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Heart Health 11-6-21

Heart Health Radio / Dr. Franklin Wefald and Dave Alexander
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November 6, 2021 2:02 pm

Heart Health 11-6-21

Heart Health Radio / Dr. Franklin Wefald and Dave Alexander

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The following is a paid program and the views expressed are those of the host suggests, and do not reflect the opinions of W PTF recruiters media group information provided is of a general nature. Listeners seeking specific advice should contact a licensed professional in the appropriate area welcome to heart health radio board certified cardiologist in internal medicine specialist and Dr. Franklin we call a heartfelt day.

Health radio is never information purposes only. Talk to Dr. this is heart health radio on Dave Alexander. He is Dr. Frank. We fall in a rare Thursday. Additionally you're right just like daylight savings time is coming when that happens we have real health problems because were out of sorts.

Thursday night with we see I'm not a super smash Thursday. Would we think that's a bad time.

That's about time is really nice to be sure it's only when our third evening show I think so. Yeah if you're wondering out there who I am because you probably don't listen to. Sometimes I'm Franklin. We thought MD our show is all about learning things of the heart, but also we talk about everything in medicine because it all affects the heart and were here to have fun and to inform you but also you know to help you wade through all of the crazy stuff you read about how fun Facebook and on the Internet and understand what you can believe and what you should just toss by the wayside.

We've got some stories that I even I spotted as baloney baloney and that's the thing about baloney. It's actually not that bad for you. You don't have high blood pressure in the whole thing about natural we believe that there are a lot of things natural that are good for your health, but just because it's natural doesn't mean it's good and just because it's chemical right doesn't mean it's bad okay so we believe and what works natural or unnatural, let's let's talk about the one subject we literally did not speak about its ugly last week.

It's the name which we do not speak it. I got home after two hours and I said why am I so happy today as we can talk about because it is no that's not to say that we are dismissing because of it were not anti-boxers were pro-boxers were not covert deniers work. We spent two years and it's been sure almost 2 years talking about the pandemic and what it means and how it's really sort of destroyed our country were building back better to use that term but were building back better in terms of recovering from covert readings. We had so much to talk about. We didn't talk about continental tonight's work on the other hand, tonight we just found out today that the OSHA rules or have been written and by January 4. Roughly 2 months from now I'm ready to pick the fourth not the first, because today is the fourth and there waiting to month because my sister's birthday isn't Susan we found born January 4, 1956 the this the word on the street is that his many companies as can are laying off employee number 99 and number 9897 what the rule hundred up to 100 employees) and it and if you've got a company that's a got 102 employees you have just laid off to center around people trying to get around because this is these rules are terrible and trying to look up is that they talk about the healthcare workers right in healthcare organizations that receive Medicare and/or Medicaid money.

Yes I did have to have 100%. That's right. Vaccinations now I don't know if that includes my group were a group of one doctor and 12 employees and I received a ton of Medicare and Medicaid money, I got a ton people but a large part of my product.

You don't want to give it up.

Well I don't know if it applies to me because they said some organizations so I tried to Google I said does the doctor's office that receives Medicare and Medicaid have to comply with these rules because I can tell you right now that your three people working overseas to be vaccinated, and they're going to be tested every week will no healthcare shares are not allowed to use that out.

You have to have the vaccine. I don't know is if you had come to be required to get the vaccine. Now I think so, but this is really going to be a huge change in my practice has had two people two individuals get covert and we discovered it. Lord have mercy in the office. When we tested him well.

And so here we close down for whole day and scrubbed everything and nobody else's tested positive, but you know I'm I going to tell them. And this was just a month ago. They have to get vaccinated were there for because they had and I believe in natural immunity.

Now do. I also believe that getting the vaccine when you've had natural immunity from a previous covert infection renders you that much more resistant to getting it again. Yes, I do. But is it enough to fire you for that for your 4% boost in your ability to fight it off.

The second time I don't know. I believe the federal government and what they say because I'm not so sure where these mandates are coming from. Remember I wish we had this we always like to go back in time for you.

Somebody's words and play them back again.

Remember, but no president Bott got there said I will not mandate vaccination right right is not.

It was not the federal government's business.

It wasn't the role.

Guess what.

Now guess what it is now my lips, no new vaccinations. Yeah… From the inside to accept from that is, from George Bush the elder saying the reason my lips read my lips no new taxes every my lips no vaccine mandate, so I know what happened next. I don't know. Are you to be required if you had one type of vaccine to get the other if you had JJ regularly required to get your motor. It may sound far-fetched, but guess what recent studies have shown that if you mix-and-match a higher level of immune so they can all of a sudden say that you got the dirt of the night. JJ see the other welders to other things. Number one, they may at some point add other demands of S <1 of the demands might be for the booster. The other demands might be for children working out the way it's been shoehorned in. It has to do with employees but it's not out of the question for because I've never approved it from 5 to 12 right five Pfizer is approved from ages 5 to 11 okay so just like every well, 12, 13, I think if I'm wrong, but the argument for that can be. You can't go to school unless you have measles vaccine vaccination. Yes, you can go to school unless his chickenpox been brought into that because I don't have the chickenpox vaccine I don't know. And so the argument could be the records of the vaccines will not require curve. I don't have a good answer to that question okay.

I don't would vaccinate my child.

I don't have a child in management accounting have a grandchild in that age group. Yet, but if I had a seven-year-old. I would have him or her vaccinated the vaccines are safe and effective.

That doesn't mean that I'm from mandates. I don't know what to say.

I think that it's safe and effective, but when you look at the risk-benefit analysis right okay the risk-benefit analysis for measles vaccination for the DPT. The tetanus toxoid from our polio for favors vaccination but you're talking in a young persons risk group, it's zero point that's usually 0.0 5/1,000,000 chance of getting really sick from covert right that's really low me think about 0.05 million.

It's a basically one in 50 million. So I'd like to see the data on the side effects of the cover. That's the current covert vaccines that we have in the age 5 to 11 group to see if it's really worth it. Now the other argument is that kids could pass up to adults, but the general choir all of the teachers and all of the workers in schools. 20 vaccinate right so right now I cannot give you my opinion about the vaccination mandate possible vaccination mandate for 5 to 11-year-olds in school but I would say right now I'm give to Micah I would.

I believe in all vaccines and you want to know why. I also believe in the vaccine line is that they jazz up your immune system. It's like the old weekly adage in case you haven't heard that name is we feel for when fault go with the average lecture put kids playing in the dirt.

If so, what is that Jewett exposes them to the common germs, bacteria, viruses, there is a polio like virus that kids in the farms who were exposed to the dirt caught and became immune to pay didn't get polio in my 50s right so play in the dirt and I also believe in getting as many vaccines as you can, you run the risk of a rare vaccine side effect. But when you think about it you get exposed to a vaccine compound jazz is up your immune system and it makes you healthier. One illness makes you healthier against another one exposure.

Make sure T killer cells that much more of killers, so I got the name of vaccine and I got okay malaria is not out that it's not all yet and I'm not that smart. I'm just guessing. Just irresistible guards may have. That's against human papilloma virus and Guardino prevents when young women are now getting it to prevent cervical cancer from certain types of human papilloma virus that are sexually transmitted. They're not getting it to boys. I know why not, they should give voice to okay so anyway I'm pro vaccine you could identify as a girl sleeping I missed you were certain girl in the women's room.

But anyway, the bottom line is I am pro vaccine, but I am not one of those Pro vaccination. I'm talking about professional claim that if you don't get the vaccine. No killing people, not a believer, I think you get a vaccine is a personal choice. I would like to convince you to get one but if you don't want to get one.

I still love you because that's not who we are not here to beat you over the head and get it because there are rational reasons for people to be afraid of vaccines.

I would tell you that the rational responses is that the risk-benefit's analysis is in favor of getting vaccinated with all the misinformation that we had in all the scary stuff. I understand what people different. I've got a scary story in my right hand. What about the wonder (and now it's not that that's a good I number one a newly approved weight loss drug selling so fast.

Novo Nordisk can't keep up production. There's another one. The new Delta plus variance. Did you read that during the Delta plus variance, I'm did I tell you the two things coming up to things you need to know about Delta plus and then after I tell them to you will worry about a variety you and I don't remember you was going against you. Yeah, it's that it's that it's and this is from the it's gotta be around here somewhere.

Department nearly half of men have no idea where the prostate is that scared where it's got a big maybe it's in that one drawer. I don't up a lot in the drawer all right that's coming up on the show. Also, your phone calls 919-860-9783. This is make this is hard. L3. People should be ashamed of themselves. They help you want me to show Dr. Oz. You know, I think that people need to know something about Dr. is one of the greatest heart surgeons in the country is no doubt in my mind. I didn't know the guy was really well-trained. He was in New York City and forgive me I can't remember with either Columbia or NYU and then is a very personable kind of guy you can tell it what he does but is also you know Oprah's friend and so Oprah got him on the show a couple times. He was very voluble and nice and I like to read doesn't show the problem is okay the advertisers and the people who support makes $30 million in your Garcinia Cambodia that are no that's this diet supplement that he pushed totally worthless and it's become a show for bored housewives to talk about losing weight and detoxifying you know I mean I have you been detoxified know I have three times really early taxes it's flushing out your colon and why live in detox free time I have no idea how to have a colonoscopy only more interesting story know know know he was going to clinic her so well you know I don't know lots of evacuated twice a day and I'm helping them. Thank you for sharing. But anyways, when I'm trying to make this there's this great surgeon who believes in you know the miracles of modern American medicine surgery yesterday was pushing the schist total. I hate to say it crap and what he has now was his two day holiday detox and its Dr. Oz is detox and I hope to God is not selling but you know what's in it. No melon juice, coconut water yeah oatmeal lentil soup cabbage salad something called chocolatey chocolate two years, but what it does is make you go and go and go yeah there's nothing left in your colon now supposed to do that, around the holidays and he claims that it promotes health and keeps you from getting hung over and is is making you much more likely to win the lottery, not a lot about that last part. This is just not something that is really helpful to your listeners.

I mean come on okay limit.

Let me ask you July have I just in general, not just me but everybody do we have like pounds and pounds of undigested whatever you hang on the inside of her intestines. Yeah okay is a that's normal. Is it a bad thought about it? I already do hunters out there is some measure ever cleaned a Bambi shot shot them seen it done what's in the: what's in their intestines poop about 10 pounds of retained stuff okay. Not what they don't tell you this is that's 10 pounds of G.I. T group in transit.

Okay, what does that mean you just had to come out yet okay when you die, you can have 10 pounds in their okay okay what that 10 pounds is if you had, and I will be gone and with it a conveyor belt. Okay what goes in that some people are convinced that they eat something for supper and then I see it in the can arbitrarily as Archie Bunker used to say. The next morning know you don't know know now if you do, let me say something wrong with you really. It takes it takes a while to get through. Know what I recommend. I do recommend that you have a daily okay yeah healthy. There are toxins in your poop and you wanted written them on a daily basis but this whole idea of you holding onto stuff and not worry about it and then come Thanksgiving you take Dr. Oz is oatmeal and chocolate T group and then you just get rid everything that doesn't make sense want to clean things out every day now supposed your kidneys sure they clear out toxins and put them in your shorts of the constantly easy don't urinate for two weeks and then you open the spigot to go out at one time I do some accents know if you are constipated you should correct that problem and I don't mean with correct tall you don't want to take the accident you want to have a healthy diet so that you have bulk and you poop every day makes you happy why you're getting the toxins, but you don't want to just rely on a Dr. Oz flush to clear out the turn pounds hunting in your gut. Okay at one time.

Right now I there's another similar issue and it doesn't have to do with the debt, well it does the digestive system is my body, accumulating poisons at all that I should then take something to detoxifying Iowa thing. I said no I'm saying is detox yourself every day.

The whole concept is to go to the bathroom. Not just be honest now yeah ask let's pretend with David. Yeah.

Do you have a bowel movement every day. Yes, at least, at least, I have 222, and I feel right if I don't to Brighton or Luxembourg. Okay. And the reason why this got to keep things moving. Keep those doggies moving here now and I think it's good I don't don't hold it in and then explode via Dr. Oz right and somebody out there knows chocolatey. I want to know what chocolate tea. We do call us up if you've got a medical question whether it has to do with number two Miller Milan or any of the various things your body does call us up at 919-860-9783, a rare Thursday night program on making your heart healthy your heart healthy in the heart health radio net. Now back to heart health have a question for Dr. we fall. Call 919-8609 73 is his heart health radio want to try to remember that today this is heart health radio. We are on to help you get better stay healthy and spout medical misinformation and have fun, and from the heart health radio network news desk this from Fox eight WG HP4. I don't know. I don't know. But here's the headline on the new Delta plus variance, which is been found in labs in North Carolina and seven other states.

This is a dangerous headline a new form of covert Delta variant that could possibly spread faster has been spotted in North Carolina. According to CBS News are calling it Delta plus. Guess what, what Delta plus does not cause more severe illness and current vaccines are totally effective against it. According to health officials both parties let you know it's true.

There may be another map there working.

I don't know but you and you some Greek letter on an identical integer, but with a new Nugent suppressed her rage through America to confirm Brazil right in the data so mutants can be stronger and can be weaker and most of the time I was wrong about this in the beginning we all thought cousin and a member like the curve always manages to hold out and I wear a mask wash her hands like the curve, and you covered would eventually mutate to nothing. I believe that because that's what most pandemics did this would not affect just the list.

One day, all the things that people wrong about the curve. Put me on there right on the list that I predicted 10,000 cases not deaths. 10,000 cases. If for some reason, I believe that we were going to beat this in the beginning we didn't but also the things that they predicted that would be more dire and that if you took hydroxychloroquine you get a drop dead, you know, there are so many things in his suspension.

I think look back on this when you and I are finally old and the rocking chairs. One day, can we were there we lived through that are 20 or shenanigan have a special pandemic and it was an amazing turn-of-the-century of the United States and we live through that I believe we have lived through it.

If you look at the cases North Carolina Way down hospitalizations or dropping deaths or falling down. Let's hope and pray that this is going to be arrested and that is not come back when it will sample you know there's a great article that I saw in this is a typical thing says I'm a doctor and these are five foods that I never eat in five foods that I leave a lot and so I look at this article and you know the last thing you want to believe is what article says I'm a blank and this is what you should do what the doctor I did terrible things that there was a great article.

My kids loved the blue whale equivalent of 50,000 big Macs a day and I said that's why I like whale. Have I there's nothing better than a big Mac when you want one. But here's the situation.

Okay you ever had new tele-this is one of the food I had Dr. never I what is it is like a peanut butter thing yet it has the the split ability of peanut butter. It's from a different note, right, and apparently is a new tele-or not. I don't know but it's got 21 g of sugar 2 tablespoons for yes 200 cal. Palm oil, the people like okay so what's the bottom line some new talent. If you want to be deleted every day.

Donate 10 pounds of it right you know anything in moderation. And this is where atomic patients. I have this thing called the Nono diet which is no flour, white flour, no sugar products snow inside a white potato products like French fries in the white rice that is that mean never, never, never, it's that when you think about it more than once a week say no okay is the foie gras yet. So what to do with the tortured docs by force-feeding them.

Yes, it makes their livers. Fatty just went bad things about America drip fatty liver from this reason God I love Dwight foie gras yeah about once a year.

Yesterday twice a year through incredibly expensive. Yeah, it's really tasty is that if the court it's a like a paste.

No, what a pothead is the place okay that's was oculus while I brought is it's kind of a sickly thin Jell-O and Hunter maybe it's that kind of consistency man is a good unthinking spam for rich guys and for rich guys like process means he puts hotdogs on the yeah yeah how un-American can this guy be to say you can eat a hot dog, go to the Yankees games and have a hot dog gets a crackerjack shoes you eat five hotdogs the dead.

No, no, but should you look at a hot dog and say your evil and the good about a shoe for my life. Now if you want to have a hot dog couple times a month, hotdogs your cardiologist. You literally if operated on people's heart. I just had a hotdog the other day and I loved one of the things I'm trying to tell you is that when you worry about what you eat.

Mitigating the effects of good health okay because anxiety and worry are bad for you increase your stress hormones of cortisol and they increase your adrenaline constricts your arteries make it a lot more just up warning about 100 hotdog okay fund cereals. This is very interesting because what makes you healthy fun, laughter, and your member Coco crisp cocoa Congress pulse right crisp, nobody's ever heard of that but it was Cap'n Crunch made into a shape of a flying saucer seasoning choking on my quest and it was right outer space creature that had the super good stuff yeah it once a month maybe once every two months. Okay, that's the whole point. Now here's the foods he eats. David Perlmutter was is a neurologist in the courtyard gave I don't know what I did some kind of food. Yes, I think it's a job no agave agave now blueberries. I love to each blueberries. I want to warn you if you ever grew up and had fun as a kid, you saw the movie Willy Wonka yeah yeah and what was he was that girl really talked about her daughter Violet Beauregard if she ate too many blueberries and turn into bluebirds so each blueberries that are good for you in the tasty art avocados.I am a huge fan of avocados right on the counter. What I love is point out that huge pit notion that this is awesome satisfied with ranch dressing avocados.

I just love it says, yet tribes take notes interesting ranch dressing is good for you it gets a bad name. But there's no cards and there's no simple carbs and you know it's bad for you is like ranch dressing is full carbs, sugar, sugar and flour me how you if you get rid of the fat you thicken up somehow so if you love ranch like I do love the come avocados like I do, don't use avocados and light ranch negates the goodness that hummus… Oh yeah, it's been pasty stuff yeah so hummus. I like it, donate hummus every day that sweet potatoes. It's interesting that when I tell my patients to avoid potatoes, I gotta be very careful because the inside of white potato. Now if you want to have potato with the skin yeah that's like having whole grain wheat or whole grain rice wine because the fiber in the covering of the whole grain rice in the whole potato actually negates the badness in the simple carb of the inside of the ricer the inside of the potato, because that fiber stimulates your gut do not necessarily absorb but simple carb if I gotta tell him interestingly sweet potatoes.

You would think the negative right that you should eat the potato but not the sweet potato because the suite is that what there's something in the sweet potato that makes it sweet. That's not sugar it's good for I can't tell you what is right and I can get a lot of beta-carotene, which is good for you and I can sleep because I can eat this, even though I'm diabetic.

Yes okay now right argument. I do not know why red onions are better than white onions, but there's something in it called and I cannot even pronounce this.

I tried to turn cursor turn that fights inflammation.

I believe you, but governments were surrendered.

Can you tell the difference between red and white on when you have a different don't eat so much of anything going on right that I would that I here's the food that he really thinks is awesome. The salmon salmon I like salmon. I cook salmon I love salmon but is it the only good thing for you. Salmon is good and should eat salmon. Now here's the thing that I really love Brussels sprouts. Okay I love visiting I like Stephen my vegetables that something like like storefront Brussels sprouts if I cover them in barter. Yes, so we had five foods that he hates a few things that you love and I'm an Italian tomorrow even more tomorrow, but you know your hotdogs and and you know the not tell her whatever you want to eat anything everyday you know anything in excess the Julie and the happiness of the hotdog is going to negate any bad effect of the nitrates and whatever they think is bad and there yeah because life needs to be fun. Nothing more fun than hotdog is a story that has nothing to do with what you were just talking about but we've approached every other topic that we could.

I could ever get queasy about nearly half of men in a UK study. A British study.

They have no idea where their prostate is this really scared. It's really scary.

It's like like people who think that Abraham Lincoln was a adrenaline World War II writer, but the prostate is really important for men because number one it supports your sexual function is the supplier of the fluid that allows you to make babies and enjoy your activities, but it can enlarge and swell and cut off the flow of your that's called benign prostatic hypertrophy that your prostate is a walnut sized object that surrounds your urethra. So between the bladder and the end of your Peter about just a little bit away from your bladder. Toward that direction. Is this walnut sized you see organ that is really good for your health, but people the word now prostate cancer is really important in two ways.

Number one.

If you get it at age 70.

You're gonna die from something else. So if you have, there are some very aggressive prostate cancers. The most important things you get prostate cancer go to your doctor and will do a biopsy and they'll tell you if you have the aggressive form. Prostate cancer can metastasize to your bones is extremely painful, but you should know your prostate is that there's no prostate self exam unless you're really weird. Okay, yeah that is a where you examine your prostate. Andrew number two and three latest in a prostate exam. I don't recommend that you do self exams under prostate. I strongly recommend you don't have to have I have a really long we used to do not know know it's a failure we used to be taught that we had models that school we had a rectal exam at every patient know we don't do that anymore because colonoscopies and stuff like that can tell whether you have no problem but we used to be able to tell if there was a nodule in your prostate. There were there were the six models. Yes, you know, and we have closer. I should put our finger hit their and then we have to write down what we felt, yes, was it in the right upper quadrant left upper quadrant. How large was the nodule how small was it was firm. Whatever we don't we don't remit we should but you need to reprocess its between the bladder and urethra. It's very, very close to the product the bladder you can feel it with a finger that is inserted into Uranus and it is something to know about to know about where it is and the health benefits and the possible diseases of the prostate and men need to know this. I don't know if women need to nurture here was to think this story goes on to say that more women knew about the prostate, real, and men said let's see here the 34% of the men who'd received a prostate cancer diagnosis admitted it was their partner raise alarm near.

I don't want to know what they were doing. I don't know nearly I know I don't nearly half of the men had no idea what to look out for is warning signs and let's see here.

Yeah quarter of the women quarter for women over under 40 or check themselves for breast cancer about yeah it's easy to do things right there. It's on the surface, but to check yourself a prostate cancer and gotta go where the sun don't shine. It's not done it's I wouldn't do.

I'm glad the conversation could you do it anyway. I don't know. I don't know your there's something about this weight loss drug is selling so fast was legitimate legitimate way garbage that it's the same thing that you take right yeah to the city right take you so simply, the same drug.

Okay exactly the same in residue to make a long story short and to simplify things that corrects insulin resistance that allows the insulin that you have to work more efficiently and helps you lose weight, so the people who were on is epic for diabetes and retail. I think every type II diabetic should be considered for this type of medication is not just as epic bidders by durian made by one company is epic made by never notice as it never notice now makes a pill for physical GLP-1's and that perform works. The manufacturer and quite and then there's Felicity, which is made by I think Lily correct me if I'm wrong. It's a big American company. They all work they all lower blood sugar and they all help diabetics retire to lose weight. But guess what, what the craziest thing. If you take it you're not diabetic, it doesn't level your blood sugar. That's a good disclosure weight execute this so never notice got on the bandwagon.

They made this medicine was $1000 a month. Vic chose a is the same medicine that only lasts a day as epic last week seizing once we run through Leslie West last week you taken once a week but the toes of work the same way as the same type of medicine which had taken everything to them in weight loss will didn't sell thousand dollars really.

So they made a weight loss drug by using as epic and renaming it away goes, we can adjust what the starters same nurses as it is still expensive. The runaway number now you can get as epic free sample for six weeks and get going on that is epic. You can get from your insurance company and its but where go the same medicine thousand dollars a month versus the same medicine is epic, but paid for by insurance, and for those of you playing at home. The company she should bought stock in our Novo Nordisk because they make this an ethical reason on his company itsy EDS entertainers for gelato. Clayton people because it is a huge reduction facility, factory, and that is build a $5 billion production facility to produce the oral form of these medications are: and it's a wonderful thing were moving forward into the new era of diabetic and weight management. We we put off taking a break because I want to get these things in the worker to take it just a break. And if you would mind calling us up 909-860-9783 were here till 9 o'clock this is heart health.

You know, this hour we are showing George in a picture called yes and once want some help. George welcome to the radio program you are on heart health radio since I push the button to George, what's up. Thank you for helping me rather embarrassing throughout tried to make it radio friendly. My groin area were back where the boys are yes I don't know how much more I could. I don't what I could say but until symptoms delete. So now they're putting me. I started getting it cleaned and then it's been like so I get this drive flaky, given the right so there is been doing this it been like three weeks. It's really annoying.

And that bothers so there I okay so

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