wear a mask.

Even if you hate it's what was number one reason your neighbor to love your neighbor. He says I'm frustrated that the science on masks has been inconsistent. It's maddening that everyone from the US Surgeon General to the CDC and the World Health Organization have flip-flopped on their mass guidance. Not surprising, but consensus is emerging that wearing masks does slow the virus is spread and thus can save lives. That's actually not true. Brett, that's not true Dr. Andrew Boston has been on the show a number of times an epidemiologist in a clinical trial is from Brown University.

He's going through the data every single day on covert, 19 and has broken down all these studies that have done been done that show actually masks don't work those flimsy surgical masks. Those don't work there was a story just this week that talked about the bandannas don't work now and 95 respirators are a different matter.

But again, go back to what the WHO said back in February unless you have symptoms. It's not going to matter you shouldn't be wearing a flimsy surgical mask to protect yourself from Cove 19 you should only be covering up if you're sick that's what they said and now it's about social control. If I can say it that way. It's about making sure that you make people feel better. If that's the reason that were Moran masks en masse across the United States, then were all a bunch of dopes because you shouldn't be doing something just to make people feel better. You should be doing things because they make medical sense, and I don't see the evidence from the CDC or the WHO are anything more than them saying yeah you probably should wear a mask. What you probably should.

Well, it couldn't hurt and I people feel better. Even Dr. found.

She said that now makes people feel better if you've got a mask really is where I live we have a lot of people who are bitterly angry over wearing masks. The hundred degrees in Texas people to want to be putting these facemasks on them and me on themselves or anybody else. It's just it's a pain in the neck and it doesn't work and were hot and why are we doing this again, but you know love your neighbor love your neighbor isn't it funny though the same people in evangelicalism were saying wear a mask in order to love your neighbor are the same people who are looking at the greatest commandment love the Lord your God with heart, soul, mind and strength and minimizing that one. Why do I say that I'm saying that because these are the people who will not get in line with the pastors who say we must open our churches. We must get back to not forsaking the assembling together that God commands in the book of Hebrews we need each other. People have spiritual needs during this pandemic that are even greater needs than physical needs. The church needs to be open. If abortion clinics in liquor stores can be open and if BLM protesters and teeth it can be out in the streets, then why can't we be open. We will socially distance we will wash our hands. We will be responsible but there's no reason to tell people and churches that they can't exercise their First Amendment rights, and what happens what happens. Well, pretty much, you can take the letter of the political party and predict who will give you freedom and who will be tyrannical about it. It's pretty much been true down the line, Bill Barr, the Atty. Gen. of the United States has gotten on board and given advice to various states, the churches are essential and they do have rights and they do have rights under the Constitution of the United States and some states have been very respectful of that. Like in the state of Texas and some others state like California, forget it, forget it.

You take it to court. You can even win in some of these cases now now now no no no no broad authority. We have broad authority to shut you down going into an election. Oh, wait a minute, I did mean to say that love your neighbor. We should love our neighbors, but we also have to love the Lord our God with our minds, our minds, and when we see some of these mandates.

Yes you can wear a mask. I think if you're sick you should stay home and if you want to wear a mask when you're sick you should.

I'm not trying to be ridiculous here.

What I'm saying is you don't have to take Scripture and use it in such a way that that's the way you're going to get people to comply rather than being reasonable and saying from the annals of medicine or science.

There's a really good reason why you should be doing this while ignoring all of the evidence to the contrary and just using the Bible as a way to tell people get online or else and then closing their churches down for the rest of the year I think are hypocrites and I don't I just I think it's ridiculous and I think we need to be Christians who think, especially during times like these. Thanks a lot for being with us here at Chana for today. God bless you

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