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Confidence Amidst Concern - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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September 15, 2021 12:00 am

Confidence Amidst Concern - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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September 15, 2021 12:00 am

Anything God allows in our lives, He permits for a purpose.

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Welcome to the intense podcast with Charles Stanley for Wednesday, September 15 every day with Larry's had the power to distract believers from God, and the real-life pursuit of holiness. Learn how to stay on track by applying practical steps to maintaining godly confidence amidst concern hundred and 38 Saul deals with things that concern these, as I will praise thee with my whole heart before but God's will sing praise unto the idol worship told by holy temple and praise thy name by loving kindness and provide true about has magnified by word above all bonding in the days when I cried. The answer is made and strengthened to me with strength in my soul and I watch that verse all the kings of Europe shall praise the Lord when they hear the words of our mouth. Yes, they shall sing in the ways of the Lord for great is the glory of the Lord. Though the Lord be hot yet happy respect the lowly but the proud, he north of far all though I walk in the midst of trouble that would revive me. Thou shalt stretch forth thine hand against the wrath of mine is, and thy right hand shall save me. The Lord will perfect that which concerned me by mercy of the Lord endures forever.

For sake, not the worst about own hand never say watch this.

He says the Lord will perfect. He will perfect that which concerned me know all of us have concerns in our life. They may be different, but we are all concerned about something and when you think about the areas of your life that you concerned about, you know that if concern continues it can oftentimes develop into something else. That concern is an interest in a given area of your life. But it's more than that is an interest against your attention and it is the tension that begins the increase and intensifies and as it does your concern.

That is your emotional reaction to that thing begins to rise constantly so that what begins as a minor concern in your life can grow into anxiety a discouragement and find the despair so that every believer needs to know how to deal with areas of his life or her life that concern them because you seek whatever God allows in our life. He always has a purpose behind sometimes the things that concern us.

God allows them in order to strengthen us and sometimes you cry out to God to do something in his answer to is not the removal of the hindrance.

But strength to face it and the reason the psalmist encompasses a person say the Lord will perfect that which concerned me is because by past experience. God has established his confidence in him through personal experience. Yet, his eyes open. He was reading God and what was happening in his life had his ears open. He was hearing God. I believe a parent can teach the child a greater lesson than the sun. Whatever is happening around you. Look for the imprint of God.

Whatever is going in your ears will listen for the voice of God because God is constantly relating himself to us all the time you see when the believer knows how to face difficulty in circumstance with confidence. He's not going to back. He's not good run. He's not despair he's not going to be afraid he's going to face it only because suppressing praise builds confidence having been established by past experience.

He knows that his God brought into past circumstances. He will bring them through this.

This eighth verse to me is absolutely a verse that everybody ought to get in their heart, and get really went on inside. Keep bringing it up and notice what he says and this is the promise the Lord will perfect. He will perfect that which concerned me. What is the meaning of our lives looking to promote what he says the Lord will perfect the thing the word perfect means he will bring it to completion. I watch this he may not bring it to completion. The way I think it ought to be brought nor will his completion always be synonymous with what I think completed, but he says the Lord will bring to completion.

He will bring to maturity.

He will finish what concerns me that God is not in the business of starting anything.

He doesn't complete is not the kind of fellow who start something and drops it for something better than this. Whatever he has begun in your life friend there is anything better is what I want you to see the Lord will complete whatever he has begun in your life.

He will perfect or complete that which concerned me.

Now there are three things that are essential if God is going to complete that in your life and these are three things I want you to get down. Whatever concerned you this morning. It may be a concern for someone else.

It may be a major concern that directly relates to you, whatever it may be that may be something emotional. Maybe an attitude and maybe something material because you sleep when he says the Lord will perfect. What he really means is the Lord will fulfill his plan watch that the Lord will fulfill his plan in that thing. The concerned you now in order for him to do that three things are essential, one, first of all I must submit to his authority. If God is going to complete what concerns me no more, submit to his authority.

Now he says the Lord will perfect. Now I have perfect confidence in submitting to his authority because we are submitting to the authority of the sovereign, omnipotent and omniscient God. That means he has all power to completed and he has the wisdom to complete.

First of all, submit to his authority. Notice if I am not willing to submit to his authority. What I'm saying is God you complete this thing while hold own and try to work it out this evening is eat if I submit to his authority. I am willing for him to take that area of my life and to do with it what he chooses to do otherwise, how I ask God to complete and perfect that which concerns me when I insist on having my own way.

You see, that is disobedience and disobedience is independence in action and submission and independence are not consistent nor are they compatible number two.

First of all I must submit myself to his authority. Number two I must surrender my concern to him and what is it mean to surrender your concern him.

That means you must be willing to lay that thing down before him and tell him, Lord, I don't know what to do with. I am in adequate in dealing with it. I'm frustrated about. I don't even know how to respond to this thing that concerns me. I'm laying it down before you. That is, I am willing to submit it to your will for you to complete it. As you will know what's this the reason number one is submit to his authority is so that I will keep my hands all what I give him how many times of use in the Lord. I can handle as I want to take care of it there when you get about your days. You just pick it up more grotto because you haven't surrendered to you talk to them about it and you said I'm just turning my life over to you know what's this when you surrender a thing to him that demands something of you that I'm not a share just a moment. The third thing, watch this, I must submit to his authority. If I expect him to complete my concern, I must surrender my concern to him.

And thirdly, step by step must follow his lead. I must submit surrender and step by step, follow his leading. Because you see when he allows a concern to encompass or engulf us most of the time he's not going to jerk you out of it. But what is he going to the Scripture says the steps of a good man are ordered by the law that is a man who walks uprightly before God will be guided and governed and guarded by God, so that first of all whatever this concern is I'm going to submit to his authority and acknowledge his Lordship in my life. He has the right to do is replace the second myth on the lay that thing down before.

And thirdly, once I have laid it down and that is all right but I'm reporting for duty. What is the next step must take in order for you to watch this not Lord you complete my plan. He says the Lord will perfect that which concerned me. He perfects by completing his plan.

Not my plan. That's why submit his authority. Surrender that to him. I was letting him complete that in his way. All right, Lord, step-by-step, what shall I do now that I've submitted to your authority latest before you.

What is the next step I take. You know what the next step may be remain silent, do nothing, do not move.

Don't do anything at this is where we have our biggest problem we set over Lord I have yielded myself to you lay this thing that you not going to do anything okay we just take it and what I want one of because we are afraid that he's not going to do the watch this. We're afraid he's not gonna do it like we think he'll do it and listen. The Lord sovereign Jehovah God omnipotent, omniscient, he will bring to completion. That thing that concerns me that he's going to do it.

Do you think he has the power to do it.

Yes, you think he has the wisdom to do it. Yes, do you think his timing is right. I'm not sure you see, that's the thing that follows is now under that last one I want to list about five things because if you going to submit to his authority and surrender that to his keeping and you are going to step by step following his guidance.

There are several things that are essential. Number one is trust. You got the trust. You gonna look at that thing you thing the Lord you not doing a thing.

I've got to take over these they have the times you said I Lord I pray not ask you to maybe what you will do Lord is you want to use me to you safe.

We are masterminds at helping God do what we don't know how to.

And the thing that concerns us most.

We just think if I don't get my hands that you'll never work. What God wants to show us the watch.

This is very important what God really wants to do is to perfect that thing that concerns in a way in a way that it will demonstrate the super natural intimate personal power of God and the opposite of that is human ingenuity, and God isn't interested in human ingenuity birth will take stress you got trust and secondly it takes patience. I don't need to explain that the it takes patience to wait upon.

Thirdly, it takes courage because what you see, we set step-by-step follow his leading. If I'm gonna follow him step-by-step first ball out of the trust him that he's going to care me the right direction.

Secondly, I've got to be patient that I don't get ahead of his step, because if someone is says not all of the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord of the stops of a good man are ordered by the Lord is he sometimes got his take is that we should all this is the direction we just take right over what we do we get ahead of God and what we don't realize is he wants us to take one step forward and we just head out where we think he wants us to go next. You parents hundred hundreds that no son I want you going on.

He started out of the going got hasn't even gotten instructions. He thinks he knows what you say that we follow the same trap. It takes courage missing. It takes courage to step by step allowed God to complete his purpose in your life and not move out and get your hands in it, or sometimes where he leads you. You may think all anything God but that not that know never that.

And he reminds you. Did you not submit to my authority. Did you not like that concerned him performing a step by step you follow my direction. It takes courage. Patients trust take something more that sometimes it takes pure determination. When God says that's itů God is a loving, wonderful guy.

But sometimes God will say move move move.

The one thing you cannot do is quit and you see that's why he says a step at a time. God will never rush an immature saying in the material and he's not going to allow you to jump over all the little gullies and all the little pitfalls to get where you going, sometimes you don't have to walk right through you see when a man takes a step at a time. He can be more sure what is going and is very important to God that you learn everything that you to learn on your way. Where you going, so when you get there you will be ready for what he's got for the last minute things like the last thing I think we'd include here is that you need to learn the art of praying always have. You pray all is well.

You don't go around just talking to got out loud or even talking to inquired by praying always it means that you are developing an awareness that God is personally involved in everything that concerns you see what you're doing when you're praying is your getting God in on what concerns you.

When you're praying about a major concern so step-by-step what you doing patiently, trustingly, courageously with the termination you are moving in the direction of allowing God to perfect to complete in you. The thing that concerns you.

Now God will do that for anyone of his children who is willing to meet the first requirement and that is to submit to his authority. Let me ask you this. As you examine your life this morning. Could you honestly say as best I know God is in control of my life.

If you can say that my friend and if you willing to let your concern down before him, whatever that is and you willing for him to order your steps, you willing for him to order your steps.

What ever is concerning you most this morning.

God is going to work out beautifully. But I watch this one last thing you want a safety watch that he's going to work this thing out beautifully, but I know tell you how is going to do it. He is going to work it out so that the end result is that you focus your attention upon his supernatural power not on your human ingenuity. God must be glorified in my concern not man because he manipulated his way out. One of the reasons God will hinder what you're doing, he does not want manipulation.

He wants the mastery of your life father. There's not a person here this morning who does not have one or more concerns.

I just want to ask you this morning. Would you just sent this message in their hearts and give them the wisdom to base their confidence on the promise that you will perfect bring to completion.

What concerns through submission to your authority, surrender of that concern and to be step-by-step ordered through the control of the spirit that we want to thank you for what you can do all of our lives as we apply the truth and thought I want to ask you this morning for somebody here who's not a Christian. The major concern of their life ought to be their relationship to you there present their future life that our eternal existence and I pray that you speak to that heart and help them to see that you change their life. You will dispel the darkness and provide light, something miraculous will happen. We look to you that I will ask you father for all the rest of the Senate who have concerns give us the wisdom and the courage to make application and will thank you for that. In Jesus name.

Thank you for listening to confidence, admits concern you like to know more about child family are in touch ministries not intense that OIG is not cast as a presentation of intact ministries Atlanta, Georgia

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