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8 Christmas Gifts Caregivers Can Give Themselves

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger
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December 22, 2019 10:59 am

8 Christmas Gifts Caregivers Can Give Themselves

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger

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December 22, 2019 10:59 am

There's still time ...for you as a caregiver give yourself gifts. 

From My Commentary in the Chicago Tribune:

For family caregivers, the normal stresses and challenges experienced by most during the holiday season can be amplified exponentially. Rather than enjoying the season, many caring for chronically impaired loved ones settle for enduring the holidays.

Aside from family get-togethers (that often present accessibility issues or other challenges), there remain the usual medical difficulties, extra shopping, special meals and added pressure of making it special for others.

“It may be our last time …” weighs heavy on the minds of many caregivers. And, while trying to meet a loved one’s expectations, many caregivers end up sacrificing their own peace of mind at the altar of nostalgia.

Sadly, an overwhelming number of caregivers wearily mutter a “thank God it’s over” each Jan. 2.

The magic of Christmas can quickly disappear when you’re being cursed at while changing an adult diaper. Christmas Eve in the ER is no picnic. Neither is dealing with a family member with the chronic impairment of addiction. Wrapping presents for someone who can’t remember your name doesn’t usually inspire a sudden desire to sing carols.

These scenarios and more represent the reality for millions of Americans who put themselves between a vulnerable loved one and a potential disaster.

Is there holiday joy for caregivers?

While requiring some creativity, the short answer is “yes!”

Here are ways caregivers can reintroduce some festive spirit into their weary hearts and bodies

Read the entire commentary in the Chicago Tribune.

Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger

And and no caregiver on American family.

This is the nation's number one show for family caregivers. We are weak we have the largest broadcast for the family caregiver in the country and why should we question we as believers be up for this issue. This affected so many people think about how many people you know who are caring for aging love one or a child with special needs somebody who's had some type of traumatic event. Maybe that's where you are today. Maybe you got an alcoholic in your family or some type of addict or you know someone that does think about all these people and why shouldn't believers be out in front of this and we are and were glad you with us.

Thanks. American family radio for believing in this message and what were trying to accomplish here by strengthening family caregivers.

We want you to know as a family caregiver that you can live a calm or healthier, and dare I say it a more joyful life.

You will learn more by the way, it's hopefully Hope for the and this is our special Christmas show we wanted to finish up a series we started last week right here just before Christmas. We want to give you a few more things you can give to yourself as a caregiver.

This Christmas you don't have to do something extravagant, but these are important things for you as a caregiver, and last week we talked about the first for which work committing to seeing a physician for yourself I know is caregivers. We all see physicians all the time, but we want to see them for ourselves and that's very important for us physically in every other area because if were not in good shape houses could help her love one lab at a caregiver now for over 33 years. My wife is head massive amounts of trauma that she's had to deal with as result of a car wreck. She had back in 83 well over 100 physicians have treated her, but now do I see my doctor regularly and that something I had to learn to do and I had to go and check and make sure that my blood pressure is okay. My sugar levels are okay. My cholesterol is okay that my weight is okay and you know what there've been many times during this process what hasn't been and in the stressfulness is caregivers is real, so that's number one. Commit to senior positions. 70% of caregivers don't and there a lot of numbers out there being thrown about how to caregivers in the country. Some sleep say it's 42 million. Some say 65 million. All I know is there are so many people doing this and if 70% of them don't see their own doctors. How can that be a good thing is that where you are and in.

You may say, okay Peter I can't go I can go accurately my level to go to the doctor okay so everybody that's not a caregiver white male to state this is for you. For those caregivers just to stay inside for just a second for the non-caregivers may be your Sunday school class.

Maybe your church maybe your large extended family can pitch in and say you know what we want to sit with that love one.

While the caregiver goes to the doctor and maybe they need skilled care and other services that provide that sort of thing. Maybe just pass the hat in your Sunday school class or in your civic group or something is that you know what we want to do something here is sucking to cost you more than a couple hundred bucks tops to have skilled care come in for four hours or even eight hours and these are things you can do for caregiver that have lasting impact to make sure that they're getting the proper medical care they need.

All right, these are all easy things to do just got see the need any other meet the need, art as number one.

Though it is so is is committing to senior Dr. as a caregiver. Second thing is this just review them will get into the new ones for the rest the show. Second thing is commit doing something that brings joy to your heart. What do you do what do you enjoy doing. What does something for you.

What stirs your heart and end, and I don't mean you have to go on to do something exotic okay maybe it's just a really good movie. Maybe it's it's something that you want to do over Christmas that that you've always found and you have fond memories of doing as a child you know we have a family move will be like to watch. It's the Christmas Carol, which everybody's watch that with the one we like is well with Albert Finney. It was a musical, and it was so well done and I enjoyed an arm I'm a pianist I like to sit there and play the piano just can work out the kinks of my soul filter caregiver last week called in and and she's a painter. She just lost her son. She been together for 40 years and he he was a quadriplegic and that he end up dying of cancer and she hasn't found the time to paint very much over the years but now she's going to try to reengage that part of her about you. What do you like knitting, working jigsaw puzzles do go, whatever. What a crossword puzzle. It doesn't matter whatever just really engages you on a heart level that you just find enjoyment doing can you do that one thing for yourself during the Christmas time. Okay don't don't slight yourself on that and and and you know maybe maybe it's offensive special dish that you like to have a Christmas dinner there. My sisters coming to be with us for Christmas dinner were way out Montana. She's coming all the way from South Carolina were we were all raised and normally for Christmas dinner course people will have turkey and some people have Goossens for everything else out Montana though we made it a tradition to do the stakes for Christmas but my sister she wants to feel what's to cook shrimp and grits without for those of you in the South that's that's you ambrosia with a week we get it we love shrimp and grits of not so much out. Here's much. People don't like a razor bell but you know that's meaningful and my sister to caregivers well and these of these are wonderful things to do the just bring joy to consider on the table do some you don't have to have a courier, knives, Christmas. You can have a shrimp and grits Christmas so that's what we're going to do. So far something that you can do I do third thing is where it gets a little bit dicey. Would you make a list right down just just jot down a piece of paper all the people that you hold resentment towards and grudges toward could be a doctor, nurse, multiple doctors could be an employer or coworkers, family and friends or you feel like probably should help bore your pastor, whoever yourself, your love one. Make a list of all the those individuals read it slowly read slowly and then forgive the let it go and burn the list only explains about forgiveness. We we water forgiveness down some Thompson and will say things I will it's okay no it's not okay the infractions are real. The offenses are real but the ability you have, to exact justice on those offenses is limited.

You just cannot go around and punish people for the things that you think they've done to you. Or maybe they have done to you. You can't. You don't have to fellowship with him. You don't have to hang around you can keep boundaries but you don't to keep the grudges you can learned to just live comfortably in your own space with give them a lot of space themselves, but you don't have to hold onto that resentment.

How is that a good thing for you.

What is that doing for you, you know, is caregivers. One of the goals that we have is to stand in the grave one day.

I know that sounds kinda grim here Christmas time.

But that's the reality. We don't want or love once limit without us, we can't guarantee that we will but we can live our lives as if we will with proper healthcare and taking care of ourselves and all those kinds of things but we don't want be standing at that grave with resentment with our fist clenched with resentment that ourselves. Anybody else to push a wheelchair with clenched fist as a pianist I can tell you can't play a piano with clenched fist.

Well how about we let go of some of the same right that list out of all the ones you present. Forgive take your hands off of their God. You live your life got one more to go. That will get to our new ones. This is hopefully caregiver this Peter Rosenberger.

Hopefully and give me but I just love this policy.

I really do this. My wife graces the greens to be more like Jesus. I want to be like about if you want to hear Gracie CD, but we hope the hope for the Her new CD is out and you can go out there today and take a look and listen some of the things wonderful record and she's the real deal and you can't believe that what she can do as a singer and in you think about her story what she's been through. How many times she's been intubated. We were worried. Sometimes she would be able sing again to me. They've had to go down with tubes down her throat to resuscitate her, and all kinds of stuff and she can really do it. This Peter Rosenberger. This is hopefully caregiver, hopefully and if you click on her the picture for record will take you to the pursuing spots of the show stating with hope and for any tax-deductible gift to standing with hope in the your donation I will send a copy of her CD hope for the and the CD is called resilient and she is all right were talking about eight great Christmas presents for caregivers to give to themselves. Eight. Great Christmas presents for caregivers to give to themselves.

First was seeing a doctor second one is committing to do something brings joy to your heart. Third, what is make a list of the people you present and forgive them and then burn the list lose the grudges. Keep the boundaries back to this thing about forgiveness.

A lot of people really mistake that I think how to make it sentimental like okay well it's okay it's okay, no, no it hurts and it's real and it matters, but I don't have the power to go around and adequate adequately adjudicate all this.

Okay I'm not God I can't bring justice to these things. I would have to release certain things to God and to the authorities. He sits here in this earth I want to take my hands off of someone else's throat is that's what were doing when we forgive. It's a it's a decision of our will going to let it go okay as a pianist, I cannot make beautiful music until I open my hands I cannot do this with clenched fist. I can't push my wife's wheelchair with clenched fist okay as a caregiver, neither can you let it go doesn't mean it doesn't matter just means that you're not in charge of and let God deal with that mean you have to go back and be buddy buddy with these people. You can keep the boundaries and I recommend you do but lose the grudges okay and then the fourth thing is this what we all covered last week. Make one small change in your diet. For instance, substitute water for sugary drink. Grab a piece of fruit instead of a candy bar, a salad for burger olive oil for butter little things like that.

You don't have to make these massive changes as I don't think it works that way for us. We get here overnight.

We think it were not to get out of it overnight.

But we can make one small change today. Just something simple and then affirm yourself when you do it okay, go ahead and give yourself an edible oil that are at a girl on them so you know what I did a good thing I did that this morning I grab some water balloon limited. You know that is a much change in the world with it. I'm just doing a simple thing but you do the simple things enough that all of a sudden they turn into major things. So those before we covered last week.

That's important for you as a caregiver to to recognize yourself year-round in here Christmas as we really get lost you one of these you hear me say on the show a lot is that we lose our identity is caregivers. We just hope we get lost in someone else's story that Christmas that were trying so hard to make it special for someone else.

We think this is mom's last time or you were try to re-create the joy of Christmas past, and we we become slaves to nostalgia. We want to do that we can enjoy Christmas as it is today.

Even in the hospital room. Okay, even at the funeral, you can. It's not easy and it will have pain in you will have sorrow and you will have tears but they don't have to be tears of rage and tears of despair. Okay, weeping and worth for the night Scriptures as joy comes in the morning we were going to weep all creation is groaning on these things were going to weep, but my goal for myself and for you is caregiver is that we don't weep out of a sense of hopelessness. As Paul says we don't grieve as those who have no hope you seek God he is going to work through all of these things and bring glory to himself in ways we can't even imagine.

And he's going to make all things new.all new things all things new. And we wait for that and we trust them with that we know we can trust and that's where the cross comes. That's how we and the longer we walk with him. The more we see how broken this world is and how big God is, the more we understand how important the cross is that the greater we see the brokenness of all this going on around us, the more it seems like the more the bigger the fracture is between God and a good and loving God. In this broken world. But in the cross just keeps growing and growing and growing to span that so that we hang onto Christ as we walk through these terrible things the valley of the shadow of death can be a very long valley at times very long valley and those of you walking was someone with chronic impairments.

You really get that and it is a hard thing to watch someone suffer. It's a hard thing to watch someone to climb and so in those moments.

That's when we realize and we can we can trust that his scarred hand is holding onto our scared. Okay, hang tough on that artist get to that, the next I will go to the next four throughout the rest the show's. This is one of my favorites send a Christmas card to yourself.

Pick out a card. Your loved one would get for you if they were healthy and a healthy physical place that they could exit get to the store and do it or healthy emotional place or mental place maybe is not there anymore.

Maybe they didn't. Don't even hardly know your name anymore or maybe their disease has made them so bitter, or maybe addiction is taken over them and they're just there just lost, but if they were healthy. What would they say to you pick up that card send it to yourself address it, mail it to yourself and put a $10 bill in it for one that's not pitiful that's affirming and that's only for those of you and him in a marriage relationship where your partner is is incapacitated, maybe your husband has Alzheimer's and he's just done know who who you are anymore what's going on. Maybe your wife has dementia. You can honor that love of picking out a card that they would have gotten 40 had you had they been healthy.

Okay an inmate really read it slowly. There some wonderful things out there, preferably get one.

This is a Christian card because it will incorporate parts of Scripture and you know the word never returns voided if your mailing the word to yourself was I going to do for you when you open that up also get a $10 bill of ghetto you can treat yourself to something okay I know that may sound kind of whatever tried to track one out right so that's number five number six do something physical do something physical walked to the back of the house and back okay if you can't get out of the house very easily. The just walk around the house, walk around the yard, walk down the street, do something physical. Get up, move your read a story about Alan Alda who has Parkinson's and he placed John Philip Sousa music all really loud in the house and he marches around to it and it it inspires him to pick his knees up so that he will you know it'll keep that blood going in and improve his balance and dexterity. That's the whole point of Parkinson's. This is you got to the way you fight back at his keep your balance. Parkinson's won't kill you.

In that sense, but what it does is it compromises your ability to be balanced and you fall in the false what the complications from the falls would cause assorted problems and so I had a friend might I do martial arts and we tested for black belt together.

He was a good bit older than me, but he did. He hung through it and he did it and he had Parkinson's at 70 years old and he did it and he would fall but one of the things we teach and the art art training is how to fall without injuring yourself and he but he got there he pushed himself and he would flip me and I would flip him and it was it was really inspiring to see and that that's how I took care of myself with it and do things for me it's his martial arts.

Embrace it and loved it and verify that those on that where I am here come a long way from what I can go out through an elk or deer out here is little bit harder to do that without where word we live in Southwest Montana. Now we move from Nashville Tennessee. So were a long ways from anything R Kelly doesn't even have a traffic light it so I gotta find a place like resume attorney because I really miss it. I fell on the snow just a couple days ago and I was in a hurry elsewhere and she was outside that I should not of been wearing and just went my legs just flew out from underneath me to fill the landed him a on the meat of my left shoulder which were trained to do in martial arts you don't put your hand out to stop it because that's a good way to break your hand and it hurt, but I wasn't injured I was feeling my my years of my pride was her little bit but it was a that I caught myself properly and was able to needle take the worst of it the right way, but that's how I learned how to just kind of pushed back against things that we we we can we can get kind of chunky as caregivers I see is one of the landmines in a book 7 caregiver landmines is eggs excessive weight gain and and I see so many caregiver struggled with this. I struggle with this. I'm not admitting that. I guess a big picture fell off the wall. I got big broke my favorite tree you know it and and that's heartbreaking for us this caregivers when what our own weight becomes a real issue. They call it comfort food for recent ghetto and and so if we can do something physical to push back on. It's going to help us all the way around. So get up and walk, pick up don't yourself off the couch or chair. I know you're tired. I know you're tired, you can just lift those knees a little bit higher. Hopefully caregiver on American family were we are the nations one show. The family cared with this hopefully caregiver.calm and I hope you're listening on the radio or on your AFR app if you haven't downloaded that yet.

This is a good time to do it. AFR app it's it's free and it's easy to use in their summary great programs on this network for you the entire network is designed to keep putting good stuff into you. I don't think you realize maybe some of you to regular listeners, but those you're not right AFR I don't think you realize how much. Maybe these people are doing to help protect you and build you up. They are pushing back and they are waging against the cultural rot in this country and around the world while simultaneously working hard to feed believers and and and and reach nonbelievers with the gospel. And so if you haven't gotten the app on your tablet or your phone device. Whatever. Go get it free and and you can stream the shows you can eat there so many things out there some resources so and I'm glad that AFR is American family Association has taken this show to heart and they they see value in this family is the middle name of the American family Association. It's designed for the family and this show was for the family caregiver and there are so many of us out there who are struggling who are just pulled her hair out who are hanging our heads with breeders who are just at our wits in while dealing with someone who has a chronic impairment.

You know, maybe it's a traumatic brain injury. You know those those are not necessary. Terminal things, but it affects the personality of the individual and it's so hard on the family to watch this and to watch what happens with Alzheimer's. When when when the level of stress having sundowner's and the face and the voice that you love for a lifetime all of a sudden is cursing at you. How do you deal with this particular this time a year. This is a hard time a year for caregivers. We get lost in the hustle and bustle of the season will try to make it special for someone else do we have any room for her for Christmas in our own hearts. And I say yes and that's what this is all about. I am Peter Rosenberger and I'm glad that you're with this hopefully in the next segment of the play special salt Gracie just to Christmas all the organ in with that. I think you love. It's available at our website and all over the place and would love for you to go out and get it stream out on Amazon or whatever you want. It's a it's available out there and my wife is a is a no Kinsinger and her new CD is out is called resilient and you can go. Hopefully just click on the picture. The CD and for donation staining with hope, which is the presenting sponsor of the show. Any donation any tax-deductible gift that you wanted to end of the year.

I don't care what the amount is will send you that CD just as our gift to you to thank you for supporting the worker standing with hope.

We have two program areas for the wounded and those who care for them and for the wounded is the prosthetic limb part that we did when Gracie lost her own legs. She wanted provide a great way of sharing the gospel to her fellow amputees so we work with the government of Ghana and we teach and equip their people how to make prosthetic limbs for their own people and we provide them with all kinds of equipment on this and supplies. I just purchased a bunch of resin to make the sockets that we recycle prostheses get used prosthetic limbs from all the country go to a prison in Tennessee were inmates volunteer.

They volunteer to do this to disassemble the force so that we can recycle the feet the needs the pollen to screws adapters to the connectors.

The peracetic sucks the letters to sleeves the belt systems arms all those things can be recycled, not the socket that we make custom over there and we get ready to ship over some more things so you give it if you want to share that information with amputees and funeral homes and other places that you know of that may not know that there's a service out there that will do that they can sin those devices and stick it in a box will take care of and what a great thing to hang your stockings by the chimney with care and put a leg in it.

Now I'm just getting back to know I'm really not done that so steady and for any donation staining with hope will city Gracie CD about that I would talk about her eight great Christmas presents for caregivers to give themselves all by the way here something this dude and I before I get to the last two we've gone through one through six. Commit to seeing a doctor commit to doing something brings joy to your heart.

Make a list of all the people you resent and forgive them and then burn that list lose the grudges to keep the boundaries make a small change in your diet. You know water for sugar drinks or fruit instead of a candy bar salad instead of a burger olive oil instead of butter.

Send a Christmas card to yourself. Pick out a card. Your love one would send if they were physically and mentally able to do so. Okay. And then's stick a $10 bill at 40, do something physical, walk back to the house and back. If you can't develop them so accurately.

The house Kaylee Weldon walk around the house go to the next room. Physically lift your legs up. As I mentioned last blessing that Alan autoplay John Philip Sousa music you know 76 trombones in the big parade and all the big marching band music and he marches around the house and get sustainably has Parkinson's and is doing this to keep pushing against losing his balance and all those kinds of things physically moving around. That's good advice for us is caregivers listing that pick yourself up and move. Get those knees up, move around, get that heart rate up case could help you and them get two more to go before I do that I want to give you a little bit of a survival guide for yourself. There's the it's just in time before Christmas. You can still do this my book, hopefully caregiver.

It's available as an audiobook and an Amazon audible.

You can go out and demo the book and listen to it in less than three hours. I read the entire book and few bonus features in their and it will, I promise you you will enjoy it and it'll just cut it equip you to get through it. There still time for you to do that before Christmas hits and and New Year's and everything else in January can be pretty bleak to because your deductible start all over and is just there's just a lot of drama and let down for Christmas. Let take yourself up by doing that and it cost less than a combo meal at a fast food place the audiobook.

Okay. And you can get the paperback version of it as well. The Kindle version of it and then also you can get songs for the caregiver my CD which I would recommend having it's a bunch of hymns and is interspersed with Gracie singing a few songs and I think you'll find it incredibly calming and soothing to you and inspiring for you and I just specifically did this for caregivers, and some people listen to it and they sleep and that's wonderful because I want to be able to rest some people listen to it and they weep. And that's okay too because that could be healing as well. So these are these are things you can stream or get digitally right now and hope for the

Please do yourself a favor, right the last two isolation isolation is crippling.

It is crippling is one of the seven caregiver landmines a talk about in my book and we can be isolated physically which most caregivers are. We can also be isolated emotionally.

It's very difficult for us to talk with people. It's very very difficult for us to engage and I tell a lot of pastors this that caregivers can feel isolated in a crowded room and we can feel isolated on a crowded pew. We really can't and it's hard to do this. I member.

One of the most lonely times for me was on Easter Sunday and it was I was in a in a church filled with 2000 people and everybody was seen wearing the Easter best and there was a huge orchestra there and and it was it was it was spectacular to see my kids were with grandparents and Gracie was hovering. She was so sick so sick and we live 2 miles from the church. I was able slip out for Easter service. Thus that there I felt so lonely, but I went I went in everybody else's is all upbeat because it's Easter Sunday and I was I was in agony when I went, I heard the gospel and I'm asking you did go someplace. Just slip in go someplace. Listen to the music of the season. Their services going on all around with Christmas music and so forth. Slip in and listen go to a place of worship, go to a church that's close to you and and engage in just be around other people. If you get a chance, support group if there's one near you for your particular issue that you deal with if you deal with Parkinson's or Alzheimer's or whatever, there's usually support group for family members for that at all kinds of places you didn't have to be perfect for you can even be at 12 step recovery group. You know like Al-Anon. All of these things are designed to help people who wrestled with things I can't control it may not fit your particular issue, but your issue is not necessarily the problem.

It's how you're responding to the issue is where the. The challenges you know if if you have to look in this way if if Alzheimer's was taken away.

Would you be then happy happy happy all the time time time. I don't think so. I think we find something else to be challenged about and Scripture says that we can be content and joyful in the midst of whatever belt we have to ask ourselves at some point do we believe that or not. Is this true or not and so by pushing back and said you know what, maybe I have the problem. Maybe I need to engage maybe I need to be around other people who are talking about the same issue I I have a theory new for those irregular listeners showed of this. So just hang on for second that I have this theory that we as caregivers really don't need a lot of advice okay, we really don't. But we do need a lot of reminders that resonate with you.

Music and where your headspace is right now is that you don't you don't need someone to Minnesota you should do this you should do this. I don't hear anybody tell me what I should be doing, but I don't mind hearing what people tell me that is healthy to do is that's that's helpful that's reminding of or the path to safety. This hopefully caregiver Peter Rosenberg. This is the nation's number one show for you as a family. So glad you with this world. American family radio Merry Christmas right back with the last one in the special self embracing and mainstay in a back to hopefully caregiver American family.

This is Peter Rosenberg. This is the nation's number one show as a family caregiver in Octavia. Why shouldn't we be why shouldn't believers be out there in front of this issue.

We can speak hope to those who are struggling in ways that no one else can. Because the hope of the gospel and on this show we speak fluent caregiver. So for those of you who are not a caregiver, you may be able to peripherally take a look at this in and say hey okay that makes sense. But for those you are caregivers you know exactly what were talking about and you know the strain and you know the heartache and you know the pain and you know the sorrow in your why we do the show and I'm glad you're hopefully it's not too late to go out and get an audio copy of my book and listen to it before Christmas just for yourself. It's a cost less than a combo meal and and I made it very very affordable. The paperback of the book is also available to digital version of the Kindle version. All I can stuff and then you can also that the CD you can download a string the CD songs for the caregiver socially caregiver that's available to just listen to calm you down during the stent put in just stream it in your car while your why you're driving around and if you get Bluetooth in the car you can hook it up from your device to your car speakers and just enjoy and and it makes the trips to the doctors and hospitals in the grocery store everything else a little more pleasant and the traffic. I tested it myself on Atlanta traffic during rush hour on 285 and at no point did I experience road rage so that says something it is, it is guaranteed to reduce road rage in Atlanta traffic. So take that for what it's worth I we been going over all the things that is caregivers.

We can give to ourselves this Christmas just to be able to to do something for us to affirm us the growth of real quick and we have special sulfur Gracie commit to seeing a doctor commit to doing something brings joy to your heart.

Make a list of the people you resent and forgive them and burn the list. Keep the keep the boundaries but lose the grudges make a small change in your diet. You don't grab grab some water instead of soda, grab some fruits of a candy bar. Send a Christmas card to yourself that your love one would pick out for you.

If they could.

Okay physically and emotionally and/or emotionally do something physical, walk around, get the blood going in your body lift those knees up put some perking your steps and push yourself physically to do something you'll have to go to with GM and and and enjoy some kind of you know that kind of thing you want to do something because you may not be able to very easily but you can move around your house you can pick your arms up you can pick your legs up you can move and then go to church go to place worship slip in some way. Just listen to the music of the season.

Don't let yourself get isolated and then the last one is called a trusted friend until the beer struggling make sure is a trusted friend take a leap of faith that they will listen. Don't ask for solutions just here in a tender heart. You know, you don't need to fix this because thing think things are going to fix my wife's legs are growing back. Her body is broken and it's going be broken until Christ restores that in his time, so I don't need anybody else to come along and try to fix this or have you do that I don't eat all that adjusting the air sometimes I bet you do too.

Reach out and give someone a call. Trusted friend. If you don't have anyone you know what you can call the show right. That's what I do this for you and and you know it and that's if that's the place to get started.

That's the place you go to start, but don't let yourself get isolated and alone and you need to be able to have that companionship of people. Alright so those are just things that you can do for Christmas for yourself for this year there are important things to do in year-round. We can do some of these things to but give yourself the gift of recognizing what you're doing is extraordinary and or so but I'll put this out on the podcast or podcast is free and everything's at it. Hopefully and if you're listing the show for the first time you just have to get the car you listen to it. This is a chauffeur, caregivers, and you may not be caregiver but your regular listener to the station and you have a heart towards ministry. This is how you help a caregiver you viewpoint them to safety. That's what it looks like and that's why do the show through my books was CDs of music. We have everything else is designed for caregivers.

I understand the stress in ways that you do and I've had ample time to make every kind of mistake you can make a secure okay I forgot more mistakes than most. You guys going to make and used to be called the crash test dummy of caregivers, but afraid about.

So you gotta change it to the Wiley Coyote of kick for salted of looking forward an Acme and fall to fall from it and Adele Gracie. She paints a picture of a total walls evolves run through the summer, you talk about. That's what your message will listen. Christmas is hard enough, you know, with all the just the craziness of the traffic in the bustle around everything else. The schedule we are taking care of someone who's impaired, it can be brutal.

So III designed to show all the things I offered to help make this a little easier and I want to end with something for you that's very special to me. Some of all that Gracie and I got the studio and we recorded the song and assists it. Silent Night, but I love to hear her sing it, bring such joy to my heart and I love her voice and that's of was this voice for a lifetime and sometimes the two of us when when things were so bad we could normally function but music was able to you know speak when we didn't have any words and want to just in with something I thought would be comforting to you will and in help sooth those places in your heart when you feel a bit lonely and and struggling to Christmas, and I know that you do and there's not. Sometimes a lot of presents under the tree and this is just a gift from Gracie and me to you and I'll be out on the podcast as well. So if you enjoy it. You can go out. Just listen to it over and over and over just got the podcast.

It's free and you can just listen to it over and over in the wee moments of the night whatever played on Christmas Eve if you want.

Whatever works for you, but I just wanted you to have something to help stir the place in your heart from two people who have faced a lot of bleak Christmases together. Gracie was hurt, right before Thanksgiving back in 83 and she was in the hospital for a long time and then she's had 80 surgeries that I can count since that terrible day, and a bunch other procedures. Both legs gone, and 12 different hospitals under doctors. We spent a lot of holidays, every major health in and out and in hospitals. Christmas doesn't mean you have to have the perfect tree the perfect environment Christmas means that our Savior was born is going make all this. Okay it is going to get glory from this in ways that you and I just cannot expect we can trust don't put that pressure on yourself to make it a perfect Christmas he already did okay he already did, and that's the point of their baby. Tears for you during this Christmas.

I get that been there still there.

Sometimes they're not tears of despair as long as you have your trust in Christ. Tears of hope and joy, knowing that he began a good work in you is faithful to complete.

This is hopefully caregiver Peter Rosenberger Merry Christmas from Gracie and me being an knee need may be ye

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