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July 31, 2021 4:26 pm

Heart Health

Heart Health Radio / Dr. Franklin Wefald and Dave Alexander

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The following is a paid program and the views expressed are those of the host suggests, and do not reflect the opinions of W PTF recruiters media group information provided is of a general nature listener seeking specific advice should contact a licensed professional in the appropriate area welcome to heart health radio board certified cardiologist and internal medicine specialist and Dr. Franklin we call a they may have radios never information purposes only.

This is heart health radio. Two hours of talking about health. I don't talk about that you disclose people asked me to spend hours and hours preparing for new show I'm not going to tell you how much time that we really spend but we think the topic is been written for today show, but we are working to start on that topic and the move under so many of the things absolute telephone number is 919-860-9783 if you have a comment or question either about COBIT door about any other issue, especially related to your own health. Go ahead and call that number 919-860-9783. So we're in an era where the question is the ultimate question is, are we at greater risk than we were three weeks ago because of this Delta variant it's it's very disturbing that what were heading into yes is another peak of different strain than what we can say we can have a lot more infections versus no doubt about it.

This is a very contagious virus and it is so contagious that it's right up there with a lot of other common diseases. It's more contagious and chickenpox and chickenpox or narrative. I don't know, let me turn with nobody around to ask back when I was a kid when one person at the end of the neighborhood shot chickenpox, not the families that I know better chickenpox party absolutely forgot all the kids together and others were for the girls and we all got the chickenpox why it's much better to get younger now you don't want to get it when you're 26 that's terrible is it that we had an intern in our group of Johns Hopkins and he was sick as all get out. Now they have a vaccine against chickenpox measure because chickenpox is not fun. But it's a lot less dangerous when you're a kid so this is a very contentious variant that you may wonder why the FDA is freaking out why Rachel Wolinsky is freaking out there was a big jet to gather in P town Provincetown yeah actually yeah it's really nice is right on the tip of Cape Cod and it's beautiful. I went fishing there is sufficient fish they run in early June. Best short of anyway so that a party a bunch of parties. Many of these people were vaccinated. It was just amazing bunch people got it even though there were vaccinated and they went up and did some testing and it turned out that the volume of viral particles, not pushing eyes and vaccinated people was just as high as the volume coming out of unvaccinated. So hit the panic button and said, you must wear a mask now so your schnoz doesn't ask X expel short tons of this virus. Here's the thing that I don't think you're telling is that it is contagious that the people who are getting sick are interestingly not getting as sick as they were here in Africa. Your hospitalizations are rising, but they're not rising nearly as fast as the case number and what they're not telling that if you look back in India got remember just a month and 1/2 ago. It was just terrible. They were showing videos of you know that mass graves and the funeral pyre's by the Ganges is something is burning somebody's in about 30 feet down some and was washing in the same river here. You talk about the dangers of getting infected and you can't beat and worse than any other place in the world. The cases of just plummeted and you can't say that it's from vaccination because the vaccination rates have increased that much.

You can't say that it's because everybody's wearing a mask and are not the same to the latest videos of regular still burning the dead people right by the Ganges and 30 feet down some of washing and then you know 30 feet down someone's fishing yeah the case is gone from 400,000 a day with that beginning of May. Okay, now they're 40,000 and there was an article coming out right after the FDA Rachel Linsky said it was going to re-mascot because the Provincetown now viral particles are spreading everywhere is a great article says cases in India hi cement better than three weeks 44,000 cases. That's a lot of cases short, but there's 1.5 billion people. So what were the number of cases three weeks ago. Now you said the MSA was 400,000 cases okay so now it's 44,000 this week. What was it three weeks, 43,000 so I don't know what's happening with the data that is that is this coming out that are coming out but it doesn't reflect reality more than it out of a population of more than a billion, and an extra thousand people getting sick is not what you call a spike, no, no, then look at other third but I want is that the death rate in India has plummeted, and again, don't get me wrong, any death is a bad right right in any case, is a potentially bad case, but what I can't understand is why we aren't being told the truth and the truth is, yes, this is a highly contentious variant, but we have treatments we have. Yes, a higher number of hospitalizations, but it's nowhere near what it was like before with a more contagious viral and if you look at the deaths in North Carolina and in other parts of the country they are not born in the expected deaths about two-week lag from the beginning of another surgeon and positive cases is not happening. So what is this me, it doesn't mean I'm telling you not to be careful it doesn't mean that I'm saying lot deeds about the Delta.

I'm saying that the country in the world need to go on. We can't shut down again. As you know, the get a mixed four-year-old starting in the beginning of August wear masks and in kindergarten. Litter the teachers unions are already screaming that were going to go back to online learning. And you know 7500 people in United States of America dying every day now, those deaths are something that we can just say, oh, Lottie… Is my favorite word okay know, but we have to just take and say this is terrible that we should delete out of the Wuhan lab to begin with me, but Delta comes and goes, to forget a belief that was I believe science will go look at the numbers and tell me why Delta went away, and also the UK UK is the most vaccinated. One of the most vaccinated countries in the world right that a huge spike in Delta did not have a huge spike in taps they had a somewhat spike of hospitalizations. Now I don't know if that's because of the good treatments that we have. I don't know but I can tell you right now so she can tell me why Delta went down and you know why because is not even saying the Delta cases went down spontaneously and in the UK, so I just can't believe that there even talking about re-masking and about shutting down schools since I don't understand something, there I'm not the be-all and end-all.

I read I interpret. I am a scientist I have published in major journals. I am not claiming that a virologist but if there is somebody out there you know what the guys name and an UNC into the be basic. He's like Derek guarantees a guy work to be an expert to talk to the children and childhood. Only Dr. Barrett call me because I want to know any belief with some connection to the Wuhan lab that Hollis right now you got something else. What 20 miles away.

Shorty is on the line. She has more insight in this there. Shorty had people because Shorty had it. Oddly enough, ironically, Shorty had the long covert, how you doing Shorty good Cassandra what's going on, last night while good for you people to remember Shorty's long-term patients is short, she's over 5 feet tall Chancellor Shorty Cletus, but Shorty has been through a lot in the last few years and the Joe pacemaker. She's had no atrial fibrillation and then she got breast cancer ensure that yeah and then she had the swelling in her neck and I'll shoot got a CT scan and it was a cancer that was grown out of her long. She said the best care but more than anything else. You know what you got Shorty get the best attitude that God underside and way down there and be the realm of the importance you… We thought underside right there you got David Alexander underside so nothing can stop you.

Now Shorty on Scott. That's a good question and the answer is I don't know.

I'm not sure it's recommended. But when you look at the six United States of America.

They don't count are the people who had covered right and so there is a level of protection that any instructions if you against getting infected again to talk about the people who know about the boomerangs they get infected again and again.

The reason we hear about them is because pretty rare. It's like a plane crash here about a plane crash any. It's horrible and dumb but is afraid to go back up in her plan is extremely rare.

In fact, the safest mode of travel in terms of deaths per miles traveled is flying in a commercial aircraft is safer than walking down the street, so they say they say get it. I don't think there's a lot of evidence that it's necessary if it's just me if I'd had covered what I get it. Yeah I would want that extra level of protection at all, but there's no double-blind randomized walker good so you tremble right that I'm Shorty it's good good okay right now down know we want to actually Dr. Leopold and I took the Saturday we had a Saturday that we spent with family. Oddly enough, I spent my time with Dr. Lee Fultz family, and he spent his time with my grandchildren was kind of a like a foreign exchange program for radio people. All right Shorty you take care yourself, love you, telephone number 91986097831 talk about covert you want talk about the individual cases of any sort of disease. If you ever had that moment when you walked out of the doctor's office and is now I wish I had asked. I wish I'd asked that I think I just want some general information, doctors also by the way? The way guys are walking out as rocket really didn't want to tell them, horrible chest and sweaty by the way before you leave the door. I think that having a heart attack right so if you ask a question like that. Hopefully you're not having a heart attack, but Dr. we thought might be able to tell you what you need to do if you're if you're having a heart attack.

I'd say dial 911 first.

But here's the other number 919-860-9783 heart health radio health radio heart health radio net and we are shaming a Fox contributor Jesse water because he got on and said something that was what just factually wrong is false job.

There biggest thing I hate about the covert saga that's been going on 1819 yeah is that it's politicized the virus is not is not Republicans, not democratic dealt with defendant Jesse you know I agree with a lot of what he says. I disagree with a lot of what he says he sees a very intelligent man is really really good TV commentator, but I think what's happening, especially Fox, which is disturbing is that they've all got vaccinated that Fox News required everybody who worked there to get vaccinated. Or you could go on their insurance and of course are not. Same thing about it but Jesse gets arm and says this is what he said all of the hotspots already huge Democrat cities, New York City, Atlanta, Los Angeles. Not a lot of trauma voters in those cities. So we have to do away with all the politics and just try to get people facts and at a certain point you just have to stop can't put people that hard. Okay, factually true. That's is totally wrong.

It's not New York City New York City is not a hotspot.

Chicago is not a hotspot of the hotspots are where they are in the South. They are in the unvaccinated regions of the country and then Florida. Fortis had a sudden surge in Delta what they were doing very well for a while. It's sad because I think search Google for ratings and what is that mean there are lot of anti-doctors in the far right, and I feel bad about that because there's no reason to. There's no there's no political connection that should be made to the vaccine them.

If you believe United States of America on you wave the flag and you know you support the military and your for smaller government doesn't mean you have to be against vaccines have to be against the especially Lakota 19 vexing lot, they are likely going for ratings are going to try to get some of those far right-wingers to tune in and it's that the were Jesse water sentences just wrong. Okay not happy that you also mentioned that freestyle libre that outer TV commercial that I really like you. I really like the device right instructor sugar draws others. I can't believe you can see the commercial for this is being I can't use the F word is heavyset, okay.

We prefer full body left, full-bodied, curvy, and he sitting there in a restaurant with a banana split in front of know that he's got a Coca-Cola and they actually say with freestyle libre you could enjoy the foods you love yeah it was a thing to check your sugar to give yourself an extra dose of insulin could eat the banana split.

Yeah it drove me insane know the truth, he is with the freestyle libre you actually can, to a certain extent you can manage your sugar more effectively because you know accurately without pricking your finger, you know accurately what your sugar is now. But here's the problem with home goal of getting her A1c to a certain point with A1c that is the hemoglobin which carries your oxygen is affected by the level of sugar in your bloodstream that attaches the sugar to it so that hemoglobin A1c is your blood current protein attached with the sugar, the more that you have the worst controlled the worst control of your diabetes by when you take all that extra insulin and you eat all that extra sugar sure your sugar is going down yeah which waste is expanded and really not doing yourself a favor. Maybe example, suppose you had your house and give really dangerous habits about fire okay and so, suppose you say what were going to put up 10 more smoke detectors lights and then when you catch fire. You'll be able to run your house to if say this is a hypothetical if, say, a fellow I had a wife and his wife liked votive candles okay and she like I like to meld smelly cameras everywhere. There's the vanilla room. There is a cinnamon room if she puts up more smoke detectors. She could be more protected yeah but then you know the whole point of trying to make is that the reason why we have firetrucks and fire departments is not because we want to be able to run out every night and I put out fires from countless people know the best way to prevent your house from burning down is to be careful with your fire okay so what bothers me about this commercial is it gives people with diabetes. The concept that if you get this thing is freestyle libre monitor and stick it in your arm. Go get a banana split and enjoy your life now this is crazy is just insane because the more insulin you take, the worse off your body is want to not have to do so, yes, get the freestyle libre but don't change your diet, except to reduce white flour, sugar, white potatoes and white rice and control it better. Don't listen commercial I was about to scream that the TV there would like to take it a shoe and yet votive TV. Yes, I just bought this TV decided to put it but here's the point from somebody who does manage his blood sugar and does not give you a false sense of security. It does, it gives me a sense of security. Not because I'm going to go eat a banana split because when I eat a sandwich where, and with two slices of bread. I know precisely how how it affects my sugar person that I can bring it back down. Okay, I'm not just, I'm not working to talk to Diana in just a moment were also going to talk to Rose open from North Carolina health right here on heart health radio in the heart health radio network welcome to heart health with board-certified cardiologist and internal medicine specialist Dr. Franklin we fall. Call us with your health questions at 919609783 Helvey inspired medical misinformation by list to health radio. Here's Diana in Durham hi Diana, I'm so sorry I left John hold our you good what's up).

I never have all documents I found out I cannot fight back. I'm pretty active. Okay I is the nonmedical solid here.

I want you to repeat the thing that you were diagnosed with aortic valve. I have been a sure it's a Tom I would like around the trail that I've been doing for four years. My friend like you like me to lose weight. I I do what I would like that line I would have to modify my friend like I get up I asked my doctor 19 my doctor forever like Primerica and I had been there. He said that every like preamp of the goat from the right to left her with everything throughout the fight back and heart heart that the only you know I'm not like jumping up and down on my bed. I have friends that you should have the family are younger ever better and it looked like they weight you know you need that what your that's that's a great great question because it's really not. It's answered my medicine. What is education so the valve that controls the flow of blood out of the heart is called the ortho so just imagine the pump in the left ventricle and it's got the blood and squeezes that in order valve opens up let's blood flow out when the heart pauses it closes it encloses because the blood flows back on it and it captures these little costs and makes it shot. So what's happened to you is that when the heart pumps.

The valve opens up the blood flows out to the body.

Then when the heart pauses the valve doesn't close on the way and blood flows backwards down back into the heart. That's not such a bad thing as long as your heart stays strong. What happens over time.

The worse that that blood flowing backwards across the valve jets the bigger your heart, that's it starts to expand and get bigger so it can handle the extra blood flow and when it does that, over time, it gets weaker and and so the biggest question is always become when do we put the new valve and some when I was a youngster way back when.

At Johns Hopkins they would always say you don't replace the valve until the person sick until the first person feels bad was at me, shortness of breath can't lay flat swelling in her legs and pretty sick when you get there that what was the reason the surgery had a pretty high respect valve surgery was 5 to 10% of the major complication infection in a bleeding death. Nowadays the risk of surgery like that and you sound really healthy menu sound great, but the risk of surgery is very low 1% 92% and so the times of change and what were saying now is that maybe, just maybe, when the valve starts to leak a lot. Even if you feel good. You might want to get it fixed now. They also used to say that the valves would last only 10 years that that a true running trailer right now I've got a lady with one valve 47 years old, I'm sore. The valve is 47 is 46, 47 years old I got most of my people with mechanical valves and I've been practicing for years and never had to have them replaced the going good and they stay in good now. There are two types of valves mechanical valve in the St. Jude valve has its main named after the hospital. I hate that because it's always the patron saint of loss because of sale valve is not a lot of cars okay not. And then they have these valves that are made out of animal tissue bovine pericardial prosthesis was that Mina needs it's it's it's made out of this really heavy wire and they truly be lining of the heart, the pericardium of the cow and then they drape it over and they do their magic, and it lasts for years so no I am not your doctor and I've said this before, time and time again when was the last time you had an ultrasound and echocardiogram every six months. Yeah, and he said, was it 3+ out of four or 4+ what would work out of the number they give you they said they use the word severe and you feel great. Obviously all okay. I love this most likely is great and I say that I was to how much physical activity. I'm not much well when I walk up the hill and get rich you are sent. You are symptomatic no matter what anybody really out. She's everything I is telling us that she knows she should tone it down.

Should she okay limited when you lift something heavy. Why is that because your glottis is close and the pressure is building up in your thorax. You just yeah which means the pressure is building up in your aorta, which is the pipe that carries the blot out. So what is not happening to them. What is that it's pushing more blood back across at least you should not be lifting a lot of weights

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