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Heart Health

Heart Health Radio / Dr. Franklin Wefald and Dave Alexander
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August 14, 2021 2:34 pm

Heart Health

Heart Health Radio / Dr. Franklin Wefald and Dave Alexander

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Heart Health Radio
Dr. Franklin Wefald and Dave Alexander
Heart Health Radio
Dr. Franklin Wefald and Dave Alexander
Heart Health Radio
Dr. Franklin Wefald and Dave Alexander

Welcome to heart health radio certified cardiologist and infernal medicine specialist Dr. Franklin will radio ourselves radio radio radio. Radio is never talk to Dr. Franklin we fall is in the moment that likes her garden in her urine, no guy girl actor. I'm sorry know if you remember the epidural, then you're not yet not hip you're not groovy anymore. I'm sorry cool I Dr. we've always share your telephone works so guileless up 919-860-9783 if you want something explained about what were talking about or something that maybe you want your doctor and you were going to ask this question posed better to just call us.

Go ahead and do it 919-860-9783 he does not diagnose on the radio. In fact, he didn't even diagnose me and I'm sitting right here diagnose your you did your just day the man simply That the syndrome be careful gave the man syndrome aren't so Durham and Chapel Hill also Raleigh are going to masking it appears the way Kelly will also go to masking and though there hasn't been a state mandate and I went to her this morning to get my pop tarts and all that good stuff is big sign.

Do not enter without a mask, but I walk through your actually my apartments upstairs. I didn't bring my mask with me because last night when I went there the car mask. I walked back upstairs got my mask most people are not working it out. Do I think that masks are foolproof. Now do I think that the probably reduce the risks slightly.

Or maybe moderately you should know it's not so hard to put a mask on and I think one of the things that I see is that you might just do it. I mean, you know, don't make a fuss over this put a mask on and I guess I don't quite understand except there are people and some of them in my practice just I don't really object to the concept of having to put a mask on and yes there hasn't been a controlled case study that masks are helpful, but I just think it's something that we gotta do, and it may help probably does help.

I think there is a lot of hesitation to follow certain people's advice because they have trash their own reputation and also I think you talked about this a little bit. The expert score" are politicized. It's clear that there politicized so the problem has become really believe what these mandates are because are they coming from a political point of view and therefore if you don't adhere to those politics is that the reason I think also there's mask city is coded, fatigue, and unfortunately the Delta variant is really nasty and it's going to hit us even harder than her house now and I think for the vaccinated, you're pretty much going to be okay although yes I did hear of someone just the other day, it was fully vaccinated, but still at risk elderly diabetic hypertensive vigil died of covert and so it can happen.

And that's not a reason not to get vaccinated. In fact, it's a reason to get vaccinated because it getting a vaccine Pfizer monger, and even J&J that's been shown reduces the severity and decreases your risk of hospitalization admission to the ICU and so there really is no reason not to get that again.

It's a political front to front there are people who believe that all these met vaccine mandates and even getting the boxing is a political issue and is not. There are a lot of also believe that the mask mandates for political reasons. Yeah it's sad that I should write my my brain the politicians. I don't blame the people who were listening and making decisions about whether it's political, I blame the politicians because it's become ridiculous to talk about booster shot or no booster shot were going to talk about kids in masks or kids in school without masks or school, no school. Believe it or not, we are more than a year into it were going to talk about school, no school, your your the heart attack treatment time that this moment if somebody were to have a heart attack and they needed treatment immediately that time between onset of symptoms and treatment has extended itself.

It's down 20%.

I think this is curve. The thing has has really slowed things down number one because you gotta be careful and you gotta take more precautions when, for example, your EMT or paramedic, you gotta take precautions. It takes time.

Yeah, I think that it's also getting into the hospital so we have this thing called door to balloon time you have a heart attack you having symptoms you call 911, the paramedics arrived, they loved you and they do an EKG and confirm that it's the kind of heart attack called ST elevation that's just a description of the country that you need to go directly to the Cath Lab and in need to get the extent delivered by a balloon and it's down 20% of what we shown is that the morbidity and mortality associate with a heart attack is worse the longer it takes to get the artery open. It's called the open artery hypothesis and that was putting in a 25 years ago that if the artery is opened and it's quickly opened the heart muscle can recover and you don't have congestive heart failure as much and it's it's really a problem and the studies were done.

I am actually surprised that it's down that much. 20% is a long visit down that much or it that much but otherwise it takes 20% longer okay to get somebody from the door of the hospital into the Cath Lab and have the balloon inflated. I think they're gonna start maybe going little quicker, or focusing on going little quicker, but I don't see how they can go any quicker than they are no back when I was in the hospital. It was just amazing what with the could do it like that we get the phone call and they'd have a scrambled and they'd get the lab ready. They have everything their patient got on the table quickly confirmed that they were having a heart attack. They got the catheters and the balloon open in no time. Blink of an eye, so it's it's a concerning track and the other thing is that elective procedures are now been delayed again right and I'm really concerned about that and what is an elective procedure. What do we call elective procedures of a colonoscopy on me like I think that we need to get those cancerous tumors out of those early cancerous tumors and… Polyps are not of had to have fairly frequent colonoscopies and so far so good.

Every polyp has been negative but you don't have to wait months to get my colonoscopy is not going to be an issue in terms of that early cancer becoming something more.

So again were heading into territory that's been charted and has been concerning also on today's show are going to talk that heart attacks actually warn you before the comment. Yes, you will have somebody you know it's not every time right there.

Oftentimes symptoms that you experience and then days later you have a heart attack that I just didn't see that movie about the dog that waited for its armor of God's will is true story and the dog are the daily guy had a heart attack didn't want to go on, darshan and never used to catch play fetch short and he got the ball and select placements listed here yeah and you know we talked about dogs knowing things, but this this guy had premonitory symptoms in the dog picked it up, working to talk about those. Also, they found a ladybug inside somebody know inside a living person only give you two guesses as to where they found it and you don't get a first guess you only get guess number two is all the hints I'm going to tell you were going to talk about that on today's show we have to deal with this.

There have been two events recently. The Sturgis Rally is a motorcycle super event in a town really tall small-town no. Depending on when you're listening to this, of course reproduce the show on a Saturday afternoon and we send it out to affiliate stations. A week later so and I'm not.

I'm not a week behind for folks in Goldsboro. The Sturgis Rally ends this weekend. There has been some concern that the motorcycle rally will be a super spreader event which we don't know now we don't handle that last year it was politicized. Most motorcyclists I think this is probably a true thing or to the right wing of the Democratic Party.

Again, I'm making a conclusion. I don't have the evidence but they had last year about 400,000 people, which was a little less and it was a super spreader. Most most major networks.

But when you look back on the data they could only trace 69 cases directly to the Sturgis Rally okay so all the stuff about how was a super event was a hypothesis. They went and tracked cell phone data and they went and tracked where the cell phones went, and then they saw one of the cases went up and so there was absolutely no direct scientific evidence that the Sturgis rally was a super brother event. Now this year.

They have about 600,000 people or right, and Delta is worse than elf women are run-of-the-mill, garden-variety coronavirus from last year and into this year is not as infectious as Delta Delta is very infectious is as infectious as chickenpox and so maybe there's you're going to be increased events from churches but but what about the other events.

There have been other events and other major events. Let's hear from Anthony Felty on the subject of Sturgis. Well, I'm very concerned Chuck that were going to see another surge related to that rally.

I mean, to me it it's it's it's understandable that people want to do the kinds of things they want to do. They want their freedom to do that.

But there comes a time when you're dealing with a public health crisis that could involve you, your family and everyone else that something super seems that need to do exactly what you want to do.

I mean, you can ultimately be able to do that in the future. But let's get this pandemic under control before we start acting like nothing is going on. I mean something bad is going on. I mean got to realize that I let that go on longer like that was no. I think that was good to hear what he had to say okay nice trying to say. Please understand right, but there was something called lollapalooza in Chicago just two weeks ago 300,000 people to just protrude all to the square, the mayor of Chicago said it was a great event like it was a musical thing. Now this is what empties fell. She said about lollapalooza is you, not saying anything now Pres. Obama had his birthday 60 years old is 500 people were going to be invited and I think they said that in order to reduce the number so 400 people In there in a tent and ship picture of Obama dancing around everything in it even had a brunch the next day were only 200 people.

This is what Dr. Phil.

She said they were definitely unmasked inside the tent.

They were all vaccinated. Just just like the people in Provincetown that felt she did announce that it was a super spreader. This is what Dr. Phil. She said about Obama's birthday party okay again you're not saying anything that sense. So the whole point of trying to make is this is a problem in that you lose credibility when you take political stands for public health issues and I you know I am not with the thing that bothers me is that why didn't anybody in the mainstream press has interviewed functioning at five interviews yesterday when they say what did you think about Obama's birthday party what you think about lollapalooza. And you know what I think his response would've been nothing. I think he would've disliked it.

I think if you press him on Aeschylus again.

I don't think people should get to get a lot of things here I'd like think that he is so for entrenched content into the Democratic party that you're not going to see that it's a shame because you ask people why don't you believe me that you need the vaccines and the math that's why Charlie and that's what okay this is heart health radio. The telephone lines are open 919-860-9783 call between noon and two on a Saturday and the doctor we follow talk to get better stay healthy and spot medical misinformation and they found a ladybug where no milk don't say it were going to talk about that coming up next, heart health, radio, this is heart health radio in the heart health radio network billing rally hang on to get in just a moment who we shame them. Today was got his doctorate in the Islip and I love it is a great town back home in Indiana. His name is Dr. Daniel Stark and if you been watching him on YouTube if you watching his Instagram things he sells vitamins and supplements online and make several million dollars. You're doing don't listen to.

It's totally and completely dubious. His claims about the vaccines are causing you know horrible side effects that masks are completely, outrageously bad and think that he needs to wise up and not think that if he can sell his vitamins and supplements.

It is good to cure curb stop.

If you are out there and you are watching him. Dr. Daniel Stark to fill in Raleigh. Welcome to heart health radio hi Bill hello good afternoon. What's up with all the hurt they built some light on the book. Talked about the lollapalooza in Chicago. Obama birthday party and my understanding was that the program I saw that everybody lollapalooza all everybody had the crew vaccination and approve.

They had both speculation and same with Obama, but that will tell you, Bill.

I saw a video tape of people going into lollapalooza. You know the check was imagined doing a concert in the turnstiles are open and you have to wave a piece of paper in front of somebody, you get 68 10 feet near them.

They say you go ahead and another was it wasn't a real check and I will even admit that lollapalooza probably had a greater percentage of people vaccinated. I don't see any evidence yet and maybe we'll see that there will be fewer cases in lollapalooza than there are insurgents. That's the problem. We don't know and they nobody's told me what the percentage of people and Sturgis were vaccinated, and I don't know. Do you know what they claim, the percentage of people lollapalooza will really vaccinated have no I think so you know they're always there also talking about because of the Provincetown super spreader event.

Those people were vaccinated and they got it. The question is whether the spreader to the antioxidant.

So if you're going to criticize large gatherings, and you say that you can still pass it on if you vaccinated, then we should criticize large gatherings like lollapalooza where they made people show proof of vaccination to and that's all I'm trying to say is that we should be evenhanded and not politically motivated. When we ask people to do things to prevent the spread of covert that's all I Bill, do you remember when there were protests in the street we get we don't even need to discuss why they were protests in the street but there were protests in the street.

There were potential super spreader events in 2020. I never criticize or it wasn't so much coverage of any concern about at least I didn't hear the mainstream press IFA about how that was a covert super spreader event, and in fact I wish we had fascist response that asked about and he said well political protests are absolutely necessary at all times while necessary during the times of endemic sin epidemics.

I don't but that's the problem. Whom can you trust what they're saying on a medical point of view when there are clearly political biases involved and I think that's wrong. Dr. we all yes is answering your question with her.

He says we can trust Dr. wave and let me tell you one of the things that I try to do to make people at least understand that I'm trying to be trustworthy as admit when I'm wrong and that is that is the fundamental problem also. Besides political bars now people know that I have certain political leanings been told not to express what was much, and that's fine but I have criticize conservatives who would been idiotic, and there have been plenty of my think Tucker was idiotic to say that people were dying after the covert vaccine 3030 deaths the day after covert vaccination against what we expected 75 gaps respond to natural causes and percentage of people 3 million people getting vaccinated out of them by statistics 75 should've died the next day of natural causes. So I criticize Tucker who is one of the biggest conservatives are there. There is, but the other thing is you go back to January and February and I was completely wrong about how this was can affect the contract so if you want to believe somebody they should say when they were wrong because then you know they're not biased about themselves telling Avalos Hoban from North Carolina health news on this radio show. Thank you Bill from Raleigh. I don't think you is heart health radio welcome to heart health board certified cardiologist and internal medicine specialist Dr. Franklin we phone call this with you health questions at 919609783 stop doing the show emerges, read North Carolina health what is that you could you could have a radio show just based on her order. I sit there just for you are so good you are. All I got. And actually will is in just a couple minutes we'll talk about Rose invading is sort of our spoken word section here, but Rose there's an article about rural North Carolina and covert vaccine acceptance what's going on right on coded passport you can actually look and see what can have more vaccination and what percentage of the vaccinated and and most of the places that are highly vaccinated percentage. Why are urban county and most of the places that are not though highly back made it our rural county. It might sound like an Harrogate county 32% believe vaccinated Bladen County, 36% back clearly back and now you cannot crafted that over with that County is better being the largest number of cases were starting the low back County have the high

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