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Heart Health Radio / Dr. Franklin Wefald and Dave Alexander
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June 5, 2021 6:47 pm

Heart Health

Heart Health Radio / Dr. Franklin Wefald and Dave Alexander

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The following is a paid program and the views expressed are those of the host suggests, and do not reflect the opinions of W PTF recruiters media group information provided is of a general nature listener seeking specific advice should contact a licensed professional in the appropriate area welcome to heart health radio board certified cardiologist in internal medicine specialist Dr. Franklin we call a heart valve may radio is never information purposes only and talk to Dr. heart health radio broadcasting lives the best way to broadcast your life. Absolutely man. The man Expo at Raleigh's Jim Graham building one event down young people need to see a call us down. Our telephone number 919-860-9783. There's a lot the platform today that we could get to your telephone calls were more important. I have a couple of things directly related to the man Expo, but I haven't heard with the doctor.

Number one, four things every man should know about stuff. There's personal experience with you. Do I want to also note everybody that testosterone production is the ticket really want to talk about that because it's so important men, not just when their financial right and the other article is people think is manly and that's a big problem. This is what this is from scientific American, or one of the other responsible scientific magazines.

I would say that I have skepticism about the downtime because if you remember about your ago come out 20 those that had red really didn't have. I just saw one that came out from respectable places have right so many could be because I'm It's like if something came out and said okay crack is bad for you and some Dr. on crack loves crack and lives for he would save our crack and I can still put I think is inconclusive. Dr. doctors not on crack house takes her tell you what they came up and said that those little cookies and Girl Scout cookies than men were bad for the bad guy you are without you. This is set up with this is your death from here on in its affection for his okay yeah but I wanted the mainstream press did work. We talked about last week with freedom of information. Right. And so the interesting thing about how the mainstream press is and I think first was that she addressed was actually worried that it come from and then all of a sudden he's passing on that and I'm sorry for some of the sciences, choose very.

He said she had sequenced RNA sequence of the new genetic sequence right of 19 and this woman said it doesn't look like it was evolutionarily looked like it was manipulated there certain telltales can tell, repeated days.

So instead of his there's a bunch in a row where it seems that they spliced material. I don't know if it's true or not but he got an email from a reputable virology said this really worries artificially created right. It's just that there's another case. He did receive an email from a PhD physicist down again is not a medical doctor, but these smart guy and he was not out on the limb.

He said that he didn't trust the numbers that were coming out of China. Remember when you when I noticed that China, which is huge, huge country. Many people, their numbers plateaued at about 82,000 and might have even been 82,000 thousand right and we didn't trust it. This fellow said the project. I don't trust it. Let me explain to you why and he wrote a very long email, but it was very very sick for yes that's what happened and how she also knew there were several scientists in November and October were put forward right. He did not like.

Also, the cell phones turned off. There was no cell phones coming out of the early right right just before the outbreak. Think one of the things no that is to is the one country that was successful. This whole thing was time that were that were never found any of his China is very sensitive about Taiwan because correct me if I'm wrong. Taiwan is the breakaway prompt right so what happened in 1911. Quickly there was a revolution Democratic government came on board called the Kuomintang right Dr. Sun Yat-sen and he passed it on to guy got a call or come back to that. I think it's Diane from Carrie hi Diane, thank you, thank you Dr. Ali right now and I will Pablo if you want to get in and I don't think, is listening, secret connection now down right Dr. Gary LI Dr. Gary, never had Dr. Gary by cardiologist rapidly. Right now I I out. I this is actually different. There's a type and then there's another tear.

Those are cardio and another woman the reason no. Did you have skipped heartbeats have rapid heartbeats yeah okay so I want I might not on their what you thousand six to suppress his as opposed to others that I suspect, although one should work. The diltiazem is going to help her blood pressure and also help suppress those premature contractions is now what does one want what I Like you. You know like yes cardio is on. It is not like I not been shown to reason is that it doesn't let your hearts, take Riley quickly makes the heart faster, dilated, and so when that one pounds away.

Virgil should know that which which holds which are not like Dr. in 1990 okay so the pain is the same group in the diltiazem to over there and talk to your doctor, your logo's. The reason why the – sometimes something got married no grant that I kind of morning so just loosen thank you Diane.

Take care our case number problem yeah he is an electrician walking's office and about unfinished electronic project does with the electrical colleges ablation pacemakers and is wonderful and if you want to call us up that number is 919-860-9783 always call between noon and two on Saturday were here we are at the man Expo, which accounts for the singing of the background is the minute men show that was that thing the crazy TV show man sure was something different right of very different where the man Expo and we are hard held radio in the heart health radio network. This is the heart health radio network on Dave Alexander this is Dr. Franklin we fault. Lots of stuff we can talk to you about. If you're on a particular medicine doctor. We fault will discuss it with you.

I am on a vitamin regimen. My daughter gave me the bottle of Coke printed tell all your vertebrate prenatal printed tall. It's a good stuff. It's actually not a bad light and from the you know anything is I start to enjoy those those lifetime movies much more after I've taken a few weeks of plentiful no well I don't know you have a craving for ice cream and no cravings.

When she was born only once my never she wanted me to go out and get some stuff drive in the morning and I'm sad to say I didn't go are you are in the middle of the training is just so people know what's important about Taiwan so Chang Kai-shek was the leader of the nationalist party they were corrupt they were supposed Democratic close friends with United States government. They lost the revolution took over 49 pack their bags and they moved to Taiwan, which is an island off the coast of southern China right now the interesting thing the original Taiwan are not trying original Taiwan and from Polynesia. So just like the winter one Taiwan right and now nationalist government is democratic side not the kind of arches still mad as all get out because they want that land land no. It's a matter of principle, so we used to recognize Taiwan as the real China like Jimmy Carter in 1979 no longer recognize Taiwan said that the communist China mainland was the real China and so we kept up a defense.

No treaty with them.

What's the problem is that Taiwan did it right, they didn't have seven write 733 million right and they had direct flights from Huntsville and I would really problem in March 2020 right so nobody will mention Taiwan and this is what I'm not about function because he never said never use the word Taiwan and hopefully they so why can't model what should've done on what the time when the times were mad.

Mainland Chinese people because they lied about SARS SARS was the beginning of 2002. A lot of the Taiwanese had been told by the so when they heard something was going on right everything right and yet no one will mention it's even got the NBA and other getting half their money now from China right so when the Hong Kong think the Chinese when it gets started to hunker down in Hong Kong to take with democracy.

One guy said I like this right man for me and apologized. And then there was a rest said something about Taiwan use the word yes set up the breakaway province from right to so we got to win the mainstream says something about right. It's not that politics is is forcing to not tell the truth and now even some of the left-wingers are saying we should have listened to on virologist, but the reason why we debunked it was because it would've made from and that is not how we should do with science and health. Okay, that's really good on this show are going to have Denny Lindemann, the operations manager of advanced body scans of Raleigh going to be here later, Rose Hoban of North Carolina health news up in a moment to talk about testosterone manageable.

That's okay are important. This is an article therefore points maybe five says four things every man should know about testosterone Dr. we fault hasn't read the article, but here's the first thing testosterone levels are highest in the morning.

Yes, really. So when your body is sleeping going to disciples of really, really deep sleep. Everything shuts down and when you're about to wake up adrenaline and cortisol in testosterone levels start to rise to get your brain and should the course room and and to wake you up and get your muscles so is circadian means it's higher in the morning low, but really can't tell in terms of, you can tell terms of schooling.

So if you're not sleeping well. This is one of the problems also with sleep sleep is so bad that you will not test us rooms and that's what I had my testosterone level checked what was in the 300s. I hate you.

I know I'm I'm pretty manly man, but the point is, could it have been just that I give up test in the morning low. The difference is probably 20 points. It's not like that 600 bushels testosterone affects you mentally as well as physically absolute really absolutely soaked. Testosterone is one of those hormones that assists neurotransmitters right so when you have a very low testosterone. What companies is depression because your serotonin levels.

That's one of the key neurotransmitters.

The teacher knew their network. That's what I tell my patients. This is what he thinks of tea. The big TV below to the hike only sacks it's not. It's the whole functioning of the man and women have testosterone to just what not enough of very small amount and with the things that women understand is that if you see or really good internal medicine because women need testosterone to only have a couple seconds will skip a couple points last point. Dave Alexander will always have more than you. I regularly donate my excess testosterone to the US Olympic swim team seal team six. No were still in for golf mind was low.

This is heart health radio. Now back to heart health have a question for Dr. we fault, call 919-8609 73 alive at the Expo in Raleigh on the heart health radio network get better say healthy and spot medical misinformation we got Rose Hoban from North Carolina health news hi Rose, how are you coming to the manager man, no you know, we have things that are sort of quasi-others, mostly manly but you might enjoy people selling literature nice well is it booth for a beer company right in front of us in the sample is to write it is a real good man time up this week. Rose what. So what's going on pretty well right now showing that in many people on dropping across the country like what they're finding that there people who were unvaccinated there. Kind of like thought that were looking at that. There like Carolina for example, it's about 02 people who are having, but they put that nominator of the entire population. So make the numbers drop hero because there's still the backdated who are getting back on and then I am attention to what's happening in UK friends there Dr. and that public health and their and UK.

They were planning on lifting all the restrictions on June 21, but that Indian. They now call Delta is spreading rapidly and is about 60% more you know rapidly that there but people always. Their plan was to vaccinate everyone as quickly as possible by those stones for everybody finding that Delta area that one not there again worried about overloading know there there there double time now to get the second and to people that second when you actually hold on for 10 weeks or whatever.

Even when you held off for longer second it with meant that with the flyer that they check and they have to get lucky and know what the big big medical trials done on the population level. Nonetheless, they've only got about 40% of their population with full doses. There there looking at were no restrictions or fiction paying and plate longer kind. Hero I 28 now 3% of the infection, UK UK and you know UK Marion is now the dominant train circulating in the US, so it makes you wonder Indian parent meeting the UK buried in the UK. It makes me think that eventually will have any invariant out competing UK buried here in like North Carolina health news.we have an article very well written article about 1.5 million customers having been moved to North Carolina's Medicaid managed care and want to read that article it North Carolina health sent sign up for their newsletter. I like Rose thank you. Have a good time to sell always love having you Tammy hi how you doing to me what's going on three.

Put your hometown for four Dr. we are right, wrong. Yes, you're going to have to speak up a little bit louder while triple which came metoprolol so it blocks.

There are two types of scepters 121 speed at the heart does all sorts of things to is in the brain. So if you block to really 50. Another nice thing about Carl is that it is more beta-1 to still a little bit of beta-2 so propranolol wanted beta-2 capital is mostly to and then there's some or by Stalin. It's almost all can get depressed on the T press. Can we use because it can make long so propranolol most likely to cause depression below, most likely not to the top and also someone I use it all the time medicine and I have very low with what I do get it now talk about the man Expo. The other thing the beta-blockers can do what dysfunction because when you block to sometimes decrease blood flow to the male sexual impotence dysfunction yes short. That's a long answer to question answers and energy. It's possible so many different things can cause a lot of, but I will say this not medicine is one of the medicines that you have your cell phone cut the dose for little bit because of something called a rebound when all of a sudden and that blockade is gone you can check your blood pressure up. And so if you decide that you ask your doctor. This is because your doctor try something else.

It's recommended yourself off thyroid function if that's low back can lead to fatigue, sleep can lead to fatigue and just listening to your podcast document elicited falsely yeah I can cause her to go with Tammy how you feeling these days are your fatigue have on the weed out that little. I think it certainly a possibility.

If you change medicine medicine make sure it's under the supervision physician so they can we new off and get you on something else are you I am limited. The best way for you is more than happy to lend call the office 209956 and talk to my people are fire off a list and yes your question for oaks and for only three left one on… Now we got a call you three Oaks.

I thank you for doing this is typical of North Carolina. They will take a field with deer in the cold Deerfield and the buildings on so the snowfield or anyone they call it Deerfield chase the deer away. What about time level high level they fled level with no black letdown lab on electric up this conversation about testosterone is worth a man that's assessment is really important limitation what happened to me. I did 18,000 radiological procedures when you put the pacemaker and radiate the body, but the picture very much. If you do 4000 5000 lead heavy subjects through well I got so much for nation that my testosterone level so I was so tired I had no interest in anything you and so my very smart physician wants to ensure yours was 300.

It's supposed to. Okay, my was.

So I went on. First, I tried that motion.

Yeah, I could never get my so I got an injection every two weeks. Called depot testosterone is slow release right and my levels higher than yours okay and I feel so good. I'm not depressed. I have energy sleeping better and you know the manly stuff is working better okay do you ever feel like you want to knock somebody's head off testosterone cause avoid rage. I don't think it will, if you supervision.

You have to check after we soon changes in your personnel. Yeah, I know, yeah, that guy testosterone home run know how much a lot five times short so his level anywhere from 400-6200 adolescence, 12 well. Bonds in the 5000. Okay so yeah that is it was it was beaten on the baseball apparently the rage was there, but if you hear about somebody having roadway and doing stuff like that. That's not true.

We started out that way. Testosterone make me stronger. I don't think it's know what some people remember levels are not the same for everybody. I've had people with levels of an supplementation work with better okay is it right. It was felt as though somebody did more the man how did the study went back all the testosterone investigations and were change with change soon. Testosterone is necessary.

Brain function function. Overall well-being and patience should not have benefits of restricted because of the shibboleth ledger take a break got article about Alzheimer's disease and inflammation. If you got an older family member, you might want this article. The story coming up.

Also, Dr. Franklin, we fall will take your question 919-860-9783. This is heart health radio what you like Shorty yes wanted to atrial fibrillation.

We found out and then on a regular expiration so that's very helpful when there's cancer will render some very typical infection cells start using only sugar they don't use other forms so there is a radioactive positron and it is basically a sugar molecule and you can pick it up so you PET/CT like some possibly cancer.

Possibly some other type of infection. It's interesting, but it turned out it wasn't that she had lung cancer. That's a new diagnosis.taking out you have children.

She went to see Dr. Russell Anderson get some treatment initially told both right now is you know you almost feel bad for the tumor Shorty soaked his toughest don't you get one point she sold nonelectrical rainbow Shorty still sober and give them away as Christmas or listening.

Doctors are supposed to get close to the patient's right in a sense close to Shorty and she said something about she said you must know, I don't think that's getting too close to someone from the medical board is listening, about but Shorty wonderful. I don't think you have her make how great it is to physician

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