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Living with Real Hope

Hope For The Heart / June Hunt
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July 3, 2020 1:02 am

Living with Real Hope

Hope For The Heart / June Hunt

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July 3, 2020 1:02 am

The headlines of the coronavirus along with the protests and unrest in our country have some feeling fear, panic, anxiety, or even hopelessness. June Hunt has good news: there is hope – no matter the circumstances. Listen as June helps us see this hope as an anchor for our lives, an anchor that is firm and secure.

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The associate and anchor humongous evolving 16 levels.Dixie and anchor the one doing their anchor on both but is it operating away that God wants you to have an anchor, we are told in Hebrews 619 we have this whole and anchor for the soul firm and secure the surrounding verses tell you that anchor is Jesus that is jubilant. You're listening to hope for the heart.

The headlines of the coronavirus along with the protests and unrest of our country is all been sweeping the news channels and social media. Some of you may be feeling fear, panic, anxiety or even hopelessness will the Bible gives you unfailing promises and inspiration that can empower you to live with hope. We just heard one of those references in Hebrews 6 verse 19 that says we have this hope but anchor for the soul firm and secure.

June talks more about this hope in today's program.

So let's listen to how much stability is there in your world in your sphere stability is on track, purposeful quicksand, but I don't want to try and think that Jesus is called anchor for the soul firm and secure. We have this hope is in Scripture, we have this whole we have this love the anchor for ourselves what we have is truth. The anchor for ourselves. We have this hope hope business. I know that help especially the first four hours of diet on very very just now I can get there and there that I think a lot of us operate with how men like Rhonda hope for certain things that have nothing to do with Jesus in particular.

But I will tell you that we gotta make sure that we are correct in thinking out and there is the problem we had fuzzy thinking at times we think we can name it and claim it for this because the Bible says ask and you shall save whatever you for that is the theology that many people live with their interesting dynamics. We look at the concept of hope and my prayer that when we finish our time together you into really loving the fact that you have anchored. I want you to have an anchored life. I want you to be firm and secure. You are the cause of Jesus because that's what he's about. He's there to secure you, he's there to stabilize anchors to stabilize the sailor on earth who would go to see without an anchor on the ship. That's what we need to realize we are on the sea of life. The aim is when it anchored life, you need an anchored life and need to live like you have an anchored life is not just an anchor and the reason it's interesting. I was on a ship and I saw this huge humongous evolving 16 levels.

Dixie and anchor the one doing their anchor on both but is it operating away that God wants you to have anchor. We are told in Hebrews 619 we have this hope and anchor for the soul firm and secure the surrounding verses tell you that anchor is Jesus is Jesus Christ. Every true Christian has been given such anchor in Christ. What I am very aware of is the changing thought about hope.

This is why it's so important that we get our thinking straight because as long as we have Jesus as our anchor truth will set us free truth in our minds and lets me shiver it all in the same boat here wanting us to look at is the word hope itself. What is hope. I'm going to use two terms. I have not seen anywhere else but on choosing to do it this way. Identifying it as cultural hope means an optimistic desire that something will be fulfilled and optimistic desire that something will be fulfilled. This type of hope is subject to change because it's based on circumstances that can change and people that can change periodically. Here's my safe. I'm hoping for my husband. I'm hoping for my son, my daughter and claiming him what they're saying is I am believing actually that's more the phrase that she is his unbelieving for my son unbelieving for my friend who these people are talking about messed up with her wayward involved with the wrong kind of friends or if it's adultery, whatever it is it could be gambling any kind of addiction doesn't matter what the addiction is can you say I am believing and that is assured because it's for people take it assured.

I'm sure that my husband will return. I want to look at that moment because there's kind of hope and calling Christian hope. I used to call this biblical hope. I say it's secular hope, and hope, and I really believe that until his preparing for this time together. I'm not often said hope secular hope and then I read a passage for Paul was writing that he hoped for something and it was a changeable circumstance of what oh so even the Greek word Elvis can mean both so the issue is not the word. It's the context of the word, there's a literary principle I think it's applicable for everything a person's room. Everything a person incoming reading think it's context is King repeat that context is King one more time context is King. So when you read a verse or a sentence or paragraph in the Bible. What is the context puts the meaning of the entire book of that model surrounding word sentences, paragraphs, because this is where we get into fuzzy thinking. This is where we get off in our thinking and get him biblical effect using Bob because the interpretation so foot on now doing is using terms Christian hope as to what I used to call the public, Christian hope is optimistic assurance that something will be fulfilled.

This hope is not subject to change because it is anchored in are on changeable God is Jesus God yes Jesus is God the son if he's all-powerful and he is and he lives inside you as a Christian, which he does with in every Christian then you have the power and the right to claim every promise that he has said and that's the key. What has God said, is equitable to every believer. This is hope for the heart with jubilant you know it's no accident but the word hope is in the name of this ministry showing God's hope in providing practical help for life's hurts like storms of life's challenges is exactly why were here.

There's more about the solid and unchanging hope coming up, so don't go away today. You're getting an idea of how the unwavering hope of Jesus Christ can be a life preserver in any storm. Find out more about this hope when you visit, hope for the or call 804 88. Hope again hope for the or 800-488-4673.

Now let's get back to June 4. More about this lasting hope. As we look at how to one key point that I would say that is probably the best news of all the Scriptures in terms of what it says when we talk about health and its Romans 55 suffering produces perseverance.

Perseverance, character, know it, we will suffer any mind wants to suffer suffer and you continued. I have learned more from my suffering.

I learned more for the trials ever have to successes so I should must rethink one's own isn't this forging area for me is this where God gave me compassion. Isn't this why Ivan would do hope in the night because I understand I may not share everything was in my background, but in I sure can hurt with people when they're touching that tender cord from a background so suffering produces perseverance, but were told to rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance. Perseverance, character, and character, hope.

If you had character.

If you have integrity Christian, you really mean to the world and you mean it to yourself even got to apply the truth you've got to apply the promises of God for your life event say okay if I'm a person of integrity. Then I got to look at what is not safe for me with my attitude and negative thinker ground action dog around sharing information should be shared. We could call it slander release things that we can do and I'll have traps. I'm talking about temptations where one person it might be an explosive temper for years for me when exploded all but who could I be quiet and hold onto that quietness a lot longer than I needed one thing when your heart hurt and go inward. It's nothing.

Now you're trying to use it as a weapon. Those things that we take him sometimes.

I have used this yet, these are my areas of temptation and this is where if I really had character just set this thing to do what I want to use other good things I do a balancing scale. The good outweighs the bad is not an anchored life, not an anchored life. The present, not allowing the Lord Jesus Christ conformity to his character and that is the number one desire that he had a fantastic about hope in this particular picture suffering produces perseverance. Perseverance, character, which is great and character whole.

And here's the line I love and hope does not disappoint us. Hopelessness is the state of absolute despair with no expectation of good, no expectation. Things can change. I can't. My life will not change, and that's the true belief the person gets their likeness on this. This is what they really really believe they got a hopeless state in the New Testament in certain translations of the Bible there is not the word hopeless are hopelessness, there is the word despair and it would be one and the same. Those who are hopelessness strugglers are just bankrupt there that the poorest of the poor in regard hope and it's at this point, you have to be very careful because somebody could be suicidal.

If someone is at the point of despair. If there any point when they say there is no hope they do not see any viable options for their lives. I mentioned to you that I did see this in Scripture with the apostle Paul. All had appealed to Caesar.

There was a monkey trial that the people trying to get them into. So instead because he had Roman citizenship. He appealed Caesar, which enabled him to escape the Jewish persecution that he was facing because he appealed he was sent to the wrong as a prisoner. So here it is with all these other prisoners. He did not feel it was wise and stated so to take this trip.

Take your time is going to be inclement weather we were talking about such a treacherous storm in acts 27 verse 20. When neither son nor stars appeared for many days in the storm continued raging.

We finally gave up all hope of being saved. He was absolutely convinced every one of them would die when that occurs, people do some erratic things. If a person who is hopeless need an anchored life. Let's understand when pancreas to know I did not grow up around the Marine world, meaning I've always lived in Texas traveled number places and that that's more like just for speaking you go when you come back and never lived in the golf are in a place where there was folks in ships and all wishes understand physically when anger is is just a heavy device attached to a boat or ship by a cable sexy call day Road RODE and this road is attached to the anchor and then they are cast overboard there cast into the water. In order to hold the vessel firmly in place.

Interesting to the Greek word and Cora from bank as a means curve and so we get our word anger from the Greek we see in the Bible. The reference to the anchor anchors effective was Paul during his treacherous time in acts 27, 29, is it fearing that we would be dashed against the rocks.

They dropped four anchors from the stern and prayed for daylight would be wonderful if every person right now.

Let's hearing not my words but God's word to use if every single person would. From this point on heaven anchored life. It's interesting that the anchor was the dominant Christian symbol for a number of years. In particular, the important thing to understand. Here's the anchor truly represents Christ as a Christian symbol and is the cause of the Scripture Hebrews 619 we have this hope in anchor for souls firm and secure in its talking about Jesus. The important thing for us to understand is because of security.

It's not motion.

A lot of people want to go to church and feel different to go commune with God and feel different. I'm not against feelings. Feelings should be the natural byproduct of of a legitimate correct accurate relationship to God and not the case is just interesting to know that, especially in the early church when this anchor was assemble the reason was because of the severe persecution it was taking place. Obviously, Christians were being taken as a group or certain individuals into an arena for sport for the Lions to kill Christians were literally put up as torches to light the way. It's inconceivable the brutality but they would set fire to Christians on the state.

So just to know that your Christian to be found out that your Christian life threatening. Well, what was interesting was her was a disguised cross in the view of Christians, and it became a marker. In other words, and guide to certain meetings that would take place, they would indicate where they would be on one particular it has a shaft and then to arms and at the top there's a bar, and sometimes you'll even see a cross on top of that, I think it's like an emblem for certain organizations where they'll be the anchor and in the process, but actually it's because it really looks like a cross with that cross bar at the top so you have that shank. That's the vertical and the stock cross the top and it reminded therefore those early Christians those who are in severe peril of where meetings would take place secret meetings it would be the indicator of the meeting place.

By the way, they found many many etchings in catacombs using the anchor is a specific symbol of course the anchor is is used as a Marine symbol to represent hope and steadfastness. What we know for sure is I think fast think there are hundreds of song Christian songs that use the word anchor absent amazed never noticed this many until I was thinking will what song would use the word anchor all these Christian songs well because of steadfast security and we need security you need an anchored life to repeat that after me. I need an anchored life and I want to say I anchored to Jesus. I anchored to Jesus. I need an anchored life. I I'm anchored to Jesus as change, he could heavy steadfast entry and his promises will always be consistent with absolute truth. There will never be deceived.

There's no line there is no hedging, the motives are always pure wonderful will. Life is going to have its struggles, pain and heartache. But God is given us in anchor can keep you grounded and hopeful through any storm you're listening to hope for the heart, would you not there's a free download.

You can get today.

It's a quick guide to the Christian hope in June talked about and you could find it and hope for the you can also find other resources that provide hope and help again. Hope for the or call 804 88.

Hope that's 800-488-4673 and for more about this broadcast Google or mobile app you can find out when you search for hope for the heart in your app store or visit our website hope for the to listen to this program again and find out more about this one. True hope now with the closing word of hope your weekend is June. We've all been in the same boat with cloudy thinking about hope.

The common view of hope and our culture is quite different from Christian hope if you live by cultural hope you'll have a boat full of wishful thinking and what you hope for will sometimes happen and sometimes not.

However, Christian hope is based on the Bible, God's unchanging word by patiently relying on what God says you will have all the hope necessary with all the certainty you'll ever need. It's crucial that we have an accurate understanding of what hope really means. The Bible says when your hope is anchored in Christ, he will teach you his truth and lead you in the way you should go the prayer from Psalm 25, five is yours to claim guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior and my hope is in you all day long. When we live a Christian hope with biblical hope. We have an anchored life were held steady in the midst of the storm Christian hope is always based on the guaranteed promises of God.

And it's a hope that will never disappoint you. Your listing the June hotbed hope for the heart.

So many things over these past months have brought about uncertainty, grief, injustice, and maybe even a feeling of hopelessness, however, is June reminded us by patiently relying on what God says you will have all the hope necessary with all the certainty you'll ever need today.

Jim connected us with the truth about our one true hope, and how this hope can be the steady anchor of your soul sharing God's hope through biblical principles and practical help is why this ministry exists. You see hope changes history and together we can share his story and change lives with the hope of Christ is more addiction, abuse, violence, grief and loss, depression and suicide, marital and family stress. These are only some of the problems the church faces today and the pastor may feel overwhelmed with the needs of those in your church and community.

As a first responder within your faith community. How you manage the crisis around you imagine raising up those in your church to come alongside you, helping you meet the needs of hurting people lifeline to hope is a brand-new one of its kind caregiver training program for your church. This 10 week video-based program can train and deploy a small effective group of caregivers and help you launch a dynamic caregiving ministry. Equip your church to connect lives in crisis with the new renewed life in Christ discover more lifelines. lifelines will, on behalf of June all of us at the heart. Thank you for your prayers for June Hunt and Joe Wolf. As you move into this weekend and celebrate 4 July remembered that there is hope. No matter the circumstance.

Have a great weekend and meet his back here on Monday for more hope for the heart

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