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October 9, 2021 4:16 pm

Heart Health

Heart Health Radio / Dr. Franklin Wefald and Dave Alexander

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Heart Health Radio
Dr. Franklin Wefald and Dave Alexander
Heart Health Radio
Dr. Franklin Wefald and Dave Alexander

The following is a paid program and the views expressed are those of the host suggests, and do not reflect the opinions of W PTF recruiters media group information provided is of a general nature listener seeking specific advice should contact a licensed professional in the appropriate area welcome to heart health radio board certified cardiologist and internal medicine specialist and Dr. Franklin we fall prey ourselves. They may have radios never information purposes only. This is heart health radio on the heart health were your heart health. Thank you for following your senior moment of their younger I'm having them more and more to talk about co-vid. This is a change of pace this week is the story of the century you think about the politics behind were trying to do is to spend millions of people who died the economic disaster that has happened and you know what I want to do what is a guy on Fox News Mark Siegel okay.

He had an excellent article today about the positive things that have come out of covert anything like it could be positive. Well, the impetus for scientific exploration to try to squash this thing yes has really been amazing. Somebody had said 15 years ago in a certain type of epidemic and pandemic lecture that within six months have medications to actually treat the virus that we would have off-the-shelf antibodies called monoclonal's which are now keeping people in the hospital as an outpatient. Saving lives if anyone would think that in nine months we have not one, not to not three but four vaccines that I worked to reduce hospitalization and death. I think they would've said we see you crazy, I would've said that because back then and so what this tells us is a good thing is that we have tremendous numbers of scientists who are wonderful and brilliant and know what to do and yet of course everything about this is negative, that politicians stink it out. One politician said I'm not to trust that politicians vaccine again. You know we got the Internet that Facebook got people planning crazy stories about how you turn magnetic yes run magnetic with the vaccine and then we have tremendous information and then we have people targeted as the missing formers right for saying things that actually could be true, could be right to distribute a big example. Now that is just come out. Remember when President Clinton said he was on his podium with daily briefings that we had every Monday at 4 o'clock and he said bleach works topical disinfectants work returned to his people and said can we use these in human all shook her head no. What is alcohol it's it's a disinfectant right and what is the main ingredient for what Hansen Kaiser look on the hands funny. My first thought is beer okay well locate your drinker.

I must think okay okay anyway so so that's what I have but as Rick and Hansen do not, I prefer the rose is a way to get back in to get back to something that makes sense.

Here Hansen Kaiser 70% yeah I now what is Listerine what is the active ingredient of Listerine mouthwash I'm pretty sure it's alcohol at 70% yeah I remember at Johns Hopkins at work and in your these guys come in with really nice breast cancer drug off their butts and they were drinking the street with Pres. Reagan got shot. They kicked all the guys out of the ER and saw the drugs comes something down the street interviewed by CBS NBC you in the ER.

Yeah, I saw the president committed Listerine bottle with this. Anyway, the bottom line is this is tangential is today and the bottom line is what now has been shown to reduce the risk of contracting covered by 40%. Yes Listerine yes but not drinking it now know what okay and that the president can't really say greatly know he didn't know at his people. If if HCl right now could be used as some sort of disinfectant.

Any human answers know everybody was polite enough not to say Mr. present that's really dumb what they should just show your head and he went up okay anyway. Nothing I I have to interact with patients every day 30 of them everything so right next to the sink where I wash my hands is a big bottle of green Listerine yeah and I've been doing that I between patients. I wash my hands and I'm mouthwash now. What else do I do I rinse my nose that was sailing yes why I couldn't do that. I am so allergic to everything written that I have to do the measurements and after using two topicalone is asked to learn, which is a topical in a histamine. So yes, size already Zyrtec. Okay, take a pill. These are actually antihistamines ago on the nose. That's twice a day for Mrs. want to guess what 40% reduction in the incidence of contracting covered. 19 if you regularly use Flonase okay now this is not to say that I'm not prescribing Flonase from going out there and now I don't I get in trouble for saying is mouthwash right, but the bottom line is all stuff that was misinformation might not be so misinformation right okay so all the people got banned for want for saying that they thought on virology Institute was the source of the virus. You would be automatically banned from from Twitter automatically banned from Facebook.

I mean, you know, to channel will be taken and right and you know somebody would come out of the woodwork with Biden for Pres. sticker punch in the face but it turns out, the most likely culprit is the executor virology now were allowed to say why.

She said, but you know how it became misinformation is the guy who founded the be fun to give to the Wuhan Institute and the professor of UNC Barrick is the world's experts in covert work run versus she signed it and I sent this letter lancet say there's no way it was the Wuhan Institute of virology in that letter, it's an every single person who signed prominent scientists were involved with 100 Institute of our knowledge and they became misinformation and if you said, you know, else the artwork. They are racist. Oh yeah and so the bottom line what is good that's come out of it is the scientists have stepped up and hit several homeruns, and pretty soon we'll have a grand slam because there are three pills coming out now that look really good. Merck has one I can't member the other names of the companies that have among these are antivirals we had antibiotics for hundred years right and we had HIV in a pile and that's how they picked up on this. We didn't know a lot about viruses and so were studying all these things are never coming up with solutions so how can I say this, there's a silver lining in this thundercloud write code 19 and the silver lining is that next time. Or maybe we can prevent the next time. By knowing this, it is something like this comes out the scientists they they did the DNA, RNA sequencing day and then we can design our drugs around immediately manufactured billions of doses were made instantaneous instantaneously so the good news is were good were good people. We are care kind and caring nation, and let's just let the noise dissipate and say yes this is horrible. We lost 700,000 people in this country alone. Millions. Millions. But we stepped up to the plate and we took the bull by the Mrs. arm and you know clichéd night. It is usually we avoid clichés laying around here like the play playing here you go you one up to me not not good will will get through the rest of my too much trouble. I likely should touché on the cliché. There is something that you reminded me of when it happened today and I'm concerned about it. Okay you two will now take down your video and G monetize unit make sure that you can't make money. If you have an anti-VAX message and they also will take you down if you haven't a message that strays too far from the running. The norm related to climate change we have again and where physicians and warned the powers that be to watch her stop because if we, for example, would prescribe government for cover that we could possibly lose our license. Now let me say this about that. I had a friend to let me say this about that boy were clichéd and old-school today.

We are allowed by law. As a physician to prescribe any drug that's approved by the FDA for any purpose. So for example you have a drug approved for diabetes. Yes, call Jordan's yeah there was evidence that it actually worked for heart failure.

Even if those patients did not have diabetes. I could prescribe that. I did prescribe it based on the evidence that came through before the FDA approved for congestive heart failure. What's the difference between my prescribing Iver Maktoum for covert and appropriate dosing for human being) I could lose my license for that.

Why I think it's a political thing.

We use medicines all the time that are not proven right and efficacy. There is still something about what we do.

That's an art that we use our education from Johnny Hopkins taught me how to think and how to put two and two together and use the safe application of appropriate doses for something that I think might work and there is evidence of government works as evidence. It doesn't work.

The problem with this is that one political party portrays the evidence is not working in another political party portrays it is working and then it's become part of this crazy unit. Crazy how we want Iver Martin versus say the vaccine and I'm a tell you right now the vaccines are good.

You should get him and don't listen to the anti-VAX people but there's a compelling issue. Should we give the vaccine to everybody who's had come, and the answer is there's a lot of evidence a lot of evidence that if you had covered you have a better immune response, and if the if you have the vaccine. Now I'm not saying that you shouldn't the FDA be FFA for all you know around to code vaccines for those who had covert Future farmers of America.

I joke that I was in FFA present sure I like all those acronyms NS mass or whatever but anyway I'm a tread very carefully here. I think that if I wanted to but I haven't prescribe government I think I should be allowed to now. Luckily, when I prescribe hydroxychloroquine for covert right.

It was an emergency approval by the FDA so I wouldn't get in trouble for that. But I don't think I can get should get in trouble for prescribing government deny centaur space. Okay, if you have a parasites.

Yes, there is a horse dose that if there's somebody stupid enough to drop the barn and grab some more space and swallow it. That's their problem.

Yeah, we aren't saying that are not including me in the program. I like to write, as I said before, the guy who invented Iver Martin for human being, won the Nobel Prize, and the reason why he won the Nobel Prize is appropriate doses with appropriate monitoring. It saved hundreds of thousands of kids eyesight.

So I want to say is the controversy surveyor.

Don't believe anything that you hear from somebody who doesn't know what the H are talking about just turn off Facebook news. Turn off the Twitter sphere yet because it's on both sides of the anti-VAX robots are short or wrong, but maybe, just maybe, if you had because you might not benefit from the vaccine. I don't know because I don't have enough information it's on both sides that we have disinformation and that's likely leading to the problems you have. Were also going to talk about tonight's today show this letter supplements to supplements been suggested on the article.

I have my hot little hands that I should take these two supplements instead of statins there and this is to me a really important thing for people to hear that Sally got naturals, not better.

Always that's coming up on heart health radio, you're right on the hard health radio network. This is hurt you or me say that the heart health radio network know they didn't they didn't want anything bad I just didn't like coming on and I was bloviating about things that I should bloviate on the radio. We were organ to talk about New Zealand and their strategy is just a little bit roster to talk about doctors getting angry at the patients only you think they shouldn't. Not only should they shouldn't. But I think it's been practiced for Cuyama explain more. Okay, let's talk about this article that we found where they suggested two different right pills two different supplements instead of statins. Now I take a statin differently because of cholesterol take a statin to okay and statins also reduce the risk of Crohn's disease. Okay, they reduce the resource group.

Yes, they reduce the risk of certain cancers. It's not been proven, but it's been shown to be an association wonderful medications now is the People's pharmacy store here yet is it really angry and I can get angry at the People's pharmacy. Not that my patience yeah you drive along it was for the stuff about how you know this is natural and it's so much better than the chemical yeah you know she's not some things that are naturally good for the air and water are some things that are natural or horrible. Snake venom national compound. It's a natural, gifted by the snake. It's natural. It is I want to help to tell people that if you hear something is better than a statin or chemical and chemical medicine then think twice. So this Jessica is it commit absurd… Can you and she is talking about using something called red Jesus Christ rice rice and niacin. Niacin is a essential B vitamin. Okay, I will need niacin doses that were talking about to have any effect whatsoever on your blood fat straw called triglycerides are your classroom is 20×30 to the recommended daily dose so we used to get us. We used to use niacin for people who had a certain type of cholesterol problem okay and we given hunters, 2 g 2000 mg we have them take aspirin beforehand. We would niacin is really hard to take classes flushing nausea. Many people come in and say that we find.

I am ready to beat you know, we learn about niacin work only finally did the studies and compared niacin, plus the cholesterol tablets versus the cholesterol time about self people died realtor. There was a great great company that put out a niacin based on intercultural agent and show good good good stuff alone classroom where guesswork and herbal Tony) is the standalone natural may not often is not better, niacin can kill you… Just like snake venom can kill you. At high doses that are both natural products right so don't picture statin and go to the drugstore and buy a bunch of niacin, you might get sick and I talk about studs can deliver. Niacin has a greater chance of liver injury, statin tightness of the article that what is red yeast rice and red yeast rice and no statin that why do I say that because the chemical compound that's active in red yeast rice is almost identical to the HMG curly reductase form or chemical form of a statin base 20 stanzas a little bit of some different district chemistry in high school not much are OH on the end of the sermon on the modified little bit and some are more potent summer as part of the readiness rice is essentially a weeks time. Now there's two types of registrants is made out of yeast that grows on red Rice and there's the Chinese version ancient Chinese secret cell and it is potent stuff, but the readiness rice should buy from the Isaacs America. You might as well go to the toilet. Open the lid yeah port that another problem is going to call you toilet why they call Roto-Rooter just just for everybody listening you're saying red yeast why TASC rice rail yeast rice now do I give it.

Yes I do know Mark you people insist they can't take statins they can't take that you can't take you to repack about and they want to go natural. I put them on with this rice and I monitoring because you got to monitor since it is statin like I'm sure you know some of them lower their cholesterol. But you know what I tell that you're missing out the statin drug doesn't just lower your classroom does its magic that reduces inflammation. It's one of our best anti-inflammatory drugs right so many tell you how you know how you know that it helps with those you had a hard time I was for sure what they've done in the initial studies as they gave heart attack patients a sugar pill, instead of a placebo. Yes, I did miss them. They followed him at six months. There were much markedly lower risk of heart attack and the people got stuck at six months.

Now you know.

Cholesterol buildup is a huge long problem. They have now documented that kids died in the Korean War already had cholesterol buildup brewing, and so it builds up over time 15 years right so what did it do good produced the inflammation in the body. Because a heart attack is not caused by the slow, gradual progression of class growth caused by a plaque that is maybe 25, 30% blocked, but gets inflamed and ruptures so statins are great for anti-inflammatory and they help you live longer because longer heart attack and despite medical misinformation when you text that's exactly right.

Also, when you continued listening the show, which we hope you do you know will give your telephone number little bit in called ask you question your anti-statin called now back to heart health have a question for Dr. we fall. Call 919-8609 73. This is heart health radio in the heart health radio network and Dave Alexander along with Dr. Franklin we fall. The telephone number is 91986097839198609783 when you talk about natural immunity or dry scooping address grouping is because it's been in the news, though I have a bunch of wonderful people and young women, young men who are healthcare heroes. Even if your job is to sit behind a desk. Be nice and be a receptionist and help calm people about your healthcare even if your job is to do the billing there helped me their young and they've all got boyfriends or husbands who want to be buff as growing up. You know there was none of this running around the know with the headphones on pump in our own day look buff failed to an L1 and edge and sinful.

While their testosterone was real. I don't I don't see a lot of people realize that's not the appropriate use well. Then there was energy drinks and nuts about him a tight right now that I take five errors in the morning so the coffee the same amount of caffeine 200 mg and a large coffee site and I take another one about 2 o'clock in the afternoons. I basically took up two large cups of coffee a day. If you take 2011. You know, that's when you hear and thought I tell people I am a fire that's bad for you if you really believe drinks 20 cups of coffee. I'm close yeah no wonder I get a little jittery. I wonder what was wrong with yes yes Juan Valdes is your best friend right is scooping what is this stuff living currently make a a boost of work outburst that has touring amino acids and all these things that are spent looking to build your muscles yeah and striptease like a little scooper that put it in water and drink it down with her taking the scoops in their put in the dry powder in their mouth without anything else in the amount that they're giving it's 200 mg of caffeine in a five or six 2000 mg of caffeine at one time, yeah that what they said that it gives me the energy to work out yeah I has a big mistake if you really want to get buff if you really want to pump iron.

You don't need this what you need and I think there's anything wrong with with protein supplements that you get the thing away purchasing a mix of flute whey protein drink that'll help because it will help build your proteins that when you exercise, you destroy muscle.

Okay, that's what you doing time and then you build it back up. If there's a stimulus to replace more of the destroyed muscle. When you exercise a lot so yeah whey protein greatly to give those proteins a chance to get put into your muscle again short, but you don't need tons of caffeine and that one of the things that I worry about is that those levels 20 times the amount that's in a five-hour energy you could get with the underwear that is when your electricity goes haywire in your heart because you're already sweating you doing this what you lose potassium you lose magnesium and so your heart is already primed to get rid of extra heartbeats of premature contraction atrial fibrillation. Whatever sure.

So what I'm worried about and I can't say this is going to happen because it's not been studied by worry about witnessing people dropping dead on using the equipment equipment, pray to God. It doesn't happen. Please, if you're out there you're young work your own and you never get buff you want have packs and you want to have triceps and you want to have. You know all those glutes of glutes, a real good now gluteus maximus all of them but also the button muscle don't you address grouping is not worth it. It doesn't help you to potentially really hurt you if you want to supplement whey protein I think is the best thing was way it's milk okay it's it's occurred yeah eating his curds and whey user Miss Moffat 01 coffee in the tough. It is the gluteus maximus okay.

I didn't know there anyway hydrate yeah use Gatorade. It's not time to replenish her potassium and magnesium nonstop. I would even say don't sweat. I would get a cold bottle, put on your neck. Cool your body down so it's not overheating you will get a better workout if jump to the dry scooping. Are you really worried about just the idea that somebody would say hello. I got the stuff that I'm supposed to make with water, but I think I do better, but I think if I just eat it. I think you know a lot of the young people are into this exercise thing is like a cold right okay it's the cult of first managers work work article afternoon lunch break workout and then I do another workout in the evening and you know I think they're addicted to the endorsements.

First of all, which are the natural opioids would produce in our brain we are to suffer, but I think it's become almost like a fad fashion thing. Sure, you know I'm kissing me, but I'm sitting here my scrubs, which came from my work and how badly I like the you by the scrubs today from figs F IGS and their tight and to show off your text that you've worked out with no and I don't get it, but I think body worship is a big thing and if you want to body worship have added please don't doing stupid.

You don't need that much caffeine just and it's bad for you.

The number 11 we use on the show is inflammation yeah and I hope that people understand why I do this I pound on it.

You inflammation is good and one sense at a big sensor. Can you get cut in our you get a bug bite or some like that on the turned red and gets inflamed was amine and your immune cells are coming in there to fight off the bacteria and viruses and what else is in there and they send off the signals interleukin's. These are all different things. Complement proteins to recruit their bodies so the T cell say hey B cells, you know, mix of antibodies forming signaling process. Nine. And it's good because it helps to heal.

Here's the problem. As we get older, or if we have autoimmune diseases were immune system is too strong. The inflammation stays high in ways that do activates the immune cells that are sitting in pockets of parts of your body. Being ready to go if you got your immune's immune cells in your gut when you get processes, inflammation, and it runs all over your body. So like I said earlier the heart attack is caused by inflammation. Cholesterol is necessary yeah, but it's interesting. It's not the 95% blockage that we put a stand-in that causes the heart attack. Why do you think 35-year-old people who run a marathon route, that of heart is bigger than a 95% blockage know it's because they had a 40% blockage in the cover over the plaque filled with gout was small. They got inflamed and it the information got into the immune cells that are trying to corrupt the blockage in your heart artery popped just like if you squashed chocolate cherry all the gout comes out causes a heart attack by clotting off the arteries and why do some of these rotors have high levels of inflammation's original time yeah okay so here the red hot joint that you've twisted Weiser's inflamed because repairing injury is also one of the functions of the immune system does it helps in that repair. It's getting real dead stuff and let the new stuff grow so inflammation is really really bad.

As we got older it gets worse. And if we have autoimmune diseases, Crohn's disease, if we have lupus levels of inflammation or sky high Sony an example that make me sure that I thought I had a little bit of the cholesterol blockage and I thought I was to know Superman on like stun it's in my heart I got one in my back found accidentally accident your purpose.

I found a big lump in my arm. It turned out to be didn't measure my crutches and had the crotch up the mark in my eggs a lot and I ruined a nerve with the CT scan. They found the coronary calcium talked about this before. Yes, clinic calcium score was pretty high for my age and it was the widow met? No proximal LAD. The front or so I got a stress test.

I passed which means it wasn't enough to constrict the flow of blood. What I measure my audio? 178 right where if you have clear disease. It needs to be less than 70 took a bunch of Crestor tricks. Xavier got it done 135 not enough. That means that I have familial hypercholesterolemia explained and sometimes it's clinical. I went on the path which is this shot is a monoclonal antibody right that works in a new pathway to suck up the cholesterol in your bloodstream and get on your system got a dental 1111 now that's half the story.

But the other half assortment inflammation can be measured by your doctor. By checking what's called the CE reactive protein is not crap, it's spelled CRP's CV reactivity reactive CRP and crap. It's not crap it's CRP okay and what it does. It's one of those inflammatory proteins so when your body's inflamed if you're fighting an infection of the way up his help recruits on the things that you're not fighting an infection if you just sit in on your butt talking on the radio right in your CRP is are you looking at me, looking at Harley and of inflammation to who hasn't Starbucks hypertensive people corners is people with chronic Crohn's disease. That's a great thing you're inflamed and you have diarrhea, painful, and it's horrible illness, but we could help now on the medication that was 15 were less than five dispersed up and I was so hard I was a walking, talking heart attack in the making, really. So when I do not long ago was this two years ago. Okay, three years ago so what I do besides taken the stand which the statin dropped alone from 15 to about eight and that's a big big drop half stick of a stent left I went on to Merrick. I read all the stuff about you is the spice incredible stuff. Okay America part 2M to two capsules Monday I took Ginger which is a capsule of ginger another spike I took some cold milk thistle and then baby aspirin every day that I started exercising a little bit more of the one thing I didn't do okay right is quit smoking. I'm down to five a day everyday and I'm I'm working on it again shifted. I'm telling your bad that I didn't quit smoking completely and there's one big thing I did do what didn't enter yes yes time yeah you you I regular bread of pasta is like yeah I know I could I could go to sleep on the pillow pasta every night and eat my way to the best with my life, and then sugar okay I'm sorry I'm a sugar hell yeah so I do the things that I know are bad for me, this is America. The choice yes you got what's my CRP.

Now I don't know less than 0.10 almost undetectable. Is that what I need is for you, or should) lesson five yeah I mean a picturesque little excess of the LDL should be less than 70 and I tell you, even less than that is good. You can't have too low of a classroom.

If you get a family doctor of internal medicine doctor tells you to be too low. That means we trained in the 70s and 80s okay the wrong doesn't it can be as low as four okay it's good anyway so I went back and Nancy to scare the calcium score dropped from 350 to 40 okay well this is good because of its calcium and the cholesterol to cholesterol becomes calcified yet when your immune cells try to get rid of accountants Calcified and then the one in my neck went from 25 to 40% on campus plaque stabilization and plaque progression depend upon 20 forgot one thing was set I take the AC box which is because the Potomac acid. There's a generic out now for there's a big controversy over but EPA and it is the pure of five purified purified like 10 times pure official contains one compound which they know now EPA is the thing that works official also should buy the stuff off the shelf. You take a 1% of what I've taken which is very super I take two big honking capsules twice a day. Yes, and triglycerides. Roma 00 my LDL is almost 0. My C-reactive protein is almost unmeasurable in my blockages are going the way of the dodo bird.

Yes, so I'm not saying this can happen for everybody. Don't forget the I word inflammation. Why do you think marathon runners don't live as long as the rest of us.

They should live forever. Now they don't.

They live five years on average less than we and I'm not going to talk about this. Every marathon takes 36 minutes off your life. You know you know why there are in Journal time. It's like a badge of courage. Yeah, I tore my medial meniscus and I still ran a marathon. I agree you imagine the pain and suffering these people going through and I would love to on the finish line of the New York Mets yeses draw some blood and see what their CRPs are and you know, let me tell you I had were the world's biggest marathon runners wrote for runners will I can't mention his name because you permission but he came to me the run probably six marathons a year.

Eight and he said you know I just want to get checked out and told him fine triple vessel corners is 95% said all of his arteries and I sent them to disturbing the truth if you really feel exhilarated but I kept this feeling in my chest is squeezing is very lucky yeah you purple vessel bypass and he went on to a marathon again, but he was a naturally considered a chemically person got on the statin dynamite is aspirin is never a problem.

This 20 years later.

So exercise is good but too much causes inflammation because you're constantly destroying your body and try to build itself back up and you're getting high levels of C-reactive protein don't exercising furniture that's just stupid. Okay I mean, you know, I'm sorry I always said the doctor should not use this kind of language I understand and I get but I sure I don't know I will get mad at people over exercise. I think that night.

I think you should do it moderately to the point where you're not getting yourself injured in Revelation.

So what can we do about information that I agree with in terms of things that we can do. They might want to get yourself okay.


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